the golden hour often comes when we least expect it
but we pay it no attention and proceed
unaware and naive

i wake up more often than not with a sore tongue
sore from having to keep my mouth shut for so long
for even a single word can ruin so much of what i have

i feel the safest enclosed in a white box
enclosed in a larger box in the middle of the city
where the previous cannot find me

but eventually, sore feet drag me back to the place i dread the most

"welcome home."

Your attention is my addiction,
And I need a fix.

Pay bare attention
Never unaccompanied
Energy surrounds

*Notice the moment
Alaska Dec 7

It all makes sense now...
Why I have so many issues
with love...and being loved...
With men...and attention from them...
The past has been brought up a lot lately..
And it's driving me insane that...
I might just crash.

Akash Mandal Nov 18

Keep an eye out for her,
she tends to disappear
intermittently, leaving no
note for one to know,
as to where she is going
and if she'll be showing
up for supper that day,
or in the dark, wander away.
But soon she will map
her way back to your lap
timidly, in need for a warm,
caring body to conform.
She likes to play with things,
but often her mood swings.
To hurt is not her intention,
all she wants is your attention,
and if you give your love to her,
she’ll not smile but perhaps purr.

You can never make the same mistake twice
She proved that to be wrong
But what do you do when you mistake salt for sugar?
She was drawn to them
The way their eyes danced with hers in the darkness
Like 2 shooting stars on the same path in the same night
Daydreaming of things she can’t have
She fell the second time hoping for it to last
Because she felt something real
But realized it’s just a repeat of the past
Like a dog running for a treat on a treadmill
She doesn’t stop chasing
For the wrong people to give her the right attention

Lynn Al-Abiad Nov 16

Some people seek attention the same way they forcefully drink coffee to be able to poop in the morning.

- LynnAA

Krysha Nov 15

We walk through this hallway like a feather from some other continent, looking into the eyes of people we knew but never met, people we met but never knew. We walk through this corridor with our minds floating into a space in time no one else could find, floating alongside the stars into the vast nothingness of the universe. We walk through time, finding gazes of people only to find them looking at something else. We spend this walk in a classroom looking into the eyes of people we may or may not have shared moments with. Wanting to find what makes them close their eyes in fear, wanting to see whatever it is that makes them. We spend this walk in a dining table face to face with people weve known our whole lives. And when we catch a gaze all we can see is a stranger and we try, so hard to unlock whatever it is that's locked. We spend this  lifetime trying to find someone who have the same chemicals running through our veins.

Our flesh we'll never get tired of this neverending walk. Our eyes we'll never get tired of this sightseeing, we'll never get tired of looking more than what the eyes can see. We'll walk wherever part of the world it is in hopes of finding someone who see the world as we do. We continue to walk through this because no one else does, no one else takes the time to understand something so distorted. We walk through this lifetime for everyone else who begs to be understood.

I havent been on here for so long, feels so good to be back :) This is for all the people who look close enough, pay attention more and for people who wants to be looked at. Sometimes we feel as though we'll be alone foreve, like no one we'll ever look close enough to see more than just what the eyes can see.
Skylar Musa Nov 11

"lmao is that her trying to comfort you?"
No, that's her actually noticing that it sucks and doing something
You didn't answer it even when I pointed at it subtly
I bet you were just laughing

Jealousy fills you again
At this point Iv'e given up
I don't know what to say
I don't want to say; you're the only friend that matters and yeah what the hell was she thinking?

She cares and I know she does
She shows it not through a lot of talking or jokes
She shows through small things that show me she notices them

You said you'd keep it away from me
Yet here we are again
You're pushing it onto me

Must be shit that I saw it before you deleted the text saying that
I won't address it
I'm not making that mistake again

What matters
Is that you realized
You shouldn't have sent that text in the first place

Shit happens and I won't play nice and dumb anymore
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