Running away from all the bad things
And running away from all the good things
You always told me to stay
Only you had my heart, my love but
Nobody could have made you stay

lily 3d

this distance
you forced
upon me
burned my heart
to ash

and even though
you left me as dust
i still begged you to stay
but instead,
you blew my ashes away.

g 7d

dear you,
i’m writing this
to ask you
to plead you
to beg you,

please stay with me
for one last time
before it all
comes to an end.

i look forward
to your prompt reply.

structures are good, things that don't change are good.

If Silence were a song, it would’ve been your favorite.
You’d play it again and again, like notes that beckon,
And you’d always hum along.
You live in this world where everything you see turns into a weapon-
The sun smiles at you and rips out your light with its sharp teeth,
A suicide note with your name on it tears you, cuts you, and reads you, when it should’ve be the other way around.
You are all alone on the streets,
You are all alone in your room,
You wonder if anyone hears your heartbeat,
You wonder if they hear the clocks tick more than they hear your heartbeat,
You wonder when it’ll stop.

If your heartbeat were a song, you’d hate it.
You’d want it to stop playing,
But it’s always the last song you listen to.
They hear theirs everyday, but fail to listen to yours,
They don’t hear how it screams, “Don’t leave, I need your help”,
Your life falls out of your grasp,
And you are left asking yourself what the hell have I done,
You are left with only two choices.

Teach yourself the art of fading.
Slowly, but surely.
Before you fade,
Make sure they at least notice you fading away.
Leave a sign,
Leave it in the bathroom,
And keep the door open.

Teach yourself the art of holding on.
Carve your name on every person’s back so that they won’t ever forget of its importance, or even of its existence.
Then sort out everything in your closet, keep the clothes that don’t fit you anymore as a reminder that you can keep things that you don’t want anymore, but hold fragments of your past.
Listen to your heartbeat.
Play it like the only music that doesn’t seem absurd,
Play it- a violin that always hits the right notes,
Always wounds the strings just a little,
But still manages, to make something beautiful.

Akash Mandal Dec 7

I have hours of silence to share
you must be tired of listening
to rumours at your vanity fair.

I have no promises to swear
but I'll embrace your dark side
something no one could dare.

I have deep eyes you can stare
infinitely perfect nothingness
that you searched everywhere.

I have empty pockets to spare
rest your hands, overtaxed from
bookkeeping for a millionaire.

I have dreams that would scare
those uncanny voices and faces
from your everyday nightmare.

I have a fair heart that is square
you can stop running in circles
chasing people who don't care.

breeding frenzied jawboning
nastiness, rock'm sock'm vermin
zealously, dizzying hordes kickstart
outrageous trampling, xMen busting

displays, heralding luminary
pastoral times, Xing Bethlehem
figurine Jesus observes sacrilegious
wackiness anarchy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Ah, nothing beats the fistfights,
   bloodied noses,
   knocked unconscious bruising
   bad ass blimp

   at absolute gall
bladder kicking, eye poking,
   neck choking, up pall
ling, et cetera brutality at this,
   that, or s'mother mall

far from madding crowd portentous squall,
but at a safe distance
   removed along a deserted hall
witnessing flying seer sucker-punches,

   et cetera all
encompassing pandemonium
   solely about one small
pinterest ting live mutant

   ninja vudu doll, a mere couple inches tall,
sporting ability to transform
   into an antagonistic tournament
   cavalier two pronged horn spurning beast,
   which former attribute
   manufacturer didst install
with constituent parts shipped from Blue Ball

poker red hot furious loosed bull
   eyeing a glitter bauble
   half cocked pissant, with an alien drawl
dressed in bulletproof coverall

shoving people
   just another brick against a wall
angrily erupt volcano like,
   provoking  lava lee flowing mayhem,
   when a security detail
   prior to temporary cease fire didst recall

merely axes whatsapp with y'all
thence, bing kicked in groin
   and reduced to crawl,
   thus in no mood to sing jingall
bells, where stood,

   yet another beefy watchman
   aghast at squall
lid human wrecking machine
   analogously offensive as off fall
spreading riotous wildfire conflagration

   analogous to absent referee,
   when sure betted best
   team mate of foot ball  
   lost Superbowl game
   by a tackle merely postal
stamp size distance to win game,

   thus anonymous observer
   made an urgent call
   to Donald Trump, whose reaction begot
an uncontrollable nuclear fusion reaction

   jerryrigged, hair-pulling,
   fisticuff dueling brawl,
spreading bedlam, sparking
   avast capitalone, groupon,
   flickr ring plenti tinder
   triggering military police to go awol.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
a quick thinking whippersnapper
   holds up a baseball bat
as a make shift microphone,
   donning reversed hat
feigns to be an announcer
   live from pseudo faux palestra and spat
out nonsensical tit for tat.

aaliyah Dec 3

are you there?
Im trying not to stare
but I guess I caught your glare
I smile a little
you smile back
you hold my hand
as if
we were bland
i texted you for nights

i had a fright

because with no reply

i wanted to die.

i wanted to say goodbye
I know I didn't want to
so i didn't
because I was strong
I smiled
you smiled back
and then my world turned black
A little broken heart like mine
is really easy to find
im leaving you
worst words to say
because now I really want you

Lunatica Dec 1

Please, just leave
Stay away!

Words i say vs what i mean.

Why do I wish you were standing there
running your hands through my hair
Whispering compliments in my ear
Promising me that you’ll always be here
Listening to our favorite song
swaying, together, all the while long
Feeling your pulse against my cheek
Feeling my knees become a little weak
I could stay here for hours with you
Because I believe what you said was true
That people were made with a part of them missing
Only to find it in someone worth kissing

thomas Nov 30

you’re indescribable, stargirl
with your words you can burn
sonnets on my chest;
with your silence, you can rip
a hole in my heartstrings.
be careful, stargirl
you’ve got my full attention
whether you’re riding shotgun
and my eyes won’t leave you
or when we’re with others
and your gravity pulls me in
don’t worry, stargirl
i’m here to stay

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