adr 10h

though you can’t see,
there’s poetry
tattooed on every part of me.
from hands I hold,
and tender souls,
and voices that sing harmony.
from words I read,
and friends I keep,
from nights I was up too late;
from unfriendly vows
and who’s and how’s
and “why couldn’t you have stayed?”
there’s poetry,
though you can’t see,
tattooed on every part of me.
each inch of skin
all covered in
the ink life won’t stop giving me.

Seema 22h

My eyes, a pair of burning candles
All my fears and tears it handles
My heart a blooming flower, without petals
Barred around it are spikes sharp like metals
The pain that my body feels everytime
Is given by you for lying all the time
My arms that hugged you for protection
Now its not appreciated, a complete rejection
The lips that chanted your name with love once
Is now sealed by the silence, been months
The faith and trust that we planted together
Someone else preyed on to gather
The blooming flower is dying slowly
In this race, rather I am walking only
The burning candles now flicks
As my tears roll down the flame and licks
My body almost like a tossed stone
Floating in the sea, drowned alone...


I'm sailing away
on my own ship.

I don't need no crew
I know exactly what I'm doing

I'll be gone by morning light
to sail across the ocean.

If you want to say goodbye,
don't bother.

Instead just come sail away with me,
and we'll have the stars all to ourselves

I'll take you to all the places you've forever wanted to see.
Far and wide, there is no limit for you and I.

mk 23h

tell them how you never really had
a relationship with God
he was just somewhere in the
clouds and never in your
tell them how you never
really cared to pray
how you'd go through your life
night turning into day
but then she walked in
tell them she walked in
like an angel or a scribe
like someone with light
a savior in disguise
tell them how she gave you
a lot many gifts
tell them how your favorite
was how she gave you faith
she taught you to pray
and to always say
God's name
(but never in vain)
and you often
kissed the words right out
of her mouth
it was holy
in dimensions you couldn't explain
she taught you scripture
wrote you songs
gave you a voice to
talk to God
and you used that voice
every single day
thanking Him for
the blessing he gave
and she was a blessing
oh God she was
like magic and wonder
from above
so pure and innocent
wise and content
her playful smile
and her strength

but she came
and she left
and then there was pain
she brought you the sunshine
then left you with rain
now you're standing here
with faith in your hands
asking God why He let her
leave like that
she gave you a relationship
with something Supreme
but her departure from your life
is a never-ending scream
you don't know if you should
banish God or love
you don't know if you should
pray to the one above
if she was an angel
why does this feel like hell
if she was your savior
why didn't she treat you well
i mean, maybe she did
when you were together
but now that she's gone
your sanity is like a feather
it's twisting and floating
a little beyond the skies
loving her
might not have been wise
she was the connection
between you and heaven
she was the faith
reverting you from being a heathen
what good is faith
with a broken heart
tell them she baptized you
but you don't know where to start
you ask him
"is that what angels are?
here for a moment;
then forever in the stars"

your long nights
have just begun
is this the angel's way
of having fun?
too pure too innocent
too kind too good
perhaps this whole thing
was misunderstood
or perhaps this
was the plan all along
you know what they say
only broken hearts find God

keep your faith.
Seema 1d

Certain parts of me, you cannot unlock
It's these scars and memories I tend to block
You chose me to be your part
To take away the pain from your heart
The love you pour out of your soul
Is one of your unintentional future goal
I, on the otherhand, is an open book
Few chapters you read, with tears, away you look
Hard times we both have faced
Each time a struggle, a case just paced
Now that the terms and conditions being laid out
It's up to you to think about
Life in a second is not easy to move
Most times it's way another we prove
To stay together and try to work
Love comes second, with a lot of talk
Understanding is first and so is trying
Sometimes its worth a go then spend time crying
Lots to learn and much to give
It's a handshake to move on and to live
Soon the unlock parts would rust
With residual memories becoming merely a dust
Hope in a new life is a must for both
With love and promises, now we seal this oath...


Fictional write.
Toby 1d

As soon as I walked in,
The mood changed.
It was because of me.
I tried to bring it back.
Nothing I did work.
You said, "You're emotionally unavailable."
Then the sadness crept back in.
I tried to take my mind off it.
While you sat and did your own thing.
Found you on the floor saying, "whatever" to all my suggestions.
Then you up and left.
Probably wouldn't have said a word if I hadn't asked.
I'm constantly asking myself: should two people with mental illnesses be together?
I guess the answer is whatever.

Alec 1d

Why am I nostalgic,
For something that hasn't even occurred?
Why am I worried I'll lose you
But yet I won't even say a word.

Am I Caesar, and you my Brute?
Will you, whom I love
Deliver to me that devastating blow?
That ultimate betrayal of a stab in attack

"Es tu, Brute?"
As I begin to waver, quake, and fall.
I breath heavily, but I will not bawl.
I will hold my head high and collapse when I can no longer stand tall.
Knowing it is you who has made that call.

If you asked
I would never leave your side
Forever following,
By only your command, would I abide
Your faithful servant, your loyal slave
Your obedient puppy, whose path you pave
Whose life you save

Ask whatever you wish
I will hold no secrets from you
My solemn flower whose life blossoms by pale light of the darkened moon.
In your solitude, I offer up my servitude
I bask in your backwards beauty
and exquisitely aromatic scent

If you said
"Devote your life solely to me"
I would silently agree with no alternative pleas.
"Stand by my side through the Dark in the Night,
And stay by my side through the Light in the Sky."
I would gladly abide.

Who am I to go against your every Will, Whim, and Wish?
You, whose very whimsical whisper and sweetened shout I longingly miss.
I will blindly follow any and all commands
For you who delicately intertwines fingers or desperately grasps hands.
Lightly gracing me with your attention or violently demanding my affection.

Regardless of which path you travel down
I love it all
With you I feel safe and sound
I will gladly take and give

It is after all my job to obey
No matter what it is you say.

"Get me food."
"Be my shade."
"Help me with work."
"Stop hanging out with them."
"Tell me you love me."
"Fight them for me."
"Hurt yourself for me."
"Kill for me."
"Live for me."
. . .

i look for you in
the center of
the sun

but it sets
before i
can truly
find you

based off of “find you” by nick jonas

When I miss you most,

I make myself a cup of tea,

and stay with a moment

The table wedged between windows,

leaves blowing in the trees across the street, above

the ballet studio where we saw no one dance

Warm colors waft the air into a soft focus that

is soothed by your presence, glowing

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