I am a Harbor
Moss-covered barnacles
are my legs, and my back
is drenched in fog.

My wooden walkways creak,
and the wind makes me
groan with loneliness,
though life stirs underneath,
in waves.

Ships arrive at the worst hour,
full of regrets and suspicions,
and aches and envies,
and troubles and fears.

I welcome angry sailors,
the worst of all mankind,
to drink at my tavern,
and dangle their feet
off my docks, and
stare at the sea.

They look
east, north, south, west
to home,
and will never return.

Some men are bustling airports;
they welcome millions a day,
and millions a night,
see them off to other skies
and do it all over again.

But I am a Harbor.
I keep my vessels with me forever.
I guard them with an icy peace.
And relish in the slap of the sea.
And bathe in the salt of the cruel wind.

Water is fluid, soft, and yielding. But water will wear away rock, which is rigid and cannot yield. As a rule, whatever is fluid, soft, and yielding will overcome whatever is rigid and hard. This is another paradox: what is soft is strong.

― Quote by Lao Tzu

You touch me
from the depths
of my broken

You move me
gently to mend

what bold
alchemy is this

Turning my skin into
fine silk

I am renewed
by your fingers that
lightly tickle me into

You are water
I am the stone

Where there is softness you'll find strength.
Kush 6d

I see war movies
in the night a little late
That's only place I find
People with greater pain

I see it when I'm sad
I see it when I feel disabled
I see it when I need pals
I see it to feel less miserable

I saw a man in wildfire
And another burning it
There was one in vicious smoke
There was one making it

I saw the little devil blast
I saw lots of flying metal
I saw men killing fellow men
And it squinched my heart a little

Men lost their lives in war
Some only died half
Curse with a lot worse
They'll have to die in parts

Love doesn't pierce your flesh
Or leave any visible scars
But for I know and all I know
I'd rather be at war

Steve Page Feb 6

Give a man a round tuit,
so round he can't get out of it.
Give a man a round tuit,
they'll be nothing he can't do with it.
Give a man a round tuit
with no reason for him to lounge or sit,
cos once he's got around to it
it'll be done, and that'll be it.

Prompted by a seaside gift.
Arcassin B Feb 5

By Arcassin Burnham

Followers in a city full of corrupted , silly pigs,
In a place where all the jobs are taken up, you can't even make a
decent cent,
Anxiety take over everybody not just you , you stress too quick,
When you stay in a city full of enemies , its hard not stressin' about shit,

Guess you could say I'm self centered, I deserve what other people have,
the curse of the black water has risen for the hateful people that'll last,
I swear that's too sad,
If you feel like you need a clique to prosper,
that'll be all you have,
I'm a one man army,
ya'll look fairies,
I don't see nothin' , don't you come near me,
so much shackles on my feet,
I'm everywhere I wanna be.



O that man
What he hath
Isn't it more than anything
That attracts my eyes,just
O dear?
Men don't have curves
They say
They cannot be beautiful
They have to be handsome
O so gendered is our tongue
So complex
OK so
He has a beard
Not a grizzly bear
But a beautiful
French cut
I revert to nationalities
You hear!
His cheeks seem to be soft
As sponge
O cake
I remember
His hair
Not bundled up
Neither not in place
Is perfect
Combed properly
O his eyes do the talking
They are so near
Verdant black iris
To people's hearts
O but he's forgotten
Some bit of
At the back of his neck
Small strands
Of masculinity!
You'd say
Not properly shaved
I say fine
O dear
His enigma bears
A thankfulness
To these ones
I swear
His face clean
After a morning shower
He looks handsome
Or beautiful!
O not only ladies
But li'l ones are
'Attracted' towards him
O one of them
Holds a piece of fur
And gently touches his chin with it
He feels roused
And greets with a smile
Not goosebumps though!
Simple joys!
O you think where I get
These weird words
O they were
In a newspaper advertisement
If not deifying
That page
OK enough
But I think
In such images
Apparitions echo
Telling us
Something to learn

Weird or maybe meaningless ,I know.But if you have ever been moved by such a picture,let me know:-) :-) :-)
Belle Feb 5

If I told you,
You were what my nightmares are made of
Would you stop texting me?

Lex Jan 31

I raise up my voice
not so that I can shout
but so that those without a voice
can be heard.


So funny how you love someone
In an effort to let them go
You latch onto someone else

My Muffin...

Crazy how people effect your life
It has only been a month &
He is a distant yet present memory

I was in love with a man that I could not be with
So I found myself wrapped up in

My Muffin...

Such a big prize wrapped in a small package

How would you feel if you held it in your hands &
Then were told you couldn't have it?

Its Tragic!

I refused to cry over men long ago
But this one?
It hurt... I still didn't cry
Now it is hard to remember what it was like
The good times
Like my mind completely blocked the memory
I can tell you everything i know about him
But phone calls are faint...
Imagine it from my eyes for a moment

My Muffin....

He is this gem.
I researched it once or twice but never thought of collecting it
You learn more through a familiar source
Then it is in your possession
You hold it delicately at arms length
So precious yet so dangerous, you think
How will you ever handle such a thing?
You eventually build up the courage to
bring it closer to your chest
Then the Jeweler comes & says
"Sorry, they didn't tell you, you were only here to babysit?"
Even after i had polished it
grown attached to it
willing to call it mine
It wasn't even an option the entire time
That is when you learn that not all things that glitter, shine

Poem 8-- Muffin
Completes Collection

You changed my life & you don't even know it...
It is quite unfortunate that you are unsure
What about me makes you shy away?
Have I poisoned your thoughts with insane ideologies?
Have I become attached too fast?
Men never tell you the truth
It is imperative for them to lie
You, my doll, just need to open your eyes
He USED you
Who did he think he was?
Come into your life, wreck shit, & then act like he doesn't give a fuck!
Miss Kitty has been under the weather...
Should we call the vet?
She hasn't been purring even though she has been wet
It was never your fault
Men are truly selfish creatures
Now all the love you held for them is gone...
I suggest we take a breather
It has been a while since we have truly expressed anger
Sit down, grab a notebook, & jump right in...

Poem 6-- Muffin
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