Cross my heart hope to die
As I watch stars cry
Your the first thing on my mind
Idk anymore
Amanda 5h
I am tired of defending you
And telling all my friends that they are wrong
Stick up for you every time but I
Can only believe you for so long

I am sick of acting like I'm happy
And pretending I am fine without you
Want more than what we have now
But I am scared that dream will never come true

I need to prove you care about me
I do not want to be alone anymore
Make the suffering worthwhile
Remind me what I am doing this for

Show me you can be the man
I fell for way back when
And I promise I will do my best
To be the girl you fell in love with again
An oldie
Liesl 7h
After a while you’ll stop caring about him, but then you’ll find yourself wondering if he still has the mug you made for him in pottery class and if every time he sees it he remembers the smile you wore from ear to ear as he took it out of its newspaper wrapping because that smile meant a hell of a lot more than a mug ever could but neither was enough to make him stay.
You can't hear the words I say,
I have failed,
I have failed as your soul's handwriting when I stopped understanding you,
I have a friend when I left you on your own in the silence of the crowd,
I am poor with routes so every crossroad is a decision,
I want to come back to the start,
Show me the way,
Let's start from 'hey?'
Laura 12h
R is for the rough times we've pulled through.
O is for the ordinary days that you make extraordinary.
S is for the sure thing we've got going.
E is for every purely golden moment that we spend together.

Without you,
My life would be through.
I don't even know what I would do,
Without you.

Without your smile,
I would never go that extra mile.
The entire world would be black and vile,
Without your smile.

Without your love,
In the sky I would never see another dove.
There probably would be no "up-above,"
Without your love.

So here's a rose for you, my love.
It means more than I can say.
So make sure it does not shrivel or wilt,
As there is but one rose in the garden.
The worshipers gather in droves
at her feet like a clamouring congregation,
Desperate to begin the ceremony of the
giving and taking of love;
A burning love which only she can radiate.

Shamelessly they lie there,
Basking in her seductive warmth
Blessed at her selflessness while they
selfishly adorn themselves with her splendour,
Taking and taking until she cannot bear it anymore.

Soon she scorns them to the point where her
red ire is clear for all to see,
Blemishing the golden happiness she bestows upon them -
A burning love which only she can turn to pain.
Aa Harvey 18h

Rabbit ear’s pointing up towards the sky.
They are listening out for the bunnies that are calling out for love,
To begin their wail.
In search of a love, he is always hoping to find.
One he could love would be the one,
Who could make him wag his bright eyed bushy tail.

He knows that a wiggle of the nose is the way to go,
To find himself a mate.
Her silhouette is his reflection, a mirror version;
A recognizable shape and a friendly face.
He hops over to say hello to the mystery carrot eater.
“Hello, how are you today?  My name is Bouncer”
“Hi; I’m Leaper.”

And so the love story begins;
The bouncing, the leaping and carrot eating.
A sharing of a pleasant dream.
Only into each other’s arms are the lover’s a leaping.

On past the flowers and down into their burrow.
Bouncer and Leaper snuggle up next to each other, nice and close.
They stay down in their warren to keep each other warm,
Until spring is sprung and the kit baby is born…
And then Bouncer can hop off outside,
To fetch his Leaper a rose of thorns.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Who shall speak of the difference
Between a cut and a bruise?
One will hold the blood
The other it will lose

And who can tell
Of which is who?
By the colour of life
One red, one blue

Of the kind that is laid open
Allowing you in
and the other that lays buried
Beneath the skin

So by the cut and bruise, my love
One can see
I’m a lot like you
And you,
a lot like me
i heard that you tell people to turn off
that song
when it happens to come on

did i ruin something for you?
did i bleed into everything you once enjoyed?
did i claw my way into your thoughts and make a home?

i hope that i did
because me ruining a song for you
is nothing quite like what you ruined for me
"you shouldn't let the fire take you over so easily."
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