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The lines of your body
with my eyes

Memorizing every

Your pulse quickens
along with
my desire

I miss you
R 16h
Please sugget me a book.
I'm tired of reading our old conversation.
Years have passed since
We last met
Yet my eyes are wet
With the tears
Of our departure
Living miles apart physically
Yet live in
Each other's heart
We meet in thoughts
And cherish our past
The distance is of eyes
The fragrance is still fresh
In my breath
The melting taste of our
Farewell kiss
Rejuvenates me to accomplish
The uphill task
Which nobody dared to accept
These mountains and rivers
And the dunes are your souvenir
This ignites fire and brings icy sooth
Our reunion thoughts are lighter
Than the feathers on which I am flying
To meet you once again.
Bard 1d
Being alone leaves me lost in infinity
Ever chasing for my own ecstasy
Searching for something happily
Longing for another so sorrowfully

But together I just hate another
Disgust for life and the other
Hate myself and every other
Misanthropic, people lover

Lonely days fuel love and desire
But my days spent together
Leave me too tired to bother
God and the holy father

Have only ever abandoned me
Left me on a raft lost at sea
So I ice my pain with cold tea
And say "well, let's wait and see"
I can lie here..




    Regression to the
    Fetal position.

    Like some sort of child.



          Hoping someone saves
                     But no one will.

I've suffered many dreams about you.

           I've endured a lot of
           torment for you.

     I've felt the phantom pain.





   ­       Meaningless.


How could you allow yourself to become a ***** to the pain?
I needed you and you were no longer there for me.

   He needed you, dear.
      And you let him perish.
          He will always express.

             Because he believed
             you deserved care.

But I presume you didn't think the same about him.

        Or at least..
        It looks that way to him.
        He doesn't really know,
        to be honest.

Yet you come back and notice my distress.

And put me into conflict once more.

How am I supposed to feel?

My left trapezius hurts.
My heart is surrounded by darkness.
My soul cries out in agony.
My spirit surrounds me and protects me
in ethereal might.

I'm in ruins.
And it's like you don't care.
It really hurts tonight. Yet I'm thankful I can feel now. Spent a few hours very numb.
All my sweetest dreams are filled with you and I
Pouring it out every morning I find want
An ever growing desire and longing to go to
Lists mounting always higher of what I wish to do
To hold you in my arms, simply to be with
Journey every shadow just to find you
Hold your hand no matter what
Be it winter, summer, fall, or spring
Whatever the storm and sunshine does
As long as I know I shall be with
Topaz brown eyes, gaze of my love the
Smile, laughter, and your mouth of cherry
To kiss, embrace, sleep, and dream under the trees
Golden Shovel form
Taken from "Every Day You Play" by Pablo Neruda
Sometimes saying bye
Burns with such pain it feels like
Blisters on my heart
ten days into january
but my soul already
ache for the
softness and warmth of
december; to be cradled
again in his arms
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