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Katy 2h
Silence speaks v o l u m e s

It's just not what you want to h e a r
the present, now absent, sent away,
by the flickering change of a mere sentence,
becoming a thing of the past & the future.
now, with no one to know, & nowhere to be,
when we sail the cold skies in our minds,
when we blankly walk our dreams,
never quite fully knowing the lives we lived
the same way we never quite know the end,
just that it happens, & that it by definition remains hidden,
we become more like ourselves,
in the same vein that the reflection in the window
becomes clearer in darkness,
closed eyes & open dreams reveal who we are,
carrying projections of us away into the cold sky
where lost winds howl & cry,
calling a name we know better than to answer to,
since they call for something else, something long gone

in the tranquility of dead silence, in the air & the blurring, vanishing landscapes which past by,
the racing by of lives long planted whose roots stretch far beyond their branches,
we hasten our strides by sour fruit only to leave ripeness in our wake
& leave ourselves in hopes of finding someone new, within, & doomed to be without.
hollow, we search the grey, grey, world, for its secrets,
hopeless, never to find them
with our eyes open
Amanda 12h
You have left me hanging once again
Been eight hours and still no word
After all you put me through
Do you think punishment is what I deserve?

I have suffered enough at your hand
Cried enough tears in your name
Yet it doesn't matter to you
Just treat our love like a game

I have done my best to be patient
Multitude of mistakes dismissed
You left me stranded without a care
Or courtesy of a goodbye kiss

I have been staring at the door
Waiting on you to arrive
You have been gone all day
Absent of you, barely feel alive

It hurts knowing youre fine alone
What the **** are you trying to prove?
Already know I'm disposable
But wanting to improve

I tried not to get too close
Failed right from the start
Fell straight into your enchanting  embrace
Now I'm falling apart

I wasted countless nights
Waiting to hear your soft voice
But until now I always felt
I had no other choice

Lately you have been cold to me
Putting me down with hurtful things you don't realize you say
Before you walked out the door
Seemed like your mind was far away

I do not know what changed between us
Or why you started treating me bad
How did things get so ******* ip between us
Reminiscing on the good times we had

I'm sorry our story turned out like this
Arguing night after night
Would do anything to go back in time
To days you still held me tight

But those days have come and went
Only exists in memory
Indifferent silence clearly shows how you feel
You are no longer in love with me
Why do you always find a way to keep me waiting around for you?
Omar 1d
Your silence speaks words

          like no other words

    and breaks through my skin

   everytime you move your lips

         your silence my lady

                   is magic

  turns my red blood into green

and my tears into a diamond pearl

your silence is like a winged horse

  at night it takes me for a journey

              to the wonderland

                where you and I

dance ***** beneath the starry sky
He sits by the window
Talks to the stars
He is a dreamer
Who waits for his dreams to be reality
He lights a candle hoping someone would see him
But the candle was just a notch in the city of lights
He sits by the window hoping for the stars to talk to him
But maybe silence was all he needed..
Momoir 1d
I can write you a song
                   or a lullaby
Fill your heart with fury
Or fill your eyes
with tears
                   little one
Whatever comes outta
                   my fateful
I can slow down
and write what I mean

I love you
I'm proud of you

And in those awkward
At times I blurt
                   something ******
like a stock ****
Pump start the conversation
                   ease up the awkward silence
Watch the fight begin
                   in observation
**** my spoken word
and love what I do mean
Child of mine
What I mean
                   is I love you
                                      so so much
                                                            ­ (I know)
Written by my mother, date unknown
creeps in at night
whispering sweet nothings
asking me why I cry
asking me why I’m cold
asking where my heart went.
Welcoming him back
because he’s all I’ve had
my only consistency
I hold open the covers
inviting him in.
Joining me in bed
he shapes himself into my curves
taking my hand
taking my love
taking me somewhere else
rather than the void of my head.
His kiss softer than the nights air.
The moon light watching
the room fill back into silence.
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