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Zywa May 24
I dare to get into bed with you
Your big mouth is too small
for the world, your heart too big

for me, here I am
Well, tell, then I'll dream
with you, about you

in a purple cloak
the skin of innocence and power
Very discreetly, very discreetly

you take revenge
on anyone who does not get into action
and just lets everything happen

You issue wise orders
that camouflage your agenda
Much trouble for nothing

for though you loathe them
they are not another species
they are like you

only not angry enough
to be able to choose
what is important

That is the seed
the seed of your anger
Everyone's passivity
Big Bad Wolf: Anger (out of aversion to other people's passivity)

About passivity: poem "Evill Will" (see May 25th)

Collection "Mastress"
Hello Daisies May 21
I'm angry
I'm so angry
I never let it out
I never try to shout
I only pout

I'm so full of rage
I've locked it in a cage
I never let it play
I never let it see day
It scares me
How far I could
Make you bleed

I want to hurt
Who hurt
Who took advantage
Of my childhood
Who abandoned
My sincerity
I would do anything
I would break my bones
For so many
But I can't even get
The bare minimum
I can't even get a penny
Of love
Of laughter
Of anything
But disaster
It makes me angry
Deep inside
But I let it hide

I've grown strong
So they say
Little do they know
I've always been
This way
Never breaking loose
Never trying the noose
I don't want it
I don't want strength
I want to be released
I want peace
I want
To be heard
I want
To understand
I would let myself
To be there
To show
I really care

But nobody
Would care
Nobody's there
Nobody is

I'm angry
I'm livid
I'm tired of living
A lie
That I'm fine
I'm sick inside
Don't ask me why
Like you can't imagine
******* all
I'm tired of wanting
To bawl
My eyes out
I hope you all
I hope you all turn
Your stomachs
Reading this
I hope I find
I never miss
Any of you
I am so *******
I want to punish
All of you
For hurting me
As a child
As a teenager
As a women
As a human
I deserve
I deserve
To let me loose
To let me choose
To be free
To be angry
To be understood
To be ******* heard
I deserve someone
Who cares
Not the ******* bare
I'm tired of begging
getting nothing
I'm tired of hugging
All my enemies
Of being sweet
And loving
Of being mocked
And crying
I want revenge
I want to vent
I want to let
The cage open
I want to break glass
I want to see them
Fall on their ***
I want to smash
Every single
That ever
Let me go
To such dark
Places in my soul
There's such a hole
Of anger
Of danger
I can't let free
*** I would hurt
I would hurt myself
It would never end
My hell

I just want to scream
******* SCREAM
I want someone to SEE
of me
If I ever dare
To release my
Inner terror

Be ******* ware
Tessa Savanna Apr 27
One stood a majestic volcano,
With perfect crater and perfect form,
With steaming magma underneath its perfection
Shaken and pursued by fools,
By the pressure from the unknowns
Following a venting out of magma,
Slowly affecting everyone by its lava,
Thus being hated more by the fools.
anger is something you can't contain, it'll surely destroy you.
Atticus Dec 2022
Mexican food from that joint near your dads
The pooling spotty blood on my bitten lips
My mothers words
My fathers driving

Sadness is
The look she gave me when I told her what he did to me
The burn marks on my hips
Fogged up glasses
Cheap *****
Smoking a cigarette all the way down to the end  

Joy is
His laugh
The way the baby hair on my arms stand up when it’s cold and I feel alive
Italian food made together
Olive jars
Macs soft ears
ht Apr 21
When did I become
the monster under your bed?
When did I grow teeth?
When did you start hiding from me under the covers? | h.t.
My home. My safe place!
My sanctuary of peace and calm!

Deaf as I am,  I'm glad to have friends,
When someone tries to steal from my mom!

So we kept watch, over her van,
Seeing the shadows of an unknown man,

We're suited and booted; my knife
And his gun,
And we're ready to take him,
Or force him to run!

******* all,  I have work
In the morning,
But I'll be ****** if we don't
Send him a warning!

Our shout brought him out,
And we watched him run,
To go steal elsewhere,
But he'll have no fun!

Not here; not now.
At my grandmother's house.
So I stand and I shake,
Eyes wide open; awake,

A knife at my side, with
My rage as my guide.
Hell no! Not here!
Not now!

My home.  My safe place,
My sanctuary of calm!
So I await the coming sunrise;
No one ***** with my mom!
Someone tried to steal my grandma's van tonight. So the adrenaline has overpowered my sleeping pills, and now I'm stuck with the urge to ****. But that's fine by me; I'll stay awake! I work tomorrow,  but I'll never be late.
Alex Braun Apr 26
obsessed, terrified, the idea of seeing someone that you knew intimately, seeing them in a bathing suit or without a shirt, knowing that your hands traveled down those exposed places, remembering that, and knowing you can never do it again, they are across a room, alone, with someone else, twenty feet away, maybe more, and you can feel their hips in your hands, your body knows exactly how theirs moves, but you will never feel it again, horrified, overwhelmed
i cant live in the same world as you, i cant live in a world without you, my hands remember everything, but i dont know who you are
The unity of anger is a paradise of redness.
It is a wall that cannot be broken by any means except understanding.
It is the self in its royal attire come to announce personal truth that cannot be shaken, or maybe it can.
Either way one is in doubt concerning one's abilities and shrinks from the strong servants.
For one's reality is that of a fawn, brittle and weak, yet attacked by the world just because it lives.
It is the red eye of the world and it presses down further on it still.
It is a unity in which you can see all - from a jail cell.
It is understood misunderstanding.
It is being stuck in a rut of being.
It is the moksha of being dumbfounded.
It is a hundred martyrs vying for sorrow.

But calling anger a unity necessarily makes the anger leave and the unity come.
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