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I never realized until now.
How much you really changed me.
How much you really hurt me.

Its when I think about loving someone else.
I can only think of running away.
No matter how much I feel.

Even after everything.
I'm still trying to erase the memories you left behind.
Your shadow looms in my every step.

That maybe I do not deserve to love.
And maybe I never will.
I want to believe that I am wrong.

But not even the cards I shuffle in my hands will be able to prove me wrong this time.

Migel 2d
For every mistake that's been made
accustomed to every pain we take
silently growing inside
that's taking us apart

distance from each other's heart
is what's making it hard
like how the sun see's the moon
forever chasing each other's tail
but it only takes a single look from behind
and maybe if both looked the same way
it won't be as far as it looks

Silent voice with loud thought and aching hearts
no wonder words feel sharp, a blade with no handle
Unsaid feelings birth space to distance
leave me once and you’ll break my heart,
leave me twice and my heart won’t even notice you are gone;
you’ve already forced me to learn how to live without you.
lovers aren’t the only ones with the power to break your heart
Nicx 5d
Lips like velvet pressed to mine
Your skin is soft like silk
My fingertips trail your features
Your face etched into my memory
And your body feels like home
I wrap you into my arms
Gentle and kind
I'll hold you forever
I dance delicate kisses across your forehead
You are my eternity my sweetest Night
I love you so deeply
My soul and yours are one
No matter the struggles
And no matter the storms
I will pull you into safety
If drought plagues our universe
I will move mountains to find the rain
I will plant trees and seeds of love
And we will thrive again
i don't quite understand
if i miss who you are
or who i am when i'm with you
I don't understand how you can eradicate all fear from my being when we're together
Hoping for words
No ... tired of those

Needing the ship
Sailing into the ache
Erasing the lonely winds
Not sure why
I yearn for that bow front
Heading toward me

Yet I do
I wait
For the winds of change
Or for a new sail
Maybe tomorrow
That ship will
Land on my shore
Evie G 6d
Drinking her is a terrible experience
The furious fizz fizzles on your tounge, insisting on its existence in your mouth
The facade of fun from the fucia bottle flickers,
leaving you with clear liquid suffering
It flagrantly fizzes around your mouth, flicking your tastebuds.
It’s funny she says.
Then the facade of fizz fizzles,
You taste hatred
A bitter thirst.
An acrid stench of fear, inflicted on others
An unrelenting
Of equal suffering.

I do not know who made fizzy water,
but i would like to have a chat.
She stood there staring at nothing
Thoughts were swirling around
Head was pounding at a thousand speed
All she knew was it had died

IT was born five years back
On a fine sunday afternoon
She cradled IT and took care of IT
Yet it lost its cost because of him

IT was her only hope and her
Only reason to exist in world
Nothing could spare its importance
But IT died because of him

She stared at the dead corpse
She knew IT will never be alive
Her heart weighed ten thousand pounds
Now she's pale and broken because of him

Someone walked in and asked her
"What had happened to you?"
She was so weak to answer
Yet she said "IT died.. five years old"

"Er...Sorry for that.. What's IT's name?"
Her vision blured.. Yet murmured
"Love" she said ".....he lied to me"
Someone walked away with a sigh...
she's    broken
she   was  dumped
she      cried    aloud
no one  did  . care
all     that   left
was dark and
She was happy until then.. She believed him blindly.. Even she closed her eyes to some of his cute naughtiness.. Yet he didn't realised how amazing she was... What a pity!!! He don't deseve her😇
It has finally become clear,
And you have released all doubts from my mind.
Even though I still love you,
We are incompatible once
We compare our skeletons.
You do not understand me,
But I understand you fully,
And I understand that you don’t
Understand yourself entirely.
Thus you do not know me and
I doubt you would be so kind once you do.
I do not wish to say goodbye,
But my soul has already left and
Our umbilical cord was cut
Once you trivialised that which is
Central to me
And I do not blame you,
Nor do I hold a grudge,
Because I understand you fully:
You preach love and compassion and
Yet you lack comfort and wisdom,
It is because you see through other eyes and not with them.
I still love you,
But it’s time I moved on towards the
Things which reflect my being
And are compatible once
We compare our skeletons.
There are friends who you know that if you told them your true thoughts they would think differently of you and perhaps distance themselves from you because of that, despite the fact that you two may both have pure hearts. There are some friends whom if you had honest discussions with them they couldn’t handle it. And you know deep down inside, this relationship is meaningless and will soon die out and be rendered empty. We need to improve on our own communication, and be patient with one another. But another most important aspect of friendship, is being curious towards each other.
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