Is it a Dream!
Is it a fantasy!
Is it a wish that can’t be fetched!
All my life, i’ve been watching life in silence!
                 And i asked….
Do I exist!
Is there a need to let my voice heard!
I saved lives!
I helped lost souls!
I broken hearts!
I touched the unreached Hope and whispered him
to shine in their eyes…
I am who I am!
If you see me silly… know that I am Human!
If you see me stupid…Know that I am Human!
If you see me sensitive…Know that I am Human!
I have my Dark side and that didn’t affect my love for you!
I have my Bright Side, and that didn’t hide you behind the light!
You always there, in front of me…shining in your darkness and brightness…
Do you have the same for me!
Talk to me, let me listen to you… Let me feel you!
I’m not better than you… I am like you…I am you.. You are me..
In a Journey we are together…
In a long-life walk we are together…
My Hand longing to hold your hand!
My Heart longing to feel your beats!

Are we falling apart …… Or

Are we reborn again!

What is your say!

Nikko 12h

It's 2 AM and everyone I know is asleep.
And, although there's no sound coming from the apartment,
it's not silent.
Because I'm still awake
and my mind is still racing,
the factory inside producing treats of despair.
They look so tasty,
despite the horror that I know lies in the middle.
But, they're calling to me.
Begging for me to bite into them,
maybe if I do I'll discover something.
Discover me.

It's 2 AM and everyone I know is asleep.


Words hurts, actions speaks
but It was the Silence...
Scars were not visible
but It was the breach.....
You hold me tight
But We cleaved into individual...

JAC 13h

We stood in silence
Staring at the water
That sparkled, black
Far enough away that I knew
It matched that sparkle you held in your eyes
The one you held from other people
The one that needed hours and hours
Of seemingly pointless conversations
Of my tired serenades
Of laughing arguments and long messages
Of silences that bettered us
We were so high up, see
The wind didn't even reach us
On the balcony of the building
You know you can't afford to live in
We stood in silence
Admiring the feeling
Of being overcome by wonder
Overcome by patience
And overcome by comfort
Over black, sparkling water.

Yeah, it's about you.
Erin 15h

Quiet, ears ringing and all I can hear is my thoughts on replay
I thrash, and scream but no one can hear me
My thoughts drown out my screams,
Am I even screaming?
A cry for help tumbles from my thoughts to my mouth and the thoughts stop.
Is it over?

Another random poem idea. Will expand on it when ideas come!

we all have words
our hearts they speak
they whisper and scream
quiet themselves at times

my heart needs complexity
it needs simplicity
singing and whistling

this heart gasps for air
tasting profoundness

my heart desires

We're all living in a world where being happy is the main challenge; where everyone's crappy and the only peace is silence.

Is silence really silent when the thoughts in your head never stop...

Ami Shae 2d

I awoke with a start
to the silence of no beating heart
lying there underneath my ear!
I wanted to choke down my fear
yet a scream was about to unleash from me
when suddenly your beating heart broke free
and made me realize it had never really stopped--
my ears were all plugged up and when they popped
the sound came through at last so loud and clear--
"lub dub lub dub lub dub"... precious to be able to hear!

True story! I was asleep with my head on my love's chest and awoke to no sound of her beating heart and it freaked me out...then it hit me...I wasn't hearing much of anything! I panicked, but suddenly my ears popped and all was well. Scared me to pieces tho...
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