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Traveling ...

what ...
if I told you ...
i'm traveling now ...
out of my scope ...
out of my mind ...
traveling ...
outside my map ...
nothing matters to me anymore ...
except to reveal ...
what is going on now ...
into my world ...
my blood circulation ...
boiling ...
getting so high ...
and my heart beats ...
got with unbalanced tones ...
as it ready for war ...

traveling now ...
entering from a dream ...
to another dream ...
and get back again ...
to my mainly dream ...
just to reach you ...
to get into your world ...
there ...
where i used always ...
only to dream of you ...
to live my moments ...
at least ...
to be with you ...
even if it was seconds ...
i will keep traveling ...
to your map world ...
just to tell you ...
i love you ...

hazem al ...
Allesha Eman Jun 13
Honey drops in to the Milky Way inside your tea cup
We sit chatting for old times sake
Friends of distance and enemies of uncertainty
I hope you’ve paved your road on those maps
That you pinned onto your walls
I hope the sun didn’t chase you away
I hope the foreign thunder stole your heart
And you found reflections of a beautiful past
I had written the night before
Inked into letters from the moon

From across the ocean, I waited for your postcards
Yet we sit here, with our thoughts
dancing in the silence between us
Your spoon makes ripples in your tea,
I dream to see the world you’ve seen,

You reminisce and I travel with your memories
Ahmad Attr Apr 25
I’m travelling back
Back to where it all began
From one home to another
Back on the train
a domestic bird like me isn’t ready yet
I am too tamed
But deep within me lies a secret part of me
That awakens once I’m sent to the wild
Like a phoenix or an exotic bird,
Rising from my ashes
My ruffled, dusty feathers shed
And the clean, pristine ones arises
I wonder how he does it
Conquering, thriving
Living life as though it is actually exciting
My heart is racing faster than the train I’m riding
I pass through towns and mounts
Rivers brown and blue
What am I going to do when I reach my other home?
O! other me you know better than I do
How long are you going to sleep?
I need you now more than ever before
I can’t wait to be you
Miles and miles into the mountains high
Travels a heartbroken soul
She seeks a place where she can safely cry
A homely harbour where she’ll feel whole
Little land where no liars she’ll face
No shadows to shatter her heart
Mindless pillow to return her warm embrace
Just her, her peace, and the hearth

Gone be the days of her crippling hurt
Gone be the days without a smile
Gone be the days of lying cheats and flirts
Be gone, be gone for a while
elle Mar 24
after days of staying in the comfort of my sheets,
i got in my car.

the feeling at first was overwhelming
the desire to wander,
to travel,

to press my foot to the gas and never let it go.

would it really be so bad if i refused to stop?
if i kept driving until my gas ran empty...

i wonder where i'd end up.

and i'd wonder if my wandering filled the empty want to see places i've never been.
if it didn't go away, where would i go?

how far could i go?
just thoughts
alex grey Jan 22
Home is where the heart is,
but a tortured heart that dreams of home
holds for ransom the love inside
and all thoughts of happiness subside.

The heart asks for what I cannot give,
and in all its pulsing patience,
which one of us will outlive
this awkward cadence?

Home is where the heart is,
so as I board the plane
on a return flight 'home'
I left my heart and home behind.
to firenze
I sailed on a catamaran, and let the wind guide it
I didn’t push against the current but let destiny choose it
I let it choose its people, I let it choose its place
I let it choose its timing, I let it choose its race

First thing I know, we jump off the boat
We swim under sun set and let our bodies float
We put clay on our faces, now looking all white
We laugh about it and talk for a while

The sun is down, so we start heading back
All the sudden, thousands of stars are out
We jump off again, time goes in slow-mo
Water to the hips, I was given a mango

A mango so tender and sweet
It almost swept me off my feet
While sharing laughter and lifelong conversations
These travellers became my constellations

I sailed on a catamaran, and let the wind guide it
It left me with amazing friends and joy wrapped around it
This excruciating happiness was like an oracle
And little did I know, it was my mango miracle
This is set in Mexico, Bacalar, a "seven shades of blue" lagoon.
This poem describes the happiest I've felt, ever. The kind of happiness you feel to the core. It taught me that when you let go of the control you might impose on your life, it can take you such unexpected places where you get to explore new feelings. I call it my mango miracle because that day has, for so many reasons, made me more spiritual, more connected to nature and more in balance with myself.
Sap Dec 2020
Reading is a journey
Where you can travel
And come back with souvenirs
Inspired by my love of reading. It seems as if I'm traveling somewhere and bringing back a little bit of something from each book into my own life. This is my first poem on here, so tell me what you think of it!
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