myrrh 6d
It's sad to say that I know I'm not on anyone's mind
Being my friend is just a fad, nothing consistently kind
In just a tad, I know you're going to leave me behind
Wish I was stronger, I wish I had tough skin like rind
qeren Jan 8
i know
today might be rough
piles of paperworks
it's raining hard outside
low battery
missed the bus
and many more
but even in this chaotic day you're facing
don't ever forget
to give thanks,
because out there
in the other side of this town
tons of people suffered
hundred times worse than us.
But then
when things seem
to get so good,
I just want to forget
all of those painful
things that you said.
But then
when things get rough
and tough
and I don't feel any love,
I remember all
of those painful memories
that filled my life with
fear and worries.
I remember
those words
that stained my life;
those words
that stabbed me
like a knife.
I remember
all of those painful things
and what you did
to cut off my wings.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
I'm a tomboy,
but a girl, too.
And just because
I don't show my feelings
don't mean I don't have them,
cuz I do.
I have those feelings,
just like you.
Only I'm better at hiding
them than you.
I enjoy working on cars,
lifting tires,
playing guitars.
I can't stand doing my hair,
painting my nails,
drives me crazy, I swear.
But I'm not much different than you;
I have feelings and problems I go through.
I may be tough and have some muscles,
some knowledge in cars,
but I also have troubles.
So please don't treat me too rough,
because I like the feeling of love.
Yep, I'm a tomboy.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
It's been a while since I've seen
my Grandmother's hands.
Tough and rough,
some rest they demand.
Those talented, caring hands of hers.
Pretending to be so much, even a nurse.
Her hands have been so long on this Earth.
And they've done much more than their whiles worth.
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
in the toughest of times,
you find out
who your true friends are.
Latifah Nov 2018
I tried so hard
not to cry
but I only ended up
crying harder
I promised myself this time
I'll only channel anger
but that's not who I am
I'll always be
as soft
as a feather
but very strong
but very tough.
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