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It is cold outside
And warm in here. There is mist
On the window. Can’t see.
this is music and this is music
music sounded when
I was not here when I
did not look when I did not think
about sand about desert about cacti

this is music yes this is music now
plays and does not play and plays yes
she sounds all the same when i
was still a girl she sounds all
as always when I was

when was i when was i dust
when was i say so the stars
when I was words when I was
just a restaurant or tea
or just an ordinary sheet

i was born to love you. you have always been my purpose in life.
I don't know why
I'm surprised-
I'm vain and I always
Overestimate my worth
In the middle of the afternoon
I realized, everything will be gone soon.
I have a problem that I can't say
I don't know how to make people stay.

Everything's falling apart,
I know what to do in my part
But I let ***** happen
In the end, I'm always forgotten.

I know I'm the one to blame
Why things are like this
For my reasons are always lame
And that's why I'm not in peace.


It's afternoon and my mind's a mess, my heart's not in peace and my body is weak to process things. How do you make people stay?
I know how it feels
I understand
I've been in your shoes
So trust me when I tell you
It's not worth it
Your life is worth living
There are things that you are probably going through
That no one on this earth could ever understand
But things always get better
And I know that sounds cliche
But trust me I mean it
You're hurting I see it
I see the pain
I see the insecurity
I see the heartache
But I also see strength
I see love
I see beauty
I see potential
And there is someone on this earth
Who will help you see all the good things
But you have to be patient
Please be patient
Good things come to those who wait
I know it's hard
But love will find you and it will all be worth it
Endure the pain because you will be healed once love finds you
Please live.
Please live. You are worth it. Don't let the fear and the pain take over. Live on, keep fighting...
i remember when we first started talking
and you told me if we were together
it wouldn't be fair because it would ache too much
since we couldn't touch or be near each other
and i remember just wanting to scream
"love me anyways!"
because i never wanted someone as much as i did you
it was always you
and sometime later
we are now together
and we're aching
but it's all so worth it
so worth it
and we'll be near each other soon
Starfire Nov 4
Hope is in all of us
even if we don't think so
Hope will always be there for us

Hope is what keeps us going
even on our darkest days

Hope is like a drug for all of us
It's something we latch onto when we have nothing left
Maxim Keyfman Oct 31
behind the curtains behind the back
behind the new spaces
behind the back new curtains behind the back
new means old and vice versa
behind back behind back
behind back behind back

gone day and gone hour
wasn't it always the case
what is always our every hour
we were with red napkins
and all forever they spun and flew
we have with us somewhere near namely
behind back behind back behind your
and my

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