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M-E 1d
I thought
but before, I took a pill to not
Thought in a screaming pillow
In a muddy grave and shallow
That mind that shall to think
began heating
That heart that shall to love
stopped beating
Not dead, I'm not
Just the pill's effect
The soulmate that I reject

Feeling weightless
Numbness throbbing in all limbs
Then eyes opened on a dream
Awake on the world's stream
Pouring in a cup that cannot be filled
Pouring grieve that cannot be milled
nor be healed.
I've put out his flames in an ashtray

I dreamed that one day I will wake up
Grow as my dreams grow up
Shrink as my hopes shrunk
Then realize it's another box.
consciousness is society ;
society is consciousness

Empathy is the basest , most intimately human emotion , and Why? is the most human question

To be Alive is to touch her hand and honestly say , I understand
there are days i long for
the allure of philosophy.
a less personal affair,
but only to a degree.

rather than what i do.

such responsibility, to hold
another's fragile mental
stability within the palm
of my hand!

i am no healer, i do not
offer cures. no. the
gravitation i hold
is simply an


of everything
which shall always
be nothing more than
the reverberation of my soul.

i am not a poet.
my mother tongue is not
within clever word
play or meter.

i speak the words of the
cosmic tapestry
within the singing
of the spheres.

there is a quiet history in
that celestial symphony,
an Edda of instrumental
humming all that
was and shall be.
saturday, january 5th, 2019.

© kalica calliope.
Josie C Jan 27
When the sky sheds tear
and the up-creek of the city water
ripples beneath your shoes
this and the green man
flings you forth
onto pattering stone.

you bob with the other umbrellas
I wonder what its like for them
to see a sea of beautiful rainfall
and the creatures, hiding beneath -
too weak to take it.

They move like a sea as if one,
despite each having their own trajectory
marching as if they chose it.
The metropolitan man thinks of himself as a freethinking individual, rational and autonomous. Unaware of the patterns and streams he follows like a flock of birds.
mint Jan 22
I have felt the weight of so many feelings pile up inside me over the years
The top layer of myself is composed of a loss for words
I fell in love once and back then it was as if the words would never stop flowing out of me
Poem after poem pouring out of my soul about a girl who i ended up falling so completely out of love with
Ever since then i have looked at my notebooks, stray post it notes once equipped for a passionate flurry of words to be smattered onto and then neatly folded into an origami heart  
I’ve looked at them and felt only loss
Falling out of love overtook me as slowly as falling in
Shy moments persistently becoming noticed until i realized that
I wasnt who i used to be when this all began
And honestly?
I dont know who i am anymore
I really don’t
And perhaps that’s why i havent found the words yet
These past few months i have been urging myself to write, write, write,
You know you will want to remember what this is like so write
But i looked inside myself and all i saw was a confusing blob, a living person with questions for organs and i didn’t know what to do
What had become of who i was
And so i pushed writing away
Words that so easily poured from my fingertips, trapped behind a self made dam
I felt silly
I feel silly
How to i begin to describe that i no longer recognize myself
That the image of who i was
A scared angry depressed teenager has been smeared at, scratched away with rough greedy hands
And i am left looking at an empty husk of an adult
A living breathing ‘what could be’
And i am lost
And i dont know
I must really admit, i know nothing- at all.
i havent written a poem in months. I kept stressing and worrying so i decided to just, let my brain do what it wants. And this is wat it did.
Zywa Jan 22
Mind what you see
then you see your thoughts
reflected in the world

and yourself as a full moon
in the light of mankind
here and there some spots

of defects
blood shrinkage and disability
shadows of bragging

that is covering your temporality
as if yóu are the sun
as if it were you

who makes the seagulls scream
out the day, over the canal, you
whose light the moons shine

Mind what you see
then you see your life
from the new to the old moon
Collection “Moons”
Sean Jan 18
The person you are
If moulded by previous experiences
Will die indefinitely the same
Indifferent to change

The present marches on a straight line
Delusional by unclear skies,
Believes in free will
And the power to create
David Bojay Jan 18
somewhere in between a second ago and my next step
something that doesn't need to let go because there's nothing to let go of
only to understand

layers we can't fully experience, but know

simply having trust in the dissolution of thought

(but sometimes I see your face in my head for 3 seconds and it brings me to a state of distraught)

no palladium for me
a free being, same as the energy that flows with the leaves
no conversations regarding what a nuisance I was with no decency

that was then

and change is now, every millisecond

how could we possibly
p     re


??? (!!)
Keiya Tasire Jan 17
I stand with roots deep into my mother
With branches out stretching towards my father
And Light from the rising sun reflecting within my eyes.

Machi curing, Machi healing,
I sing your song. I feel your love.
Mi Pachamama
So full of love
Your flow of life, ever flowing
Your river of sound, ever singing
Your stream of light, forever shinning.
How can I ever cry when I am within your arms?

Arising with the warming sun
Flowing through the air on the breath of her winds
So softly the clouds release her love
As they are caressed by the tops of her mountains.

Her waters of love flowing…
Trickling down onto the forest
Gathering into the brooklets,
Streams, riverlets, and rivers
Satisfying the thirst of all her creations.

The sound of pan flutes filling my ears
The dance of chi coursing through
Even this body, this gift, this flesh.
Singing her lullaby
Embracing & soothing this tired soul.
Softly the winds bring the colors
Of her song into my beating heart.

Machi soothing
Machi healing. Machi Curing
Machi, singing me well with Her love
Mi Pacha Mama , so full of love
Your flow of life, ever flowing
Your river of sound, ever singing
Your stream of light, forever shinning.
How can I ever cry when I am within your arms?

Healing, Soothing, Curing, Love
I sing your song. I sing your love
Mi Pacha Mama…
We are each born and sustained by elements of the earth. We are born from the earth that gathered within our mother's wombs and sustained by the plants, airs, water, minerals, and the warm life giving rays of the sun. One day we will give our body back to the earth as our spirits soar towards the heavens where our Father in Heaven and Mother Earth reside.
Star BG Jan 15
I switch my consciousness at daybreak
into the wide universe. Gearing up for all its magic.

Nucleus beats churning against heart walls.
Breath whispers inside motor of vessel
fueling thoughts.

And with swirling dancing steps,
I attune to pulsations of galaxy,
that turn into words.

After all I am a poet.
My words are stars.
Inspired by chat with thelonious
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