You make my soul burn
It hurts, but I would not change
For you are my world

You are the one love,
Beyond my dreams,
It seems I can never give up.

Long ago,
On a June day,
You changed my destiny.

Am I wrong to feel such intense love,
For a Soul, I have never held?
For a bright spirit that fills my heart every day?

Is this love true?
Is this love I feel wrong?
Is this the love my heart has been waiting so long for?

Love, help me find the courage,
To answer these questions,
And travel home, to where my love dreams.

Home to my eternity.

Copyright © 2017 Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

[Eng] [Ep 20] Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Anytime at any place
Love has come to me
Wishing me the best
And leaving me better
You too came and went
Stay, I wish you did.

For my heart aches
Underneath the strong red
Louder and louder it beats
Love, for your love.

Never will it beat for another
Only you is its song
I will always keep your music
So there is noise, now and in

Thanks for reading my poems.
March 15, 2016
Talia Grace Apr 21

End of story

I don't care how hard I have to fight to bring you back to who I know you are
I will stand here waiting
I can feel you tearing yourself apart and it hurts,
Because one fifth of my happiness
And another half of me
Is stored with you

Break down all you want,
I'm not going to leave

I promise LW

Im still here, always
Priya Prathap Apr 18

Things happen
Always  unexpected
Sometimes like a
Much awaited guest
Visiting after a long
Sometimes like a
Worst excluded enemy
Coming in front of
But be prepared !
Always , ever
Embrace it
Whether it be
Heavenly happiness
Or it be
Hell heartbreak
Struggle through
Fight for
Whatever is thrown upon !

it is not in my nature

to be as I am.

I am not just a creature

of mould or of damp.

I will not be converted

to some noxious disease,

nor will I be perverted

to just stand on my knees.

I will not bow my head,

nor my heart or my hands,

as they're all I have had

to stand tall through time's sands.

you can shout if you please,

I am still my own boss

and will never just seize

the days that have past.

TraceyLeigh Apr 12

Blame got his hands dirty
...yet still clung to the flower

The single flower gave him hope and light
...she loved the smell of the earth

Forgetting all that transpired
...Blame crushed the flower in his hand

Blame was washed clean
...yet his hands are still imprinted with shadows of

The flower was crushed decay she still loves him

He never once crushed her soul~

CeilingStar Apr 9

Always might be all of time
It might be the entirety of space

Perhaps just a lifetime
Who can say wether it is to be the lifetime of a tulip or the lifetime of a turtle
Of a towering mountain or a winding river
As long as the sun sets and as long as it rises

Time cannot justify always
Always might be a construct, a net
Gifting us the ability to believe our matters matter amongst all of matter

How can we possibly promise always,
Not even knowing how long that'll be
It has the potential to be a broken promise or a faithful gift
Probably both

It's fact- something that has been and cannot be altered
Longer than the shadow cast by the sun setting beyond the looming mountain yet shorter than the flicker of a weak flame

It is everything in between
An unquantifiable infinity
Anywhere between the earth on which you sit and the unforeseeable universe

All this doubt yet 'always' sounds so solidly sure and concrete
We will always wonder how long always is
Not a statement but a question because: how long is that?

Because who really knows anything
Makula Hala Apr 7

Like a fog at night
I know you'll creep into my head.
Around every corner,
lurking like an unknown figure
in the dark.
Your face will always find me,
in my darkest hour,
my happiest morning,
or the lightest of my sleep.
You'll always be with me,
I can't escape you.
I can't want to try to forget,
and I can't need to stop missing you
before you're even gone.
But you will be.
You'll run away into a cloud of happiness
just like everyone before you,
and anyone to come later.
But I know you'll take a piece with you,
a piece of a greater size than anyone before,
and you'll run.
You'll run so fast I can't remind my feet
to run after you to stop you,
to ask you to stay, to remind you I'm still
here and I can't be without you.
So I'll just stay.
And be so unsure of where I'll go next that I'll just stay.
I'll just stay until someone comes and drags me
Because I can't go.
I won't.
I'll just sit and remember until the fog rolls in again
and I can't see anymore,
and I'm left with only my thoughts
of what was and what could have been our "is" and "are"
and I'll just be lost, but still be in the same place
as I've always been.
Sitting here.

I want you to know
That I'll always love you.
I'll watch you grow
as you do the things you've wanted to.

Just because our thing has come to an end
it doesn't mean we've stopped caring
although we have our broken hearts to mend
to love again is something we'll be fearing.

just wanted you to know.
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