I sit up in bed. The memories of silent nights together in my car possess me and throw me into painful longing. I’m taken back to the long school months where we spent the miserable cold nights together. only the stars watched us, only the radio listened in. We were fearless high schoolers with nothing to lose, but now in unbearable agony my throat burns before I sob, looking at the same stars we kissed under,  thinking about it like it wasn’t just last month...
“I dare you to walk across this broken glass to get to me.” You said
“Why can’t you walk across it to get to me?” I asked
“I don’t want to get cut.” You said
“Neither do I.” I said while walking towards you barefoot.

“I dare you to grab the arrow.” You said
“Why can’t I hold the bow and you hold the arrow?” I asked
“I don’t want to get hurt.” You said
“Neither do I.” I said gripping the arrow as you took a step back.

“I dare you to stand in front of this gun.” You said
“Why don’t you let me hold the gun?” I asked
“I don’t want to get shot.” You said
“Neither do I.” I said placing the barrel to my chest as you put your finger on the trigger.
It’s easy for you to fake a smile,
While you lie through your teeth,
Do you lie to hide your tears at night,
The kind that makes it hard to breathe?

Trying to fool no other than yourself,
I’ve taken a hit to your mental health,
Does lying make you feel like more of a man?
Make you feel like you’re better than where you began?

Take a look in my eyes and tell me this,
A year gone by won’t compare to a kiss?
You loved her more than you loved me,
Only in your world could you believe.

A puff of smoke won’t make it better,
I warned you about it in my letter,
The road you’re headed is best left untouched,
Eventually you’ll be forced to confront.

Lie to me some more, why don’t you,
It’s become a lullaby to me,
And when I lay my head to sleep,
I’m reminded how lucky I am to be free.

You’ve got no idea how the others sit and stare,
They tell me you don’t even begin to compare,
To the love I have surrounding me,
They tell me how angry you must be.

You’ve won, You’ve won, You’ve won
Is that what you wanted to hear?
If you’ve got more lies to tell me love,
I’m here to lend you an ear.
You cried as the sunset died over sandle castle
As silhouettes glowed red in the distance
You kissed me, told me you loved me
Then we said our goodbyes
The moon was so big that night
I remember inside jokes of me saying the world is ending and if it was that big we'd be dead
If it was destined our last, I guess that would have been a perfect way to die
Caught up in fractured moon light
And orgasm's of affection fleeting by
Such a picturesque setting
But now I cry every night
Knowing that it wasn't our final goodbye
Just the beginning of relationship that was fraying from distance
It took a year and half down the line for my heart to be broken
I just hope it doesn't take that long to fix.
A minute ends
An hour begins
Another day
Among other weeks
A new year
Brent 13h
If I had met you earlier
Would our lips hold tighter
If I had said I love you faster
Would that look of admiration still exist
If I had committed sooner
Would the smiles be more common
If I had told you how I felt rather than shy away
even a day earlier
Would our love had lasted
Drowning in your eyes,
Burning with your smile,
How many hours spent with your silhouette burned across my lips.
This is not a love poem,
This is a poem for those hopeless enough to tie themselves to hearts they will never grasp.
Sinking ships, and anchors falling,
Holding onto you is getting rope burns,
Chainlinks bounding my wrists,
Why is it that once I get too close, I find myself backing away.
This is not a poem about love,
Because loving you was walking over hot coal,
Your love was a bed of nails,
Laid down so artfully that the feathers you slept on looked uncomfortable.
Your love was a calamitous forest fire that burned my every muscle.
Twisted words and heaved breaths,
This love made madness look easy.
This is not a love poem,
It is a poem about a love that shredded sanity.
This love wasn't what everyone said it would be,
It was lusting over a heart that didn't understand mercy.
Loving you was as easy as plunging a shaky hand into a pile of broken glass.
Just to wait, watching the crimson velvet dripping into your savage mouth.
Mouth filled with lies that intoxicate my mind,
Lies about a love you have no intention to keep.
Your compassion stifled by your burning need to push everyone away,
But still, I held on as if you were a missing piece of my heart.
Yet the only piece that was lost was the piece that loved you.
Shall I fade into the quiet nothingness?
To be lost?
To wander?
To exist in the dark places of your heart?

Shall I have no meaning?
No hope?
No love?
No light to guide my way?

I refuse.
Another old poem that has withstood the test of time upon it. I like the title best, because no one should have to accept nothing.
I always thought
love was easy
until I met you.
I mean I liked you
And you liked me
All those kisses and smiles,
I knew they couldn't be fake
But when I told you
that I love you
You just stopped kissing me
You did not smile anymore
You said you were broken
and that I should not love you.
I knew you were wrong
because a broken person
could not make me feel
so damn complete
And I wanted to make you
feel complete too
But you did not let me
You did not let me love you
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