I'm here.
I am small and my      fears crowd      all of my thoughts.
The monsters        lean in        on my hopes,
  crushing         them and      my energy
as I fall          to my           knees

But at your call,
every           cell in my          body
stands itself      up and marches      forward
knowing I can     do anything,     if you need it.
I will be there for you,           as you           have always been here
for me.

Sanny 1d

You put the words in my mouth when i couldn't speak.

You knew how i felt before i did..

You helped me through the worst times of my life, and you were always by my side.

Just hearing your voice sorted out the chaos in my mind.

You were there, a never-ending comfort, no matter how broken i felt..

You were my calm in the hurricane.

Your voice guided me, through all struggles.

That voice is now gone.

Forever recorded, but now gone.

But what about the future?

Who's gonna be there?

No one can ever replace you.

For 16 years you've been my best friend.

I'll keep your memory alive.

Rip Chester Bennington.

Chelsea Rae Jul 14

I am the dim star that twinkles
hoping that you'd make a wish on me.

I am the flickering light bulb that
just needs a lil tightening.

I am the coals on the fire hearth
Waiting for you to give me breath.

Yet they walk on by,
Not realizing
I'd make their wishes come true,
I'd light up an entire room,
I'd give them warmth when they are cold.

I am the things that make you feel not so alone.

Do I ask too much? People never put in as much as I do. I'd go the extra mile.
ayame Jul 12

my love, you hold
a piece of my heart

i watch as
you tuck it into your pocket
for safe keeping, from who?
i have yet to discover
but you hold it with
care and you hold it with
desire, and i can
feel the warmth transfer
through your fingertips
into the crevices of my

my love, you hold
a piece of my heart

take the rest
for they belong to

they will always belong to you

Paul Jones Jul 9

An ocean apart,      but a bridge is built
and old souls meet on      the road less travelled.

21:20 - 09/07/17
State of mind: joy; peaceful.

Thoughts: from thinking - about impossible dreams. There is something instinctive about striving after goals that are hard to reach or have never even been thought of before. To achieve this is to have walked the road less travelled.

The fourth part - 'the road less travelled' - is inspired by M Scott Peck's book of the same title. The overall message of the book correlates with that of this dyad, which is that love is not necessarily a feeling but an activity... such as a dance, I would say.

Questions: would you care to dance?

Listening to: Ed Sheeran - Perfect.

Anything can happen
to any one of us
at any minute

Random chaos theory
or arbitrary existentialism
to live or die by

There's a lot to be said
for living in the moment
for seizing every new day

God, religion or atheism
we're all human beings
breathing the same air

Martin Luther King
was a man of peace
but died violently

John Fitzgerald Kennedy
was a man of peace
but died violently

Countless bad things
happen to good people
live fully, love always

Always is never,

and never is forever,

so never think that it will always be forever.

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