I am on a bus.
There are lots of potholes
on the street. I can’t see
the potholes but I can feel them when the Bus shakes.
It shakes and shakes
and I feel sick and I want to
yell at the driver to drive better but it’s not the driver’s fault
that there are potholes
on the street.

There is ice benumbing my sinking heart and a chain link binding around my spine.  
it twists,    
it spires,  
it twines    
and it spirals.    
It slithers and snakes its way up coiling around my neck.  
I can't run.    
I can't scream.  
I'll just wither and wait.  
It shackles me in places and lulls the darkness in to surround me.    
The shadows dance and my demons laugh.    
This is my decease, demise, departure,dissolution. This is my destruction.

I hate her.
I hate her with all my heart I can’t stand
To see her face it makes me cringe
Every time she walks my
Fingers want desperately to curl around
Her neck and just
Feel her pulse against my palm as she
Starts to faint and lose her breath she
Begins to cry and I can’t help but smile
Seeing me hurt her just as much as
She hurt me with a knife to my back
Bullshit if you think i’ll just
Forgive you after you
Act like such a fucking whore and
Break your promise i squeeze
Harder and harder, my grasp
Around her neck gaining strength as
Anger fills my veins, the thick red paint of
Pure hatred fuels my heart and my head
Gives me only one single command that
Makes me laugh out loud
I am insanely intoxicated with a
Deep paroxysm and I cannot
Stop myself from laughing so giddily
I am smiling as the life fades from her eyes
And my fingers begin to lose their tight grip
And my laughter begins slacken
And my head begins to rid itself of the dark cloud
That once consumed my entire being
And i look at the whore i have asphyxiated
And i smile
I am happy
I am at peace.

MU 2d

When the wind bullied the dry bushes, wanting to throw them down, but the bushes didn’t give in and stood up against this insult,
so the the wind got mad and called upon the clouds,
but the trees took side with the bushes, and started
to push back, unimpressed by their
thunder, and the clouds
and sent down a lightning bold
striking the bushes, who started to hiss in
despair, but the flames got furious and high, not taking
it from the wind, screaming back at everybody, louder and louder, and the tree trunks started to fall in each other's arms
squeaking and hollering in despair, and the
clouds, regretting their temper
started to sent down the rain
to clam things down,
but it was too late
to stop it

Conflicts start small but escalate, and when we have a full blown fight, everybody will be sorry and nobody can stop it...just like a wildfire.
JGL 2d

I enter the garden
full of rose bushes.
I walked in deeper
and witnessed
the impeccable beauty
etched within
the stone walls
of the garden.

Everything was majestic.
But I also witnessed
to the garden's dismay,
the rise of thorns and pests.
Of beauty turning into
utter despair.

I pricked my fingers,
But didn't left.

Instead, I took delight
on the pain.
I let my blood trail me,
letting them know
where I was moving.

That was the cowardly thing
I have ever done.
A commitment I didn't
think of.
A gamble
I didn't know how high
the stakes are.

There is no turning back,
but only to wipe
my blood hands clean.
Sucking finger by finger
like a demon sprung
from the beauty of the garden.

I ran,
far as my gut tells me,
going towards
the heart of the garden.
My arms are dressed
in thick jagged scars,
ozzing with fresh blood,
the nails of my nemesis.

And as I reached the heart,
I screamed a battle cry
and took her by the hair,
and slowly dug my nails
into her throat,
spilling the blood
that matched equally
with mine.

We are even,
and as she burns in hell,
I rule it.

To my classmate-and-friend, for quite sometime did I noticed a change in demeanor. A lion in sheep's clothing. But she didn't recognize I was a wolf hiding in the midst.

To hate family is to hate self.
for whether to admit, or not
they are us,
and we are them,
inexorably tied,
Our traits,
carry through.

this is no reason to be distraught
it instead simply is.
mother nature does not stop
do not fear this
to over-acknowledge is to assume
you posses more than the man that stands near
what lies beneath is a part of her charm
she is ambivalent and could care less
she means to do no harm.
Therefore where the feel of inherent flaws plague the mind
let go, sit, turn off all distractions
and give yourself time, to

not when you fail, to
not when you fall
but pass, and
above and beyond
not in the eyes of the onlooker
but in the eyes of the self...

not in unwrapped spite,
but in benevolent unison

they are me
i am them!
through eternity.

Transcend 4d

In the time that I had believed you were angry with  me, never once did I consider the possibility that all along it was you mad at yourself.
And since that day I’ve made my hugs a little tighter, for I realized just how broken you truly are. And maybe, just maybe i’ll hold you long enough to glue your pieces back together.

I was selfless person
Afflicting all the pain and anger I felt towards others onto myself
But the scars, they cover my body
All of spaces filled up
No more room for the lies, the screams, or the fights

Before, I was at fault
But now I see
And we're not kids anymore
I have nothing to lose
And now I can choose

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