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You might think home is just a house
made of walls and beams.
But for me, home is a place
where you can be yourself.
It is the place of confidence.

Home is the place where you can put
your mask off and show everyone
who you really are.
You are not scared to get judge by
the people around you because
you exactly know that they love
and accept you the way you are.

Home is in our hearts.

So, home is not just place with four walls and a roof on top. Home is a place where i feel safe. Its the place where i feel loved and accepted by my family, friends or lover.
it's nothing like they painted in the books,
this thing we call home
where hearts and souls roam;
only throats constantly hanging on hooks

hand in hand at dinner tables, praying;
but what they forgot
was pleading with God
for some patience at 6 in the morning

no laughing under the bright christmas trees,
warm conversations,
pointing stars til dawn;
only tighter grips for a hug and kiss

is it me or them or the books that's wrong?
is home even real,
or a far fetched dream?
because this place feels very far from home
tahanang walang tahan
Travelling I
Returned home
My bed and bed room
Are the best
This realisation
Once again dawned
The world
At large is wonderful
What it lacks
Homely comforts
Travelling I was
Oft airborne
Sometimes blue
Sky above
Cartographer's cartography down
Streams, rivers
Man-made channels
Lush green fields
Marked boundaries
Mountains 🏔️, forests
Snow clad peaks
Townships, habitations
Road networks, railway lines
As if looking down
A big detailed map
More so often
Taking off or landing down
Things weren't
Always the same
I oft gained height
Clouds down
Appeared as if
Fluffy cotton
In grey and white
There were moments
When I felt
Suspended in space
No motion was apparent
Sometimes the plane
Tilted up or down
To gain height or lower down
Reminding me
How vertical and horizontal
Frame of reference
Is fixed in our minds
We neither see
The vertical nor horizontal
Still we see the plane
Tilted up or
Tilted down
In the plane, airports and hotels
Most people were
Very nice
But the security
Was very tight
Brusque security men
Removed my trimming
Pair of scissors ✂️
Used for trimming
My sparsely haired
I felt like trimming
Their hair to baldness
But they were justified
Security was tight
Terror and terrorists
Have played havoc
With human life
At a hotel
A lift refused to
Budge as I pressed
Floor button 🔘
I gasped what was
This nonsense
Hotel staff told me
To insert Room key card
Before I press floor button 🔘
In brief
This is the story
Of my latest travel
Home is the
Best place
Where there isn't
Much struggle
Your bed and bed room
Make you
Most comfortable!
It wasn't a leisure travel. Hence no mention of site seeing etc. It's just for future memory of this travel and my thought process.
Red Robregado Sep 14
I long to see the day when suffering will be no more and freedom would be free, complete, and lasting—
On that day, tears would be a tale of old times;
smile, an everyday thing, and peace, unending.
Something that I wrote for my friends in Myanmar who are suffering
A M Ryder Sep 12
It's really humiliating
To be shaking a cup
24 hours a day
And people just look
At you like you're
Some sort of ***

I go to fill out applications
They look at me and
I'm not looking presentable
And then they
"Well, we'll call you
Leave a number"
But how can I leave a number
When I don't have a phone

It's just a struggle

I've had people
walk past me and
Say "get a job you ***"
And I said "wait a minute"
"I'm not a ***,
I'm a human"

And, it's hard

After the end of the day
When people go home
I just feel so bad
That I can't be
Going home too
The rain clocked out and the wind
Ceased howling, easing the back
Breaking odyssey laid before The
Optimist slowly nearing and ever
Vigilant upon the long road home.
I'm not your prodigal son;
I'm your abandoned daughter.
Don't wait around for me to return.
I won't.

I gave and gave because I was a child
Hoping for love I received conditionally.
When I stopped giving, you left.
That says more about you than me.

You worship a God in your image.
One who asks for all.
You say he loves unconditionally,
But that's what you said about you.

You worship an abuser,
And in his name you abuse.
You pray for repentance
But are unwilling to change yourself.

I know you miss me.
You want me back so I can give,
And a part of you really does care.
Your actions matter more.

You could love me again
If you wanted.
I haven't hidden myself from you.
I'm still here.

You can't expect me to come
Crawling back to you.
The fattened calf you'd offer only
If I approached on your terms.

That's not the forgiving father.
That's a parent still grasping
For control of their child.
I don't need your food.

If you wanted to learn,
Maybe even consider
You could be wrong,
I might call you again.

You won't even use my name.
Like the neighbors of your savior,
You say, isn't this our son?
I'm unwelcome in your home.

So I've finally done it.
I did what I knew I had to.
I shook the dust from my sandals,
And I left.
selina Sep 6
my friend called the other night
all tangled up in a thorny mess
but i found no words that helped

or reassured him as he drove down 95
the voice automated system, his sole companion
the gps signals, amplified his shaky breaths

the scene was so ******
they barely identified his body
is this guilt that sits on my chest?

lapping at my heart like a dog
who sits in silence, waits in silence
for a friend that will never come home
Snipes Sep 2
**** what would I know
Of a never ending battle
I’m shackled up at home
Only warn torn Warhol’s
Is the money I struggle for
I see for nothing harmful
Headaches pound migraines
The war my mind gains
While you say something brilliant
Eyes make it real for the deceiving Braille
At eye rate the peddles fall from the wings
As he casts into the ocean which he fears
The light mirrors peace at the surface
Either he’s floating or breathing
The world sees it all as the same thing
Mitch Prax Aug 31
You long for a
flower you haven't smelt
but reminds you
of home.
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