Don Junior had a meeting with
Natalia Veselnitskaya
and he did not disclose this fact
or say what did transpire.

Paul and Jared were there too
but "nothing was discussed".
Don said the meeting ended
and turned out to be a bust.

The New York Times found out
and asked why Don did not report.
"But nothing happened" Junior claimed
when making his retort.

Then under pressure from the press
some emails he set free,
confirming Russian interest in
a Trump presidency.

His daddy claimed, "He's a good boy"
"He's new, green and naive".
But Manafort - He should have known
(one would like to believe).

But Junior's new transparency
turned out to be untrue...
It seems that a fifth person was
there in the meeting too!

A former Soviet officer
named Rinat Akhmetshin
was also at the meeting...
so why was he brought in?

And then we soon learned of a sixth...
a seventh... and then eight!
Tied to the oligarchs and
Russian governmental state.

What was the meeting all about?
Perhaps there's nothing to surmise.
The secrecy though, would suggest
it might be otherwise.

Don Junior had a meeting
that nobody disclosed.
Let's hope this helps fulfill the dream...
to see his dad deposed!

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Written: July 21, 2017

I keep your secrets close to my heart
Like the necklaces we wear with memories tucked deeper inside than we've ever shared
Like a flower blossomed from us, held tightly to my chest
Genuine seeds of thought sprout as our petals are doused in golden dreams
While lust stained tips and thorns sharpen alongside the crescent moon
I pick that flower every morning and think of you.

This doesn't seem happy....but it is. It's about how beautiful it is when two people share secrets, or even random thoughts, with each other. Those two people have grown a beautiful, secret garden between them.

i'm shy of your eyes
i live in the wondering shade, i see
you where things are more than ordinary
i'm where flowers refuse to die in ugly vases
and beautiful is not the only but the most.  you
where the hope of loving is a candle flame
flickering delicately.  me
where secrets admire.

Richard Jul 14

Pillow by the tears soaked,
from under the head by the thoughts wrecked,
hides all of my secrets.

It's 1:20 am and I can't sleep. I'm sad and diappointed, so this quick came on my mind like a thunder as my eyes were closed.
Arcassin B Jul 11

By Arcassin B & Traveler

T ; What is the secret?
both old and wise,
what keeps the darkness and soul in line?
what sets a day dream free falling in flight?
Is it not the will to stand and fight?
AB : Can't stay away for an evil,
of a country that stripped all your rights,
Are we all lost without sight?
And lost the freedom and will to shine?
Did you wonder it would be alright?
T ; Targeted , tagged and tethered,
stereo typically tarred and feathered,
come up for air,
try to weather,
A world where the second class is fucked forever,
AB : This wicked realm we stay forever,
Every January To December,
If you don't come out swinging on situations,
you'll grow weaker.


Why can't I be as soft as I picture myself? Why are all my edges sharp and jagged and blood stained? Why does my past haunt me the way it does?
Like around every corner I will see him there, like he could still be hiding in my closet. How does he still have this effect over me? I am so afraid to be soft ever again. I am so ridden with hatred, with anger, with fucking ressentiment for anything remotely close to what we had. I miss you, fucking still, 4 years later. When I saw you at that 2 year old's birthday party I just wanted to hug you or fucking yell, maybe I just wanted you to look at me the way you used to. I wanted to show you the tattoo I got in memoriam to you, show you that I took up smoking-just so you could lecture me for it. Talk to you about my father because I know how much you admired him and ever since he died I've missed you more than ever. Your name is always on the tip of my tongue, like a secret I know I should keep but can't. So, I guess I'll see you soon.

I unravel in your arms,
no more than a tattered baby blanket
in your eyes.

I'm back, the sky grey upon my return as the gods cry.
Marsha A Jul 7

"She's always smiling!"
they said. But they know nothing
behind those closed doors.

It takes one to really know one.
Sha Jul 4

On nights like this,
I do not apologize to the ceiling for staring too long.

I let my eyes wander to every corner
looking for hints
as to where it kept my midnight secrets.

I thank it for its silence
and for reminding me,
I can stare more,
I can share more.

Xaha Jun 26

Ugly spider dog
      “That’s the woman from the Lebanese place around the corner.”
Stomach drops, breathe catches.
Guilt weighs in
Sickening shame.
As he opens the door
Turn around to peek
Did she see me?
In my bright summer dress
Shoulders bare, back exposed
With another boy
Dark skin, wild eyes.
She sits on the stoop looking after us, her eyes a mystery.
Head in her hands –
She looks away.

There is no such thing as love.

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