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Tough love
Tough times
Not feeling tough
Just that bit rough
So toughen-up
Pull your socks up
Get tough
… if you can
else just be a nice good person
That’s a tough job though
So tough-it-out
Until somebody says
‘Tough luck’
Then, you’re back where you started
Which is tough.
Written Tuesday 3 November 2020. UDID 9002-1013-1.0.0
Ghxstcxt Oct 2022
Born with a better life
Formed with a rugged line
Caught in a muddy mind
Inner war in full force
Empty shores
Grains are coarse
Brain is worn from the thought
Of the cause
And the flaws
In the bottled up troubled times...
Keep that light in sight though
Eyes open wide,
So you can brave the flow so
You can find all the times
To unwind
And refine
How you fight Home Made choke holds

Feels like I'm courting
A black hole I'm forming
Distorting rewarding
Thoughts formed flip to morbid
'It's just a bad day not a bad life'
Ever had a day that lasts a life time?
Guess i'll be aight in the mourning

Sort of a mess is this
Formed full of emptiness
Scorn for my premises
Thinner walls
Creaking floors
Feeling worn
Sleeping more
Brain is worn from the thought
Of the cause, and the flaws
I have bottled in hesitance
Keep that light in sight though
Eyes open wide,
So you can brave the flow so
You can find all the times
To unwind
And refine
how you fight Home Made choke holds

Start with absorbing
The wellness from talking
Succoring the morbid
Thoughts formed flip to glory
'This is a good day not a bad life'
Ever want a day to last a life time?
Might just be aight in the morning
Zack Ripley Oct 2022
"You don't have to go home,
but you can't stay here."
"I don't have anywhere to go. At least not anywhere I feel safe. Why can't I stay with you?"
"Because it's not safe here either. Besides, this place isn't big enough for two."
"You're my brain. You're supposed to protect me from things that go "boo." Please, don't shut me out. I can't lose you too."
"You'll never lose me. But I can't protect you if you stay. The longer you do, the harder it will be to keep your demons at bay."
"So, what? Is this goodbye? Are you saying I can't talk to you anymore?"
"This is called tough love. And you can still talk to me. You just won't need to as much as before."
Aaron Combs Jul 2022
Golden skies and grass greens,
ribbons and threads and legacies,
heavens and harlots, power and age.
It's all flames in the end, isn't it?
All words, all swords, fall so, perfectly.

And like a cancer, you can eat the cigarettes' so sweetly,
all the champagne flowing so freely,
And when we wait for our Paris.

Life makes you intoa a creatures below, surprisingly like mosquito in summer
eating in the garden of fire, to live happily.

It's all smokes and shadows tomorrow,
and it falls like a cold shaped drink, like a dollar
swinging, settling, hoping to be taller, but falling
in our hangover and faded like-memories
in the black morning, of anxiety and sorrow.

Just eating in the garden of fire,
dragons, vampires, pirates and scabies.
All from a broken shaped bottle with ***** like choices,
liars of empires, sweats of angels and children,
it all flames in the end, in the garden of fire, isn't it?

But when the wind turns north,
will you turn and know, when the rich
and the wicked find no more?

If we slowly find the money isn't the answer to all things,
and the battles, bills, and blessings don't become our idols
maybe eternity, will overflow, we can lie down in grass so green,
and like mountains, like kings, we will find happiness so free.

Surely in meadows and forests, witches and wickedness,
anger and bitterness, will be song so forgotten once we are so free.

We will eat the richest cheese, running into homes of orphans,
we can cause them to be such kings, alive and well and so happy.

Before the end truly comes, in time and reason, a new healing,
king and throne, with eyes so weary, knees and backs so heavy,
we will remember, like a song so catchy, a life set free.
My Dear Poet May 2022
Nothing is as sweet as you
but you case the hardest pip
Ellie Phant Jun 2021
My eyes shined like diamonds,
and my hair was longer and stronger than rope.

“One day,” I would say,
“I’m gonna grow it out down to my knees.”

Lifetimes like mine have given me knowledge that my skin is solid
and my soul is tough,
but I want to FEEL it.
Janvi Shree Jun 2021
When things get tough,

She cries a little.


Every single time, she contemplates it,

If it’s portraying her as weak,

Or is it okay to cry a bit?

What if it’s actually making her weaker?

What if her biggest fear is creeping it’s way out of the pit?


She holds herself, push back the tears,

But all her efforts aren’t worth,

All it takes is two words,

From someone, her presence who seeks,

And she lets two drops roll down her cheeks.


When things get tough,

She cries a little,


She buckles herself up,

In the end, only she gets a little tough.


Love ❤️
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