T R S 21m
My fears are my strongest feelings
That I feel in my life right now
Booze had seemed to help some how
Until it made me feel much more
Mourning makes my eyes sore
Don't think I don't feel normal
Face faces normally
Don't feel bad, I'm sorry
And my sorry's enough for me.
How many anarchists does it take to change a light bulb?
You don't change it! You smash it!

How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb?
Only one, but it must want to change.

How many poets does it take to change a light bulb?
One to hold the ladder.
And one to tearfully consider the transitive nature of existence compounded by the tragedy of the assumption of replacement without true celebration of the individuality found at the heart of the mass produced and the beauty that can be found in a frail light fighting against the darkness inherent in an unfair world.
[To be read aloud in a tearful voice.]
Tears hear thoughts
Better than a broken sky
Or a whispered kiss

Great hearts talk strong
But a sad perfection
And a night's small
Told me
That it's time to go
The tears
They never tell you
How many tears you will cry
Or how painful you heart will be.

You have hurt me
More than you could ever imagine
And I don't even think
You know that I like you.
The thing is my lungs
Are screaming for air
And the butterflies in my heart
Won't go away
And I like you
But that's not enough
Not ever enough for anyone
Oh it hurts
Why I only wear Shiny shoes?

Every morning,
I would wear my shiny shoes
and run off to the field
for a game of football
and come back bruised and scarred
bleeding out of my mouth
but I was smiling.
You see, my shoes were still shiny.
Every morning,
I would go to school
bragging about my shiny shoes
and come back
with dried tears
and red hands as if
someone hit them really hard
but I was smiling.
You see, my shoes were still shiny.
Every morning,
I would see my friend
waving at me from a distance.
We were our only friends.
I was his SpongeBob, he was my Patrick.
One day, Patrick left.
But I was smiling,
You see, my shoes were still shiny.
All this while,
Nobody cared that the
insides of my shoes were
being torn apart
because my shoes were still shiny,
because I was still smiling.
You are such a whore!
She was pure and had no experience in love, he was well aware of that. She thought it was true love and they would live happily ever after, but then reality struck her and she remembered the cruelness of reality.
"Drew can I get a job?" Lucy asked.
"No. Why would you even ask that? You wouldn't be able to keep up and no one would want to look at your ugly face." Drew sneered.
"W-well I thought it could get m-me my own money and stuff..." Lucy muttered.
"What, I don't make enough for you street rat?!" Drew hissed. "Listen to me you bitch, I picked your ass off the street and now you want a job because I can’t make enough money? I think you need to be taught a lesson."
"N-no I didn't mean l-like that!" Lucy cried out. Drew ignored her and started just beating on her. "P-please stop!" Lucy cried. She was bawling. The tears just didn't stop. She didn't know what hurt worse, the punches or the words.
"Next time, appreciate what I do for you, you bitch." Drew left the curled up girl covered in bruises.
"W-will anybody l-love me...?"

part 7 of the sticks and stones series. i hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think
I'm a man! What do you expect me to do? Wait until marriage?
She thought they would be together forever but he, apparently, had other plans. She misses the way he used to hold her and how he gave her a gentle kiss that made her feel safe. Now, he brings nightmares and pain. No amount of words can express how terrified she is being near him. She’s suffocating.
"Drew please stop! It hurts!" Lucy cried while her abuser raped her. Drew kept slamming into her, not even letting her adjust.
"Shut up!" He hissed.
"P-please! Stop!" Lucy cried when he slapped her across the face.
"I'm doing this because I love you," Drew growled. Lucy's eyes watered from the pain he was putting her through.
'This is what it's like to be loved?' Lucy thought, crying out. Lucy felt him spray his semen inside her. That brought more tears to her eyes. She was thankful for taking birth control.
"You suck at sex," Drew growled. He pulled out and left her there, crying and shaking.
"J-just cause I-I don't want to d-do it with you."

part 6 of the Sticks and Stones series. I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think. WARNING: small rape scene.
adira 22h
everything seems so dark so sad
then i see your smile and my heart flaps its wings gladly
in a way i could like a leach
into joy i would reach
i live off of smiles
if i harvested none i would disapaer from all the worlds inches and miles
in my own ocean of tears
i dedicate my life so no one must be like me with a heart full of tares
only held together with thin fragile thread
Sanny 1d
Please, please baby.

Stay where you are.

I haven't seen her this happy in a long time.

Your mother to be.

She's been fighting for months and months.

Watching that stick for minutes that don't seem to end.

Crying her eyes out when that strip doesn't appear.

I''ve seen pieces of her die as she's lost others before you.

So I beg you baby.


Don't lose a mother like her, no one could love you more.

I beg you, fight.

And stay.
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