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White peaks of the mountain
I see darkness in the centre
Will o the wisp on the foot
Babbling sound of the stream
I walk home along a tough trail
Darkness of the night
Frightening even a little sound
A marauder from the bushes might pounce
I walk and walk
There no one to talk
I often look at the mountain
White peaks at the top
I see darkness in the centre
Will o the wisp on the foot
Little tired, little frightened
I reach metalled road
A youngman with head hanging down
Uncontrollably sobs and cries
I ask why it's why
He tells me the story
A girl he is in love rejected him
He feels bad
He feels sad
He's dejected
So what, be at ease
I tell him
One who doesn't love you
Can never be your loss
So when you lost nothing
Why cry?
See me, I lost one who loved me
Even so, I have stopped crying
I just covered a tough trail
Easy path now I go
Life is like "Will o the Wisp"!
Be at ease
God knows how long
You will be at the crease!
In  dark night, you may see snow clad peaks of a mountain and moving blinking lights at the bottom. In between it's darkness. Life is a tough trail and behaves as if " Will o the Wisp". It's difficult to catch hold of it and control.
Andrew Apr 19
I thought it was supposed to get better
but instead

it just keeps getting worse
mmmm life kinda ***** right now
Michael Ryan Apr 3
I'm a brick layer
by incarnation
by aspiration
by luminosity.

I find unfinished buildings-
toppled skyscrapers-
imaging their foundations
their structural intelligence.

With a brick here
and some love there;
once demolished
can be reassembled.

I'll reconstruct
your finest details,
the youthful aspirations
of an idyllic generation.

Too naïve to
understand that unforgiving
weather can happen
to even the kindest of buildings.
It's a passion project
PhoenixTetra Mar 27
I put a mask on,
I play the toughest of all,
“Made of steel”, I repeat
But when in action, I freeze
My body freezes,
My brain freezes,
Motionless, I stare
Into thin air,
Waiting for this moment to be over,
Because i no longer have the power

-I have never had it in the first place.
Madison Mar 14
I feel the more I reach for it the further it gets
Every moment slipping from my grasp
I want to live
I havent even had the chance
Im growing up and nothing is okay
I would rather look at the sky with stars and beauty
Go to sleep and see ugliness behind my eyelids
For hours asleep the nightmares come in

I would rather look at the moon full and fat
Then go to sleep and deal with the horrific details of my past
For the nightmares as I sleep

I would rather look at the aurora borealis
Then I have to deal with the horrific gory details of the future
For the night mares are comes in

I would rather find a planet in the sky with a telescope
Then deal with prophetic dreams of doomsday
For these prophetic nightmares calm in my sleep

I would rather pull an all night or instead
As I slowly they creep in my head from my stomach that is full
Of high calorie items
Not that I have an eating disorder
But this is why I watch what I eat before I go to bed
As these things creep in my head as a sleep
The night is full of terrors and it’s dark
My mind races and sodas my imagination
Causing me to have nightmares and night terrors
Because I did not check before I reck my self
Is there a Lay asleep  paralyzed in fear
Want to wake up screaming
Before I die in my sleep of these terrors
I struggle to sleep I have insomnia
I cannot sleep
I just cannot sleep
For the creeping in my head from my stomach below
Torment me why does the stomach is full or empty
Neither is good.
As i scream from the night terrors
In my sleep I wonder why my breath smells and my mouth is dry I want to get a drink in To me
Not to get drunk but what the whistle
Then I realize that it’s time to get up for breakfast
I have one yet again
This battle of the night terrors
The dreams of hell and the dreams of Sicilian mafia
The dreams There aren’t really dreams.
Don’t let the tormenters win
Don’t let the rapists win or the child molesters win
By killing yourself

Don’t let the terrorists win
Let the enemy win
By killing your self

Don’t let the flashbacks win
The emotions
Or nightmares win
By killing yourself
I have too many idiots to prove against to go and do something stupid and reckless
Dear auto hawk of Talklife
I am not who You think I am
You based me on my past and deleted my posts
Based on my past mistakes
I am an overly  emotional Young woman
Please do not mistake me for a psychopath
What a social path based on my poetry
What is wrong with you
What a girl is bullied
Call Fat
Or other demeaning names or slurs
She decides to starve herself of food
And a physical and emotional beauty
She’s at the hinterlands of her existence
Boonies of life
Outskirts of society
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