Sun Jul 26

Silver Moon Keeps me dancing
Brightest Stars paint for me
Mysterious Oceans sing for me
Colors of sunset make me smile

Wild winds always sway with me
Rhythmic Raindrops hugs me warmly
Blue birds always fly for me
Morning sun embrace my days
Verdant or Grey

They wait for me
As if they are my lifelong home
I come back to them
Until I heal under my soul's skin
I evolve again to walk alone
They keep me alive with my shadow

Who said, Love Long Gone!?
I run to nature at the end
They love me more than
anyone can hurt me to the worst
They are always there for me

The night sky touches my eyes
when they are not dry
Moonlight smiles on my weird face
I don't love them less
but more than my suffocated silence....

Dear Death,

I am making you wait till there is something  that worth living.

You're damn too worthy!
Truly Trustworthy,
Your Life

Flowers can speak
and comparing to flowers,
our speech is an ugly squeak.

Flowers can speak.
If you want to listen to them,
you can hear the words they say.

You won't hear them
when your tv is on,
when radio is playing,
and vacuum cleaner whirring his frightening noise.

You can hear them in silence,
as silent as the silence of the dead,
they will speak,
they will tell their secrets away.

And when they wither,
they speak a lot,
they shout and scream,
they can make you deaf.

But they won't.

Sun 1d

When I see you smile
wriggling on the wall
I lean on to the sky –
as a dreamer of fur-flung hope
To touch you -are you cold, in winter?

Shimmering silver light
sparks in my veins
Shaking the flame of my heart
for your thoughts
The depth of curiosity
set me ablaze
I close my eyes....

Who painted you hundred years ago
Gave the same eyes through which I see thou
The same smile, the deep gaze to find eternal quest

When the visitors gone-
do you cry for the lost love of life?
In darkness, do you wait
for the light of heaven- we call Sun?
How many people loved you
before you’re not a mere Art?
A living soul- an unbroken array of hope
How many tears shed for your absence?

You are my silent listener, silence holds my throat
When you cannot reply, do you sigh?  
Carpe diem! ~ by your dark deep curious eyes, sharp smile
Hanging in the corner of the art gallery for years....

Dedicated: To the love of my life :) :)
Perspective: When a hundred years old portrait makes you wonder

pile of unpleasant thoughts and words blasting through my ears
silent cries were the reason why my sky is still clear
been eating thorns through the years
from all the flowers this mouth spit
when it should be nothing but brier
i've been drowning in cold water
but i still give warm smile to others
been trying to silence the screaming pain
but being broken inside is something i couldn't really feign.

deafening silence.
this has been,
Brianne 1d

Just like in the dark you cannot see, in the silence is the same
You cannot see what is to come so you just wait
You travel blindly trying to find a gate to open
but you fail to find anything

Not another word-
We told each other "one day".
We knew what we meant.

Traditional haiku

When the stones sink into my depths,
stirring murky sediment in my mind.
But its not only one that I throw within,
ripples of numbness collect in places
that were hollow, but now filled with
vacant white noise..

Grey shades now colourful eclipses,
for when I see the sunset of my actions
I know that I must sink stones once again.
But what if I were to throw more than
the recommended amount?
causing more than just voice to fade out.

I read the sign hanging on the side
of my emotions, and realize that these
aren't what I need. Throwing them around
isn't filling a gap its stitching it together
with faded voices. That instead of whispers
they produce an itch I cant scratch.

ㅡjatm 3d

And tonight we sit on a rooftop,
Sharing each other's beautiful soul,
Understanding the undivided silence,
As we fill the gaps with small laughter,
And I will watch your silhouette,
Slowly devour the moonlight,
While you tell me stories of places,
We have never been,
And I will watch your mouth,
Form words as you explain,
The universe to me.

You make me smile in a garden,
So you could watch all the flowers bloom,
I want to hold you tight,
And create our own gravity,
Darling, you are just so made for me.

Tell me:  Smart. Sorry.
Legs that pull apart that feel like home.
Forgive me for not possessing the beauty they do.
I wanted time and risked my heart, even though now I could tell it " I told you so".
I'm not looking for that right now, so to speak, but I know you'd be lovely to come home to.
I wanted time and all I got was that and an endless amount of silence.
Another answer that tells me once again to pack up and leave.
"You. Cannot. Afford. This. Rent. "

I should learn to take my own advice for once, huh?

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