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mace May 11
"What beautiful flowers!"
Unaware of how much death & decay took place under the soil, right below.
Oblivious to the pain.

The speaker was a girl with long black hair, walking with another, a person with brown and golden hair, at the base of the hill with a weathered grave on top.

She smelled the fragrant jasmines & plucked off a handful to decorate her hair, now walking away down the hill.
Her companion lingers at the top, gazing at the gleaming white petals, contrasting with shiny ivory.

"Come down!" She calls. But the blonde has seen the engraved rock, secluded by growing vines. They decide to have a moment of silence.

The black haired girl looks back, then rolls her eyes before abandoning them.

The person left standing next reads the epitaph,
Their sunkissed, freckled face turning into gloom.

"Now that I've seen you, I won't let you be alone."

She gently kisses the keen flowers that are curious about her words.
Then turns to lay and nap in the grass and foliage for hours.
a poem inspired by a love poem my partner wrote for me :] written metaphorically about real people/ events
We have to hope, we have to fight
and emerge from the shadows that hold us tight
For one has to go through the complexities of night
To finally dance in the dawn’s golden light.
Copyright Simran Guwalani
I S A A C Apr 22
just when i thought
that should’ve been the end
when i get my hands on it
that’s when it begins
i need it and mould it
wrapped around my fingers like gold
your body my own
your voice is silent
the room is dim but your bright mind matches mine
we intertwined over common ties
there is something i will never know
i can always feel the thorn
i feel in puzzles and i speak in tones
you understand my wit but miss my hold
i understand your grit but miss your gold
just when we could’ve thought
that was the end
Jellyfish Jan 4
I received a lot of praise
For my musical ways
and it caused waves
To crash around my heart-
Their expectations over my art
It ruined my passion
In a "Wonderwall" fashion
Singing over and over again
Into soulless eyes,
Made me feel like a type of prize
It was a lot of work to learn I'm not
I can sing and make music without being bought
I don't play for you anymore because I don't want it to be the only thing you love me for.
Dorée, a little bit of gold upon the world
A sun ray amongst the clouds.
Even when Spring fell to Summer
And the sun moved further South
Did the light of the sun still reach
          This cold Northern Realm.
Sail on golden girl,
          I’ll be your bridge to Texas.
Yet even the sun fades for hours a day;
Without the sun slowly darkness claws
And the little bit of gilding you
          Wrought in my life faded.
Golden leaves in autumn now begin to fall;
The sun gone –
          Twilight began a year or so ago -
I awake to the gilding of you missing;
          Gone, taken by the wind.
Sail on golden girl,
          I can no longer follow.
Dorée, always a little bit of gold in my life:
A sunbeam across a dark sky,
          Left a little bit darker without you.
The places we shared will never be the same;
          Many are already gone or changed.
Could you hug me one last time
                    From heaven?
Forever golden, Dorée. Forever golden.
Dorée: (feminine of doré) adjective: golden, gilded, e.g. des cheveux dorés 'golden hair'
Yanamari Sep 2023
Heat emitting
Steaming whistling
Sinking repetitively
Emerging each time
Lacking that youthful glow
Replaced by the reflection
Of my toil given to me
Losing the heat of the moments
Leaving it all behind
It could only last so long
And here I am
Smoothened by the love only I could
Give me
Inspiration: Welding gold and the heat of youth - (Pers Ref: KTLMA)

Read a past diary entry from several years back - laughed if I'm being honest, the passion of adolescence is lost on me.

This poem I wrote mostly to vocalise the changes I see in myself compared to the past, otherwise the style of this poem isn't something I'd see myself publishing anymore.
Nigdaw Jul 2023
this is a poor mans heaven
rooms lit by a golden glow
as the sun shines for a moment
to illuminate it's kingdom
before dipping behind a horizon
where only memories can light
the way to a promised land
it is fleeting moments like this
that feed my soul and elevate me
spiritually to a kind of epiphany
the same sun man has worshipped
since his beginning of time
I S A A C May 2023
heavy golden mangoes
gushing golden rivers
where the birds are treasure chests and sing like my momma
where a shellshocked man can rest and release the burden of trauma
the grass kisses your skin and the warm wind hugs you from behind
i could not believe my eyes
i found El Dorado from peeking inside
Isaace Sep 2022
The red soil rises in the garden
Upon a wrought and coiling mist,
Then collects the stems of morning light:
Old Future's endless sift.

These mornings when the flood plains swell
Instil great peace of mind;
Tireless are the crossroads of
Transpiring, morning light.

Set down the blade,
Spread far the grain,
Inhale the rice-fed air,
Then rake the water's fervent edge,
Revealing waves of golden.
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