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Just watch
You'll see
If you pay attention
Just listen
Listen closely
Don't just listen with your ears
That will only drum up fears
Something they conveniently forget to mention
Hoping no one learns their lesson
Raise your hand with an open
Minds eye when you ask your question
What you do
With the answer given
Is up to you
But there's no knowledge that should ever be forbidden

SANA May 8
why do u always look up when u are sad ?
at least the starts will look at the tears
that people failed to see
Im gonna call the cops on google ad murders from hearing my voice from my tech stuff an incite a code 4 on add killers plotting on our voices
We All See Them
Bekah Halle Apr 3
Stillness is where it all begins,
In quietness and rest, you will gain life again.
In release and trust is where it continues.
In standing, with arms wide open,
In outstretching hands,
In exhaling,
In breathing,
In being,
AE Feb 16
The momentary confines
And the viscosity of this remembering
It sticks to my throat
And I think of ways to love
Beyond the way of words
Beyond the everyday exchange
But to hold on to everything
Past and future in these frail hands
Sew them deep into the leftover stains
From Sunday brunches
And midnight snacks

At ease
You tell me
I listen, I listen, I listen

The pain of telling stories
Clutches onto my chest
I wish I could tell you what hurts
And what doesn't

But I listen, I listen, and listen
Jeremy Betts Feb 15
{expanded version}

If life was a day...
What would a day in the life look like?
Would you dream with no time to bring said dream to light?
With no time to heal would you put up a fight?
With little time to work on yourself would you even listen to another's plight?
It would eliminate the full spectrum of pain and hate
But the cycle of love and that connection would be on the same connecting flight
Couldn't enjoy the finer things, no more designer things
No time to trend, no time to reach that hight
Would there be time to worry about right and wrong, would you learn wrong from right?
I don't know...I might

~•§•~ Life in a Day ~•§•~
If life was a day...
What would a day in the life look like?
Spicy Digits Jan 31
I have seen the hurricane

I have caused the avalanche

the firestorm met me where
I lay in bed at night

I want you to see my alabaster skin
And Pan Am smile

I want to show you my matted fur
and smoking breath

I want you to ask me why I'm angry.
Jeremy Betts Jan 17
Good times are so few and far between
Hardly seen
Never lasting
If I never find another, what do you think that could mean?
Blink and you'll miss 'em
So I remove the eyelids, see, I can listen
And I don't sleep for a reason
I hear that's deaths cousin...'s not the weirdest thing to believe in

Haylin Dec 2023
I'm sorry to hear about the difficult experiences you've had to endure. It's understandable that the fear and pain you felt at a young age would have a lasting impact on you. It takes a lot of strength to trust yourself and listen to your inner voice when those around you have caused you harm. And it's not easy to carry the weight of grief and brokenness within you.

But I'm glad to hear that you found solace in words and were able to use them as a tool for healing. It's amazing how writing can help us connect with ourselves and the world around us. It's inspiring to see that you were able to break down some of those protective walls and allow yourself to live in the present moment.

I want you to know that you're not alone and that it's okay to feel vulnerable and fragile sometimes. You are brave and resilient for continuing to listen to your heart and your inner voice, even when it's hard. And I hope that you continue to find ways to express yourself and connect with the world in meaningful ways.
Mark Wanless Nov 2023
hounds of hell talked to me last night
hounds of hell talked till it was light
didn't know what they said
just confusion in my head

and i listened oh i listened
to the growls of hell
i listened oh i listened
to the howls of hell

went awake inside my head
saw the face of satan yeah
image of a normal man
kinda looked like you my friend

and i listened oh i listened
to the howls of hell
i listened oh i listened
to the growls of hell
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