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please take my bones and press them to dust. take my heart and crush it in a fist. wrap a cord around my neck and tie me to my grave. give me something to feel that isn't just the  longing  and  waiting  and  fearing . rename me insolence, save i die gentility; as quiet as the almost we shared.
prince 15h
Aphrodite, oh sweet Aphrodite.
Cast your gaze on me, cast a spell on me.
Give your warm embrace, kiss me under the soft moonlight.
Oh sweet Aphrodite, Oh sweet Aphrodite.

Oh, I wish I could see you everyday.
Even if the clouds choke out the sunlight.
Even when the rain anchors me to the earth.
Just stay with me, even just only for tonight.

I'm so infatuated, I would do anything for you.
Just to see if you're okay.
Even for a second, for a glimpse of your face.
I just wish I could see you everyday.

Things are stressful, sometimes I feel like I could drown.
And sink into the sand, to disappear.
But when I gaze into your teals, the strain collapses.
Sinks away like the ground beneath my feet.
Sweet Aphrodite, I just wish you were here.
Forever more, just to love you my dear.
Sunday never came for me.
Straight from Saturday to Monday.
No church for me, no,
I'm forsaken by God.

The devil's on my shoulder
the days are growing colder.
the nights are getting longer
Yet Sunday never comes.

I pray for a different life
I hate living in constant strife
I don't want the life that has been chosen
But Sunday never comes.

I'm not a believer
I've never been one.
So maybe that's why,
Sunday will never come.
Eloisa 1d
I just thought that I have left your memories ashore and buried them deep under the sand.
But they were carried by the waves again
in the middle of the ocean.
Here where I am trying to find
and rebuild myself.
Waves of longing and regrets are crushing
my sail.
I’m now swimming, drowning in nostalgic pain.
I dived deep within your memories
and finally found my heart.
I held my precious heart, stayed afloat
and saw a glimpse of my own horizon.
Though self-forgiveness and peace
are yet far to be reached.
I still have my strength.
And I promise not to drown again.
~An emotional journey
Joanna 1d
Her story is not mine to tell, and yet I am longing to break this spell.

Waiting on the quiet, and determined to see what treasures will surface within me.

Waiting on the quiet and determined to see, what treasures will surface within me,

bringing light to a dark place within, and a bit of solace as I step out and begin,

Waiting on the quiet and determined to see what treasures will surface within me.

Bringing light to a dark place within and a bit of solace as I step out and begin,

to find the genre that will express the story of one who has endured and overcome a multitude of tests.

Her story is not mine to tell, and yet I am longing to break this spell.

Releasing a bit of creative license and taking freedom in the midst, I am aware of many things about her that I certainly will miss.

While at the same time I am at a loss as to how to unwrap this jewel so others might understand

her life has been hidden and a lot less than grand, just the same she has been faithful to family and a handful of friends,

even when those same people treated her without a thought in the end.

Her story is not mine to tell, and yet I am longing to break this spell.

I remember times that have been full of light and how she stayed the coarse, while some act like they are the abiding force.

This is about my mom, who is 92, recently someone wrote her off questioning her faith, not knowing really anything about her.  I find I need to put to pen what it stirs in me, to get over how judgmental one can be versus seeings God's heart.
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prince 1d
I'm still waiting.

i'm waiting as i lose myself in the translucent clouds that billow through the skies.
the music is a gentle lullaby, words dancing off my finger tips as i think of you.
how did i end up so lucky, one in a million, a lucky roll of the dice.
i smile, i don't really know what to say anymore.

i cant believe i thought the past was my destiny.
when i couldn't see through the foggy lenses over my eyes.
i didn't understand love until i found you.
but now i would give anything to call you mine.

it has been a while and will continue to be. but one day the wait will be over.
i can't stand the thought of no longer gazing into your soft teals.
everyday i think of you and the music that sweeps me around gently.
i still can't believe all of this is real.

sometimes i have a fleeting thought about the future.
will we be eternal or will be say our goodbyes tomorrow?
will i still be able to take you out for meals
or will it cease to be real?

I'm still waiting.
read from top to bottom or from bottom to top
I am an aroma trapped in the haze,
So sweet and friendly like the taste of decay.
I know that I am sciatica and sage,
Reminiscent of an older age.
I feel like a cherry tree falling apart,
Season after season, a forest of art,
And candles burn in the bottoms of hearts,
Chocolate and smoke on the steps in the dark.
I can taste the fire on your mouth
And all the birds are flying south
But I can't bring myself to look at you. Not now,
Or maybe ever,
Because through this earth we've come together
And how do I know that two birds of feather
Can fly over mountains and valleys and heather
Without falling apart? Words over eyes,
I am blinded by the sun in the sky.
I was fog and shadow 'til you parted the vines
But what if this feeling that I had tonight
Is just your voice ringing in my ears,
Tinnitus, words that carry my fears.
The taste of your name is wild and fierce
Like the rowan or rose or stacks on the piers.
I am tripping and falling over all that is clear
In the water. So cold.
So cold, I have nowhere to go.
I am drowning in a world of all that I know.
I no longer have a place of my own,
I remember the scent of your laughter and prose
And I am all alone.
I am devastation, like sorrow and lies,
And I will crumble and wither until the reprise
Yet, despite your mouth being so close to mine,
I don't know what the touch of your hand implies.
I am lesser than you.
The shadows are warping, the valleys are blue.
My tongue is caught on the taste of the yew,
The water is rising like prayers on the pews.
Collapsed and free, I'm tumbling through
The oceans, the ashes, a lark full of rue.
elSe 1d
Inside my heart, inside of me,
There is a place longing for poetry.
Nicole 3d
My heart cries for someone tonight.
Not any of the usual suspects.
All I want is to have someone to
Sob to, to be completely naked with
During the wreckage of these
Hail storms.
But the walls only hear
My longing and they cannot
To my deep desire for breathing
He said “let me ruin you”

So I let him, cause I knew I wasn’t whole to begin with.

I said “obliterate me”

And he scattered me into satisfying pieces.

He said “broken girls always taste the sweetest”

Like salt and cherry lip gloss.
It’s been a while
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