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Color 1d
there is so much living to be done
so much love to be felt
so much sadness to overcome
If everything will come to an end
My past self will come back
I dont want it to happen
But its happening
I dont want to be colder
I dont want to be a numb
Please help me. Save me
Make me stay
Color 3d
Color 4d
is there such a place?
is there such a feeling
a yearning?

is there a day, a time
when we can all be okay?

i suspect not...

but today is a day,
and so is tomorrow.
you never know what will
happen tomorrow.

maybe she will wave and smile
maybe he will hold you longer
maybe they will love you more.

maybe the not-knowing is

enough to know
that whatever happens tomorrow

i want to stick around for it.
i had a lengthy battle with depression that lasted several years. it got to the point of self-harm, and i was considering suicide. it felt like i was just underwater.... the whole world continued around me but i was stuck on this one thing. and it still feels like that sometimes. depression will never fully go away. it is a battle we fight every day. but it is worth it. you can come up from the water. you can breathe again. you just have to continue to live.
You put my faith to the test
In such torturous ways
Why can't you let me rest
And reassure me you'll stay?
Color 6d
i have not fallen in love
i have not held a hand

i have not broken a heart
i have not felt that pain

i have not walked the aisle
i have not said my vows

i have not healed my wounds
i have not become whole

i have not felt that joy
i have not traveled the world

i have not given you flowers
i have not asked you to be mine

i have not driven a car
i have not lived alone

i have not calmed my breaths
i have not slowed my heart

i am not done
i have not finished here.
Owen Feb 23
I want you with me always,
on every breath I count.
Your touch
never leaves, like the tattoos
on my skin.
Everything you are
lingers in my mind
in my very self.
Leaving your side
is losing a limb, a part of me,
the heart of me.
I know
I'm too cliche,
but all I want in this frigid world is to stay
with you.
Donna 7d
I went outdoors with
my love ones , we ate dinner
and sat with the trees
Me and my family may have only been
in our garden , but had a lovely time eating talking surrounded by lovely trees **
veronica May 17
don’t worry
i’ll be here for you
even through the bad times
i’ll stay
i’ll stay until the day i die
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