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Sea 3d
You wanna heal,
Don’t you
But breaking the ingrained patterns of generations
Is hard
But you’ve grasped the idea
And now you just can’t let it go,
This notion that you could be stronger, healthier, more joyful— inviting all of life in through your senses
And just letting go
Of all the heavy burdens that have weighed you down for so long
You’ve spoken your burdens for years
But speaking never beget change
The change you ached for, the transformation you only theorized about
But what you didn’t know
Is that this idea of healing
Was a seed that was planted into your heart
And this kind of seed
Takes a long time to gestate
So even if you haven’t seen visible changes in yourself and in your life
Just know that the seed has cracked open
And is spreading deep roots,
Replacing the roots of your traumas
Your healing, when it is born and continues to grow in its visible manifestation
Will appear differently than how you imagined it
Yet you will be more overjoyed by its reality than by your limited fantasy of it
Your healing
Will be a revolution to yourself and to all those you have ties with
Some won’t understand your changes, neither will you at times
But just continue to listen to your heart, it’s simple, inviting song
And rest in all the beauty that is unfolding before you and within you.
When we are strongest
they try to chop us down
                    peice by piece.

                     Till were a stump,
that they can just stand atop.
But we will never be toppled.

We will always grow from
                     our lowest point.
And reach ourselves further
than we were before.

And if anyone were to try to
                                make us topple.
We'd poilitly let our heaviest branch
                      fall uopn them.

And watch them lie lower than
they ever tried to make us feel.
But we shall not gloat,
        we will just grow stronger
                   from there weakness.
MicMag 6d
I'm a Texas boy
Born and raised
In the greatest and the proudest
Of the United States
Grew up in the shadows
Of them loblolly pines
This oil boom town
Sweet home o' mine

But I left it behind
To see the world
Traveled the globe
Just me and my girl
Meeting new people
Trying new things
Embracing and facing
Whatever life brings

But no matter where I've been
'cross God's green earth
My blood's kept me rooted
To my place of birth
And if you ain't from 'round here
Maybe you don't understand
You can take the man outta Texas
Can't take Texas outta the man
My head down I do not see around to compare my lawn with yours.
Constantly on knees priming the earth.
Yellow stains form patches to overtake the green
Dig, Pat, water, snip
Yet to take a peak across the street
Pick weeds and plant seeds for regrowth
Flowers dance when the sun sings
Thorns scheme
mow, pat, water, snip
the wind carries the fragrance of her lillie’s
Feet nestled, grass soft in between toes
season change, leaves fall the trees are bare
rake, rake, snip, water
Birds chirp, gray skies and the water over flow
Drowning are the seeds deeply rooted
the wind carries the fragrance of wood burning and marshmallows
Guitars, song, beer, joy
Off of my knees, eyes wide I glare at what we have built.
My grass is’s real.. It’s perfect
I turn left then right shocked at the site.. All was artificial
CC Sep 14
To sooth the mind with planted thoughts
That are in soil that let roots grow
Mighty aging healthy tree
Whose seeds which we continue to spread
On earth that mighty men do tread
Carmen Jane Sep 12
Staring at the end of the beginning
Doubtful of all the raindrops in her life
There's a flower who can't stop pinning
Her dried leaves on the powerful sun

Her roots are searching in the dark
Her leaves are questioning  the wind
And yet she finds the giving spark
On her petals, by the sun, kissed.
Poetoftheway Sep 12
will my roots wither if I pull away?

this, incessant self-querying,
the heart pain tug that tugs on a
clockwork-random schedule,
should I pull it up by the roots,
that, the deepest cut of all.

when you obsess, perplexed about responsibility,
about escape, from what you’ve planted,
which came up with thorns unexpected.

the sweat, from the care and feeding,
rankles and saddens, for this
investments sour taste makes you question
your common-sensical nonsensical,

that intersection where the heart and the brain clash fearsome.

this is oft, too oft, how life sinks it teeth
into you, and extracting those thorns,
leaving teeth marks
hurting long long time after
those withered roots get tugged, pulled,

like a pain in the heart that was exorcised,
but couldn’t never be fully excised

B D Caissie Aug 31
There once was a boy who found a magnificent tree, standing alone in a field of wild flowers and green grasses. He circled its trunk with his hand gently touching its weathered and aging bark. "I will climb you one day." He announced to its branches. "If I could only grow but a few extra inches!"

He returned to the tree nearly every day that summer. Time seemed to slow to a crawl, something that can only be experienced in ones youth. Oh how his imagination took him on fantastic adventures, of pirates and treasures of heroes and villains. Secret missions around the world and rockets to mars.

On the last day of summer he played on well past dinner. From the edge of the field he could hear his dad calling. Dejectedly he sauntered back home with his hands in his pockets, glancing back at his unconquered mountain of branches.

As seasons changed so did the boy. Eventually he became tall enough to scale its branches but would  merely stare fondly at the tree in passing. Wanting to fit in and please his friends as they were not interested in some old tree in an otherwise empty lot. Patiently the tree waited with its roots firmly planted deep in the field of his subconscious.

The tree stood alone once more as the hands of time moved forward. Then this boy became a man, leaving his childhood behind in search of success and to make his mark in the world. His boyhood adventures slowly drifting away down the river of memories in his mind.  

Years went by like days on a calendar and he found himself with a family of his own. Yet there still remained a longing for his childhood home. So became the first of many summer vacations with his parents in his boyhood home. Who were more than happy to have their grandson echo the walls with the sounds of cherished memories, seemingly only yesterday.

His son slept in his old room and compared his height with markings on the wall. He played with his old toys and had adventures in the yard. The son unknowingly chasing the shadows of his fathers past.

One day his son ran in the house asking to play in a nearby field.  "The one with the huge tree in the middle." He announced, as he bounced up and down with excitement. His father smiled and said "I don't see why not. You know, I remember playing there when I was your age. " off he ran as his father grinned and became lost in thought as memories began to rise to the surface like roots in search of water.

His boy ran through the field towards the towering tree. Like father like son he wheeled his imagination of dinosaurs and rocket ships and missions to the stars. Without a care he hopped and twirled and zipped around its trunk.

The light of day began to wane, marking the end of another day. His father walked to the edge of the field about to call him home but hesitated when he noticed his son jumping desperately trying to reach the lowest branches to no avail. As he watched, memories of his former self tugged at him like a child demanding his attention.

So instead he began to walk through the field, all the while holding out his arms allowing the wild grasses to tickle the palms of his hands. The closer he got to the tree the more he felt like the boy he left behind so many years ago.

"Looks like you could use a little help." He said to his son, then proceeded to climb the tree that patiently waited so long for his return. A boyhood giggle escaped from his mouth as he reached down offering his hand like an olive branch to his youth. His son smiled from ear to ear as he was lifted up to grab the nearest limb
  As the sun set they sat beside each other within this seemingly wizened old tree both knowing this was a special moment, a moment they would never forget...
This is more of a short story than a poem, so I'm not sure if I should be posting this. Not to mention it's outside my comfort zone
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