I can't close my eyes for too long.
I might see those brown eyes shine,
I might be confronted by that one smile you did only when you laughed,
I might remember how it felt to kiss you,
I might hear that car karaoke voice sing again,
I might smell your distinct and delicious cologne.
I just
can't close my eyes for too long.

her lust filled mind
ignited a fire inside
of her

she has such desire
to be touched
to be loved
to be wanted
by someone
by anyone

she wants to be loved

lowkey about me
Seema 12h

My heart yearns for you
Why do you run away from my view?
First you blew my hearts candle
Now you say, you can not handle
Come into my arms dear
Why do you ignore?
There is nothing to fear
Listen to the beats of my trembling heart
It utters your name from the start
O'sweet baby
Don't say no?
O'please don't say no
You will find me, wherever you go
My darling love
Flap your wings like a dove
Fly into my gentle arms,
Don't be so alarmed
Stop this hide and seek game
Let's give this relationship a name
Let our love flow
Let our love grow
In each other's arms, life shall groove in slow
My sweet baby...


Sand 14h

Your smile is a work of art
Your laughter lights my soul on fire
Your eyes look through the window of my heart
And it shows you one thing;
You, and only you, are my heart's desire

Sand 15h

Bring back that version of you I fell in love with
Bring back those dreams we built together
Bring back the love we loved with such deep passion
Before life got in the way

Currently at a low point in my "relationship" and I'm getting nostalgic about the first couple of months
cindy 20h

wednesday, november 18th 2015

See Ahab, a little space for the light to spread.
All hands been kept on her all night.
This pursuit through day and through night
For such wonderful experience
Will continue to swim for a time.
He desires, at some further point,
When night obscures the future,
that men time his pulse; such speed;
reached by the heart.
She was now mad.
Your blood did not speak out fears some of them might have felt before.

Liam 1d

I've never been so sick as when I do not understand.
Evidence is of no value to you.
I don't care much for my thoughts so I'll bury them in sand,
And they'll be part of the raging sea,
So blue.

And if we were to separate,
It'd be like splintering wood,
With my hate sprouting flowers as in Spring.

And while the bee may seem so lovely as a part of nature's plan,
It also tends to pack a nasty sting.

Callused fingertips, bruised up lips, but
when the day is done, you're still my sun.
A star so high; digging me a grave so low.
Love is complete when it's this skin deep.

love is complete when it's this skin deep.
Jay 1d

I press your spine against the desk and
I hear you crack.
Words spill
into empty air.
They pool at my feet.
I rifle through your pages.

They quiver like autumn leaves.

I practically
for them to crumble into dust
between my
as I leave you.
Between the covers.

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