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Juliana 2d
It must be tough.
I can't even try,
To know what you're feeling,
To know the reason why.
Is there a reason?
Is there a why?

I know it hurts.
I know it's tough.
But do one thing,
For me or for you.
Try to smile,
even for just a few.

Here, I'll help.
How can I?
Should I speak of rainbows?
Or maybe platypi?
Did you smile?
Did I make you laugh?
I hope so,
or else this poem's trash.

I didn't?
Not yet?
Okay, let's have a bet.
Whatever you're feeling,
Whatever is wrong,
It's just temporary,
No matter how strong.

So promise me this.
In a year or two,
When all this passes,
You'll no longer be blue.
I'll see you smile.
Maybe you'll laugh,
All in all,
Do you owe me some cash?
Save your tears for someone
who can comfort you as they fall.
Don't waste them on someone
who can't even cry for themselves.

Save your laughter for someone
who can laugh along with you.
Don't waste it on someone
who's forgotten how.

Save your bright smile for someone
who will appreciate the gesture
Don't waste it on someone
who's smile is never true

I'll give you a single piece of advice, my dear:
It would be a mistake to fall for someone
who cannot fall for you.
c 6d
I’m not afraid of ghosts
But I don’t like the way things linger
Like laughter
Or cologne
Or the feel of your skin on mine
Erian Oct 4
Your smile
It's something that no one else can compare

Your laughter
It brings out my worries and pains

If only you knew how much
You make my stomach flutter

I can't help it
Falling for your smile
TL Chesterton Sep 29
Smile, brightly, and make the world ***
In every way, the world is okay.
Uncertainty, the dread of existence,
Fills in the heart for more than an instance,
But softened my dread, did I do today
In realizing that I'll be okay
And that you can smile in so many ways
Sarah Sep 23
oh darling
I don't need much
to be happy
just your laughter
the way you look at me
and some place quiet
with your arms wrapped around me
tucked away from the world
Johnson Ung Sep 19
A gentle spring breeze
Magnolias blossoming
Life ever-changing

Summer embers gleam
Laughter abounds with you near
Bringing brief respite

As the sun settles
Autumn leaves paint the mountains
My heart rests there, too.
Steve Page Sep 18
I sit with you, mutually leaning comfortably as we tremble on the sofa with Adam ******* filling our evening with laughter and I breath in your aroma - that bouquet of shampoo that you prefer to all the other scents offered in the ad breaks.

I'm no good at remembering brands or labels and your bottle of choice doesn't appear on the screen anymore in any case, but I know the smell of you fresh from the shower,

and you fill my head with happiness.
Saw a shampoo advert and thought of this.
Ross Larson Sep 17
I miss being a child
full of laughter and wild
without worries and lies
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