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Merriment upon merriment!
What parceled eyes are these?
Latent dilations that sting:
Bungled African bees.
You say as I-
Bid the fair day;
What tame a lion are you
To proclaim the error in my ways.
Leave you in a daze I shall,
As your ego suddenly croaks.
For **** hath no fury like yours truly
Who raps upon the door softly,
that you choke.
We are of the human race
Born to leave behind a trace
On the shores of Histories

Bless the world with our grace
Upon the weary human face
Befuddled with thoughts of Mysteries

Pondered over stretches of engulfing blackness.

Spark a light of Clarity empowering the darkness to behold.
07.11.2018 Wednesday -
Inspired by a poster saying 'She is human too' (in Tamil). But the poem is generally for all of human kind, men and women.
This is about the clarity of thought and truth that we decide upon (with Allah's guidance) which is bright enough to dispel confusion. I'm not referring to religious knowledge but general knowledge on science, law and society and the universe at large, in general. (But when it comes to Islam, Islam is not just a religion but a way of life, so technically Islamic religious knowledge includes all spheres of life and the universe).
Sebastian Nov 5
I never saw that golden bird
far above, free and wild
all I saw was dirt
disorienting, inexpressive
holding onto everything and anything
that had lost its will to keep going

and some kept going, against the grain
against the shadows and the pages of their books
some shouted out not their thoughts
not their memories
not their knowledge
they screamed out in happy agony the world itself
as it revealed its character in their minds

on the other side of the wallowing horizon
lies a quiet storm
with gusts of wind that twist and spin
the confines of your home
unrelenting, the claws fall upon you
and your mind can but forget its theories
of how it all came to be
so nothing remains but an unshattered window
across which the colours whisper their dreams
of how it all seems
through a silent
truthful beam
Sarah Edwards Oct 15
I am one of a rarity, you’ll be pleased to know. Too caring for their own good.
Bless the man who still finds beauty in my madness and realises the moon is still the moon in all its phases, like I did with you - a beautiful thing is never perfect. I hope for your peace you never run into anyone like me again.
An extract from the letter I wrote to a former lover.
Arcassin B Oct 12
by Arcassin Burnham

I hope you use to feel,
I hope you use to feel like I did.
But you never did,
Cause the things that I surpassed were surreal, too vivid.

Sketches and the drawings I would do would look just like you now.
Ripping pages had to do with rage, I couldn’t stop thinking of you now, now.
I just knew that my dreams weren't real when I would dream of you now ,now.
You had better things to do than to be friends with me , but I loved you now, now.

I hope you use to feel,
I hope you use to feel clarity.
But you said need,
Cause the things you use to have then , now you don't need,
Which was my love.

Martin Dove Oct 5
Life is a struggle
Armed with a bare-knuckle

Born out of ancient rubble
Collecting what chance has to offer

If you have what it takes
It rewards you with inequality -
Objective prosperity with emotional disparity

But if by chance you are misplaced
You get to see the devil’s face
Just as real as that loving gaze
You strive to see and tend to praise

Dazed by the gravity of objective reality
No matter the cost, we strive for more clarity
I’m finally 14, finally a teen finally here
You’d think I’d be happy you’d think I’d cheer,
Who knew how hard this could be
Second year at it and I want to flee.

I’ve had it to here with all of these responsibilities
There’s never a chance I just get to be me,
Finally a grown up yet it feels so wrong
The madness just started but it’s been so long,.

I only have 2 hands and one mind
So how can I balance everything in the grind,
How can I stay standing with so much on my shoulders
They call it a small world but I’m holding up boulders.

Maybe the world could put itself on pause
While I pick up the pieces and justify this lost cause,
It’s hard to make the grades when I sit there in doubt
I’m sorry sir but my heart just fell out,
Can you give me a moment to put it back in place
And another two just to cry in disgrace.

I’m one in million no make that billion who live on this planet
Yet I seem to be the only one who can’t figure it out **** it,
I’m the only one who can’t get it all together
From school to home to dressing for the weather.

I remember the days when I was so free
Nothing to think about but my family and me,
What went wrong in my picture perfect life
Oh reality stepped in with its overbearing knife.

Now my days are all but happy and family drifts apart
It’s not only boggled my mind but broken my heart,
So I ask of the man oh way up there
Please give me an answer send me your care,
Just a little piece for a lonely little girl
That little bit a clarity would mean the world,
Read more at http://******-in-oncology
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