Eve 2d
For being a brave, courageous soul,
In society’s eyes, your worth becomes devalued,
By the players that act like they know me,
Pretend and put on a show for everyone to see,
That he or she “cares”, “treats”, and “loves” me.
How could you be so careless with your decision-making,
Tell me why I told you a couple days ago,
We aren’t supposed to be on speaking terms at the moment,
Yet, that won’t stop my finger from sliding left and accepting your phone call request,
Very specific, detailed and to the point,
I’m going to remain frank and show you the truth.
I know you’re used to meddling with good people’s hearts,
But, that won’t stop you from proceeding,
Eventually, you’ll quit pursuing the person who’s distant.
Why is the question you may ask,
But the real inquiry here is why must you persist, to commit , to think for even a second that person gives?
Meanwhile, they’re taking you for granted and pushing you to the curb,
Always distant, cold like the winter breeze,
Remaining too friendly with the people they claim to be the “homies”,
We both know what’s real,
Fate tells we weren’t meant to be,
Instead of living in the moment,
We pictured it.
Never did the things we’d always say we would,
Never achieved what was dreamed of with you and me.
Not to be seen as a negative, narccistic person,
But wanting to be understand to the fullest extent,
Even when we’re faced with the greatest doubts,
We’ll stay oblivious to the obvious things.
Can't it just
not this harsh
not mush, but
not this hard
why this rush
can't it must
stop the gush
like but not
when it rusts
no more trust
ends to gust
it just got
lost again, tough.
I struggle
to stay up, to breathe.
I kick my feet for some boost,
but I remain under.

Thoughts and ideas drag me
down to darkness.
Light is frowned upon.
Darkness is all I know now.

Too much noise
and all I can hear is silence.
I can’t think, I can’t talk.
I’d sink further.

People say do what you love
and live long happy lives, yet
failure in our greatest passions
is what keeps us up at night.

Maybe that’s where our problem lies -
we listen too much to what people say.
And when they talk we only listen, we do not
have the slightest idea of what to say so we
expect them to mould us and give us
direction, even if it is beneath the horizon.

So I run, to get them out.
So I run and go on until my legs feel numb
and my feet bleed
only to realise that nothing has changed.
I am still were I was -
just a visible mark to remind me
of what I felt.

There are days when all darkness
disappears. Don’t be fooled –
it’s not there but hidden
from the surface.

Speak to me. I know you’re there.
Beneath the rubble.

You’re probably gone.
Depression is a bitch and pulls you down. Beat it.
Parker Poole Jul 30
she is a fierce gemini
and even though she tries to hide it,
there is pain lurking behind her eyes
you just have to know where to find it

she's all smiles and laughter
and there's nothing that can outshine her
you'd never guess what's happened to her
that her loved ones have cheated, raped, and lied to her

she lifts everyone up before herself
even when she feels broken inside
she takes her careful time to help
all the souls who've been cast aside

she's a girl with a dandelion tattoo
imprinted to remind her to not feel so blue
she looks at her wrist whenever she's in a mood
and it strengthens her to remind herself what's true
Helena Jul 29
The sun was dawning on her shoulders
but her spine, worn
did not feel the burn

Her tears dripped into the
into the sponge
and the soap (lemongrass)
burned bruised hands
with the sting of lost hope

But Maria was  a wish
amid a crowd of stars
and those blissful days of
beyond the shore
Were not as far

And after thinking for a while
she nodded with a smile
and the sun faded away
but she felt warm inside

her house.
Amanda Jul 26
Want you to be happy so I hide that I'm not
Think something is wrong with me
It is unfair to close off my dark side from you
Hands have done deeds I don't want you to see

I know I cannot live this charade forever
Emotions inside begging to be let outdoors
It is tough to wear a smile when it isn't how I feel
I do it so you do not lose yours
Its tough when someone elses happiness is directly related to yours
as they believe,
the king is high.
they were taught,
never knew his presence.

believing this,
believing that.
when the staff tap,
the petals bow.

thrown by elegance.
a precious woman
that flicks her garments,
by the first request.

the king's reputation,
is an interesting concept.
leave it for the maids
within the castle to assess.

should they say,
he is a king.
should they say,
he is not.

in the moment,
the throne is untouched.
tampered with by destiny,
left by ritual.

But likewise,
you heard of the funk,
the root, the black,
the smooth bamboo.

you heard good.
future chills,
down the spine line,
at sounds will .

feel the rush
and trust the detail.
cause like the maids . . .

they may say,
he is good,
they may say,
he is not .

yet the bamboo
sets stature,
hard like rock,
and useful right after.

they attempt
breaks and cuts for reduction,
but only form singing flutes
as the winds set their production.
a metaphor . . .
Rebecca Kay Jul 25
Broken crayons still color the same.
I mean- isn't that really the aim?
Finish coloring the big picture-
our life picture.
We're all crayons,
or markers, paint perhaps.
Everyone's a little bent,
cracked. Snapped,
in some way shape form.
It's really kinda the norm
But in a box full of crayons-
when they are used, when they live-
they snap. They crack.
They break.
But they still work, just the same.
It may be a bit tougher for them-  
but they're tougher from it.
We're tougher from it.
We're all broken crayons
filling in our own life line.
But broken crayons still color fine.
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