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“Was thy loved ones’ existence still present
when she hassled an ***** position
to fulfil her responsibilities?
Where she endured multitudinous battles,
inhibiting every single darted tear
dying to transpire.
Her frame of mind wavering as she
suppressed her deadly psychosis,
stirring the emotions of her loved ones’.
Unenlightened was thou
that as she rooted in their presence,
she nonchalantly decays within.
Her vehemence veiled into resisting mankind
fishing upon her burdens.
Insofar she is overpowered
by the mere evidence that she
cannot silence her sorrows.
She empowers time to abandon her,
awarding her the desired detention needed
to escape her companions,
therefore making it unachievable for
thou to witness her world-collapsing massacre.
She sobs so deep and profusely
to the peak of taping her mouth shut
to repress her whimpers ensuring that
no soul pay attention to her throttling tears
cheered on by the toxic oxygen
inhaled each second she still animatedly exists.
She sharpened blades,
turning her head as she engraved
thou blistered name into her delicate flesh.
She held up her gory wrists in
search of thou heavenly face,
and in dreadful return,
she felt tarnished chains
wrapped, encompassing her forearms.
In the midst of a dark storm,
yanked was she across the cold streets,
Dragged from rusted shackles.
She still held on,
hoping to be hoisted by her unrequited love,
but her presence was nonexistent.”
Of love

I am mourning
Kisses in the morning
There, moaning
Here, groaning
Is it pain?
Is it pleasure?
Will it ever get better?

I am sick
Of you

And the way I feen
That face, my dream
An incessant need
To feed
On your love
High as a dove
In flight

I am sick
Of me

I'm letting go
Don't cry
Don't die
Go on without me
pretty baby,
You'll be fine
You'll be fine
You'll be fine
You'll be fine
You'll be fine
Emma 11h
If I told you about my November would you tell me about yours?
You always said these things get easier with time, but I’m still waiting.
I’ll mark today down in all my calendars and I’ll get back to you.
3 years wasn’t long enough to forget.
As much as I want to love you, I can’t stand your pity,
And I can’t stand my own fear.
All of my heroes become my villains,
And I’m desperate for something to believe in
Now that I can’t believe in you.
I learned the hard way that I can’t rely too heavily on anyone,
Because once I do they get scared and they leave.
The things that scar me are the things that will scare you
And you will leave too.
Haydi 12h
when he broke my heart
mommy asked
“is he a good boy?”
I nodded.

then he broke my heart again
and mommy asked again
“is he a good boy?”
I nodded.
Rhiannon 13h
It feels like a dream
Lost in time
Lost in essence
Only to be awoken
By a deep depression

It feels like a motion
Passing through
Drifting slowly
Only to be halted
By a corrupt seizure

It feels like the unknown
Something untouched
With an obscene flavour
Only to be savoured
By an irresistible promise

It feels like a dream
Beacause I'm not awake
I never was
It feels like a dream
Because it is
Helina 5d
Giving me mixed signals
You keep getting in my head, and not getting out
please, clear it up
You want me?
Or not?
I'm over here trying to flirt,
Knowing you're never going to turn
Please, I'm begging you,
stop this hurt

Your smile be making my day
You be flirting with all these ******* in front of me
but I'm not here to play

I love you more than you know
and I'm trying to show you that in every way
Come to me for anything
I'll support your everything
I don't have much, but my love will always be here
I'll be the shoulder you can cry on
From day until dawn
Yea baby i never want to see you frown

Don't know for how much longer,
but i'll still be waiting for you
I just want to see you happy
No matter who you choose
and i also know and understand,
You deserve your dream girl
The girl that's everything that I'm not
Helina 3d
Don't try n hold on to the feelings
Knowing they going end up hurting you
I know it seems like they all want the same thing
Just wanna **** and not look at you the next day
You trying to find the one that really loves you
I know it seems like all the good boys are hiding out
Or are there any?
Questions in your head, stressing you
No where to go, no where to hide
No where to scream your thoughts out
There's no guarantee in promising you this
But I'm just trying to give you hope,
You deserve more than the world
Keep your head up Princesse
Don't let nobody make you look down up on yourself, rise up with a smile when they try and hurt you.
arielle 14h
one minuscule action
spoke to her
one thousand words
you’ll tear her in two that way..
Rhiannon 19h
Waves are crashing at my feet
Rippling, washing, taking me away
Deep water. Im in over my head
Heartbreaking, passion, lost at sea
Riding the water of my emotions deep
Fighting, praying, your mine to keep
Wont be long till I'm gone
Let the ocean take me
Drifting, cascading, floating away
undefined 19h
wouldn't do you ***** like that
leave you in the cold and rain
wouldn't do you ***** like that
to drown in your own pain
I know they say you can't save anyone
or put bandaids on bullet holes
but better to be a bandaid than a bystander
or to shoot me in the first place
wouldn't do you ***** like that
i know i can't fix you but i tried
you can't **** someone up this bad and walk away
accountability is dead; privilege blooms
i wish i were as entitled as you.
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