xak 4d
street lights
                                      you are a street light
                                                       guiding me
                                 through this bleak night
                                        a fluorescent being
                                 in a pubescent evening
                          so dark
                     and the most difficult part
                is it’s hard to see
             which way to go
         and which way to be
     I can’t decipher
   so I follow you
until your light
becomes brighter
the burn in the fire
the spark in the wire
this flame will not tire
so that it can guide me
so that you can hide me
from all of this darkness
from all of this harshness
so you can disguise me
  into some brave girl
    who is not afraid of this cruel world
         devise me
                   a plan
             so i can stand tall
                  so i can forget it all
                       so that I can walk in the night
                      without following street lights
                 so that I can appreciate the bright
                                   when i am in darkness
                                   but for now drench me
                                        in your fluorescence
              while the evening is still pubescent
I suffer from generalized anxiety
and I just want people to understand it
but mental illnes is frowned upon by society
Some days I'm fine but I must admit
I'm always just teetering at the edge of sobrietry

I know it's never going to go away
But I can try my best to forget the pain
Always trying to keep it at bay
But always in vain

walking around in a circle
trying to learn from my mistakes
at the pace of a turtle
at night my thougts still keep me awake

I'm really not depressed
but I'm not happy either
I have this anxiety pressing at my chest
And sometimes i just need a breather

I'm constantly told to get it together
to pick up some courage and do things
But that's like telling someone not to be cold in freezing weather
And more anxiety is all that it brings
I'd like to pretend that I'm not afraid
Of the dancing images in my brain,
But all of my fear it shows up as hate
And like my fear, I can't hide my face
I've heard that living is hard
And I don't want to start
So I'll just stay where it's safe.
A little rhyming poem I thought up.
Kat 5d
Why are you so afraid?
Who takes the courage out of us
and leaves empty pages on our doorsteps?

If you'd ask me nicely I gladly lend you my aid
In return just be as good as you allow yourself to be and thus
I promise silently to instead of one I'll make two beds

Inside of these four sides and many scriptless lines
My love's never quite sure how to call itself
I call her by the only name that I know
but know that it's not enough, not quite

If I wouldn't know better I would beg for your trust in these strong-rooted vines
All I want is to let me be me for the sake of myself
And hold closely and in full daylight my beloved stranger, reflected in fresh-fallen snow
For I'd never want to be ashamed of keeping a feeling whole and tight

Please don't ever let me lose my hope in a strangers mind,
it's all I got left in a world full of shallow familiars and quiet pretenders
Don't let me go stray and leave the path less traveled

Let me have
one hand that's tender
that isn't my own
trying hard to hold
on to slippery simplicity

And tell me why
Kee Nov 2017
You’re Satan’s lover
You have to be because I️ haven’t met anyone as evil as you
I️ stumbled upon you
It’s the one regret I️ will always have
Because you sneaked your way in
And you clutched tight
Worn down but I still fought
And tried to rip you off
But your lies made sense in my mind
And for a while I️ let you stay
But you hurt me again
Then whispered in my ear another time
And for a while I️ let you stay
Because I️ once thought of you as mine
Now I️ want you to be damned to hell
And I️ want to be the one to do it
I’ve waited so long for my freedom
And now I️ have it
But I️ no longer seek to be free
I’m too broken from rescuing myself
My hands tattered and bloody
Eyes wet with tears
Lips scowled in pure rage
My mind blank with nothing but the thought of your face
And your mind
Your pride
Your voice
Your fear
At an all time high
I️ wanted you to feel the same way I️ did so bad
But now that I’ve done it
I️ realized that this is my greatest accomplishment in life
And I️ have nothing left to look at
But  to think of myself
As a wilted flower
Madison Smith Jul 13
I am sinking,
In a ocean so big,
Nobody will find me,
An ocean so deep,
My only friend is the dark,
I can't tell you,
I know you love me enough to rescue me,
But you can't,
Without sinking like me.
I am fine,
Until the darkness swallows me whole.
If you're sinking please contact me, I want to help.
You can't see me,
You can't hear me,
It's a shell of a happier person I used to be.

I am trapped in my own mind,
The walls are crumbling,
But I'm still chained,
The chains are weak,
But I'm still stuck,
because I am afraid.

The walls are collapsing,
The roof is caving in,
Under the crushing weight of anxiety and depression.
I am afraid I am going to be crushed,
But I won't leave,
I am even more afraid of the outside

I don't want to be seen or heard.
I don't want to trap you with me.
I am dying,
You don't know,
I am dying.
But you are happy.

So I can be
If you relate please contact me, I want to help you.
She Writes Jul 11
I don’t know what scares me more
You wanting to know my secrets
Or my willingness to share them
Payton Jul 11
We live in fear
that one day
we are going to wake up
all alone
And that no one
is going to be there for us.
Sehar Bajwa Jul 10
I'll unshackle my heart for you.
I'll love you more than I say.
But first you'll have to promise me-

promise me you'll Stay.
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