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God gave me poetry as an outlet
For when I’m in a bad place
When life gets my head spinning
When depression is pushing me from all sides
Anxieties of all kinds
I put all these emotions on paper
Out in the open and strip my soul naked
This is where I run to

I think I love you,

Well, atleast I want to.
jasmine wild Jun 2
i feel safe within the darkness
so when it's taken away
where can i feel safe
Alicia Moore May 26
save me
a seat on your ride home.

I’m scared
that I will lose my way.

help me
travel back safely.

I beg.
Alicia Moore May 22
Your heart is simply your home.
It is your safe place.
Family consists of the things living in that ticker;
it consists of the things you hold close in those chambers.

‘You can choose your friends but not your family,’
I am told by my parent who has caused me the most harm alone...
but with the force of the wind I push against those groans.

The roots of my family tree do not match past generations.
The roots connect to my heart and mine only;
the veins that decorate the walls of my home.

So I bid you goodnight now a stranger to me,
for I am finally free to be with my true family —
I am safe here with my created bloodline,
living happily in this little heart of mine.
I beg you to remember that family is what you make it: a pet, a series of books, a painting that brings you a sense of calm...
Remember that you can, and must, uproot yourself from the weakened soil surrounding you.

All my love,
Mark Toney May 15
hardwood memories
well-rooted, time-tested, safe
~ hiking in mind's woods

Mark Toney © 2021
Poetry form: Haiku - Mark Toney © 2021
Alicia Moore May 2
I miss the friend that kept me safe,
it kept me warm in my fragile state.
I now walk proudly and without hesitation,
knowing the friend that became my saviour
is thriving surrounded by its fellow nature.
Do you wonder, like me, if fawns miss the warmth of the grass that protected them before their legs could carry their weight?
Jay M May 3
Hold me
Take me into your arms
Hold me tightly
Safe and right

Hold me
Away from the monsters in my head
Hold me until they go away
So I can stay
Here with you

Hold me
Close to your beating heart
Hold me
And tell me I belong
That my monsters are wrong

Hold me
And don't let me go
Hold me here
Help me fight my fear

- Jay M
April 30th, 2021
Sometimes it can be frightening, and I could use a nice long hug.
Nilia Loh Apr 29
Friend energy vulnerable of honest.
When fulfils, they group feeling safe.
encourages thoughts of capable a trust.
Did this dada poem for a school project. Focusses on trust in friendships!
Nilia Loh Apr 29
To depend we when;
Safe doing feel thoughts and can purpose.
Vulnerable trust what honest encourages;
Safe when fulfils family feeling.
Other depend.
a dada poem I did for a school project! This dada poem focuses on trust in family settings
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