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Nicole Jan 29
i asked for sanctuary,
the universe gave me you.
u make me feel safe, as if i could still trust u even if there's a gun in ur hand pointing at me.
Underneath, there are secrets
Kept safe from prying eyes
Held fast and secure
Behind a lame disguise

Would they think less of me
If everything was shown
I wonder, would their eyes still see
The person they have known
The knight strides forth to battle
In his suit of Maximilian
Sword-edges turn aside and bodkins bend
Powerless to pierce this fortress of steel

The visor veils his visage
His voice muffled within
Admirers acclaim the armor
Valor, virtue, and victory

But only she beholds
the man within the Maximilian
And her arms are his safest stronghold
His sweetest solace
To S.
Mrs Timetable Jun 2022
In my dreams
I try
To make you
Holding you
In my
Small hand
They may be small but they hold a lot
Mrs Timetable May 2022
Accentuated my concealment
By concealing what I should of Accentuated
I covered up
What I should of been bold to reveal
But I couldn't...

Out of fear

Burying yourself so deep
Everyone can see
The human need to feel secure
s Feb 2022
I found myself in his embrace,
as he peppered kisses across my face.
My fingers find his to interlace—
I never want to leave his place.
Heidi Werner Jan 2022
I have memories
Of lying down in the backyard
Of my childhood home
Dressed in a hug
Parka, snow bibs, and gloves a size too big
The world had grown completely silent
All my fears held back
By a curtain of snowflakes

when the world is too loud
And everything is a little too much
My mind will wander off
To a snowy neighborhood
At night
In a small town

Often times this mental space
holds only darkness
All my developmental flaws
Packed away in moving boxes
Thick black smoke seeps between the cracks
Of pristine cardboard and plastic
Being loaded onto a truck
A size too small

It’s funny
That house never felt like a home
But sometimes
When the world was wrapped
In a blanket of snow
I felt peace and warmth
Out in the cold
Written while discussing liminal space and safe haven. Where do you find moments of soul haven?
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