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Nobody 6d
You stare me up and down,
send sweet smiles my way;
whisper in my ear,
how you think about me all day.

Grab me from behind,
tug on my hair too;
give me kisses on my neck,
take me home with you.

I need you to touch me,
now undress me nice and slow;
slide my ******* down,
get me ready to go.

Lie me down on your bed,
spread my legs open wide;
slide your fingers in first,
then bury your head between my thighs.
"I read your poem and you struck me as a *****, thirsty gal" - T R S
Vellichor Oct 4
Locked inside this box
My muffled cries resound
Emotion floods in waves
How long until I drown
It fills with liquid mania
It swirls with tides of pain
It brims with stagnant sorrow
I pound the walls in vain
You’re baffled by my struggle
You can’t seem to understand
How I drown in this emotion
When my box is on dry land
If all it took was logic
To save me from this fate
I think instead of screaming
I’d be in a better state
But the box is filling quickly
I wail a broken cry
Then I hold my breath and pray
That the cry won’t be goodbye
And I still see your face
I still hear your carefree voice
You lecture me to fight it
As if drowning is a choice
But you don’t know the pain
Of dying for a breath
And you don’t know the art
Of living cheating death
Save me from this madness
I plead as you come near
But liquid floods my lungs
Silent words are hard to hear
Now I’m breathing with no air
I’m screaming with no sound
It’s just a matter of time
Until I finally drown
lance Sep 27
i felt miserable,
solemn to the fact,
that giving up
was my harsh reality.

i had dealt with pain before,
but nothing like
the anguish i juggled
in my own hands,
every single dying day,
keeping me up at night.

there’s something about,
sitting all alone
listening to the crickets,
while fueling my addiction,
one cigarette after another.
always finding comfort
in all the worst ways.

Back in eighth grade,
I littered my arms with scars,
told myself no more drugs,
But took them that very night.
always anxious for a way out of my own anxiety,
social and situational always got the best of me.

Took the oath of staying sober,
and picking myself up,
from the debt my heart held that night,
i swore it would stop.

but just like me,
it pushed through,
even when the smoke
filled it’s cavities,
and even when my own head,
lied to me,
over and over again.

My parents always said:

“listen to your heart, and not your head”.
Lost Girl Sep 26
“Listen to your heart”
“Follow your dreams”
That’s what people have said to me
But I don’t know what I want
And I don’t know who I am
I feel trapped in my mind
without a clue of what to do

So I pick up the blade and contemplate life
because I’m lost and in despair
My mind has a messed up way of telling me
that one cut will make me feel better
But all I’m left with is the guilt and shame
So I put away the scissors and crawl into bed
There’s work to do and people to meet
But I sink deeper into depression
I won a battle but lost another
College is a challenging environment to say the least. I don't know if I'm up for it.
lance Sep 25
my thighs
littered with war scars,
cuts deeper than
any man has gone.
they glitter a warm hurt,
as if telling
a sad love song.
hidden beneath
strong layers of linen,
I protect them
like a lion and its cub.
To say they weren’t deserving,
would be quite untruthful.
no one deserves pain
but me, i’m unusual.
born from long nights
and the thick fumes of liquor,
euphoria stench breath
made their minds think quicker.
myself, sitting here,
alone from the petty,
supercilious disaster,
we call the human race.
I look down at my scars in hope.
A lesson that taught me,
a great deal about
the wonders of my
own self esteem.
from hopelessness,
to the calm tide,
that lingers in my mind.
I know what is right,
but when my stars start to fall,
It seems to me,
that I don’t deserve
anything at all.
crying sorrow,
from my glossy,
swelled up eyes,
the demon on my shoulder,
paces patiently,
content with the
same laces as
when we had cut ties.
now the blade,
it has no purpose,
those long glistening lines
made personally by the
conflicted thoughts,
that grew like flowers in my mind,
have slowly faded away.
as time goes by,
sitting right where the
bottled up emotion resided,
lays many scars,
each telling a story
unique from all the others.
I live to see another night,
letting my scars, slowly recover.
(this is a poem i wrote a couple years back. i am doing much better than i was back then. please don’t get the wrong idea about this. poetry is how i cope.)
Nikki nashon Sep 22
Hypnos cabin boy
Sleeping intertwined with dreaming.
Hoping of an angel
A recital
Suicide on repeat
Flying complete
Every day I'm fighting a battle within,
I'll try to explain but I don't know where to begin.
Mentally struggling with my mind and thoughts,
My heart races and my stomach stays in knots.
Everyone thinks I should just try more,
But I try every day just to pick myself up off the floor.
They don't understand me, it's hard to explain,
My every day struggle of just trying to feel sane.
Motivation has vanished from my spirit,
My cry for help, no one seems to hear it.
Emotional scars blind to the naked eye,
The only one who can see it is me, myself and I.
How can you explain what you can't see?
When it's all too real, deep inside of me.
I feel trapped inside a hell storm,
Unable to get back to the societies norm.
Explaining the battle within myself is almost ineffectual,
I might as well leave it to your intellectual.
Hoping that you understand to the fullest,
The pain that hits my spirit like raining bullets.
jeristorms Sep 13
Pad and pen,
here are Casey’s thoughts again...

Driving down the highway, Jason is strapped in because Casey’s in denial again. She doesn’t want to lose her little one.

Wake up Casey, you’re dreaming. He’s gone.
You drove under the influence.
What’s wrong with you?  
This is what you get. He’s never coming back.

Driving silent like a mime with its mouth sewn shut.
You’re just like a mime, living in a black and white world.
You’re gray matter Case.
You’re a nut-case.
Where’d you put your straight jacket?

You hit your brakes to assure Jason will be safe.
Convinced that at every intersection there’s a conspiracy against you,
sure to get hit.

But Casey, it’s too late. This is what you get.
He’s never coming back.

Why’d you have to reach for more?

Lock her up.
Strap her in.

Casey's off the deep end... again.
Mentally ill.
Nobody Sep 11
Life feels so hollow,
the world an **** grey.
Your mind is cloudy,
Your heart full of dead weight;
with this gnawing rage inside
you have to fight everyday.
You wonder what you’re here for,
or if there’s a reason to stay.  
Then one day you’re caught off guard,
unable to shield yourself;
or protect your heart.
Blinded by the brightest star,
you chase it deep into the sky.
You never felt such a strong force in your life.
Soon you fall under its spell,
overcome by the magnetic light.
So you follow and don’t look back,
Leaving everything else behind.
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