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Hey Karma
I thought we had
some thing special
Sharing more than
Just languages

Then commutation
I check your profile
And you are
Nothing more than
Male *****
A concubine
To others

I love you unbearably
I hate you unbearably.
mae 2d
He stared into my eyes,
a deep dark abyss.
His reflection disappeared beneath the darkness.
He was scared.
I swallowed him,
as if he was my prey.
Like his image, his presence began to fade
Devoured by my energy,
he shivered and shuttered in the cold.
and I removed him from my soul.

What a sweet reflection?
In my eyes of correction.
his reflection was devoured
Don’t you just want to hold him close to you? Or is it only me?
Look at those eyes, as bright as a polished diamond brightening the finger of an awaiting bride.  
You can’t look at them twice.
Holy ***! when I thought there was no perfection.  
Well mark these words, “he is perfect”.
If looks could be a symbol of heroism,
gift him the warrior’s lantern for he descends as a hero.

The beautiful smile drawing your lips into a curvy appreciating grin.  
A man in a goddess ensemble.
My eyes are heavenly blessed to behold such a testament.
Oh! That amazing voice, let he sing me amazing grace and I will amazingly be graceful.
Beautiful perfect lips moving from side to side whilst he speaks.  
The voice, violently drawing you down your knees.

Oh, sweet heavens, why curses with a saint of looks?
There exist no ounces of perfection enough to deserve his glorious presence.
And a gentleman too, goddess of my ancestors, what great temptation.  

Permit me to do nothing but sit to watch him speak.  
Perfection, the being brought to tempt my honour.
Daydreaming the movements and triggers tingling inside my untamed structure.
Reminiscing on what could, would and want with no sense of shame nor control.
My eyes dazzling without shame nor guilt.
Mesmerised and tempted to act in accordance to this electric pull.

Oh my ***!!!, My alarm goes off, please tell me it’s not a dream.
I wrote this poem at the age of 16.  That's a pretty long time ago. Of course, due to maturity,  I have had to update it but I still get the same buzz.  Enjoy!!!
Why do men always interrupt me?
I could have discovered the cure for cancer
And they would interrupt me to talk about their weekend

I'd have to talk like them in order to be heard
But I was taught to stay quiet so that I don't cause anger
And I feel pain in my heart when my own voice gets louder

Why the **** do I put up with this?
Why do they scare me so much?
Why can I never speak up?
Why don't I matter?
Yeah, I used to have androphobia but I'm starting to think that it's not "used to" and more "I do"
I have decided to give up on mankind,
Key word is man, I give up of them
& their what if language
& pledges  that seem to never end.
I will not place my value on a man,
Shelving my self worth on a stand that reads
A price sign- no that’s not who I am.
If you stay in my life, I assure you I’ll be thankful, no celebration but pleased you’ll
         If you want to leave or drift away,
Do not think they’ll be a sign reading
“ please stay!”
For I no longer prize a behavior
No longer will there be a welcome matt on your feet but a cold breeze left by me.
Toxic yeti Dec 4
Dear Spencer.
I got your messages
You say that you want to talk
I am not interested
You say you miss me
I don’t.
We may have had some things in common
But don’t you remember
The names you called
Don’t you remember that you attacked my religion
Don’t you remember that
You threatened me
So you get nothing from me.
I love myself, my DNA and my faith
To put up with your hatred.
mae Dec 3
Far away from today,
There is something vital I must say
Your life meant ******* dirt to me
6ft under was your destiny.
Emily Dec 3
An ode to honest men, to men with strength
Men who heal and nurture
Men with magic in their blood and love in their hearts
Feminists, and creatives, and artists
Romantics who look out at a rainy city and see beauty amidst the dark and despair
Men who do not run from what they feel, what they think
Who they are
Who fan the fires of their passion but not let it destroy what they yearn for, but rather bring warmth and light into the lives of those who need it most
Men who think of women as goddesses, queens, suns and stars and moons
Who see women in the white foam of a crashing wave or in the deep, thickened roots of a tree hundreds of years old
Men who can take a women who is cautious, skittish, buried inside herself, struggling to claw through the dirt, men who take a shovel and find her
Grab her hand in theirs and lift them to the air
Who feed the souls of their friends and their lovers with kindness and tenderness
Men who aren't afraid of a woman with a roar, with long claws, and a sharpness in her eyes
Men who stand beside the wolf of every woman and feel graced by her howl
Clarity in their words and truth in their touch
Men who love without inhibitions, who can find intimacy in the quiet moments between friends
This is an ode to the honest men, to men who grow like trees
Up and up and up, stretching their branches and bringing life to the world around them
when you get out of a ****** relationship but have amazing male friends to pick you up
you are a lab rat,
dancing in their labs,
through you they *** to conclusions.

You turn them from ***** to holy,
Every morning they turn saint.

It's sad how you have turned a ***** ***,
Cleaning possessed men.

Immoral lab experiments
Men are tresh.
SJ Nov 28
Sit up straight
chest out
Legs together

you'd look prettier

Brush your hair,
tight bun,
no stray hairs,
you'll look sloppy
no Man wants a girl like that

you should eat less
no Man wants a girl who eats too much
don't eat that
that's the reason for your stretch marks
you'll get fat
don't be fat
No Man wants a fat girl.

don't wear short skirts we don't want to see that...cellulite

...she's too skinny
"she looks anorexic haha"

Ew pimples,
dark circles under your eyes!

"Why are you wearing make up?
I only like girls with "natural" makeup",

don't wear that red lipstick
you'll look like a *****.

"Dude she is such a **** look how short her dress is"

"She's such a *****, show some leg, you're not a nun"

"She should loosen up, take a few shots, she's so up tight"

"Look at how much she has had to drink, she's so loose"

Men don't like girls who...yell
Men don't like girls who...swear
Men don't like girls who...drink
Men don't like girls who...smoke
Men don't like girls who...wear too much
Men don;t like girls who...wear too little
Men don't like girls who...play hard to get
Men don't like girls who...are too easy
Men don't like girls who...eat too much
Men don't like girls who...don't eat
Men don't like girls who...are too clingy
Men don't like girls who...don't give them attention
Men don't like girls who...
Men don't like girls who...
Men don't like girls who...


I am a WOMEN.
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