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LC Apr 4
the dark limb splits the moon
from the expansive, pitch-black sky.
at a distance, we paint it
as a glowing, surface level circle
that we place our wishes onto.
we never listen to it in return,
so the limb fiercely protects
the whispers of the moon.
Escapril Day 3! The prompt was "limbs." I used the astronomical definition of limb, which was "the edge of a celestial object." This poem took some twists and turns, and this is where it ended up.
Glenn Currier Mar 22
It is a lie.
I can’t get into your skin
nor see the blight on your soul
nor know the wealth of your life
in the darkness and the light.

It seems to me – and I could be wrong –
these four words
discount the other’s experience
dismiss the depth of a friend’s feeling.

Can’t I come up with something more creative?
Ask a question to find out more?

Have NOT been there
like you have.
I thank Maddy for her poem -  that caused me to think about the impact of those four words and thus became the inspiration for this poem.
EmVidar Feb 11
Always some truth
in the words we say,
even in the lies
you've accused me
of saying

-em vidar
Zack Ripley Jan 3
You can work until your fingers bleed,
but that won't give you a sense of pride.
You can cry til you can't see the sky,
but nothing will change
until you're ready to try again.
Sometimes, doing something too much
is worse than not doing it at all.
Like everything else, it's all about balance.
So, for your sanity's sake,
take the time to find your limits,
and listen to your body
when it tells you to take a break.
MuseumofSoph Dec 2021
Dear poet,

I wrote back
Did you look?

This website is tricky
I try and keep up but life goes on

If I don’t respond right away don’t be mad
Just be patient

You’re poetry is still beautiful
And your voice is still ancient
But I want to get to know you

Despite your words
My poems aren’t for entertainment

They spread the word of the unheard
The lost, forgotten

I represent

The ******

Not of people but
Of society.

Not plausible (technically)
But the people in power
That’s more like it

Don’t spit
No need to fear
Your guardian angel
Is ever near
Another letter
Ian Dunn Nov 2021
No matter what your problem
No matter how bad it seems
Know that if you ask
I will sit and listen

Even if you just want to talk
Maybe about something silly
If you need someone
I will sit and listen

Maybe you want to ramble on
about something in life you love
I may not understand it
but I will sit and listen

I will make the time
I will work to focus
You are important to me
So I will sit and listen
It can mean the world to someone just to have someone there to listen.
Mark Wanless Oct 2021
the dog keeps barking in the rain
and i am sitting next to him

listening to strong plea for life
and plaintiff yelping to end strife

as thunder rolls along i see
all destiny is death
Sarah Wallace Oct 2021
There’s this love
That lives in a foreign place
A foreign place with a familiar heart
There’s this love
That begins with an unforgettable face
And that’s where you are

You don’t have a name
You are just words
Incandescent incantations
Thrown into the wind.

And I thought I would recognize you on this earth

But I couldn’t find you anywhere.

I thought maybe I’d know your eyes

To find some of my worth somewhere

But it’s all of me, the encompassing truth

That it was your eyes that would undo

What I thought I knew.

I’m sorry that I could not see the eloquent parts of me

Did they lived in you too,

And I thought it wasn’t true

That love could never find me again.
A friend or a lover
But a never ending flame

Of a person without a name
Someone I had never heard speak
Who’s essence was the same
Who’s being was only words that leak
From lips too eager to wait.

It’s not too late:

Say my name
Say my name
Say my name

Echo those letters into words

So that I can hear your voice
So that I may put a mouth to your eyes and to your face

Yet I have no choice,

But to wait.

Lace, strung around my corners

Following my path

Guiding you, leading you
To where it all began

If you find me

This is where I am.

As if I’ll know where you’ll be

As if I knew that this was the story
Encoded in our DNA

Say what you need to say

I’ll be listening.
Zack Ripley Sep 2021
Anyone can save a life
All you have to do is listen
And remind people that they are loved.
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