our destination is the journey
edged with culture
curved with meticulous attention
infested with corruption
fumigated with potential
waiting to reveal itself to the world
taking time to perfect itself
because like fine wine
we don't age, we mature
into something so different
refreshing the norms
creating a new era of dimensions
a relentless spirit
perfectly flawed
oh blooming flower
a tree known by its fruits
a shackled continent
waiting for the chains of judgement
to break
freeing the truth
this is africa
Wooden creations of life.
Thousands of years of hassle-free thriving
'till we arrived.

Currently, decaying and suffering trees are killed,
Perfectly healthy creations are murderer,
Wise and noble beauties are ripped from the earth.

Its home
Is dying too.

Large cavities in the earth
Like a mine shaft in your tooth.
Suffering is synonymous with humans.

Our lives depend on nature, both their existence and their death.

Nature provides us with important ingredients to life,
But we also remove every trace of it in our urbanisation.

Trees stand their ground,
They don't go down without a fight.
They stand tall and are tough to penetrate.

They have faith that their roots will be the strength to their growth and do not detach,
so why do we dwell on others to be our strength and why do we disown our origins.

Be more like a tree.
Believe in your capabilities;
Live a confident life.
I did nothing
I said nothing

They were laughing
You were watching

The less I loved myself
The more I faced the taunts towards myself

My dejection,
Became your entertainment

My cries,
Made you to smile

I hate myself for liking you
I loathe myself more for telling you

My cards were slapped on my face
The fragile flowers I gave you, made you feel disgraced

Breaking the heart of a peasant is no big deal for you, even I know that

What did those flowers every did to you, I never understood that

I returned home, feeling detached from my own emotions

Didn't actually felt bad for my heart or the things you said and did

But felt bad for destroying those beauty

Everyone and everything in your life teaches you something..

This was my lesson to learn
From you

I don't know why I never loved myself,

Maybe because my eyes are too dark or my hair too short

Maybe my cheeks are too puffy
Maybe my skin is too dark

Maybe because I'm too loud and weird, for everyone around

Maybe I'm too boyish Or too frank,

Maybe it's my thinking that let it be later it'll be all right

Maybe it's my patience that makes me think that you'll change one day

But those flowers,
What was wrong with them?

They were simply beautiful,
Yes, I agree, some petals on the flowers were not equal to each other

Every petal was different from the other,
Some flowers were in perfect shape and some where beautiful in colour

Look closely,
Every petal is formed within the flowers with each other,

Each flowers are born from the very ground beneath us,

Their veins connected to each other

Some were different from eachother but all were the same

Maybe it's same with humans also,
Everyone is literally the same thing,

But a little difference made us completely different from eachother,

Why should I not love myself?

I can scream louder than anyone,

My slangs, stand out from everyone around

Anyone who knows me, realises I have arrived due to my nest like hair

Everyone I know is honest with me and honestly I like it that way

So why don't I love myself?

The more I found the positive things about myself, the more I started to love myself

You and your friends were trying to make fun of me,
For saying my heart's desire

I made fun of myself in front of you, and said, everyone does stupid things once in a while

Your friend said, you're a tomboy, you're way to boyish
You should wear skirt and keep your hair long

I said, I do know that and I like it that way
Skirts and long hair is not my thing, probably it'll suit you

You said that I've changed
I said, Really, how so?

The bell rung, I went to class,
Now when I actually think about it,
I never got an answer from you!

But frankly I don't care,
We all are flowers born from the ground beneath us,

We may look different, but we've got the same veins connecting us to each other

Violet Calla Lilly
I walked by in the dark
Dizzying scent
We are but simply flowers
- Jack Gordan
I was the soul,
He was the mate,
When our ship sailed,
High or low he was there,
Always at the helm,
To guide us through rough waters.

I was the four walls,
He was the strong doors, windows and roof,
He made sure no thief entered our house,
To steal our love,happiness and peace.

I was the tree,
He was the roots,
He held me through all weather,
Strong and deep in the soil.
We bore fruits ( children),
They ripened taken by others,
They bore new plants.

He and I,
I and he,
We got separated,
He got buried deep underground,
I, a walking stick,
Aged but still strong,
Alone but not lonely,
A will to live with happiness.
My husband was always there for me.
Aprajita Jul 8
Your roots is your foundation
Don't droop
Stand onto your roots
Believe in your your self, get rid of boundaries... Try to stand onto yourself and your knowledge, as I am also trying to.
gabriela Jul 4
I started going to counseling this week
because my plants started dying

the roots are all rotted
and the leaves are just slowly eating away at themselves

maybe my roots are rotten too
and I need to fix them before I start eating myself up
i am
all that i see
all the beauty is me
the flowers, the Sun
& its dance upon leaves
of the trees that we breathe
that lead us to our dreams
there’s just no better scene
as the Light seems so close
like it’s bursting from me
i swear the Sun sings
of my warm melody
i watch as her glow
grows right out
of my seams
i am all
that i

kk Jun 22
I clung on to the feeling
You and I were molded the same way
By our foundations and roots
Nestled deep in the same place of belonging
Quiet and withdrawn, in the shadows
We grew slow, dipping our leaves into a shy beam of sun
But only I dared to branch out
Come out of the shadows and search for the light
To stand in the glory and to expand.
We’re both standing in the sun now.
Regan Apr 4
As I am from Kentucky,
Does it even matter to me?
Only my future children
Will care where I’m from.

Soon forgotten of me.
Just as ancestors before..
I will just be a speck in what’s to come

I’m meaningless
What difference do I make?
In a world we’re babies are born constantly
And immortality undiscovered

Legends before me, will soon be forgotten
Is life even worth it?
Does my existence matter?
What is the point of this...?

To those who really know me
Will only be the ones to miss me
When it is my time
To leave.

© Regan
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