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some pain is more expensive than others
permanent or reoccurring and not as insured

there was this rodent faced woman from china
by way of vancouver

such a rotten little *****
i kept on wanting to give her d-con pellets
to see if she would eat them

such a face-saving, respecter of persons
lying rotten *****
i thought she was in her mid-fifties but she claimed
late forties
i thought asian women were supposed to age better

not her though,
maybe it was all the ugliness inside
always working hard
but never smart
showing off expensive watches
and pictures of her dog
that no one really cared about
but it was her way of wielding power
and power needs to be wielded by the ******

beware the unlikable woman
who always has a back up white-man
to order around

the less real the power, the stupider the person
in this case
the rodent faced
woman. i kept on
wanting to give her d-con pellets
to see if she would eat them
"well i learned many things
in never never land
that i never really wanted to know"
i'll turn my heart into stone
and burn my lungs with cigarette smoke
i'll be tough
i'll perform exorcisms on my thoughts
i'll stand here
but i'll still be breathing
watch me
i want to walk down the school hallway smoking a cigarette
i want to have shards of glass protruding from my heart
i want ****** knuckles from fighting my demons
i want broken bones to prove the fights i've won
i want you to see the pain you put me in
i'll wear chains around my neck to prove i'm tough
and i won't say one word to you
i sat outside in the cold today
everyone complaining about the chill
i was wearing a tank top
while everyone had jackets and sweatshirts
everyone was shocked to see me there
just withstanding the cold weather
the truth is
i was shivering
i was freezing
but i liked it
i liked the feeling of becoming numb
i liked pretending i was tougher than everyone
Ciara Oct 11
some days are hard
hard as the bricks
that built a wall around the heart
no way to be hurt
each brick ironically built by heartache
molded into what once used to be
a heart so soft that you could watch it melt in the hand
hands of people who helped build the wall
who were the foundation of pain
the pain wrapped around your heart
its no longer soft but hard as steel
Kimmy Oct 6
“Oh, you sorry fool

You’ve cut your fingers

Plucking on

my puppet strings


When will you learn?

Souls like his

Were not meant

for souls like yours

He will live his

whole entire life

And not once

think twice

About the color of

your eyes”

I jokingly tell my friends

That my daddy issues are

The root of these

crushes on older men

But they don’t know

the hurt

Behind those words

It is hard to explain how

The man I'm

sleeping with

Is/could be my


Because of this

I now have




But I can't


talk about

About what


I try to tell my

friends, they


“Well every


has mood


But they have

Not seen

How crazy

I can be!

I warn boys I am


they laugh



They’ve dealt

with crazy

Girls before

I am too


To tell them


They forget to say

goodnight to me

It feels like

the harshest


The cruelest


And I not knowing

How to deal with this

Constant denial

How do you explain

that to someone?

so blissfully unaware,

This boy

I love

with all

all my heart

And then some

Says he will

fight for me

And I so badly

Want to believe in his


But he does not know

It will be a battle

against himself

Because I

Do not know

how to be

with someone

Because I

Am better off alone

Because I

Ruin people

I have a system,

you see.

I let boys put

Their tongue

in my mouth

Their hands

on my


I let myself


Ill fill the hollow

space in my gut

At least take my

mind off of it

And I always

make sure

They like me


Than I




I cannot

be caught

Off guard


I remember

the day

I told myself

I didn’t need my dad

He has tried

to work his

Way back into

my life

And I hated

him for it

With all

of my


I had never


a human

so much

so I let go

I stopped


to him

To this


I still


he still has not

said sorry

Even if

I'd still



The memories

are crushing

Feels so


I cannot


my dad

For what

he did

To me at 2

Years old

And I have never

felt worse


Anything in

my life!!

So I take a



And dig out

the parts

of me

That still


And I let

men crawl


And I let

them build

a home

So I can finally

be good for


All my friends

Growing up

Called me

a ****


And I want

to scream

They don’t


This is

the only

way I feel

I am worth


This is the

only thing

I can feel

If I could have

it any other


I would

But this is the

way things are

And this

Is the way they will

continue to be.
#daddy #issues #**** #*** #men
This is a poem pretty much related to my birth dad, he destroyed me and to this day I have problems, hope you like
Do you know love
Love is not tough
It converted you to be elegance
And caught your eyes
To be tied with hearts
And make life full of peace
love is the bets way to bget peace
Daisy Marrow Sep 28
Do not silence me
because you are scared of my voice.
Do not look down,
but look at me when I speak to you.
Sorry if I come off as too assertive
but I speak because I can.

The fire in me burns.
With flames too big to be calmed.
No matter what you tell me, I know my truth.
You look at me like I'm wasting your time
and I should just sit quiet and sit pretty.

You talk mighty high behind my back to your men,
but do you have enough steel in your spine
to look me in the eyes?
So what are you trying to hide?
Your silence speaks enough for me
to realize you'll never be man enough
to confess your ***** crimes.

I am an army,
too big for you to fight.
I am fire and rage.
I can't keep quiet, I can't just sit still.
No matter how much you try to push me away.
I shall rise again
to declare my name.
believe survivors
Gemma Davies Sep 6
Happiness is hard sometimes,
Being positive can be tough.
When things aren't going right,
And you think you've had enough.
In times when it seems too much,
And you've lost your hopeful insight.
Close your eyes and take a breath,
And think of everything bright.
Every positive memory you have,
All the things that make you smile.
Everything you're thankful for,
That makes your life worthwhile.
It may sound really silly at first,
But it can really make things brighter.
Life is beautiful but difficult,
And you, my friend, are a fighter!
My poem was lovingly made into a 'Me to You Bear' video:
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