Jack 20h

Beneath the surface, boiling blood,
A calloused, hardened soul,
Fragile hands of sticks and mud,
Still fighting for control,

On more hour, up in flames,
Another runaway train of thought,
Burn the pictures, sell the frames,
Pretend that I forgot,

Ashes, ashes, falling stars,
A prayer for reverie,
Concealed bruises, hidden scars,
Faded from skin, not memory.

Thought it was good,
Better than most,
In the end,
It most likely never was,

I want to ask you to be more meteorite than devoted
I want to ask of second tries when the first was pointless
I want your flesh in flames, defeated by the fire inside
I want you momentary

Time on Earth is short so I raise my lowered eyes,
Cast them at one lucky star and liberate my lowly heart
With a below breath, whispered wish:

I want to ask you to be more like me than yourself
I want to ask the impossible and punish your failure
I want your utter burnout to match my speed of entry,
Air to ground, apparently

I have not ever considered myself of worth
I never adapted to the loneliness of adult life

Time on Earth is short so I raise my lowered eyes,
Cast them at one lucky star and liberate my lowly heart
With a below breath, whispered wish:

Let me know it's truly you when I see your face on Mars.

Better be careful with this one. I feel so powerfully, that there's high potential I'll get pinned.

As I sit here we see what's lost
I also think of the cost
Though not lost but merely stored away
Knowing I'll stop being sad someday
We tore each other apart like hyena to prey
I wish that was all I had to say
I wish you loved what your worth was
Because I've seen your glow and what a buzz
One you don't take as a drug, one you soak in
But I don't think that's what you were sellin'
I swore someday's were my hell
But to you I couldn't tell
Captivated by your victims widow
To help you get strong, but not to kill me though
You need to have more self conviction
For something good not to sate addiction
For you sit upon a golden throne
But here now being a sense of all alone
You need to find that little you is hurt
And learn to find self comfort
Take care of you before you find a host
Your face is that of a ghost
Lost in expression of attachment and shame
Being pressured by self blame
The only advice I have for you
Is to only change the choices you do
Because the real you is always there
Waiting for you to take her hand and adventure
I wish my words to be of encouragement
But to bring light to your inner happy sentiment
I know you have the power of choice
But one more time, believe in me and rejoice
For you know the power of my words
Flowing like Sheppards to herds
Truth in my every breath
But I'm blind to your meth
Flawless in deliverance and passion
That make me start lashin
A regret I carry like a scar on my lung
My neck sore from always being hung
But I can't let this overcome my compassion
That I have to give, here, I cash in
I can't be a comparison anymore
I'm sadly, strongly, powerfully closing this door
I repeat once more because I know
That this will help you go
That I wish you the absolute best
And you are capable of facing your test
But remember that you can't give slack
Because you might tumble back
You need faith in your solitude
You'll find life in mind and passion in mood
I do not mean to appear rude
I say this calmly with no attitude
I say this lovingly not prude
You truly can be loved my past love
Know your grandmother sees you from above
Making another sick joke to you
As words of encouragement of what to do
Find love, get lost, go run around the world
Don't wait up please move on from me
Take what you've learned and go see
That there is so much better out there
But what I do know and dare
Is that I know this door will be unlock
If you find yourself going amok
Just don't abuse this right
Just go, don't knock, please find new light. -Lo

Breaking through emotional walls. One word at a time, carefully, precisely, and so truthfully. Hopefully in years time we cross paths.
karen 1d

Bullets fall from my mouth.
I bleed anger
And then embarrassment
I am resentful.

I resent the way you do not understand me
I resent the way you do not seem to try.
You don't understand the way that your words slice under my skin and nick my heart
I am tired

I am tired that you invalidate all the miles I've walked with bloody blisters in my pretty work shoes.
And I am tired of the way that
Bullets bleed from my mouth

i really feel ignored and under-appreciated and i have a problem with lashing out
Mims 2d

Laughing kids,
Each smile painted on their face,
In whitening toothpaste,
Beautiful girls and,
Athletic boys,
And you,
And me,
The two from fucked up families,
Talking about our shared anxiety,
A party,
I will find the one most broken,
And talk to them,
Because everything they say is just,
So damn relateble,
You tell me you've broken fingers,
Punching things,
And everyone laughs and says:
"He totally has!"
And I tell you that my fingers never broke,
But my wall did,
On several occasions,
You tell me your dad,
Is always drunk as shit,
And I tell you mine didn't need alcohol to hit,
You tell me you never go to school because of your anxiety disorder,
And anger issues,
And depressive episodes,
I tell you: "oh my god me too!"
Because you're just,
So damn relateble.

Met a boy at a party.
I think we're best friends now.

"Is Tyler converting you?"
"Aw you'd like that wouldn't you"

Hit it big
Hit it strong
Back to life
Back to cold

Dance alone
Laugh when dark
Be the raven
And the shark

And forget
Who forgot you.
Back to skies,
Why won't you.

Back to dark,
Or bight the dust
Let lose your demons
And feel the heart burst.

Just forget.
And after midnight don't you cry.
Back to lonely.
Back to dry.

I don't miss them anymore. No that crazy at least

The berserker of ages past,
The Viking tribe,
War machines,
Only humans,
With limits broken,
By drugs,
and mindset,
Tearing through sundered flesh,
Reality ignored.
And man more dangerous than a beast.

Aysha 4d

I am not pleased, by the way the world works, with its cruelty and injustice, and also, the shape of my feet.
I am not pleased, with how my friend is so great and yet her misfortune is greater, and the broken home that shelters also her breaks her on the inside.
I am not pleased, of how my eyes water when I say silly words and yet I cannot cry out my misery.
I am not pleased, sitting still and waiting for an epiphany .
I am not pleased by the way we all deny the evil inside us,
taking comfort in the idea of the light in us being so strong that if we saw it, it would blind us.
and yet I still wait for you to realize.
I am not pleased by the punishment life gives us for no apparent reason, and the boredom inside me that makes life so dull,
almost unbearable to be in.
and yet I still dance around and enjoy silly tunes,
in hopes of it easing my prominent loneliness and misfortune.

I hope you enjoy this shitty poem although its definitely not great
Katie 4d

The darkness feels like it's consuming me.
My heart feels clouded with its constant dark suffocating fog.
How much can one person take?
There's these claw marks on my heart.
My soul was bleeding & I kept bandaging it up.
I tried to take the bandages off & let the wound heal.
It takes a sort of bravery to face that pain.
There was righteous anger, sadness, anxiety & confusion.
But I held onto hope & courage.
What a fool I have been.
Thinking that anything will change.
Nothing is changing.
People are stuck in their ignorance & can be so cruel.
My anger, my hope, my determination feels like it's all running out.
The darkness is taking over.
I don't know how much more fight I have in me.
The nothingness is trying to capture me.
I'm tired of fighting.
Maybe in a cage at least I'll be safe and know what to expect.
I don't know anymore.

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