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Lorrin Feb 1
Downy feathers float
free without limit or care
aloft in the blue
Give me a break, god
Tell me all the things that I haven’t done right
All the ways that I’ve been a sore sight

How am I a splinter in your side
I’m trying not to just deny

I’m trying hard to leave the questions
Let the roar of peace cancel them out
But I do find that on this mission
The things I see just take me out

I’m tired of having to peoce together
All the things that I’ve done wrong
And when I die, light as a feather
My heart will sing a cleared up song
I don’t believe in god but I’m using god as a device to convey what I’m feeling. What did you like about this poem?
Max Jan 29
You're as light as a feather,

I blow you away.
Not in my social mood
Yung Jan 28
I unsheathe my weapon,
as ***** as its gets

Plumed with a bird's feather,
pointy at its end

This weapon I dip in ink,
with thoughts of regrets

I scribble something down,
with caution I apprehend

To whom it may concern,
read and witness the noun

This is yet a journey,
with nothing but a frown
Amelia Jan 19
crimson red
burning like a fire
scorching my wings
incinerating my feathers

i am trapped
my talons entangling around a metal bar
i descend slowly into the pits
of the red fire

this phoenix is broken
this phoenix cannot rise.
Raven Jan 8
From the top of this mountain
I look upon the earth.
Everything seems so small
as the wind is stroking my skin.

All our problems,
As gravity looses it's grip on me
my worries fade away.

The wind is whispering to me,
begging me to follow its call.
Like a feather
it carries me away.
Wai Phyo Win Dec 2018
Who is the suiter, what they say?
flassless and pure as you are
Even a perfect cut diamond sure has needles and clouds as its born bigger
May not worthy for the museum collector
It has some value despite having major pinpoints and feathers
Rational thinking process is the only factor and matter
Based on true story
faith Dec 2018
drifting downward,
picked up by a breeze,
floating townward,
with everything at ease,
i envy this feather,
so careless and free,
i'm tied down with leather,
with nothing to see,
a weight in my heart,
a wait in my head,
my dry lips now part,
i'm on my deathbed,
my heart is still hurting,
oh when will it stop,
why can't he stop flirting,
and just set up shop,
inside my arms,
with comfort and love,
where no one will harm,
my one true love.
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