Dan 16h

The day we met I completely dismissed you.

I gave the idea no second chances.

You seemed like train wreck that I needed to fix
But I just didnt have the time.

Thats a common trend with me.
Not enough time...

It always ticks and ticks
and annoys and annoys
Like a needy dog that pesters you for attention...

Thats how you make me feel.

Any constructive criticism is welcome!
Hades 2d

The difference with you, sadness
You are the extreme loneliness or madness
You are temporary, and you can be thrown away
Once the circumstances change, you fade away

The difference with you, anger
You are the height of any issues and murders
You make them impulsive
You absolutely love it when they get abusive

The difference with you, attention seeking
You often deceive, telling everyone that everything's depressing
You urge them to mislead them, you want them to think depression is foolish
You find your peace when they get all the attention you have wished

The difference with all of you, I'm what they called "depression."
A mental disorder which seeks medical assistance
None of these changes can me go away in an instance
I make them turn their backs to their healthy lifestyle
And push them to an irregular and abusive lifestyle

Not everyone who I possess, slit their wrist
Some of them can actually resist
I never gave them the chance to articulate my causes
That is why people call them nuisances

The others think it's just feeling and temporary
No, I'm not, I'm real and far more than ordinary
I do deceive people by making them do happy things
That is why others tell them what to feel and do, saying it's nothing

Not all people whom I hold onto right now
Recognize my existence because I keep it low
I'm not sadness, anger nor attention seeking
I'm something you have to pay attention to because I'm no joking.

I hate it when people think I'm joking whenever I say, I have depression and anxiety

After a day spent
knee deep in debt,
I retire to morning,
to bed, to basement

It's there, cotton warmth,
jersey in Summer, Summer's here
sitting with me tonight,
cross legged, near nude.

Summer is a dude, I swear to God,
I know his scent. It's like
at the store at 10 PM, it's
the putrid musk infiltrating me

through my eyes, my nose,
my tongue, my tender throat.

After a day spent
knee deep in debt,
I retire to morning,
to bed, to basement

to wait for morning
and her gentle rays
so I may rise from
my concrete tomb,

a revenant, for you,
dripping my dreams,
eaten nearly to death,
to fulfill this debt.

I spend too much time thinking about my boss. Wishing he'd notice some of the bullshit I do. Some of the mess I clean. And this heat drives me insane. Last year was hotter, though. Too many people are out for me to take a vacation. Maybe soon, though. So yeah.
Darius 6d

You don't need words to see what's missing
Open your eyes but actually see with your mind
Take it all in
You already know the answer but choose to stay blind

We are all children
Playing a game
Taught to us by parents
Who play the same
Rarely do we remember
The meaning of our name
To remember who we truly are
With love, to keep sane

Two hearts may differ
From similar worlds
But our passions define us
As our hearts unfurl
Cast to the wind;
Your souls I touch
In the past, present, and future,
I must, I trust

Long is the life
That wanders her heart
Wishing to have a constant home
to recharge
Though if my heart rest with you
As my home
I shall never truly be alone

Touch many with your love
And never limit your adventures
Be honest with yourself
and keep paying attention

Ron Gavalik Jul 18

In the late 1990s on the South Side of Pittsburgh
there was a cafe I'd frequent
with large cozy chairs next to picture windows
that looked out onto East Carson Street,
the main drag in that part of town.
From those chairs, I'd read and write and watch
tattooed bikers, artists, skaters,
young sluts with their tits out,
and poor thugs in dirty clothes
posed as weathered statues against brick walls.
They all craved attention, respect,
a solid footing for their place in the world.

Today, I imagine most of those people are
dead or in prisons or barely making it
with several children and dead-end jobs.
That cafe, like so many storefronts,
fell victim to the polite ravages
of suburban malls and the Internet.
Those days are gone to never return.
Still, those people had my attention.
For what it's worth,
they will always have my respect.

ruffy cho Jul 12

your obsession with blackholes made me wish i was one
like the way i once wished i am math and science
oh, what a geek you are!

(to make me compete with these things for your attention)

"you in less than fifty words" is a series of one-sided poetic snippets.
Fire Jul 11

I never loved you I loved the attention
To break your heart is my only intention
You smile you laugh you try to talk
But time is just getting closer for me to walk
You say nice things and such sweet lies
But your mouth is rotten and filled with flies
Your lips are soft and sweet
But filled with poisonous deceit

I'm you're Cinderella can't you see?
It's always been me
But your eyes only see pigs
Not the flower amongst the figs

You're peculiar
A new allure
You find your jaw impeccable
But your character: dependable
Your heart is your affliction
With it comes your eviction
You plead to Him to let you stay
You promise you won't walk away

A second chance
Another glance
You see your fathers hand
A marching band
A white beach sand
You gain a new stance

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all
The one who carries Him in his heart
Can lead a life with a fresh start

Gabriel burnS Jul 10

Wonder how they came up ahead of me… she’d been leaking information to the enemy. A double agent. She loves me but it can’t be helped. It is her nature. Well don’t you know, my seductive charming spy mistress, that the fuse is lit. Your behavior, a recipe for calamity. We might be the epicenter, ground zero, but no one shall be spared. Everyone involved will be affected. A 360 degree firestorm of shrapnel. Just because. You needed more… to feel more beautiful, more wanted, more seductive, by more parties. Never enough. More.
Love lies spilling guts, from the mess up still partially beautiful. Face almost calm, not contorted. Pain is numbed as she disintegrates like vapour. But we’ve become a desert and it will not rain back for centuries.

Stevee Stone Jun 26

Stamping your feet on the ground,
Wishing it was quicksand.
Heads in tiny places with tapers to explode.
Maybe you want it?

Necks with built in hinges,
To look back into the dark.
Where happiness reigns in your sadness.
Maybe you want it.
God only knows.

A million churches to live in,
So as not to go outside.
With towers of chastisement,
To avoid the lies.
Maybe you want it?
Maybe you don’t?
Truth comes and goes
Truth comes and goes?

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