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misha 18h
i want to clean
eli 2d
there's a lot of things that make you so amazing
but I love the way you look at me
talk to me
smile at me

I love the way that I'm not awkward around you
i love how you give me butterflies
i love the goodnight and good morning texts
i just love everything about you
The week hasn't even started,
And yet I feel like
My arms have been torn, limb by limb,
And my mind eternally wandering into space.

The only thing keeping me alive
Is the requirements in school,
Loans I have to pay,
And compulsory attendances.

I don't know.
I find it utterly sad
To lose reason and will to live,
But what can I do?
Slowly losing hope.

I don't want to be judged for being a sad ball of negativity.

This is the only place I feel like I can talk to someone, since I felt like no one wants to talk to an annoying, overly dramatic kid.

Maybe after all this.
Questo è per te
Questo è per te
Cambieresti? La tua mente
Se sapessi
Questo era tutto per te
Stiamo parlando in lingue. Non posso tradurre
Kkø 7d
You have been hurting since your body took root.
Anguish has taken
tangible form
gatekeeping your healing.

You are worthy of peace
and empathy,
and so much love.

I hope you stay to feel it.
I hope you stay
I wish you had asked me to stay
When I said goodbye and reluctantly walked away ...

I wish you had spoken of what was on your mind
Instead of saying you still didn’t know
I cannot deny you have always been kind
Nor can you that the truth is hard to swallow

Yes it is true that we rushed
But yet ‘we’ had no title...
And queries around us, we hushed
Unsure how to explain our ‘couple’

But I bared my soul and opened my heart
You listened, reasoned and still did not part
I pulled at, pushed away and shook off all doubts
Yet the weeds of your uncertainty had tougher sprouts

I wish the idea of the future could have been put on hold
Maybe then...we could have had a proper chance
Enjoyed the moment and drawn the lines of our future in bold..
But we left it at that..reason taking over my frustrated silence

I wish you had asked me to stay
When I said goodbye and reluctantly walked away ...
Maybe it’s because I wanted to feel wanted
Maybe its because I’m seeing a chance being wasted

But the fact remains you did not
And the burns of this pain are still quite hot
I wish you had asked me to stay
When I said goodbye and reluctantly walked away ...
Kora Sani Sep 11
you wrote me
into your past
it is there
i will stay
megan Sep 10
i begged you to stay,
but you walked away,
sapphire skies turn ash grey,
now everything’s in disarray.
anon Sep 10
a little black hole that
i was.

the love that i craved
was the light that scared,
so i turned into a black hole
alone and in despair.
until i crossed my path with yours

a little black hole that
you are.

misery and destruction was etched in my fate.
misery and destruction awaits your gates.
but oh, you welcomed me with open arms
for a time, i feel calm.

afraid that i will eat you too
you have the same thoughts, don't you?
away, away, i try to swim
in a void of nothing, bound to a whim
to let the darkness pull you to me,
toss and turn and twirl and free

a little light, i see in me.
a little blue, i see in you.

i close my eyes
and wish a yes
a little black hole, the
two us.
Freddie Ruiz Sep 9
It’s hard to believe
where life has led us to.
Such a beauty in front of me,
it doesn’t even seem true.
We got so much to say,
but we don’t make a sound,
‘cause we both know where this is heading
and also why it can’t be done.

You have your past
and so do I,
but we can’t seem to put that behind
and the moment to decide is tonight.

You’re so special to me,
one of a kind.
You’re almost perfect,
but too humble to realize.
And I know you’re what I need,
but now it’s not the right time.
It’s not fair for you, not fair for me
and we can’t go further tonight.

We’re not the first ones to feel this way,
I promise the pain will go away.
I’m letting our world cave in,
‘cause baby, I can’t stay.
It’s better not to say everything we want to say.
Let’s not make this harder, it’s better this way.
I can’t let you wait for me in vain,
‘cause baby I can’t stay.
Written on October 5, 2012
Composition number: 428
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