Oh, how I love to fight the man
But so do all my biggest fans!
Birdies marching "tweet, tweet, tweet"
Resenting those who paved that street
Excel Mar 14
Did you even bother to listen?
Did you really hear my words?
Or did you just judge me?

Once upon a time, I thought you cared
I thought you loved me
But you never did

You taught me a lot, you made me smile
You made me feel important
For a while

But your anime-like eyes turned dark and cold
Skin so soft and smooth turned rough
Sharp was your tongue as it cut me
Deep were the wounds that you made

Now, you stay there
A lack of emotion all over your face
Now, you just stay there and watch me bleed
Timothy Mar 14
Auree, you've been good to me
you've shown me the way to be free
I want to give something in return
so I wrote this poem that I've learn

You are the instrument of my song
To the beat of your heart as it play along.
I've never been this in love before
but I know that you are someone I wont fall for.

You are the song that plays in the background
before I knew it, you're all ready there,
and I was dumbfounded.
you are the instrument that lives in me....
you are my inspiration that drove me here..
I feel blessed that I've known you
because without you

I will never be a writer of expression.
dunno if I did it correctly.
your thoughts?
Ps. just playing around with words again. do you mind translating this poem for me to understand what the hell did I wrote.
The eyes that listen
See more of the world than the
Ones that shout blindly.
Have you ever wondered how it would sound if everybody in the world stopped talking all at the same time?
Ginger R Mar 10
The water opens wide
Swallowing me up again

I rest in their peaceful grasp
My mind floats free

It sees the rushing tide
From deep inside
Wondering when will it all end
When will the world fall away
Will we live to see that day

Soon it is coming
Rushing upon us
We will not see it
Will not hear it
Wil not smell it
Will not feel it
Will not touch it
Until it has come
Then all will be at it's end

My mind upon returning
Confused and bewildered
Tries to relate to me the warning
But I, like so many cannot hear it
Cannot see it
Cannot smell it
Cannot feel it
Cannot touch it
My mind cannot commute to me the danger
Of not believing.
and who
will listen?
mrc Mar 9
i found myself wondering why you still
come around every so often
to talk
to laugh
to listen
and you should know that it drives me
just a little bit crazy
you see, your eyes, those damn eyes,
always lock with mine
but you don't look away (so i don't)
and then the electric current starts
thrumming and humming and buzzing
until it becomes a tangible things
that i taste on the tip of my tongue
when i'm around you i can't think straight
my words become  j u m b l e d  and
i want to kiss that spot where your
neck jaw head meets
but i can't, and i hurts like hell
- tell me you feel it too
frankie Mar 8
how do I get you to listen to me?
these words feel like venom slipping from my lips
but when they reach your ears it's as if the poison has turned into feathers and you pay no attention to them

how do I get you to listen?
there's so much I crave to say, so much I want you to hear
but alas it all goes unsaid because you'll never care anyway

how do I get you to listen?
I have relinquished every part of myself to you
but you, you ignore all the parts of me that don't give you some sort of sexual pleasure and I am left to feel worthless, like another book on the shelf
left unread, untouched, just pretty to look at and skim when it satisfies your wants.
Tick tock tick tock.
"When will my breath stop?"
Apparently not appropriate conversation to make at my family gathering.

The chicken is delightful. Would you give me the recipe? (murmurs of agreement around table)

"I wasn't kidding. I avoid pools, yoga and beautiful people that take my breath away so I don't have to deal with slight fluctuations in my oxygen intake!"

The table was set up perfectly by the kids, don't you think? Granted they forgot the wine glasses! (adults chuckle)

"I can't help but imagine those pillowcases in our chests that expand occasionally, as if rotating fans face them. It's an obsession of mine!"

Oh I think Johnny's about to fall asleep! Is there a guest bed room I can let him rest in? (assistance follows)

"Why won't you listen! When I take off my T-shirts, I count down and gulp the air before pulling the fabrics off, out of fear of being found dead, half-naked due to suffocation."

Oh Laurie I really shouldn't have dessert, I'm trying to watch my weight, but let me help you bring it out? (chattering of women on the way to the kitchen)

"Don't you know that I carry both an oxygen tank and an assortment of plants and trees wherever I go. I insert the tubes or the vines into my nose so that even when I'm gone my lungs may never stop rising."

(speaker dies the next day in car crash)
Evelyn Genao Mar 2
Don’t talk to me in that tone!
Yes, mother, I apologize for my insolent self.

Why can’t you be more like your brother? He’s younger than you!
Yes, mother, I apologize for my insolent self.

You need to lose weight! You’re too fat!
Yes, mother, I apologize for my insolent self.

I am the mother! You are the daughter! I own you!
Yes, mother, I apologize for my insolent self.

You are such a disappointment.
I’m sorry. I’m sorry.
I’m so sorry mother.
I’m not the daughter you expect of me.
I will be

Why am I never good enough for you?
You comment on my flaws, constantly, diminishing my already low self-esteem.
You compare me to others, saying how I should be more “like them.”
Will you love me if I’m compliant with your every wish?
I’m sorry I’m not your perfect daughter.
Stop reminding me that you love my brother more than me.

I’m sorry.
For being who I am.
For being different.
For bringing you pain.
For not being enough.

Please. Stop. Don't.
Your words. Won't leave.
My head. Hurts.
I don't want to listen.
Make it stop.
I can't take it anymore.

I’m sick of listening.
I’m sick of you.
I hate myself.
I hate you.

I know.
I should be more like him.
I know.
I am not perfect.
I know.
I do not have your love.
I know.
You hate me.
I’m a disappointment.
this is a rant that I needed to get out the only way I know how, through poetry. Most Of it is true while some is made up to make the poem better. Like, love, repost, comment.
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