Mm these floors I'll never walk again
These walls that hold a love that never ended
The light in eyes of love and life the same
The energy I'll never know again


The faded halls the twists and turns my friend
Hold so tight the love for each dead end
The memory of feet against cold slate
These are the floors I'll never walk again

Me rae doe

Where does the heart go
Why do my hands still know
The places I always saw
I know I've been here before
Things always look the same
When they give you the most pain
But it's just in your eyes
That I don't recognise

Take me home
To years ago
Love is the same
It's you I don't know
So take me home
Show me the way
Take me home
To yesterday

Lyrics to a song I wrote last year. Perhaps try and imagine a melody...
ambient 15h

when I do fly the nest
(if I'm able)...

I'll work at my teeth
with a dental floss stick, then
my nails
with the sharp end
because scissors,
like bras
like socks
like panties
and other things of importance,
tend to go missing.

and I won't answer the door unless I expect you
because all other
answered unexpected knocks
have always brought
the gasman insists on reading the meter
the environmental officer rebukes the crap in the yard
the god-botherers want to talk about God
the salesmen want to sell you their junk.

and I wont answer your calls
or reply to your messages
unless they too are

you have to take the
same measures to maintain
solitude & order
in the new joint

whenever I get it.

9-23-17, 19:38

Comin’ home
with nothing to lose
‘cause everything I have
is found in you.

And though my story
will take years to explain,
you’ll know everything
before I even begin to whisper.

In those nights
stumblin’ around,
surrounded by pitch darkness
you will find me.


Feel the purr of the engine
as you near my happy place.
Your engine roars,
and your eyes alight
when you see my face.

Bury our sad past
in the gravel that
crunches under
your wheels.

Drive your love home.
You are home.

The world is a crazy place.
It's so good to finally
see your face.

How I've missed you.
Caress me in cocooned arms,
the most loving embrace.

No more angry shouts.
No more negative pouts.
No more bad news.
No more madness.
No more blues.

How time makes
                  a person go

You're home with me.
Now, I know sanity.

Resurrected from the ashes
of our ancient past,
we rise as phoenixes
and fly on feathered wings
to the home of ever-last.

The world may be crazy,
          but I'd be crazy
                   without you.

9-22-17 (C)

This was written today during my creative writing club's free write to Metallica's Welcome Home Sanitarium (6 minutes).  I was going to polish it to make it shine, but I think I'll just let the rawness ripen it. Thanks for reading! K: )

a touch to a seashell spotted in my favorite thrift store. I connect to the energies casting its way through the wai of of Mar Pacificico (in Spanish and Portuguese this means “peaceful sea”. This energy supplies my spirit with a warm sensation of, home. Home, a cast of glorious light peaking its way though the lively green filled forest and mountains. I breath the crisp refreshing air of the brisk mornings the sky, carnelian.


My belly emerges above the ripple in the water
While the rainbow hue of small delicate bubbles pop the moment they make contact with my skin
Exposed the goose bumps grow around my areolas
I think of the small toes
Bumping, tickling the inside of me
While a heart beat
Moves rhythmically with me
How the butterflies sing me to sleep when
Her eyes glow
A burdening row of uncontrollable
I watch as his fingers trace the porcelain
The water cascades in
Roaring, boiling
My lips purse together
While the steam
Emerges from the ends of the mug
Water dripping down my shoulders
Pooling at the ends of my hair
Breathing deeply

Dreams recently

I crept through
The way summer
Lapsed like a
Quick reaction
My sinuses rejecting
Foreign objects

You stayed planted
In the pacing emptiness of
Our home
I could have
Come back to the same scene
At anytime

While I slowly walked through
The way that the hills
Sloped through
Curving around
Cascade fault lines

I forgot how to
Find the simple ideology
Of breathing
When living in fear
Of existing on the same
Latitude as we used to

I am no longer home
I am capsized
Cannot grasp
The same

I just let the dark
Winding roads
Where our song plays
Droning out the white noise
Over and over again
Until my nerves stabilize

Who said loving me
Wasn't going to become a balancing act
When you met me
I couldn't even sit down
I couldn't think of anything
“Today, try not to drown”

I'm not feeling myself and this weather is making my knees crawl.
Brianna 2d

I can't blame you for losing yourself and hiding in the closet with those skeletons you keep.
It's summer out here in Texas and the weather is frying my spirit and the confidence I had is pouring down my face with shame.
I can't blame you for spilling your guts to me when you needed it most; I'm sorry I couldn't do the same.

It's snowing back home in September and I am over here hiding my face from the world wishing I could wear a mask permanently sometimes.
I can't blame you for running away- I ran the same direction but stopped a little too soon I think...
Hard times will make you wonder how you survived when you're on the edge of the cliff and can see rock bottom just below.

I can't blame you for hating me, but you can't blame me for wishing you didn't.
I can't blame you for having nothing to say because  you were the water to my garden but I'm drowning.
I cannot bloom, my petals are falling off day by day and this Texas heat has me lethargic and depressed.

Soon I'll be heading home, back to the desert where my soul remains.
I know the the things you'll say.
I can hear them in the back of my head, but the times have changed.
I can't blame you for running away... but I am running back home now.

Danela 3d

I am not your houseboat.
You have tied me down
and yet I still float and drift
I rise and fall with the tide and the waves
just as the moon intended

i am not your home,
you have not made me permanent
you have painted me a more vibrant color
but when the light is gone i turn back into

I am a rental apartment
a temporary "home"
i am just the in between of finding better and "this'll do"
you fill me with things you love and enjoy
and then you leave on vacation
and you stay at another

and when you come back and everything is the same,
worn in and used slightly but still there like you intended
leaving me hoping
for some odd reason
that when the door opens it will still be you

yet until the lights are switched on and the buzzes with the static
will the dust lift and the dull fade

but until then i am simply
a houseboat
a rental
a temporary fix

maybe one day i will become permanent

Ammar 3d

the windows broken
the attic burnt
doors eaten away by termites
dust and filth
tiles cracked
roof falling apart and
walls breaking away

home was never a place
except for in your arms
home was never a house

home was wherever you lived
it was holding hands
under the deep blue sky
it was your tears
sliding down my shoulders

but baby,

that's how home looks like
in a few years
maybe months
completely fucked
worn and torn
waiting still for you
but broken and destroyed

tell me baby then,

will you re-paint the attic
replace the doors
wash away the dust
repair the walls

or will you abandon it (again)

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