Jack 23h
“It won’t be long now, my child”
A voice boomed from above,
“I will soon welcome you into the next life,
Just take up your sharpened knife”,
“You’ve caused too much pain,” he whispered,
Cradling my head,
“All through life you’ve whimpered”
“It’s about time that you were dead”.

“Why do your eyes pour?”
“All the pain you saw,”
“Trapped in a head at brutal war”
“You have nothing left to live for”.

As tears rolled down my greyed cheek,
So much so i could barely speak,
“No,” I cried out loud, “what about her?”
“I still need to make her my lover”.
Dead man walking
The lacy touch of your fingers upon my bareback
The soft touch of your smooth lips upon mine
Now lay between the empty bed sheets
Stained with time
The spilt tears
The endless fears
The lacy touch of your fingers upon her bareback
The soft touch of your smooth lips against her hips
Now lay covered under the fresh bed sheets
Stained with your crime
Was I nothing more but a doll to play with?
Some sort of toy that you could just dispose of as time went on?
I looked into your eyes
I thought I saw your soul
Now I hope that she can see the truth;
You pick us out at random like a raffle ticket
And if the prize you receive does not please you

Then the exchange shall be soon
Lily 1d
Every tear I’ve cried,
Every complaint I’ve uttered,
Every cry of pain I’ve screamed,
You’ve been there.
I’ve laid my heart bare to you,
Always open, available, vulnerable.
I’ve given you my all, 24/7,
And yet what do I have in return?
A mauled and maimed heart,
Torn apart from exposure to the world,
To you.
Yet I can’t find a way to shut my heart,
My nature won’t allow it.
I will always give away before I take.
I’m always open.
Lily 1d
It’s okay.
It’s okay that you constantly
Ignore me, never text me,
Purposely refuse to answer my phone calls.
It’s okay that I spend my nights in tears,
Trying to fathom your motives,
Never finding solace in sleep.
It’s okay that you never listen to me
When I speak, that you always
Cancel our plans,
That you don’t seem to care about me
It’s okay.
I guess I was never good enough.
She rose the lifted gypsy smile
Little women Big-spender
Desperate housewives selling
their soulful tears epidemic
This wasn't 666 Satan heart broke
Got to Lee Remick when she spoke
Going to Denmark Gypsy booth

You could feel the white satin
Saturday in the park dictator
with Stalin, her lips moistened
with her watermelon
But why so manic
Zero tears to panic

City frantic the Rose sensual erotic

Over a tear-drop dangling
Love waiting anticipating
How she smiles her earring
drops down waves
fight her fear
The big whale
don't flip my tear

Holiday she's the jingle cash
register Knighting meets Gale
nothing didn't register
Let me entertain you, shy tease
Natalie, Clue lounge tears Grunge

So strange they stripped away
scarecrow harvest October
Remember the Nile love
The nightmare gypsy
unfortunate events
No comments

The holiday wasn't
exactly a  Supercalifragilistic
*$ ++ monarch
But she wears herself whip cream
Going for the blue crying her eyes
out "Blue-Terry Cloth"  was sick
eye velvet' the men of the cloth

So religiously afraid of the
Goth  Rosy Lee path
Left her aroma mark
The world is a blackout
Her shoutbox rosy boot
So creepy like a fox-trot
So much to upkeep
Memory lane yellow
brick road

Brown-coffee-accident spilled
she yelled demons allowed
  The buyer made me
Accountant clicking tears

Gypsy  tug of war
Doll Raggetty Annie Oakley
Crystal Expensive tear
doesn't come cheap money
50 winks who wants to sleep
Rose Pomedeur widow weeps
What a square Mr bigfoot
Get off of my cloud boot
Moved her rolling stone

Her tear was in the plate he didn't
even have the heart to pick it up
French danish pastry so prim and
Another naked spy bad romance
Her cry needed to be homemade
like her rose candles
The roaring twenty- she's 13 going
on thirty
Gypsy of forty your getting old
but flirty
  (Shes so Harvard) Sugar daddies
forever young
Help me Rhonda teardrop tipsy
Graduation Cap the eye owl gypsy
Jeremy the beamer drummer
Gypsy Rose hummer
A thousand tears her death card
People have no regard

Living on a crystal tear end
He's her bookend so beat in
her beatnik house
All staged Cher the Gypsy outfits
Cry babes girl product
What conduct Rose -Lee spanked
on her knee tears popped the waterbed
He never showed one tear
Cry me a river crystalline diary
All preliminaries
We missed her lonely sober tear

Mona Lisa Mona Lisa how the men
have met you how death becomes
I'm not buying your cry I was deeply
hurt it set such an impact
The -new- Boy George culture of tears
Over-erase she highly medicated
More I see you having affairs
happy, sad, overjoyed,
you have been had

Carribean Depp Pirate rotten teeth
Statue of liberty is crying at birth

I am not going to lower my
standards just skip
Cinderella so sinister to sweep
Wizard at her boutique
Mysteriously eyes unique
Best tear to enhance is always
the antique now start crying
Gypsy take on let me entertain you but this is the tear  like a New Year of all
the envy
To Never…

To never kiss your lips again,
To never make you smile.
To only know abandoned tears,
To never I leave my sorrow.

I beg you please, take this from me,
My heart, it is dead without you near.
My tears are an ocean of pain,
That I cannot drown in, I fear.

Oh love, why must you be so hard?
So soft to the touch, the soul bound lover.
Oh love, why must you leave us scarred?
We hurt, we ache, we cry forever.

My love is real, inside I can feel,
An empty hole, that leaves me drained.
For I feel nothing and everything at once,
I feel your hurt; I feel your pain.

I say I’m ok, I know I’m lying,
For this is worse than death.
For if you were dead and gone, to become a memory,
Then I know my life, I would no longer live.

But one day I know, fate will kill me again,
As my lover tells me she loves me no more,
But I will never feel that way.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
What could have been

Love echoes throughout the years;
Love breaks with every tear.
Love lasts for the lucky few.
Love is perfect, when love is new,
But then the cracks begin to form
And love begins to create a storm
And at the end, the slamming of the door.
All that which was, will never again be…
Love could have been so much more.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
no saint                                                      
never­ was                                                    
never will be                                                      
so      ­                                              

will make                      
your mind see                      
a scarred mortal                      

fell for
a     baleful
halo disguised

                                         of       it      my
                                          heart has paid the

trust to be
paid with several

  are dealt                                              
unlike hands                                              
and to play life's                                              
game        ­                                        

Why                    ­                                                                 ­       
should I                                                                                         
b­e judged for                                                              ­                          
every fault and                                                              ­                          

make me                  
I'm human like                

                     have worsen
                   making  hating

                      ­                                              Time
              ­                                                       from my
                                                                        childhood was
                                                             ­         stolen    from   my
                                                              ­          life

want to find
my own way in

hate you                                                     
perfection                                   ­                  
It's used way too                                                  

from everyone                                                                                           

My      ­    
love for          
words and myth          
burns bright in my        

                              have lied
                              I have judged
                               I  make  mistakes

                                                             ­                    Why
                                                           ­                      condemn
                                                         ­                       me  because
                              ­                                                  I   am   honest
                                                         ­                          look

         got my
              share of chips
             and cracks on my

make me                              
some target                              
on      media's                            

I'm                                                            ­                  
alive                                                           ­                   
Living art                                                              ­            
now broken and                                                              ­          
scared                                                          ­                

God sees    
and for all    
I have done    

                                deal with
                                me in time
                                  The way He sees

my lanterns              
will adorn the              

my truth                                                        
I am fraught                                                         
with flaws and I'm                                                          

   ­       Now            
take a piece
of my heart and

                                            to the
                                             endless sky
                                               and take my soul
These Lanterns poem are really close to home...
Consider them like a continuation of my poem 'Naturally'.
I can't act like I'm perfect all the time. Needless to say that society's obsession with perfection has worsened. It feels like an image one will forever to forced to strive for but never reach. To be honest, being perfect all the time only makes people more excited for your fall from grace.
What I mean by people 'making hating cool' is that people enjoy jumping on the hate bandwagon when someone (e.g. a celebrity) does something they don't like, says something they don't like, or makes a mistake. In most cases, it's unnecessary. It's sad it happens...

The divine light that these lanterns have comes from a really emotional and insecure place in my heart. A treasure that I want you to see. I'm young, I've made my share of mistakes. Who hasn't? I've got a past. But I shouldnt be pressure to feel guilt for screwing up in life sometimes.
These words are from a 22 (23 tomorrow) year old who even though she acts like shes got it all covered, she's terrified of life as a whole. Fraught with her own personal issues and demons. But I'm still here for a reason.
There have been days where I wanted to end it all but I didn't.
Because deep down, I know. I couldn't deny myself a chance in life.
A chance to finally have some stability and to be happy. A chance to truly find myself and embrace who I am.
Something that I'm honestly still learning to do.
I hope people here who are going through this understand where I'm coming from.

I'm me, Lyn Purcell and there's nowhere and nothing I'd rather be.
Thanks so much for 88 followers. For me it's insane!
No words can express how I feel but you have my gratitude!

More Lanterns are coming as well as Sijos.
So, have a lovely day/night and be back soon!
Lyn xxx
you hurt her
again and again
with your actions
and you push her away
and me even further.
really, I wouldn't care
if you two split up
and I never had to see u again.
she'd be happier
and more free.
she could find the love she deserves
that would give her the attention
and care she needs.
she wouldn't have help
but u are not of any help anyway.
I have no idea why you do this
how can u be so stubborn?
and selfish?
and mean?
you are letting me down
to the point that I'm starting to hate u
and that's just so sad
'cause I used to admire you
and look up to you.
guess I never knew that side of you.
To be honest,
I don't really want to.
You don't realize that she and I
we're the same
our morals
and beliefs
are equal.
and she's everything to me,
she's the one
who taught me everything.
If you break her heart
you're also breaking mine,
and I'm sorry,
but I won't forget it that easily.
not my dad
Mystery surrounds the echoes of my mind
Words of forgotten prose I simply cannot find
A memory misplaced in this ever growing scenario
Of hopelessness
Sorrow and impulsively acting like a half demented child
Not able to advocate the needs and wants it expects from me
This is you in retrospect
An unfulfilled moment that spread into a lifetime
A woman so rigid she has no soul but for herself in that second
A listless pitiful attempt at loving someone like me
Whoever I might be
The one always excreted on from an enormous height
Spurned out like wasteful matter at the speed of light
From a heart so disassociated from what we once called a miracle
Yet in amongst the ruins, I’m the one who’s cynical?
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