rd 2h
Where words fail to express
Your silence says it all
Amidst the cacophony of noises
Your silence is the loudest
You try to keep a distance from me
But your silence beckons me...
Audra 11h
Strike one.

She is a zombie walking down
An empty hallway

Strike Two

Will I ever feel the same?

Life isn’t a game,
You can’t act like nothing happened.
I know you think that I can’t lighten up.
But there is no sunshine to remind me what light looks like.
You’re jokes just make it worse
Because I’m not here to play.

Strike three.

Sorry— that these are my raw emotions
I’m fine— it’s not like you care
It doesn’t matter— anymore

Faking smiles
And trying to forget.
Oh wait, that’s contradictory.

you aren’t one of the people the poem is about. i promise.
anitajehu 18h
It's there but we can't notice it,
Eating up solidary minds,
Ain't empty...
Though full of answers,
Makes feel alone even in a crowd,
People call him "nerd",
Though they know it.....
Speech is silver,
Silence is golden,
Makes feel the untouchable,
He smiles but screams his soul out,
Determination,power, ambitions, courage,
Live in the grave of words to him,
So he's writing out silence,
Cause words from from the heart are hard,
But from the soul are harder,
Silence feels like the right mask,
Always golden!
RH Fists 20h
ringing in my ears is an audible silence,
a little pious song of impartiality,
begging me to ask who to blame,
if it be unto me or to my peer.

i’ve grown weary to exist,
and cripple at the fear of fact,
to let the truths be right,
and righteous manners be my truth.

the unknowing lends me courageous,
to project out in an audible silence,
proof of my existence in penitence,
but receiving nothing in the way of life.

it is never heard to be unheard.
I hope you hear the things
I can never bring myself to say,
every second of everyday,
the pain of unanswered answers
and unquestioned questions bury
me into myself,
strangling me, suffocating me,
fading me into your silence,
you had me fooled with your manipulation and calculated diligence,
it frightens the soul out of me
to know the truth,
to know why you had to play me,
I guess this is how it will always be,
not knowing, not asking,
things left unsaid,
things left unheard.
Rj 1d
Breathe in,
My hands shake
Pins and needles in my head
And in my fingertips
Breathe in,
You've got it under control
I lie to myself,
Breathe out,
Pretending like I'm sovereign over my own body,
The silence crashes in my ears like waves,
All I can hear are my own ragged breaths
Breathe out,
Steady, slowly
Just catch your breath.
Now faster, quickly
And once you realize you've lost control,
Hold your breath.
Tw Idk Friday I had a rlly long panic attack it sucked dick also I didn't edit this so have fun w my twelve million mistakes :)
Jonella 4d
I didn't know darkness will be my home and every now and then, silence enveloped my soul.
Not the kind of silence that I couldn't utter a word.
This is the kind of silence that's been eating me alive.
Silence is my only way of pretending.
Pretending that I am alive and still breathing.
But they didn't know that my silence is suffocating.
My thoughts have been drowning me and I keep these all to myself.
And it came to the point that I want to be silent for the rest of my life.
Living exhausts me so I prefer to be silent.
she walks in
everyone turns
and gazes in silence
she has power
and wears it exquisitely
i love my dad
you do not see it
but that's the way
it is

three hour van silences
are no longer

i am the scion of 4
that's never going to greet him

i know a child
scratches his belly from the inside

i'm in the house of mirrors
while everyone is eating
i see through the
teasing, the
mom shakes her head "no one
can ever talk to you"
i see

my silence as a message:
67 years no longer let you
rush to climb the stairs
to embrace the plush worm
of colors: i do it for you

i do not greet you
but i dress a shirt
with the caption "DADS"
and a picture of us two.
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