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The water edge laps at my feet.
I cannot imagine the depth of its reach,
Nor can I fathom the whole body ****** out before the horizon.

There is something alluring about the freshness of it all.
Caress against my thighs, the wetness
Wrapping round my limbs.

Let me mingle,
With your murky waters...
May I touch your bed?
Coarse at first until I mold it into my desire.

The airy hole keeps me afloat.
Please be patient, for my lack of it is withholding me.
Benign ache lingers, that needs to dissolve...

Seeking only the shallow end for now, where the warmth can never leave.
I may drown if I go further...
A chance of worth do you see?
Any feedback about layout or general poetic insight will be appreciated!
Victoria Feb 25
I think my favorite feeling is being outside feeling wind on my face, just staring up at the sky. I love how the clouds dance and the birds tease me, Oh how my heart longs to be that free.
Maybe one day when i’m better my feet will lift off the ground and I will float away and be with the clouds. Watching as everything gets smaller and smaller while my mind goes silent, maybe then I’ll finally feel some peace.
Eleanor Feb 22
on a glass green sea
serenity in spite all

and yet,
serenity is not destined to stay

as glass turns to shards,
crying out for salvation
dying out
for no one responds

with the realization
the sea was never truly serene
there is a floating garden that rests above my head
I try to reach it, but I am out of touch
my fingers must be broken
or maybe it is my heart
Keith W Fletcher Apr 2018
All along that grey draped zig-zagging shoreline
The men sat or stood in resolute silence
Each trying to reach back into minds
Scrambled like eggs by the fear of impending violence

Soon the hard faced men will open the gates
As the race will start as hearts will change pace
Then by push and twist they load like cattle
Into great grey hulking hearse's barely floating
Plunging through grey roiling seas toward thunder
Echoing across the channel quotation marks of the battle

That rages ,engages not turning ÷ripping out pages of history
When the water turns red punctuated by the floating dead....
........The question marks and periods
Exclamation marks in the book thats still being written ... what end?
That is what makes any plot a vagrant thought
With a premise being an unresolved mystery
Such are .....
The vagaries of the ever repeating chapters of human history!
Pyrrha Jan 31
In a world where gravity is a constant
it's so strange that I always seem
to find myself floating back to you
and yet you are still falling

just barely out of my
You've always been able to do
Fill my head with all these
Beautiful thoughts.
To the point that I feel
Like I am floating
Up in the sky where every
Cloud reminds me of you.
Sometimes I think it's funny.
Picturing myself as a balloon.
Swollen head.
Little body dangling below.
No matter how high I get,
Floating inside this love of yours.
I promise not to float too
Far away.
Knowing the sky is filled with
Erin Beer Jan 27
Trying to do well but knowing you can't,
Always trying to impress dressing for the best.

Getting called up in class waiting in line,
This feeling I get seems to twist up my insides.

You'll pick on me in class trying to catch me out,
But I'm stronger than you think won't knock me down.

My friends waste their time on boys and clothes,
Me I'm over here auditioning for shows.

I know it's for the best but can't help but overthink,
What it would be like if I'd never met you and all your links.

This place will be the thing that'll break me,
But I won't let it fill me because this is what I think,
I'm a balloon floating through the sky,
You won't ever catch me I'm far too high.
Wolf Jan 23
I am
On a
Wide sea

I'll be
In a
Short time
abc Jan 10
it feels like i am floating in space.
never really sure what day it is,
what time it is,
or how long i’ve been in this one place.
my determination and prevalence
mold the time into one recognizable moment.
and while i continue to run,
i run aimlessly towards a goal
i no longer see.
all i know is that it’s what i want to be.

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