For years to come with many days to go
The eyes that follow will show a different side of who you think you know
Although as truthful as they can possibly be
The eyes that follow distort the image of what you see

Every second is cherished but not as interesting
Every single day is lived but not always exciting
Every year shows growth but not always on the best terms

Did I tell you of how I got sucked into great TV?
Broadcasted to everything that has a screen
What you think you know isn't exacty what's behind the scenes
La de amores intermitentes y fugaces.
A quien le dan un intento pero no dos chances.

La de encuentros efímeros a escondidas.
Escapes irreales, soñadas huidas.

Su tímida personalidad versátil
en ocasiones se torna agobiantemente volátil.

Tiene esa extraña energía que la hace genuina,
de cada rosa muerta conserva una letal espina.

La que camina a través de la multitud
con la cabeza en alto y una desafiante actitud,

con su corto vestido ajustado
y labios de rojo tirando a morado.

Muchos la devoran con una mirada ardiente.
Secretamente eso es lo que espera impaciente.

Guiña un ojo e irrumpe sin previo aviso.
Te invita al lado equivocado del paraíso.

Especialmente a vos, nudillos de luchador.
Vos, que llevas ese mote de ganador.

Sus coloridos caprichos a los demás alteran,
pero ella actúa como si no lo supiera.

Y en sus solitarias caminatas a veces hace una parada
en aquel café donde la triste rutina se ve pausada.

Pide un jugo de naranja y se sienta en una mesa de afuera,
el vestido se le sube demasiado pero sabe lo que genera.

Piernas cruzadas provocativamente,
su lengua juega con el sorbete de forma inocente.

Su piel de seda emana cierta energía
que te golpea con imágenes de todo lo que le harías.

La de pícaras sonrisas, labios sabor miel,
sabe que de sólo pensarlo te quema la piel.
Wyatt 6d
Five stars, a rare treat.
Your stomach is rumbling,
sounds like you're hungry.
Here's a couple words
prepared so pretty
to feed your inner thoughts.
Craving, you're aching for this.

Eat it up,
lavish in the attention.
Decorate your plate
with all of this affection.
Marinade the moment,
we'll go on a couple more.
Longer and longer we go,
the deeper we indulge.

You eat at my mind
and you eat at my nerves,
it's like you're starving
to make me hurt.
Desire is wired inside us
and we won't leave empty
until we're hungry again.
You eat at my mind.
Give me something,
I just need anything I can get,
To try to heal it.
I'm trying my best,
Not to forget how to be without it.

I am searching the lines,
Creating new stanzas,
In a hopeless attempt
To get it all together again.

Lately I'm starting to see
Myself seeking attention,
Even if ever so slightly.
I realise I've clung onto things tight,
That make me feel needed,
Those who paid me attention,
And then those same people who then did the opposite:
Because everyone gets bored eventually.

Now I feel like I'm just waiting,
For someone else to forget me,
Another person saying fuck it they don't need me.
In addition for a while now,
I've felt my siblings slowly slipping away and away further
To him.

But that's not what this is about,
This is about how self centred I am,
Once again, I guess it will always come back then.
The past years seem to be a sequence of:
Thinking I'm better,
When really I'm just changing the order of the pattern,
I'm just expressing it in different ways.

But I don't know how many more strategies I have left.
Anya Jul 9
Today I realized something
My friend and I
Are both eye catching
In our own quirky, unique ways
While she is a proud peacock, standing proud and tall
I am the butterfly
That flutters away unnoticed
Fleeing at the first sign of attention
MicMag Jul 7
i sit awake
in an empty room
staring at a screen

while she lies awake
in another room
staring at a screen

i slowly wake up
roll over in bed
stare at a screen

she's already up
eating oatmeal
staring at a screen

i pour my coffee
sit down with my cereal
staring at a screen

where'd the day go?
already late afternoon
staring at a screen

i refill my water
gulp down some health
staring at a screen

a neighbor drops by
just to say hi
and stare at a screen

time to prep dinner
need a recipe
so i stare at a screen

chop chop chop
cooking up a storm
staring at a screen

sit down together
sharing a meal
staring at screens

scrubbing the pots
drying the plates
staring at screens

plopping down on the couch
resting from a long day
of staring at screens

crawl into bed
kiss goodnight
stare at a screen
Are the screens staring back?
Ana Sophia Jul 5
wish I could delete you
from my memory
and erase me from yours.
whish I could detach our past
and exclude this reality
in which we're apart
and not right for each other.

maybe if we met
another time and place
I wouldn't have screwed it up.
you would be free
and we could work it out.

I still persist thinking
that someday there will be an us.
"At least once a day. One poem a day. You can do it."
Looking dimly at a laptop repeating these words to myself.
Shoving ideas onto a glaring screen.
Trying to be loved by people, who I don't know.
These late-night pseudo meaningful poems get attention.
Not the ones I pour my soul into.
So, for now, I'll spend my midnights writing poems I don't like, or believe in.
And wasting away any talent I may have possessed.
I'm such a waste.
Such a waste...
And there I felt a sense of elation.
Seeing it for the first time.
A sense of interest.
Soft spoken, somewhat political.
Funded by interest.
The likes and dislikes of what lures the climate of smile.
It felt surreal.

A breath of fresh air.
A simple reminder of the smallest thing.
Not once did it feel that it was too much.
Not once did it feel that it was vain.
Off beat.

Watching episode after episode,
Subtle unsubtle laughs.

The gist of different references.
Spontaneous in the avenue of conversation.
I drove to get a second look. Then once more around.
The freedom of advertisement.
Officially elected in detailed statement.
A festival of sorts.
I would turn the corner and see all of my favorite characters 
represented by my most favorite character.

To compliment surprise her cheeks rose like a billboard. 
If marketing research counts, I was instantly sold.
Finding she was a avid merchant.
Her infinite knowledge for detail.
The gap bridged between listening and speaking.
A new experience to a different sector of my brain.
The rescue of a struggling smile.
A festival of bright smiles and laughs.
Corners of strong jawline and spontaneous conversation.
It was incredible.

Catching the most important reference,
My favorite character in life.
Wearing a Bob's Burger t-shirt
Granting smile in a instant
Sarah Mann Jun 26
I think I’m in love.
A dangerous longing one.
The one that holds me against my will
Leaves me begging by myself.
All alone ’til my sanity decides to rip.
One by one by one. All alone.
Were you really the one?
The one I’ve been waiting for
The one I’ve been drowning here for
Slipping under the waves of desperation
With a side ordered prescription of hope
Excuse me, allow me to make a correction,
A prescription of hopelessness.
Filled to the brim, overfilled with feelings
Mainly of distress.

Someone came to save me,
I’m not quite sure I remember
Where I’m supposed to be.
I turned them away, all is alright.
Everything is fine.
This is way things are,
The way they have always been.
I lie to myself.
The truth is far too explosive to let out.
My hopes are rising, dependent on you.
And you alone.
I suppose they always were.

The realization comes blowing in
Or maybe that’s just because
I left the window open
And in fact, it’s a gust of cold air
Still. I miss the thought
Of you and me,
Together, to be together.
How foolish was I to believe
To invest my being in your
Nonexistent living
I don’t want to wait any more.
I don’t want to be here behind this door.
In fear of my own shadow,
Sacrificing my life, and my nights
For your comfort, for your ego.
I refuse, once again. I refuse.  
Louder this time, echoing throughout the hall.
How are you supposed to get the best of me?
In what reality does that constitute
A fair ending for me.

I love you.
But do you even know?
Have you been paying attention...
I miss you
Maybe, not you specifically
But the idea of you
I’m craving for you, for your touch.
The way my body requires oxygen.
So does my mind with
Who I think you are to me.
Why is this reality so difficult
Perhaps this isn’t really love.
Perhaps it’s just another
One of my unhealthy obsessions.
I'm terrified of being alone,
Being by myself, that must be it.
Companionship seems to be
My only escape.
Perhaps, though I’m wrong
And it's worse than I realize
Worse than what I can see
With my own eyes.
And in fact,
Perhaps, I need you.
Better when read aloud, I'm still trying to come back to who I was. Hopefully it won't be long now.
June 25, 2018.
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