Large pockets hold coarse wisdom stones
that have yet to be tumbled and known.
No deed has been done with many tears,
and my matter has yet to turn gray.

I have nothing but stripped circles
wrapped around dark no-sleep eyes;
but I'd hold scotch tape over damned rivers
for you, for ever, for love.

After all this time?

allusion to My Man oscar wilde

In apple growing-warmth,
I found oceans between eyelashes and pacific air.

Ligamented with smoke, skeleton hands crafted cigarettes of honey and curling floral sweetness.

For soft-haired royalty, I bowed my heart and washed my skin in space and rainy wishes.

The sun drowned in polish remover, and I longed for my love to melt metal,
so I could free caged canary yellow.

But I, the noiseless patient spider,
who has flung gossamer after thread,
am reaching for nothing but an earth flower,
one who once wished me dead.

Still, I sleep well under starless skies,
where urban northern lights burn the dark,
charred there by city windows and boundless passing cars.

Here, I wrap myself in a galaxy,
and paint the sun with blackberry juice,
all for the hope that perhaps one day,
it might live up to the one I once knew.


A sailor and an artist on boat.
They fell for each other in the middle of the oceans, under the sky.
Directions lost and silence felt,
The sailor kept moving,
The artist kept painting,
The sailor then wrote the date on water,
The artist then painted the scene on the canvas.
For nothing more mattered to them
Then time and place they met,
The heavenly love created a beautiful memory of that of them,
That could not be erased.
A love without a letter.
A journey of memories, that would be with them always and forever.
That is how a sailor and an artist met.

I woke this morning
I told my fear to fuck off
Then I had breakfast

Sometimes wake with aniexty but as per usual I ain't letting it get to me
Soz for swearing x

You love me.
You love me not.
You loved me.
But then you didn’t.
Why didn’t you love me?
I still did.
And piece of me always will.

We were like two phrases lost in translation. We made perfect sense in a language that I spoke and not at all in the language you knew.
We were like two stars that almost seemed to be touching, but were light years away. You wouldn’t know if I collapsed before it was too late.
We were like two dominoes, stacked against each other. If you fell, I’d fall with you.
We were like an eclipse. When we were together, I saw you and they saw you, but no one could see me.
We were like champagne, perfect for fancy occasions only.
We were like two halves of a broken heart. We could complete each other but we didn’t really fit.
We were like two coins, that made a lot of noise together but had lesser value apart.
We were like two nights, one darker than the other. But both still, silent, and calm.
We were like magic. I thought we were real, but you called it an illusion.
We were like two flowers blooming to be beautiful alone, but we had a stronger fragrance together.
We were beautiful. But I guess only I see it this way. Because we were like two pairs of eyes always seeing things differently.

Lex 6d

I look outside and watch the rising sun
not for any particular reason
just for fun

I go to the kitchen and start to dance
not with anyone else
just myself and the pans

I cry until the oceans are dry
not because of someone else
just for the others who die

I get so mad I just want to go fight
not to inflict pain on anyone
but because some do to cause fright

I try too hard to find love
not because i'm desperate
but I don't always feel it from above

I don't see the truth in front of me
not because It's not there
but because I choose not to see.

Most of the time what you're looking for is right in front of you,
you just may not want to accept that that's what it is.
Much love for you all. <3

Driver drives down fairways
Balls fly touch greens near the holes
Leisurely walks them in

Not in roughs nor sand
Lakes, do I want life that way
Just perfect always?

Ah! The perfect game or life. Do we want it that way?
mjad 7d

People don't really ever change
They stay the same
They have one home they go back too
One smell that brings them back when they close their eyes
There's always one lover they remember more than others
Always that one home cooked meal that they crave
One person they long to see after years apart
There's one gravestone they will fix the crooked flowers of
One old friend they wish they hadn't lost track of over time

There is always the same roots to one tree even if the branches fall off
People don't really ever change

Eric Pon Jan 12

Lonely candle blinking bare,
Sultry darkness- illuminate
Glowing silhouettes, to which I stare
& solemnly appreciate.

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