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Jules 1h
I don't take much interest these days
On the thoughts you have and the things you say
Sure, I may listen
Sure, I may pay
close attention to whats underway
but right now I feel tired
right now I'll just stay
far from you
far far away
Docaj 8h
Anything to live I suppose.
A snap, a picture feigning exhilaration
Deep down in your barren heart of hearts,
You know you're being used;
But attention is one hell of a drug
And all it takes is one hit.
Jules 1d
I know I disappear occasionally
I lock myself in my room silently
Sitting alone
Just me on my own
Feeling so overwhelmed by all the noise

By all the people
By all the attention
By all the commotion

It takes a part of me
And leaves no emotion
I won't apologize
not this time
Jules 1d
I hate how it consumes me
It's not enough to feed the addiction
I can't deny my love for attention
Caroline Sep 29
There is a little boy who plays at the edges of my yard.
He flips rocks into the dirt and then pushes them around like cars;
He draws lines with sticks and occasionally raises them to eye level,
Whispering “bang, bang,”
Cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians
But always all alone
With no one but the birds to play the other roles.
He is a sweet little thing
With a mass of tussled hair and ***** knees,
And the brutal truth is
That I can feel his hunger
When he looks at me.
It isn’t that he is thin,
But that he is starving for something that I freely give
To my own kids.
I can’t even put a name to what it is.
Something about being seen.
Something about mattering
When the rest of the world seems so big
And you are still so incredibly
Yesterday, he startled me when he called me “mom,”
Just like that
Because I smiled.
How lost must be a little child who so easily claims such a bond
With a stranger!
I cannot be your mom, little boy,
But I see you, and I see your little spirit that has been, perhaps,
Pushed aside for too long.
I will always offer you a smile and small piece of time
Before you run off home and I can only hope
That the ones who open the door
Might see what kind of chance they have been given in the beautiful
Form of a child.
Inspired by so many little ones I've met in my life and across this country with a hunger to be seen and to be loved, playing all alone in a world that doesn't hear.
Alan S Bailey Sep 28
This world has always inspired
Many great things. Follow dream and
You get shown a love, you're
There to hear how the heart sings.
Voices echo on in the vast forever,
But this is still an seemingly
Empty abyss. How can one
Follow their love if you are here
At the front lines paying attention?
Why you keep track of everything,
What about natural affection?

One strange thing I've learned about
This world, is that dreams have
No value in the physical,
So they can manifest themselves
In all times and places.
All we need to do is watch and
Life will eventually fill in all
Of the spaces.

Still, after 20 long years without,
I can't seem to find a way to fly again
While your words alone broke my spirit
That day, never to return again.

Even a dream can't undo that damage...
Hope this reaches you, if you still think of me
I still can't stop thinking of you...
Derrick Jones Sep 25
Float around inside your mind just to see what you might find
Close your eyes and be surprised
The chaos crystalized
You take a mental picture
Of a momentary stricture
Of mind manifest
And you are just the guest
Along for the ride you reside in this home but it’s not your own
You wander and roam but every tome has a different theory and it’s hard to see clearly
So you nearly lose your head as you skip off the tread
Trying to understand you cry out a command but meet shifting sand
So instead you embed and let your mind expand
Higher patterns emerge far above the prior yearn
No avoidance or grasping
No clinging and clasping
Only wonder and awe
As you float around inside this new way of being
Flowing is freeing and life is so fleeting we might as well dance
Take a chance and find romance and sink into this trance
Enhance the life you’re given by paying close attention
Let the moment **** you in and show that you don’t ken
You do not know, and yet you win
Letting go, you now begin
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Randi Sep 24
The biggest smile
Is the biggest wall
Built to hide
That is all
Darkness swirling
Deep in their skull
Monster whirling
Threwout that dull
Space where there used to be
A genuine smile
That made people happy to see
But now that space is all black
That smile is a mask
One that makes the owner turn back
To see what they used to be
And be sad to think
They'll never go and return
To that old happy smile
That could burn
A spark of happiness in everyone's face

But now they need that happiness
To help them chase
The monster thats creeping
Out of their house
To help get it out
To help round it about
To remove it from their old happy place
Where now they feel scared
Threatened,and wasted

Pay attention to those
Whose attention is drawn
To the big happy smile
That may be a mask thrown on
Anna Sep 8
I see you running to the bathroom
Young boy
I want your youth
I can see you're glad I noticed you
Maybe not for being me
You could need just the attention
That look in your eyes
I could say I had it before
But time goes by as the waves
Maybe quicker and somehow
elaine Sep 3
I don't know which is worse, being forgotten or being ignored. Both happen too much in my life. Why can't I just get a break? Can't you see I want to rip my ******* hair out? I want to delete you all from my life. Why can't you all leave me alone? Can't you see your stupid ******* "complements" don't help me in any way? Being called "so ******* hot" makes me feel gross. I'm sorry that I'm only used for that.
Tell me again how you want to bend me down and **** me. That makes me feel like a public sink. I'm going insane. I'm sorry I don't wear my sadness on my cheek but that doesn't mean I want to **** your ****. Cry again and again because I don't want to ******* in the back of your car in a parking lot.
You're right! I'm taking this life for granted but honestly peel off my skin. Rip ever layer off. I want to bleed. Let me ******* bleed out. My heart needs to stop pounding. I hate hearing it. I hate hearing that I'm alive. Stop talking! I hate lying about how I am, but if I say anything but "great" then I am just begging for attention.
Please tell me that you want to have a ******* with me and my twin because that makes me feel great! Just rip my ****** off and use it. I'm not there anyway when you're pounding into me. Hell even when you smack me and call me a ***** like I am absolutely nothing. I am nothing to any of you but a quick ****.
YOU said you would always be there to let me talk. Let me rant to you. I know I will pay for your time by opening my legs right? Pound into me and look into my eyes. I'm not there. I'm not there any of the time. I'm not there! I'm not here. I'm not anywhere.
I'm lost between denial and self-pity. That's all I do. What do you do?sit in your stupid ****** up relationship and judge me? Maybe I want this. Maybe I need this. Maybe I want to die. Tell me again how I move on too quickly. How I can get a new guy every day. Tell me how you just can't wait to taste me. Lick me.  I won't ever tell you what's swimming inside my head. I don't need you guys to stay around just because I want to **** myself. I don't need to talk to you guys about it. I'll do it someday. If it's with all these guys that rip my soul from me bucket at a time or even just the form of forgetting you all of you and moving far, far away. I need to get away from this blessed town before I am gone beyond saving. I'm so close to being gone. I don't need any of you though. Please just listen to this and know that I don't need you here.
I'm gone, so far from gone baby and you just don't ******* care.
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