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Zywa May 23
The riches we have

are limited, we want more --

attention, on call.
Collection "Mastress"
Zywa May 8
Numbers: Eight times eight?

When I am in doubt I know --

that I am in love.
Children's book "Mijn avonturen door V.Swchwrm" ("My Adventures through V.Swchwrm", 1998, Toon Tellegen), page 76

Collection "Perhaps / Some day / Occasionally / Almost"
Zywa May 4
The percussionists

are counting, they are alert --

to the right moment.
Collection "The Yellow House Museum"
Ken Pepiton Apr 25
Not every story is the true story,
but life, the book, is aways rough draft…

no names are taken out to hide the beguilers.
No shame is weighed among the ignorant beguiled.

An aphorism in the realm of gaseous we, free thought,
fly ***** caught by echo location,
recollecting the crack of the bat.

Here, catch.
We are so few, who agree life pays rich dividends money cannot buy or fake.
Goodnight sweet taste
of yesterday of last night
and three months ago

Your allure lingers on
my fingertips as a dream
upon wake will fade

In memory throughout
the day light wonders
and with that becomes

Like a word one can not
think of when describing
a certain experience

Because surely it did not
matter and was for just
a moment of pure bliss

To pass through this
timeline into next year
and be a forgotten name

Which was never known
to begin with so goodnight
and farewell, I say

Thank you for what
it was and now I turn
to something of present

To take my attention
further away and will not
forget about what fits
Zywa Apr 13
It is attention

that licks children into shape --

It's love. Or hatred.
Novel "The time of the angels" (1966, Iris Murdoch), § 3

Collection "Unspoken"
Nigdaw Apr 9
never too near a vein
the pills
left where they can be found
and always someone on hand
to save the day
your silent shout
heard by distant crowds
who want to help
but don't know how
one day you have to realise
just how ******* mundane
life is
then you can join in
with the rest of us
What people don't say is already in their words
You either caught it or they flew like birds

Hearing is for any functioning ear but listening is not
The aroma is not that important but what is in the cooking ***
If we can listen careful enough, we can tell who people truly are, how they feel, how they think and what they are going through.
Zywa Mar 28
Drinking tea in the rain
in the smell of rain
plain tea, plain rain
but, the two of us, full
of expectation: touch me
touch me, feel me

Lips, hands, all
of you, dear darling
touch me, touch me
nicer much nicer
than dreaming
dreaming the past

If you like you can
silently shout a stick
into the sky, climb
and climb higher, higher
sliding looser, looser
down and up

higher higher up
colours around the sun
diving deep into them
wallowing and wrapping yourself
and sparking sparks
from my hands

But stay with me
want me, want to
see and feel me
keep me whole
see me, feel me
touch me, touch me
The closing song of "Tommy" (1969, Pete Townshend, The Who), "We're not gonna take it", ends with the exclamation "See me, feel me, / touch me, heal me"

For Maria Godschalk

Collection "On living on"
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