Darkness covered the night sky
and trembled the stars into nothing.
The air blew fiercely with rage
yet calmed with every puff of smoke.
She inhaled
menthol filled her lungs and tingled her lips.
She sighed
a tear rolled down her cheek.
She thought
it was over, but more began to fall.
She was relieved
more than anything.
The weight carried on her shoulders
slowly moved away from her body.
She laughed
as the world slowed beneath her feet.
Tsunami 6d
Stuffed the words you said
Down my throat;
Followed quickly by the flick of tongue,
Swallowed the words you said,
Dogged with cigarette smoke,
In hopes,
You meant them.
god i miss u
I can't drown myself in drinks
and flame
To forget is to remember
knowing at the end
I'll fall back into this
the same.
You can't always escape whatever you're trying to run from...
Tsunami 3d
I talk to the moon every night,
During my evening smoke break.
Bathed in moonlight,
I ache.

Her and I,
Waltzing around the subject of goodbye.
We parley.

The stars,
Inquire of my lonliness
As if my memoirs
were written anonymous

Whisper to the nebulous clouds
resembling smoke from my lit cigarette
nothing to make a sound
Looping over and over on a cassette
i know you hurt me and you think its funny but i still love you and i still miss you
Kwame Mar 8
We only smoke at night
She says,
Curiosity killed the cat,
Be patient or cut me loose.
Ash falls from the blunt
Hanging from my lips
I forgot to pass it
She takes a hit
Her chest puffs and her eyes water
She begins to cough and sputter
U been holding it in way too long
Let it out
And she says
Are you gonna let me down?
you inhale the wonders of the world
keep them in your skin and
take responsibility for having too much

exhale the misery of the universe
including the ashes of teardrops never shed
frowns hidden under sheets of life

i can taste cigarette kisses from your lips
i can taste all the miseries you wish to let go of
and i can tell secondhand smoking is just as bad

how dare you challenge my lungs
Kate Mar 8
I don't smoke to get high,
It's so much more than that
I smoke to suddenly feel
all 650 muscles
I couldn't tell if it was a joke,
but as soon as you spoke,
I knew that I wanted to be
the girl hidden in the smoke.
Cana Sterl Mar 6
Cotton filled mouth
Cotton filled head
Lids drooping South
Eyes filled with lead

Coffee’s too sweet
Lights are too bright
My sleeps incomplete
My head’s dynamite

I’ll sip and I’ll stare
Between here and there.
And pull on my smoke
Coz it’s just one big joke
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