it was your silence that whispered into
my ears and made promises to my soul
there were no words exchanged but truth
because lies are woven with words and silence never lies to you

i don't need to put my feelings into words
too shallow to descrive the depth of what
my heart feels for you
my silence would let you know
that any time you wish i can kiss away your sorrow
and snatch each single one of your woe

go ahead give someone else all your love and time
take her your wife
i don't mind

to love you i don't need to be your beloved nor you my lover
i won't ask for anything in return never
all i own is this silence
and my love will echo through it forever
A Symphony of discarnate howls and devilish laughter
Drowning out the insufferable silence that is omnipresent
The goosebumps seemingly blissful
For it shows we still feel the chill

The drowning sounds slowly fade
Until the beating of our hearts is all that remains
Pupils dilate as we realize we are abandoned
By even the thumping that kept away the insufferable silence
Haiku Six

a time of silence
drifts the consciousness to love
what is better loud
I have wondered as the hours went passing...
while the rain was dripping slowly off the drifting clouds,
the shoulders of heaven,
and lightning was dancing unaware,
across frozen mountain tops
..what must your voice sound like..? How soft, subtle,
As a child's first step, how lasting, indelible,
like the wind, unseen
Hanna 1d
Sun streaming through the window,
the shadows of my fingers dance on your face, lying on the pillow.
You reach up and kiss my fingertips,
a promise lingers on your lips.

But you’re silent.

I press my hands to your face,
trying to coax it from its hidden place.

But you’re silent.

Now the shadows of my fingers lie on the empty space,
Without a trace.

And it’s silent.
Dear heart, stay calm
Don't make me run so fast
Oh eyes, whom do you want to see?
Who's behind the door?
There's no one
The wounds have turned into scars
They don't bleed anymore
So why do you think;
Someone will care to come?
Sit silently and smile, as if;
There's no feeling to be freed,
No tale to be told.
Don't talk.
Just let it be.
Let the emotions, the feelings, the hurt, show themselves to me.
Each piece will speak for itself.
I feel what you feel, and I promise to help.
So just be still, and enjoy the silence.

Life's pleasures don't need any description.
Enjoy the moment now, soak it all in.
This day may pass us by, but the memory will live for quite some time.
For a second, let your heart be still.
Absorb the scenery, you'll cherish it, I know you will.

So take this opportunity in time.
Set it in stone.
Stand it as a statue in your memory.
A reminder that you're never alone.
And at this moment,
with just you and me,
be still, be silent,
and enjoy the peace.
Sometimes in life the best way to enjoy a moment is to be silent and just take it all in.
Tortured soul

Only in the darkest hours can I find my soul.
Only when I am falling can I see the rope, but I cannot take a hold.
When I hit rock bottom, I kneel alone;
I am scared to death of failing to live, but I have no desire to go.

When all is dark and I am without hope,
I find myself, the tortured soul.
When all is gone and the silence becomes deafening;
Only then can I believe I have done what I need to do and so…

With the lights turned out and no light to be found,
I am able to find the way inside my soul and write it all down.
When all is lost and apathy is my only friend;
I find a way to drown.

I sink to the bottom and I can find the peace I seek;
No noise to be heard, no vision to be seen.
Only beneath the surface am I truly free;
No feeling a necessity, no compulsion to breathe.

Inside I am able to escape reality;
Outside I am forced to hear and to see.
Within my dreams I am immortal, super human and unique.
Without foolish needs, I can make myself happy.

If only I was able to live a life of fantasy;
Maybe I would be able to erase this nightmare
And pretend this life is just a dream.

Somehow worth it;
Picture perfect.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Poetry is the rhythm of her soul
flows through her veins
dances in her mind
swirls throughout her days

She stands strong on the ground
never thinks of falling
She speaks stories of solitude
with her shining dark eyes

She meets life at the edge of wonders
Unspoken stories
Unravelling yet to ponder
She looks upon to the stars
forgetting darkness behind it
She seeks solace in rapt of silence
Poetry becomes her
bluebird days in Moonstruck
(April 2017-April 2018) : Me, Solitude, Coffees, Sunset, Rain, Books scattered in the living space, Solace Grace in Poetry ...nothing changed much except I have lost my last faith in love .....  

"Lost among a million changing faces
Every day our eyes keep trading places
We've got our wild love raging, raging"

..... Love the life I have ....Home is there where love is ....

Listening to : Frank Sinatra "Fly Me To The Moon"
Artemis of the wood,
sweet skill of deadly
her accurate aim and steady
finds the subtle seam,
all things.
Her swift sentry,
delicate and true,
flies with focused
The soft,
wet earth
surrounds and
her realm of the hunt.
The scent
of the fallen leaves,
cool and colorful,
my soul.
The forest hush is all that
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