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Emily 7h
I swear I have the worst luck with love.
Still, I'm a helpless romantic.
That's my flaw.
I love hard and fall fast.
So much love with no one to give it to.
Feels like everyone is avoiding commitment.
Let me know your true intentions.
I just want to give you all my attention.
Pax 1d
I was left hanging
in your garden heart
yet I was only a ****
who never got your
JDL 3d
Attention all ye
Deficits of Disorder
Look it’s a squirrel!
I like many others stuggle everyday with ADHD. It’s not easy but it’s what makes me, me and it’s part of what makes me special. :)
abs 4d
ineffable (adj.) - too great to be expressed in words.

my love for you is ineffable. i can't think.
it burns brighter than any star in any solar system
in my heart
its incomprehensible,
the way words escape my brain and
coil tight deep in my throat
just by looking at you
thinking of you
but, alas, you always seem to not notice.
when i see you in the hallways
i look at you, smile and wave
if only you could see that i was d r o w n i n g inside.
just from longing for
your touch
your attention
your love.
Dani 5d
My cries are unheard
I want your attention
My heart yet beats
Only for my own protection

I follow my lead
In myself I trust
Knowing I’m loved?
I still have a ****

I feel left out
I’ve been left standing
My hearts hidden
This ride is landing

Forgetting me
Better things to do
Than remembering
I do so much too

Taking care of all
Myself and everything
Money isn’t love
Nothing isn’t something

As I said I am unheard
I ask again for your attention!
Yes, my heart may beat
But it’s from my own protection
Ever felt like your soul is suffocating...?

Written in 2011-2012. Edited in 2018.
Anya 7d
Some say to fear the dark
Yet, unlike day
It offers a sense of comfort
Enveloped within
A blanket of invisible space
Free from searching eyes
And the terrifying
The fact of the matter is
You don't know me yet
But you should be so lucky
If you ever even get the chance

I will not chase dandelions anymore
When he turned me into a rose and helped me bloom

I will not die at the very moment you
Forgot to water my flowers this morning
I'll water them myself

I, like a white rose in an empty field
Know my worth,
My innocence taken away long ago but
I have found it again.

I won't be your crimson rose.
I wont be mourning the attention you never gave me

I won't forget my beauty
Just because today you decided to.

I am worth it today.

And if you can't see that
If I have to convince you of that

Then you are the dandelion
And I will watch you fly away.
c Nov 6
It’s attention that she craves
Aching lonely in the eyes she wipes tears from
Hands that forgot what it’s like
To be held
Lips that haven’t had the chance
To taste desire
My soul is screaming for any form of attention
For someone to acknowledge it and see how broken it is
I spent the night in my high school with my entire grade
We took off our uniforms and put on pajamas
Unrolling sleeping bags on the floors of our school
My biggest fear, that no one would notice how broken I was
That I would continue down this invisible path to nowhere
Then I opened my eyes and saw their souls instead
Some full of compassion and joy
Others equally as broken as mine
We all hurt a little together, and I guess that was the point
Or maybe I was meant to see that I am not alone
But come Monday when we all return to class
And roll up the sleeping bags, changing back into our uniforms,
We will also put back the guise of "I'm Okay"
And I don't remember where I put mine...
post SRE
misha Nov 4
i'd like to
pay more
to how i
feel than
to what you
want to do

i'd like to
pay more
to what i
want to
eat instead
of having
what you
feel like

i'd like to
pay more
to the
clothes that
i want to
wear, instead
of pulling on
the ones
you choose
for me

i'd like to
pay more
as i live
and love
with myself
instead of
giving my
best to you
thinking about

so call me
if you must
but is it
a crime to
pay attention
to myself?
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