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Jay M Jun 2019
Push me
Slap me
Kick me
Throw me out
Punch me
Scratch me
Beat me
Stone me
Hang me
Frame me
Torture me
Make me bleed
**** me
But still
I will always
Love you...

No matter the pain
You put me through
For some reason
I won't stop
Loving you
Defending you
With all my might
With every fiber
Of my being
I will fight for you
Until I am so broken
I know not a single reason
But to fight

Even so
Is this good?
Am I still me?
Or am I a machine?
For I have no feelings
I am numb
Only wanting to stay
And fight
For the ones close to me
Yet I feel nothing
But boundless pain...

So tell me;
What is my fate?

- Jay M
June 9th, 2019
Beckie Davies Oct 15
you will always be here
like the moon that hovers
stoically independent

you will always be here
unequivocally present
luminously magnificent

you will always be here
like a God that loves abundantly
forever omnipresent

i may no longer see you
but you will always be here
death did not destroy you
Donna Oct 8
When you get knocked down
You got to pick yourself up
And shine even brighter
Then before

Sorry for my absence on here but I’m now back to work so have been very busy ** hope u are well ** sending positive vibes  **❤️
For love ,we pretend yet in pain. For love we give our self and our time yet we losing out. For love we accomodate yet we are taken forgranted. For love we support yet we are ignored. For love we pray for hope yet we are in the list of people that will be hurt.  For love we smile yet our eyes I fill with tears.

For love we travel miles just to be with Love yet love is somwhere looking not for you. For love we speak faith yet hatred is planned for us. For love we doing evrything we can yet none is done in return. For love
We **** and die but still love will not stay forever. For love we will not stop searching.
By Spherical.
I meet you without knowing who you are.
I saw your smile and i found love.
You showed me life, you even took my form and you almost forgotten that you are an angel.
You walk with me through the valley of happiness and pain. You even cried for me when I was out of tears.
You climb with me on the mountain of knowledge and I made it. Fly away my angel.

Time was with me but I failed you and you almost lost your wings. Fly my angel, fly.
Tears are my home now and happiness has chosen you, yes you can fly. Fly away my angel.
The river of love is dry now so there is no life  anymore and it's time my angel, fly and fly away my angel.
Your heart is sick, and bleeding so it can't carry my name. Fly away my angel.

I don't want to believe that you are special but time has shown me.
I treated you normal but your form has been aweken, so fly away my angel.
Everyday you gave me, you but now you gone.
Everyday you ask for love and I gave you tears so now you left.
You kissed me but love was not there n now you gone.
Fly my angel, fly and fly away.

Never change your form cause you almost lost your wings and forgotten to fly.
Never cry for the problem cause you are blessed and he has a job for you.
Never stop fighting because he gave you the blade of time.
So now fly my angel, fly and fly away.
By Spherical.
A follower
Not always a fan
Lion follows
The zebra
Zebra's death knell
A follower
Not always a fan
Cat follows the mice
Mice's enemy
A follower
Not always a fan
Termites follow the books
Books' destroyer
A follower
Not always a fan
Water follows  the  *****
*****'s eroder
A follower
Not always a fan
Fire follows the woods
Woods' destroyer
A follower
Not always a fan
Ego follows your head
Head turns blind
Learn it
The simple way
Your follower
Not always a fan
Rajie Medina Sep 17
I love the sun when it touches the horizon
The winds blew across my face
Yet the darkness arrives soon
I’m still utterly fascinated by the stars
Melancholy joined with the solitary moon
So it does time changes, today is yesterday
While tomorrow is another day
And the sun will rise again
Life always wonder
Rajie Medina Sep 15
There’s igniting low fire into my bones
Releasing energy inside my veins
Exact heat keeps my heart pounding and alive
I claimed it as my personal faith and hope.
Life always wonder
Sally A Bayan Sep 13

It is most endearing,
and heart-warming,
it pleasantly stuns the heart
to know how loved ones,
friends, show they care,
by bridging the gap,
spanning lands, oceans
that separate....finding
ways to defy distance,
to make you smile during
rough times......through
sincere and thoughtful

"You are always in the
    forefront of my mind."

suddenly,  joy enfolds,
and overwhelms.....and
then comes a most elated,
...but shy  whisper:

"i know, i know......because,
you always...and in all ways
............dwell in mine..." a bunch of
white and bright yellow mums,
it heals and soothes the soul...



Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
September 13, 2020
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