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i think he was a delivery guy
building four, number 2
across the walk

a moped with one of those
cage attachments
for carrying food
or packages
or whatever

one time i brought over a
loose hammer found near
his bike and caught a
glimpse through the door

gray couch,
folding chairs,
table full of wires
nothing out of the ordinary
same layout as ours

white Hats barreled in
before we could react
the dog was first
then my brother
then me

guess they had some bad intel
for peace in solidarity
Anemone 2h
He promised so little and yet gave even less.
He took all that she had to offer and then left her in her tattered dress.
She used to love her dresses and how they’d swish and twirl
She made a vow to never wear the remains of that precious little girl.

She ran away into the night and vanished into the air
She learned that cooking skills provide the mighty frying pan
She learned to tear the trousers she wore before anyone got the chance
She learned to get away with crimes against the stupid men

Burn the frills away
Anemone 2h
She sleeps on a bed of roses and finds a new way to lie each day, forever changing poses.
The thorns may sting but if she continues to sing she would never feel a thing.
The world she knows only grows while she dwells in the shelves and the roses.
She sings to an empty audience and feels so very seen.
The battles fought are all for naught if she can’t be the queen.
The chips aren’t just for poker, and hair ties aren’t simple or plain.
She left it all to answer the call and run until she can feel sane.

Find me a frame
To capture the moments in my brain
Now I write you ballads and sing the refrains
The stories are all that remain

She sleeps on a bed above the abyss, thinking that you couldn’t possibly miss
The cries for a reprise and the screams for a different scene.
The moments when you saw it too.
She jokes and sings and always brings a new punchline at the end of the fight.
The masks she wears are how she bears the pain that’s already set in.
The light has left her long ago and she’s acting as if she can possibly win.
She took a chance to flee from romance and flirt with the dancers in her mind.

Find me a note
To summon from deep in my throat
Now I write you ballads and sing the refrains
The stories are all that remain
the walls cave in quick
my wrists sink into the bed
the lights are flashing red
i guess this is the end

your fingers, they worshipped
me a century ago
but now, they leave bruises
treasure maps along my throat

hospital white walls
but the floor's littered with cigarettes
underneath these cold sheets
is a familiar scent of regret

                                    "sorry," you'll say
                                    and i'll forgive you again
                                    "sorry," you'll say
                                    and i'll be back again
A major, B major
C# major, B major, E major
Siyana 20h
I disrespected myself by adoring you,

especially after what you put me through...

There was no respect,

I was treated in a way

that made me feel inferior and insane...

Love was one-sided and that's okay,

I was young in a search for my other piece...

It never had anything to do with you...

at least I've learned my worth,

I deserve better than you...
I don't want to reopen my old wounds
But it’s just the only thing I have left to do
There's nothing more to be said about me
Except for a condolence or a passing apology

Picking at the ***** scars, hoping for an infection
Hoping the festering bacteria would spread through
Hoping for sensation, or something maybe close
Hoping that these old wounds would feel brand new

I’m already too numb to ask for more medication
Already too debilitated to beg for a final miracle cure
I’m already too sick, far too late to try on and on
Already at the brink of extinction to still feel unsure

I’m opening old wounds, bleeding them out to dry
Doing everything they all told me not to do, only left out to die
There’s nothing more to be done, no band-aid left to rip
These old wounds seem useless when there’s nothing left in me to fix.
Inspired by the song Old Wounds by PVRIS.
there is a well of sorrow
so deep
it cannot be articulated with tears
an ache
so fierce
it consumes you
until all that you perceive
is all that you have lost
Void 1d
The ground crumbles beneath my feet
Slowly chipping away at the foundation where I stand
There is nowhere left to go
I am stuck here on my own
You brought me to this place, void of life
Everyone, in the end is gone and I am left to fall all alone
Everyone that I loved
Every moment we shared is gone
Mae 1d
I used to think I knew what it is
to miss someone.
But I cannot think of you.
The instant that I think of you
my stomach twists,
my heart tightens,
my eyes sting.
Not just a thought but
exquisite, undefinable pain.
So I do not think of you.
I used to think I knew what it is
to miss someone but
I cannot miss you.
I thought of you today. I try not to.
Trip-A 2d
When you opened up my heart
I closed down my pain
A short love poem about what you give up unknowingly for love.
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