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I try to say what's on my mind,
but the words are in commotion.
I keep it bottled up inside;
a walking wreck of emotions.

You only see the tip of the iceberg,
but my feelings are pacific deep.
When will my love stop being unheard,
so my insecurities can sleep.

I'm sporadic alive; roaming around,
trying to cope with my endless stress.
I hope you dare to see my ghost town,
where the fragile me are taking a rest.
Please don't ever fucking touch me.
Please don't ever fucking touch me because I'll snap.
Please don't hug me because we both know it's empty.
Please don't ever fucking touch me until it's to hurt me or kill me.
0029 sep 23 2018
i have to power to make somebody hate me even more, to kick me out at barely fifteen years old, to hurt me, to kill me... if i just snap one day. and maybe i will, because i need to escape, and i know that my brothers and sisters need to escape. but there is nowhere for us to go.
i'm afraid you won't be able to hold it,
my problems
my tears
my insecurities
my words
my heart
my mind
i'm afraid i will break you...
Lydia 4d
I'm so embarrassed to even say so
but this morning I got so upset I threw my water bottle at the door and it went everywhere
I haven't done something so irrational in a long time
We were arguing and it was over something so stupid
I don't know why I snapped
but I looked crazy and the ugly part of me showed its face
I immediately started cleaning up
Ashamed and embarrassed of what I had done
wishing that cleaning up the mess would also clean up the bigger mess I had made between us
I know I get angry
I know I have issues
But I never wanted to show them to you
I told you if you left you would never come back
if I'm honest
that's all I'm really afraid of
when we argue I'm afraid you'll never come back or you will leave me
That's a crazy way to think everytime we get mad
but I'm so used to being left alone
I'm so used to being this way
I don't know why I show it in the way I do
I get so mad instead of telling you what I really feel
I have growing to do
I just don't want you to leave me
I'm sorry for making a mess
Amber 4d
Tossing and turning
Why are you leaving
I know you choose this but.
We just started
You finally admitted I was enough

But now here we are
You are leaving and
Not even you know when
For how long neither of us are sure
I won't be able to hold you

I won't be able to be there
Now it takes an hour to drive to you
But soon it may take hours to fly
Or I may not even get to be near you

I know it's your job
I know you want this
I know you say you're not nervous
But I feel like you're hiding
You're not telling me everything

Please don't leave me
I'm breaking inside a lit...
No a lot
We finally got close and now you're leaving

Stay safe
Come home to me
Please don't forget me
I love having you in my life
You give me a high
that's better than any drug

Just be safe and come home
There are days warring clouds raging in my head,
The hurtful scavengers are gathering large.
The wind howls like cats I'm worrying afraid,
Am I losing myself or am I still in charge?
I felt this way when I was in my twenties and suffered for a few years. I overcame by accepting my weaknesses. Read books on psychology. To have faith in God and in myself and to carry on to be brave.
imai Sep 15
I’ll keep you in my hands
until you bubble up and fade away
I know that something as
precious you
won’t stay
long enough for me to begin to hate
the clock is ticking,
I know that Time will not wait
for the two of us,
not for me,
not for you,
not for a couple of misfits
of has been’s and too late’s

so I’ll keep you in my arms,
and hold on to you, fiercely,
I will keep you safe.
I know I come off as a coward,
I admit that I am not brave
I will toughen up,
every hardship I will face.

For you, 

whom I love dearly,
no danger is too great.
luna Sep 14
why i do not want anyone to be
friends with me is that i know
they can't handle me, i am always
too much. i am a handful of
uncontrollable messㅡshattered
bones and pierced soul. because
at first, they would think i got
my life together, that i am the most
stable person ever. then, when
my veil rolls down, you'll see the
horror in their eyes. they'd back
up, slowly walking away from my
ruins for they are afraid to touch
my broken glass edges. no
one's too brave to stay with me
with my broken parts shown.
people always leave. so as soon
i have someone starting to be
around me, i prepare myself for
the worst, for their leaving, for my
loneliness (yet again). and
maybe this is why i do not want
anyone to be friends with me:
they'll make me grow attached
to them, almost trusting them with
my shattered pieces when in
reality, they're afraid of it. they
have always been afraid of me.
this is me trying to justify why i ghosted youㅡi was afraid, too.
Tell the secret

There is an important secret

The frog carried it over his back

He jumped, jumped and soon buried

There was a crocodile that appeared

He was hunter, he was tired

He slept over that treasure

The frog felt with displeasure

He wanted to get him away

He wanted to carry him in a way

That makes his worth safe

He went to the crocodile

He carried him with one hand

He moved him with hand down and up

And he threw him away

Do you believe me?

Do I say the truth?

No ,no that is false

No ,you don't say the truth

I saw the fox hide

Before the big wall

He wanted to attack the cock

But the mouse looked

He came in a moment

He hit the fox and bit

The fox was afraid

He run and escaped

Do you believe me?

Do I see the truth?

No, that is false

No, you don't say the truth

There was a dog

Fearing every one

He blew his feather

To look very big

The lions were afraid

The tigers were disappeared

But a small cat appeared

The dog barked at him

The cat caught with one hand

He circled him several times

He threw him for a distant

He fell in a poor land

His bones were smashed

Do you believe me?

Do I say the truth?

Where is that treasure?

Which spreads the pleasure?

And makes a man rich

That is your mind

That is a gift from your God
the life deserves to live.get some amusement to over every hurt.
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