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LC Apr 29
baby ducks are enveloped
within their mother's shadow,
gliding across the pond.

but under the surface,
the ducks furiously kick
to stay above water.
Escapril Day 28! Prompt: only an illusion.
I stuck with a simple metaphor that could be applied to many situations. I hope you enjoy this poem!
Greta Mar 9
I feel drained
and I can’t do anything but
complain about the way I’m
slowly fading away

I should change,
but the more people tell me
I’m only good at breaking hearts
the more I leave ‘em behind

stop trying to fix me,
i will not stay this time
I wish I did
Ordinary days
no more,
Only if you just have
Shewrites Feb 26
If you stay with me, I promise to make you smile every day with my weird, silly jokes and random quirkiness.

I promise to hold your hand when you need someone to walk with you through the storm.

I promise to share my food with you, and willingly give you the last bite of my favorite ice cream, give you good massages, cook you your favorite meals, and laugh at your stupid jokes.

I will accompany you on all your adventures, road trips, food trips, and anything else you want to do.

I'll help you accomplish everything on your bucket list.
I will listen when you tell me about how horrible your day was when you came home from work.

I promise to hold you in my arms when you feel like your whole world is crashing down.

I'll make you see that there are a million reasons why I will stay. "
When I met the one for me....
N Feb 22
It hurts
to love you
like this

Without you knowing
how I ache for you

Please, stay,
and listen to a heart that
recites your name like a poem
Broken Pieces Jan 11
I didn't it until it was too late,
Who knew that this would be my fate.
Looking in those eyes I can't turn away,
Seeing that smile and I want to stay.

You are so beautiful in every single way,
You make me smile and brighten up my day,
You see me and make me feel special,
Who knew you were my deal with the devil
I want to sit close to a memory of you
so I can make you stay
and forget all the ways to go.
Indonesia, 27th November 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Madeleine Nov 2021
Made my thoughts known
Out loud over text
Very nervous
Even though I knew your answer
**** as you are
Time is what you need
And I let you have it
You know where to find me
I won't rush you but I'm happy we still talk and hang out ^-^
Madeleine Nov 2021
Suicide isn't the way
Talk to me, I'm here
Allow me to help
You are worth it!
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