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by Michael R. Burch

We stare out at the cold gray sea,
with such sudden and intense longing . . .

our eyes meet,
and we are not of this earth,
this strange, inert mass.

Before we crept
out of the shoals of the inchoate sea,
before we grew
the quaint appendages
and orifices of love . . .

before our jellylike nuclei,
struggling to be hearts,
at the sight of that first bright, oracular sun,
then watched it plummet,
the birth and death of our illumination . . .

before we wept . . .
before we knew . . .
before our unformed hearts grew numb,
once again,
in the depths of the sea’s indecipherable darkness . . .

When we were only
a swirling profusion of recombinant things
wafting loose silt from the sea’s soft floor,
writhing and ******* in convulsive beds
of mucousy foliage,

flowering . . .

what jolted us to life?

Keywords/Tags: life, evolution, love, desire, longing, passion, lust, ***, appendages, orifices
rk 1d
i want to explore
the hidden depths
of the universe with you
my darling,
you are the only lifeforce
i will ever need.
Guntang 2d
i miss you every day
i write another line
this thing you say to me
goes creeping in my veins
i hate you every day
i write another line
my veins they talk to me
go weeping in my skin
i see you everywhere
i force another line
i hang my heart in shame
this line i write in blood
Guntang 3d
your face in my sleep
singing ballads of light
weaves candles
from teardrops
the eternal
in sight
Malina 4d
i give more than i receive
and i wonder if i deserve more.
but if meeting half way,
and giving less than i feel,
is how to gain equality in our love,
i don't want it.

i can't pretend there's no pit in my stomach
or tug on my heart
or smile on my face
whenever i see you.

no matter what i do,
i can't make your fire burn brighter,
and hotter
for me.

so am i naive to stay
for the affection i receive
when it takes more than it gives?
or is that just love:
it's imperfect.
and i choose it,
every day.
just thoughts- i overthink and overanalyse everything so i'm definitely creating a problem that's not there so it's better to write it down than dwell
I’m checking on old friends
Looking them up; asking after them
The girls I knew in my younger days
are women now
They’ve grown, blossomed, and matured
moved away, been to college, found love
married, each have children, a house, a car
Their happiness makes me smile
until my smile turns to a frown
when I see how far they’ve come
and I realize
I’m still here
© 2020 Velvel Ben David
Malina 5d
it's as close as i can get

but seeing you
your smile
your eyes
just you

you rip through me
and the longing i feel makes my heart swell
and sink
down to the floor
and i need you here

it's not close enough
feeling very lonely at the minute and i miss him more than ever
Malina 5d
i've spent so much time in my bedroom
that i've memorised the walls.
i know every stain
every scratch
like the back of my hand
because it's become my new every day

i guess my physical presence
was the reminder of my existence
and now that it's gone
i'm no longer present in their thoughts
and so i'm left here
i just need to be able to hug someone
Lance 5d
Black Sheep,Black Sheep
Fade away
Black Sheep, Black Sheep
Go Away

Always living A lie
Many wanting you to die
Yet always crawling to survive
Despite never wanted to be alive

Wishing to take part
But being torn Apart
Black Sheep among the white
Always getting the Bite

Why walk
When always given the talk
Why continue on
When only wanted to be gone

Black Sheep, Black Sheep
Stay away
Black Sheep, Black Sheep
Never stay
I have always felt left out by my family, always the odd one out, the outcast or the person always yelled at. I try to fight but I always end up short. And that's when they told me they never wished me to be here anyway. And I knew I was the black sheep among the white. Always different. Always left alone.
keonah 7d
The sun shall set and the moon will reign the night.
My celestial body will enfold in its presence.
I live and breathe with the same waters the moon reflects apon.
We dance ‘til dawn,
As you start to wane,
As your rays depart and;
As we give greetings to the morning sun.
a full moon is so overwhelming and glistening and I just wish to be connected to it some day. To be at peace with myself and in the world
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