Booze, smokes, and chocolate ice cream.

These soft pleasures
give me joy like no other.
When the dawn is done
and the last swirl of smoke
has vanished into the sky;
when every friend,
close and far
has returned to their hearths,
it is these small comforts
which remain.

Silent voices urge me
to rid myself of such crutches,
but I feel no obligation
to figure out once more
how life works at full speed.
How does one live
without these small pleasures
to slow down time
and turn the volume down?

They're killing me faster.
I know it.

when the sunrise and the sunset
are both so harsh,
surely a mug of coffee to begin,
and a glass of white wine to end
is well-deserved.

Surely God did not mean to make
our souls and bodies and minds
so weak,
and the world
so hard.
Feedback greatly appreciated (positive and negative)!
The clouds are gray
Dimming the mood
No one to convey
Everyone just eludes

It begins to rain
The moment is tense
Feeling nothing but pain
Dreading their expenses

I try to lighten the emotion
But I'm shut out by abyss
Creating bigger commotion
People balling their fist

I just tried to help
But nothing I would do
Would alter their silent yelps
And make their feeling subdue
Aa Harvey 11h
Bored of life

I’m so bored of this,
I’m so bored of it.
I’m so bored of this life,
Let’s put an end to it.

I’m so bored of this,
I’m so bored of it.
I’m so bored of you and all your shit!

I’m fucking bored of this;
I’m so fucking bored.
I’m so fucking bored, of not being adored.

So give me love; give me you.
Give me life and give me breath.
Have some faith and I’ll give you me;
Set me free or give me death.

(C)2011 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Brad post 17h
If I gave you a knife,
and asked you to cut,
would you do it I wonder,
and if so, how much?


Would you hesitate?
Would your mind suddenly freeze?
Or would you take pleasure,
in bringing me to my knees?


Would the sight of my blood,
shock you enough to quit?
Would the sight of the scars,
make you loosen your grip?


Would the simple knowledge,
of those scars frighten you?
When you realized,
they were both old an new?


Would the memories pour in,
of holding the same knife askew?
Memories of cutting,
when I didn’t ask you to.


Would your anger, and hatred,
suddenly melt away?
When you realized I was ASKING,
for you to cut me this way.


Would you finally break down,
when you could hear my words?
“I am sorry, I deserve this”,
over and over whispered.


Would you take me in your arms,
and try to soothe me?
I’d like to believe you would,
if you could only see.


I’ll allow you to cut me,
because it’s what I earned.
I just wish you would stop,
or at least show concern.

Dom 1d

Things were so blurry

My heart pumped and skipped

And my fingers shook

Things got dark around the edges

Of my eyes as i began not to see straight

It was almost as if i could

Should just reach and wrap my fingers around her neck

Full of anger i was

Till i silently walked

Alone with everyone around me

Thinking in my head

I shall not harm to satisfy.

I shall not let the devil win.
Here we are again.
This same question.
Why are you crying?
You ask me the question to know the answer.
Not to help.
Some days your curiosity overrules your empathy.
Hasn’t it ever occurred to you that maybe comfort could help?
It probably hasn’t.

I cry because I can’t speak.
My words get caught in my throat until I have to swallow them down like every other thing I’ve ever felt.
Some days emotions feel like marks of an outcast.
Some days my sadness makes you angry.
Is it because you don’t know why?
Does it scare you?

I cry because of you sometimes.
Putting words in my mouth until you make me choke so much that I can’t try to make you understand.
It would never work anyhow. You wouldn’t listen.
“You’re just being argumentative”
“Just breathe”
“Tell me why”
“You’re fine”
“Clean yourself up”

I cry because the way you’ve become accustomed to my pain hurts me deeper than any petty cut caused by some insignificant thing.
I once told you that I thought I had depression.
You replied with “I know.”
You knew.
You didn’t help me find my way home.
You left me to drown in my own icy black waters.
I had to claw my way back out.
You just walked away.
I’m trying to understand why.
Was there a reason?

I cry because I don't deserve to.
I know I should be happy.
I know I should be okay.
Why am I falling when I should be flying?
There are people out there who won’t be eating today.
There are people who are mourning today.
There are people who lost everything today.
I am not those people.
Why am I crying today?

I cry sometimes.
Letting my insecurities and fears and anger out of their cages.
Letting the vultures peck away at me until I’m dry and empty.
Lowering myself back on to ground level.
Letting logic regain control of the ship as the storm settles.
Making a bit of room for laughter at the table.
Condensing the voluminous emotions into a simple conclusion that I can carry in my pocket for when I need it.
Why is that a bad thing?
Hey, I'm doing a slam poem contest at school, and I wrote three. Is this one the best? Please tell me in a comment if it is.
Anneli 1d
Let the soft stay with you
Do not change it for brutality,

let it keep you
and them
Let it spread over the trees,
through the meadows
Let it tangle itself in the black curls of scarred people
Let it grow inside of everyone
Let it let you remain yourself,
the soft, wonderful being that you really are
I know a Mormon Fellow,
Who is nostalgic
About the sex he had with his
African-American Wife
And later African-American Girlfriend,
And likes to discuss the details
With me.
I'm not like him at all.
I try to relinquish
The bitterness I've had
With my ex-wife
By listening to Eminem and Rihanna's duet,
"Love the way you Lie".
It helps me heal
'Cause my ex
Drove me too close
To the edge.
Umi 1d
Whereabout of the heart, where might it be ?
When fury is a feeling which engages your senses, your mind and your soul in a raging outburst of negativity expressed in adrenaline,
Everything seems to be one sided, a loop which only fuels your anger with thoughts of unpleasant, disturbing annoyances, making it harder
Harder to resist, until alike a super nova, you explode in a viscious rampage with knows no escape, so, where is the heart ? Where is it?
A tantrum might be encouraged to grow in size if it's revenge you seek, desire, want to live for to make it expire, with violent passion,
Mercy or compassion, forgiveness and simpathy may be forgotten, within the depths of your burning soul, lit ablaze solely by hatred,
You may lose your mind, oh beauty of a living existence, becoming alike a lily of murderous intent, spiteful, yet elegant and wonderful,
A shivering star, ready to take its opponent down with itself while destroying what used to be so precious, unique and simply sweet,
Blemishing the unconscious without thinking of patience or the chance to calm this nuclear meltdown, unfolding in tragedy for us,
The pure light of your praying palms might help in this regard,
Because his remembrance is what makes furious hearts become calm.

~ Umi
“He hurt you”
“Don’t go back to him”
“He fucked you over”
Stop telling me what do to.
I can’t stop myself.
I love him too much.
It kills me to know that I let him back into my life for him to continue to hurt me.
I’m aware that he has destroyed me. No matter what I can’t stop loving him. There’s too much of him inside of me to let him go.
I will always love him.
I am dangerously in love.
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