My body burns
My eyes roll to the back of my head
My arms twitch
My legs quake
My head snaps back
My breath is sharp and quivering
My moaning swells
You have ruined me
Despite the absence of your touch
You do this to me

Will I see you again
Before winter sets in
Will benevolence, strong and pure
Remove the malice we endure

Will I see you again
Before the ocean in your eyes is gone
Before your bones erode and move on
Sailing on the river styx

Will I see you again?

Through eaves and eaves of solitude
I grieve because I miss you
My soul cries out for comfort
And finds nullity.

I won't see you again.

You shall see my vacant eyes
Glaring indifferently into yours
And even while yours cry
My eyes stand as open doors

I am vacant,
Empty of me

I won't see you again
Because dead eyes don't see.

I have yet
To feel your mouth
The curve of your back
The scruff of your beard

I have yet
To see your brown eyes in the sunlight
To see each line in your face
To see your breath fog up in the cold

Soon, I will
Touch you
Taste you

My heart flutters as that day grows closer

I wonder if I will be able to stay standing
When you are finally...
In the flesh
Right in front of me.


Am I here
Should I feel
I'm like driftwood
Amongst wuthering foaming waves
Upon which
Time is floating past myself
While I
To catch it and to
It slips out of my hands
Will it continue
Will it end
Am I so blank
I want to refill with
Dreams, colours, ideas
Are so far away and
Deep inside my soul
Just let me alone

Her fingers wander south
Enhanced pleasure by her intoxication
Her thoughts of the lonely poet
His words resonate in her minds eye
Biting her lip till her toes curl
She too sits alone, cuddles her pillow
Too afraid too mention such feelings
He sits alone... craving to be desired By the woman who fingers wander
Oh if only

It’s good to see you too
In all your glory,
The insults and put-downs
Flowing from your tongue.
Your poison is tolerable
Because my blood is toxic
So, the jokes on you,
It’s good to see you too.

I do not ask for much
but I ask for you,
Which I do realize
is much too much

I look at old pictures of myself

I muse over where you were then

I lean back, imagining your hand in mine

Your breath on my neck

I feel your chest against mine

Our mouths meet

Your tongue grazes my upper lip

I feel our collective breath quicken

A dog barks in the distance

My dog

I blink and observe my surroundings  

I sit on the floor, surrounded by photographs

I remember that you are many miles away

Frustrated tears escape


I toss a photo album across the room.

My dog whimpers

I shake my head

"Compose yourself!"

A desperate plea for peace

No such luck

I go back to thinking of only you

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