JAC 42m
It's okay to
question love

you can't
find answers
without questions

and solutions
don't start
without answers.
At 11:46 PM I told you I loved you too
It was Thursday on June 28th of 2018
You declared you didn’t want to say it over text yet we did
I promised you as soon as I could see you I would tell you in person
That day couldn’t come soon enough
You pulled me in closer this time it was different
You used the structure of my face as a intimate guide for your fingertips
I knew then we were meant to be
I then looked into your eyes noticing how dilated your pupils were
I looked into them so long that I started to see my own faint reflection looking back at me
The view of you is such a beautiful thing to see
You began to run your hand through my hair almost so that it became comforting
I smiled
Then you kissed my lips like never before
My heart felt full
I watched you sit up so I then did too, except you turned around getting onto your knees
Our eyes interlocked then our hands as you pushed me onto my back
I stayed lying there
You leaned in to kiss me I beat you to it and kissed you harder grabbing onto your hips
We are in love
All I adore and so much more
Mí amor eres mi todo, my spanish is a little rough but my love for you is not
The way she holds my hand it feels so euphoric
I hope you know my love that I adore you
I adore you with my whole being and that will never change
My heart beats only for you I do not mean to sound cliché but it’s absolutely true
You are always on my mind no matter what
The view of you never fails to take my breath away
I know we have not known each other for very long but I hope to know you forever
You are the light in my life not only because your smile lights up a room but also you give me the light for my candle
Without you I would be left in the dark and I pray to God that nothing will ever end up breaking us apart
japheth 1h
mapapaisip ka na lang
kung tama bang bumitaw ka
sa isang taong di sayo susuko.

mapapaisip ka na lang
kung tama bang umalis ka
sa relasyong alam mong ikakasira mo.

mapapaisip ka na lang
kung tama bang nawala ka
sa mundong ibinigay niya sayo.

andaming minsan
na pumapasok sa utak mo

mapapaisip ka na lang
na tama yung ginawa mo
kasi kailangan mong unahin
sarili mo.
here’s another piece i made in “tagalog”

rough translation:


you’ll think about
if it was right for you to let go
of the person who would never give up on you.

you’ll think about
if it was right for you to leave
a relationship you know will destroy you.

you’ll think about
if it was right for you to disappear
from the world that he gave you.

there’s a lot of “sometimes”
that comes into my mind

you’ll think about
that what you did was right
because you need to out yourselft first.

you arrived in spring
asking why I'd left

I had no good response
I'd lost my way
my dream had stumbled
what was I to do

you looked surprised
and asked me about sorrow

I had no good response
so I dried your eyes
and held you close
against my beating heart

you looked at me
and asked about lonliness

I had no good response
so I took you in
and watched as you untangled truth
marveling at your balance

then you looked away
and ask if love is real

I had no good response
so year by year
we've watched the night sky
and wondered about love


rob kistner © 2018
This piece touches on the often mysterious ebb and flow of relationships.
This is a revision of an earlier poem.
who knew five words could cause my heart to fall hard onto the tile floor beneath me

who knew five words could cause rivers to pour from my eyes, my swollen heart the only thing keeping me afloat

who knew five words could make me unable to leave my bedroom for weeks. a blue bird who had her wings clipped, a song bird locked in her cage

who knew five words could cause so much pain
Gee 5h

A simple term,
It means so little.
But yet explains a lot.
Still not heard by,
People with forcible dreams.
With these two letters,
Able to enlighten my opinion,
On the oncoming situation.
Yet the ignorance of your needs,
Portray importance over,
The simple yet powerful two lettered word.
I couldn't swim but I took a chance on you
I dipped my toes in the water until I was emerged but it wasn't with water it was with love
Your love
The only love that I will ever hold so closely and dearly to my heart
I didn't know your worth until I casted it off into the ocean hoping it would drift back like a bottle with a message inside
I waited not very long not as long as I once thought I would
Once again you emerged I desperately grabbed onto the thought of you with no regret in sight...as if I was drowning and you were the air my lungs had been searching for
I no longer needed to hold my breath being afraid that that was the last air my lungs would ever get
I breathe easier now with the thought of you lingering along
You somehow snuck in replenishing my heart with love
I forgot how love felt
I forgot how to feel about it
You showed me I closed my eyes holding on to you with every last piece of sanity I had left
I was broken glass
You put me back together piece by piece frivolously with no regard of yourself
For that you will always be my current, my future, my everything
And our forever.
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