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Emily 31m
tokyo, paris, shanghai
i long to see
their skies.
gangnam, london, & rome
i doubt i will ever
miss home.
once i leave,
the in between
& the distance
from you to me
will make it
easier to breathe
because home is anywhere
i can finally be me.
Let my love give you
A pep in your step
Let my love revive you
Share it with anyone
It will always stay inside you

It's a dormant disease
Wake it with ease
When you feel alone
Close your eyes
My love will come and take you home
laura 8h
A quiet safe place,
which you love to call your home,
Is the place to be
You don't mind me calling you that?
I wish I can hold you in my arms
I wish that you can only see
that way that my heart

How you mention
the way you care for someone else
and when you carelessly remind me
of the way
you lack to feel
for me.

I lost you
I can't get you back.

I'm sorry
I know you will be happy back home. I'm nothing but a temporary American to you. I will never forget you
Welcome home,
My soul gently seeps into my body
Filling this hollow existence
Like helium to a ballon,
I’m                    letting
       sorry  for            
For if I could know
I would of kept you away from the heat
As you would snow.

Now you’re back I’ll let you flow
For now you’re the reason I never gave up hope.
God is great, welcome home
You magnificent, amazing, beautiful soul.
I’ve haven’t felt peace or alive like this in awhile. Allah is Magnificent.
Center of the corridor
Sits a seat
One for those with immeasurable feats
It sits above the third floor

It is old and rusty
Wrinkled and dusty
He who rules from his Iron throne
Shall forever hear the ominous drone
Accompanied by sleepless nights
And dastardly fights

A king must be strong
Mentally ready to bear
Burdens of the chair
Must be able to right the wrong

He must Love, be feared
If these requirements have been cleared
He may sit in this throne
And call this place his home
Laura G Dec 2018
Not all houses are homes
I am a house that is not a home
I am a place of transition
A place you are constantly passing
I am not a destination
I am a place people pass to get to somewhere else
I'm a pit stop
I'm not meant to be filled
I'm meant to fill others
But she can't admit it to herself
She doesn't want me to be just another sad story
But she can't come to terms with real life not having fairy tail endings
But I know who I am
I am the end to a story that is continuous for others
I am the fraction of someone else's story
I am a pit stop
I am a resting place who is never at rest
Brando 1d
I was forced to leave the place I called my sanctuary
The place in which you constantly reminded me I should feel safe
Filled with positive memories
Happiness and no judgment
But we have two different definitions of safe
To you, because you are my mentor, you have this overruling authority
You will punish both the right and the wrong
There is no use in biting the hand that feeds you
So, unconsciously, your wish is my command
You didn’t even realize I was gone
Until I was
I ran away from you as fast as I could
Expecting an unruly army of beasts to follow behind
I waited
Stopped at the red light
No one came after me
There was no army
Not even a gust of wind
Shame was the only one to follow me into the dark
Freedom, no more orders or demands
The unreality of this moment sank in
All I wanted was to be back in the safety of my own arms
However, I no longer had a safe place to rest
A flightless bird trapped in a nest of lies
Unable to escape
I ran into the night, no direction of where I was headed
Alone, but free
my parents kicked me out of my house once and things have never been the same. now as a college student returning home I feel like a guest in my own house.
Marla Holbrook Oct 2018
Why can't I just wake up there?
Why must I wake up here?
Too young to stay,
Too broke to leave,
Feels like all I can do is bleed
My bitter disdain for this place.
It's here that I slept in my car
Hours after becoming homeless.
Here that I was dejected
By soughtless dreams.
Here that I suffered a miser's
Having lost my family.

Then again,
I found love here.
In a place so vile
She somehow made me smile.

Maybe things aren't so bad,
Maybe I'm just spoiled.
Regardless of what I want
Yours truly most toil.
That way one day
I can embroil myself up north
And stop soiling my clothes
In this lemonade sunbelt
Of a South.
Sam 2d
The trains running past,
the buses too slow to catch,
ever-shining street lights
and people's eyes no longer bright --
let's throw it all away,
if it'll all be taken from us anyway.

Let's call it home -
my breath, steady over your shoulder,
you shirt, damp from my tears,
a million hugs and compliments,
the ringing of laughter.

It's all going to fade away:
A house to an apartment to a dorm room,
desperately, hesitantly, found safe havens.
But this --

Let's call it people. Let's call it connection.
How about we keep it?
Hold it tight, keep it close - hold on, and don't let go.

Someday, when Google finally blackmails us,
there's going to be a dozen chats,
on half a dozen forms of social media.

And someday, when this is all history,
and the internet's long since collapsed -
they're going to trace postcard after postcard,
letter after letter.

When I go bankrupt, I'll blame post-stamps.
I'll blame living a few too many countries,
a few too many oceans, few too many continents far away,
to see you all in person.
I'll blame needing to write Love you, miss you,
because this is the girl who thought everyone was going to leave,
and now she doesn't want to give you any excuse to forget her, see.
And I'll still smile at every text message,
Still grin unabashedly at every piece of mail I get back.
Still be so, so freakin' happy, when I get to see you in person.

So let's call it friends, let's call it family.
Let's call this home.
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