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we walk through the garden
the one beside the house with the yellow door
watching the geese lay in their pond
then we look up at the night sky
gazing the wonders that are the stars
and you start singing
la vie en rose

the water ripples
you start skipping stones
the long grass brushed against our ankles
as if it were a cat, rubbing its head on us

the grass left a mark on my shoes
but it’s all right
because you left a mark on my heart.
Madison Sep 19
loneliness, an old friend
is knocking on my door again
and I’m trying so hard not to let him in
B D Caissie Sep 17
I’m sorry that I lost my way
That’s why I’m at your door today

I thought the road was calling me
And that there was so much to see

As time edged forward and further away
I knew in my heart I should have stayed

So now I'm standing at your door
With eyes cast down upon the floor

Thoughts telling me that you've moved on Convincing me that it's been to long

Your disbelieving distant eyes bestowed. My heart now belongs to the open road.

The sky is still amazing.
You sitting in your shell again.
How could you see the light?
If you inside a seashell.
You waiting still for someone.
Who come and open door.
But dear, just you can.
No body can.
The only you can open closen door.
Eliseatlife Sep 6
When a door closes
Knock on it a few times

But if it still does’t open
Let it stay closed
I drew the word "pride"
But it's the Pan flag.
Underneath it it's the same
But it's a trans flag
I couldn't draw a demiromantic and/or a genderflux flag with chalk.
Now we wait for my parents to see
If they don't see it within two weeks I'll bake a cake that says
"pan, trans, demiromantic and also genderflux"
Maybe I'll need two cakes tbh.
I hold your ghost
In my night

Dreams and mares
An adventure that I wish
Didn't begin

With your
Poetic T Aug 26
I saw the sunrise through a keyhole,
      opening every possibility to

a new day.

Unlocking the potential
                                           of what opened
                                                   before me.

Remember its to the door that yearns forward,

                            but the keyhole.

Opening new possibilities that were once locked,
                                                         ­               before you.

Always look though keyholes at sunrise,
                        for they show you the possibility of

                                     what can be unlocked.
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