Izlecan 6h
Sweet tangibility(!)
How faux thou are,
For 'tis and for 'twas mine.
Oh mighty(!) The foggy twine,
For 'twas a fool, 'tis now a clown
Me Díaz 19h
And it hurts in my skin;
And it hurts in my bones;
And it hurts in these words
That I can never say to you.

It hurts in every syllable,
And every consonant,
Of a four letter word,
That I keep locked
Inside my heart.
And it’s begging to break free,
So it may beg entrance into yours.

M•(e). Díaz
Daniel 1d
the memories of you don't bring warmth like they used to.
Angel M 1d
I drive along a beautiful country road
I can’t through the tears streaking down my face.

My lashes are damp
My eyes red and swollen
The world seems to stand still for an endless moment

No clouds moving
No wind blowing through the trees
No birds have songs of joy to sing
The only sound is that of my heart beating I my ears.

A bittersweet rain
Fills my broken heart
It takes all that I possess
Not to let it rip me apart

How do I move on
How do I face another day
When The fire of my hopes and dreams
has been washed away

Its finally finished
At long last
Nothing remains but soot and ash
This poem is about the disillusion of a relationship that wasn’t meant to be.
Sailing into her sweet smile, I wiped her two tears, embraced her longing, and watered her one thousand unborn smiles.

Hussein Dekmak

Aflaha 1d
I don't want to play
this guessing game

Tell me you love me
Show me how much

Make my soul sing
In its longing for you

Make my bones ache
For each minute spend apart

Make my heart bleed
To hear you say my name

For how else will I ever repay
This debt of being in love with you
thirza 2h
we used to be
on the same street
in the same city
but we’re not anymore.
— but i’ll still wait for you.
Push me back
Tell me to rest
Kiss my eyes
Rake my breasts

Remove the barriers
Between your skin and mine
Tear the cotton if you must
Stretch the elastic
Til it snaps in two
If that is
What you're compelled to do
Get me naked
Be my dirt
Absorb my roots
Be the secret earth
The only comfortable bed
Moan into my clavicle
Control my head

Lick my ribs
Hold my hips
Give me chokes

Give your grip the weight of feathers
Assure me you're in this for me for the moment at least
Give your time like time has ceased
Secure in chains my memories my ghosts
Put your heart into my pleasure

Take my parts
Inside your mouth
Comb my holiness
Use your holy breath
Relax the nervous squeeze
Devout make me believe
With your art
Summon the whimper shouts
Up from my depths
With one goal
One intent
Offer your thirstiness
Drink of my sins
Prove wrong
My internalized
Shame of my sex

I shall be
Your humble slave
For my life
Long sentence

In this dry
Biting tundra
Burning sea
Endless sand
We are sculptures cast in star dust
But we are bound to the fields of the flesh
My quiet soul begs for beauty
But my body is perishably chained
The divide plays its cutting game
Through gates and gods or stars and sperm
Home is a misty middle ground
Midst worms and words or might and mirth
I can’t reach what I'm coming from
So I humbly sow my fruits on Earth
The tracks I leave in eternity
Make the most of inane nothingness
The drilling gaze of my windows
Scratches the smoke of spacetime
And that's good enough
over the hedge,
over the gates,
over the tall looming trees,
the bright blue sky
where birds flew free
(i wish that was me.)

; e.i
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