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Duckie Apr 10
As *** bled from your
fingertips, I could only
fall towards your blade.
Grace Mar 30
Yeah, I know I didn't walk in blind folded
I knew what I getting myself into
Yeah, I know you're gonna leave
I support you following your dreams
But you weren't honest from the start
I just wish I could play my part

Yeah I know I'm sad
Yeah I know I'm fragile
Yeah I know I'm a little extra depressed
Don't know when I got so mental
Yeah, I wish I could live in a world
Where you care about my head
Where you laugh with all my friends
Not just what I like in bed
Where you ask about my future
Where we make long-term plans
But every time I text you
All you say is "yeah"

No, I don't know when I got this fragile
No, I don't know when I let down my guard
Did I even have gates up in the first place
No, I thought I was stronger than this
I wish I could play my **** part well
No, maybe you shouldn't have taken up my time
No, maybe I shouldn't give you space in my mind
Yeah maybe all I need is a good cry
Reminisce before I kissed my morals goodbye

Yeah, you're fun to mess around with
Playing twister in your bed
Yeah, I know you're just my type
But we both got demons in our head
Yeah. I could drag this out
But being casual isn't what I'm about
So when you ask, "should we end it?"
All I'll say is "yeah"
J Mar 26
the seas of pain hurt before dawn,
before returning itself to the ocean,
escaping from the light it turns to blue anemones,
to be lost in a wave or waves of the memories,
discord turns in stillness,
the thought of ourselves hurt long before
and still after the first death,
dressed in the color of the soul breathe under
the children of our imagination laugh like a
bird of freedom dipping its wings into the sun
some of the winds of words sleep after the hurricane
J Mar 22
They cloud things
like judgment
like thoughts
like the sky.
Bright against muted galaxies
a moth to the silver flames of hell you go.
They brush hardened branched fingertips against your skin
and blame you for the thorns they leave in love's wake.
you are damaged, and that will forever be YOUR fault
because why would they hurt you?
They're there to guide, aren't they?
Alone in the night, they don't make you feel any safer
predator to meek prey.
They swear sanctuary
They morph to a true shape
Long, dark beings
lunging towards you with
bridged legs and
hooded eyes
crooked smiles they feel are attractive.
You would think that strength means protection
A beam of light in the dark should mean hope
In the Upside Down,
you're not enough to keep yourself warm.
Stop and let me go and I won't tell anyone!
But it doesn't matter
he doesn't mind,
because no one can hear you scream
if his hands are down your throat.
we are alone in the dark,
and yet not.
Trust nothing, not even the sun.
They deserve some sort of prize, right?
I mean you owe them.
Pay toll to the streetlights.
Credit to my friend Kaitlyn, who gave me the idea of streetlights being compared to men during one of our late-night talking sessions. See, we talk before bed most days, and it seems that talking on school nights takes us longer for the simple fact that sleep doesn't come to me when I want it, and sleep doesn't come to her either.
Sydney Mar 23
you arrived just as i was about to give up

with you, from the start, everything was different.

to say i fell was an understatement
dropping down far beyond all the previous hurt
a level i always knew existed
but never quite knew how to get there

but now, here i am - and the door is cracked open
when i peak through everything seems cloudy

i can see all of the ways this can go wrong
i can see all of the ways this can go right

I'm Terrified.
That one day you'll wake up
and want someone else

But i need you to know that as scared as i am to get hurt.
I'm All In.
You Have My Entire Heart.
The Good.
The Bad.
The Stressed.
The Anxiety.
I Want It All.

To put it simply,
to you I will always be true
because, Darling, I think I am
falling in love
with you
this was an actual letter I wrote to someone and:
he did
he did wake up
and want someone else
Femi Mar 23
If I were a boy
I wouldn't play women like a toy.
If I were man
I would serve as many women as I can.
If I were male,
My body, my integrity, and dignity I wouldn't sell.
If I were a he,
How much more would life be?
If I was him,
I would appreciate the privilege.
Because women know karma,
And she knows your secrets.
Heather Mar 19
I reached my hand out to you
And I was terrified
You could see it in my eyes
“You’re done with me”
No I say, I’m just afraid

Afraid of what?
You are bewildered
I take a pause and say
Your desire for me.

Because what men desire
They take.
I like women's day.

It is the only day,
When men finally respect women

For 24 hours straight.
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