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The ice in her heart
Will never melt
The stars hide
Orion has tightened his belt
In the winter dark
A lighter lacks it's spark
Cigarettes going unlit
Her life was missing a piece
But I didn't fit…
I am

Where I am ready and willing and

I feel the capacity
Within me
To move forward
To pursue
To advance

I watch myself
Dream for tears to fall.

To feel
To express
To experience
The loss that has felt
Far to safe
In the pit
Of my stomach.

See my face,
But listen for the voice that begs to be
Bom 3h
I knew you wanted lover’s strings like I do,
and thinking about love makes you feel so blue.

To see fate, but not meant to be.
I was full of bitter hate.

I wished you stayed longer,
wished we stayed together to be a bit stronger.

But patience wasn’t in our veins,
so we left with the grains of heartbreak.

We had so much plans,
had hearts that rung like pans.

But why’d we leave?
Why did our fire burn out on Christmas Eve?

I was just a kid too early for reality,
was supposed to be riding unicorns and drawing dinosaurs.

Why did I have to fall so early?
Now what was I to do?
I was supposed to be happy in childhood beauty.

I trusted you,
like a fly attracted to the white –
thought that you were bright like city lights
but in the end I had fallen in fright.

Wished I listened to my Momma,
she said to give your life a comma,
or you’re gonna fall into a life of drama.

Know when to stop –
‘Cuz she almost went to the rooftop
living a life without love.
She thought of the scars,
scars that looked like bars.
Maybe if she broke them,
she could go back to the stars.

Oh, Mamma –
Wish I was as wise,
wish I could give as much advice,

Wished I would’ve listened,
Stopped the kisses and the ****,
should’ve known it wasn’t bliss n’ comprehended,
that our love would’ve eventually ended.

Momma, oh, Momma –
Maybe I wouldn’t’ve loved so much,
and lost so many,
if I could’ve loved myself already.
But we both knew it wasn’t that easy.
I want to be my own breath of fresh air.
I want to be that breath you take,
after you've been trying to hold it in for so long.
That cool cotton air that comforts your soul,
when all you've ever breathed was the world's bitter rancid odor.
I want to be that breath,
letting me know I'm still here.

I want to be my own calm in a storm.
I want my sheer existence to be enough to keep me grounded -
despite the troubled waters around me.
I want my purpose to give me reason to never fear getting swept away into the chaos.

I want to have inner peace.
An unshakeable feeling of calm reassurance that I am going to be okay,
no matter the circumstances around me,
I want to feel okay.

Because at the moment,
I feel like I'm going to decay.
No matter the circumstances around me,
I always feel like I won't live another day.
I'm still holding my breath.
I still fear the storm.
But I promise, I don't want to anymore.
I wrote a poem for you today
that you didn't care to read.
A poem about how I might not
ever be the stable man you need.
I poured my heart into it -
every line an open book.
I signed it with bitter tears,
but you didn't even care to look.
I wrote about precious memories-
times I could never forget.
From the Fair street days
to hospital stays-
Or the day when we first met.
I wrote a poem for you today
that you didn't care to read
so I threw it into cyberspace
where critiques come to feed.
Flor 4h
He comes and goes
A man no one really knows
He’s there when you’re alone
Still as a stone

Sadness he detects
And closer he gets
He’ll devour you slowly
And takes your mind wholly

You deter him from time to time
Yet he’s always there just waiting to climb
He whisper things,
Bad things that’ll break your wings

Sometimes he’ll whisper the sweetest things
Oh what a joy that brings
He offers you freedom
And acts like a beacon

You’re afraid to take it
Fear to fall in that pit
Be strong you must
Don’t listen and trust

For he’ll absorb positive emotion
Slowly pushing you to the ocean
Be careful around him
Don’t let yourself take the swim.
i dream to run away from my sadness the way you do.
Aleah 5h
I spend entire days,
Wondering why,
I can’t retreat,
Into the dark night,
Leaving the pain,
Of the physical plane,
And losing,
This sense of,
Other days,
I see the beauty,
In the sky,
And I don’t,
Have to find,
A reason why,
I want to,
amber 6h
and when the rain fell, it flooded
when the sun shone, it burned
she tried to fix people and never learned,
people can just get up and leave, hurt can be so sudden.
Dodging peopled places
and their stabbing stares -
Cringing at their prying faces
pretending that I'm unaware.

Who are you?
Have you been here before?
Just a thousand times -
perhaps a couple thousand more.

Who are you?
What have you become?
Boy of Endless Wander,
you don't have to run.

Somewhere out there,
you'll find yourself at home.
'til then, learn to dance with
every step you take as you roam
in endless wander.
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