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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
You make me wish I was as hollow as a feather

Believe I could ride wind directly to your palms even in a blizzard with enough will and small enough density

I would fold limbs over one another to form the shape of a paper airplane
A postage stamp on my face for good measure
And leap off porch railing to be carried away by spontaneous currents

Soulmates do whatever it takes to draw near one another
There is no obstacle larger than love
Written 4-17-20
OnlyEggy Nov 2020
Be free!
I release you, Nurtured Feathers
Go! Fly!

Run and flee!
Leave this wall-less house of Forever!
Escape, bye!

Be gone!
No longer Us bound together!
No longer try!

Just remember!
I sewed your wounds better!
Dried Nurtured's eyes!

Don't forget!
I severed Binds that held Nurtured tighter!
Eliminated lies!

Of toils of illness and bouts of fever!
Shoulders where Nurtured voice cries!

Just know!
There never were walls, windows, doors, locks, or levers!
Nutured was always free to go and try!

Freed Ye!
Become loveless to the hand of the deepest lover!
Beseech my soul as it dies!

So, Be free!
I smile as I release you, Nurtured Feathers!
Ever hurt as you go by!
Strength can come in many forms
Sometimes invisible
Sometimes tangible

Strength can be a phoenix feather
Strength can be a lotus flower
Growth from the ashes
Growth from the peaceful waters

Strength can come in many forms
A feather or a flower
Both lead you home
strength can come in many forms
Unpolished Ink Oct 2020
Thoughts are our feathers
They lift imagination
Then they blow away
Jay M Oct 2020
A feather


To the ground
C r a c k i n g
the ice
Of a long frozen river

Below the frigid surface
Lies a long dormant creature
Stirred from their slumber
Once more to rise

- Jay M
September 24th, 2020
Don't remember what the true meaning was, it's been sitting in my drafts. Tell me, what do you make of it?
Safana Sep 2020
Very evening
In the west
Up to sky, I
can see a
flying birds
dancing for
the song they
sing together

Peee *** ***
*** hwuit hweet
Peeeeee hwuitt
Chwuee weeee

Are flying birds
uniformly, wearing
multi-hued feather
gown, dancing on
the sky floor
Oh! It's wedding,
a wedding party
of princess
white dove
in the sky palace
of Avesdom
Lainey May 2020
As the new day dawns
A feather floats slowly on
Cloud reflected seas.
liakey Apr 2020
i am so weak.

like a feather dancing in the wind,
flowing freely with the breeze.

i need you to save me, to lead me,
to guide the winds that carry me;
you do so with such ease.

although the leaves around me may rustle,
there is nothing you do not see.

you show me the direction,
i surrender to you;
at last, I am free.
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