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Strying 1d
let me out
of this cage,
I can't escape
a world of pain,
and the drought
from all the tears I
no longer have the
energy to produce.
Strying 2d
if I smiled, would you like me then?
if my eyes weren't always filled with tears,
just waiting to be let out of their cages,
would you like me then?
when will I be enough for your love,
is it when all of mine runs out?
actually, imma go do some physics notes, but yall sleep well <3
She is like a rogue rain cloud.
Is today tears and rainbows
Or chaos and tornados?
If you want a chance to love her
You will need to weather both.
© LadyRavenhill 2021
Red Robregado Sep 14
I long to see the day when suffering will be no more and freedom would be free, complete, and lasting—
On that day, tears would be a tale of old times;
smile, an everyday thing, and peace, unending.
Something that I wrote for my friends in Myanmar who are suffering
Little walks and little talks
Simple kiss to simple bliss
Unexpected chances for unexpected advances
Hearts embrace then hearts that race
Hidden moments and hidden fears
Secret longings and secret tears
Lady Ravenhill 2021
Descovia Sep 12
I'll forever remember Nine. One. One.

'It was more than just an emergency distress call.

We cannot fight a spiritual war with physical force.

We realized upon many tragedies fallen before us.

It takes nothing more than open minds,
and joyful hearts, infinite with abundance to make a difference

On this very day, some had oh so, little to give.

Some decided to give it all.

You have only
two given choices, while you are alive.

To shine until your light fades

or spread darkness in the name of sin.

The sun will be on the rise to arrive again.

Unfortunately, not for those departed us on this day.

A dark day, marked in history.
Enough tears to fill our oceans,
many spirits became broken
ashes and animosity burned the sky.

Casualities composed from the destruction

Many innocent lives did not deserve to die.

Where our prayers and magic, revive the eloquent memories

of our loved ones everlasting afterlife, in eternal paradise.
Destructions and malice strong to break steel
Weak against the dreams and foundation of the American will.
My heart goes out to every one of you
whom have lost someone and/or a part of themselves on this unholy day.

Kimberly Anduaga & Descovia
Martin Boško Sep 10
Eyes full of tears
Cheeks covered with salt
Head full of fears
and no hand to hold
Martin Boško Sep 10
Echo of sobs in the halls
Instead of eyes two waterfalls
Empty room and empty heart
Lonely actor of multiple parts
Cold embrace of midnight air
Wicked Night does not play fair
Next to the bed a mountain of tissues
Wet and salty from all your issues
Zoe Mae Sep 9
A promise made
A promise kept
A leap of faith
You could regret
But with starry eyes
You blindly step
Into murky waters
You may have wept
GQ James Sep 5
A man can't help but keep it all together,
You can't see my pain,
Because i don't show it,
That doesn't mean i don't have any pain,
I suffer each and everyday,
But i will always smile and laugh thru it all,
I keep my emotions hidden away,
They can't be found but they haven't drowned.

Don't be fooled by strength,
I am human and i feel as well,
I just can't show no sign of weakness,
I will remain strong even through the pain,
Those tears be shedding inside me,
That's why you can't see my tears,
Best to believe i be going thru it daily.

Don't be alarmed if I'm laughing and smiling,
I finesse the pain with laughs and smiles,
Many don't know what I'm suffering with,
I tackle my problems and fears on my own,
It be overwhelming at times,
But that's the only way i know,
They be telling me to talk to someone,
But I'm not into talking about sh*t,
I have my own process.

To understand me,
You have to understand my life,
You have to walk in my shoes,
You have to wear my clothes,
You have to be in my position,
You have to be in my head,heart,spirit and soul.

I'm misunderstood you could never understand,
My life isn't your life,
We have lived totally different lives,
Don't compare my life to your life,
I won't compare my life to yours.
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