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SmallKid Sep 21
Time is golden
and you're my chosen

Time is silver
and you're my lover
I got the golden *****
You know I paid for that
Gold like this don't
Come out no magic hat

A ******* bunny
I've kissed a million John's
Snow white's a dime
A dozen dwarves I've done

I taste fantastic
Like cinnamagic
Hidy ** I'm working up
Some black *****

Like Cardi B
I sing so sweet
A melody
You didn't

Me stripping
Like jesus you
Must be tipping me

Orca whales a tale

You aint I'm flipping me
Back over
And I'm back under

The your dirt
I am the worm
Ashes on your shirt
Dead like you want to be
Make love like you wanted me

You know I'm your freedom
Like an underground whitehead
Call me a shark with ****
I give up that tight head

Locked in a fantasy
Locked like you want to be
Chaste boy, my name is Chastity

Not a **** in sight
Your lost in me
Like you were lost at sea
In my gold *****

I aint no trap
Queen I'll kiss you like you my royalty
I'll be your Harry Styles, you'll be my
Honey Bee

I'm busy for you boy
You better know I'm a sap for you
My honey's dripping down for you
Have you ever seen a sad retriever?
Of their true love, we are the receivers,
How many need to change a light bulb? None!
To them, there is a perpetual sun.
Tongues lolling, tails wagging,
Always smiling, never flagging,
Yes, we love our happy fur friend dudes,
With their positive mental attitudes!
Feedback welcome.
Jolan Lade Sep 9
I need us to be mine
Your heart is golden, bright shine
Take your time and if you need a hand, take mine
Abby M Sep 9
A spiral of light, like music to my eyes
I spun out into the golden grass
The stars shining brightly above me
Only seconds ago the vortex that seemed to knock me down
I heard a laugh, but no one was there
Maybe it was the stars
The moon was too kind to laugh
My silver feet began to work again
Daring the stars to tip me twice
The dampened earth beneath my twirling soles
A cushion when the dare was done
I laid there then, but
Only long enough to find Pegasus
Until I heard the muffled steps and swishing grass
As others wandered from the trees
Their candles sad mirrors
Of the vortex in the sky
One by one they challenged the stars
That tucked them all in to a bed of laughter and golden grass
I watched as they disappeared beneath the waving fronds
Until I could feel the hands of the stars readying the finale
Pulling me into a spiral of sweat and lazy zephyrs
They too knew that this was the last dance
But still I whispered up to their shining choir
Daring them to stop time.
Their hands were on their pocket watches
Pulling out the gears
A wish so close to granting you could hear the crickets pause
Yet soon they stirred
The spiral pushed, but laughter pushed it back
No longer harmonizing to their melodic lights
I fell again
This time over a root
My silver feet tarnished to grey
And lost their shine walking back through the woods
When I had a much younger face,
I traveled to a far off place,
To a site where I fell in love,
Riverside, patch of Heaven above,
There we sat and fished a'while,
Memory lane can bring us smiles,
Golden dawn on a riverside,
Under hills where eagles glide,
Spring blooms of wildflowers,
Where we passed those happy hours,
Riverside to fish a'while,
Yes, memory lane can make us smile!
Feedback welcome.
Immigration became faster
Easier, cheaper
And safer

It literally changed
The sense of time
And space

It helped create
Utah’s mining

It increased ethnic and
Religious diversity in

V. The railroad helped
**** many Utah

The train changed the LDS Church
And fueled anti-polygamy

The train helped
Settle the

It changed the

It sped the displacement
Of American Indian

The train created the
Utah tourism

The train created a disparity
Of wealth in some
Utah areas

The train
United the

- From The Salt Lake Tribune

A Poem

The end of the trail,
Its mystery gone,
Is featured so often
In story and song;
But as long as the lure
Of the unknown will be,
It's beginnings of trails
That appeal to me!
Bernice Gibbs Anderson, Mother of the Golden Spike

B.G. Anderson
Happy 150th
Golden Spike
Me levanta a las 4 a.m.
Cada día cuidando
Las vacas de mi hermano

Es trabajo si pero es
Más de eso para mí
Me llamen loco pero me hablan

Las vacas me dicen cosas
Que nunca jamás
He podido conocer como humano

Solo y por eso no me puedo
Jalarme de aquí estoy
Clavado a Coronado con las vacas
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