i wrote you a letter last night.
i was drunk
as i usually am at 2am these days.

i wanted to tell you
how much i hate you
i needed you to know
how broken i was

but i was drunk
as i usually am at 2am these days.
so instead i told the truth.

"i really miss you"
"i'll always love you"
"it sucks to think that you never loved me,
but it's okay,
i understand."


I'm sitting here
Rethinking months
Contemplating conversations
Drinking away your memory.

I regret
Every time your fingers traced my skin.

I regret
Falling so deeply in love with you.

I regret
Empty bottles
That were full when I had you.

Because now I'm filled with poison

A poison that keeps me coming back to you.

So now I'm sitting here
Counting the days
Since I've been without you
Drinking away your memory.

I regret
Trusting you.

I regret
Caring for you.

I regret
Giving my all to you.

I've realized...

I regret

i'm so tired
of you
of everyone around me
i'm so tired of living like this
i am so tired of pretending to be okay
pretending that i am not falling apart
fuck you
fuck off
i am so fucking tired
i just want to curl into a ball and cry
but everywhere i look
i see you and it fucking burns

Jacob 10h

You know I'm used to building up walls
Used to finding someone then I go taking the fall
I told you many times, "I'm fine, don't worry at all"
Nights I wanted to pick up my phone just to give you a call
Caring less and less around me, all my time has been around you
Let you inside my world when you told me not to
Told you many times that I got you
Ocean in your eyes, I've been lost at sea
Drowning in my thoughts, it used to be you and me
But I can't seem to find a single silver lining
I tell you I'm fine, but I'm lying
My heart can't wait for the right timing
Don't you get it?
There's a reason I met you, you don't think I get you?
You ask me why I'm trying so hard, because I think you're special
Embedded in my mind, it's only you and nobody else
Yet you said so many times, "There's somebody else"
But you still pick up my calls and you still reply to my texts
Told you "I love you" and that was a fucking mess
The cracks in your heart just look like mine
You and I were broken around the same time
Beautiful smile with all the pain in your eyes
You have a love so deep, you trust the wrong guys
And I understand it more than anyone
That for now you're not looking for a connection with anyone
But what if I told you I'm the better one?
Spilling all my heart and I'm going to let it run
My mind is saying leave you but my heart says no
You made your choice, but I can't seem to let this go
Thinking of your voice in a world so cold
I'm breaking down now but I won't let it show
And even if I may seem crazy it doesn't make this wrong
Wonder what if you're thinking "What's going on?"
I've been lost in my mind, but like always
I'll tell you nothing's wrong and everything's fine
What's the point of finding you, the one, if it was the wrong time?

Maybe, just maybe...
Jacob 10h

I know you feel that no one can ever relate
You had a best friend but your best friend turned out fake
You got used to having nothing more to spend in your bank
And you think no one but your ex when you're drunk
I'm not the type of person to ever judge
But I know you still got feelings for him hidden under the rug
Your dad loves to drink, I guess it runs too, in your blood
But your mom and dad couldn't make it, so you gave up on love
You never seen it for what is was
You didn't have anyone to ask
So you gave it to any guy who was chasing your ass
You don't want to hear it but these are the facts
I was never the one to look back
But everything I see in you is everything that I lack
I lack all the positivity that you have living this up
I lack knowing if there could have ever been "us"
I lack in dealing with the pain and I use you as a clutch
Why do I write letters about a girl who had my heart crushed?
I guess I'm looking for some love inside a one night session
I can't numb this pain I feel with your affection


If a demon steals my angel,
Is it right to steal her back?
If I am an angel myself,
Is it right to perform such an act?
Will my deed, though with good intentions,
End with the most terrible of actions?
If my angel truly loves this demon,
Is it right to ignore its torturous affections?
If we were all souls of dangerous black,
Would it matter what I did to attack?
If they are loving yet torturing each other,
Is it right if it is only space they lack?
If it is unhealthy, risky, and they admit it,
Then perhaps it really is true that they befit it.

Daisy Rae 13h

Inspired by Devan Ducasse, fellow HP writer

"You're upset, I can tell,
You know I'll never hurt you, right?
Just stop crying."
He says

And I stopped crying.

"I hate always fighting with you,
It's my fault babe,
Why don't you just apologize."
He says

And I apologized.

"We need to stop having sex,
I want to focus on you,
Take off your clothes, bad girl."
He says

And I let him take off my clothes.

"We spend too much time on our phones,
I'm sorry I don't make you a priority,
It's nothing babe, get off my case."
He says

And I believed him.

"I need to do more for you,
Would you like red or pink roses,
Go buy your own damn flowers."
He says

And I did.

"I'm going out with the guys,
I promise to stay out of trouble,
I'm not drunk, bitch."
He says

And I didn't say a word.

"I should compliment you more,
You're the most beautiful girl in the world,
Wow, that chick has to be a model."
He says

And I didn't state my opinion.

"I can be your shoulder to cry on,
What's wrong with my baby girl,
I swear I'm listening."
He says

But I know he isn't.

"I love you for your heart,
Your personality is what caught my eye,
Your body is mine."
He says

And I didn't disagree.

"I want to give you the world,
You do so much for me darling,
You're so selfish."
He says

And I tried harder.

"I hate my family,
You're the only one who understands me,
I will never let you help me."
He says

And he never did.

"You never give up on me,
I know I'm really hard on you,
How could you just stop trying."
He says

But I never did stop.

"Please don't ever leave me,
I couldn't do life without you,
Just leave."
He says.

And so I did.

"I made a huge mistake,
I need you in my life,
If you love me, come back."
He says

And so I walked away.

Got this idea from Devan Ducasse, go follow her!
Angie S 14h

frayed copper wires never to be bound
electricity is lost, connections unwound, and
where one end surges in power
the other cowers, weak in comparison
i watched their awful lives and wished
someone's expert hands could finish their plight
i attempted to fix it in the past but
other copper wires are so tightly woven!
and meanwhile, this little lightbulb
flickers meaninglessly.
why no one has smashed the wires
under their feet and then in a raging fire from fatigue i
dont know.

im so tired of the dark. im so fucking tired of it but im afraid of the light.

rant poem.
Alycia 14h

You knock on my door,
But I can't seem to move my feet.
I am stuck to the couch like super glue,
But all I want is for you to be here with me.
You yell for me,
You bang on the door,
You try to pry open the window.
I cry.
I want you to stay in my life forever,
But I'll keep pushing you away because it's just better for me to be alone.

it's taken a while
to realize you're no good
for me.  

it's taken a while
to see that your intentions
are of lust.

it's taken a while
to realize that
you never loved me.

it's taken a while
to see that you were
never the one.

it's taken a while.

and i may be drunk when i write this
but it's taken a while
to realize
that you're no good for me.

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