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I can feel the memories being pulled away
stolen in broad daylight
dragged from my consciousness
shoved into the compartment labeled neatly with your name

your voice stumbles its way through long hallways and down seemingly incessant stairwells
until it reaches a room with security so adept that not so much as a whisper goes unnoticed

your touch floats from neuron to neuron
getting lost in my space
until it is drawn into an empty corner
where it will stay tucked away out of my reach

I am losing you
piece by piece and moment by moment
exactly the way I knew I would

I am losing you, being robbed of my remembrances

but don't you dare, not even for a second, think that I ever let you go
Zywa Jul 10
Trembling on horseback

in an empty universe --

watching falling stars.
"Nacht" ("Night", 2018, Remco Campert)

Collection "VacantVoid"
Mark Wanless Jul 2
consciousness is just
ignorance ninety percent
happily we live
Billie Marie Jul 1
is joy the absence of pain or suffering
is happiness that exuberant feeling
I just am
things are well
things always go wrong
I'm still here
it's always thoughts about "them"
what "they" think
who are "they" if I am no one
aren't they no one too
aren't they just me
in another form
running on a slightly different program
aren't I kinda tired of seeing me
all over the place
Crossing the far away sky of soul,
In the pilgrimage of light,
on the fine coast of extinction,
we will meet.
There, in whose space,
creation first became existence,
we will turn this monotonic world,
into  a celestial melody of sounds,
In the emptiness spinning
without aims or needs.
Rama Krsna Jun 12
her tintinnabulating anklets
sullen ‘time’
now thirsty for blood
sticks her elongated tongue
at ‘consciousness’
threatening to annihilate him
and his tired creation

ever present ‘consciousness’
in his state of yogic trance
smiles to counter:
for me - ‘time’ always is still
at best, relative
so, if and when,
i wake up to perform
my ultimate twilight dance,

will you even exist?

© 2021
An envisioned conversation between time and consciousness
Mays Benatti Jun 8
Found a place of solitude inside my mind
Self reflection is on the line
I say my affirmations to affirm my manifestations
Satisfaction on the road to law of attraction It’s universal connection, I feel it through my consciousness
I am your daughter, twin flame, friend, teacher or lover either one doesn’t matter
We’re all made from star dust & matter that’s the piece that matters
Billie Marie Jun 8
I am seeming to wait for a thing which is already here.
It has neither arrived or appeared.
To whom could this One appear?
Is this philosophy? This is truth.
There is a thought, which persists, "Yes, but why this?
Why this life? this scenario? These characters?"
And the reply comes, "Why not?" -
Is someone else somewhere else
living my own wildest imaginings?
It is all an imagining, isn't it?

I wish I loved you as much as you loved me.
Then I wouldn't have lost so much skin in your game
that I thought I was truly living rather than paying to play.

I used to think.
     Freedom was a place far off.
Now I see.
     Freedom is what I am.
I used to believe.
     I was bound by another.
Now I know.
     I am bound to nothing.

Take what you know - as truth -
discarding all else. This is the way.
I used to hold to things - onto a thing.
But now I am spirit
needing nothing. Now all things
pass through me.
I see everything and hold nothing.
Billie Marie Jun 8
this is only a human word
meaningless in reality
I am always now
not in the now
cuz now just is

The words come
the thoughts come too
they come
then go

Free is creating
the universe of which you exist
there is only living
and the mind

There are different ways
various practices
everything goes to the same end
the beginning

a person - family
community - nation
and world missteps and seems
to be forever off-track
even being here
one becomes lost
the appearance of being lost
the sense one is lost and blind
yet still one is here

There is a hard way
and an easy way
a long way
and a short way
complicated and simple
there isn’t time
only now is real
so only now one must see
this is the easy short and simple way
to reach the beginning at the end
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