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Mose 2d
30 days of isolation
I didn’t know who I was when the world stopped turning.
When the objections that once defined fell flat like a heart line.
The death of the way that was.
  I was no longer written in the way I knew my self.
It scared me.
The way I could no longer sit with myself.
I couldn’t stop running.
The well turned into a drought.
& the rain came only once I cried.
I once lived in a rain forest.
Self-love as heavy as the water embedded on every oxygen molecule.
I asked her to stop.
Couldn’t seem to catch my breath...
But, I guess the point was to never grasp it?
I Don't Know How To Get To You

I spent whole Day in My Room

Spare Me, Lady Day

I can't seem to Kick out The Blues

My Heart Feels So Heavey

Solwely Sinking

in The Depths Of Gloom

I wanna Write Long Love Letter

With Blood Pouring Out My Wrists

I feel So sad, Lonely and Everything

Is Nothing with Twist

I'm seeing Faces

coming Out of the walls

Joker Is Smiling On the Cross

I think I Lost My Mind

The Day that I Iost You

whatever They Told Me Came True

I don't how to get out my head

Nights & Knives Go Hand in Hand

It was Bittersweet

I wept All This week

You were The Egg

That I couldn't keep

I Dropped you like A Tear

Eden Eye turned A Blind Eye

Seeing you Drown In your own Blood

For I was To Blame

For This Cruel Frame

it was too late

We were already there

Beyond The Valley of The Dolls

Is The Valley of  The Dead

She Calmly Spoke To my ear

Do You Love Me The Same way

That I Love You?
I couldn't leave my Room today because

I felt so ugly and depressed today

But who I'm kidding it's everyday
JDMaraccini Oct 16
Want not yet wonder
fragments of bewilderment
Irreversibly vulnerable
suffocate the heartstring noose
Longing for a moment
isolation ravages apathetic hope
A story untouched yet blemished
melancholy choking fallacious toil
Alone in a crowded room
each breath composed
© JDMaraccini 2020
The October leaves drizzled from the tops of branches
How they shine in the sun's rays, autumn gold and hectic red
A cold dark side like a deep trench in those arches
The willow and fir widen their arms for us
I'll remember this day forever

Ravens whetted by the rain's speared sun ray
The trees make their home for the peregrine
As Cupid harken, relinquishing his sheaf
Indeed, it is the arrows that scintillate under a violet tree
I'll memorize every bit of this elation and release

Every autumn when I look at trembling fickle blades
My mind finds its rest place as it looks for mystery
But, the world spins on its axis, neither ascent nor descent
A book's essence is dug up from it's spine, turned into dissent
Knowing I cannot live forever, I will remember this day
I hope you like this guys :)
Words' Worth Oct 20
Is there any way out of this wall
The four corners of the world
Let the earth spin, our love will live
As our hearts beat in sync and overcome all

My heart is weak like a sun
Behind the clouds
But, your light is strong
Like a star in the night sky, I still see you

Someday, I may run
And love will push us further
Tell us, be flowers
On a garden of hearts

The days were bright
When the sunflowers turned
My heart beat faster when light shone on us
The clouds made way for a new day

The tip of a golden yellow escaped
A crevice in my soul got full
We were open for all to pluck
But, you were the most beautiful
There's a lot of love in this
Please read with feeling
And give one like, not love.
I know you care and read me.
Anais Vionet Oct 18
Eight months since the virus shut the door on the world.
It’s October and it’s like we’re hiding from the law.
You called me yesterday - but it quickly wore off.
Sometimes crushing hungers, for our old normal, blossom
but wither, like confused daffodils, denied sustenance,
in the reality of “second waves” and body counts.
This renewed viral spiral has me all wrung out.
let's all do the viral spiral
Tom Atkins Oct 17
Empty and Armed.

Early in the morning and you walk in the sand.
Near the shore it undulates, God’s art,
renewed each morning at the whim of weather and tides.

You walk in the sand. Your foot prints leave divots.
Water seeps in. Tiny ***** scurry, almost invisible.
If you look carefully, you can see their tracks
before they disappear into their tiny burrows.

You walk. The waves whisper. It is a quiet morning.
No one else is on the beach.
Just you, your God and your demons.

The demons disperse like dandelion seeds,
unable to hold on in the vast emptiness.
They become as lost as you once were.
lost in the horizon, their claws rendered useless

as you ignore them.

You become lost too. Lost in the wash of the waves.
In the long stretches of sand, in the place you walk
beyond foodprints.

It is worth the walk. Worth the ache in your aging legs.
to empty yourself. To find yourself.
To find what is left when you let everything else go
and join the demons on the wind.

It is worth the walk.
And too, worth the walk back.
For that is part of it.
You cannot live here forever.
You were not made to be a monk in the desert,
only a pilgrim.
There is a world that needs your meger talents,
and you come back to it
both empty
and armed.
I have just come back from a few days at Cape Cod. The effects have not yet worn off, and that is a good thing.
Hershey's Kisses,
Society she misses,
The emerald eyes,
That seem like sapphire spies,
The vintage blueberry,
From her beach canary,
She misses the north,
For the south was a chaotic birth,
Yours truly from the sky,
Greetings my graceful,
Sulphur butterflies
The sorrow of isolation won’t take me away. I have a lot of friends here. :)
Anais Vionet Oct 11
There's no appealing the sentence - with our virus destroyer.
There's no appealing the sentence - I checked with our lawyer.
There's no appealing the sentence - to this prison-like experience.

When my alarm goes off it's ground-hog day.
How long can we all go on this way?
I scream into my pillow so to not cause alarm.
This virus lock-down has lost all of its charms.
this lock-down has shot-down so many dreams
Words' Worth Oct 10
When I saw you
For the first
In spring, as flies scurried
Life had new meaning
I felt I could begin again
From that stillness I had buried
When you left my life unkept
The vast valley stared back at me
But that new leaf never turns brown again
Even in an ocean that has dried
Covered by your arms like a vale
Open wide before sunrise
This is where I go to die
Under the shadow and rain
All under your subtle veil
Writing poetry
Hoping for your sunlight
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