i like little things
'the' little things
little like a good movie
little like comfort food on a frigid Friday
little like long walks / lost in woods
little like a kiss on your cheek or lips
little like love in dimly lit linen

i like the little things now because of a little monster back when
little black monster loved my little things so he took them
little black monster made me loose what little smiles I mustered
but I defeated the little black monster
and i offer this as little hand in helping you defeat yours
because I found the little things

little like getting caught in rain
little like a good song sing along
little like a smile on the face of someone you don't know in the street
let them smile for their little thing

so find your little thing
little mug of tea on a rainy day
little flower see on a sunny one
a-little hold my hand
lets go to wonderland down this little rabbit hole
so my little soul
Seek whats little and the big will come.
Anna 14m
It's something that is hard to get rid of
You can smile, laugh, daydream, be positive
but you can't just ignore it.

Sometimes you need to feel it.
You can't escape, you have to feel it and reflect because it won't leave you.
My snow-covered grave,
Cold as the frozen ground,
Here I lie in my casket,
In which peace I have found,
I dug this grave myself,
I dug it six feet deep,
So that I could lie in it,
And forever sleep,
In life the sun never shined,
There was only snow and rain,
But now I’m gone and buried,
Where the cold numbs my pain.
He said it might not work,
I hoped it would.
He said it will take time,
I hoped that in time, I would heal.
He said it might only just ease my pain,
I hoped, it would be enough to let me survive.
He said I might feel weaker than ever,
I only just hoped it would be enough to make me want to live another day.
I hoped.
Hope, it was the greatest side effect of the pills.
There are lots of things about medication for mental illnesses that the doctors conveniently forget to mention.
Sayer 7h
I saw myself at thirty-one
he came to me and said to keep my chin up, to straighten my back
to breathe, to hold on to the good parts of me
embrace my faults and find peace in my sadness and guilt

do I even sleep or am I always awake
I try to find myself in others
my shadow do I wish to smother
my sadness come back to play
it's okay
I shake before I sleep
I sense his presence in the corner of the room
right before I wish to give up by the burning candle
he mumbles:

"your mistakes do not define you
even though I am You I can not refine you
just know you are loved but peace is slow
that peace comes and goes as it pleases
but your heart never freezes
so I know you will learn to love yourself"
i'm not alone
I've lost the words to convey what I feel.
I've gained the wisdom to see what is real.
I've lost the courage to believe I will heal.
I sing a song to calm my soul.
To forget for a moment all the pain I know.
And I feel myself slowly becoming cold.
So I sing that song to find some peace,
but this throb in my chest will not cease.
Until I am numb, and I'm almost there,
for this pain I endure,
I cannot bear.
im starting to lose the will to fight battles i always lose against evil that always wins
The darkness warms me
A thick liquid covering my skin
engulfing every pore
Drowning all of my sins.

I couldn’t tell you what wings feel like
Or what a smile does to my face
I did it once and it felt foreign
But the wind swept it away
To float off as particles into the sky.

I laughed, it might have been yesterday
or a season ago
It didn’t penetrate into my soul
Nor did it let me inhale any pure light
Humans find it addictive
That bright drug.
I've been broken
I've been hurt
I feel like I won't repair
But I know I will
But I doubt it will be anytime soon
But if it is
It'll be a miracle
Because I am a mess
I am depressed
and shaking
and clearly not myself
I don't know when I'll be myself either
I have been broken
For a long time
Don't think I'll heal quickly
Because I don't think I will.
nicoarty 12h
The problem with Angels
Is that - as they fall
Their wings,
In all towering beauty
Reach out, stretching;
Feathers and bone
To drag and pull
Away at those
Who dare to watch,
Souls ensnared:

“I couldn’t look away if I tried”
spring day,
sweaty sheets,
haven’t looked out the window
for days on end,
forsaken to this bed
like a casket,
still alive
but barely,
dad once said
i’d rather feel pain
than nothing at all,
so i guess i’m feeling
but honestly,
it feels more like nothing
than anything else.
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