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I think that you
could careless
about me.
I might be your kid,
and you could be might my parent,
but sometimes
I think that you treat me more like a carrot.
I grow by myself,
I get my own nutrition.
I get my own life,
I get my own attention.
You do not care about me,
at least that's what I think.
But even carrots
cannot be no their own.
You do not care if I come home ****** red or sick orange.
You know if you're on the right path or going in the right direction by the way its feel.

If something feels off, then pause.

You don't need to experience everything all at once, enjoy the moment and take your time.

Feeling confused about something or someone is a sign, pay attention to it and observe some more before making a decision.

Something that is truly meant for you to experience will not give you rest until you do.

Letting go doesn't mean giving up.

There is a difference between anticipation and expectation.

amber Jan 14
the book was closed
you'd finished it and picked your favorite chapter.

yet soon, you found yourself forgetting the story
so you picked up a new one.
it didn't captivate you, at first
you flicked through the pages so causally
but then you suddenly stopped

and started to pay attention
what caught your attention?

why am i a chapter and not a page?
you could've easily flicked through me
but you've stopped on my chapter
and you're reading it carefully

i hope it's your favourite chapter
Sophia Jan 14
dear attention,

I have a few words to say to you.
You caused me to grovel before the feet of others
and forced me on my knees in surrender to my fear.
You changed my heart into a fickle one,
I left you once and I came straight back.
I'm furious that I lost myself entirely to you
because no piece of me is my own anymore.
God opened a door and I shut it,
only thinking I wanted you and you alone.
I wanted you so badly, but I never received you.
Because I couldn't obtain you, I desired you.
I put you before myself, before everyone else.
I forgot that I do not need you to tell me what I'm worth,
I am stronger than this, I told myself.
I didn't need you.
But whenever I look at you, and see what I don't have,
my heart fills with jealousy all the more.

I wish I could leave you completely,
but I'm thankful God opened the door again after I closed it.
she didn't mind the temptation
because it gave her attention
she was everything
to the one thing
that made her feel something

- katrina ******
instagram: @wordsbykatrina
twitter: @_wordsbykatrina
Right now,
my thoughts are alive.

My mind is currently being flooded with negativity.

Each and every thing that i am thinking is screaming loudly to be heard.
To be heard over one anothers' voice.

There are some louder than others,
desperately seeking attention.

The only way to silence them would be to talk myself,
because they are burning my throat just trying to make me speak my mind.
To speak their mind; they have a mind of their own.

They know I need help, but cannot find the words. Or guts.

It's a punishment for being a coward.

They will scream the words at me that I so badly need to say,
until it is unbearable.
Until I can take the noise of my wretched thoughts no longer,
and finally speak up for myself.
Speak up.
Annika J Jan 4
Do we write
To make others think
Original thoughts
Poured into
Poured into words
Do we write
To create something new

Or do we write to grab attention
Appeal to what's already built
Follow the same rutted paths
For the sake of
A fierce human need
A beast that can corrupt
For the sake of food
And can destroy creativity
Just to follow another's path
Just to be known
To be seen

Or do we write for
Blending our own ideas
With those of others
Hoping to be heard

And what makes popularity?
What is it that grabs our attention
And pulls us in
And makes us lose ourselves
For the sake of being known?
I don't want to be
The center of attention
There for all eyes to see
I want to be acknowledged
And recognized for just being me
I don't want to be known
For my struggles
But I want to be noticed
When I'm struggling
Not for everyone to see
Just one is enough
Just one who understands me
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