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     I know you loved me
     In the way you know.
     You freaking loved me
     In the way you didn't show.

     I know you're hugging me
     In the way you literally,
     Emotionally and physically
     Hurting me.

     I know you're giving advices
     In the way you shout
     Those wonderful killer words
     That made me cry in joy.

     I know you made me
     Feel these lovable treatments
     In the way you know
     Its a right thing to do.

     But you know what, Mom?
     I still thank you for all of these.
     I still respect you and treat you as
     the greatest mom.
     I still love you no matter what.

     Because I also know that
     You're just doing these
     Because you love me
     And you don't want me to leave.
Mothers are the best!
Brynn S 1d
You’ll go blind darling;
Power to the top shelf
rush into will
Melt into minds pull
Silent drums and wonders vast
I twisted your hair and grabbed at cloth past
I wanted only a moment to stay forever
You crawled from out of my heart to my head.
From where I wanted to keep you instead.
I should have known once you entered my bed,
Dreams I have of you would need to be fed.

My heart would hold you but then you burst out,
Reminding me what mem’ries are about.
I was a fool to have had any doubt,
That the seed you planted in me would sprout.

My love was too much for my heart to bear,
I could not ignore it and keep it there.
Since you came around it hasn’t been fair.
My stale lungs need to breathe love in the air.

Between my heart and mind you shall dwell,
And when you’re near me then all will be well.
While our story has still chapters to tell,
Without you my heart’s just an empty shell.
Instagram @insightshurt
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You cry,
I cry.
You laugh,
I laugh.
You hurt,
I hurt.
You love,
I love.
You hate,
I hate.
You leave,
I stay.
I love how we
feel for each other.
But what will
I do
when you are
You see
Former me
Would have done it all
For some company
And honestly
Even then
there was no guarantee.

I could never paint the perfect picture.
Our colors were breathtakingly beautiful
but they just weren’t the perfect mixture.
Our names didn’t roll off the tongue
They didn’t sound quite right in scripture.

But then there’s you
And our exotic hues were versatile
Let’s get lost in each other
Let’s stay here a while.
If there is no guarantee,
I hope you choose  to make memories with me.
There are days I could leave this behind
Pack up and go with clear conscience and mind
Yet as time ticks away I still stay
Brandi 3d
Every time it’s much like the same
Closing chapter washes these thoughts away

Rest is to settle the pain inside
But fact-less fears...feel like death inside

Sleep comes
but in no sweet fashion
Toss and turn
a ritual passes

Slumber brings the same old crisis
Will I lose you once again?
Time keeps passing  

In my dreams the world doesn’t stop moving
Until I think of you and realize
You are no longer with me  

Waking up and feeling you here
Love and patience keeps you near
Subconscious Bedtime
I ain't
a pencil.
You can't sharpen me
and expect me
to stay that way.
I might
I might chip,
and I might never be the same
Please tell me
that you'll never
leave me
even if I'm about to
leave you?
Please tell me
that you'll
stay with me forever
even if I think
that's not true?
The shape
of you
goes fast,
as do dreams
of everlast:
please stay baby,
please stay
a second with you,
I raise The Crown.
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