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aj 2d
I half expected half hoped that you'd walk back through that front door again
and it scares me knowing that I don't know when or if you ever will again
because at this point I won't be there when you do
Part two in a series of poems written over the course of several months
oni 3d
i locked the door,
but even i do not know how to reopen it.
It has become
a hallway for passersby
they enjoy the stories
I hung on its walls
and stroll off
to the next

What baffles me
is that most of them
do not see
the "home sweet home" sign
that I hung
at the entrance
Closure is like waiting
For him to close the door
Just so I can finally close mine
But I also have a door
That I can close yet I do not
Because I still look into his life
He doesn't close his door
So neither do I, the only difference is
He no longer looks into mine
I come to the realization
I can close my door
He isn't there to stop me
I don't have to wait anymore
Daniel eason Nov 22
Chasing the next realm today
Only a few split seconds away
Only certain barriers and doors
Which are open on multiple floors
The key is within our minds eye
Our way to say its ok to try
To let us know you are there
You are everywhere
Some people need to be aware  
It might be a scare
But once your there
Its ok it reminds me of a fair
My personal experience ask me questions about this one.
Shadow Dragon Nov 17
Slam the door upon my face.
Don't look,
or act.
Just stand behind the door
and anxious.
Wait for me to make a move.
Let me do
what you should have done.
Thats the easiest way
I can think of you
to live a life
where the sun doesn't rotate.
Because sometimes
doing nothing
is easier than doing everything.
And trust me
I will do everything for you.
Maxim Keyfman Nov 10
all around green lights
plays the sea plays it
all around green lights
I'm standing at the pier
i'm standing at the door i'm standing
I stand and think again
what i am thinking and where
what i'm thinking about and
now and now and yesterday

all around green lights
all around green lights
all around them alone
oh around the green lights
endless endless
eternal and immortal
immortal and eternal lanterns
from whom not to go anywhere
never leave don't leave

Dani Nov 9
It is made of the finest bark
Standing between two trees
It is open and closed only in the dark
Enveloped in ivy, locked without keys

Vanishes behind rays of the sun
Following the moon so bright
Away it goes when it hears you come
Held within are secrets that make us light

Locked by your chaos heart
With just a key of silence
Opened only in the darkest part
Warriors of life protect with demilance

A door stands in the forest of life's psalm
A door dedicated to shining bright
Only seen when a heart is calm
Hidden because this door cannot stand a fight

Between two trees it stands, insides expanding
To you there is much unknown
But, the ones inside are filled with understanding
In the world behind it, goodness is shown

This may seem absurd, but just highly misunderstood
Maybe, because you have never seen
What lies behind the sturdy wood
But it's truth, I witness, is keen
Garden of Eden? Heaven? Understanding? Plato's "Allegory of the Cave"? A mix of all these..
Written in 2012. Edited in 2018. Working on another version, as I would like to perfect the flow of this poem.
Mike Nov 9
To open one's mind
Would be to seek out what closed
It in the first place
My assumption is that we weren't all born with the intolerance we may have for those we don't understand. But if we could understand what closes us off to others and deconstruct it, we allow ourselves the opportunity to take time to think for ourselves. When we make time to do this, we may just realise what we closed ourselves off to had never been a threat to our being at all.
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