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There are thousands of words hiding behind my silence,Screaming and Shouting my name,
Accusing and blaming my actions.

There are thousands of words hiding behind my silence,
Crying and Mourning for the days that will never return,
Longing and Waiting for the days to end.

There are thousands of words hiding behind my silence,
Strangling and Choking every breath of mine,
Crushing and Breaking my bones.

There are thousands of words hiding behind my silence,
Cutting and Shredding my soul into pieces,
Burning and Melting my body.

There are thousands of words hiding behind my silence,
I can hold no more,
My broken body and dusted soul has no burden on them anymore,
There is a volcano inside me bursting with a roar...
There are thousands of words Breaking my silence to reach thee.

                                    -Abhishek Sen
I stand out here alone in the night,

The sky is almost bright,

Birds tweeting, dogs barking in the distance, leaves dancing in the wind,

And Im smoking a cigarette, that is becoming shorter and shorter.

In front of me, is an old house,

And in that house is a flashy room in which a TV’s playing,

While everyone is long asleep, there is only me and the person in that room awake,

There is a strange  connection between us two now and he will never know.

Suddenly the dogs stopped barking, birds kept on tweeting, the room kept on flashing,

Smoke is rising to the almost bright night sky,

Vaporizing in the dancing leaves,

I’m waiting for something.

Sensing the inevitable loneliness around me in the deep night,

I thank for the moment of silence to heal my spirit from the wounds of yesterday,

The cigarette  is dying,
And so am I.
Ask me why I am talking so much
Why I am breaking the silence
A lot of stupid topics I touch
My words to you like a violence

I'm not afraid when people talk
Even if I don’t like their opinion
When they speak bad in deadlock
Or when they lie for a million

When people are silent and without emotion
You don’t hear their thoughts, where they fly
Silence is worse than the words of devotion
But devotion to lie to feel justified

I want to speak sincerely and quiet,
Honestly reveal my fragile truth
I'm afraid when people are silent
Like trying to hide the fountain of youth

I'm not afraid when people talk
I'm scared when people are silent
Silence made me overthought
Some times even more compliant
Will you listen me,
if I speak to you in silence about silence ?

Will you talk to me in silence
when words no longer wake in my mind ?

Will you hear the silence of your heart
which speaks about me to you
or the silence of my heart which sings
the rapsody of our togetherness ?

Will you be the silence I seek in my silence ?
Or Will you be the silence, which silence me silently ?

I chose to sing about me in silence,
for in silence I dont feel any barrier.
But when I chose to read you in silence,
the silence you did offer was not heart warming.

I sit with unquiet mountains
to realize my fondness towards it.
I run with rivers to sense my spirit running before me.
I play with wind to hear the lyrics of my heart.
I lean on trees to listen its stories.

The pleasure I seek in silence
and the agony, you sprayed to
embrace the silence aren't the same.

I then pray with the moon to silent those silences
that wakes in my mind to silence me.

Beloved will you believe me,
if I say, not all silences are same ?

Some silence could break silence
Some silence could heal silence.
And some silence can build silence.

will you buy my words if I say,
not all silence can heal and
not all silence can hurt ?

Also, will you let me to listen
your silence, this time
to handle your heart ?

Will you, my love ?
Every silence has something to say,
It tells us a lot but in a different way.

Sometimes, the silence may be loud,
But still unfathomable for the whole crowd.

In some cases, silence is a good answer,
but at the same time, it can be a big trouble enhancer.

Silence gives you space,
Not everyone can understand what does the silence says.

Being silent,
is way better than shouting or being violent.

People are usually silent while they think,
Because, speaking while thinking, is there any link?

Silence never concludes of any word,
but still wants every emotion to be heard.

Silence is deep as eternity,
Just try to feel it's ease and simplicity.

Every silence has something to say,
It tells us a lot but in a different way.
You are the brightest star in my evening sky
The universe is an unfathomable supermarket
And we're all just babies crawling at the aisles
Forgive me for that was weird and awkward, but
No matter how hard I try to need and reach you
I know we're not meant to be, but this is enough
Our hearts can't be loud together in this lifetime
So I choose to love in silence and let you there
For a wish granted would make me burn off
And I don't want you to lose your happy place
Just know I don't want to lose you and the moments
So I'll just look at you from afar and admire you
Silence is a prison,
Ignorance is too.
Don't punish yourself,
You need a shoulder too

Your lips are sealed,
You are not you,
Your soul cries affection,
Will you let me help you?
Death doesn't send an invitation before coming. Why don't we make every moment count?
Lara 5d
A part of peace

A place where you feel save

All around you

For happiness

For sadness

For letting go

For being alone

For tears flowing

For thoughts

For the world
You don’t have to keep being silent
Sitting in my silence of solitude,
I won't spark a conversation.
Won't fight if I'm the exclude,
I'll be fine with this isolation.
I know I won't become that focal point,
For I'm much too afraid I'll disappoint.
I'm not that shy in actuality, mainly just afraid of letting people down
Jessica 7d
I got to get out of here alive
Because my ships capsized and
The echos are cavernous in my mind
The madness is filling up the air between the spaces
Nothing says it's wrong to sink
But swimming could be flying
And I remember brighter moonlights when I didn't fear weightlessness
And bathing in the solitude of silence
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