All the eyes
Turn over here
There is something
Entertaining and Interesting that
Needs you to pay notice
To it  , so
Invest some energy here
On something that will
Not dissapoint

Thank you every one to pay attention over here

This poem is very short.
I don't want to write TOO much.
If I say too much,
You'll probably lose interest.
People have short attentions spans nowadays.

Makula Hala Apr 7

She cries out,
grapples for attention
from anyone
that will cast a glance
in her direction.
She speaks any words
that may hold their gaze upon her
for more than a minute.
Going home
to settle in alone again,
a fear she carries
behind her ear,
like a spare cigarette.
Instead of lighting it,
she drives,
avoiding the ashtray
of a home,
the place scattered with snubs of regret,
unfulfilled needs,
and the scent of wishing
for more.
She screams,
hoping her tone
will find a set of ears
that will convince
a pair of arms
that she is worthy of being held.
Maybe the whispers
of guilt
will quiet
if she has another voice
to listen to at night.
Maybe her tears will cease
if she has
another pair to get lost in.
She squeezes,
holds her fists tight
and clenches her jaw
as if being stiff like a rock,
the planet we stand upon,
will draw others closer,
letting gravity do all the work
because despite how strong she tries to appear,
she is weak.

María José Apr 7

I wish I could yell at you
and tell you how it feels
share my painful truth:
that I care, even in my dreams.

I punish myself because I don't.
Instead I smile, instead I laugh,
instead I tell myself this is what I want.
It isn't true. Sadly, it's all I have.

But then a small, tiny sign of affection
and I, starving for it, thank you
I cherish it as if it were my salvation.
In a moment, it dies, and I stand there, a fool.

Niqolet Lewis Apr 5

the light pulses
draws you in
it narrows
and widens
can’t block out that glow
it flickers
Begging for your attention
Like a helpless moth
You're flying towards it
This isn't the real light
These girls, like neons they got you
These numbers they flickering like the halogen
and they got you
They promising everlasting love like LEDs
and it got you
Got you frantic
chasing that lime light
You're in that frame
Shine bright like the sun
Staring at it too long
and you’ll go blind

Praline Poet Mar 30

I used to feel obligated to make my pain worse
So he would notice
And stop saying that
But I’m not a mirror
Reflecting the bad side of him
I’m not a mirror
I’m a person

I’m a sponge
Bigger on the inside

Dream Fisher Mar 29

What if it all came crashing down?
A single blue-green marble hits the ground
No one notices at all.
What if you disappeared?
Packed up and moved clear out of here
No one notices at all.

It's okay. Pay attention to the change.
You can change a lot, it can change a lot,
To know that someone knows you exist
Take a good look on how strange it all looks
And everything you missed , staring at your shoes.
Even a stranger, you never knew, is a lot to lose.

Dance on crowded streets, with no music,
Keep the beat, playing in your head.
Worry about how others see you,
When you're gone and dead.
Give the world something odd to talk about,
Be something new people thought about.
On these cracked sidewalks that begin to look the same
Change the game, change the world.

What if it all came crashing down?
A single blue-green marble hits the ground
What if you disappeared?
Someone may notice you aren't around

Spike Harper Mar 24

It isn't often that the sun refuses to rise.
Lately it seems to need encouragement.
Rising just a little later each day.
And when it is the sole reason that the passing of time is so named.
Everything caters to meet the new requirements.
Disregarding lunar activity.
Heliocentric minds have never felt so embellished.
A chaotic routine indeed.
Favoring those who won the right to stay apexed.
Only when so many fight to stay at the top.
Do all those in the middle lose center.
Compressing the foundation into neat distortions of the past.
Like laughing at irony meant to sting.
Or playing a stringless instrument​ to a deaf audience.
Captivating all the more.
For beauty lies in the only I that matters.

April Mar 19

A little while back I tried to overdose,
Only because the thought of me made me feel super gross,
If I look back on it,
I understand why I did it,
But I can't explain to others,
They think I'm crazy,
They think I did it for attention,
They think I want something other than death,
They think, they think, they think,
That's just it,
They only think,
They don't know.

Just, a poem about me... :/ :/ :/ Meh
Maria Imran Feb 27

We girls are idiots. Attention is our drug;
You could be killing us slowly and we will accept to die
As soon as you leave.

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