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Nadia Sep 16
I’ve got my big girl jeans on
And a take no **** smile
I’m ready to kick *** today
Though it has been a while

Go ahead, neg on me
Or anyone else nearby
Come on, show superiority
I’ll show you that won’t fly

NCL September 2019
I might be nervous about today
tinnnafish Sep 19
I’ll say all the right things
But at the end of the day
We both know you’ll still always have one foot out the door
While Im standing here like a fool waiting for you. Wanting you to commit to something that you never will
Long ago and far away.
I drank a glass of wine one day,
But I was allergic to grapes,
Wine o'clock for me don't rate,
Just listening to you is enough,
Whine o'clock now, tough!
Feedback welcome.
Bhill Sep 9
There are times in our life when things seem to tough
The climb is too hard and the going is rough

If you look up the hill and see the whole climb
It might be too steep and take too much time

It’s important to stay focused on staying upright
One pedal at a time will take you to heights

The fact that you’re there and giving it your all
So you know that you can, even if you fall...

Brian Hill - # 224
This is inspired by a mountain bike ride I just finished from Telluride Co to Moab Ut...  200 miles and 16000 vertical of climbing...
Even if things are painful and tough,
people should appreciate
what it means to be alive
I've been dealing with some pretty personal issues and thought up this
Zane Smith Aug 28
her petals wilted
a beautiful blue
radiating a subtle hue,
the suns beams reveal her glow
she carries her head high even when feeling low.
pushed and shoved
deserving of more love,
protect her with all your heart
please lean on me when you fall apart,
stronger brighter than any other.
the cold breeze and rough winds
bend your stem and take with them some petals
but babe your beautiful blue
your radiant hue,
will always and forever be a part of you
a poem I wrote about a close friend I was worried about but will forever cherish out friendship.
vunny Aug 22
We all face tough stuff in life.
And I am not going to debate whether someone else's rough patch was rougher than mine, suffered more, fell to lower lows.
What's the point of that?
When you suffer you suffer.
B D Caissie Aug 12
I’m a man Who’s decidedly strong and tough!
You proceed to play a sad movie to call my bluff.

I see you glance with a teary-eyed smirk. Truth is revealed with your conniving detective work.

As I stomp out of the room saying stupid sad ****. You're laughing your *** off in spite of it.
Maria Nieves Jul 25
She sees you as this strong guy
You see yourself as a weakling
She believes that you can do anything
You think everything is impossible
She makes sure to make you laugh at least once a day
You wish you had a better laugh
So she tells you that you are the most handsome guy in the world
You think she’s lying
She says all of this for you to make you happy
You stay in your bubble

She stopped smiling
You try to make her smile
She loses her concentration faster
You keep her focused on you long enough to see what’s wrong
So she stops caring about everyone
You ask everyone to help her like they helped them
She gave up
You give her reasons to not give not
She is silent more
You are trying to get her to speak out again

Sometimes helping someone else in their time of need can be draining
But if you know that this person has helped you
Try and do the same
You don’t know what is going on in their head,
In their lives, and many more
Be nice to everyone
Life isn’t always butterflies and rainbows
For those that think it is,
Congratulations to you.
For the people going through tough times
I believe you can get through this
You are stronger than you
Every day you stay,
it becomes tougher to get out.
Each day you stay,
you become more comfortable with being alone.
With each day your fear grows,
and it becomes harder to take that step.
Each day consumes you,
and you become further away from this world.
So take the chance,
while you still have and
save yourself.
Take the first step,
for now that's all that matters
and the rest will follow.
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