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Hammad Oct 16
You said
You were drowning
In my love..
I know - for a fact
that you were just
floating - In the dead sea
Giovanna Oct 16
Was happy to see me floating,
little did I know I floated cause I was dead.
Jay M Sep 2
My soul cries
Curled in on itself
Adrift in the madness
Echoing in the dark
A call to any whom dare listen
Dare turn an ear

So cold, fingertips moving numbly
Lips moving
Pouring forth words like rain
Drowning and lifting
All at once
A child lost in a surging storm
Perhaps a tiny boat
In the ocean amidst a typhoon.

- Jay M
September 2nd, 2020
Just floating in the space between.
Nylee Aug 19
all in the end
I'll always be unwelcome
whatever i contribute
I will remain invisible
this home won't accept me
but I still stuck around
trying so hard
in vain
one day
it will come
embrace me
I am leaving this place
but in my head
I cannot shake this feeling
that who would accept me
in the road ahead
I'd always be alone
walking through the forest
there is no one to call
my own
I reach the native land
it is by the sea
the waves do not reach me
the cool breeze skip over me
there is the absence of
the sun rays
but I am floating
in this helpless feeling
little more push
and I might just drown
Lane O Aug 8
water lilies float
atop the water, serene
blooming; pink and green
Jaxey Aug 7
They may not call it
rising into love
but with you
it sure felt like floating
what is that called?
sarah crouse Jul 5
There once was a witch
who lived in the woods.
She went to the towns
and sold all her goods.

She had her own garden
and animals to spare.
She showed off her crystals
and never hid her prayers.

The townsfolk looked on
with growing distaste
as she sold her goods,
they want her erased.

So they gather their torches
with pitchforks and hounds.
They march to her house
and defile her grounds.

The crows all fly fast
to warn her they yell.
They give her the time
to cast her big spell.

When the townsfolk arrive,
they can't believe their eyes.
As the house started to rise,
they let out startled cries.

Now, she lives among the clouds.
Where she alone was always roused
by the chirping birds and crows
high up in her floating house.
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