My friend burns slow
I put her to my lips and draw
then exhale smoke
The tar stains my teeth and lungs.
I enjoy her presence because she makes me feel young.
BOIs 1d
You are a simple god's creation
yet still I'm stuck on your adoration
What's our relation
is this probation
I need a smoke station
so I can kill my hesitation
to keep my formation
and reach my final destination
GreenTrees Dec 2013
Two shadows cast down a winding trail under a sleepy moon's gaze
Like waking from a night of slumbering under heavy winter blankets, plumes of smoke rise from small brick beds
The shadows sway and dance under the last  breaths of  sun slipping into the night

When I hold on to her like the last days of summer,  but she is like the end of Autumn
When red and gold love letters fill the trees
When the last red ribbons of a sunset caress her face

In her eyes I see the low hung stars of an autumn sky
In her kiss the last sonnet of a season's end
In her arms the warmth of a fire set to welcome the first winter night

Karl von Mecklenburg
i stole a cigarette.
no, this isn't a metaphor.

there's just times where I feel
like I deserve to be what falls in the ash tray.

I don't know why I keep trying to harm myself,
If things are going okay...

It's like, I'm so used to the torture and pain,
I don't ever want it to go away.

No wonder I had clung to my razor blades
No wonder I had clung to the trauma
No wonder I developed depression
and look at me now, stealing cigarettes.

Desperately trying to find a way to destroy myself
Fill my lungs with smoke
A stench that is more than just stuck on clothes.

It's the past, coming back to life
inhale more

You want to smother these thoughts
Lose them in this smoke and fog

But no, there's no escape
Not even when the cigarette is done

The scars still string your skin
The pain woven deep into your veins
The bloody scabs you keep picking at

It's a coping mechanism
Or a way to slowly die

Is it that... I need to feel something, always?
Is it that... I have fallen in love with Death?

The couple of times, where he teasingly came
close to...
give me a fatal kiss.

Is this what I lust over?
Is this... what I want to feel?

In any case... this cigarette is still lit up.
Drifting me more out of myself.

And I disappear like the smoke in the wind.
I stole a cigarette.
walk in blue
when the blue lights are on
and blue smoke
blue smoke
of the fire of the world

walk on glass
walk across the sky
and live not life
live death
oh my heart
my heart

and tomorrow I will be again
In the same place
in a place where there are no pains and sorrows
where there is no down and up
one space only

Vexren4000 Jul 12
Smoke dissipating,
Through the city streets,
Into the noses of old humans,
Relics of hat they once were,
Hollowed husks,
Only knowing momentary pleasure,
Running from a life of suffering.

Maxim Keyfman Jul 11
leaves fall
in the smoke turn
smoke in the stars
stars in the smoke
and the night slips
passes like a lizard
and again my food
lies on the frying pan
and today I do
fried bread
I'm cooking bread
in an oven consisting
of water
as well as everything in the world

leaves fall
in the smoke turn
and fly across the sky
like a dark raven
and today the mirror
it broke
and purple
like sauce on the floor
and again my eyes
sang like birds
like bluebirds
as the heavenly heaven

He smoke cigarettes,
not to make it look cool,
but to fade the pleasure of sins.
Sins that were made in heaven..
Heaven that belonged to a girl..
A girl with buttery skin and crystal eyes..
Eyes that never speak for lies..
Lies about love, lies about deceit..
But deceit is what he repeatedly received.
To let it go,
to make the effort not letting the past steal his present,
the past that he wants to forget,
and forget how her voice sounded,
to learn the lesson in a bitter way.
He smokes cigarettes.
I don't write fancy words. I write what's on my mind. I try to relate it with reality. But it doesn't mean I don't like other artistic fascinating poems. Everyone has their own way and every way is beautiful.
Hope you would like it. :)
When the moon sets,
And the eyes of the world open,
I watch as true innocence dies,
And beauty awakens
In the form of smoke
And steam
Dancing with one another
Before fading
Into the endless ocean of
Dreams and clouds
S Hyndman Jul 9
life is a cigarette
we love to inhale
unaware of the toxins
left behind
growing, corrupting deep inside
still yet we can't deny
we love the taste
and the feeling, sublime

we live life
despite of events
that scar our lives
we love to live
though end up crying in the end
still yet we can't deny
we love the taste
and the feeling, sublime
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