Mims 1d

tell me a secret
It makes me feel special
Something that no one else knows
Whisper it to me
It makes me feel tethered to a dying universe
I am even better at keeping them
Locked lips sealed hips
Give me a secret tonight

Dm me a confession, a secret, a tragedy.

There is a mark on your cheek.
A token of something that used to be.

A shadowed corner of a smile,
Of a giddy mood and conspiracy.

A memory of lick and press and yet to be
And bunch of butterflies. But yet a memory.

When I’m silent..
It doesn’t mean I don’t care
I’m silent

I may not say much
But, I have a lot to say
Because I’m afraid to let you hear my thoughts

My thoughts are my deepest secrets to all my desires and pains
And I don’t think you’re ready for all of that

Hidden by brotherly advice
Masked by a best friend’s punch
Our love was there
In drunken moments our bodies brushed
And our hearts bled for the truth
Too scared to face the possibility
That we deserve more

lily Nov 5

forgive me
but i still think of him
while you hold me

TheseRoots Nov 3

I went to your place last night
I laid in bed willing my conscience to leave
and I saw you crying yourself to sleep
I wish this was something you'd believe
But for now this is a secret I will keep.

Have a lovely day my saplings, -TR
Guden Nov 2

I'm still uncertain when I have to help others.
My mind tells me secret things
About them.
Sometimes I escape people,
I look away,
Like the Germans did
Towards the campus,
A university
Of injustice.
They thought they were smarter
Than Einstein.

Sometimes children
Acting out,
Teenagers being stood up,
A friend supporting another.
I have an imaginary friend,
He tells me those secrets,
And some wicked ones,
He makes me thirsty,
He makes my brain dry.
The teen doesn't know it yet,
He'll never be more than just a friend.

Fantastic, the phantom is fading
Yet evading, with his tricks and lies
Manipulation, deceit up his sleeves
Just like knives
He takes a jab at what he pleases
And he's always right

Justice is falsified,
emotions are falsified,
His name is falsified,
Gone forever, phantom of the night

Miss Me Nov 1

All bottled up
   Like a little secret message

Then placed to float in
  mother natures shifting motion

To finally arrive
   In the still waters of all bottled hauntings

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