I would do anything for you

I would wait for you

I love you

My heart loves you

We're infatuated with the thought of you

Desire has never been stronger

Should you need anything I'm only a phone call away

Hear the whispers
of the night
secrets dancing
in mists of white
tales told
of midnight dreams
beauty versed
in loving scenes.
Legends spoken
as old as time
so similar
to yours and mine
of savored love
felt and viewed
then longing hope
to be renewed.
Warm the dreams
these secrets tell
deep within
this midnight spell.
Shared to none
yet to all
whose ever
love's sweet call.
I know the beauty
we have shared
is one of
glistening splendor
like morning dew
filling me forever
with the whole
of you.
Every time I think I'm over you
You always pull me back
With that look that you give me
That makes me feel like you're the only girl in the world
And she broke your heart like I said she would
And now I can see that you're hurting
And it hurts me
But I've been telling you since the start
That I would never break your heart
But I guess your heart's not mine to break in the first place
I tried to stop loving you...
Amanda Jan 8
It's always you I run back to
No matter what you put me through
Though you tear me right in two
And leave me broken, black, and blue
Wishing I was someone new
Or that I could forget the person who
I fell in love with and fell into
The first one to feel the same way too
Over the years our love stubbonly grew
But deep down inside I think I always knew
You treated me far too good to be true
Now I'm alone with feelings I brew
Mixed-up and crying tears long overdue
Feeling like a fool for letting you undo
All that we worked for and longed to pursue
Blind to your black magic and wicked voodoo
I'm realizing I liked it better when I had no clue
Of your selfishishness and the way you threw
Us away like trash not worth starting over anew
Our relationship you just wanted to outdo
My happiness but it was forced and askew
You never knew how many boxes of tissue
I went through to get over each issue
Never realized you held me together like glue
Til these organs started turning to goo
My skin transformed to stone much like a statue
Into my sanctuary I carefully withdrew
There I am safe I keep emotions subdued
Walls erected block out anything I could misconstrue
But I admit I'm sad we'll never have the chance to redo
The closest I'll get is deja vu
You're permanently on my heart like a tattoo
I'll never forget each late-night rendevous
Or the nights we wasted determined to argue
Now I wish I had them back so I could review
I wonder how you see it from your point of view?
This lonely heart is confused and I'm not sure what to do
I've tried but can't seem to bid you adieu
Because it's obvious it's pointless to attempt and renew
It hurts just looking at you when we *****
Cause I swear I was meant to be with you
It's always you I run back to
Forever you'll have me whether it's my choice or not. I'm just stuck on you..
The Toxic Bitch Aug 2018
You're not my hard option
You're my only option
Which is why
It's hard

Cuz am not your option
I know that
You don't have to say
It's obvious
Which breaks even more

I can't just stop the feelings
But i need to
I have been holding up
For awhile now
But i can't
It hurts more and more

Everytime i see u with another girl
I never know what you want
I never know how you feel
You said that's how
you push people away
But you do that with me

It's a joke to you
But for me
It's everything
I might not show it
But it's all am thinking about

I don't want to anymore
But am gonna change my mind
When i see you again
I always do
Invisible Jan 3
How I lose myself in me,
When I hear your melody.
What a lyrical performance,
Like a swan upon the ocean.
Touch the sky, come back down.
No limits when you're around.
Your words are timeless.
Such a beautiful mess.
Even when it's raining emotions.
It's still such a lovely moment.
You find a way through the tears,
And you fight all your fears.
I hear you, even when you disappear.
'Cause your voice is music to my ears.
Originally a song (As usual). Figured it could work both ways.
I don't know what compelled me to write this. Maybe it was the amount of healing hearts I've seen. Maybe it was the amount of love.
This is something different because it's not about loneliness. It's about having someone. It's about how much someone means to you. You accept all their flaws even when they don't. You're there for them, always, and their opinion matters to you. They still mean so much to you, even when they're gone.
This is like nothing I've written before. It's sort of....less dark..?
Maxim Keyfman Dec 2018
here and the last poem began to play
here is the last time I write this year
here's the last message is sent
farther farther on the road beautiful

go last lights go last love
go last words and feelings go
last ships farther farther farther
on the way beautiful and all around the snow and rain and heat

and cold and all under the bright bright sun under
cold cold stone
I go here and on I go on foot
and this moment will last forever and always and forever

EmotionalPoet Dec 2018
I dont need a boyfriend
I'm good on my own
I've got my friends
For my love to show

I need the love from people who care
I would never let them feel in dispair.

I will do all I can to make them feel good,
Enjoying our time in our neighbourhood
My girlfriends smiles are so sweet and kind
Makes my heart flatter with happiness never mind-
Whatever comes your way always remember
The ones who where there from the start of your life, remember!
Because we always forget when someone new comes in our life the people who where there.
Maxim Keyfman Dec 2018
opened the window
recently window
I discovered completely
quite recently

opened the window
the window opened me
the window opened wonders
imaginary cold
unreal as always

the window opened me
I flew like a bird
but where did she lead me
oh bird oh where
where am I in miracles she

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