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You say you see me
And my heart beams
For I have never truly felt seen

But still I am unsure
Of exactly what it is you see....

Did you see my heart frown
Learning that you'll never be mine

Or do you see my mind wandering
In our secret fantasy
wishing I could stop time

Can you see the hope that I've told to die,
Dancing with the hesitation of letting go
A reality, I'm not quite ready to face

Do you see the magic, behind my eyes
As I watch your life, unfold from your tongue?
I enjoy you, exactly as you come

Are you watching the same 'me'
Looking at the same 'you'
A 'you', who will define my heart
Can you see the ache I feel
Fearing one day we'll part

Do you see me
Less lonely?
Less sad, Less afraid?

Are you watching me love myself
More than before
My anxiety, washing away
I'm able to conquer more

Do you see that you have made me different?
That in me, you've become significant?

I needed you
Whatever you are
And I thank you, but beg
Keep me somewhere.
Tucked in your heart.
You hostage bitten bones and
bloody eyed souls in your closet,
and I am terrified to turn my back on them.
If I told you my secret, would you feel the same?
Would we share the same intimacy?
Is it really a secret when It's begging to be told.
Secrets feel like some type of forbidden mystery.
Trapt away never to be told.
Only those who witnessed it know.
But you witnessed it and still do not.
It won't be my secret forever
It'll soon be yours too.
The collective is here to justify the individual, I don’t bother to resist,
too swept up in my own world, it’s something beautiful and something
free. When self-validation creeps in, all ego is lost, a wanting attention
is more and it’s a waste of time. Snatching hearts and marking marks.
Right now I have my mind made up. The wisdom belongs to me. To each
breathe in each new moment, I part from my own past, while it teaches
me, I drop into the present and I angst never over the future. My own
life undeniable, because I have to live it, when it comes to others, I’m
free. Secret is charming and I am to myself.
Hidden from the world's eyes,
when you love someone.
There's a bit of excitement every time,
there's so much fun.
When you can't stop talking to each other,
Sometimes in the bathroom and sometimes from the slab of the kitchen.
Talking at night, when she'll be your moonlight
& in the morning you'll be her bright sun.

When there's no fun doing anything else.
While talking to her becomes your only delight.
Being lost in the conversation with her,
you can't even discern between the day and night.
Covering the blanket upto your face,
Hugging your pillow really very tight.
Whispering love into each other's ears,
Knowing you're not alone now and hence feeling everything's alright.

In front of people you act mature but with her you always act silly.
When everyone will know about it and
will interpret unknowingly.
While texting her you'll smile
and everyone will look at you quietly.
Then my dear friend your love is growing.
There's nothing better than loving someone secretly.
Rhyme scheme ab, cb, db....
I am one of those people who loves keeping their love secret...hidden from this world
Tell the secret

There is an important secret

The frog carried it over his back

He jumped, jumped and soon buried

There was a crocodile that appeared

He was hunter, he was tired

He slept over that treasure

The frog felt with displeasure

He wanted to get him away

He wanted to carry him in a way

That makes his worth safe

He went to the crocodile

He carried him with one hand

He moved him with hand down and up

And he threw him away

Do you believe me?

Do I say the truth?

No ,no that is false

No ,you don't say the truth

I saw the fox hide

Before the big wall

He wanted to attack the cock

But the mouse looked

He came in a moment

He hit the fox and bit

The fox was afraid

He run and escaped

Do you believe me?

Do I see the truth?

No, that is false

No, you don't say the truth

There was a dog

Fearing every one

He blew his feather

To look very big

The lions were afraid

The tigers were disappeared

But a small cat appeared

The dog barked at him

The cat caught with one hand

He circled him several times

He threw him for a distant

He fell in a poor land

His bones were smashed

Do you believe me?

Do I say the truth?

Where is that treasure?

Which spreads the pleasure?

And makes a man rich

That is your mind

That is a gift from your God
the life deserves to live.get some amusement to over every hurt.
B Elizabeth G Jul 18
For she is still

So the whispers of the grass

And the secrets of the tree

Can shout to her hungry soul.
Pastelblitz Sep 2
I made an account

With no links to me

And no one will know it’s me

Unless I trust them enough

With my demons and monsters

And run amuck inside my head
I made a spam/vent account on instagram and it oddly helps
I would like to tell a secret
It is from my heart
Drawing a wonderful pattern of it
It floating up
Free Arrow releasing towards your heart
Asking one word
Do you know it?
the love means knowing another feeling
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