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Kiss my mind and not my skin
Strip me slowly of the walls I've built
Take my hands
And push me up against the walls
Of my soul
And learn every inch
Of who I really am
Until you know me as intimately
As does the darkness
That surrounds me
And the resonance of your being
Drips from my mouth
Like pleas for mercy
Thought I'd try a different kind of poem. Inspired by a random picture I saw on pinterest.
Lydia 2d
For over 6 months I couldn’t cry
as someone who has spent countless tears over her lifetime, it made me feel disconnected from myself
even when it made sense, I physically couldn’t
I started to think there was something wrong with me or that I had lost a part of myself that feels so deeply it causes tears
and then, just like that
I started again
I’ve cried two days in a row
and yes, it is a good thing
to be feeling again
Sana 4d
Our love story started when you were there
and I was standing next to you.

Then you had disappeared when I turned around.

I would always walk by myself with you.

In our tale of love

I thus made the decision to stroll by myself.

Without you this moment
Sana 5d
all the words to express the feelings
all the feelings i am expressing
pointed you
propel me in the
direction of your fantasies
letting  me to exist in your speculations
The day I met you
was the day I understood
how frightening being apart can be.
Sana Apr 2021
I saw you at you worst
I know all your worst sides
But I still think you are the best
So please stay with me forever
At my worst till I become
Sana Apr 2021
Hey boy
I told my heart that  
Every time I looked into your eyes
You made me feel how it is to be in paradise......
So don't let that words break
And let my heart bleed 💔
Sana Apr 2021
I am just looking at the moon  
It reminds me of you
I was crying for you
and then suddenly
he also left me alone .......
Sana Apr 2021
I am falling apart
because of you
and for your love
I look up to you
With all the love i have for you
And with my heart in the hands
Thought you will get me
But you look the other way
And you throw out my heart
I fell down deep and
Never found my way back
But you were happy
And I was lost........
#sana #darkness #lost
Sana Apr 2021
I know your love is
Deeper than ocean
Higher than mountains
But I just don't know
How to swim and
How to fly
I am trying hard
To learn
How to swim and
How to fly together
With you and
To give you back
The love that is
Twice deeper than ocean
And twice higher than mountains to you
Sana Apr 2021
You are the biggest mistake of my life
that I want and will keep on doing
But not now because you left ...
I still remember
our first hello
And last goodbye
I just wanted
To tell you that was love
So much love between
Hello and goodbye
At last my beloved
I LOVE YOU I still do
even if you are not here
These are the words I  wanted to tell you
Before you walk away right through the door
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