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Jeremy Betts Apr 17
Everyone thinks,
"It'll get easier when I get older"
Then you get older
And you find no one's there,
No one to share,
No one to say,
I stay because I care"
"Let's get through this together"
Making it harder than ever before
Not wanting to remember
Not even a single chapter
Though at one point,
When I was younger,
I think I use to matter
I don't know why
But those are always the memories that shatter

el Mar 20
no mercy?
no mercy?
how can you say that when we have been through everything that you see
and we still chose to stay?
how can you say i have no mercy when i only stick around from the goodness of my heart?
how can you say that i have no mercy when all i do is think and do for you
all i want is to make you happy
how can you forget that i am constantly being mowed down?
no fvcking mercy?
Monica Mourad Feb 20
One was left reeling
The other went on with  life

Two people words exchanged
On a Thursday at 2:00 pm
Feelings emotions intentions coming to light
One’s truth blindsiding the other’s truth
4 months of you and me
Trickled down to a 20 minute text exchange
That’s what I was worth to you.

Her reply unshaken disappointment
His reply an aloof “don’t be stranger … let’s be friends”
Silent tears mourning the idea of what could have been - she refused to let him see her break .
Him going about life - realizing he might not really want a clean break.

Me saying take care - walking away
You saying add me on social media - trying to keep me in your life

Words said can’t be unsaid
This is how the story of us ends.
I hate this part right here... the end.
When pain becomes too great
That pain swallows you whole
Your only scapegoat to blame
Is own forsaken soul

Your mechanism for sleep
Is poisoning your lungs
Be freed of shadows following your feet
All responsibilities and past what you want

When finally you have to fight your fears
In your struggle miss my face
Stay the hell away from here
Complain to heart you didn't break
Written 2-13-21
Jeremy Betts Jan 21
I'll have nothing if I lose her
If I stay I'll lose myself
So I'm forced to ask myself
What is the better future?

After The Rain
I Sing Again
After The Rain
I Live Again

The Rain, The Rain, The Rain

The Flood of Tears
Have Disappeared
From The Tide
Of Constant Fears
Your Sunny Day
Will Stay
Will Stay

After The Rain
I Sing Again
After The Rain

The Rain, The Rain, The Rain

(c)Debra Lea Ryan
2nd Poem/Words of 1st Album Concept I have challenged myself to create during 2024 - Life Willing.
Jeremy Betts Dec 2023
I see you had a bad day
Thinkin' things you shouldn't say
No other choice but to stay and pay to play
Can't even stray away from your own cliche
Doomed by strands of DNA
Failed every single attempt in every possible way
In desperation you kneel to pray
No answer today...
...same as yesterday

Kyla Nov 2023
They said they couldn't stay
I don't know how to feel
My soul taken away

Rain fell hard that day
I don't know how to heal
They said they couldn't stay

Their love they took away
Hard for my heart to deal
My soul taken away

I tried and tried to sway
Convinced their love was real
They said they couldn't stay

I watched them walk away
My existence became surreal
My soul taken away

There is nothing I can say
As I eat my final meal
They said they couldn't stay
My soul taken away
Phia Oct 2023
I love you,
Ask me to stay and I will.
Tell me you love me
And I will drop everything
And stay.
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
Are we only spiritually one
A glide or mask
Love burning task
Chosen red brick
Dreaming what's real
Or forever to be tricked
Building sea castle home
The chosen one alone

       *       *       *       *

Is the chosen one cleverly smart?
What's truly inside our hearts
Only one wish

Stars and the moon rush
Shinning on one thought
Cheeks glow feather light- blush
Like unique creation
*       *       *       *
Follow your mission
Be happy make a
new transition  
The chosen one
Chosen One, how one thought can change our thinking
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