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When I Call There's No Response,
I Reply To His Need & What Wants,
In This Absence Emptiness Haunts,
A Beautiful Face But It Just Taunts.

When I'm Ill I Care For You,
Tears Still Spill I'm There For You,
All My Love Left Spare For You,
Was I A Joke A Dare To You.

Was I A Game To Play For You,
A Flame To Fan Man Shame On You,
I Was Young & Thought The Best,
Now I See You're Like The Rest.

I Was Angry & Burning Out,
You Was Banging & Earning Clout,
Left Me Hanging I'm Gurning Gums,
Now I See You Churning Sums.

Finger Fucking Finger Licking,
All These Men They Get To Tricking,
When Confronted They Are Bricking,
But Their Lies They Just Aren't Sticking.

I Thought You Were Mine,
I Bought You Some Time,
Double Jeopardy Commits The Same Crime,
Dropping A Thousand To Pick Up A Dime.

I Am A Diamond That Is A Dog,
I'm In The Clear Have Fun In The Fog,
I Can Still Hear When You Huff Like A Hog,
I'm Without Fear While You Rot In A Bog.
Harry Roberts - A Game © 20/09/18
Amanda 7h
I cannot ever fight my demons
Each cell in my body has given up already
Now I'm stuck with no ambition
I cried so much I'm unsteady

I should have listened to your words
Worried warnings gone to waste
Although I appreciate the love
Let tears teach lessons on my face
Nothing quite like the sting of tears to remind you that you fucked up
I think I’m angry
With you
The double dichotomy of words
Both with and at
All encompassing the ever growing redundancies of phrase upon fragile phrase
Hand upon hand
Your hand a sliver in my heart
It beats
Beats like a funeral drum as the fires and pyres are lit
Beats like fists on chests
A piercing war cry
“Cry for help,
No one will hear you” stuck in the quicksand
:a fly in honey:
“Oh honey what have you done?”
I think I’m angry
With you
I’m angrier without you
I want to do a lot right now and in my head I'm doing them.

I'm smashing every single window I see.

I'm bashing my head repeatedly on the pavement, until my brain is rewired correctly.

I'm throwing the new expensive mug I just bought on the floor.

I'm picking up the shards from said mug and smashed windows and ripping my wrists wide open.

I'm laying on the train tracks, my innards splayed out, a spectacle for everyone to admire.
You say that your friends
Can find a welcoming ear
In their time of need

But I know
Of hundreds of shouting matches
Half as many protested more-than-hugs
Days in and out of manipulation and deceit on both sides
Years of saying "you have no right to feel that way"
Many doged questions
Minutes shouting down every expression that you disproved of
Several iterations of "you'll die alone"
Days and nights hidden in offside rooms for fear
A few good slaps
And a laptop against the wall at age eight
That all demand to differ
Don't you hate it when someone says "you can always come to me for help!" To all of their online friends when you know damn well that they've been a partial cause of your distress for years on end, not listening when you try to talk to them about it and making you feel crazy trying to talk to other people about it?
*This* is why I stay TF off of Facebook.
Give me a moment
Allow me to say
I have cared for you
At each turn of life
And still, do
Yet you test me
And doubt my resolve
It is not your fault
You are more
In love with yourself
And do not care
For anyone else
But for your fury
I would not have told you
That I care
Stop shouting at me
This instance
Ms Noma Aug 14
Same shit, different year
Feel the pain go up a gear

You think I'd learn
Or cease to yearn

But here I am
Singing wham

Last Christmas blah blah blah
My stupid heart strayed too far

Every time my head says stay
The price is just too much to pay

But will I ever really listen?
No, my fresh tears simply glisten

Salty, bitter, endless drops
Cleaning up would need 10 mops

I wish that I could flood the street
I wish I could make him incomplete

I hate his soul, I hate his face
I hate how he would hold my waist

Delete his kisses, delete his hugs
He's just a pile of bugs and slugs

Don't waste your time on such a bum
You should have listened to your mum
slay 1d
Pleasure remains, but so does the pain, I’m going insane

I have more heart than I’m willing to show
I’ll talk a good game but then I gotta go
Take what you want or I reap what you sow
I don’t care, I don’t care, all my roses say “no”

Are you talking to me? Nah, I don’t think so
Are you asking me if I am mad at the world?
Well I’ll have to think, I guess, maybe? I know!
But I really can’t hear you, I have in headphones
Can we take a break? Cause I gotta smoke
Yes, and each one, it is killing me slow
Well technically fast,
E-R the better
I’d love to be deader than how I already feel in my guts on the inside
Black tar suffocating the fluids inside of my spine —
Bitch, you are a dime
And you should hit me up we should chill once or twice before I gotta bounce, spread my wings, and take flight

Pleasure remains, but so does the pain, I’m going insane

“Why you so guarded?” Can’t get this enough
Please shut the fuck up, my feelings are stuck
I can’t get enough of the dick from the plug
To put me in a coma from smoking too much
Every time I come thru, I water his buds
He got that good good
that fefe
that neek neek
that Tiffany’s caking
Iced out in my pudding
One stroke peanut buttercupping
Lights out with the hard chocolate molding

Pleasure remains, but so does the pain, I’m going insane
i just wrote this omg imstill working on it
I'm burying my own words as best I can,
but as soon as I have set the ban,
down in a hole beneath filthy tongues
twisted from lies and sour-breathed pulling,
you make my blood boil.

You whisper about me, I can hear it,
behind the book shelf,
between the narrow isles of stories.

This place could offer me sanctuary,
but you came along,
and you are every noise, breath, sight and smell.
I cannot read, you are always over my shoulder.

I might collapse here and hope someone does not see me.
Am I overwhelmed or bitchy?
Am I lonely or needy?
Truly, I must ask, are things in me or are they part of this library?
maybe i have anger issues or something but there is no help but for books i cannot read because i am distracted at least a few times per page so HAHA
Audrey 2d
I loved you the moment before it
and when you were done
I left you

how evil some may think right?
but you knew what you did
and like a cat I tried to get out
but you caught me
you always do.

you egotistical, sadistic, narcissistic son of a AGHHHGHHHIEWHOGABGILG

play the victim so my ears can rest.
and I won't need to explain.
and you can do what you do best.
and haunt me with the pain.
this poem is all my feelings and emotions together it doesn't rhyme or have a pattern bear with me.
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