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I feel like I’m on the edge of a cliff
Adrenaline and fear humming a harmony,
teasing me or just mocking me
One push is all it takes
Pathetic, fragile, vulnerable
Nalani Breeze May 24
In the quiet spaces between
I feel the weight of possibility.
Love, a distant shore,
glimmering with promise,
yet obscured by the fog of memory.

I stand on the edge,
toes curling over the precipice,
wondering if the leap
will lead to flight or fall.

In your eyes, I see a universe,
uncharted, vast, inviting.
But the heart is a fragile vessel,
bruised by the tempests of yesterday,
hesitant to set sail again.

I trace the lines of your face
with my gaze, cautious,
as if touching something sacred
might unravel the safety of solitude.

To love is to risk,
to open wounds long closed,
to invite joy and sorrow
into the sanctuary of the soul.

I am afraid,
not of you, but of myself,
of the unknown terrain
that love demands I traverse.

Yet there is a pull,
a quiet urging from within,
to step into the light,
to let go of the fear,
and trust the journey ahead.
Malia May 6
i wish i was a
better daughter
for you.
i wish i knew
what it would do
to you.
i wish i wasn’t
so afraid
and i wish i never
in that orphanage
where i barely left
my crib like a

i wish i grew up
before today
because now it is
too late.
Jeremy Betts May 2
I'm not afraid of gods
Not particularly afraid of man
The ones that give me pause
Are the ones who think they themselves
Are made in the image of their gods
Gods by association, what are the odds?
They will stop at nothing
To hide the fact
They're both a fraud
I swear to god

snipes Apr 28
The only imperfection is the mirror.
The only way the reflection is the same
is if you believe it.
Being afraid will only fray you down.
I know this because I’ve been unwoven.
This life has its monsters and heros.
Villainized and caped.
They’ve been appointed their wills.
But what you, the story’s maker, can find
is the interpretation.
Jeremy Betts Apr 26
I am afraid of my rage
It's hard to gage
Even at this age
What will unlock the cage
Bringing the worst of me to the main stage
I am afraid

I am afraid of my depression
I've failed to get a grip on
This destructive emotion
An unmovable mountain
And the worst possible thing to become canon
I am afraid

I am afraid of my anxiety
Me against me
Me hating me personally
Confidence will atrophy
All I can do is hope no one can see
I am afraid

I am afraid of myself
I am afraid for myself
I am afraid I'm not good for my own health
I am afraid of me more than maybe anything else

Hello Daisies Apr 21
I am a gut
Bloated and acidic
I am  veins pulsating
In pain
I am nothing
And everything

I am like a zombie
Purple and
not breathing
What's keeping
A hold on me?

I am a head
And stabbing
I am but eyes
Blurry and deceiving
What's causing
This bleeding ?

I am fingers
Numb and gone
I am but legs
And wrong
To the ground

I am a heart
Shaking rapidly
Pulsating sadly
I am
Twisting and turning
Nauseated and burning

I am
I am
I.  ..
Falling apart
And fast
I'm not going
To last

I am not human
I am a mystery
Nobody cares to discover
Lost and put under covers

I am not me
I am not alive
I cannot thrive
I am
What doesn't matter
Thrown and tossed aside

All I am
Is pain
And more money
To gain

I remain
As all this pain
To them
More money to gain
I am
An illness
That will forever
In this body
With no humanity
To retain
I've been very ill for sometime now
Jeremy Betts Mar 30
Life can seem like a nightmare
I'm afraid of all of the time
I release my flair in the night air
Noticing all the fear is of the same kind
I more than recognize the familiar glare
The eyes looking back at me are mine
Aware that I'm unaware
Fair or not,
Witness my paradigm

I blame my parents for being afraid
for teaching me every sharp edge of the world
and learning I might never be safe

I blame my parents for being lonely
for missing people I never had
and I know will never hold me

I blame my parents for the sleepless nights
for wondering if I will ever get it right
or one day wish I could go back in time

I blame my parents
because they are my parents
and I can blame them
for who I turned out to be

But when they are gone
and all I have are memories
I’ll just blame them
for leaving me.
Jeremy Betts Jan 22
You've lied TO me over and over, which is fine, I've been lied to before
I've watched my heart walk out the door as I picked my life up off the floor
Left wondering how many times I can get back up, finding it's always one more
That's how I move forward, I pay no mind to the score

This time you lied ABOUT me as you threw objects and punches, screaming like a banshee
I stood and absorbed it all, as I always have, asking how it is that you say you're afraid of me
I ask you to look me directly in the eyes and say it again one time, then two, then three
Then came the blow that hurt the worst
Looking past the crazy there was no fear, you were just angry I'm scared for me...

As a man I don't even feel comfortable writing this much less posting it. Men are on the receiving side of abuse often and say nothing. The fear of being accused of domestic violence while being completely innocent and realizing she's willing to accuse you knowing you're innocent (and let's not forget that she's the one throwing objects and punches that land and leave marks while I've never raised a finger against her, not even to stop the assault on me) scares the hell out of me in all honesty...
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