Silence the
And ignore
The lie

Ember 1d


Let the emptiness consume you.
Make your mind an empty cavern.
Let your thoughts float around.

Shut up

Your words are meaningless.
Just a set of sounds.
We don't need them.
Tell me how you feel,
But I don't want to listen.
Show me.

Be quiet

Don't fill the silence.  
Don't break it.
Something so delicate should be appreciated like butterfly wings
Soft and simple.
Don't make things complicated.

Since when did words become so empty?
Since when did peaceful quiet become wrong?
Since when did we lose silence?

Don't be afraid of the hush.
It's Gentle,
Like a friend.
Let it take your hand and guide you to the true meaning of listening.

I've lost count of how many times I've cried
For the impossible desires
For the lost haven
For the stubborn hope.

I've lost count of how many times I've tried
To let go of you
To accept the truth
Only to come back for more.

I've lost count of how many times I've lied
Holding on to a silly pride
Letting you think everything was fine
Just to show my pain through my bleeding lines.

a t 2d

we were standing on the same stage,
of the story that we once both knew,
with no one speaking,
remembering the lines,
but never quite saying them.

it was the greatest silence,
we've both ever heard,
with the words flooding our minds,
and yet nothing.

it's the same way a kid freezes onstage,
in a room full of people,
all eyes on us,
and yet speechless.

we've had all our lives preparing,
for the show everyone saw was coming.
but maybe this show was never really meant to be,
maybe it would've really turned into a flop,
just like our own story.

inspired by the day we were really on the same stage

bring on the rumbles of thunder
from the outer space
the earth's tamed and untamed maze.

bring on the sharp lightning
striking ,
from the hands of the Supreme
the human's vision streams.

come, come,
heaven-made catastrophe,
bring it on,
bring it on.
for in the loud throbs of
your anger's noise
i calm and silence
my own inner chaos.

thymos 3d

you spend so long looking for the right combination of words
they took your silence as a final answer.

I'm trapped
Inside the labyrinth
Of my mind
I've lost track
Of the day's gone by
Trying to trace my way back
To the light
But I've gotten so used to the black
That now I just sit in silence

I'm tired
Because before
I would constantly
Stumble my way through
Just to get back to
No progress made
No distance created
So I'd just stare
Into the depth of it
Wondering if I should really care
Or if it doesn't meant shit
So that giving up
Is my only option
The pain
Too impossible to bare
Cuz I'd always
Land somewhere back in Nowhere

I'm tormented
Because every time
I try to stand up
My strength
Is never enough
So I'm forced back down
By the pressure
Falling to the ground
Over and over
And in this maze
The only sound
Is silence.

I am the daughter of death and dark,
in this world I was welcomed with minimal light,
a gift of family and maybe friends,
I continue to be everyone's fading figure.

Ungrateful hands clutched me loosely,
they reached the air too proud of their escape,
even blood disappoint me,
and the rest of my whole being.

Famous lies that still surround this neighborhood,
which is which and who killed who,
an endless speculation,
too restless to be the truth.

Wasted money in return for a better exchange,
I forced myself to stand in front of people,
whose well beings abandoned their degrees,
I aimed for the fact but one gave me a laugh.

I am quiet and just a pass through,
silence that insisted to cover my mouth,
a favour I will give,
mouth stitched.

Listen. Understand. Appreciate

I write because of my silence,
I'm silent when they blame me,
For all the things I didn't do,
And Making a fool of me.

I write because they don't listen,
To all the truth that seep from my wounds,
I try and try, but I'm the fool,
To not know that I'm just a tool.

I write because of my wish,
To communicate with them,
Who don't even remember,
What I had to go through.

I write because I have been lied to,
To tell them that I know the truth,
That they had hidden away,
So that I could not find and call them out.

luqz 6d

i am fathomed by the cold
a slow fatigue by the unknown
i wish i was brave enough
to face the challenges
but i plague myself with my own words
will this be another wasted night?
what will i do when i'm sober?
even a zephyr blows me down
i will now stay idle and stay disenchanted
even if my desire acts like dynamite
my heart will keep wailing for help
but a silent voice is never heard;
and will never be, until expiry.

why am i here again?
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