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George 10h
she leans into her father,
she did not know then,
that one day she will,
after he is gone,
start remembering,
resting on his shoulder,
on a train,
rattling on its journey,
somewhere into the urban night.
why do i feel caged
                                   —by the same fences, that was
               meant to make me safe.
comfort comes with a cost
madison 3d
im coming back to the real world
all i have seen since you have been gone is darkness
everyone says that i will see the light again when you've left my dreams
but im starting to see
you are the darkness that i see

i saw the light wherever you walked
you were the only thing to matter to me
but im becoming conscious
im seeing that your light made everything else dark
and now that youre gone i still only see darkness

the darkness is becoming my light
it is what i know
it is where i am safe
you told me you wanted a girl like that. the next day you referred to her as one of those girls. i should have known. i should have realized what you were trying to say.
Sunlight has substituted blood on the tiles
The shower steam is not a monster for you to fight
Observe the hands that used to shake start to glide  
And all the headlights charming demons in the night

Salty rays replace the regular despair
Instead of tears you're leaking light during weekdays
The fantasies that turned roots into your hair
Give in to skyward looks and plans for future ways

And all the pretty things that stop you walking out the door
Multiply before your eyes and pin you to the floor
They bury in beneath your skin like pebbles in the shore
Until the razor-headed dragon cannot sting you anymore

Loved ones have substituted sleeves on your arms
The wine stains that once held you find it hard to stick
And though the taste of iron has a certain charm
The coffee on your lips will never make you sick

I'm sorry,
You're lovely,
I hope you're alright
I sent all
My angels
To your place last night
They told me you'll be fine

'Cause all the pretty things that stop you walking out the door
Multiply before your eyes and pin you to the floor
They bury in beneath your skin like pebbles in the shore
Until the razor-headed dragon cannot sting you anymore
Cannot sting you anymore.
a little poem about recovery
Mori 4d
I can´t resist anymore,
I simply want to hold you,
wrap my arms
around your
delicate body.

I know you´re shattered
but I will be
your safeguard
protecting you
from any more damage,
your detective
searching for
the tiniest pieces of you
and your long-lasting glue
sticking you back

I will try my best
to stick your pieces
and again
and hope that
my presence makes you realize,
you are whole with
and without

I am the one needing her but I don´t think she needs me.
japheth 4d
if ever

you don’t


like you have a home,

pull me close,

wrap your arms around me,

rest your head on my chest,

close your eyes,

and feel the warmth of the fireplace

resonating from within my heart.
I now have happiness strangely within sadness I've been set In this mode so long I longer hurt so much

I fear reality more for
because that's uncertainty I'm used to the sadness I can deal with Its a reality
that's the problem

I've been trying to learn what I can cope with, and what I can't, and I've found Its reality I can't deal with I
feel I have no place In reality

But sadness there's a place with my wife but In truth, It's the physical side her not being with me In this
life that the sad part

So all my dreams and memory of Helen Is to where I can be happy again so why would I
want to move
Moving would mean putting all my memories my photos of Helen not write poems of her just to please someone else that I can't do

If anyone can understand
what I'm trying to say then
I will be pleased because I'll know I'm correct all I know Is If I try to forget the past

I hurt too much my dreams memory fantasies of Helen I'm a happy man so It's to there I'll stay happy writing my poems of Helen
It strange but feel better already God bless
Strange but I feel safe In my sadness It's reality I fear
You burnt me without fire
Bruised me with just words
Twisted with my desire
Until I was begging to be yours.

I remember clearly,
The day I said goodbye,
The fire left burns,
The black and blue
Up and down
My arms.

I’ll never go back,
And I’ll tell others too,
Because they should be warned
Of people  like you.
I’m so sorry
The saddest part about a shield,
Is that it's only ever going to be
A shield
Until it takes
One too many strikes.
Each dent, a battle.
Each scratch, a fight.
Each repair, a futile effort.
So the real question is,
ARE you a shield,
Or are you the captor,
Only keeping your hostage safe
The right

sian 7d
in your arms a haven for my soul
your heartbeat, my lullaby
you whispered in my ear
sweetheart you are ethereal
heartbreakingly beautiful
So you touched
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