What is this game we play?
I love you so much but I fucking hate you too.
I love you looking at me but the whole time your watching to see the wrong that I do.
You make my pussy wet and tinging but then you tell me you can't make love to me, all because of your wedding ring.
You tell me to talk to whom ever I want but then you tell me I have been caught.
So now what am I supposed to do,  I can't keep on loving you.
So I turn to walk away but you yell out, please stay ,  don't walk away, I pray.
I stay and continue to play.
I'm new at this. But I've always loved to write. If it's correct or not.
Excel 16h
I thought about you
But I wasn't sure if I wanted you
But then you came
And drove a panic attack into my brain

I couldn't control myself anymore
I thought you'd stay around a lot more
I was managing, faking that I was fine
But then you left again
Something tells me this won't be the last time
If her love
doesn't make you stay
it was never your home.
Everyday, somebody is tempted to commit suicide. These harmful thoughts spring from peer pressure, depression, and anger. I for one, was once tempted. This was because I lost someone very important to me and it has changed me ever since. I have lost… myself. With factors of anger and sadness, my spirit has changed. After looking at myself through the mirror, I have seen that I lost myself and that I am truly not me. The girl in the mirror is the devil . She’s not the girl who writes songs or poetry, plays piano every single day, or talks to herself when she’s stressed. That’s the devil dressed up like me.
When I lost myself, I knew that I could only be reunited with my soul through Heaven or Hell. But I can’t wait, so I choose hell. The quickest route to Hell is by suicide. It’s not that hard… a quick moment of pain and it’s over, right? So I told myself, don’t hesitate. It’s going to be over soon. But actually killing yourself isn’t the hard part. It’s how you're gonna kill yourself.
Two choices: painful or painless. Painful stab with a sharp knife, hit by a car, slowly starving yourself to death… painless pills to swallow,lack of sleep…. suicide has only one goal— to kill the victim. As soon as I was going to swallow those pills, the thought occurred to me. How will my death affect everyone? My family would mourn, my friends would soon forget about me… teachers would be busier and the one I love… how would he feel? I want to know how he would feel if I died. But I won’t know if I’m dead. I want him to love me and I can only find out if I live. I’ll continue living to see he last breath and we’ll both be reunited with my soul in Heaven.
You should learn from this story of attempted suicide. Even if your life isn’t going very well now, wait for it to be reborn in Heaven, where you won’t be punished eternally.
The ones who walk away
Are the ones who don’t care,
They can’t be bothered to do so.

The ones who walk away
Understand pain and suffering,
They can’t see it happen again.

The ones who walk away
Are filled with regret and hate,
For they have been thrown away.

The ones who walk away,
With tears down their face,
Leaving everything they love behind.

The ones who walk away
Found a purpose to move on,
They can’t let it slip away.

The ones who walk away
Are strong with their head held high,
As they don’t need to beg for love.

The ones who walk away
Have given up trying,
No longer able to tolerate it anymore.

The ones who walk away
Realized what others didn’t,
And set themselves free.

The ones who walk away
Fast and quick,
Never planned on staying.

I am one who walks away,
You are one who walks away,
We are the ones who walk away.

They are the ones that stay behind,
Watching us as we leave,
For they forgot that to make us stay
They need to chase after us.
The ideas for this poem came to me when I was in English class. We were reading "the ones who walk away from omelas" and it just came to me. I hope you love it and be sure to comment what you think!
Just so you don't misconstrue
I still care deeply about you
It's just self preservation that makes me push away
Still, we can be cordial, I'll be there on that day

The day when you decide to put the demons at bay.
You can keep fucking around til then.
However, be warned, if you don't try then they'll always win.
I hope to see you again, the real you, someday.
alexa 7d
she's afraid to get close.
she's afraid he'll soothe her,
become her favorite forever
and consistent always,
afraid he'll make her feel like
she isn't broken.
she's afriad of the inevitability of it all.
she's afraid he'll back out,
make the Great Escape during her darkest hour.
she's afraid she'll become too dependent,
too addicted to his
natural chemical happiness
(not the kind she takes with water every morning),
his ability to calm her storm.
she's afraid that she'll forget what it's like to be alone,
so when, finally,
she is left alone with only her shadow,
she will only remember that Sunshine Boy
and, how, with him gone,
he took her only source of brightness.
she's afraid to get close...
they all end up leaving anyway.
she'd watched him.
first from a distance
then up close.....

now, she'd talked to him even.
She had fought for him.

I did not get your name.....
then, she walked away.
She Writes Mar 9
Can we stay here
Just a minute more?
Hold my body close,
I’ve never felt like this before.

You made me feel safe,
Curled up in your arms.
Staring into those beautiful eyes,
Admiring your wit and charms.

All too soon it’s time,
We’re headed for the door.
Can’t we stay here,
Just a minute more?
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