Moving on for you was like
extinguishing forest fires
that represented how
wild and alive
our love was

And baby, it's no use
killing them rapidly too

I feel wasted
I feel confused
I feel completely used
Let's do this
Wait nevermind
Everything will be fine
My heart is torn
It's worn
What's off?
What's wrong?
Did I say something to strong?
It hurts
I'm hiding
But hey
Less fighting
The words I write
Are words from the heart
They may sound angry
But damn it's art
I'm fucking in love with you
I'll never deny
But god
It's hurts to cry.

Pure emotion

you treated me like dirt
you made me feel NOTHING but hurt
I was fucking drowning
i profoundly loved you
past tense
we made close to no sense
why did I even cry
would care if i died?
you only cared if people believed the words that you said
you lead them to believe i cheated
why would you slit my wrist for me
when i couldn't even breathe
some first love
im finally, finally, finally glad were done

this was written for someone in particular but it fits many situations in my life including the battle within my mind. i hope you can enjoy the read.

Callused fingertips, bruised up lips, but
when the day is done, you're still my sun.
A star so high; digging me a grave so low.
Love is complete when it's this skin deep.

love is complete when it's this skin deep.
maxine 10h

I hate that I'm up thinking about you when I know I hardly cross your mind. Thinking about my lost innocence. Thinking about how everyone's told me that I'm older now and need to move on. And I have, but I can't forget the feeling.
As a child you're supposed to feel loved, wanted, adored, yet I always felt like I was a burden. You may be asking yourself, why? Well, maybe it was because I tried to hold my father's closed fists.

please don't waste as much time as i did thinking that it was your fault.
H 11h

It's that feeling that hurts
Way down low,
Deep in the pit of your stomach
And deep in your soul,
That pain, that disgust
That raging ball of hate,
The feeling that you're never good enough
That feeling that never dissipates.
When you've shared your heart
Maybe a bit too much,
And everytime they hurt you,
You feel it right in your guts..

Why do you keep hurting me after I've shared so much?

You can't tell me these things , you just can't
The simple meaningless words you tell me
They mean everything to me
I will pick them apart and hold on to everybit
knowing they are nothing
Knowing it's not what it seems
But for someone like me your words mean the world to me
It's hard for me to distinguish the lies in your so called truth
I tell myself it is all a hoax
but I'm still falling for it

I used to be the most cautious when it came to loves dangerous game
but you made me reckless

I tell myself you were just a crush
But the way I’m hurting & missing you
It was heartbrokenly more than that

I hope my feelings are not unrequited
Desiree' 17h

By: Desiree’ Bisby

Depression is an illness that takes control of your life
Unwanted feelings and thoughts are trapped in your mind.
Some days are easy and you feel no pain
And other days you wish you’d get hit by a train.
You walk down the halls with a smile on your face
Nobody bothers asking, “Are you okay?”.
Each day is filled with the sadness and loneliness
But soon enough you will meet Gods great holiness.

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