Love, marriage, birth, death

I want a lover for life, not just a lover for tonight.
I want someone, who takes away my breath.
I want love, marriage, birth and death.

While you’re out there, looking for some excitement;
I’ll have someone, who is committed,
To making this work, whatever comes our way.
Someone who will be at my side, until I am old and grey.

For I now know what makes this work,
For I am no longer a jerk.
So go ahead; come over to me and flirt,
But you’re wasting your time,
For I need woman and not a girl.

You’re a solar eclipse, that has covered my heart,
You make all other women, fade into the dark.
For the light you shine, is simply blinding.
You’re the only woman, I need to be seeing.

I have now found what I’ve been looking for.
So if you feel the same way, my love is yours;
But never say I love you, unless you’re speaking from your soul.
For I don’t need any love, that isn’t sacred and pure.

For love is not simply a word, it’s like taking an oath;
A promise to me, that I’m the only one who can have your love.
But if you’re just after, an easy lay,
Then turn around and leave me and don’t come back again.

For I have become a runaway train,
Who is speeding down the railway line,
On a collision course with you.

Angel of mine, come and bring me sunshine,
Or steal Cupid’s bow and help me find love again.
For I don’t wish to live another day,
Until I get a girlfriend and I can show the world my happy face.

I speak from my heart, to share with you my feelings;
I tell you my thoughts, to show you what I’ve been thinking.
As the sun shines down upon you
And the water glistens on your skin,
You’re watching me thinking, as I’m watching you swim
And we both share a smile, for we both think the same thing.
Oh my God, I’m in love…
And each of us knows what the other is thinking.

So you run out of the water and I get to my feet,
Then somewhere in the middle, we share an embrace
And each of us wish, to never let go;
But we will never forget today though.
For today was the day, we both fell in love;
Every loving word spoken, with a simple hug.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
I had a dream,
you and I,
sharing the rest of our lives.

I had a dream,
where you could not hear me

I wake up,
looking for you all over.

I wanna wake up
when you come back.
Too late for being dreaming about it.

We fell down into fighting.
You were always the first giving up.
I get used to close the doors,

you leave open in me.

I don't dream about us anymore,
happening in the way I wanted to.
I've never been so afraid
Hidden beneath bed sheets
and no one to comfort me

I do not understand
How to let people see me cry
I just feel I need to hide

Not because of pride
but I feel I must always be okay
But usually, I am not okay

I get lost in my head
As I lay still in my bed
And alone, I always feel

No one to help me heal.
No one asks me if I'm okay.
Light pink and white cherry blossom leaves,
Carried by a warm breeze, caressing your cheeks,
Tickling your nose, softly falling in your hair,

A beautiful scene,
A reflection of happiness in your eyes,
The laughter, in your voice,

Happy sounds fluttering through the air,
Tickling my heart, like a breeze from Angel wings,
A painted scene of memories guide my Soul,

The place love touched our hearts,
The place it all began,
Keeps yesterday's happiness in my memories,

Knowing an Angel is still here,
Deep in my heart,
Feeling the beating of your Angel wings,

Guarding my Soul,
As I travel through this beautiful place,
The place I found an Angel that will love me for an eternity.

Copyright © 2018 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.
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Chiquita Apr 13
The pain she bored was heavy to hold ;
It ate her mind but she never told,
To anyone she never shown;
She sat by herself and wondered why,
Life was unjust and made her cry
Heavy bags were evident to see,
That the pain she bore was not letting her sleep;
But she somehow seemed to cast a smile
Silently telling me she was alright
But in those glossy eyes I could see
The pain she bore was there indeed
My heart hurt to see her pain
Which she tried to hide again
So I held her close to let her know
That I'll be with her and never go.
Salem Noxolo Apr 10
I'm internally conficted:
One day I like him,
The next few days I don't.
Even on days I do,
I still count down the days till I won't Have to see you
Which to me seems awful.
But, hey, three more weeks...
I wanted to like you.
I don't right now.
Right now, I want to run.
I want to run and to not look back.
You haven't even done anything!
Maybe that's why though.
I feel queezy when you reach
To hold my hand.
I feel uncomfortable as we walk in the hallway like that!
My face shows it too.
To my heart, I'm not being true.
Every time I see couples in the hallway now,
I want to barf and yell "bleh!"
As loud as I can.
My brain picks at our flaws
I feel like I'm doing something wrong
Maybe I'm losing my mind!
You ask me to lunch and my heart races as I think of fast excuses.
You ask me if I'm happy so much!!!
Yes! I'm always "quite well!!"
Oui! Je suis souvent content!!!
And I am, but...
I also feel like a dead tree.
I am doing quite well today! You?
on the lonely beaches of life
where sun's heat is killing the sand
and hot water has a terrifie feel,
where its hard to differentiate
joy and grief,
black and white,
self devastating energy,
losing hope of every way,
eyes  shrinking, all in fade,
directions turning dark, giving a feel
no one exist, not even a mark,
i be with you
holding hands, giving you my
eyes to read, to look,
beyond the depth  of sand and
directionless way,
is lying a reason  to survive,
making you dive into deep hot water
to enjoy the peace that  lies
beyond your sight......
stretching your cheeks to smile,
bringing back fun ,
and a sweet kiss
to enjoy the state of
being special  to me
and my world........
Amanda Apr 10
I love you even when you get angry
When holes appear in the sheetrock wall
As hurtful insults are thrown from your mouth
Voice so loud I can't help but feel small

I love you when you are dead tired
And can barely move or lift your feet
When you feel there is no way to go on
Head hung low in frustrated defeat

I love you when you get upset
When the disappointment reads clear on your face
Your despair only enhances your features
You carry your sorrows with grace

I love you when you are at your best and your worst
When you are wrong and when you are right
Your scars and flaws are unique and beautiful
I'm in love with everything you are;
Your darkness as well as your light
We love eachother when most people wouldnt be able to
When I get scary
thoughts I let them swim on by
Then I watch them drown
Much love to u all :)
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