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Van Xuan Jun 3
niingon ka ganahan ka sa adlaw
pero nagpalandong ka sa ilawm na punoan

niingon ka ganahan ka sa hangin
pero imong gi sirad an ang bintana pag agi sa hangin

niingon ka ganahan ka sa ulan
pero nag payong ka pag bunok sa uwan

nakulbaan ko pag ingon nimo
ganahan ka nako

mubiya naba ka nako?
An English piece that I heard from one of my friends and I just translate it to cebuano literature
Yemaya May 2
O man of might
O man of mirror
how does one
****** their fear?
Ren Sturgis Apr 20
In my Dreams aliens invade.
I hide with people I barely know.
We seek solace in each other's humanity for fear of the unknown.
In my Dreams I fly over rooftops, over unsuspecting heads who go about their day as usual.
In my Dreams I am transported, abducted, and chased.
But in my Dreams I am me.
I am lost.
I am afraid.

When I wake static lingers like a long lost lullaby.
We're afraid to speak.
We're afraid to write.
We're afraid to visualise.
We're afraid to publish.
We're afraid to feel.
We're afraid to truth.
We're afraid to power.
We're afraid to rich.
We're afraid to deal.
We're afraid to war.
in all
We're afraid always!
Ren Sturgis Feb 2
I am afraid.
Afraid of losing ;
losing those dear to me, losing myself, losing what I've yet to gain.
But how can I lose what I've never had?
I get so frustrated because I can't stop time.
I can't fix everything.
I'm not even anywhere close to being healed.
I want to heal others.
My loved ones deserve to live.
We deserve to be happy.
What did we do to bring about such pain, such sickness?
Why are we plagued so?
I'm always asking "Why?"
Please let us live.
I'm tired of hurting.
Samridhi Jan 30
when did the butterflies in my stomach
into a nauseating pit of anxiety?
love can be patient and kind but also stressful and cruel.
Andrew Rueter Jan 26
I wish I could escape
to somewhere people aren’t
so mean and cold
but I’m afraid
that I might not belong there.
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