as they walk away,
you still see the shadow
and everything is okay

the figure grows darker
but you can still hear their steps
nothing bad could occur

in the blink of an eye and an ear
they have transformed into silence
nothing is okay and they disappear

be careful always
because before you know it
anything could become a

When Cupid throws the arrow and big love is calling,
follow it, even if its roads are heavy because of fear!
Turn the silence louder, have the courage even if you're crawling,
look inside you and you will realize. You woke up, my dear!

When you love, you're wearing stormy clothes of silence,
you look up to heaven to see life in colours of the rainbow.
You forget that the world is full of nostalgia, hurt and violence,
you throw the dice to the dreams, then you can say Hello!

When you love, everything is wrapped with light white cover,
you want deeply to cleanse the sadness of its own rust.
You learn to read between the lines of the law of love, to recover
and only when you feel, you will know the mystery of lust.

When you love, even the words from the poetry are blushing
so correct me, please, if you consider that I'm wrong!
For love is not proven only by words that are rushing,
we risk everything without thinking about beeing strong.

When you love, the god's voice falls asleep in the harsh battle,
your barriers disappear into the sweet and bitter melancholy.
The sap of life flows through your veins like vows in the chapel,
and lights the fire with the sighs of sadness of the valley.

So, love the love! To learn to live again, in heaven's creation!
Get your heart in your teeth, have the power to dare!
Live, to feel the flavor of forgiveness and salvation!
Shout out loud your crazy love ... it'll be your answer to your prayer!

.    The longest moment Hangs
     in slow motion in a dusty picture frame
     Its brass tacks pin it down
     Like cornerstones up on a Wall ―

     Gathered memories lay bare;
     a frozen ache chiseled in stone

           Love can build a bridge

           Love can burn it down
                       to ashes
           on some rocky shoreline

           Smoke on the water
    seeping far down into the cold
             deep waters flow                                                    .

    ­               Silence aches
frozen in the sum of an unspoken voice ―
      a deeper understanding shapes
              pleasure and denial

         When life’s a lot of thorns
                  without a rose

written by:   h.a. rivers ... 4am ... 11/18/2017
Aleeza 1d

a thousand and three hundred days
since I first heard your name
spoken quietly in front of a busy classroom
your hair pulled back into a neat ponytail

common, I thought
fitting into that pocket of ordinary
another face I will forget
another voice that I will lose in a crowd

so with everyone else
I merely tapped the edge of my notebook
wishing that I could find a way to disappear
into the lines of my notebook pages

months passed and you were 15 steps away
I used to settle into a corner near you
but I never bothered to offer my words
someone else needed them
and I used to clutch her hands until she stopped crying

and I sang her lullabies
and I used to belong in the nook beside her feet
and I thought she was my everything
and nothing felt the way her touch did

but I remember that one time
that she was gone and I was lost
and I found my place by your feet
I found a corner I could breathe in

there was still a distance
for you weren't who I would search for
and we may have exchanged words
but they were emptier than my hands without her

we grew apart
because what was there to hold onto?
do we hold on to the similarities that are but trivial?
do we hold on to the way we used to grin at each other when our gazes met?

days went by, weeks, months
I found hands to clutch and arms to hold me together
within those four walls I found more
more than what our wood-enclosed space could offer

there were early morning talks with small biscuits
there were pieces I wrote over the forgotten places
there were bittersweet tears on sleeves
there were stories bounced around

your name was still there
somewhere between the whispers and the lost chapters
and all I could think was I knew you
or well, I used to

there were the glimpses of you through windows
there was the same smile shared
so far and yet nothing changed
so far and yet I kept remembering how I fit into your corner

and then something brought us together again
I did not want to start over
I did not want to say "hi" for the first time in a long time
but it felt like I didn't need it

soon enough we were sharing stories under tables
our jackets barely keeping out the chill
our hands wandering into each other like magnets
and for some sort of reason I never ran out of words

you knew my heart
knew the way it beat so tirelessly for someone
knew how I had to choose
knew how I smiled through the screen when I told you
and I knew yours

good morning and goodnight
every single day, no fail
all those words and laughs in between
all those things that you found out about first

2am sleepy conversations
with coffee in our systems and glitters on our legs
tired eyes and wrong words
the lure of sleep pulling us in

6am greetings
you say you've just woken up
and I am ready to leave
I ask you if I should bring anything
and you're too tired to remember

5pm checks
"are you going to do this?"
"nah, I'd rather sleep."
I tell you about his smile
And you tell me about the way he holds you

and slowly we get more comfortable with the silence
all of the little things we share through the quiet
all the lack of words that never feel empty
the understanding that we are more than what we tell each other

that one time I could've really held you
with the colored lights too blinding and the music too loud
but I didn't mind any of them
since the moment I saw you

but he took you away
and I kept shouting in protest
and it didn't feel fair
but I forgot about it too soon anyways

I spent most of the night
trying to keep myself upright
holding onto the hands that took mine
trying to find you in the mess

and there was another time
when I told him to look for you
when he came back and told me you were with someone else
and my heart broke for him

and after that you realized that you really didn't know me
it was the first time we really fought
I was sobbing and you said words I never thought I would hear from you

then there was the unbearable silence
and only then did I realize that it was destructive
the way I needed to talk to you
because there was nothing but loneliness in the absence

I thought I would never get you back
I was afraid of so much
for the first time in a while
there was nothing but tears

and you came back
you held me and embraced me and told me everything I wanted to hear

I sang to you the songs I drunkenly remember
I wrote again after a lifetime of deleted drafts
I found my corner once more

but with that
I found out
that you were in love
I should've been happy
but something was wrong

and every day that you tell me about him
I die a little bit inside
but I will be happy
because that's all I should really be

sometimes your hand wanders into mine
sometimes I can tell you I love you until you fall asleep
sometimes your head is on my shoulder and I know it belongs there
sometimes I pretend that you can be mine

one thousand and three hundred days
and I know your name anywhere.

If silence was ever to be described,
It would be a safe zone in a war.
The calm before the storm,
Or merely the anesthetics fueled in
Before you can start to feel the pain again.

Her silence was just different,
It shrieked in a tearing pain,
Also the numbs the body throughout.
Without voice; it's louder than anything you'll hear.
But you should be worried more when she breaks the silence; and breakout.


Blois 2d

I doubt you understand my silence,
otherwise, there wouldn't be one.

max 2d

The prisoners do not speak
Their jumpsuits scream in orange
Help me
The color so flamboyant

The guards do not speak
Their uniforms scold in blue
No talking
The colors are true

The warden does not speak
His prison mumbles in gray
But the colors have already died

I don't like country
and God forbid I ever begin to
for the only thing floating through my head
is her overplayed Luke Bryan playlist
in my rickety old truck
and the silence that was always there

i guess you just don't trust me anymore, guess i'll have to get used to that // love always
Anna 3d

You find yourself sitting alone in the middle of the room,
hearing the roaring sound of the cars down the street,
the clock counting down the seconds
and your wild thoughts flooding inside your mind.

When words fails...
silence triumphs,
relaying the echoes of truth,
words left unspoken...

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