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mae 33m
i always had my suspicions

and now i know for real

that it was all a lie.

when you were kissing me,

it was her you were picturing.

holding my hand,

wishing it was hers.

i slept with you

out of love.

while you slept with me

to fill the void

left behind by the space

between you and her

that i can never fulfill.

you admitted it to me,

told me to my face

that you lied.

she was never just a friend,

but the girl I will never compare to.
when you told me to truth and my heart broke all over again
Lily 2h
Her skin was the color of the sand,
And her freckles landed like lost driftwood on her cheeks.
The waves shimmered brighter than her eyes,
And the ***** were a hue darker than her hair.
But to him, her blue eyes and red hair
Were the best shades of blue and red,
And her face was the most gorgeous beach.
I'm already wishing for the summer :)
Micah 8h
I feel the lull of the sun, day by day, and wonder if I have to

When the moon, hanging on a string, shifts the tides

and pulls me in.

Do I have to

When the screams of glittering stars fall around me

and break in my palms, slicing my hands,

and the sun and the moon beg for my face to turn unwavering

Do I have to
You are the pulse
That's running in
And through my veins.
Amanda 13h
You have left me hanging once again
Been eight hours and still no word
After all you put me through
Do you think punishment is what I deserve?

I have suffered enough at your hand
Cried enough tears in your name
Yet it doesn't matter to you
Just treat our love like a game

I have done my best to be patient
Multitude of mistakes dismissed
You left me stranded without a care
Or courtesy of a goodbye kiss

I have been staring at the door
Waiting on you to arrive
You have been gone all day
Absent of you, barely feel alive

It hurts knowing youre fine alone
What the **** are you trying to prove?
Already know I'm disposable
But wanting to improve

I tried not to get too close
Failed right from the start
Fell straight into your enchanting  embrace
Now I'm falling apart

I wasted countless nights
Waiting to hear your soft voice
But until now I always felt
I had no other choice

Lately you have been cold to me
Putting me down with hurtful things you don't realize you say
Before you walked out the door
Seemed like your mind was far away

I do not know what changed between us
Or why you started treating me bad
How did things get so ******* ip between us
Reminiscing on the good times we had

I'm sorry our story turned out like this
Arguing night after night
Would do anything to go back in time
To days you still held me tight

But those days have come and went
Only exists in memory
Indifferent silence clearly shows how you feel
You are no longer in love with me
Why do you always find a way to keep me waiting around for you?
It takes alot
Loving you in these shoes.
It isn't horrible.
The way they fit.
The way they look.
Loving you in these shoes of mine.
It doesn't take much effort.
To slide my feet in.
Tie them, before a single step is taken.
Knowing all that goes unseen.
The padding & cushioning.
The flex of each step,
The urgency of how I long.
Revealing how much I've thought of you.
The many steps and puddles these shoes have walked.
They aren't waterproof.
They aren't well protected from wear & tear.
Loving you in these shoes of mine.
They are far from dress shoes,
Not even close to casual shoes.
They aren't the type of brand shoe everyone is in line to buy.
Stacy Adams, Adidas, Jordan.
Loving you in these shoes,
No one knows where to find them.
How many times they've come loose.
How many times the cushion has been replaced.
Loving you in these shoes of mine.
Knowing you've checked the tags of the name brand shoes.
The appeal of readily available colors
mae 21h
you admitted to knowing
that in the end
you would break my heart
and i think
that is
what hurt the most.
when you told me the truth.
What monstrous love that an empire of words building up,
Can be torn down by a single transgression, as if to start again in solitude!

What monstrous love that conditions line our very affections.
And that under circumstances they dwindle and give.

What monstrous love that pouring your heart out no longer is good enough,
Because you’ve had to do it to keep yourselves together.

But I shift backwards in my squandering,
And reside in what I’ve built.
Our tapestry laid across the face and ***** a quilt.
All this love I’ve been hoarding, gathering it for later. Laundering.
But, is it monstrous if it is all for naught? To wilt?
To these ends, experience for broken hearts, I am left pondering.
A poem I wrote at the very end of my relationship, 2 days before we broke up. We just got into a huge fight, and things were already starting to look grim. But we held on to familiarity, albeit for too long. (- -}- -}- -}A B A B A B)
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