Mongi 1h

Cremated Love

Two souls, dancing the times
One foot forward, two times
To the side, the other, and back
Back to each other’s arms
Took a step back, two, three
A stab to the heart, it was
The sounds of their footsteps
Towards their separate distances
As they danced, drifting away
Two, three, and more feet away

Two beings statued together, a light of the town
Crafting their silhouette, a shaft of light through the hall of fame
The talk of the town, fame has had its toll on their shine
Two, three, and more times, they’ve fallen to tame and shame
Tears flood what has turned to be flames
Like a waterfall falling from the rocks
Are the tears from the aflame eye sockets
Rumbles from the heart’s rhythms
As the mighty statue begins to tumble
Crumbles from emotional harbours
As the silhouette fades into grey shades
What used to be, now turning into ashes
Ashes that will never, in forever, release a phoenix
In a cemetery, cremated love lies hopelessly

Mongi C. Nkabindze

A testimony of what used to be love, now lying lifeless in a cradle of heartbreak

Today there's just no words to express
what's going on inside of me
and there's just no place to address
where is going on end of me
because of you, my beloved
I still believe you'll turn me back
Because I'm melted into you
I loved you
I still love you
and I'll love you.

Today there's just no sounds to explain
what's going on into my heart
and there's just no pen to write down
what's going on in my life
because of you, my beloved
I still believe you'll turn me back
Because I'm melted into you
I loved you
I still love you
and I'll love you.

Today there's just no colors to draw
what's going on with in me
and there's just no tears to cry
what's going on into my eyes
because of you, my beloved
I still believe you'll turn me back
Because I'm melted into you
I loved you
I still love you
and I'll love you.

You think you're right?
Talk about putting up a fight!
How can that be true,
When the only ones that believes is you.

You're wrong, forever and ever.
I don't even need to try to be clever.
Why do you fight back, you've already lost.
Just stop now, while still low is the cost!

What did you just say? No really, I missed it.
I'm sorry I acted like such a twit.
Dinner tonight? Oh you're busy.
That's alright. Man I'm dizzy.

Did she really say that to me?
Never has she been so busy like a bee.
Maybe she's avoiding contact
No, it's probably just an act.

She'll come back to me tomorrow
Free from tears of sorrow.
I hope that's how this ends
And not-- nevermind, my thoughts may not bend.

The next morning she had not returned.
My love, my love, to thee I yearn.
Tears bleed from my eyes,
The gods pick at me, like flies.

Heat fills my face, my breaths stagger.
I love you, please don't be gone.
Please, I can't live without you.
I- I- can't go on. Please come back my love.

Tears on my clothing was the least of my problems.
My life used to be stable, held by columns.
Your absence has weakened them.
What's left is nothing without my gem.

I'm ruined, done with.
With what I thought was a myth.
It's true, don't ever forget it.
My love has been lost, a cost because of wit.

This is a follow up poem for "jewel" hope you enjoyed.
sarah 1d

He came home.
I was on the floor.
My body jumped
when he slammed the door.
He saw and stopped
right in front of me.
His eyes filled with tears
because of what he could see.

He called out my name,
his voice shaking with fear.
“Please, just stop!
Please, I’m here.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.
It’s how I am, you know.
It started with one.
Then it just had to grow.
I hate odd numbers.
It just felt so wrong.
Two, three, four,
The pain was so strong.
It was an accident, I tell you.
My hand had a twitch.
I looked at the cut
and my insides started to itch.
It just looked so wrong,
that one little sore.
It wouldn’t look right
until there were more.”

“I’m sorry,” he said
with a dull, quiet plea,
“I can’t take this anymore.
It’s too much for me.”
He left me there
with blood down my arm,
as if his words
couldn’t do any harm.

why am i rhyming. and being depressing. idk

Intoxicated from the weight of euphoria,
Silence drips viscously into the soul
Until drowning is no longer a fear,
But an option.

Feet wet from nostalgia
Of ungraspable motions,
Time rests heavily on dewed eyelids.

The soul buries itself further.

This was from a prompt about something that brings you happiness and deeply saddens you at the same time. I chose Melancholia.
DeAnn 1d

it's been so long since I've cried
it feels like years
no matter how much I've tried
i could not cry any tears

every pain that I've endured
every mistake I've made
i held it in, safe and secured
i thought my emotions would fade

Now it has all returned
tenfold, hundredfold, never ends
the pain in my chest forever spurned
can't figure out how to make amends

So now my tears flow like waterfalls
and i feel pain but gladness
because everything that my mind recalls
rids me of all my madness

All that is left
is a broken me
but less broken
and ready for the world to see

They say if you love me you wouldn't do anything that would strike question to if we would last.  

But what do they know?

They don't understand who you were in the past.

They don't understand just how much you've grown.

To think that in love no makes mistakes is absurd.

I've taken a boy who once flew into the bedrooms of countless girls and made him into a flightless bird.

I've clipped his wings of freedom.

Or more, he clipped them and gave them to me.

So, what do they know?

You've made mistakes, and a year later the shame on your face still does show.

There is still a part of you that desires nothing but to fly into unexplored bedrooms.

I know you'd love to drown in their womanly perfumes.

I'm fully aware that you wonder how soft her bed is, how her hair smells, how her lips taste. And it's ok to wonder, love, it's ok to be curious. Or so I say.

And still, sometimes you sit in their window seals and watch them through the glass.

You keep smacking into that window, you crazy bird.

Can't you see what's holding you back?

If not see, then you must feel the hook I've sunk into your heart.

And they ask me, regarding your infedality:

"Doesn't it bother you?"

"Oh, yes, of course, it tears me apart. Who wouldn't be bothered at the thought that one isn't enough to satisfy another?"

But in the end I always come back to the same resolve: "You aren't finished changing yet."

They laugh and say that I can't change you. Trust me, I know that too.

I'm only here because I see your potential, I know you desire to be a better man, and yet sometimes your desire to be faithful wavers. But I'm still here to dry your tears of regret.

I am your shoulder to cry on.

Beat me over and over again and tend my wounds, in a few days I'm good as new and we can do it all over again.

You say it's the last time you'll hurt me, but love, we both know you can't say that. Not yet.

Don't change for me.
Change for you.

And if you do have backup plans, though you insist I am the only one, I do hope they won't fall through.

Even if I won't have the pleasure to be the only one, I'll always be your first love, even if I'm just a memory.

So don't change for me and don't thank me.

You have changed yourself.

I was only eating popcorn in the audience of you're drama.

Crying at the sad parts,
Laughing at your jokes,
Smiling with you as you progressed.

Your wings have grown back but you aren't using them the way you once did.

And now that we've reached the end of your film labeled "Change", I wonder if I'll be starring in your second movie as well.

Maybe I could have a larger role this time, don't you think?

On a cold night
He drowses a side of road
Heartly praying to God with silence
Next day , with gastric band in stomach
Endless umpteen tears in eyes
Rambles all around
Making melancholy melody
He eats and breaths poverty
And overdose leads to the vomit of death...

Where is the god ?

I am broken
All i feel is that burn i get when i try saying your name, as if i was  gargling  Listerine for two long

I am lost
My sense of distance no longer exist,
It just Feels like I’m in a door room  leaning against walls trying to find a
way out

I love you but what is love if you don’t love me too

There is a power of tears
in an angry world

Love and devotion
distilled in sorrow in pain compassion and joy

For the quenching
moisture unto the thirst
of Our Good Earth.

"Mine eyes do fail for tears..."

Let not they be in vain.



The Quote from
The Holy Bible (KJV)

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