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Jules 10h
Two beautiful people
Under a moon lit sky

A stream of tears
That leave the eye

Some call it a tragedy
Some call it a master piece

Whatever it is
It's something untimely
Taylor 10h
you do this everytime
with tears, collecting my things for good
you are my past now
about how well we finally have to leave
Jules 13h
I'll pretend that what happened is no longer.
I'll show you that I don't need you.
I'll show you I've moved on.
But I won't show you the tears I shed on my notebook.
I won't show you the scars you left on my heart.
Your rights have been revoked.
You don't deserve me.
You never did.
Nina 17h
It hurts me deeply
Knowing that we are nothing
When i thought
We could've been something
It hurts me a lot
Know that you don't miss me at all
When I'm here dying to talk to you again
It hurts
Having to live each day
Without talking to you
Without waking up to your face
Feeling your warmth during those cold days

But that doesn't hurt as much as
When i still see you in person
But you don't talk to me
Nor look at me
It's as if I'm invisible to you
And the sad part is
I have to do the same
Pretend you're not there
And I can't smile when i look at you anymore
I'm holding my tears
And pretending to be fine
With you gone forever
It hurts
To be this way
Siyana 1d
I'm tired
but I'm trying
Is that okay?

I don't know why,
or what I'm waiting for
but I just want somebody who'll stay...

I am tired.
I'm tired.
I am tired.
I'm tired.

Please don't let me down or let me go,
I just want you cause you feel like home
Don't let me down or let me go
If you don't say it how will you ever know....
In the ocean I picture an easier world
Keep me locked in a cage
You once told me I wasn't good enough
How am I supposed to find the key
Around my cage you forced me to build bricks
Now no one can free my escape
Tears burn my tired eyes
I feel I have a hole
where something was meant to be
but it never was there
so it's just empty
now and then it makes me cry
but it's alright, alright
always alright, never a let down
a weakness it is
and God forbids
I'll let anyone see that
for this ****** life made me a rock
so here I'll stay, forever
my tears slowly turning me to sand
Red is the colour of blood and passion
Raw enchanting, ruthless, cuts and colours deep

Simple interests
Complex values, evaluation
Desired profits
Loss of interests
Principal principles lost

Many colours in life
Not all chosen by you
Some you dabble with
Give you permanent stains and crimson tears
Behind the crimson tears’ - by Avisek Prasad

The above piece is inspired by this book, the author is known to me :)
Deanna 1d
the tears
that I'm so use to
I don't even realize
they're there
Klita 1d
Petals are falling
On my eyelids
Filling my soul
With beauty
And my mind
With peace

Rain is falling
On my hair
Curling it at the ends
Bringing it back
To its natural form
And cleansing me
Of the pain
From today

Tears are Falling
Down my cheek
No more words to be said
I've reached my peak
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