knees are raw and stained with fresh dew,
these hours together are my secret treasure.
flowers stay forever by your side,
you listen to me talk for hours with silent companionship.
by the time I leave my body creaks with a goodbye,
I load back up into the car with the radio whispering its tales.
lights are flashing out the window with distant voices,
my friend lets go for a walk.

I missed you
I fell victim
To my boyfriend's


It was so disgusting because I did not want him. Everytime he touched me or when I was in his arms I felt wrong. I felt wrong because I knew who I NEEDED was you and not him. He never knew me like you, he just had me for his own sake.

The truth is,
my heart still flutters with
just the sight of you.
The truth is,
every time the words "I love you"
threaten to escape my lips
the lump in my throat grows to
the size of a softball that I can't swallow.
The truth is,
I get a tingly feeling throughout my
whole body every time you surprise me
with the littlest things that I love dearly.
The truth is,
watching your chest rise and fall
with every breath you take
as your legs are intertwined
with mine makes everything worth it.
The truth is,
the sound of your raspy morning voice
whispering "good morning" to me
still gives me chills.
The truth is,
I guess I'm sort of in love with you
but since I could never say any of this
out loud,
this poem is for you.

Badud 5d

Samahan mo akong balikan
Ang lugar na satin lang
Kung saan nagtagpo
Ang panaginip
   --at ikaw

Na doo'y naghalo
Ang liwanag at dilim
Ang lungkot at saya
Na ating pinaghatian
Nangako kang ika'y
Sa'kin lang

Samahan mo akong balikan
Mga bituin sa kalawakan
Kung saan namalagi
Ang pangako
   --at ikaw

Na doo’y ako lang
Sa’yong tabi, walang hadlang
Sikretong lugar
Na satin lang
Walang kahati
--Ako'y sayo lang

Just how much
I can live without
And still feel

Sher 7d

Where do I start?
I still remember the warmth you gave me when i had my breakdown moments
How you never miss the ‘good morning’ and ‘goodnight’ texts despite your busy life
How you’d surprised me with gifts and secret letters
And how you changed me, to a better me.

Dear you,
its funny to think how I started drinking coffee thanks to you
Eating your favourite cereal which u first introduced me to
Listening to the same song over and over just because you do too
Reading the book you gave me every night before I sleep.

Dear you,
How can I forget the memories we had together
Momentarily, but filled with euphoria and love
Our travels and adventures from one destination to the next
With no one but us, just us.

I miss you, I miss us, I miss everything we had, no second thoughts
One day I hope you’ll realize how i’ve been yearning for your love
How I hope we can have second chances
To understand, to love, to support each other
To be a better us.

"you know I'm always here if you need me right? Always. Remember that"

sometimes i write poems
that i love.
they have meaning.
they are dark & honest
& vague.
i feel those words
leaking from my bones,
but i never share them.
i save them...
for music
for photographs.
but i cant play an instrument
& i stopped my photography.
but i save my
favorite poems.
for exactly the right thing
& time.

{always afraid they'll get stolen before i make something out of it}
Chelsey Sep 13

Put your lips close to mine...
Hold yourself right there.. Making sure our lips don't touch, just yet...

We're out of focus, eye to eye.
Let the intensity build..
Till the gravity's too much..
What is this magic hold you have on me.
I'll do anything you say.
Just be sure you say it with your hands.
I'd be smart to walk away,
But you're like quicksand and I'm simply sinking into you.

This path is dangerous.
This journey with you is tottaly reckless.
But I like it, and I love you.

I can't decide if it's a choice..
Getting swept away in everything that is you.
I hear the sound of my own voice
Telling me to flee, but we're like magnets you and me.
We're just skin and bone...
Trained to get along...
Perfect unison...

But you're friction...

Forget everything and let the bad fade away.
Trace my lips with your finger tips and give in, give in to me.
Don't fight this current, let yourself get swept away with me.
Let yourself get swept up in me.

Seema Sep 12

My doubt isn't lethal enough
So you can continue to laugh
As if I've made a bad joke
So you use my own words to poke
You think I don't know your deeds
So in the dark, you feed on your needs
How awful you are behind your filthy skin
You spare no one and kill them within
Soon you'll be in limelight, squirrel of darkness
And like you suck souls of the weakness
You shall pay your way to the pit of hell
Its bounded by my secret spell
You failed to recognize me as usual
Coz my powers played well with your visuals
I am the comrade of the spell and keeper of powers
I, summon you to the darkest deepest crust of hell,
this very hour
Locked up in the chambers of the hells burning tower...


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