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People say, sometimes things can't get back to how it used to be
I agree
They say, you wasting your time
I agree
They shout, he's not worth for you
I agree
They insist, go find someone new
I somewhat agree

But home will stay
And home will remain
The man might be leaving
But he always finds his way home
And that home is me.
I know he'll come back.
If it is not early, fine.
I've made by the patience, faith, and love
For the last couple of years.
As long as you know where to come home,
I'll always stay.
I'll be your home.
always keep this by myself. not telling anyone because no one would understand how it feels.
juliet 8h
i am an artist
silversmith of masterpieces
worn out scratches
of pencil lead and inked out memories
the fire on the candle
burns, lighting up my head
and guiding me to a crisp,
blank page
my heavy breath, my heavy heart
blows it out in dark puffs of steam
the smoke is singing!
i’ve lost the light and brought my soul back home
ve 8h
she’s still living in a void dimension
forsaken and letter-less.
days have gone by with blink of her eyes,
just like the ink someone marked on her heart

morning bruised her loneliness,
the bloodthirsty night stole the laugh she dreamed of having

she is still hollow,
a house without home,
boats without captain

she is still hollow,
living in a void strange world by herself

she is longing for her vibrant being,
her darkness has taken its quit.
Pathways through one's
life walkways to where
we walk upon
Life can be changed so
easily determined by
which pathway we
Having lived away from
home 4 years I was gone
But my pathway finally led
me home to a girl I loved
and married her name
was that of Helen
My path in life finally led me
home to girl I loved and married
by the of Helen
Oh No One 15h
Here I am again taking a walk through my thoughts,
And somehow always end up going down a path that leads to you.
I guess it’s because you’re a part of me, the same as my skin and bones.
I love you in ways I only have heard of in books, and only thought was possible in fairytales.
You call to me like home calls to a sailor long at sea.
I can’t wait to be home.
Home is with you on a cold winter day.
I’m almost there.
My muse
The waves crash against my body,
As the tide pulled me further out.

I screamed, salty water filled my lungs,
No one…. heard me.

I am alone. Dying.
The laughter of the waves in my ears.

The gods looked down upon me,
They see me in pain, they do not care.

With a final crash,
I slipped under.

I am drowning.
Darkness surronds me.

Sinking deeper and deeper,
Vison growing blurry.

My last breath escaped my lips,
Knives impaled my stomache.

Closing my eyes,
I saw a light.

Heavenly voices caressed my ears.
I couldn’t see who it was.

You are safe,” they whispered,
I’ve got you.”

The voices lifted me.
Up, up, up, up.

I was past the clouds.
Leaving the world behind.

I was going home.
Somewhere I belong.

See you when it’s your time.
I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think. And if you loved this then check out my other poems!
Michael 1d
Young child at home you are free,
Home is where you belong,
At home there is serenity.

The world has it's jaws wide open
Waiting to devour your soul.
The world is not where your freedom lies,
The word freedom in the world is a lie.
The world is a jungle
Where the need to survive restricts your movement
The need to survive is what kills you Young Child.

The world tells you:
**** to survive
But what she didn't explain is that
You survive to be killed.

Young child at home you are free
Home is where you belong
At home there is serenity.
The world is full of deception and if you are not careful you will be eaten up and spat out. That's why home is where your freedom is.
my body is my home
I have let many people come and go for the hope that they would find it comfortable enough to stay
the truth is each time I thought they would
but I'm beginning to think I am better off being admired from afar
spend a little time in me
you'll find the girl I wish I wasn't behind closed doors
my windows are all broken
and there's dirt on all my floors
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