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Jac 7d
the sunflowers had withered
gracious had they once stood,
competing with the golden hues of the sun,
there exuding radiance had been a delight to gaze upon;
now left to be fetched when morning came.
withered sunflowers no longer competing with the golden sun
Mark Wanless Oct 13
what golden meaning
perceived when in a moment
is but reflection
The lake shimmers in golden velveteen

A gift from the sun, at sundown

The palm trees lined up in rows

The birds flew into the branches

For the gala evening show

Summer gets darker,
Sun begins to fade,
Our lives get more wise, through the dances of autumns haze.
Leaves fall off and a charmed aroma of sweet cider symphonies come down the trees unto hearts that bleed.
Enjoy the rich colors autumn brings, deep burgundy red, grape purple, golden bronze and chocolate sweetness floats into the air of a summoned season that we call Fall.
Delicious treats on our tongue touched pallets,
soft, warm, chewy cinnamon buns, red stains covering our lips from that glass bitten candy apple we bought at the fair. Smells of apple cider and maple syrup and our lovers kiss that is smooth like a pumpkin spice dream when my chap stick smothers your face in such delightful ways.
I love the fall, it is my favorite season. What is yours?
She has a golden heart
She is a madonna
She wears the mask
Not for corona
Just to appear a prima donna
She has a golden heart
She is a madonna
She wears the mask
golden leaf streamers
cascaded o'er the aspen's
tall majestic stem
bloodKl0tz Sep 3
i want to be
a cat wandering aimlessly,
not caring about it next day
not caring about its next meal or its next hunt

the sun is my goal
warm golden puddles
of cat  fur
Safana Sep 1
She is like...
A white lily
on a surface of
powder stone,
growing like a
golden limestone,
standing like a
statue of
of a beautiful
baby doll,
she is a light
that off  my sight,
Having a smile
like sunny day,
She is a star 🌟
like beautiful
Twinkle star,
Her red labial
as a red rose
from Longwood
her eye's beauty
is more than
beautiful eye
of mantis shrimp,
walking more
than a
Taylor Swift
on the ground
of fashion parade,
She breathes
talking nicely,
Lovely she is,
A beautiful
White Amina
Amina, she is a young lady claiming innocency having bright beginning and anticipating beautiful future. She had an expensive character to see her everyday but unexpectedly one time I sensed her dophamine connecting to my cardiac system.
annh Aug 27
I closed my eyes against the mortal limitations of this world and settled back to watch reruns of my youth. Discouragement and dissatisfaction gave way to golden hours and glory days, depicted in vivid technicolour and accompanied by a flugelhorn fandango.
‘No story is the same to us after a lapse of time; or rather we who read it are no longer the same interpreters.’
- George Eliot
julianna Aug 21
I think I’m cool...
Some say I’m golden
But I really feel invisible.
I give,
But it feels more like it’s taken from me.
I need someone to see me,
Really see me.
See me for who I am,
My quirks,
My likes,
My favorite song and the way I dance when no one is looking.
Those closest to me feel “close enough”
So I need someone to cross the line
And become closest to me.
Once I’m warmed by them,
I might feel golden.
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