It isn't just a flame
Burning within me
(cannot extinguish with your loving words)
It isn't only the rotten smell of overcooked thoughts
(I'd still love to eat their bitterness away)
Although it is...

It is me and my love for thee,
You who makes me a poet,
Who makes me feel enough to feel human
Whether it's sadness, happiness, hatred or jealousy
(oh that silly stinging heart of mine)  

No... It's a contagious forest fire
Combusting my sanity towards those
Near you; Lived and living or loving
(how readily my tears want to burn them)

It's known it's not healthy
But you don't see it's my love anyway
Even when I am angry with you
(nothing that you're responsible for)
And mime my thoughts out to you
So you never understand.

By the time this forest obliterates,
It's all just too late tell you,
And again,
The ash is buried inside,
Waiting to reignite,

Sanny 4h

So much laughter, anger and secrets are hidden in my walls.
From a time that is no more.

I can still hear them sometimes, like a tape playing.
Taking me back in time.

So much love, anxiety and tears engraved in my pillow.
From a time that is no more.

I can still feel it sometimes, when I'm in a confused moment thinking you're right beside me.

So many smiles, hugs and stolen kisses my mirror has witnessed.
From a time that is no more.

I can still picture it sometimes, but the face staring back at me is filled with pain.
Swollen, from the tears that won't stop falling.

Rosa 4h

Rotten, starving souls stuck in cages
Ground up in mills or factories or farms
I care
They remind me of myself.
I can relate to being kicked
And bruised and broken
By the sister who let razors kiss her wrists
But I guess it wasn't enough to hurt
And ruin herself.
Not enough to get
Rid of the stench of our family
Our perfect, suburban family
Wrought with screams and shouts.
It wasn't enough to grab
My hair and cut it off
To fulfil some deep, dark abyss of anger and jealousy
But now?
Now she wants me

Hiraeth 13h

I see them laughing, shimmering,
All around her.
She is the river,
the lithe, gurgling river
That everyone plunged into.
While I?
I am the cold icy drip from the eaves
That trickles down one's neck and makes them cringe.
I don't mind being unnoticed
Being forgotten
Being alone
I just mind that I mind so much.

Riot 16h

I camp out in my room
light switch feet away,
my feet,
shaking against my own will.

Your memory plays in black and white,
as if we made a perfect,
tragic film.

Was color sucked out after you left; or
was it never there?

Riot 17h

I’m afraid to die alone.

I’m so scared to die alone.

I’m not afraid to die,
I’m a little afraid to exist,

I know I don’t live.

I’m still


trust, mine own enemy mine
i trust you less than i love you
and i don't love you much

love, my distant friend
your fingertips ghost my skin
once every couple lifetimes

hate, another's waste of time
i haven't the capacity to give
someone i dislike so much thought

anger, you abusive lover
kiss my knuckles when you bruise them
warm me from the inside

anger, you deserve three stanzas
such a permanent fixture in my life
always there, by my side

anger, warm me from the inside
'til i overheat and explode
winter isn't here but there's cold in my bones

Quick 6-7 minute write. Not proof read, as with all my works.

Hit a snag somewhere,
Possibly in childhood,
Or in high school,
The moments mesh and twist together,
Creating a tapestry of memories,
That proudly displays all moments,
The terrible and the euphoric,
The painful and the pleasing,
The memories of lives lived,
All on display,
For all to see,
The colors and pain,
Of being human.

your cunt is not disgusting at all
thats all he can seem to apologize for.
i'm so happy among the screaming and aggression
that my womanhood
is not disgusting.
it's not like you didn't tell me to kill myself
and ill be honest i was already half way there
when i heard that sentence run off your fucking mouth.
how fucking dare you.

i should of been more angry with you
i shouldn't have let you kiss my beautiful rose
with your disgusting, unworthy mouth.
you want to claim respect yet you had none to offer
you're toxic, and every woman knows it.
that's why there was only me.
and now that i've learnt, you'll have no one
until you learn.

-toxic masculinity

Could it be any more icy?
The temperature drops with every word you speak.
I want to shove corks in my ears
It's a slippery slope, your conversations.

I'm melting on the inside, like a snowman in summer, but there is no warmth here.

Attacked. Deflated.

I was high on life, you sober me so quickly.
Drunk on your lies, but no hangover, I see all to clearly in the morning.

Please shut your mouth.
Do you even know what kind words are?

Passive. Aggressive.

You grip my wrist tighter than any shirt sleeve, and the back of my head rings from your hand.

The hypothermia sets in quickly.
Three minutes in and I'm drowning.

You were supposed to guard my life.
I didn't think you would watch me drown, let alone push me under.

Although many times my eyes have drowned, now my ling's fill with salty water.
Who needs to breathe when all you give me is hot fucking air.

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