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I feel my self pull apart.
Rationality turns into darkness,
As I go on my searches.

One for sense. One for pain.
As the stars disappear
I give up on hope.

Look into the mirror. I see pain.
Look into my reflection,
I seek help.

Help which isn't there,
But I need.
For waiting and wandering shall never help.
As at least I'm alone.

No one can find me now.
This poem is abit out of my comfort zone, but I would love to know what you guys think! And how I could possibly improve.
my body was cold and hot
my hands shook
and as tears began to well up in my eyes
i could only think
why did this take so long
but in the end
only a few tears fell
and i was left
the same
Kee 2d
i pretend that it doesn't hurt
that tears dont drip down my cheeks too
that i dont hold my face in my hands
and weep while i wish for a better life
i hurt too
but i'd never let you know
when my world falls
i keep it to myself
because no one can save me from the destruction inside of me
and i smile
because i know that it's easier to say 'im fine'
instead of 'i want to die'
i hurt too
but i'd never let you know
how much my my mom just wants me to be okay
yet she doesnt have a clue
of how much her words slice through my skin
and make me bleed
apart of my chaos too
and i smile
because no one can save me from the destruction inside of me
from the ache in my heart
from the gun in my hand
im the only person that handle my monsters
and im honestly losing this war
It can't be over
If I'm never sober
Wine has always saved me
Loved me and bathed me
I let it hold my hand
As it stands where I used to stand
Says the words I used to say
Plays the chords I used to play
While I'm dying upon the cold floor

Tonight my love
Wine will love me more than you ever could
Tonight my love
Loneliness isn't lonely and I'd be lonely if I could

So before you turn a blind eye
And let my cries fall on deaf ears
It is alcohol not you
Who will wipe away my tears
As if I needed another sign
That love is wine ...
I sat by the window,peering into the street.
That street I had seen too many brawls in,
And had enjoyed the people celebrate,
And had seen people leave and come,
And had known those kids,who played there,
Fading into the nothingness of adulthood.
I was one of them too,perhaps.

In that tattered dress of life,
I sat by the window,
Looking into the past.
And tears came out paving my cheeks,
For a stream of unchartered emotions.
And those emitions welcoming a whole stampede,
Of memories,killing me inside out.

While by that window,
Whose glass had been blurred by the ruthlessness of time,
I hesitated to face myself.
I had regrets,too many to name any,
I had done myself wrongs,
But quite fortunately,forfeit was to be paid,
And was to be paid the next day,by myself to me!
Lin 2d
And in the darkest darkness
we can hear
the silent tears falling

We regret nothing
or maybe something
and we keep on speaking
without words

With no sense on where we are going
The path to nowhere
Leading us home
into nothingness

Can you hold my hand?
I hate being hurt by you,
So I'll distract myself with someone else who hurts me.
It hurts less.
c 4d
And I spun and I spun and I spun
So out of control
No rhythm
Short. Choppy.
It lasted so long, so quickly.
I don’t know what happened,
But I saw it.
Even though I didn’t.
My car did pirouettes
Down the embankment
Until it found a spot to rest
In between two hedgeposts
And barbed wire.
They say your life flashes before your eyes
In moments like this,
But for me,
It was moments I wouldn’t ever have.
The things I wanted to accomplish,
The people that I loved.
It was heartbreaking.
When I crawled out,
No different than when I got in,
I laughed with tears in my throat.
Today, the world is the same,
But I will never be.
rip Beatrice
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