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There's a world of pain waiting for us outside of that door.

You ready?
During the dark night of your soul you came at my door.
I can’t tell how many, the only witnesses I have are the orchids and their friends. I see you, I feel you, and I hear you. You were fearful, hungry, and in desperate need of aid.
I apologize for the door being closed, and me
not being there to embrace your anguish.

You came when left out,
I understand and I know you can learn.
I wish I was nearby to teach you how to knock at a closed door.
It would've been easier and help you avoid throwing
the hammer and break the entry glass door.
That was a shock to my eyes. But,
I was happy to see the flowers unshattered. The only witness
that could tell me “They are good people,
in need to know what hides behind closed glass doors.
What is in there for them at this time?"

I cried,
I cried for me not being present, and I cried for them being left out,
and I wished that I would’ve had a bad habit of hiding money somewhere, and asked: “When they have been left out?”
Out of love
Out of care
Out of family
Out of attention
Out of the world
Out of embrace
And common sense.
When these innocent children of God, like me and like you have been left as a prey to the hungry flames of affliction.

When these children of God, like me and like you have been excluded, ignored, and punished in hell of mercy.
Left out to find fallen hope in the midst of the dark night soul...

I also asked what happened behind those closed doors,
when you have been scorned. A fiesta, or a sumptuous dinner, took place or maybe a somber face and rigid gaze spreading in the room, when ignorance took over and the meaning of your existence was misunderstood.
What happened behind those closed doors?
when you have been left out. How old you were, and how fragile.
Did you have the strength to cry for help, or you accepted
desperately the dark place as the only way of being in this world.
I can see you bending towards the gray floor and searching in-kind despair every corner. I can feel your disappointment in finding only feathers and books that you threw on the floor without asking what it is in them for you. I can see your lips shrinking, and hope fade in clenched jaws looking at the blue walls
afraid of the pages you touched while searching for what you don’t know.
I still wish I would’ve had a bad habit of hiding some money, as
I once carefully kept green leaves in between childhood pages.
I  wish I was there.

I am grateful you took the speaker, the only BOSS in the space of healing.
Now you have what I had. What a wonderful way to connect.
I will take care and send you the waves and sounds of my heart while praying for you finding an honorable way of being here with all of us, and sharing the space as one.

I just want you to know that I see you,  I feel you, and I hear you.
My space is your space, and the door is always opened by grace.
Don’t be afraid! Come and ask for healing.
Come and heal your forgotten wounds, what has been broken and lost.

I am happy you didn't break the windows.
The orchids told me “they are good people”
there is hope that you will return to the crystal light.
I will pray day and night for the light to enter your heart,
exhausted from searching in the corners of a room that is not yours.

I apologize if I made you feel left out, and
not being in the space behind the closed door waiting,
giving you the
embrace you’ve always searched during the darkness of your soul.
V C Vaughn Apr 25
She is who she is,
a classy sassy  woman.
She drives a tractor with the best of them.
She can use an emasculator,
hog tie a calf, castrate a boor,
Knock some sense into a 500lb steer,
give a rooster the what fore.
She is the Queen of her domain.
She wants an extraordinary, mad love,
full of passion anything else is a waste of her time.
She lives wild and works hard.
She doesn’t have time for midcore,
life is full of midcore and she’s had enough.
She wants a life full of flavor, color, texture,
good food, good whiskey, and passion.
Her mouth, woo she has the vocabulary,
of a poorly-educated sailor.
She can tell you where to go,
then make you look forward to the trip.
She’s easy to underestimate,
you know that harmless girl next door look,
a little nerdy funny is a sarcastic sort of way.
She’s been over looked often, and shakes it off,
until she walks away never to look back.
That’s when you realize what you lost.
And what a loss,
No one will love you like she did.
Bryce Frye Apr 15
There are days where I am high upon a dusk cloud
And rustic skylines bleed into bare trees

There are days where I bleed into white sheets
And I never leave the the lights on

There are days, and then more days
And minutes within smiles,
seconds ticking laughter, half assed conversation among fruitful hallways

Strawberry girl smiles and she would hate that I called her that
And maybe she would hit me and maybe I’m an *******, and maybe I’m a baby

And I’m a baby.

I remember not knowing I could die, not ever thinking about my heart, not ever waisting any time.
I should be that way now,
And yet as clocks continue to tick I just hum along in the warmth
So sometimes days become weeks
But sometimes days are just too short
And some days I am just to short
For the heights  I want to reach

I remember jumping had a different connotation when I was a kid...
Sydney Apr 12
So I lost again
Again to another friend
I don’t want to get in the way
So I don’t
I stay in my place
[Hell, I even give advice]
I think....
I don’t know what to think
All I know is I’m jealous
But I shouldn’t be
He’s not mine
I don’t own him
I didn’t even know I had feelings for him
But every time he tells me
About his “endeavors”
I break a little more
My walls build a little higher
Because I know one day he’s going to do or say something
And it’ll make me want to break my walls
So I built a door
I shouldn’t have
I know that
But it’s there now
It’s locked
But he has the key
And one day he’ll unlock that door
And I’ll break some more
Honestly don’t know where I was going, just kind of stream of consciousness.
seldom Apr 5
loving someone
is only giving them a door
giving them a door
a lock
a key
and a wrecking ball
they can choose to
destroy you
save you
protect you
they can do whatever they please
and in the end they leave
whether by
or death
they leave
and take a piece with them.
Days at home and I have started hearing things,
My furniture and home appliances seem to talk to me.
My bed says "Come and lie down,
Enjoy tea in me,"
My pillows say,"Hug us,relax everything is going to be fine.
As I entered the kitchen my toaster jumped up to warn me of my wife's mood,
Too late, we started arguing and the vacuum told me to **** it up,
To make matters worse the washing machine put a different spin on everything.
The T.V and my mobile threatened to die if I did not give them rest,
Furious I banged the front door,
The door **** advised me to get a grip,
But the door screamed I was unhinged,
At that my fan soothingly said it would soon blow over,
At last the curtains ordered me to pull myself together.
Was lockdown can play havoc on your mind.
you stare at the door like it could hurt you
walking in certainly would
maybe standing here for a moment longer
just a second to relax
could help you face your fears

well you stood there, alright
the shock in your face as people marched through
so easily, they opened it
and closed it with pleasure
walking in wasn’t the hard part for them, was it?

one more minute you wait there
standing as the door falls
once she releases her grip
calm down, there’s nothing to fear
is there?

just open the door
and force yourself through
you feel your heart start racing
is this is a stroke?
you hold your wrist to make sure
you don’t slip through the cracks

you place your hand steadily
and feel yourself go faint
a whole body going limp
over a door, a door
this can’t be real
it’s only a door

you decide to let go of the handle
consciously making the choice
to wait out there one minute more
and you hold your wrist
to make sure you don’t slip through
the cracks
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