Why must we refuse what is divine
in each other?  
Why must we nail our lips shut
using our own teeth as though they were wooden pegs?

Instead, let us take each other in our mouths as though we were blind.  Savor and feel you in me and I…in you.   Taste and see.

Celebrate the salt of our labor, of my tears, of your love—
Recognize how silky desire is--
Know how thick loneliness is.  

Bring my hands to you and with your tongue trace their roughness, study the old wounds: read chapters of  my story.

Press the diamond of flesh at my hip to your lips and remember that once your own  hand rested there as I dreamed.   Feel how sharp that bone can be.

Now, let me chew on your despair. Wear it thin, spit out.

Let me navigate with this same mouth those parts of your body that you command to feel  when your heart can not.

We can be good and not be hungry.

We can swallow each other tonight, fall asleep full and satisfied like favored guests at a banquet, then sit down at the table again, tomorrow.

By:  Evelyn Augusto

Calloused hands and fingertips,
Peruse a body lost in darkness,
Covered in sweat and pheromones,
Time's become a victim in our lust laced labyrinth.

The only sounds heard are the shivered panting of longing breaths
And the rustling of crumpled sheets like leaves in Fall.

This has become our most blessed sanctuary.
Now preach to me and make me say--


I’ve never looked out
and saw a man
who looked like all he wanted was affection
I’ve never looked out and saw
a heart I thought I might enjoy
but eventually break
because I think I need more than affection
I need a twin
a friend
a thousand times before I need a lover
That kid is beautiful
But he’s not calling me higher

I've met you too soon,
Too soon we were in love

But it felt so wrong in many ways,
I love you anyway.

You have decieved my stubborn heart,
Tamed my obnoxious soul,

Never have i imagined such horror—
Your smile became my hope.

But little did we know,
The universe disagreed on us

I want you so badly
But the world seemed to doubt me

It's time to go now
Thank you, i had so much fun

I know it's too soon,
But see you on our next blue moon

Made this for a special friend of mine

And you filled your mouth
with me, coated your words
with the savory flavor of us,  
then wore your tongue smooth  
against the stone of my pleasure.

And you taught our bodies
their purpose too,
drove the meaning of love
deep inside me until we both

understood the difference

between the rhythm
of our hearts beating...
and their singing.

By: Evelyn Augusto

You’re everywhere.

I hate it. But I can’t help it.

You’re behind me in my own reflection.
You’ve stained the walls of my own house with your scent.
Your mark is left on every love heart scribbled on a sticky note.

I still have them.

Your memory plagues my vision.
I can’t go out without you in my mind, strong as the taste of blood on my tongue.

My anger flows hot and white, but not at you.
At myself, for being such a fool.

And yet, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

I really am a fool.

You are my only shooting star
The song of your name burns my heart
You rule over my fantasies
The heavens conspired for us to meet

I see you run silently your heavenly dance
Your faraway light is my providence
I should like to touch your hand
But I won't tear you down
My shooting star, keep flying on

Scorch the skies in your falling and burn away the tracks of time
The stars have waited for this moment, fragment of the grand design
You touch the faces of constellations while I am ever bound to earth
No matter how far away I wait, no matter how long I have to pray
Our desires will endure

You are my only shooting star, run your circuit across the night
Your flame exhausted in an instant, forbiddingly fleeting, eternally bright
You wouldn't have it any other way
Your memory will never fade
The chorus of a thousand stars will remember you by your light

. . . T  h  i  s . . .
B o u n d l e s s  ocean of  life
And in roses imageries of you and me  
O’ sparks of your beauty I am yearning to see
Face to face, if you raised those beautiful eyes, at me
Heavenly niche of hearts would cause the shadows to flee
My tongue soaked in bouquets of your melody, would set free
Odes would fall from movement of sky, endorsing my plea
Elegance of your smile, a garden of paradise and it’s key
B l o o d  of my heart, O’ red  w i n e  it would be
Baring of your  s a c r e d  sight with g l e e
M a r v e l   of  fresh blossoms, is it
. . . You or me ? . . .

✒ ℐamil Hussain

Naash 4d

Why did he choose to come closer in summer? .
In winter I could have used these cuddles and had the excuse,
"It's cold out".
Why didnt he show up when I was sad?
The tears would explain why he holds my hand the way he does.
I can't wait for him to come,
Or leave so our intimate hugs are interpreted as another hello, a simple goodbye.
How come he puts a smile top of my smile,
Knows me better than I know myself,
And makes me feel lonely in his absence?
Just yesterday, I kept planting kisses on the outside of his hands
and he didn't complain,
Instead one of them  found their way to my conical hills and I didn't complain either.
He caresses me in a way that leaves my insides demanding for more.
His eyes burn with mysterious tales, or words I imagine he would like to say to me.
His legs always find their way to my place,
And my hands his neck,
His hands my hips,
My lips his chest,
His lips my hair,
My back the wall,
His back my nails
My lips his,
Returned with a burning desire, a rough squeeze of my behind and a palm devouring my tiny breasts.
Our bodies falling into each other...

And then we remember we are not an item ,
We don't want to sin.
So we sit there, longing, holding hands, caressing, longing for more.
Maybe it's up to time but my dreams have caught us naked, red handed and no regrets.

Friends with partial benefits
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