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Simon 3d
Details to start off with, are undeniable. Filtering each other out of comfort, before anyone else claim’s rich detail. This happens when details aren’t rich. Having one script of information lasting for only a few short moments. Details within other details is more of a finite majority then one would admit. Details shadowing other details, to keep prolonging its desire of centering itself noticeably. Noticeably sound? Correction! Without subjected material mixing into desires not including options. Options firing details wrapped into a more cryptic pattern. Cryptic being subjected to overusing the same pattern from before. Attracting an entanglement. Switching off (plain for all to see). Giving more subject matter to what details could commute. Offering more justifiable knowledge on what’s truly never taking place. Details mask true intentions. Away from individuals always on the hustle for every day material. Never noticing their details within details everywhere. Downside is… Thinking there’s just one detail in the picture. One pure piece of information belonging to one base of operations. Vague as the surface is bland. Selfish tidings when noticing more within. Giving entirely different opinions all together. The potential never happens. Details within details are left astray. Until someone finally captures the right spectrum. Giving attention to the alert system that is noticing something odd about majority pieces within majority attires. Pieces joining attires full of typical based labels. The majority is bland. Sensing no time has wasted their own development when never noticing what’s past the first barrier. One barrier existing within one piece of detail. Details try to shadow more of its information. Feeling drowsy in its implications toward oblivious onlookers. Never appointing their unjustified opinions with (perfect picture) that’s unattended. More the shadowing. The more effects start taking on a new shape. A simple way to gain different interpretations, perspectives, and line of sights all in one gathering thrall! Conclusively remaining silent for no one to embrace upon. It’s simply a lackluster of human interpretation when never noticing what they aren’t ready to fully align properly. It’s never a shame, if it’s baby steps to a grander process. Details finally unmasking it’s shadowing effect. Unwinding for majority pieces and attires to appreciate itself finally. Giving presence of self for the very first time. Always to busy reflecting off for others to take in. When it’s those details within itself needing to reflect between its deeper meanings. That’s what it means to be trapped within details no one ever notices.
Details aren't fully knowing, until more information wraps around its surroundings. Finally, able to gain a self-conscious feel for better circulation.
Derrick Jones Oct 10
My head is a snow globe recently shaken
A flurry of thoughts that would best be forsaken
My mouth is an envelope sealed tightly shut
Attempting to hold back butterflies from my gut
But utter my feelings I must finally do
And when laid out bare, my thoughts are of you
Your smile, your laugh, the way that you move
Your soul etched in matter, like a record’s vinyl groove
My whole sketch is splattered with emotion and sparks
But the painting in my mind’s eye comes straight from the heart
And as soon as my lips finally do part
Your name will be the ending, the middle, and the start
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Derrick Jones Sep 25
Float around inside your mind just to see what you might find
Close your eyes and be surprised
The chaos crystalized
You take a mental picture
Of a momentary stricture
Of mind manifest
And you are just the guest
Along for the ride you reside in this home but it’s not your own
You wander and roam but every tome has a different theory and it’s hard to see clearly
So you nearly lose your head as you skip off the tread
Trying to understand you cry out a command but meet shifting sand
So instead you embed and let your mind expand
Higher patterns emerge far above the prior yearn
No avoidance or grasping
No clinging and clasping
Only wonder and awe
As you float around inside this new way of being
Flowing is freeing and life is so fleeting we might as well dance
Take a chance and find romance and sink into this trance
Enhance the life you’re given by paying close attention
Let the moment **** you in and show that you don’t ken
You do not know, and yet you win
Letting go, you now begin
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IrieSide Sep 25
Is it their fault
for being unworthy of respect?

Or is it our own,
for not respecting them?

Adjust your world vision,
to the right view
see beauty in everything
and not chaos
echo consciousness
throughout eternity
we creatures of the earth
have found a key

run, run, run
dear truth seeker,
keep your mouth shut
and be vigilant


Unravel lavender rolls of
galactic neon rugs
and crisscross  
high lighter
unchained replicas
of nature's black universe
unwind the tight-knit mind
that society gave you

retired leopard
of spots that radiate sun
dark deacons
of demonic fate

warmth to red
and quickly fading
this is death,
fellow soldier

enlighten life,
fall time lanterns
of fleshly glow
breathing life
into heart beat

the time is now, now, now
program, control, re-wire
circuitry expanded
into electrocution's

I learned from the Redwoods
peace with life
and absolute confidence
contend me,
a ghost of no face  

wicked whip snaps of electric energy coursing violently along spinal cord rivers. Flowing, free-flow abdomen of birth and conscious resurrection. Nonsensical rhymes and rhythms unfold, the time is now, march on into this life, you know deep down, where it leads.
I'm not crazy, I sware. Peace -IrieSide
DivineDao Sep 19
...For Mercy has a human heart
Pity a human face,
And Love, the human form divine
And Peace the human dress.

And all must love the human form,
In heathen, turk or jew;
Where Mercy, Love and Pity dwell
There God is dwelling too.

---William Blake, *The Divine Image

... For Mirror has a Loath for Self,
Pain's just another pole of Joy,
And Love, the Soulful human Shriek,
And Pitfalls Graceful Bliss.

And all must love The Elon Musk,
In rockets, ships and vehicles;
Where Vessels Mirror nature's Greens,
There God is greener Too.

---Divine Dao, *The Visionary
Enchanted Forest
Trout Sep 2
When my poor head is wet, grandma is ***
Tacit engagement stractics
Crisping over the plains

I’m no scented mentalist.
Scream and slide

Where did
It go
It is impossible
The fan
He makes
Too many good points

I have a visitor with a golden eye
Standing in the street
Open to anything
Such as:
Drifting white on the millsap sockways

Tempted by the crew of another

Oh so you’re the seventh advanced skeleton now?

There’s a buidle
Dancing around with the same colored eagle

Take it off
With a chance
To the world

a) white inside
b) dead inside

You look like you should be short but when you stand up you are going to be really tall. I am the opposite.
Lose the grass in your bones and be here tomorrow
Vandal vandal candle future
Trout Sep 1
My soul is weakened at the hand
To be such a one who sleeps
In the morning and night
And midday to which one will have
Anything to be such a winter gun
Such a winter gun
Inside myself inside your own
Hands and thighs and pinky fingers
Little toes on the ground
That will make something a sound
I cannot find the words
To explain some absurd
Gallery on the table
With the magic light of spark
Sparking up to the hills
Cannot be something real
In the ocean, cannot bear
What will see, diamond be
To be careful in the mare

Such a boring winter light
Magic markers at the sight
Counting wrens inside the tomb
Mystic magic, *******
Inside my hearer sides,
Inside the willing lies
Toes inside the marching band
Dinosaurs of the little land
Feet with socks of purple pots
Changing numbers like they’re rocks
Sweater on the baking tide
Whizzing laughter fill inside
Drooping eyes of wisdom words
Cannot calculate the buzzing turds
Swooping in and out like a bee inside the masking man
Marching till it’s out of hand
Cannot conjure anything at all
Can you fall
Until the doll
Reaps inside the penny lane
The naked heart inside the side
The cave below
The ground that’s sowed
Sewed inside
The human eye
Everything inside
Something inside
The man won’t go away
The humans are here to stay
The baby parasite
The adult living life
What’s the difference
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