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yuno 14h
i am no longer afraid when the butterflies fly away because butterflies only fly to help flowers grow
I feel the sunlight on my face
And it reminds me of your warm embrace
The one for which I long
When I’m weak it makes me strong
It was sad to watch you walk away
But I know we’ll make it back together some day
You don’t believe my words
How many times have I said it? Is it the second? Or the twenty-third?
I love you without earthly notion
You fill me with a variety of emotion
And I will always feel love for you and us
Love far deeper than lust
Imagine our island in the sky
On a single cloud floating by

We will make it there,
I swear

The morning peaks through your pristine blinds
                                         already up, dressed and ready
The morning trespasses on my dusty mind
                              snooze, turn away and rest unsteady

Lunch break, out with your friends (and him)
                                      stories you tell, is he listening? (he is)
lunch break, alone still and again

Night has blanketed you with Argus' eyes
                            cuddled close, watching and kissing
night has blacked out with my stammering cries
                            in bed, alone, shivering and missing
s 1d
He came one day, and suddenly vibrant reds collided with brilliant orange, warming the heavens and filling her vision. He kissed her pink, injecting a soft sweetness into the flaming sky. She fell into him, encased in his swirling indigo's, brushing her skin and giving her goosebumps.
It was bliss.
She opened her eyes, then, and startled to see him far from her, his dazzling light embracing the peaks in the distance and running over the fields ahead. She felt cold without his touch.
Was it all a dream?
She ran to him. Chased the shadows he left, in the hopes that they would lead to him. They evaded her, skipping beneath the trees and hiding behind the hills that undulate across the land, like waves on a frozen sea.
How long she ran, no one knows. She barreled through dark forests filled with thorns that slashed her face. She crossed frigid rivers that numbed the deepest parts of her. She screamed his name as she trekked grasslands that threatened to crush her under their seeming infinity. She pursued him like a sailor drunk on the song of a siren, unaware of his fate.
Through it all she held close the memory of the light he once gave her. Through this she found the strength to go on.
Onlookers watched, saddened by the spectacle she had made of herself.

“O, pity,” they say, “for the girl that runs endlessly, chasing a thing that will forever elude her.”
s 1d
I know the name. I tasted it the first time I looked into your eyes, the sensation lingering even in the arms of another. I felt it to the depth of my being as I gasped under your fingers and lips and tongue, finally. I heard it in the words you spoke to me that night, your outline shivering, illuminated in moonlight, on the surface of the water. I began to know it the last time I held you.

I know it intimately now. I curl up with it every night as I close my eyes. I reach for it in the mornings in place of you. It whispers your name when I’m happy, sad, drunk. It lives inside of me, gnawing at my heart and picking at my brain. And oh god, it hurts. It hurts. It hurts. I’ve begged a thousand times to an empty heaven to be free of it.

“What is it, girl? This thing that tears at you so?”

Its name is Longing. And I bear its weight everyday.
You are the moon
I am the sun

My love does not care about distance
In this instance, space is irrelevant
Erased by my reverence

We chase each other eternally
My internal inferno rages
Separated by fate’s cages

We exist at the same time
Our tryst transcends word and rhyme

Our poetry does not need to be preserved
Love cannot be deserved
Only observed
Or regretfully reserved

So I will follow you
There is naught else that I can do

Are we truly apart
If you live inside my heart
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A wildfire of color races across the night sky, somehow managing to be bright and beautifully dull at the same instance.
The earth is tipping, tipping, tipping. Using this racing color show as it’s farewell for another day.
You always loved this moment.
You always loved the moment when the colors sharpened against that steadily increasing backdrop of black. Red, to orange, purple then pink. It was the time that God loved us the most you used to say, to give us such beauty and to learn to appreciate it because it is gone in such a brief moment.
Like you were.
You were my sunset, my beautiful moment that did not last long enough, and unlike you I didn’t appreciate that flash of brilliance.
I do now.
Unlike the sunset, the morphing of hues of colors that seem to blend endlessly into that final cresciendo, I let the black seep in until all the colors had faded away.
I wonder where you are now.
I wonder if you are watching this.
I wonder if you are thinking of me.
I wonder if you appreciated the wildfire, no matter how brief, that was Us.
I wonder....
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