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My Dear Poet May 6
Nothing is as sweet as you
but you case the hardest pip
Estelline Dec 2021
While I lie awake
In the dead of night
My body shakes
Nothing seems to stop the pain
I’ll tell myself it’s okay
But I can’t seem to convince my brain

I’ll turn up the music
Trying to block it all out
It bounces off my bedroom walls
Leaving a sweet sound of the ivory keys
Flowing through my mind
Slightly tainted by the echoes of talking lovers
Reminding me of you
And how free I felt
When you were next to me

Did you feel the sparks flying
That night we went driving
Singing in town
With the windows down
That’s when I knew I wanted you to be mine

And when you asked for my favorite song
My mind went blank
Cause you're my favorite sound

But your heart is so hard to find
So mines going back into hiding
It’s a lost fight
Hopefully this music will make me feel alright.
Estelline Nov 2021
I vaguely remember a time
Where my dreams were within reach
Floating in the clouds as they would drift out
I could touch them
And feel the softness of a sheltered reality
I didn’t know how lovely it was then
To not be in a world of pretend

My clouds have crashed down below
The weight of the world fell in
And the sun stepped down

The only cloud I feel now
Is my bed
Laying there while I get caught up in my head
It’s a race to fall asleep before I choke
On the thought of one day being broke
Or not being enough
Life is rough
I’m not even halfway through
If only I knew.
Ellie Phant Jun 2021
My eyes shined like diamonds,
and my hair was longer and stronger than rope.

“One day,” I would say,
“I’m gonna grow it out down to my knees.”

Lifetimes like mine have given me knowledge that my skin is solid
and my soul is tough,
but I want to FEEL it.
Janvi Shree Jun 2021
When things get tough,

She cries a little.


Every single time, she contemplates it,

If it’s portraying her as weak,

Or is it okay to cry a bit?

What if it’s actually making her weaker?

What if her biggest fear is creeping it’s way out of the pit?


She holds herself, push back the tears,

But all her efforts aren’t worth,

All it takes is two words,

From someone, her presence who seeks,

And she lets two drops roll down her cheeks.


When things get tough,

She cries a little,


She buckles herself up,

In the end, only she gets a little tough.


Love ❤️
Andrew Apr 2021
I thought it was supposed to get better
but instead

it just keeps getting worse
mmmm life kinda ***** right now
Michael Ryan Apr 2021
I'm a brick layer
by incarnation
by aspiration
by luminosity.

I find unfinished buildings-
toppled skyscrapers-
imaging their foundations
their structural intelligence.

With a brick here
and some love there;
once demolished
can be reassembled.

I'll reconstruct
your finest details,
the youthful aspirations
of an idyllic generation.

Too naïve to
understand that unforgiving
weather can happen
to even the kindest of buildings.
It's a passion project
Madison Mar 2021
I feel the more I reach for it the further it gets
Every moment slipping from my grasp
I want to live
I havent even had the chance
Im growing up and nothing is okay
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