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Mark Wanless Apr 30
the brain perceives by
habituation unless
we choose consciousness
in the moment
Zywa Feb 10
I have woken up,

where am I? In an ocean --

of sleeping silence?
Personal transmission-composition "Occam ocean" for orchestra (2015, Éliane Radigue), performed in the Organpark on February 3rd, 2024, by ensemble ONCEIM (L'Orchestre de Nouvelles Créations, Expérimentations, et Improvisations Musicales) and others - @cello

Collection "org anp ark" #353
Rone Selim Feb 5
They think they can throw rocks at me,
to blind what’s in hindsight
But they dont understand Eternal Light
thrives in dark nights,
Rock bottom is my design,
I absorb it take power from it and form it
Peak through pain
Hurdle will be MY game,
so let’s play this game right.

Hidden motives they hide,
but I saw them with my minds eye
The say “love” as in false disguise
But real hatred they harbor inside

Which only ends in their own demise, because out of lust many of these men desire
to get in between my thighs,
to feel the divine inside
So I be polite and tell them to;
raise their consciousness above my waistline
and to go back to their wives. Respect her.


After the first line, I discussed my emotions with a friend. We talked about what I was feeling and then mixed in some shared creativity and emotions with my friend. Some power, empowerment and truth combined with a little humor.
Man Jan 26
In the grass, snakes lie
Fangs bared, ready to strike,
Slither over consciousness,
Turning strength weak,
As insidious thoughts do inside.
Cause man to pause,
As like a stone;
Movement defies
Hazy tûphos hanging over the fields of your mind
Man Jan 26
What galavants as another,
Stuck out
Always staring in?
What sparks,
What smothers?
To capture a view,
Only to envision?
Walks the tightrope of light;
Cleaving night, like rays of a beam?
Put together by others,
Yet lacks a seam?
Has power, that
Blossoms only as a flower?
Looks upon the empty,
To see something?

Who knows nothing?
SpiritHeart67 Jan 24
Ego is the death
that never dies
that you ****
again and again
each day
moment to moment
with precisely honed
Rama Krsna Jan 21
from an ocean of obsidian blue
i spy consciousness,
blazing brighter than a billion suns,
fine tuning all it touches.

the blue god is neither awake
nor in slumber
but in a meditative trance.
in his effervescent presence
time turns to ice,
as an orange-lotus blooms
deep within me.

© 2024
BLD Dec 2023
For each moment we live
the universe gains a sense of meaning,
an explanation of the origins of life
on this jagged sphere pummeling through the devoid
at an alarmingly quick rate.

We are the reason the universe exists;
if we were not here to view the stars
that line these dark skies,
would there even be a sky in the first place?

Is the infinite possible
if we were not here to decide?

Is consciousness the premise of matter,
or is there an underlying meaning
to the point of this all
that supersedes our infant understanding?

Is there truly a concrete precedent
to establish the groundbreaking ideal
that we are alone in this vast expanse
as we eagerly await the impossible?

I gaze upon this world we know
and come to find that, instead,
we reign in a world unknown.
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