den Jun 26
Love, please don't bid me goodbye
Could you just kiss me good night?
Beneath the stars in the sky,
Don't leave me out here to die
She promised me that she would always be there with me
and she does what she promised

Her memories never let me feel her absence.
Don't try to be deceiving
Even when the end is near
Just keep on believing
And refuse to show them fear

You can't hold on past your time

You only have so long a line

Strive to stay
Sure to go
Please just stop
Let go
KAE 1d
if you are going to stay, good, do it, stay by my side but if you are going to be by my side just few times  and when you want, go away, let me move on completely and don’t promise silly promises. if you are gonna stay, do it and if you’re not, fly away.
Not What I Meant
I told you to leave,
I said I was fine,
I laughed it off,
There was something in my eye,

But that's not what I meant.

I needed you to stay,
I was falling apart,
Later I cried,
I just wanted to die.
If anybody relates to this I would love to reach out to you!! If you ever want to die just remember: I LOVE YOU AND I CARE!!
Sehar Bajwa Jul 10
I'll unshackle my heart for you.
I'll love you more than I say.
But first you'll have to promise me-

promise me you'll Stay.
Jme Love Jul 5
how do you move on?how do you let go? especially when that means saying goodbye to everything you know.
stuck between love and hate.up and down these scales wont tip they stay pound for pound.afraid to leave to scared to stay.everything holding me here but nothing blocks the mind tries to lead my heart doesnt want to follow.oh its all to much.guess ill worry about it tomorrow.
controlled by fear
Esther Ye Jul 2
you are a dream
too beautiful to be true
too dangerous to be true

ever feel that ache after waking from the perfect dream?
those tears are made of your fingers tracing down my skin
my heart is just as empty as my mind now

arms wrapped around me on the beach
ocean waves, your green eyes
our skins sparked friction that burnt out rocks in the night sky

it was my first time seeing shooting stars
i didn't wish for you
because i knew you'd never come true

you were my most beautiful dream
you can't be part of my reality

i'm dancing alone in the living room
inhaling the air without your cologne
how i wish i could love you back

i never planned you into my world
now i must wake up
i don't know how to say goodbye.
Matthew, if you ever come across this, this one's for you. Thank you for the perfect night. I'm sorry i couldn't stay.
i turned around and shut the door but you still had the key.
so i changed the locks and hoped again
you wouldn't find your way back to me.

but you'd pick the locks and burn down the door
until there was nothing left anymore,
so this time i'll leave no door
for you to open and get to me.

― this is no longer your home, stay out
you don't get to come back when you were the one who broke this heart and left
Lunar Jul 1
the little things
that they do and say
come and stay
in their place.
To my university graduation batch of 2018. I remember everything.

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