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others often are disturbed to find
i laugh when i am in pain,
but life is permeated by pain.
it is a strange thing, not real,
in a way.
the nerves tell the brain there is damage,
the brain tells you something is wrong.
but the body is often wrong,
else people would so often not die from
a shrimp,
or peanut.

the most painful parts of life are always followed by laughter or beauty;
i wept often as a child
at any pain or the slightest scolding,
but i can’t help but laugh now.
i can’t help
Cait 1d
silly blue bird
don’t you know
warmth and laughter
have no end

you cannot divide it
like chocolate
to be carefully parceled out
and unlike chocolate
when you run out

you simply make more
Grey 3d

Lost and alone
He gathers up his things
And disappears into the unknown.


Inseparable, like yin and yang.
They watch the sun set
As their bodies tangle together.


Best friends forever
And the third wheel.
Watching quietly, she’s alone in a crowd.


Laughing, talking, joking.
They form a tight circle,
Keeping the happiness inside.


Watching from the sidelines,
Waiting for an opening.
He wants to join in just a moment too late.


The light of my life
The bane of my existence.
She pulls out a knife to comfort a child.


He reaches out a hand,
waiting to be seen.
She takes it.


They’re closed off from the world,
blinded by reality.
She opens their eyes.


Wishing someone will truly see her.
She looks at her
And smiles.


Alone together,
They’re lost in their own world.
She gives them something to hope for.


He’s achieving the impossible
But not the mundane.
She offers him friendship.


She means love.
She means life.
She means wild card.
Six <3
I’m writing this at 2 am so I honestly have no idea if it’s good or not.
They say that laughter is medicine,

I always believed it to mean that my own laughter would heal me.
I found out recently that I was wrong, it's you. You and your laugh that truly makes me feel better.
When she laughs, it is a musical sound that thrums and resonates with the trill of the hummingbird, the rippling of the lake, the falling petals of the cherry blossom tree, her voice a melody that resounds within his heart.
Afreen May 16
The cherub and her
balloons waited,
For her companion,
The sun.
He rises roaring
with laughter,
from the east.

They hold hands,
and frolic in merry,
he fills her eyes
with the sunshine of divine.
As time ticks,
They hop to the beat,
of her heart,
to the west.

Where she bids him
To the higher beyond
he goes,
as she, shares
her sunshine,
with the ghouls
among her.
And like that, she acquainted the ghouls void of warmth the sunshine amidst their wary cold existence.
Tony Tweedy May 16
I thought to tell a joke to lighten up and bring a smile to the day.
To bring a little laughter and set my words on out to play.

I started with the Englishman, the Irish guy and a Scot.
But someone called me racist so the first line was all they got.

I then started to tell of a woman in the guise of a blonde joke.
But no sooner had I started all the feminists did I provoke.

As I sought to carry on to bring a smile to someone's face.
I found that all types of what was humour today is out of place.

I find that I am judged a racist and even sexist or a homophobe.
And you can no longer laugh at women or talk of **** probe.

You cant talk of a shuttle **** washed up on a Florida beach.
And any joke about the clergy is well and truly out of reach.

I don't think there is a topic that the world finds hilarious anymore.
Unless that is why Trump was elected and what we have him for.
Not intended to offend. Simply an observation.
I continue to laugh at the things I find funny.... I recommend it. It is the best medicine (much better than disinfectant)
What will the future bring us
Here today, gone tommorrow
Life or possibly death
Happiness, laughter or sorrow
A gift, a curse or a miracle.
Just an unfinished poem. I was thinking about adding in 2 more lines but I just couldn't think of anything decent.
Grey May 4
Laughing, we dare each other
to jump into the crystal-clear fountains
and gaze at the bright blue sky
obstructed only by the Eiffel Tower in the distance.
Our splashes alert the security guards and we run,
unable to keep from giggling as they yell after us.
Stumbling towards a field of lush green grass,
we collapse against each other and grin,
comfortable in our warm silence.
As twilight nears, we splurge
on freshly-baked pastries
and gelato the color of emeralds,
huddling against the cold
in our soaking wet turtleneck sweaters.
Fingers intertwined, we run through the city streets
until we don't remember which way we came.
We slow, panting through our smiles
as we take in our surroundings.
We're on a bridge, the dark skies and glistening stars
reflected by the rippling water below.
We stop a vendor packing up for the night
and write our names on a golden lock.
We hook it to the bridge and throw away the key,
watching it sparkle in the moonlight
before sinking into the water
and drifting to the river bottom.
She cups my face in her hand
and leans in close
so the swirling fog from our breaths meld into one
and warms our flushed cheeks.
I gently pull her against me and close the distance between us,
our lips speaking more than the most beautiful poems
and our love as infinite as the skies stretching above us.
The sentence structure is super repetitive but I think it's kind of cute despite that.

There's a bridge in Paris called the lock bridge where couples will write their names on a lock and lock it to the bridge then throw the key away, symbolizing that their love will last forever.
The closer you got, the more I clenched my fists nervously and avoided your gazes. A poor attempt at avoiding the inevitable close proximity that we both weren’t going to protest.
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