the final words that you had uttered,
cling onto me as my heart fluttered.
    “thank you so much!”, you stuttered,
  my heart leapt, for i was flattered.

     now that seven days have hurtled by,
       and i hadn't had a chance to say goodbye.
   i couldn't help but to sigh,
     so i wrote this piece as a small reply.

             as soon as the curtain was drawn,
     i realised i had started to fawn.
                 i stayed up until the crack of dawn,
       listening to your songs and suppressing a yawn.

   the days after felt particularly empty,
          even though i had looped the song “twenty”.
     the feeling in my heart was still empty,
  even after looking at images of you aplenty.

          it was terribly obvious that something was missing,
     my thoughts just had to do a little fishing.
            my mind was no use, for it kept dismissing,
         my heart knew better, for it was reminiscing.

       two days ago i found out what was missing of mine,
    i don't know why it took long, it was such a telltale sign,
           i was on cloud-nine, and it was so divine,
                    i had realised i was missing my sunshine.

for hjs
danny 10h

Taste remains on lips,
Sweet scent on fingers,
Vivid memories scorched,
Internal desire still lingers.

Hair air blown and tossed,
Cheek lovingly stroked,
Burning pure passion
Vibrant embers now stoked.

Calmness ultimately present
Company offically confirmed
Heart currently divided
Life lesson learnt.

Pleasure erupts,
from the contact your hand makes upon my skin.

Goosebumps arise,
from the gentle nip of your teeth
against my neck.

Consoling me,
of the aching that is to come.
Acceptance dawns,
apparent in the gleam in my eyes.

like slow, drawled out suffering.
I quiver,
with the waves of longing that engulf me.

Sends me to another dimension;
Lost somewhere,
between the sheets and the shadows,
that light dares not touch.

Again and again it strikes.
You always win.
And carelessly,
I want more.
I will always want more.

Cookie crisp sounds loud.
Covered in milk chocolate.
Wait until she smiles.

You abandoned me
You left me like a useless old puppy
What happened to all the love we once used to share?
The love that once brewed in the summer air
What about all the good times?
Times spent cuddling as the bell of love chimes
Now it’s colder
Chills have blown over
Sending solemn vibes my way
With every glance, I fray
Eyes that I once melted under
Now pierce my heart with spears you plunder
My slowing heart is dying
Your every touch used to be so exciting
Now I am lost
I used to chase after you at all cost
Tailing you as we followed our heart
But now, you suggest we part
My yearning to go with you to ends of the earth
My past belief that you’d stay at my hearth
Built from the once roaring fire
This burning feeling longing to respire
You left me like a useless old puppy
You abandoned me

Anyone have suggestions to how this could be better?
I really didn't know how to go about with this one.
Katie 4d

I don't want to frustrate anyone.
Not even one bit.
I want to not need or want anyone.
Take up as little space as possible.
You're way too much.. you know.
Why do you keep talking?
When you start, you just can't seem to shut up.
Don't you know you're really nobody.
These people that you think are apart of your tribe, really aren't.
You will come and go out of their life like a flower that is nice for a bit but dries up and withers away.
Why are you so sensitive?
Stop caring so much about people.
Your sensitivity is annoying & suffocating.
Stop playing the victim.
You even writing this is annoying.
Stop being a child and grow up.
Adults don't act like this.
The people in your real life should care this much, but they don't.
They don't know what to do with you.
You're just too much.
Can you actually trust anyone?
I don't think so.
You're way too much.
Just journal like you're suppose to.
This isn't how real life works.
Stop annoying people.
They just feel sorry for you and are afraid to hurt your fragile little feelings.
Stop being so naive & stupid.
You ruin everything; remember.
You're surely to ruin this too.
Run away from them and put back up your walls before they start throwing darts at your heart.
You're just too much.
You will never be good enough.
So Stop trying.
You're giving yourself false hope.
And setting yourself up for failure.
You're too much.

When we hold on to a pious thought
And pray from dusk to dawn
Would longing stand the test of time
When we pursue the unknown.

When reverence leads to yearning for
A glimpse of the Mighty Queen
Would She shin down from heaven to earth
To show us the Unseen.

There comes a time which seldom comes
In a pilgrim's ordained path
When at doorstep of the Goddess
He finds not love, but wrath.

Prashant Shaurya ©
All Rights Reserved

He longed outside
Mourned inward
When the nights rained
He poured it out

Jose H 6d

I walked up a hill
A hill covered in asphalt
Ugly, treacherous land
Although the land, hideous
The land beyond
More beautiful, than anything seen
I climbed this difficult landscape to see
To experiance
What it would be like
To stare into the eyes of true beauty

In my return
It was gone
Burned to ashes
Now i stand here
Realizing the land I loved
Has abandoned me
Standing here
My truest fear has become reality

In my return
I have lost the love i had for only seconds
Yet I have lost the love i have longed for
My entire life.

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