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Can anyone hear me?
No? Because I’m crying inside
Why does everyone fear me?
But in actuality I’m dying inside
My hearts holds a burden
Of trying to save everyone
I show strength but behind closed curtains
I bare pain with no one to save me from

Does anyone hear me??
Can someone please answer me
My soul feels so weary
I’ve come to the state of panicking
I surround myself with people who don’t listen
but yet feel like I’m in isolation
Sometimes I feel like I’m in a prison
Though life is the one in violation

Is anyone there?
Mae 3h
i think people like me very much
because they include me in their groups
they like me not just because i’m funny
but also because i always open a topic
that makes them talk a hell lot about other things
they sure like me very much
i can feel by the way they avoid me (subtly)
they also open my messages very often
to not hurt my feelings, they don’t say anything
aren’t they so considerate?
oh, they sure are
that’s why i like them very much too
ain’t i lucky to have found someone like them?
Luca C 5h
I would have found my comfort in my blades by now, but I'm done with that now, right?
So i will find my comfort in your voice; when it is at the front of my mind, guiding me.
But when you are gone, with more important things, i will let my mind run free. Because what am I at all, without you, besides me?
m 6h
i've been having a difficult time
deciphering fact from fiction and fiction from
dreams i had when i was a child,
the percolation of the cells
in my chest grow heavy, enormous,
pushing into my throat these
cries for anything
but drowning, anything but
tornadoes all alone,
but awkward kisses and tear-stained
celestial sheets of cotton.
where is my passion? have they taken it all?
was all that blood i've shed a lie?
do i want to end up dead?
i thought intellectual stimulants
and forced photographs in front
of that fountain, again,
could be enough to elevate my senses
back to reality, but i have only
learned how to decorate the darkness,
to numb the throbbing thoughts,
to stuff full the leaking veins of
love and lust and lost breaths,
enough to get out of bed
and into his or his or his
because i remember this place
from a dream i had as a child
and it hurts, i hurt, you hurt,
i smile and ask for more
anxiety attack
my wrists ache with desire and these lungs hitch
and heave with each sickening sob.
as my body begs to feel,
and my heart begs to not.

— to feel everything and nothing at once
don't worry; i didn't
Holding on to somebody who doesn't love you anymore is like hugging a cactus tree
Emmah 12h
I fell for
Your sweet face and lies
But still I
Want to
Albuna 14h
How can someone you don’t know hurt you so much.
Make fun of you and treat you like an ass.
How do I even know if he is the one, when everytime we want to meet he didn’t come...
When everytime we want to meet he didn’t come.
Now sitting here and asking myself
Why? Why can’t I find a soulmate?
Why is everybody just breaking my heart?
Making me so angry but also laugh?
Why? Why? Why?
I’m asking WHY?
This is a song I wrote by myself.
I've been hiding being these empty smiles
Imprisoned in my own mind
This anguish
Stop me before I bleed
The echoes of her voice
The memories I cast
Follow me down
There must be serenity
While still descending
To the demons of my own design
Hannah 18h
and when we are alone with our thoughts
we are nothing more than our mistakes
been some time since ive had a breakdown like this, and the words selfish, inconsiderate, not worth it have gone through my head, but i guess it had to happen eventually
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