Tsunami 41m

The train tracks raced.
Connected you to I,
Wound through some sort of subspace,
Fell asleep to their lullabies.

Under bridges.
Over hills.
Drink your courage.
Swallow your pills.

The train tracks ran,


abandonment is a hard pill to swallow when home never existed
Mae 3h

Memories flash past me
as I drive the painfully familiar ride home

Memories of feelings
excitement, fear, and being alone

Each trip so different from the last
progressively becoming more sickening

Time only heals
because time changes everything

There aren't enough words in the world
Nor enough time
To tell you all my regrets as I tell you goodbye
There aren't enough emotions in the world
Nor enough tears
To tell you all my heart feels as I smile and walk away
Because how can you leave someone
Who was the only place that felt like home?
Yet that's exactly what I did
Because houses always stand longer
When there's no poison to ruin it

There's no place like home... until you realize you're doing nothing but repainting over scars that'll never go away and chasing after dreams that were nothing but mistakes. You were my only home but you were also my greatest mistake... I only left to make sure you got the happiness you deserved

(This was written about 6 years ago and yet the original, longer version of this work brought me to actual tears. Enjoy this snippet and happy writing! ~BM)
Blake 1d

On a day like today, flurries and all, it should be giving off warm feelings.
Instead, my home is full of loud, crisp noises,
shouts and screams,
shivers and cries.
The soft greens we should have, are replaced by blistering cold attitudes.

IPM 1d

Some days I like to go outside
just to spit on my way
back home
it tends to give me a special
that only I can get high from.

Silent laughter, growing smiles
always form when I'm alone
it's better if you hear from
someone else,
than not to hear 'bout me
at all.

Mongi 1d

First Time Around

First day I got around
I took a look around
Sight was marvelled
But also terrified
By this site

My feet wandered
I didn't find my place
Poets so established
Poets published
I was frightened
I didn't have the gut
I knew I was no poet

All I had were a few pieces
Of expressions
I took chances
I was humbled
By the love
By the support

From there I knew
Here was home
I just needed to be me
Transform all the pressure into respect
While I transformed the thoughts into words

For now I know this
I don't have to fuss over rhyme
The words don't need the rhythm
I don't have to lie across the bonnet
To come up with fiction in a sonnet
Is it just me or I'm not alone
To often misread He'Po
As Hippo?

Mongi C. Nkabindze

He'po confessions!  Hahaha, thank you for the support, and making us feel at home. Everybody

One am
They take off
I’m turning away
The heavy withdrawal
Feeling down in the dumps
Like unfulfilled waste
The night eclipsed me
So, I wait in this dingy place
Tears scratch
Facile but still withholding
Heavy hearted & completely deserted
Blue downcast
A somber cold night
Weeping & strolling home slow
Teardrops gush & drench the alleyway
Deaf & hot-headed
Unalarmed of the time & place
So delicate & vulnerable
Unsafe & unstable
Fanatically out in the open
I’m so dim & run-down
So, buried yet exposed

Ash 2d

It was two months.
Two months of hell and heaven colliding.
It was a soup full of drama
and laughing
and screaming
and smiling
and breakdowns
and laughing until we cried.
We all drank this soup with delight
let ourselves become invested in just this.
Life didn’t matter,
we lived in a bubble.
We let go of everything to gain a new
We looked at the stars to remind ourselves of home,
to remind ourselves that we were not alone.
We were together,
we lived together
we did everything together.
We were we.
We ran in head first not ever wanting to stop.
We wanted to run away from our problems,
away from the real world
We were so caught up,
In everything around us
In not having to deal with life.
Caught up in happiness
We had been to the stars and back by the end
By the last sip
The last bite
We had been the stars in the world's sky

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