The moon still watches over us
but it doesn’t glow like it used to
It basked you in twilight
reflecting every smile,
every gaze, every hair
and every inch of skin
like a Monet painting
Before my eyes.
But now,
my prized possession,
is missing.
Hung up in
someone else’s museum,
across the world it seems.
Now I cannot paint
without my inspiration,
my muse.
And I can’t bring my fingers
away from your beauty,
trapped behind
twilight glass.

I've been so loyal baby
What about you?

You heard me check your phone three times,
sound was on, you heard go to lock it each try,
I'm steady diggin' for some shit that probly ain't really even there,
I'm trynna dig up the strength to tell you its only cause i care,
I know you know my problems, let me tell you whats on my mind,
If there is ever another, please tell me before i find,
Out and start spazzing saying im such a spastic and
how you cant manage and how you should've left me,
I know i'll get by that's the way the shit goes really hope you find one without mental episodes, I might not have a next that would wanna deal with those, You found out this project was one you want to close.

Inspiration from Loyal - 6LACK

Hundred times in life,

I swallowed my pride,

Just forsake rid this strife,

and I won’t take any bite.

They change,

We not the same,

Pointing finger & making excuses,

While me – hold the trigger & abandon abuses,

I awakened as a lone wolf,

rely on self acceptance & master the movement,

too far from things to get involve,

less talk & do more self improvement.

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I have yet
To feel your mouth
The curve of your back
The scruff of your beard

I have yet
To see your brown eyes in the sunlight
To see each line in your face
To see your breath fog up in the cold

Soon, I will
Touch you
Taste you

My heart flutters as that day grows closer

I wonder if I will be able to stay standing
When you are finally...
In the flesh
Right in front of me.

Lip locked,
deep breaths,
skin to skin,
hands glide freely.
We explore each other.
We explore the good and
we explore the bad.

Last night,
I explored too much.
I crept into her bed
like a mite burrowing into skin;
violating and unwanted.

Last night,
I became the monster
I've tried so desperately to avoid.

I'm so sorry.

There aren't enough words in the world
Nor enough time
To tell you all my regrets as I tell you goodbye
There aren't enough emotions in the world
Nor enough tears
To tell you all my heart feels as I smile and walk away
Because how can you leave someone
Who was the only place that felt like home?
Yet that's exactly what I did
Because houses always stand longer
When there's no poison to ruin it

There's no place like home... until you realize you're doing nothing but repainting over scars that'll never go away and chasing after dreams that were nothing but mistakes. You were my only home but you were also my greatest mistake... I only left to make sure you got the happiness you deserved

(This was written about 6 years ago and yet the original, longer version of this work brought me to actual tears. Enjoy this snippet and happy writing! ~BM)
Seema 1d

He doubted me
Then he shouted at me
He blamed me for
No reason
And told me I change
Like season
The person who loved me
Like there was no other
Left my side for another
He said I was expecting
Too much
With kid like attitude as such
This was not a valid reason
To break up like this
But it was evident that
He would never miss me
Ofcourse as the other
Had taken over my lover
My place in his heart
Was no longer his part
He spilled out my love
And let it drown off like
A helpless dove
When I pleaded with sorry
He said not to worry
As some other will fill in
His absence in my life
Upon my broken heart
He left me shattered
To him,
I no longer mattered
He has found a new bloom
That scented his room
Once owned
Now disowned!


Totally fictional.

You have left me abandoned so many times,

I have the lines on your back memorized

better than the ones on your face

I fall into the dreams I craft.
Unshackled from the present,
I heal my aggrieved heart.
I ponder, fiddle with the past,
Shape time, trifle with fortune,
Fashion what could have been
And remain comforted until
I can no longer remain, for
There are others.    
Others who will not know
The bone-tingling joy of first love
Who will never see a sparrow hop
Branch to branch in the dead of winter,
Who face attenuated life without despair,
Who dare not dream for fear of want.
And yet they do dream,
Dreams infinitely more modest
And infinitely more powerful
Than my own constructs,
And I awake, silent.

BW 1d

I can't do this.
I don't have the time
How many times do I have to say this?
You know I only want you!
Don't wait, date someone else.
Does that make you happy?
If it makes you happy, sure.
I asked does that make you happy!
I just can't do this.
If I am not hot enough just tell me!
It's not about you! I barely have time to eat! I don't have time!

I kissed him.
He sighed.
He grabbed my head and kissed the life out of me.

This is the last time I have time for you
...kisses everywhere down her face
what about my birthday party?
I can't
It's my 18th...
...I can't
It's just once. the last time. Please.
I will try my best and make time for it.

I kissed him, he flipped me over and went down on me.
I screamed in pleasure.
He covered my mouth
tears down my face.

We got a love that is homeless
So on that dim lit bed.
I gave you what I had.
You took it with joy and sadness.
If there's something we would want
it would still look a lot like each other

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