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Celia 21h
Cuts so deep
I run me through
What am I supposed to do

The enemy of my own creation
This depression is a tireless ****
My greatest secret born in devastation
One many bare but dare not tell

The physical cuts are only skin deep
To those who live this wretched life
A window to the war raging within
Remain on the outside in lonely strife

We lie and put on a face
Unwilling to show the mess below
I know not how to share my case
To the people who love me so

So the battle rages within
The hands cut deep, the memories bleed
And I am alone.
Just some of my thoughts and feelings on what it is like to live with depression
hssss! i will tell a secret
awful! awful!

your heart knew
my secret!

it does not become a secret
because it went and moved

from my heart to your heart
but i hide it

what ?
a secret!

i love you indeed
that i wanted

i wanted
not to tell
your heart
love is good emotion especially who leads to fine and last end . marriage
He pulled me closer, in the dark
then left when the lights came on
It's almost as though
he is embarrassed
and I am what is wrong
He's not the first to hate the light
and he won't be the last
For every guy,
a weave of lies
just waiting to be cast
Ana Roe 3d
I could drown in your eyes
Pools of deep brown that remind me of earth
Holding a kindness that I am not worthy of receiving
I feel as if they could see right through me
Peer into my soul and see the secrets I've kept hidden
Ones that contain fragments of you
That I dare not say out loud
The words you use to hurt me
Rip it like the used paper in my journal
you are my sight
you see what I see
you are my hearing
you hear what I hear
you are my knowledge
you know what I know
But you do not know that I love you.
InsertPenName Oct 27
How do we explain a near death experience
Especially when it was the first fresh breath we took
How to explain light
When dark is all that’s ever know
How do you turn to blasphemy
When ***’s light directly shines
And enlighten the most important movement of one’s life
How do we even begin to explain
When we died for the last time
Still we can try borrowing quotes
And metaphors, rhymes and tinker of words
Though they will be as useful as trying to eat fire and sip rocks
But how do you stitch a soul into something
When you’ve only known hollow inside
This was how it was
When we saw them for the first time
You don’t realize drowning
Till you touch the surface for the first time
It was a dance slow and steady
Our beings so close even air changed it path
Yet so far way, we couldn’t have been further apart
It was was that time when time didn’t exist
when blood came easy
And breath came harsh
How do we explain them
Without tassing every sorry excuse for a phrase
Into the river in despair
Full of more soul than soulful
And holding more sorrow
Than a broken something in middle of the most beautiful
...One thing
The sole living evidence that *** existed
And a sweet sting that The devil is not too far behind
For something so divine cannot exist without
Existence exiting itself
A faithful service, a conspiracy between coincidence and fate
Masters of talking to much and saying nothing
While being too much and existing nowhere
Who bear more meaning than meaning of meaning itself
And holds less meaning that the word iqwbefbl
This is the most accurate description of the time
We saw, when the heart of stone spared a beat
For the first time
And the last time
Erase from memory
I’m falling deeper
Into the water
I’m being suspended
By the hope of tomorrow
But as I fall
I think of you
And I’ve sunk deeper
And no light can go through

I’ve been waiting for a lifetime
What’s another minute
I’m in my perfect world
But without you
I’d leave it all in a minute

You’re all I desire
I want to be consumed by your fire
Nothing can stop us
If we lie here together
On the brown grass
Our attraction never tires

Kiss me
Make me feel alive
Like the ocean and its waves
Love me
Like the sun shines throughout the day
Touch me
Before this world turns gray

I need you
Like the world needs the day
Let me kiss you
And show you I’m okay
The world revolves
Around the Sun
But my world revolves
Around your vitality
I hope our forever is enough
You’ll never stop loving me
I love you my sweet honey bee
Lynnia 6d
If you squint your eyes
And turn your head, you
Might just see more than at first
Rather than a quick look
Or a fast pass
Or a flick of the eyes
Try really searching.
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