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Rose K Oct 24
i’m not sure what to hold onto anymore.
everything seems new,
though i’ve known it all before.
am i living my truth,
upholding my truth?
who knows...
i’m not sure what to hold onto anymore..
frankie Sep 25
faded into disturbia
felt like i was floating
couldn't see right, night two of devotion
you looked good to me
i hope these lingering attractions fade away
you were a one timer, a say hi and goodbyer
you were not supposed to take up a space in my brain to fester over
i am nothing to you
took hits just to work up the courage to talk to you
we haven't spoken since the one time
i wish i was more than a one time
but you, you have a new long time that i didn't know i wanted to be
took another sip to try and suppress you
took another hit to try and forget you
but there you still were
You said I left you alone in the dark
But you were screaming with the lights on
You said you didn't know where we were
But you knew right from the start
That we would crash and burn
Like falling stars, we were crossed
We were the enemy of the night
But now we're lighting matches
To help guide us home
There was once a poet from long ago
Who stories told of transformations
I shall tell of one that you may not know
Pyramus and Thisbe who loved through a cracked foundation

Whose houses were connected, neighbors were they
Families ensnared in rivalry and outrage
Oh how did it so weigh
On these blind lovers left with lips to assuage!

A ***** so small only a desperate lover could see
A whisper only could dance through to ease
Two star-crossed lovers crouching on hands and knees
Expressing words that warm and please

To bring to light
Their love they did agree
To meet late at night
By the white mulberry tree

Thisbe first to show and await did she
Until a loud rustle filled the air
Frightened she ran off and hid thee
So fast her veil escaped the grasp of her hair

A lioness fresh from feeding
Paraded on passing by,
She went sniffing and licking
Veil now red left under the midnight sky

Pyramus, with the white specked tree in view
Sees just an empty sheath
Just a mulberry tree under a blanket of moonlit blue
With a crimson soaked veil underneath

Thinking he lost his heart's desire
She the cure to eternal strife
Life now nothing but mire
Wishes to follow her in afterlife

A sword he did reveal
With both hands set and firm
Fell on this stinging steel
Left as food for the callous worms

Oh how his blood did gush
Painting white mulberries incarnadine
Thisbe returning in such a rush
For Pyramus she did pine

A lifeless corpse awaits for her
Under that maledict tree
Blood soaked veil she did incur
So she dropped to one knee

Life without him she hated
A breast she did beat
Cried to the gods, fated
His sword she did greet

Forbidden love changed white to red
The berries we have today
Ill fated lovers left dead
To embrace in rot and decay

Together on the pyre
Rivalry has come to end
Lovers cradled in fire
Ashes in one urn, together again.
Anne Webb Jan 25
Do I love him? Do I not?
I can't tell the difference
every time I think of what
could have been
my heart aches and I cry
and I know I regret the fact
that we didn't even try
cause we were scared
of what might be
if I didn't love him
or he didn't love me
and now it's too late to go back
i hate myself for not being able to recognise emotions while it's still time...
Em MacKenzie Sep 2017
Combining each thought and sharing a single mind,
while all living things rot, there's a darkness that can blind.
We believe ourselves are invisible, never worthy of a second glance,
and even when miserable, we all can receive a second chance.

Darling have you heard the story of the sun and the moon,
a love that was eternal, yet ended far too soon.
And even though opposite, they made the other complete,
as at night the Earth was moonlit and in day the sun brought heat.

And they were outlined by the stars,
forever lighting up their connection,
and in between came Mercury and Mars,
barely sliding by detection.
Yes it's truly a sorry and sad tune,
that old love story of the sun and the moon.

Shining for eachother and lighting up the world,
with a love that could smother and emotional tides always swirled.
Passing by and on the go, barely glimpsing a sight,
but the moon will always glow and the sun will always shine bright.

Darling have you heard the story of the sun and the moon,
with disaster so contagious, they were always truly immune,
and even though apart, they shared a soul together,
and they shared a heart, and they shared the skies forever.

And they were outlined by the stars,
forever lighting up their connection.
In the history books and memoirs,
there's some things they fail to mention:
they were both adoring and made the other swoon,
that old love story of the sun and the moon.

It wasn't well hidden; they danced a dance of pure seduction,
and they felt it was forbidden, as it would lead to their destruction.
So they kept their space, to give us both the dark and the light,
and now they rise and set as a race, it's competition and a fight.

And they were outlined by the stars,
forever lighting up their connection.
The constellations near and far,
tell the tale of their affection.
It may not be of glory, and it may just tell of ruin,
but we all should remember the love story of the sun and the moon.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
Sweet dew days,
and violent delights.
I dare not look at the faults of our star
because they shine for us and us only!
Please, grace me.
Grace me with your smile.
Bless me with your touch.
Let me worship your body,
my holy grail chiselled from
starlight and moonlures and sunkisses.
For when our bodies are entwined in love,
for when two hearts meld to one,
all the murmurs of love done in the nights,
can be seen by our linked hands of day.
And I have no shame in that.
I must hold and shield the one
who quiets my heart, and confuses my soul.
For forever is a silver chain that binds us
by our ankles and no *** can change that!
Come close...
You smell the salt of my tears...
So ******* soul upon my lips.
Love me fierce.
For you know what prospers when a fault
is forgiven.
Just posting this now as I saw a couple together in the park having a picnic.
Kee Apr 2017
She was your drug
Awful, but the only one who loved you
She warped your mind, but that didn't matter to you
She was there when no one else was
And it felt good
She made you see stars when all you could see were monsters
When things seemed impossible, she made a way
A path only the two of you could venture
And it felt good
She was an abomination to society
But you saw a goddess
She was your everything
And now she's gone
She left you
All alone
By yourself
In the cold
You looked for her
But she couldn't be found
You two were star-crossed lovers
Meant to fail
Audrey Maday Mar 2017
He was the star crossed, passion filled, love of my life. It was an unfortunately cruel truth that i wasnt his. That's just the sickening way that fate shakes things out sometimes.
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