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When one door closes, another opens
An optimist's dream,
and a pessimist's nightmare

Backs may be turned
and a door may be shut

But a candles flame burns,
late into the night

No foul winds or foreign rain drops,
can extinguish it's light

Even tho the door is closed,
to an old friend the candle always burns bright.
Writing this in remembering of an old friend drifting and moving on in life.
Karly Codr Feb 10
have you ever tried
to open a car door
and get in the car
at the same time
because i tried to do that tonight
and smacked my face into the door
after work
so now my eye is swollen
and probably brusied
so that's fun
my face hurts (insert laughing/crying emoji here)
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2020
If the door
Is closed

It's not your
genre: Abstract
Theme: If it's, it will
LaToya Martin Nov 2020
You knock and knock
But I can’t let you in
My home is unclean
There's mountains of clutter from head to toe
I constantly stand in filth and dust
I hear you knocking
But I'm too ashamed to let you in
Why do you continue to knock?
Why don't you believe no one's home?
Aren’t you tired?
You have stood there for so long
So I finally cleaned my cluttered home
And I answered my door
And there stood Jesus
Patiently waiting for me to let him in

                          -LaToya Martin
Kennedy Nov 2020
i always wanted a friend,
someone i could hangout with,
dress up, play games with, be with.
coincidentally, pregnancy brought me her.
four years younger, full of tears, a baby.
a baby i named,
a baby i loved and cherished and cared for.
eventually we wanted a friend,
someone we could hangout with,
dress up, play games with, be with.
two friends turned into three
pregnancy brought us another.
another i named
and she was lovely, and loved
and cherished and cared for.
and we three, were happy.
three young girls,
happy, healthy, alive, together.
then came Him.
Your love, Your heart, Your endgame.
with Him came another, a boy.
another i named, yet didn't have.
pregnancy didn't bring me him,
he was meant for someone else
he was theirs to love, to cherish, to care for.
we three young girls were not together,
unhappy, unhealthy, alive, apart.
the boy did not forget,
just simply never knew,
and will never.
but pregnancy returned,
she always seems to
and with her came another, a baby,
the last for me to name,
the last for me to love, cherish, and care for.
and You and i, we were together, with her,
loving, cherishing, caring for,
and there were no second thoughts.
she needed You, she was Your last as well.
so why did she have to go?
a month into a lifelong sentence
with no opportunity for escape,
no chance to make a proper introduction.
she saw the door closing,
put her foot out to stop it,
and slipped out of the crack in the door.
Pranav Nov 2020
A perplexed hand reaches out
and a trembling fingertip reaches the ****.
It circles the burgundy, round grip
with faltering determination
to push the hazel door forward.
this is what happens when you give too much afterthought to your decisions before acting on them.
Anemone Nov 2020
Lumber arches guide me through
Wooden doorways old and new
So much to see in this world of fantasy
Come with me
Poetry Art Oct 2020
love arrived one day
and i know
that i am more than willing
to give all my heart and soul
without fear
all in
full of hope
because we don't know
when love will leave
or if it will ever try
to visit me once more
when will love visit again?
Karly Codr Oct 2020
I have a serious question here
That my friends refuse to answer.
Am I the kind of person
That people don't want to be around?
I'm tired of pretending
I have to be someone else
in order for people to like me.
Where is the one person
that I can be myself around?
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