olive 3d

can you stay here with me?
and lay in this bed,
your eyes that consume me,
and your heart in my head.

my mother is shaking,
can you stay here with me?
my heart is breaking,
and you have the key.

this all i can be,
i am trying so hard.
can you stay here with me?
i want all that you are.

i’m sorry i’m sick,
i promise that i’m happy.
my skin is not thick,
can you stay here with me?

Don't settle. You don't have to move fast, but never stop.

You don't have to stay right here, in this place, just for comfort.

Go off.

Learn to be content in other ways, in other places, with other people. You don't have to live in the same shell forever, friend.

There are mountains to climb. You'll never see what's on the other side if you don't try to reach the top. There are lakes as deep as your soul, and you'll never see the bottom if you don't dive in.

Keep your legs moving, even if for no other reason than to say you're always on your way somewhere.

rose Oct 5

Fall rested her head on Summer
So she could stay warm for a bit longer

I know I already wrote a poem about the warm weather but it's so nice and this just popped into my mind

i filled myself up
used holes in my skin, scratches from rumbles
to create dams that only held emotion

i ate away at the spare parts
let my hair fall to the ground
and rise like a phoenix, a different man/boy/beast than before

i was gone with the wind, right before you came
and tried to free me
from myself

i am so real, you should be scared
i am so alive, you should be scared
i am so close to being dead, you should look me in the eye

soc girls, look at them
and envy every madras sweater
or tuff corvette

i want the money, the heater
unloaded, the switch pressed
against my enemy

and this time, with a chance
of winning
i am possessed

and his spirit
is nothing for me
to interfere with

you think of me,
all i think about
is paul newman and a ride home

when i die, i want to be buried with
books, a pen and a piece of paper
because i want to write

every robert frost line,
and have it carved
into my own flesh

i am beautiful, no matter
how long the hair
or how short

they say i am a
hood, a greaser
but all i hear
is stay gold

Written in the perspective of Ponyboy Curtis, from S.E Hinton's The Outsiders
Skyler M Oct 3

Imagine a light,
coming from the end of the tunnel.
That's hope

Imagine your pet,
getting up after being hit by a car.
That's hope

Imagine a child,
their smile from seeing a little candy in your hand.
That's hope

Imagine Darkness,
and you holding hands with her.
That's hope

I was calm, i was alright by your side... and all of a sudden my legs started shaking. It was my nervous system, acting strange. Or it was me, i wasn't aware of what was going on inside my head.
But that's not what's on my mind tonight.

It's you. You, and the way you put your legs around mine, to stop them from shaking. You, and the way you held me so tight i could barely move. I wish we would have stayed like that, forever.

LightShade Oct 1

* * *
I loved him

so much


e n o u g h
to make

S t a y

it was all I had, and it wasn't enough
U Sep 24

You are the chain
Keeping me sound,
Keeping me stable,
Keeping me around.
Your reach is solid,
Your links are strong,
Your spoken truth
My inner security song

All the while I push you down
All the while I kill myself
All the while the drugs do me in
All the while
                       this wile
Is shortening.

But still,
You dance in my fire
Cozy in this self-sufficient hell
These self-expelled death knells
Ringing in my head
Now found in yours
And they’ll never stop ringing

But still,
There you are
Giggling in my fire-flattened meadows
And when it comes time to turn off the hose
And I ask you to leave this place
Making light of your feelings
(That've come from being displaced)
Because they're all negligible to a life of pain
Beside this face

But still, you stay
I’m guilty without a vacancy
But still, you stay
I just want a vacant me
But still, you stay
Please, let me die
But still, you stay
Why haven’t you forsaken me?

I don't know
Sandoval Sep 18

If you and I

were never meant to be,

then why does it hurt

this much to set you



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