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IC 2h
Locked in a box
No sound
No light
No people

A scream is not been heard
A cry is not been seen
Falling in the darkness
Away from the living, isolated in a box
Alone and not finding peace
Falling deeper and deeper

Trying to get out
And make a change in life
Stand up for yourself
But to afraid to be heard
Till someone opens the box for you and lets you in
To the world
For this point and time being my life is good up in this moment
It’s showing and the hoes know it
so it’s hard to overthrow it
So I’m living like a rockstar but funny cuz I ain’t famous
And it’s funny, see the money then you start to see the changes
See my friends in different places
cuz we walk in different paces
And we trapped up in the struggle hoping one day we can make it
And I’m scared to loose em to death cuz we outta luck
But I’m really afraid to grow apart cuz we outta touch.....

**** where’d the time go
Looking at me in this mirror, realizing I’m getting old
But yet I’m still young and I’m happy within my placement
But with all the **** I’ve done what happens if I never make it
Afraid to drop a seed, I’ll raise him, I ain’t bluffing
But how can he look up to me if I don’t amount to nothing
I’m taking a second to sit and think about my fears
Will I lead to my own destruction or continue on my years
Part I (pages from 2011)
Nikita 6d
I'm afraid
I ain't strong enough yet
to trust
to love again
its been a struggle
fighting everyone, everything
every memory associated with you
the touch of your skin
the colour of your eye
the warmth of your hug
I'm afraid
but i hope this dosen't last long
hope is a necessity
love is a need
fear is a byproduct of these two
and loss is its result
CM Lee 6d
Remember when we were happy?
When we weren’t afraid of anything
When all we could lose was you and me
We weren’t scared and it was everything

My hair was short and yours was long
Now things have changed
We don’t know where we belong
We’re lost and seems like there’s no end

You hair’s now short and mine is long
Now, things are still the same
We still don’t know where we belong
We’re older and maybe a little insane

We might never meet again
We might never find our way home
But that will never ever mean
The moon never tried to chase the sun
Viktoria Jan 16
To lose yourself
Is scary

As not to know
The way

You see a million directions
And you're afraid to choose

You're overanalyzing
Lose touch to any feeling

You're transparent like a ghost
There's no sense in your existence

You see no sense at all.

Like a trombone
The sound of pain in mind
Your brain gets hurt
You're stuck

Can barely breath
Why breath at all?
If you're a ghost

You're scaring, hurting others.
What a shame.

Who will be ever able to love you?
It mustnt be true, it must be a game.
It's a process though. In darkness you can see the light even better, even if it's a tiny spot somewhere far away. Keep holding on to it.
amber Jan 15
what if i hurt you?
i'm past wondering if you'll hurt me, i no longer mind.

but i'm volatile
sometimes i don't know what i'm doing
sometimes i don't know what i'm thinking
and sometimes i can't act the way i want to

you say you don't mind
you say it doesn't matter and i'm still what you want

but what if it's inevitable
and we're just building this up to break?
Haylin Jan 14
At least say something.
Please don't leave without saying
It causes me pain that you won't have to
But don't make me wonder,
Did I do something wrong?
Madison Jan 14
today I am going to write about what I am most afraid of.

right now, I am most afraid of you.
I am afraid of the emotions I feel when I am with you, when I think about you, especially the ones I feel when I am not with you.
I am afraid that I have fallen hard you-
the way my entire body melts when I see your smile terrifies me, you touch me and I feel this surge of electricity through my skin
and the shock scares me to death.

you hold me in your arms and I am afraid that one day you are going to let go, and who knows what will happen then?
all I know is that I don't want this to end, whatever "this" may be.

I am afraid that you are going to be the one for me, but I won't be the one for you. I don't want to be put through that pain, another thing I am afraid of.

I am afraid I love you.
I've got it bad.
I did it and I like it
And for once I'm not afraid of what people think
I love it...
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