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Love is a cigarette
Burning bright in a dopamine daze
Colouring the greys
Then you're at the *** end of love
Where you cough and splutter
Throw it on the floor...
Meruem 3d
Lately I've been drinking a lot
Smoking near the parking lot
Alcohol for the wound
Nicotine to feel good
The next day I'll be sober
And hope it'll all be over.
December 15, 2018 - 18:24

San Miguel Pale Pilsen x Winston Blue.
Like a cigarette
you sooth my addiction.
the stealthy smooth smoke of you
infiltrates my rib cage
with a subtle burning heat.
But cigarettes don't last long
you will soon burn out
I wish it would have lasted forever.
Kathryn is fire
she is warm
like a tender campfire
graceful and grand
as mesmerizing as she can be
you may never get to close
because fire is too much to handle
and too much heat
will send you screaming
send you away
I was too much.
Lace 6d
Trying to catch some air.

It’s December....

and there is

I feel the friction raising blisters to fingers.
I feel the whispers of the smoke when it lingers,
a siren rifling delirium
and biting to the throat of a genius
who questions how bad miasma hurts the singer.
It's the quintessential fever dream between us

Oh, he's so smart, look at his three page diatribe
describing his rage, he's a machinist
Go join the dire parades of craven weakness.
Admire reagents calculated to the T,
brewed and created for playfully degrading,
and raising heart rate, lying to you,
and prying from your fingers.
When they ask you why you're dying be facetious.
Just sew the mask on to your face and make it seamless.

Breath it in.

Smell the plastic and bone.
Relax enraptured in what half of us know.
We drink the rumors from a chalice,
sink in fallacies of balance,
humor actuates the patterns,
and its harder to battle the tumor after it's grown.
Then we're just grass on the road,
and we can laugh as we go,
and we can act as if inaction
ain't the ***** in the stone.
And we'll be baffled alone.
We'll be the practical applicants
of a graph of a lung,
hung in a school.
Drooling hospital drones.

Stool in a bag on his side.
Try to hide the agony in seeing lagging behind
tank of life on a chain.
Banking his breath on a check,
and when it bounces he dies.

It ends faster than you think it might.

Don't even start.
If you're smoking, quit. If you aren't, don't.
She comes the blankness between stars
Nothingness strawn through enlightenment
Death has always been a when for Now
Yet like the universe, we persist
Saphira Rose Dec 9
And she left her there on the hillside crying out...
Crying out...
Don't leave me here alone...
Please don't leave me alone!
I'm your child, you are my mother, I need you, you are the nurturer.
I'm crying, I'm in bitter pain, you know my worst fear is being alone.

loneliness, loneliness! oh, oh you've come to see me off dear loneliest, haven't you?

The crisp clean air that I have been breathing is slowly tainted with poisoned smoke...
oh, though all smoke is tainted with fear
Come back again and meet me here, for now I am HAUNTED... with fear.
It's not my best but still I put my heart into it.
This was inspired because my mom abandoned me on a hillside before, and I did grow up in a house full of smoke, didn't find out until I was older that smoke is basically poison to my sensitive lungs. I found out the hard way though, so here you go.
Liquid Bear Dec 8
your burning essence
I drown the tension
that grips me
if you're not around.

your silver soul
I touch the edge
of life itself,
then come back.

Like a sunrise
between my lips,
I consume you
as you consume me.

your hostile kiss
I taste the truth:
honey mixed
with hemlock.

Like a sunset
between my ribs,
I **** you
as you **** me.

You dance
in the fire,
my passion
turns to ashes,
soon you'll die
and live again
in my ashtray heart.
Hopefully the ambiguity is not excessive in this one.
Mike Dec 8
we were lighting cigarettes backwards
in the backseat, drinking from plastic cups
do you miss me?
do you miss days when
so much didn't matter
so no matter what we did, we
were just happy to be there -
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