Africa, Oh Africa!
Africa, Oh Africa!

My Motherland,
Why not take pride
in who you are?
When you converse,
You use the language of the West.
The offspring of the same parents,
And still use the language of the West.
Your own children try to distance themselves
and dress and talk like
Those from the West.
Your airwaves are filled with music,
Fast beats, foul language
and heavy metal from the West.
Even the food you eat
All processed and purchased
From the West.
Your fields are dry.
You laugh at traditional foods and ceremonies.
You have forgotten who you are.
Your heritage cries out
From the depths of the tombs
you're filling up with immorality
and your self-destructive ways.
You despise who are,
You ridicule who you are,
You try so hard to change
Who you are
Your heroes and comrades
In entertainment and politics
In the community, the society
Have been overshadowed
By those from the West.
Remember them,
Revere them,
More so alive than after death.
Resurrect Ubuntu,
Show a little compassion
For a fellow who needs it.
Stop the hate, tribalism
And racism.
This path of destruction
Will get you nowhere.
Let peace rule in the Motherland.
Respect your elders,
Salute the teachers
Who try to lead your youth
In the right direction.
Teach your children well
Violence is not the way
The pen is still mightier
Than the sword
Eradicate illiteracy
End child labour and
Honour, love and protect
Your women and children.
They will give you respect
and happiness in return.
Follow the footprints
Of your forebears.

Live in harmony with

Africa, Oh Africa!
Africa, Oh Africa!

Take note
Before it's too late!

I'm not at all criticizing the West, but I feel as Africans we're forgetting our culture and heritage. Our youth do not like talking in their mother-tongues. They do not like anything to do with our tradition... we will soon be a people without roots if we do not retrace our steps now.
ana Jun 11

I blossomed
a beautiful rose
but life plucked me from my roots and I began to slowly wither away
and sulk
and droop
as my once thriving red petals turned brown and brittle,
began falling from my center.

Emil Jun 9

His roots
over me
oh how
i wish
glorious world
could see
the way
he sprouted flowers
between each rib
In this delicate
with the
of his

Tranquil Dawn May 25

Shelter her
color her with life.
Grey eddies
the tainted disarray.

A sculpted jaw
protrudes above
our tented steeples
the cost of progress flails
with swollen eyes.

Trace it
the delicate bouquet
and discover
pure oxygen.

The blight has not reached her roots.

Inspired by:

Anchored in the ground
Little roots reach for nectar
That the rain brought down

Tiny drops swim through the pond
Rainbows dance across the lawn

Praline Poet May 17

This is the part of life
Where you put bricks on the past
so you can't look back
And whatever's underneath will die
This is the part of life
Where you're waiting for time to pass
Enough time
To layer on
Enough bricks
To smother
Enough roots
Of the part of you you don't want
I don't remember what I'm burying
But I've stopped asking myself
Because forgetting
is erasure
makes it easier to forgive
because no one ever did anything wrong
in the first place
Not even you
Laying down bricks with love
A foundation
To build the rest of your life
On bricks
Burying what?
I don't remember

DblNickel May 12

Nomadic traveler
No roots to grip
I won't be here long
because because
That's who I am:
A ship without a port
Dropping an anchor
But for a moment
because because
That's what it does:
Pata de perro
Laps water by tongue
Until the bowl is dry
because because
That's why it walks:
The tide rolls forever
Stretching for moon
Never can reach
because because
That's how I'm cursed.

“Pata de Perro” literally translates to “Dog’s paw”. As Mexican slang it is used to describe some one that is always wandering, nomadic or always busy.

Your hurricane heart blew into my life at an outrageous speed.

At the rate of 26 years per kiss, you blasted through my walls
and wiped out all previous heartaches
I'd ever sought shelter from.

Your wind uprooted all I have known as typical of boys
and planted the seeds of men
to show me that to love is to have true strength.

My shingles were weathered, claimed to be made
to withstand someone like you,
but at the first sight of you I ripped the nails out myself.

Yusof Asnan Apr 21

She was never one to grow wings and fly away,
She just can't leave her tree and be vulnerable,
She needed to be strong for herself,
Now she grow roots and became the tree itself.


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