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A M Ryder Aug 25
I'm afraid to be
In my house
I'm afraid to be
Out of it
Because there
Are knocks
On my door
When nobody's there

Because I hear people
Whispering in
My basement

And because if
I sleep
Too long
I know it's
Gunna come back
love came knocking
on her
like it had done so
many times

yet she wasn't open
to love's
for she'd built around
herself an impervious

those she'd loved
from the
none had hearts that
would ever
inside her core
dwelt deep
though she needed
a true love's

love came knocking
on her
like it had done so
many times
The above  poem was prompted by the word "knocking".
Karijinbba Jul 16
~ lover poet friend~
Do with us as you please
~RD for angel K~
You aligned us but we the lovers turn the keys to accept or decline even our frantic tantric joy where we rhyme.

For too long I shot my doors fearing flinching distance will have the last laugh.
then came my love RD
and I can touch Raj places
no one can and he
Mine that much more.

  I am over being out of time  
Not taking more blows
I exude security confidence power value my yes and nos are good I am myself

If you must to her go who
waits for her younger half
green needing wear, Go.
And you keep your love and Angel K me on hold;?
I rather keep your sword
And Z dagger in hearts orb.
The cosmos needs nothing
Why should I? I showed you how my journey can prosper us both and our family!

not you and ur other Z.
We mirrored each other searching for long lost lovers yet all you see is distance.
And your Z.
There are so many songs to play many lovely little things to live for yours and mine.

Remember make up your mind for our gates to open up your tiny window z must close-respect my freedom of speech.
My love and feelings matter
Yours matter more to me.

We are at crossroads
I've been here before
Dignity whispers
I am disciplined in the art of love and boundaries.
I ain't door mat for lovers rainny days.
By Karijinbba.
O Divine Matchmaker, pay heed to my plea.
I guard an egress open ajar, crusted by thorns
I guard this world against the odium behind it
I guard this door, not in service, Matchmaker.
My hands, grip on the barbs of this doorway
To keep it ajar, for a glimpse of my remittal;
Of the extant light of my sole soul so brittle,
Anneliese, Blessed with a name so celestial,
Anneliese, Cursed with a burden so menial,
Placidly fostering the lives behind that door.
Anneliese, my only mud-soaked nightingale.
O Divine Matchmaker, answer my quandary.
Am I to serve this world as an eternal Atlas?
Am I to forsake my mud-soaked nightingale?
Is our union ignoble to you, O Matchmaker?
How many unanswered sunsets remain alas?
In distraught, a thousand misereres, I penned
In every breath, I pine to pen a thousand more.
If only I had a drop of ink left…
If only I had a drop of ink left…
This is for someone who has gripped my dreams. A world that shook my dreams. I hope you enjoyed this little work of mine.
Zack Ripley Jul 12
I could have said a million things
in a million different ways.
All of which would have made you stay
a million more days.
But when the time came,
I thought about the future,
and I could never say with confidence
that my feelings would stay the same.
In the end, I couldn't let my fears
break my heart or yours.
Not when there's a million other doors
to open and explore.
You lock your heart tightly,
I'm the wrong key.
Indonesia, 5th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Alexa Genesis Jun 30
anyone can lose
anyone an lose their hope
anyone can lose their faith
anyone can lose their inspirations
to create that you inspired

everybody can lose their self by
locking the door and not letting
anyone to come in.
everybody has a choice in their life.
when no body is looking and your back
to yourself you still the person who lock
the door and hate the sun to rise.

no body knows the behind story of everyone scars.
                     except you and yourself.

anyone can lose their self.
everybody has a choice.
everyone can lose their
keep the door open and let the sun rise
George Krokos May 24
Do not ever let anger overpower your heart or mind
and you will get to be one of an extraordinary kind.
When anger is expressed in an ignorant or unenlightened way
it causes some door of the heart to close where love does play.
From 'The Quatrains' ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Devin Ortiz May 10
Stone slabs descended down,
forming a staircase straight to hell.

A sea of screaming miasma suffocated
either side of the winding venture.

The light of the world above no longer
registered as darkness swallowed this place.

It seemed that whether forward or back,
this road was infinite.

Finally, after endless time, the monument
of this suffering came into view.

The blackest Obsidian rose beyond
comprehension and without feature.

Voices wailed and tension bloomed
in ominous agony.

And as it called out, a liquid wave of
familiarity poured in and around me.

The door, once unmarked, split down the seam
as I came within the final stretch.

Understanding drowned my mind,
as I pressed my palm against its surface.

Instantly, with a deafening boom,
it swung open on ethereal hinges.

Walking through, in bewildering clarity,
what was one became two.
I read the sign on the door

I knock and after a pause
I see a girl smelling of roses

She beckons me inside
She offers me shelter

That's when I realise
I have found the answer
finding the answer
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