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Glenn Bering Jun 5
Always    thinking...
On    the endless possibilities
My   endless journey of searching
Mind   you, I am willing to pursue the

Since    the beginning of this
The     very first idea I thought of..
Day     to day I seem to miss
I    havent really seen such purity first and
Met     me,  have you not, whichever the situation
           will be
You     will always have a special place,
        wherever it will be,
                 .. in me.

                    (And it hasn’t changed since then)
Read between the lines
I miss you all hours of the day
More throughout long nights
Curled up next to somebody else
It just doesn't feel right
I lie awake for an eternity
Memories in my head
Wishing it was me there with you
Instead of her beside you in bed
When finally my mind drifts off
Expecting sleep to bring relief
It is a blessing and a curse
You always haunt my dreams
Raven Feels May 17
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, colors can talk too;>

it is in that exquisite essence on the back

that shivering sensation the veins in my feels lack

hearts appeal for them beats to unite in one track

fine lined my life in one trace in one blind attack

paint my sight into a favorite color of winter black

                                                         ­                    ------ravenfeels
little lion Apr 8
I hope that you choke on the promises that you made me.
Every word,
every plan,
every reassurance that you'd always be there,
every claim that I was yours and yours alone,
I hope that they suffocate you the way that your misplaced love sits on my lungs like a brick, sinking deeper and deeper into my soul with every breath I take and every beat of my heart.

I'll miss you always,
I'll want you always...

but I might just hate you always, too.
**** I know I can't have her and I know she doesn't want me but there's nothing I wouldn't give to be hers.
Grey Mar 30
No words
slip from my tongue.
No words
emerge from my fingertips
as they race across the keyboard.
No words
spill from my mind,
trace the recesses of my brain,
leave my lips with the taste of butterscotch.
I have traveled far and wide,
from one pole to the other
then so far west I'm back in the east,
but I still have no words.
No words
to describe this feeling,
the one at the back of my throat every time I speak,
the one tingling at my fingertips whenever I press them against the keys,
the ones zigzagging my mind from dawn to dusk and even after that.
No words
to describe the tightness of my chest,
whether from the way she tucks her hair behind her ear
or the weight of today on my shoulders.
The thoughts --
I chase them, but they always slip away
just as I can feel them in my grasp.
No words, no thoughts, no way
to finish this poem
not when it's ever-flowing, ever-growing, ever-changing, ever-there.
Payton Feb 24
I'll wear your
    bones like jewelry
in my ears, like

trophies, and
like pins in
my hair.

I love you so much that
                   I wish nothing more
than for
                   you to be
with me

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This poem was written in 2016.
Kama Feb 21
But we
We’re not a spark baby ,
We’re a burning fire
You’re the one I most desire
Though I am by myself
You are always with me

My shadow had taken shape of your own

The silence loudly leads me down long winding paths deep
The darkest crevices of my troubled mind

The more I veer to avoid pull attempting to navigate thoughts to a happier place
Faster I race to the opposite destination
Location I have grown to rightfully hate

Why must memory torture me so?

I wish I could harness control

I long to shrug off my shoulders like a coat two sizes too big


But you stick tighter to my body than my very own skin

Take more space in my veins than my blood

Your life holds far more importance than the pathetic one I endure myself every day

I bottle emotions up
Learned that from you

I know that is not healthy but since you are never going to get better there is no point in me getting well either

It appears to be working swell for you so why not give it a shot?

Being a 20-something year old crybaby sure was not doing me any favors

Only still am an emotional wreck
I am a little more fluent in composure now

So writhe on the inside instead

A blank expression while war rages within

Morals and values defending self-esteem as best as they can from attacks from demons with their most powerful weapons

Battleground foggy with lies you said
Bombs exploding with the sound of laughter
Smelling gunpowder from the fireworks set off just by merely visualizing your face

A whole ****** battle concealed by layers of makeup and brushed brunette hair

And worst thing about this isn't even the casualties

It's that you are not even worth the fight
So many parts of myself have been killed by your negligence
This should have never started, you and I.
Got lost in all the feelings and the moments of lies.
Now all I ever know is the pain deep inside, I tore my heart open just to keep you alive.

I always put you first and forgot who I was deep down inside, drowning in the fear of letting go of what we could have had, we should never have happened and you know that I'm right. This love we had changed both of our lives.

Now I think I've learned my lesson trying to keep you by my side, I never needed you all along and lost myself in the process to make you feel loved and you're the one.

I blame myself because I knew that I deserved better but I kept falling for you and your promises of a happy life just because I wanted to feel a love that I never had.

I never thought I'd find myself again after I lost myself because of you, but now the fog has lifted in my head and I see the real you. Changes are made by the ones that want it, but you... I don't think you'll ever change yourself to be the best version of you.

Don't expect to come back again now that it's all clear and makes sense to me, I put you first because you just wanted to use me, now I know that everything that happened between us was just a way for you to cope... Because you needed my love to pick you up and make you high when you needed it most.

It all makes sense now the way you treated me... Was just a reflection of how you couldn't see, see your own worth and your ability to love yourself so you needed me the most as a lifeline to save yourself from your own insecurities.
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