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I was hoping the two dudes who jumped me on the train
would pull me onto the platform and stomp out my brains

© Matthew Harlovic
but someone stopped the train.
to them or they
here's a brief overview
find me on a bad day
i'll hurt both of you

© Matthew Harlovic
I only tagged love because I'm full of it ****
I'm hyper and happy with energy to spare
Fast speech, racing mind
I spread love everywhere
A giant smile is all I bare until
a certain darkness
fills the air
You feel rampant with no good rage
Trapped in your sorrows
like a rusted shut cage
You remind yourself you're not crazy
Sometimes you're really happy
or just tired
and lazy
Sometimes you lose feeling in your fingers and toes
Like you're in the basement of a coroner
raw and exposed
Other times, you're on a hamster wheel
sweating and racing
Feeling your skin turn
rubber and chafing
I have no control over my
emotions and mood
And, yes, I know that
that's no excuse
I come off strong with my
opinions and personality
Which many think is wonderful or
an abnormality
I'm seen in different lights
because I never know which one
to stand in
I'm only myself
in my writing
and that's the happiest
I've been
Pen and paper give me the control
my chemical imbalance
never has
I can feel calm and genuine and
less of a spazz
I'm slowly accepting
my past
and reality
Mental illness
is stigmatized
But we need to face
our morality
Carrie Fisher was bipolar
we didn't talk about it in that era
If she was bipolar
I'm just like Princess Leia

~E. R. Sherin
I am analogue.
made of troughs and of peaks.
My medication offers
silence with tweaks.
I'm upping and downing,
either dreaming or drowning.
So I can't stay too long
in case something goes wrong.

First thought of the day
is of impending doom.
Rain clouds have gathered
and it pours in my room.

Later on that day,
I feel I'm okay
and I don't know why but
. . . . . I'll take it.

Poetry by Kaydee.
You hurt me once
You bruised me twice
You squeezed the life
Beneath my wings.
I don't hate you.
I just pity you.
am  here
Still wondering
Lost Girl Dec 3
One life
One promise
One relapse
One mistake
One death
Two cold hands
Two empty eyes
Two lost souls
Too little, too late.
Recovery is possible.
One month clean.
Lost Girl Dec 3
Trapped inside her mind.
There are a million different doors.
All of them are locked.
None of them can fix her catastrophic thoughts.  

Only she knew the extent of her limitations.
But she didn't want to disappoint, so she kept on doing more.
All these tasks pushed her past her breaking point.

Little did she know,
Kindness was the poison rooted deep inside in her mind.

All alone.
There she goes.
Watch her soul float away.
Now she no longer feels any pain.
Amanda Nov 29

A word I have always hated

Am I insane?
Should I be locked inside an asylum?
Perhaps put on medication?

Please do not patronize me by exploiting my insecurities in a condescending manner

I told you where my soft spots were in confidence hoping you would understand
Hoping you would speak with a sliver of sensitivity

I'm regretting that now as you aquire a taste for the way it sounds in your mouth
You save it for those moments where you really want to see me boil over

The reason why I hate being referred to as crazy is because I am somewhat psychotic
I am already scared of my own irrational behavior as it is
I am terrified of my slipping grasp on reality
I know I am crazy

I don't need you to remind me
I'm gonna show you crazy
Lost Girl Nov 28
Euphoria, euphoria, euphoria
This energy is glowing inside of me
My mind won’t stop spinning
Is this insanity?
Lost Girl Nov 26
Starts off fine.
Nothing bad insight.
One spark is all it takes.
Downward spiral into the abyss.
I am quickly deteriorating.
There is no fight left to give.

My mind tricks me into believing that I can be okay.
But I cannot do this anymore.
I am told to take life one day at a time.
But how can that be if each day is harder than the last?
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