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Zywa 15h
When he concentrates,

he looks and his legs tremble –

then he says something.
“De vader van Artenio” (“The father of Artenio”, translated from Italian, a summary from the diaries, 2020, Frida Vogels)

Collection "Trench Walking"
Zywa Jun 8
Moon behind branches –

Don't think about it, but look:

moon behind branches.
“O luar através dos altos ramos” (“The moonlight through the high branches”, 1925, Alberto Caeiro [Fernando Pessoa] )

Collection "SoulSenseSun"
my voice has grown tired
screaming for attention
my cries falling off what
seems like deaf ears.
I know you hear me.
I know you're in there.
I shake my fists at your face,
wanting so badly to hit you,
so that you might notice my display.
I want to grab you by the shoulders
and shake you senseless,
then maybe you'd hear my plea.
and I wouldn't feel so helpless
If you'd stop and look at me.
my voice has grown tired and quite horse
and still you remain quiet
so I wait
and I wait some more
and still; I don't hear a word.
so I curl up on the floor
and grieve everything I have heard.
please won't you listen..
pandemoniac Apr 13
and here i lie
weak and ******
all because i wanted love

love that you already give me

love that's not enough

look at me.

please, love me till it hurts

love me
kiss the cuts on my skin
cry me a river because you're scared for me

ask me to eat because you're so worried
cry me a river because you're scared for me

but you do that
and you do that
and rivers terminate somewhere

i need your love
i need more love
do as i would do
never let me go

your love doesn't fill my ever crumbling heart

it's not enough
you're not enough
and i love you

and this
can just be a fantasy?

i know i need to help myself
i know i can save me
but wouldn't it be nice
to pretend that you could fix it?
that someone could fix it?
that someone would fix it?

because i crossed oceans for you
lifted mountains for you
died for you
lived for you
say thank you.
say thank you.

and ******* fix it.

love me till it consumes you
and then love me some more.
i should get therapy instead of being unhinged on
Zywa Apr 7
Everything blossoms

in light and heat, attention –

is just like sunshine.
Collection "More"
My Dear Poet Apr 4
I hold a very little box
with very little things
little thoughts
little clippings
of smaller things
I’ve often folded myself up
and placed myself in
waiting in my little box
for a little time
for a little while
I sit with a little smile
I’m not asking for much
nothing bigger than the box
nothing more than two
room for me
and a little of you
M Solav Mar 28
Here is just another thought
Going down the stream,
Just another thought.

Leaking from a tap
Labeled with "purity"
Just another trap

  The obsessive mind gullibly bites the lure,
  Obscured by clouds connections,
  Concealing the large picture.

    How every blast creates a reaction!
    Panic attacks to draw the attention.
    Where’s the crack in the grand ****’s wall,
    So we can strike down the reservoir?

Diverting the river that must belong to all
Before our eyes - wider worlds shrink small;
Cradled by the uniformity of lies that appease,
Those grazing in the dunes still tarry at ease.

It’s no wonder!

Insecurity has grown into a most lucrative market
As danger becomes the currency on which to place the bet;
Release the flow from the control that profits hold fast,
Question the junk food that's become the pasture of our mass.

  Continuous diversions
  Feeding everyone’s greed
  Fulfilling false concerns -
  So easily believed!

    How every blast creates a reaction!
    Panic attacks to draw the attention.
    Will the facts in knowledge’s downfall
    Let us unshackle the repertoire?
Written on August 9th, 2017 — as lyrics for a song yet to be released.
when someone is hurting I want to help them

I want to be close to them and hug them,
I will give them all my attention
I will listen to all their problems
and give all the advice with the best intention

But when it comes to me
no one will give me their time
no one will listen to me
no one will give me a good advice

Someone help me I think I have a problem

I care too much...
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