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No one, can stop My Tears
and make them....Disappear.
Coz each time one Falls,
another is set to Appear.
There are Tears I've bottled,
deep down in My Soul.
It's about My Broken Love,
that went down a ****** Hole.
The moments We spent,
come flashing back at Me.
My Life can never be like,
the Waves that roar at Sea.
So I go about fixing things,
by writing a few Broken Rhymes.
Coz no mortal has gone back
and brought back good old Times.
Don't let the tears fall.
I can no longer hold it.
I am demaged.
Indonesia, 7th March 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Preet 1d
My Home....
The shield I had over my emotions was broke,
I turned around, consumed by fear of losing control over the last threads.
He pulled me into his arms and hugged me close.
The intoxicating smell of him lingered in my mind,
I immediately relaxed in those strong arms.
The melodies rhythm of his heart was cherry on the top,
and I felt drifting away.
"Feeling better now, my Lil' fighter," He asked.
His voice was just above a whisper,
but that baritone voice sent a shiver to my spine.
I looked into his eyes,
His hypnotic gaze held my own.
His hands touched my ******* and I instantly felt butterflies swirling around my stomach.
He smiled, bemused by mischievous acts of his own and my reaction.
He came closer and joined his forehead to mine and said
"I always with you, no matter what."
That moment I knew, I found it,
My Home!
they say, they will stay with us
then why when our tears
fall down,
they don't even look back at us?
their lie is all they say
There’s a life outside my window
That’s almost impossible to see,
This life that I am talking about
Is where I’d like to be!
I have missed out on so many things
Because I wasn’t looking,
Now I have to make it sure,
There is no second booking.
These blinkers that have blinded me
Were there of my own accord,
The way I treated my own life,
Was something I could ill afford!
So let’s end this on a happy note
By saying it’s not yet done,
I may have been stupid and ignorant,
But my life has just begun.
I can't believe I wrote this in 2004. How time flies.
Trip-A 3d
At the precipice
The promise of relief taunts me
A storm without a conclusion
The promise of an ******
A denial

No relief
A buildup of sorrow
A full glass that never overflows
Grief taunts me, never letting go
Punishing me

Holding back my tears
like a watchdog standing guard
Denying access to relief
Denying a conclusion to grief

No Tears.
Wed. 3/3/2021
Lucas 6d
There is a beautiful world
Full of life and love and lust
A land in which dreams unfold
I will, I do, I must


There is a world of masks
Full of lies and lows and rant
A land of troubles and tears and tasks
I won’t, I don’t, I can’t


These worlds are one and the same
All it takes is a little peek
To see, beneath the veil, the shame
There is nothing like what we seek
Hello, my name is Manipulative
Or at least that's what people call me
I'm also inappropriate.
Along with aggressive and unkind.
Those are some of my other labels.
I'm a burden and a pressure
I'm not fair to others.

What do I want to be when I grow up?
I want to be Leah.
A young woman.
A human being, released from the chains
of the words of others.
I want to be free.
But will it ever happen?
Payton Feb 25
I begged you to forgive the tears that rolled down my cheeks when I saw you again.
It has been so long and I’d almost forgotten the contour of your face in the moonlight.
If not for short notice, I’d have missed you again.
We always run in different circles, but tonight we seemed to cross paths.
You remembered every detail about me, love. Where to kiss, where to touch.
But every time we spend time apart, I forget where the treasure is buried in you.
Though, now I am beginning to realize it’s not in your body, but your soul.
Let this night be one to remember, not one to regret.
My dear, on the cold, bleak December evening, don’t you dare forget what I said to you when you held me closer than any clothes ever could do.
Don’t make me regret saying I loved you.
This poem was written in 2017.
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