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And you filled my life
with plants,
Unrealistic songs,
and happy riddles
then I realised
I was in the middle
of knowing
Caught myself smiling at your glance
Home is there for you
Home opens with arms outstretched
Home never leaves you
This is my first haiku ever written, please let me know if there is any other way I can improve it. Thanks!
Preet 1d
My Home....
The shield I had over my emotions was broke,
I turned around, consumed by fear of losing control over the last threads.
He pulled me into his arms and hugged me close.
The intoxicating smell of him lingered in my mind,
I immediately relaxed in those strong arms.
The melodies rhythm of his heart was cherry on the top,
and I felt drifting away.
"Feeling better now, my Lil' fighter," He asked.
His voice was just above a whisper,
but that baritone voice sent a shiver to my spine.
I looked into his eyes,
His hypnotic gaze held my own.
His hands touched my ******* and I instantly felt butterflies swirling around my stomach.
He smiled, bemused by mischievous acts of his own and my reaction.
He came closer and joined his forehead to mine and said
"I always with you, no matter what."
That moment I knew, I found it,
My Home!
Time and tears are healers
a million light years away.
Hidden truths are revealers
forever and a day.

Tears fallen, fix all that's broken
give as long as it takes.
Believe in words softly spoken
Make earth heaven for goodness sakes.

Stars are heavenly angels
That twinkle sprightly at night.
Guiding ships at all angles
rocky lined shores safely in sight.

Suns as big as imaginations
light up so much more than we see.
A trillion hopeful illuminations
that should fill up our hearts with glee.

Moons as pale as misty mornings
so round, some big and some small.
Tales of snow driven dawnings
birds in the distance will call.

Hope in the universe that we live in
it's time to call it our home.
Cope, its not time to give in
whether, London, Paris or Rome.

Our children teach us with voices
we must sit up listen and hear.
Time to give them their choices
was long past, in yesteryear.

Fear of what we are losing
Is driving many insane.
We're cruising for a bruising
if from this madness we don't refrain.

Love is traded for business
trees cut down in their droves
truly, really, what is this?
Where are the ark and the doves?

Please we need to play fairly
my daughters voice I miss so much.
There isn't a day that has barely
kept us too out of touch.

Our song as a collective is dying
It's last breath can barely be heard.
Please God help me I'm trying
A signal, a light or a word.

Courage must come from somewhere
I beg of you please bring it forth.
I'm losing my will, my life, its thrill
from east, west, south or north.

The last verse here in this message
is full of wonder and awe.
That humans will find the passage
to make earth heaven once more.
Written again for the love and courage I wish for my child and all the children of this earth. Its our home yet we disregard it as a dumping ground, people running or cycling down canal bridle paths throwing plastic water bottles away in hedgerows or worse still the canals. Beer can plastic holders trapped around a birds neck with its feet caught when it tried to free itself. Why? There are bins, bags or pockets you can hold them until you get home. Why? Our kids are not just calling for change they're screaming at the top of their lungs, still unheard. Still companies churn out millions of plastic products that ****, damage eco systems, and dull our futures and the future of all life. Please start to listen to those who are calling so urgently for corrective change. Its never too late and too late is better than never
to wake up is a chance
at what you want out of this
don't treat it with haste,
don't let it go to waste.

to breathe is to be present,
here, in the trenches of today.
don't let outside voices stay,
don't listen to what they say.
live for today,
live it out your own way.
By living alone i am escaping a haunted house. to leave is to be spat out undigested, a bone picked clean of meat but spared the marrow. it was always me who refused to be easily swallowed. it was always you who hated that.
We both know this haunting didn’t seep out from the walls, it was set in every room. (you made sure of that.) in such a space, articles of comfort are more unpleasant than bare walls - far worse than nothingness, they are marks of you. it is true you have built a home. but it is not my home.
Your haunting is pristine, white walls and tasteful furniture. beautiful but unwilling to be dwelt in. in polished mirrors, everyone is dirt. at least a gutted, rotting place could have been somewhere someone like me was loved, some long time ago. even claimed by mould and time such a house is less of a haunting than any space shared with you. at least i can imagine those crumbling walls as having once been the pillars of a life. at least among them i am clean.
if you are a leech, i am water, part of blood but never enough, you consume more than i alone can give you. you consume more than i would part with, even if i could.
if a home with you is a haunting, a house alone is a half dug grave.
but at least theres work left to do.
at least i wont be rotting alongside you.
A poem about refusing to be consumed by something that claims to love you.
M Vogel 5d

If it ever becomes too much,
come and find me--

I'll be over here:
in the grass-covered prairielands--   waiting..  

like the catcher in the rye.

Never fully lost,
it only nearly always
feels that way..
but always,  within you
is your flesh-wrapped needle

forever pointing that
war-torn  heart of yours
towards  True  North
She spread her arms and embraced me
that familiar scent made me smile
I noticed the wrinkles on her arms
and my heart ached

she spent half of her life
preparing what's best for me and still..
she is here
comforting me at my worst

My eyes welled up as i held back my tears
thinking of all the things i couldn't do for her
My heart pounding in a rhythm
thinking of all the best things for her

As she got up to bring me my favorite snack
tears finally escaped my eyes
wiping them away quickly
i promised to myself

I'll never leave you maa
That one perfect woman in our life
The soul will wake you

the mind implore you,

the heart will guide you,

as Sunset reminds you

that the road will take you

but only home will embrace you...


Essence will stir you

thoughts will dare you

nature will prompt you

to the journey that inspires you

but only love will ****** you...


 Birth will awaken you

Family will shelter you

as friends motivate you

growth will tempt you

to ventures that will have you

yet ultimately death will take you...
He loaded the trunk first. Packages neatly wrapped – parcel post-ready boxes in dull brown paper with tidy strings tied squarely around – were gently placed next to the spare tire and a small toolbox.

A frayed Raggedy Ann doll was placed in the back seat, her worn yarn face facing forward. The painted head of an old rocking horse was laid beside her where at one time two young girls swung their legs impatiently, unconcerned about scuffing the seat in front of them.

When he settled in behind the wheel, he reached across the front seat, opened the door, and took hold of the woman’s cane, which he placed in the usual spot between them. When she settled in, he started the engine, but he then emerged from the sedan.

He walked to the garage window and pressed his face against the glass for a better look in the amber autumn light, his gray beard crinkling against the cold surface as he scanned the empty space. He jiggled the lock twice, just to be sure.
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