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CandidlySubtle Feb 2020
A mist clouds over my being,
Saturating the lungs that want to sing,
I feel tears that yearn to come out,
My entire body just wants to shout.

But quiet tears remain within,
With words trapped—a voice grows thin,
What is this mist that surrounds my heart,
******* it, I just want to tear it apart.

To rip myself open and wide,
And hear my soul that has cried,
What is this mist clouding within,
Stifling myself, my feelings therein.
SøułSurvivør Jun 2017
It's stupid! You can only see one line at a time! C'mon Elliot! you are stifling creativity!

I am choking, on the things left unsaid;
I am drowning, in their dread.

Smothered by the weight of my own tongue;
Coating my larynx, begging to be wrung.

My breath, stifled by unwritten letters draining into my esophagus;
Strangled words, using my body as their sarcophagus.

That one day, when I'm stronger, I'll find the courage to excavate.
Until then, I'll slowly ,**asphyxiate.
NalaniRose Mar 2016
the stifled sound rumbling on the tip of my tongue eager to come out.
It roars with happiness and excitement from what it seems.
But behind that exotic laugh is a soul. The laugh hides the soul keeping it hidden from outsiders.
The laugh keeps a delightful smile on someones face. Everyone wants to feel happy..even if it is for a split second.
That laugh takes your mind away from the dreadful thoughts of suicide or the painful outlook of what is called you life.
The laugh takes away the pain as if were an antidepressant.
But what happens when the laugh stops...that dreadful pain resumes to what is reality as it consumes your identity as a whole.
Kathleen M Aug 2015
Tight frayed nerves
Agitation lives in my veins
The pain in my hands keeps me awake
Begging the dark to put me at ease
Pushing consciousness away
Please make it go away
Relieve my tight skin and stifled breath
Panic clenching my lungs in its fist
I love you.
I want nothing but the best for you.
You love me
But you just don't want to be hurt by me;
Your passive aggressive threats,
Your unwarranted mistrust of me,
The constent questions, the tests.
Love is supossed to fly and be free,
But all I feel is loves firm grip on my throat its talons digging in to my very soul,
Bleeding me of my empathy.
Am I in this love to fulfill a role?
Is this now my reality?
I'm cracking under the pressure
My psyche beaten and bruised by your ups and downs.
You say "this is a love that's forever"
I smile at you but this smile hides a frown

I love you but it feels like it needs an -e and a -d
because I don't want the love you give me
I can't take much more of this

Poem in my muses series
Tuesday Pixie Sep 2014
Can I breathe?
One Question.
Everything closes in
I am hugged
In the most uncomfortable way
I am hugged
Can I breathe?
Just. One. Breath.

— The End —