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Kieran 3h
Your silence welcomes my anxiety
But your smile brings me joy
No one tells you the dark side of love
They never told me I’d be your toy
our love was captured,
and placed in a polaroid.

and quickly the colours began to shine,
as the brightness lightened.
and with every shake,
the picture fit together even nicer.

and once it was perfect,
we took it back home,
and there it stayed,
hanging above the bed,
in which we both had made.

but every time, dogs fall for cats,
and make promises that are traps.
colours start to dull,
and time takes its' toll.

and just like everything else in life,
even polaroids tend to die.
~ s
No..                                                             ­                                    Yes..

                                   Come         to me
                        Please             see              me
                          I hurt                             I cry
                           I suffer                        I convulse
                                 Drag                   Unscrew
                                     Red               Hidden
                                Crimson         Disinfect
                               ̦̭ ̺̻̟͎̝̩͎ ͕̯̰ ͇̣͔̼̻̱ ̞̪̬̼ͅ ̰̯͎̤ ̝̫̱̬͚̱͉b̻̰͇͎͓̼͙ ̳̭͖̦̝͍l̝̝̻̼̳̬ ̻o͚̩͇̟͎̠ ̞̳o̟̠͉ ̩̳̜̦̺̫͚̣d̟̼̻̘̺͈̼ ̙̺̥̪̮͓͔̗̯ ̳̦̬ ̘͖͍̘̮̘̰̳ͅṯ̠͖̘͓̼ ̻̭̝r̺̬̞͈͈̖ ̜̱̝̪a͕͖̠ ̩͔n̥̙͈̯̲ͅͅ ̪̳̘̦s̬̭͍̱̗̱̝ͅ ̤̞͉͍͈f̙̰̥̤̘ ͇̝̭͔̥̞u̘̹̙̣̦͎̯ ̹̟s͉̯̘̭̺̲ ̰̘̲̙͉̮̪̦͔i̦͈̱̹̘͍̥ͅ ͖̗o͈̯̞̯͓ ̺̮̻n̳̹ ͈̞͈͓̝͇ͅ ̯̲̘͈̩̝͇̤͓ ̝̱̻͍͈͈ͅͅ ̜̜͖͇͔̻̹ ͓̦̜̯͎͖̺ ̮̻͚̼̥͍̲̗

  Yes..                                              ­                                                   No..
Going by 'feeling' once more. Inspired by Makayla Jane's "Wrong", (2018) https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2808741/wrong/
Tell me what you feel. Moderate trigger warning. View this on a computer for the intended layout.
V liv 1d
Where did I go wrong
Where did you go wrong
What did we do wrong
Holding onto the idea
We could be fine
We could fix this
That word was the beginning to the end
The falsity I never wanted
The cell phone rings once
But the ringing in my head…
...The sound of your voice
It's not hard to say you miss someone;
I find myself saying I miss you almost every hour.

The thing I struggle with is telling you when I miss you,
even though I'm holding you in my arms.

It's not that I'm not enjoying the time we have,
believe me, you're the very best thing in my life.

It's just that, for the next couple years, I know;
Each reunion only begins another parting,

and parting with you Love?
Breaks my heart every time.
I wrote poems for a boy
that didn’t know words flowed from my veins
that a mountain of bones
made up my brain
neural pathways that could only be described
as broken branches from a tree
that saw too little sunlight
and overdosed on rain.
I put my soul on paper
for a boy who didn’t realize that it was cracked
that the sun didn’t shine through my broken parts
and love wasn’t a band-aid that could fix
the damage that had chipped away
at my ability to feel.
For longer than I have the ability to remember
he couldn’t see that these words
meant more to me than living
and when I wrote about him
it meant that I was even more broken
from thinking about how
he couldn’t fathom a world in which
I couldn’t understand my own thoughts
until they were ink
drying on a page next to my tears.
I wrote poetry for a boy
who didn’t understand
the words that ached to be released
from my bloodstream
and it hurts me that
he probably never will
Stygian 1d
I'd rather be alone
then wait for you decide
When you feel like revealing me or hiding me
In a dark place of your mind
I am not a pretty girl you can flaunt
I am not a *** toy you can use once a month
You seek perfection
And to you that's a standard
You don't believe in depression
And you have all the answers
You want to love someone
But don't want to love their past
You're the one holding the gun
But my blood is already on the glass
How low can I go
To make you feel better
It's all you've ever known
Nothing lasts forever
Stygian 1d
There's a difference between leaving and letting me know you're leaving.

One I am broken from.
One I am prepared for.

One I am blind sided.
One I am appreciative.

Can you guess from cloudy eyes and the bruised heart, what state you left me in?

Closure is important.
Communication is my kink.
You ****** me up...
Lonely doesn't feel good.
May 1d
it’s almost been a year to the night
when my heart was shattered by you
the words you promised to never say
the words i thought i would be saying

at one point you were my favorite person
at one point my thoughts were your biggest fan
you’ve changed me forever
now i will base my next relationships on you
i know i’m over him but when i see memories from those times i can’t help but get a little sad, ya feel?
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