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I ask myself, "What's the point?",
Then end up rolling another joint,
Completely forgetting the question,
Never again to be mentioned,
Or brought up again ever,
These are the thoughts that must be severed,
Because thinking about it,
Makes me want to end it all, just quit,
So I sit and I stall in the pit,
Of loneliness under sedatives,
See me and say, "yeah, he kind of lives",
But obviously, I'm mostly dead,
A hunk of sad flesh that wants love instead,
Of more common necessities,
Dot your I's and cross your T's,
Hide the cries of impossibilities,
Fantasize over all the fantasies,
Climb to the highest point and feel the breeze,
That blows you off into the lake of fire,
In the lake there's many demons for hire,
They will sell you lies that are drugs and *****,
Feels at the top, but game over, you lose,
Still writhing at the bottom of the pit,
Dancing in blood and the phlegm of your spit,
You thought it made you rise but it didn't,
Still below it all and back to question,
"What's the point", lay down the bottle, rest gin,
Tuck it away, you're tucking it to sleep,
As you're woke again, you're back on your feet,
You talk about your problems to people,
Realize their solvable, you're feeble,
When it comes to talking about this stuff,
I want you to hear me, off with your muffs,
The abuse and pain, the love and the wealth,
Talking about this helped me understand myself,
As I continued to talk, the depressive thoughts fleeted,
Now I guess a good listener was all that I needed.
LSD 2d
It has been a while in time

-—However not out of reach

I was trying to climb highs

-—I’d dared not before dream

The whisper that followed

-—My every step into more sorrow

Softening with thy gentle hum

-—The less of the hollow i become

Not in view but within my range

-—I’ve settled a life within a place

Stiller, the quieter the strange

-—A hymn has me filled my gaze

Covering the eyes, i have them closed

-—For it’s in the heartbeat, ye old drum

The beat swung with wings that started to sing

—I thought i recognized the song

Laying still, bathed, i bask in your suns—-

—-I absorb thy lights and the winds blow in my back

All so i can let them move me as one—-
A visit from the nightingale
Dani 4d
My cries are unheard
I want your attention
My heart yet beats
Only for my own protection

I follow my lead
In myself I trust
Knowing I’m loved?
I still have a ****

I feel left out
I’ve been left standing
My hearts hidden
This ride is landing

Forgetting me
Better things to do
Than remembering
I do so much too

Taking care of all
Myself and everything
Money isn’t love
Nothing isn’t something

As I said I am unheard
I ask again for your attention!
Yes, my heart may beat
But it’s from my own protection
Ever felt like your soul is suffocating...?

Written in 2011-2012. Edited in 2018.
misha 4d
don't expect
me to echo
because i've
got opinions
of my own
but you're
too busy to listen
don't ask me to speak up, would you like me to tell you to clean your ears and listen up?
misha 7d
rub those
tears off
your full on
baked make-up
wipe those mascara
drippings and
fix your lipstick
because i can
see you breaking
even if you hide it
get it together, barbie
don't cover it up, let people know how you feel because your feelings matter as well
misha Nov 3
misha Nov 3
you're always so close yet so far
i'm tired of bending backwards for you
i'm sick of swimming across to you
i'm frustrated by waiting for you for hours
don't come and find me,
i'm no longer yours
misha Nov 1
you don't know me

i'm quiet on the
but on the inside
i'm screaming
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