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Sometimes I think
am I awake or In a
dream to which I've
not Yet awoken from
to where I am to
where I've
Perhaps was all but
just a dream will I
awake to tomorrow
to find all of this was
In my head
Is this a dream or Is this real if a dream please don't let me wake let me stay In my dream of her forever
Helen was my lady at times
she drove me crazy with her
desire and her passion would
really drive me wild
Kisses to blow your mind take
your breath away all  I ever
wanted to, Is to stay forever
In her arms, and to see and
feel the beauty of her
So much I had for Helen wanted forever
to lay In her arms
Gala 2d
I need you now
more than ever before

But you still leave
and walk out that door

No regards for feelings
all our history
is clearly fleeting

My mind races
as my heart paces
The efforts are futile

I feel you slipping away
further everyday

And I just watch
wishing you would stay
Kalarav 4d
To the people who were a part of my life, my people,
You were just like clouds.

Gave me the day I deserved.
Some days it rained, some days it shone.
Some days I got the best views at dusk,
Because you were just like clouds.

I wish you stayed longer,
But you were just like clouds.

I wish you were my Sun,
Then, I could see you all day long,
But you were just like clouds.
SeAnna 4d
Will you stay with me?

When you're with me you make me feel free.

I feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be.

I wish it could be like that for eternity.
People say, sometimes things can't get back to how it used to be
I agree
They say, you wasting your time
I agree
They shout, he's not worth for you
I agree
They insist, go find someone new
I somewhat agree

But home will stay
And home will remain
The man might be leaving
But he always finds his way home
And that home is me.
I know he'll come back.
If it is not early, fine.
I've made by the patience, faith, and love
For the last couple of years.
As long as you know where to come home,
I'll always stay.
I'll be your home.
always keep this by myself. not telling anyone because no one would understand how it feels.
Emily 5d
Love means nothing if you don't do right by it.
Even with that,
I'm willing to stay.
The thought of what could be keeps me going.
Now I just find myself trying to give this purpose.
Am I meant to keep going,
Or are these all signs telling me to stop?
At this point, I'm scared to love you.
Find myself hurting more than healing.
juliet 6d
do you think
you ever say is funny
do you think
do you feel you have
the adudacity and the eligibility
to be loved by me?
go away
stay far from me
Call me when it's dark
I will bring a candlelight
Keep me in within your reach
Keep me in you sight

Call me when it's dark
Let's keep this candle burning bright
Sing to me your songs
We will make it through the night

Call me when it's dark
Bathe in the life of this dying light
Don't hold your tears
We have losses even when we fight

Call me when it's dark
When things aren't going right
We will blow the candle
I will hold you tight

Keep you in my arms
Even after the losses and the fights
Tell you that this world full of chaos
Wakes up to see your light.
Sa susunod muli.
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