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Jacob 14h
I'm sick of these endless nights face down in pools of sweat
And waking up only to have my head full of regret
I had to check my phone to made sure I hit "send"
And to no surprise, there's no reply again

It happened again, I placed my bets
You know I was all in
A promise of escape from the way things had always been
So why am I lower than where I have began?

What am I hoping for, if it's not you?
I've spent all of my time and money
Trying to find something to distract me

I'm over starving myself just to feel some type of control
And doing trifle things just to fit the mold
So why stop now when I still have some control?
I just want something to make me whole
Don't leave me standing out here in the cold

The pain always comes back in the morning
Again, I'm living just trying to ignore it
Color 2d
i had forgotten
all that
before you came back

i had forgotten
the way the dust clung to the wood
the way the grass was always dry
the way the metal burned
the way the air smelled,
     like chamomile and sun,
     like dangerous safety
     like the freedom of childhood

i had forgotten
the way the sun beat down
the way the trees swayed
the way the wind blew the dandelion seeds
            and around
                   and around

i had forgotten
the way she held me
like i was precious
something to look after

i had forgotten
my childhood
my home
my people.

and you brought that back to me
and i thank you.
Amelia 3d
Fallen stars are not a disgrace
you've come this far, never displaced.

Hold on to me
that's all I ask
you've seen my hurt and
I've felt your agony

You're a soul that slumbers alone
let me strum your veins
(like the Gretsch White Penguin guitar)
hear your words, sing your song

Hold on to me
that's all I ask
I've seen your hurt
and you've felt my agony

we can be each other's sanctuary,
a place of sheltered peace and less worry

We held on to each other
through all the storms
you've tasted my tenderness
I've drowned in your comfort

Your heart catches fire
in the dead of winter
as your lungs fill up with whispered
hopes and splintered dreams
beckoning for you to come home

Come home to me
(Come home.)
When your soul knows...
When you’re gone for good
What am I to do
It’s only been a couple of days
Here I am missing the hell out of you
When you’re gone for good
What am I to do

Patience wash over me
It won’t be forever
Or at least that’s what I’m convincing
myself in to seeing
I don’t control the way you move
The decisions you make
Or the way things go
Patience wash over me
I hope this isn’t forever
the place i spend most of my nights in - that's not where my home is.
my home is in the beat of your heart, pounding softly against my ear. my home is in your arms.
and i know. i know people aren't supposed to be homes.
but i can't help it.
X 4d
The base of the beat is not loud enough
So turn it louder
Let the car become one with the song as we vibrate the streets with our happiness
And if there’s static, let them have it
Cause we got tons of boogie under this hoodie
That’s why we’re immune to the tragic
And if they ask where you’re from
You say I’m from a place of magic
But you know how easy it is to get lost in such a magical place
Just ask the people that never got away
Leaving you to think, will I ever get away?
Connor 4d
A house is not a home until it becomes comfortable
A home is something you build
A home is something that when people it they breathe it in and say that is absolutely....
that it's everything that encompasses you
everything that could ever mean
and that's what I want to be for
I want everyone to look at us and say wow you are perfect for each other
all the little nooks and crannies are filled with all the right things
love and dreams
any cracks in the walls accentuated perfectly
Flaws becoming perfection
everything I see in my home is perfection
because I see in you everything
I want to be comfortable with
I am most comfortable with
I want you to be my home
The home that my heart yearns to go to every night
the home that I miss every second that I am away
The home that I can always call my own and never be afraid to be true to myself and to you
I promise I promise I promise
I will hold me when I'm tired.
I promise I will explore myself when I'm not
I promise I will nurture what I find
I promise to be loving and very kind
I promise I love you I promise
Its perfect. I love you
Its perfect . This way. I'm free <3

je m’ai promis que tout ira bien
Come and spoil me with your poetry
Undress me with words so enticing
Make love to me like I'm the only girl that exists in this world full of insecurities

We found ourselves smiling
In our tiptoed jokes
and in our drunk compliments

You spilled my wine but I don't care
we went down unto a boiling war
now we sat by the beach,
sunset glaring
and your eyes staring
I can finally say,
in your arms I'm home.
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