My eyes are wide shut
This silence is deafening
I keep on stressing
Heart beat hastens
Silence so loud
Unspoken words
Like a hot rod
Burns in my chest
So much to tell you
So little said
We're not paid to hurt
It hurts to love.
But I love you.
you may be physically strong,
but you use your pain to hurt others,
and find entertainment in watching it.
While I have the strength to hide it behind a smile.
So no, you aren't strong
I told myself I lost you,
But I can't lose what I never had
Steve 9h
A soul hurting
A heart wanting to give
Thoughts to be shared
Yet walking alone
On back dark streets
A few online friends
No real conversations
Could all be lies
Not that it matters
Enjoys any interaction
Mentally stable but still argues with hisself

While you laugh
He's dying inside
Afraid to reach out
For the world has teased so much
He Quit asking for help
When loved ones kept passing by without slowly up
How can he speak up
When his first words fell on deaf ears
His whole childhood
Thought his dad was playing hide and seek
Finally gave up
But his heart still waits
Dreams still exist to him
To mean alittle to anybody
Would be heaven to him

Heaven as in the sky
The sky where his mom is
Died during birth
She went home and he went from home to home
Abused in state care
Abused in foster care
At fifthteen he ran from away from that life
The pain, the heartache, the lies
Knew he had to change
Easiest decision he ever made
Two streets down from Orange Ave
He found a few trees and set up camp
Not a house we would say is glamorous
For him it's the best home he's ever lived in
By Arcassin Burnham

I gave my all,
It was in Vein,
Life's turning over.

You died for yours,
I died for mine,
Why do this sober?

My voice is shot,
I can not breathe,
This makes it so worse.

Tell everyone,
I hurt you so,
But they don't know hurt.

I gave my all,
I gave my all,
We had it all.
I gave my all,
I gave my all,
We had it all.


Beautiful is the eyes to the human soul,
How could you be this cute?
How could you be this good?
How could you be a saint?
What made you understood?
Your eyes say it all in this moment for sure,
How could you ever love me?
What made you want to trust me?
What it good for you like it was for me
When you first kissed me?
I thought it was very good.
being without love
makes me sore
not holding onto life
not moving forward
not thinking clearly
i am a mess
ali 14h
every mistake i make
opens yet another canyon in the ground,
and just as i begin to hesitate,
you tighten your grip.

every mistake i make
ends up with you disappointed
and me with
double-sided thoughts so sharp
they could kill.

and yet every time
i come to the same concluding solution of-sorts-
does it hurt me more to stay
or hurt your more if i left?
it's been a while, i had some writer's block but when inspiration strikes.... it means something rough probably happened to me lol
Amanda 17h
They bite us.
They beat us.
They throw us off buses.
All in the name of teaching us a lesson.  

They murder us.
They brutalise us.
They protest in their defence
And blame us,
All in the name of teaching us a lesson.  

A young girl returned home from a movie,
And god did they hurt her for it.
There were protests for her,
Thousands of women chanting for her.
Every woman felt pain for her,
All in the name of teaching us a lesson.

But still,
They hold us down.
But still,
They contort our bodies to their will.
But still,
They force us to endure such agony,
All in the name of teaching us a lesson.
For Jyoti Singh.

We remember you.
aye-way 18h
we both are sat in his car
the radio is singing songs about sex
we're both unsure where we are
we're lost on this road, home, turned to our backs.

i took a ride with him for a reason
i thought him and i would journey far
but he said he'll be gone next season
now i'm lost in this alone, and he: in the stars.

this ride has taken us places
it has left us without any traces
of: who i am.
of: who you are.

you have seen me naked,
my skin and bones, to you, exposed.
our bodies have connected
yet, why is it your mind remains closed?

this ride is long, the road: uneven.
but we're alive, and still breathing.
cause: i know who i am.
cause: you know who you are.
(c) ayesha. h [2o18]
might delete this in a bit lol.
I envy you, I really do
You had a lover, that makes two
You have a family, quite happy
You're lucky and me, messy

I envy you for what you have
I gave my heart and it's halve
Only for you, I Love You
But in the end, there's no me and you

I gave you everything I had
Remembering it all makes me sad
Because without you I'm nothing
But you did leave my heart hurting

Love, you mean everything to me
Too sad, you ignored it to see
It means you can't love me
And it feels that blame is on me
To those who can't be love back
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