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mjad 1d
Of all the fun I've ever had
Almost all I've never told you
From hitting dab pens
To sneaking out with friends
Almost all I've never told you
Following the trends
Meeting random boys
Listening to the devils tempting voice
Crashing in hotel rooms for the night
To staying up with a boy till the sunlight
My phone holding all the photos I've taken I've never shown you
But you never knew, never found out about
The times I don't want to forget
You don't know about them yet
And my only regret out of all of it
Is that I can't tell you one bit
Part 3 to "Fun"
Ainnoot 3d
We watch movies together
I feel lighter with every flick.
My comedian, you make everything funny
I don’t care if you can’t love me
because with you I feel lovely.
You take away my blues,
Yes, take all my money.
I wish you were here
when I  feel gray at night
because against my darkest depression
You always win the fight.
When it comes to food
you make the greatest suggestions every time
you accompany me during flights
You understand all my needs
You’ve become my obsession
I will forever love you, ****
I saw a post in my email and I felt a little inspired. Credits to Renée for the inspiration.
Im Sick to death of money stress,can't borrow,

Broken heart in empty chest just hollow,

Tears rolling down my face pure sorrow,

Same **** different day man I curse tomorrow,

Burnt so much paper on draws & raws,

It's like my life's on pause,  I'm stuck in stasis,

Don't know which way to turn,
I can't face this,

Feel like I've jumped head first  into the matrix,

Red and blue pill, which way will it take us?

The path is forked like the tongues of my haters,

Keyboard warriors they remain faceless,

Your see through, I read you like the papers,

Blue cheese & lemon trees in my grater!!

Loyal to the end,no hater,catch me never,not later

I'm greater than Britain, words so heavy create a crater when written.

Just some words in my head
a soft ****** ape,
& dharma geek,
i dream asleep
& wide awake.

my third eye sees,
so ****** i'm rocked.
half-baked ideas
are under cooked.
Mo Mar 24
The **** drops deep as does my plant.
I never love, 'cause to love is the girlfriend of scant.
Beyond the walls of drums, life is defined.
I think of happiness when I'm in a Berlin state of mind.

Hope the ant got some rant.
My scant don't like no ***** grant.
Run up to the aunt and get the cant.

In a Berlin state of mind.
What more could you ask for? The cool ****?
You complain about the cold.
I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the screed.

I'm rappin' to the head,
And I'm gonna move your bed.

Smooth, beautiful, super, like a seed
Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a screed.

I can't take the the cold, can't take the love.
I woulda tried to sleep I guess I got no glove.

I'm rappin' to the bed,
And I'm gonna move your head.

Yea, yaz, in a Berlin state of mind.

When I was young my girlfriend had a lead.
I waz kicked out without no screed.
I never thought I'd see that speed.
Ain't a soul alive that could take my girlfriend's breed.

A slippery teddy bear is quite the everywhere.

Thinking of happiness. Yaz, thinking of happiness (happiness).
What do I have to do
to get through to you:
I do what I must to survive.
Send thanks to any god
you dream and believe:
Shame is sitting still, smoking ****.

Do I
just get by?
to the
at large, oh
yes, oh yes.

Do I
just get by?
to me,
world's gonna
end, oh yes.

If you want to waste your mind on me,
that's fine --
I'll be using mine for feeling,
and I'll be full to satisfied.

What do I have to do
to get through to you:
I do what I must to survive.
Send thanks to any god
you dream and believe:
Shame is sitting still, smoking ****.

racks and shelves
for any
piece of
in what you
have here made.

racks and shelves
for any
of yours
to ruin   with my appreciation.

If you want to waste your mind on me,
that's fine --
I'll be using mine for feeling,
and I'll be full to satisfied.

Start the day
the only way
that works for me.
Lighter, light ****.
Massage ball, get my shoulder free.
Lungs, please, do continue.
Carry me through dance.
Tighten the strings
of the universe
through me,
from my feet to my hands.
Sarah Doughty Mar 15
Something whispers deep inside me
"You are the apocalypse."
So I set my pipe beside me
And think "I'm too high for this."
mars Mar 10
The back end of daylight shines through the bathroom windows
casting orange shadows over warm water.
Drawing a breath between my lips and the smoke forms in my mouth, tickling my taste buds before it escapes through parted lips out into the the orange where it spins in circles in the light rays.
I’ve been here before, the odd vibration of the same old universe
but this time-
it’s a different feeling. Exhaling into the new day, things are better.
The cigarette carton lays in the trash, razors folden in between paper towels tucked into the corners of the same garbage bag.
I watch them be tossed into the truck and wave to the addiction.
My fingers haven’t touched the back of my throat in weeks,
I’m eating again.

It’s a new day and I live it through the night.
FireheartFading Dec 2018
Crush another can,
Something wonderful!
Wasted now,
Broken house...


Take another hit,
And it's all complete,
Just **** me,
Oh,  **** me...


Can't you see?
It's my creed,
Blood red seas,
So permanently!
And this is me!
Oh, this is me...


So bright,
I think about a day,
I've never had my rights!
I'm Equal,
And Unequal...


Shadow ball!
Oh,  shadow ball,
Tell me why I never
Had faith at all!
Just let me sleep,
Oh, let me sleep,


Oh, Hashish,
And *****,
I can't imagine when
I've ever felt so numb!
Just guide me,
And hide me...


It's something new,
And something *******,
A form of happiness
I never thought I'd brew,
But still, I knew,
Oh, I knew...


Shadow ball,
Oh, shadow ball,
Tell me why I never
Had faith at all!
Just let me feel,
And leave me be...

About my favorite combination.  I call them shadow *****.
I still remember,
That special first time.
I was young, and
I wanted to FIND.

I wanted to FEEL it,
That FREEDOM of mind,
Leave troubles

At first I felt nothing,
I asked my best friend;
He swore it was

But then, a tingle.
My mind filled with
MEMORIES, thoughts
Of the past.

I couldn't believe it;
So much; so fast!
No longer depressed,
I rose from the grass.  

I felt like a scholar,
Or philosopher of old.
I walked to our table
To tell what it showed.

Of course, they were laughing,
But I didn't mind,
I knew what I'd FOUND.
I'd seen the DIVINE.
This is a quick one about my love of cannabis. Enjoy
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