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zelda 5d
i am barely breathing
   tell me this is not my destination
   i just want to ask you something—

is this where i truly belong?
  i am trying! oh god, yes, i am!
  when did it all go wrong?

all the lies i fed myself—it is becoming real
   i have always known it
   i was never meant to heal
no such thing as a crybaby im doing fine guys
zelda 5d
i think i have always been so tender with everything, but it crushes me every time. every person i loved, they always choose someone else over me. i guess that's how it's always been, and getting used to it was easy for me.
battlefield, yes. this world we live in is a battlefield.
a battle with yourself for self-loathing.
izzn 5d
I hold you through
this current flows
Don't worry, just check-in,
it's just another wave
Hurting bones, pale skin,
I got a lump in my throat
It's nothing, you'll be fine,
I say underneath my breath

I had a dream that one day
you'd be bigger than me
Broad figure,
won't let people down,
you'd lift them up instead

Twenty-six and you
keep on shrinking
Turn that frown
upside down,
I know you're stronger than this

and I know you love your childhood clothes
we made plans to keep it
but now I hope
we can throw it away
because you're supposed to
fit in it no more
be like other people, grow
each and every day

I had a dream that one day
you'd be bigger than me
Broad figure,
won't let people down,
you'd lift them up instead

Twenty-six and you
keep on shrinking
Turn that frown
upside down,
I know you're stronger than this

We both know you're stronger than this

So please, be stronger than this
because you're stronger
adept 5d
the siren sounded
it was deafening
to those who were hurt
those who were broken
and those who survived

it had finally clicked
they had done it . HE had done IT
Ronin 6d
if you knew how much i love you
would you still be doing this?
you keep me in the middle
though all i'm asking is your kiss.

if you knew how much i love you
would you finally take me back?
how i long for words of comfort
and kisses on my neck

you say you know how much i love you
so why did you do this to me?
i'm not asking you for much
just your love, and i'd be happy as can be

but you just keep me waiting
making me doubt everything i know
if you'd know how much i love you
you wouldn't make me feel so low.
You are as you were
No more needing to be said
With eyes that bore tears in joy and sadness
And heart that consistently bled
And mine and your hands locked together
To brave life’s twisted sense of humor
And I knew that, in that, we’d overcome the world

We were never perfect
That’s needing to be heard
Ever present were these jars of truth
Bitter tasting, well preserved
With hands clasped we understood it could not be fathomed
As we locked eyes, yes, words, yes, but never hearts

Maybe that’s the good in it
A gift in cross’ed stars
The reality of a ever present door
That we both know is ajar
The knowing that the hand we hold can build the other up
With the power that so easily can rip us apart

You were the one I’d always wanted
I was the one you leaned upon
With me not knowing what you were
And your faith in your strength long gone
My love for you unending, understated, undeterred
And your love for me one undoubted, but for me undetermined

Each time you speak I hear you
This world’s distraction become blurred
You serve your homemade truths
And I swallow every single word
Can’t decipher lies because I know only what you convey
And in that, you’re the most honest person I know

Our views of each other work
On the level that was stand
Where we get to choose what we convey
As we offer each other a hand
The preachings of the lying tongue and giving of stolen things
An knowledge of the mystery forever kept

Maybe this is not worth the chance
Our self destructive ways
The pure carnage we could leave behind
In our search to escalate
Satan’s aspirations to rise are what led to the fall
So maybe to stay divine, we must stay content

And so we look, we taste, we hear
And we feel that that’s enough
Maybe in leaving the uncertain just that
The relationship is safe from us
Or maybe this is just the lie we earnestly believe
In fear that the rise will be more painful than the fall
Dear heart!,
please calm down!
it's just a text from her,
doesn't mean anything.
please take it easy,
steady and quesy.

Had this discussion before,
Last time drowning in sorrow,
broken apart in pieces,
trapped in Band-Aids and stiches,
that sharp pain, felt like a heart attack.
Can't see you in that shape again,
don't act like a clown!
and please calm down!

Sure she's nothing to say,
same old crap and foul play,
just some what's ups and fake concerns display,
you are gulible and innocent,
her words are your stimulant,
you will cry again and crack.
so let me handle this attack,
you sit back uptown!
and please calm the **** down!
My Ex texted after many months,
thought I was over her, but...
Ally 6d
Your stone-cold heart

does not match mine

not like it used to

we are worlds apart now

I made you smile

I made you dance

I made you look forward to the rain

Oh, how we soaked in love

After all, that's said and done

and then some

an emptiness many can see in me

but never really feel
I never thought I´d miss you so
and that I´d cry late at night
I never thought I´d be alone
and that you´d go out of sight

So many aches that haven´t passed
So many tears I haven´t shed
I was your first you were my last
our love was but a broken thread

And you seem able to move on
making new friends, laughing out loud
forgetting me before the dawn
can´t help but think my sadness out

And I have stayed still for days
still haven't eaten, drunk or smoked
and in my mind I see your face
and in my sighs I feel being choked

When will this martyrdom just stop?
when will my grief just cease to appear?
As I go on this huge hilltop,
will all my suffering get clear?
chris 6d
I used to live in the simple world of right and wrong, positive and negative.  I grew out of an ordered world everything had to its place before i came along and belonged nowhere.  I cannot be compared, neither greater nor less nor equal to nothing. Now you see, it’s plain, I made the world complex. I changed the rules. People said it couldn’t be done but I said why not.  So many of you don’t bother to understand, you’re dismissive, judging based off a name or first impression that i must be fake, useless, false. As if i were less real than anything else. Or worse, you mechanically embrace that which you don’t understand, but you don’t care whether you understand.  As long as you can use, use, use.  The eye that you’re imagining isn’t real, isn’t true. Oh the pain,  when you finally come to that existentially horrific epiphany that nothing you ever understand as real actually exists.  That your whole world of truth is some megastructure resting atop his shoulders of tenuous assumptions.  How it hurts when you realize that what you thought you knew and loved was simple blind, dependents.  How it hurts when you realize that the safety of knowing everything is right is something you will never feel again.  How it hurts when you realize I can never be truly known.
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