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I'm afraid
The darkness is closing in
Stealing my breath
Choaking me slowly

I'm afraid
Being pushed like a pin
Feeling like death
Not very holey

I'm afraid
I don't want to live alone
Empty, unfulfilled and lacking
That not the life I want to live

I'm afraid
The darkness, I own it
It wont let me forget when I'm packing
No matter where I want to live

I'm afraid
I'm afraid
I'm afraid
I'm afraid
Van Xuan Oct 13
What if

What is she won't talk to me anymore
What if I'm just her past time
What if she will leave me

What if I just played her feelings
What if I'll left her behind
What if I'm tired of her

What if
What if

***** what ifs
I'm **** afraid
But I must face it IF it will happen
Witherhexis Oct 9
A cathedral backed by reddened skies,

Remnant of a diluted heaven,

Few who controlled the lives of many,

Played with chaos, and lost their game,

What remains is ruin, relinquished of life,

And a revered site destroyed, like butter cut through by a blade,

Inside dance spectres, unlike those seen before,

Ghouls of the past, souls who were garishly slayed,

The melody of laughter and sonance of screams,

Echo from the abyss, an alien and somber plane,

The feats of the few claimed the spirits of the many,

And now they slave together,

The minds of the sick enlivened by screams,

As all are watched by the King.
For an October goal of writing one project every day.
10/7 Theme (Late): Haunted.
Kristina Oct 5
It isn't just good music, long baths and good food.

Salf Care is

bearing yourself crying for several hours,
saving yourself from hyperventilating,
drying your tears
and watch them flow again a few minutes later;

taking a shower,
eating healthy and enough food,
not fighting your feelings just to function again
but let them be and deal with them;

talking to a friend,
hearing somebody's voice,
making that call you should have made days ago
but where too afraid of;

going to bed early,
getting up the next morning,
searching for the beauty in your daily life
although it's horribly hard to find something right now.

Self Care ist like giving yourself a long hug,
pulling yourself up,
and telling yourself it's not to late to fight and fix it.
Spriha Kant Sep 25
I am not afraid of the dark.
May be because there might be a supernatural power sealing me by its protection.
she was afraid
when they looked
at her
what did they see
always wondering
what they were thinking
how do they feel
analyzing every
little thing she said
she just cared
so much
she just wanted to be
The ones who slay the human lives
Are mostly the religious fanatics
Scared imbeciles
Afraid of what they've done
Or afraid to rot in hell
But forgot
This is the hell that we created!
judgement is made in this world!
Natalie Sep 19
They’re scary
Some are in the closet
Some are under the bed
But you want to know a secret
The scariest monsters
Are in our heads
I am my own monster
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