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audrey Apr 28
oh it's all so foggy,
clouded and uncertain
but i knew
i could always step over the ledge
and then,
it'll all be clear.
I’m scared of failure
As if my life would end if I met her
I face my problems head on
Because I can’t stand
To stab a ***** from behind

I’m the problem to my solutions
And when I let go of this toxic life
Then maybe I’ll see the light
Even though I’m right outside

I’ll fly to the moon to start a new life
I’ll run away from these judgmental eyes
That have been staring at me for too long
Too bad I can’t gouge my physical self
It’s a matter of perception,
These eyes only serve as tools
To allow the light inside

Our minds are so simple yet so complex
Reality is an illusion
But please,
Don’t throw that brick at my head

And when I reach my point of clarity
I’ll stop and reflect the struggle within
Life seemed so rough at that moment
But it’s what helped me love myself again
Melody Mann Apr 12
She carries a past painted with murals of adversity,
She treads towards a future adorned with jewels of potential and prosperity,
She upholds responsibilities with dignified clarity,
A consolidation of the contributions of those transcended,
A goddess embodied; who leaves even broken hearts mended,
Her generosity embarks on a triumph unfolding.
Why does your smile feel so good
I wanna know
How the thought of me
could make it grow
Might add more to it. Kinda of a work in progress...
They were too clear
I could feel the hate
The regrets
It felt sad and once I woke up
I feel sick
Val Vik Mar 3
I wish . . .
with all of my heart
for you to be happy
by my side

And. . .
if you are not
It's okay to let go.
thoughts that rhyme
Freestyle, raw poetry
My love tied to need is transactional
It is finite, renegotiable
But to love without need is unconditional
Limitless through time
So let need dissolve in this trust
And set love free
Freed from my cage of need
So that all may feel it
“What more can I give of myself?”

At last, no answer comes.
morning thoughts
Emily Feb 4
I’m starting to understand.
Chlorophyll changes the color in the leaves
as the tide rolls onto the sand,
cycles renewing in presence and absence of man.

I wish I could dream,
instead I sit in the dark
struggling to sleep.

It’s been that way since I can remember,
but I do not weep.
I only ponder detritus blooming a flower,
a pretty rose springing up from the deep.

For once I understood the complexities of the world
I started to understand the complexities of my life;
there is no difference between the flower and I—

we both live, we both survive.
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