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Ems 3d
i want you through all of lifes moments
i want you in the moments where were on cloud nine,
where were so disgustingly in love,
so obsessed with each other.
i want you in the bad moments,
the moments were fighting,
and not seeing eye toeye.
i want you when all the pain,
seems like too much to bear.
Her lips,
Are mine.
Her eyes,

I think of her all the time.

She listens to my voice,
Her smile,
So nice.

But to my surprise,
She laughs with another.

My heart
Is torn,
Pushed down in the gutter.

Sharing happiness with others,
Is beyond my advice.
As this rachet jealousy
Is burning like spice.

But one can only learn,
For she knows I am right.
This poem is about extreme jealousy that one may experience while in a relationship. This poem is quite personal to me as my past partner did exhibit the details I have explained above in the poem. Please do enjoy, and if you can relate to this, I am truly sorry and stay strong, always.
B 4d
Your mom still calls me pretty
even though I pretend you don't exist.
I know I've loved you forever
built a house and a bed out of sticks
then burned it all down
like a candle to the wick.
Look at you with such admiration
and I start to feel sick.
Sealed by doom, in 2017
healed by your lips.
Seeking out a brand new lover -
it's you that I miss.
Made out of nerves like second hand china,
always shattered like this.

I hope you'll choose me
repair me, take me to your place
know this rejection is something
I must finally meet face to face.
Calling on your landline, late and weary
it's like screaming into space.
Drove around in a circle
because you always know what's right
with the windows down, I'm blinded
your smile is so unbelievably white
and I wish I could stop feeling
like I'm such an ugly sight
maybe then you'd want me
and I'd have less to write.
phoebe 6d
maybe it was foolish of me,
maybe i’m just too naive. but the way you held onto me both in a way you were scared i’d dismantle on you but enough to bruise, you were so gentle yet i still found your claw marks painting my skin that i worked so hard to heal before you.

i spent my nights questioning my own reality, wondering if you were the monster in my closet or the ghost under my bed. neither were safe, nor were they supposed to be something to romanticize but i preferred you being a ghost because at least then i wouldnt have to feel your touch.

and i used to think that was wrong of me. i was ****** up. because why on earth would i not want to embrace and melt into my lover’s touch? his arms that he vowed to have protect me?

vows. all that you constantly went back on and i sit here now wondering if you ever meant any of them. if you ever meant anything.

because i was naive,
i was foolish.

i had carved a place in my heart incase you wanted to come back but i should have known better.

a love like yours is only meant to destroy.
phoebe 7d
i clenched my fist and this goodbye for so long, i choked it down with my tears and held you to sleep while you hiccuped apologies that you’ll be better. but my darling evermore, i cannot be the person you hurt just because you’re hurting. i cannot be that person anymore.
a longer work but this part really was my most favorite so im sharing it alone
Look at me,
Full of frills.
My milk skin
Gives you thrills.

Spinning around,
I show my treasure.
I know quite little,
But you,
Know better.

I obey and play,
On the bed I lay.
In your arms I sway,

On the shelf,
I stay.
R N Tolliday Mar 2022
You won’t know her from a picture, and some words underneath,
Or from a glance at a supermarket, or two, or four.
To really know, most people spend their time on hairline chances,
And I assume, some people think it’s worth just letting go.
That life’s not like how it is in stories; ones I've cherished.
But stories that were once worth telling.

For me, she has to do something,
Or vice versa: I have to do something:
An action says a lot about one’s heart.
So, I'll do things with love.
Stick down this path, that's meaningful.
And the one soul,
Of the few who’ve stayed in my life,
Will be the one,
And forever she’ll have my faith.
Anais Vionet Nov 15
We’re playing the long game.
We share things, we’re lovers,
we slip in and out of each other’s lives
like jackets hanging on the back of a door.

Relationships are like instruments,
they must be played, kept in tune,
the carnal and the corny balanced,
carefully, like sections of an orchestra.

Sometimes, I feel that I have to bring the energy,
BE the entertainment - and I can do that - in spades
but not forever - I’m not a tireless-giver - in fact,
I'm atavistically Parisien (we admit loving nothing).

I’m learning that when a relationship’s conducted,
at great remove, the basics - like punctuality,
dependability and preparation - become a big deal.

When I’m in an optimistic headspace, I think we can do it,
maybe, that we know what we want and who we are.

That we’re playing the long game
My BF started a job in Genieva, Switzerland - it’s an ouch.
Phia Nov 15
You will always be
My favorite form of self harm
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