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Raw landscapes shape the far distance
Brutal terrain tests our endurance
A greeting with coldness
A sheet of fog invites us
Raw landscapes welcome us with silence.
So quick to pick out each's flaws
we forgot about that what drew
our eyes and mouth to such awe
left as ghost only passing through

just listen to the silence
of these Hesychian halls
you once a enchanting siren
and my ears housed no walls
maybe the words i said
couldn't contain themselves
into their strict meanings
and suddenly
i revealed my headspace

Suddenly you are a part of it
my dark twisted struggle for
a body removed
with a body that won't
will not
move from its concrete place

it's a different kind of silence
one only few learn about
Pain disfigures into numbness in the silence that screams at me
like so many crazed thoughts.
A heated state cools into quiet resentment.
Regardless of how I feel, how you do,
this night has changed us irreparably.
How can you say these things are equal?
Where do you get off?
Your half-sung apologies fall heavy on deaf ears.

Can you feel me ignoring you?

You think I let you down?
I needed to do something with my hands.
have shown to me
the inconsistency of love.

Nothing is unconditional.
If it were, I wouldn't even be here fighting with you.

Those words, also labile,
were the truth in the moment,
regardless of tomorrow.

I may love you,
but I hated you then.
gracie Jan 11
Last night, I begged the stars
to tell me their secrets,
but there was no reply
celestial silence

I wonder if I'm closer than I've ever been.
K Wolff 2d
I heard it once, spoken, in a hushed tone-
Was I awake to hear these words?
Was i in company or was i alone,
To listen to these words in that hushed tone?

"Do not go silently into the night"

Those words ate into an innocuous soul -
From the time I was young, to the time i was old
Those words lingered with a tenacious hold

I misspent time and felt so much pain
Life felt less the blessing and more a bane
I trudged endless lonely roads
And witnessed relations form and corrode

I existed to exist - obligated to survive
No star of any story, no one to thrive
I was the one who was seen yet unseen
Just another cog functioning in a machine

My words were heard but never heard
My future as futile as my spoken word
Silence fell upon healthy ears
Silence - the one thing we all fear
George 2d
It was two things -
they happened both together, at 2 am.

One - it started to snow.
The other - I saw him.

He stood in the middle of the graveyard.
A person I did not know, standing alone -
in a place where others rest till the end of days.

There was no noise around him.
He said nothing.
Silent as the falling snow.

I tried to call out to him, but there was nothing I could say.

When I walked, he followed.
When I stopped, he did the same.

He followed me home.
I watched him from my window -
he stood at the top of the garden path,
looking at my window.

It was 2 am again, but another day -
and on this occasion, only one thing happened.

It started to snow.

I could hear,
on the other side of my closed bedroom curtain,
the silence that only snow can bring.
It was time.

I walked outside, on those streets I knew so well as a child.
Its urban wear and tear covered in a forgiving blanket of white.

My feet made no sound.
From the empty street, I look up at windows of places that I once knew.
There are no more horizons for me -
every language I now understand.
Blessed with a sky of waterfall
I let my thoughts run amok the greedy raindrops
The beats, the trickle and the gush
  Resting on concrete sand
With nothing but thin fabrics that clung to my skin
It's a silence of pleasure
Being caressed by the cold
Surprisingly peaceful
To let the wind slowly, at a leisurely pace
Invade your body's temperature
Humming in your ear
A songful of promises
That faith never fails
And patience rewards
Tempting you to stay seated
Wait out the storm
The clash of waves a raw entertainment
And a rumble of applause
Somewhere beyond those thick clouds of uncertainties
Words unspoken
I let myself listen instead
Letting the mysteries solve themselves
Unanswered questions
Offering crystal answers
And found it rather enjoyable
It left.
A mark.
Every sigh,
every word,
every moment.
It left.
A mark.

She told me:
''Coming back,
back to the stars.
Perhaps i''ll find you there.
Until then,
hold on to my hand
even when i have
gone away from you''.
This might be over soon,
but I can not guarantee you happiness.
The mind loves to play tricks on you,
but you have to promise me not to be a fool.
Don't get lost in the silence.
Don't get drowned out by the darkness.
What happened to the days when you outshined the sun?
You never know, this might be over soon.  

You rise, eat, and work so you believe everything is alright,
but your thoughts haven't been too kind to you.
They grow wild at night and they won't make nice.
Maybe one day, they'll instead sing you to sleep.

Maybe one day you'll rediscover your love for isolation,
but lately, I feel you have been struggling with the concept of loneliness versus being alone.
It's not your fault you found love in the comfort of your bed,
but maybe one day you'll learn you can't make a home out of it.
Maybe one day you'll have hope that you'll rise again,
and shine bright like the sun like you did when you were young.
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