You are
the only reason
these poems have
Unhappy Endings.

i tried to forget you
your smile
whenever we talked about our favorite bands or songs or movies
i remember everything
i remember you sang my favorite song
i liked it
i loved it
eventhough your voice was bad

your presence
whenever i felt lonely and sad
by you in my side
i felt everything
sad but happy
cold and warm
did you hug me that day?
no, you didn't
because my parents were there
you were afraid of my daddy

your smell
chocolate mixed with lone wolf
sometime sweat you got from your field
the field of freedom you said
bouncing running launghing
wonder what you were thinking when you were in that field
me? or just some random thoughts?
bet it was nothing but others

the distance
i was moved out that day
i left you alone
i didn't want to be the one who leave
but i didn't want to be left by too
i miss you
i miss you
i'm sorry for everything
i'm sorry

Why has she moved on
So easily
I can't?

Lies are over whelming when they come from you.
I guess its since I've always relied on you to tell the truth.
now I'm stuck here, like what the fuck do I do?

You act like it's okay to lie to my face.
then you hurt my pride,
and expect a clean slate?

sometimes I feel all the love I show is a mistake.
because everyone just wants to take take take...

I thought our love was all above, and elevated and shit,
You've been lying to me since our relationship was a kid.

Now we've grown together and
I learned I wasn't as smart as I shoulda been,
helping you in ways when I thought you needed it.

you didn't need it, you just wanted to take advantage,
Now I'm here stuck, this smiley face just slanted,
you're a savage,

The way you strike those words,
like a match outta the box,
you're ready to light fire works.
because you're a sligh little fox.

Sorry for the bad words for those offended. I know its hello "poetry" but I feel my poetry leans more towards a rap vibe sometimes, especially when I'm writing with true emotion.
Poetic T 15h

Hurt drives a car
        with no lights on,

And were walking in the road.

Poetic T 23h

Our words are sewn into those
                           that hear our thoughts.

So make them pleasant,
                as ill words sow sour fruits

My body aches for your touch
I miss it so much

Why can't I hold the anger longer
Yes, I was wrong, but you were wronger

Day by day,
I'm feeling less of a human
Please save me, my beautiful woman.

When you left
you took away
the words as well.

Do I want
her closer
a closure?

Thank you @jugnu-the-firefly for the help.

I can't remember the day we met
I only remember the invite you sent
It was amazing what we held
It even was the best sex I ever had
You are my lust with a touch of pain
I tried to build something but all in vain
Because you are the blues you are my pain
I miss you so much, I miss you eyes
Because you are the blues you are my pain
I dream of you and I love your strain
You are the blues and you are my pain

I met someone, I lost someone
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