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This continuum of cosmic enormity
scares the flimsy streak of life inside me
What is this ruse of light and shadows?
sometimes being eclipsed by my own

I feel suspended in an excited state
witnessing a multiple strip-tease
the more I know the more there is to know
What is the secret I’m being kept from?

I feel I’m being made to run aimlessly
In the marrows forced against my skin
and pressed against a giant sheath of contraception
lest I conceive of the grand hidden agenda!
She keeps acting hard to get
I pretend to not care
We both know this love is rare
Yet we cant bring ourselves to admit it yet
Blue Poem, Blue Secret

By the celestial lights of heaven as i walked on the leaves of my notebook, i see my wishes of how i want to shoe and how to walk without fear by the same brands of my feet for this blue book of awakening, on collisioning by dreams of me self-book book, where i can read me in peace without pointing out the perfection of the magnanimus know, think and reflect.

After cutting a piece of cake and taking it with my hand, i could be looking for sowing it and not have anxiety of the desire of excitement more than sugging in my fingers to take the next snack. it is that i will begin with this extract of a secret book dipped with almibar light at the ends of the blue enchanted forest …

I woke up early with the leaves on my shoulders and my mouth painted blue. mark the same footprints when i first started taking my first steps as a child. travel to prague on a sunny sunday when the clouds degraded other shades making you think of drinking and eating the delights of the prague forest. i always felt that the secrets of the footsteps of the leaves and their secrets walked through the forests of southern chile. to supraculture forestry and vegetatively reuphols its soils. The owners of the forest and princes of the bushes travel large areas to complement the soils of southern chile. full volcanic formica goal and indigenous species will bring the morning mists to paint the forests blue in blue in the first of the areas , acquired three years ago, small deciduous trees already appear among the conifers: beech, ash and maples that grew from seeds brought by the wind. the nascent native forest is also more joyous because its variety attracts birds.

Trees grow slowly and that is why generations to come will fully enjoy the native preservation forests that are beginning to emerge in the czech republic. ****** forest of boubín, the current ecological activists had in the 19th century a predecessor: the forester josef john. thanks to his initiative, the best-known ****** forest in bohemia has been conserved, that of boubín, which extends on the southern ***** of the mountain of the same name, located in the sierra de sumava, in the south-west of the czech republic.

I have risen from the inn in boubin, leaving my blue marks and exuding magenta airs of the tinting of the roofs and monuments that are dressed by these organic fabrics of the great avenues. i walked with my trembling hands to leaf through the opening ****** texts of my review of a great secret that marks the vision of the forest and its literary benefactor.

to be continued...
Main beggining
Madi Dinneen May 17
if i may be frank,
i’ll tell you a secret
for your eyes only

i want nothing more
than to sleep eternally
i’m tired of life
a series of haikus
Isaac May 16
He doesn't need
To lie on his death bed
To celebrate
The simple gifts of life.

No matter what form
Or what size,
He celebrates.

Bystanders watch,
Jealous of his joy
Not knowing his secret
Open to all.

The grass is greener
On the side of who
Celebrates more than what
The other chooses to.
Written 16 May 2020
lay out your map to me
unfolded, unrolled, exposed

i'll climb your high mountains
all the bumps, the rise and fall

i'll swim thru your ocean
thru quiescent bodies of water
thru unrelenting waves

my fingers, they'd venture
thru lands, unsullied
and thru those, besmirched
this is a metaphor comparing a map to the exploration of your partner's body and soul. but u can have your own interpretation. 😊
this is poetry, anyway.
Mick May 8
This is my secret getaway.
My long lost friend
A destination for myself to find peace.
Isn't it beautiful when no one you know will read your thoughts?
A place where you fully, and honestly, with every piece of you.
Do Not Care.
I started this account when I was in middle school. It has always been my secret getaway. Glad I am here
In various possible scenarios I hallucinated,
With numerous eyes bored on me,
Truth strangling my throat with hatred,
Now,yes, now I can be freed,
Well, truth is not that transparent as it seemed,
I know they won't turn their backs on me,
It's killing me inside, pay some heed,
But it will suffocate them for life, then let it be,
Where should I lead?

Away from them,
For their better only,
The Truth is unsaid!
Maybe another day.
The truth has never been simple, it's the honest nature which convince us to see its meaning clearly, decide what you think wise..
I know we'll never end up together
That's the secret from the fortune teller
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