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Once you understand the eye language,
You'll keep your eyes for yourself.

Words Of Harfouchism.
TL Chesterton Sep 29
I gaze into the midnight eve
And in my heart, I am relieved.
I held you tight, never to let go,
For I truly adore you so.
My dearest friend, until the end,
And I will forever commend
The fact you did all that today,
And still cared if I'm okay.
I am okay, I promise this,
May I never let the chance miss
To kiss your darling lips
And impart on us both bliss.
TL Chesterton Sep 27
Bring forth the rite of war
But of self sacrifice
I'd throw myself on his blade
If it brought you a mite of love for me.

I'd sacrifice myself in field of battle,
Enraging my brawny, tawny ways,
And sacrifice myself to he,
Who makes me wish I hadn't messed up
Bede Sep 25
Vaulted poems
Separated with the
Special intentions
Of the heart
astrodream Sep 17
I sat gently underneath the lights,
inhaling this aromatic barbeque smoke.
Time turned slowly as we take our bites.
Cravings in slumber accidentally awoke.

I can’t get enough of the sizzles,
as I helplessly ponder of what this could be.
I poured a cup and watched the ripples,
as my starving mind flashed your smile randomly.

Not a word about it will be said,
I’ll chew so quietly, I would hear my heartbeat.
Desires grilled slowly inside my head
worsening my hunger as I begin to eat.

These painted walls wouldn’t have a clue,
same as every creature of this small space.
The grill was set and it burns for you,
served with slices I’ve been dying to taste

Your mouth has been full and so is mine.
We just continued to chew as the charcoals burn.
I drank the cup with my deepest and coldest sigh,
swallowing the truth you’ll never learn.
This is a poem on liking someone in secret tied with bbq!
Äŧül Sep 7
I shall not lose heart,
I shall never lose hope.

You may be miffed with me,
Not today but someday in future.

You shall not lose love,
You shall never lose romance.

I have my plans, darling,
I plan to make you fall back for me.

You might wonder what it is,
Not that I shall keep it so secret.

You will simply find it hard,
You will not stay angry with me for long.
My HP Poem #1768
©Atul Kaushal
Alex Sep 7
Sworn to silence
a sacred oath
never spoke a word
exactly as told

disease ridden
death bound doctors are certain
waiting behind a red oak door
beholds the grim reaper lurking

6 decades & this vow not yet broken
dragging this imense burden
debates reveling all the unspoken
as if behind a red velvet curtian

decision to tell came much too late.
frantic gasps; hands tight on throat
contemplation actually decided fate
saliva & foam; not a single word said
unintelligible noises is all he had left
both man & secret
officially pronounced dead

Trying out something a little bit more professional. Thanks for reading!  Enjoy!
Nik Bland Sep 6
Shades of purple
Come out easily
Purple displays strength well known
Those types of arms that feel like home

She writes in cursive
Unique calligraphies
They translate in depth, you sink
Leagues and oceans upon paper and ink

Fights the wild things
They mistake her for one of their own
And though untamed she may be
She stays vigil, her own she oversees

Shade always seems the same
A book in volumes under lock and key
If you read what bled through you might worry, so
She gives you only what you need to know

Always purple
Different hues now and then
She will always be your solid ground
Even when her world is crumbling ‘round
imparo Sep 2
You and I
have a story
behind closed doors,
sneaking at night,
stealing kisses,
secretly holding hands.

But you and I
both know
this story
shall never be told
not even to a single soul.
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