Gemma 3h
Sick of you respecting the flower but not the
wind,  the rain , the mud
that caused it to grow.
Sick of you longing for talent
Yet spending
your "precious" time sobbing , alone at home .
My patience is waring as thin as my frame  
believe in life before death    &
try , then try again .
Hillary B 20h
a home
is more than just walls

it requires a solid foundation
level ground
away from riverbanks
far from fault lines  
a safe place

once a strong foundation is laid
the walls will grow tall

walls build up quickly
one must tear them down
build doors
allow others in
homes aren't completely self reliant

next is the windows
punch those out
never lose sight of what's outside
if anything
just buy blinds

add additional protection
a roof

in a couple of years
repaint the walls
level the floors
patch the roof

without preservation
this home will crumble
with it
Sometimes these worries paint themselves
in vibrant colors, right behind
my eyelids.
Sometimes they manifest in
the folding-up of old skins, skins that don't quite
fit the mood anymore.
I want to break open those colors and pour
their meanings into the holes chewed open by
late nights and red eyed mornings.
I want to tuck myself into your side like
a barrier against the stones this world
might cast at us, I want to run away with you planted like seeds
under my tongue,
warm and wet enough to grow
a life out of, enough to draw
roots into this soil and to grow
home into these walls.
I don't care if the mice chew holes all the way through, I only care about the way your eyes
dance over the secrets we've built up together in the warm-stickiness of
enmeshed bodies and dreams.
Put my anxieties to sleep, we've had enough
of those to last us a lifetime.
Draw the lifeblood through these walls and tell me
dreams do have a place here and that
all these things we wrap our skin around
can make a home in us
for good.
Amanda 1d
We danced in the home
We made from the remains of
Our two broken hearts
It was a castle
rd 2d
Someday you will return to me
Like the birds returning to their nests
coz I'm your love ..
I'm your home..
Until then
I'll gather twigs of hope
and rebuild what I have broken
Once upon a time,
I taught myself to rhyme.

I would hum as I tried to climb,
and though the branches beneath my feet were hard,
from the ground by them I was barred,
and their marred bark seemed to melt into a part of me.

I taught myself to rhyme
when I lay awake at night,
and wished I could take flight.
04 20 2018

childhood home's tree & learning to rhyme
I am taking myself back from you

I will no longer give you the satisfaction of seeing me down

Blue is my favorite color

But I will not let you make me feel it any longer

I am done playing your game

You have done me wrong for so long that I want to forget your name
Take all the time you need to heal.
Tupelo 2d
To be honest
I miss my home
The absent minded drives
Back to the street I grew up on
The nights on the pier
The smell of a twilight
To be honest I miss the people
The quirks and the oddities
I miss the way they speak
The comfort it all can bring
I miss the way she looked at me
So much has changed now
Maybe I have too
But certain parts of me long
for the way it once was
But what I know can never be
Tsunami 2d
what my ancestors gave me

(the curves of my body
the curls in my hair
the swell of my breasts
the wetness between my legs)

was not meant to be colonized.
stop them from eating me alive
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