Qunya 3h

Known by our many faces, but by only one name.

We are those who are lost in thought, and those who live day-to-day in pain.

Our voice is seldom heard, despite having many things to say.

Will we break free one day? Or forever remain the same?

These questions may never be answered, because we are those who live our lives so very far very away..

I know it's kinda lame, but I'm new to the whole poetry thing. I just needed an outlet to vent.

I have had enough,
My fears surround me like when dark clouds surround the sky in storms.
My silence is louder than the thunder,
Yet it is unheard.
Thousand times I broke,
I broke into the pieces of glass that slips out of your hands in shock.
Pain made me cold,
Thoughts made me vulnerable,
I am too scared of living,
Afraid of loosing more,
And tired of trying to escape.
The more I try to go far away from here,
The more it holds me,
I feel like I am stuck in whirlpool,
I am trying to get out but it won't let me.
I have had enough.

lyle 13h

in a world run by the repetitive piano repertoire
everyday felt like a bland rhythm
we're expected to follow the same music scores
not until a twist in key happened.

one day,
by chance,
these lonely musicians exchanged gazes
the ivory keys in their hearts
played an unnamed, foreign sound
and the concert started.

their life's musical composition was rearranged:
flowers of notes blossomed in every aisle
the breeze swayed with the loving tune
the ascension of the piece intensified
the powerful strike on the pedals sparked,
leaving themselves in daze
love? maybe it is.

their  voice produced the loveliest melody
their jiving hearts created a mellifluous harmony
and only their tugging heartstring could strum
the same beautiful work of art they're making.

a symphony could have its sweetest lie too.

as the concert reached its climax,
an instrument turned off-key
every sound is rampaging as storms in the ocean;
whirlpools swallowed the music sheets away
the deafening tune became unbearable—
little did they knew, they lost their synchronization
already long ago.

like a song,
they ended the beating hearts the only way they could have

in silence.

i was reviewing for our music exam and this suddenly popped up in my mind.

silence isn't so silent
if your thoughts
are so fucking loud

linhp 1d

neither of us is breaking the silence
as if we're trying to listen
to the conversation between our hearts
only to realize
that'd be the most we ever talk.

Your eyes are always enough

sounds pleasing and
I wouldn't want to die
not just yet
sounds so

sleeping forever underneath
lush beds,
over sound
mermaids all around

Death began at my first cry//
Mike D 2d

Sometimes I sit alone in silence and listen to it all
My ears perk up with eagerness to the sound of "Nothing Falls"

On my unnamed vessel adrift in space
I'm at the mercy of unknown pace
It wraps me in a warm cocoon
And protects me not a minute too soon

From the destruction, noise and fierce growls
The shrieks, the screams and distant howls
The bango noise, the clicks and clacks
From unwanted guests and surprise attacks

The cacophony swirls creating chaotic notes and sometimes can overwhelm
Thrusting me upon an unknown ship with no one at the helm

For a moment I think to scuttle the vessel and ride her to the deep
But not today, instead I’ll wait for nature’s eternal sleep

Written - 2016

All rights reserved.
Tsunami 2d

Maybe the way the curve of your spine fits into me is an indication
of how the earth meets the sea.
Frothing, frigid and free

Maybe the way our lips convene is an illustration
of a star being born
Colliding, rising, expanding
With every breath we whisper to each other
the wind caresses the mountains in such delicate manners

Maybe the way our eyes meet
searching for a long lost landmark
{Home at last,
or at least until tomorrow}
reveal the discovery of deeper mysteries
Cold, comforting, coalescent

Maybe the simplest brush of skin
brings earthquakes to our veins
Seeped with unspoken words
warmth and peril rolled in one

Maybe, just maybe, the first orgasm between two lovers
is the modern tsunami,
a flood of pleasure, teeming with emotions and laughter

The rain that lulls us to sleep
is the same as the water that cascades down cracks and cliffs
Racing to meet her soulmate,
Salt water
Fresh water
Two hearts beat in solidarity
Melting one into the other
Tongue on tongue
Fingertip to fingertip

Maybe the way we started is the way we end,
with nothing but empty space and deafening silence.

It seems like everyone just wants to disappear.
left alone, secluded, isolated from what is far and near.

It seems like everyone just wants to be thought about.
Have people wonder where they are or what they’re doing, but no one can get the secrets out.

It seems like everyone just wants some time alone.
To take a breath of fresh air and heal the wounds that haven’t been sewn.

It seems like everyone just wants to run away from their problems.
Hiding behind wooden doors and glass screens, wanting out from the hell it stemmed from.

It seems like everyone just wants to concentrate on their dreams.
Hidden in another dark house while the other is waiting to pop the party streams.

It seems like everyone just wants to let go.
But they struggle to take out the knife that pierced their heart from the person that loved them so.

I want to disappear.
left alone, secluded, isolated, but I’m too scared to lose the people that are far and near.

I want to be thought about.
Have people wonder what I’m doing or how I am, but no one cares enough to get my secrets out.

I want some time alone.
But every time I’m alone, I’m engulfed in an overcast of shadows reminding me of the wounds that I have never sewn.

I want to run away from my problems.
But there’s always so much more coming and every corner is another hell where it’s stemming from.

I want to concentrate on my dreams.
But I can’t sleep, I get nightmares; I cant breathe, I never asked to, and I know wherever I’ll go, they’ll welcome my death in with popped party streams.

I want to let go.
But I keep twisting the knife in my heart that has been severely wounded by many who claimed they loved me so.

So I go on a hiatus, and give the perception that I’m not here.
So that people wont care when I take my own life, and I wont have to second guess my fear.

Even if I get into a hiatus, everything still feels the same. This is my perspective on a hiatus.

I like believing people when they say that actions speak louder than words. I heard I miss yous the loudest when you kissed my hands, I love yous deafened me when your lips met mine. I knew I hold the world when my arms wrapped around you and you reciprocated the sweetness that coated us.

I think that's how it works, you show me and I think. I will think what I want it to mean.

After so many wordless but apparent moments that I put wholehearted conviction that are true, you finally showed proof.

I heard a glass breaking when you dropped my hands. I watched your back slowly fading away, and the gusty space between us whispered to me with suddenness, "it's over."

I looked into your eyes, but you looked away.
You mouthed no word, but I clearly heard.
Although I tried to deny,
your silence sounded like goodbye.

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