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Prossnip42 Aug 2020
Our tendrils have parted the cracks in the stars
as we slip through the space in-between
Cacophony echoes through the dark of the sky
and the air starts to split at the seams
The hunger is growing as the swarm is amassed
we're compelled to the prey we've caught

We are a sea of gnashing jaws and slashing claws
We are conclusion, we are the maw!
You are the chosen, gathered livestock
Marching solemnly to the gates of the slaughter inside out walls
a wafer
on a
bee that
said enough
to her
workers how
this milky
flavor with
pone would
butterfly the
Queen as
Ester said
a ruleless
bunch there
was made
of gold
in mambo
a dance with a note
Nigdaw Jul 2019
Stripey, furry, pollen coated
Buzzing summer stillness into life,
Journey of fertility from stamen to
Stamen, pollination, by-product of travail.
Sweet honey stored in citadel honeycomb
Shaped perfectly, Fibonacci sequence,
Queen factory birthing, supplying an army
Compulsory conscription, signed up for life
Common mind, common goal, calculating
Journeys to fertile meadows, returning
Debriefing to communicate flight path,
Destination situation report, until
One day dispatch signals failure
The hive is silenced, the computer
Turned off.
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
My step that hurt me.
I fell because the ones who were supposed to help were like you.
I designed a little more differently.
That was big and comfy like whoo!

Please understand this coming from me.
They are the same religion.
They are against me.
I can be as smart as a surgeon.

I understand that we have our differences.
But we are all angels.
Despite what hinders us.
All that stuff that is new leaves us tangled.

Help me please lost here alone.
What can I do.
Give a dog a bone.
With that I ruined you.

Growing up with two fathers.
Now the ones that are supposed to help me do not even bother.
I know all their secrets and all their lies.
I have had nothing but grief from the closest all my life.

Have fun with your lives.
Because I have nothing but pain; stung by the hive.
This is it, I have said what I need to say.
Now it is time to go away.
Frank DeRose Jan 2019
Fingers fly
Across frenzied
Digitized, pixelized
Screams of glass.

A wireless connection,
Tethered and coupled to the

Invisible shackles of changing generations
Keep chain gangs huddled from afar
Shuffling along parallel mortal coils,
Always transcribed and shared--
The space grows discrete whenever they should meet

Minds meld into OneGroup in cyberspace,
And OneGroup is terrifying
A hive of electric
Shouts through the void

At desks and lunch tables and in classrooms and prison cells
Mouths are shut and eyes are downcast
Pixels bloom to life and fill the torpid state.

OneGroup reigns supreme.

Here and there free minds swim between the endless threads
Evading the silken spider's web of OneGroup

Likely, though,
They are doomed.

Just as humans once reigned supreme atop the food chain,
So too,

Does OneGroup





Blade Maiden Sep 2018

Is it wrong to feel
it all unfold
to want my tongue to peel
off the words that have been foretold
to let my chest burst open
feel the nectar of flowers all find their place within
My body's nothing more than a token
caught in darkness for far too long my lively swarm has been

And oh, the misery
I can't let them out
The only bliss, you see
is when the humming isn't so loud
But today my ears can't take the noise
my body aches, its been holding and breaking
I thought somewhere in all that buzzing I heard a voice
But I'm afraid I'm just anothers nest in the making

In my dreams I see my bees leaving
they all fly away
and I can't blame the spider for weaving
turning this hive into her own flowery array
Soon this place might as well be forgotten
for I know nothing about actual flowers
and they will all be rotten
and there over my lost mind an old tree towers

This tree will be my grave
I shall be buried alive
til something may save
the leftovers of my overgrown heart, this bee hive
Blade Maiden Sep 2018

You're trying to see
what it is she makes of thee
Flesh always burning
Bones always shaking
Head's always turning
to see many eyes waking

This bee hive heart is beating
dripping with golden excitement
watch wings stripping, flight of perceiving
she's reckless with incitement
Brain's buzzing
from all the lusting

What have you done
Lord of crimson?
Where do you want her to put all these dreams?
She's near, her slender feet walk on
Her newly sharpened tongue knows of no fears

Neither young nor old
either shy or bold
of this golden crowned goddess you shall behold
in your dreams she eats you whole,
that's what's been told
Blade Maiden Sep 2018
I sharpen my knife,
I stab my own heart
to see if what comes out
is yours or mine

My chest's a hive
bees feast, my flesh to part
the buzzing, a silence so loud
from my blood they make honey wine

I spill it
I speak in tongues
rest upon my honey womb
my nature's a slave to all that you do

In my palms and shapes you shall fit
breathe deeply through my lungs
let me sleep in the silence of your tomb
my nature's turning pure in you
Blade Maiden Jul 2018
force me to
go back and
build a

will have a
place to go
to all

of a thought
once there was
and now

let the idea
dry out and
be one

where it meant
to grow but
one day
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