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Vira 1d
Words, waiting to be told – he said

How do I express what I hold
In my soul, in my longing for you to behold

It feels like a desire of a lifetime
Just to hold you once for real, in the hands of mine

I have held you for time immemorial in my soul
The wait seems forever when I will see you for real
Love and longing for a platonic soul mate  - the relationship that can never be...yet can never let go....
lua 7d
my words
might wash up
against your shore
in torn up shreds
each scribbled letter faded
obscured by time
obscured by rippling waves
that thrash and tear
each piece left vague
dowsed in mystery
and a lingering
a longing
to be read

next time
i'll be mature enough
to put them in a bottle.
"Love is leverage."

Now I'm left longing.
Sad to see it go
The way you don't want it to.
We stay on the go.
Anything worth it is limited
mica Apr 28
it's sad to think you've fallen for his pretty face, and the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he keeps you up for days... it's sad to know he doesn't really care, and all of this was just a show because he's run by softwares. it's hard to wake up and face the reality that he never once existed and was only brought to life by mere imaginations and thanks to you, you've been keeping him alive.

it's sad to hear him say, "thanks for playing!" when he's your only escape amidst your tiresome journey through life.
got so much immersed in a game and sometimes forget they never really existed despite casually talking about them with my friends every single day.
SuperNova Apr 27
you can't have a fair end
of something that should never end,
time won't solve the pain of longing
but maybe it wasn't them you desired,
just the way they made you feel,

cause I still think of mine,
and all the weeping nights that caused,
and their sight still makes me slow,
but what I know may be a mask,
not what lies behind
stillhuman Apr 22
Your scarf still smelled like you
So I wrapped it around my neck
for the rest of the night
and let myself imagine it was you
Longing has been my best friend for years
Kushal Apr 22
I'll kiss you between the lines
That say I am yours and you are mine.

Replace their name's with ours,
And sing it till our lungs give out.

Our eyes will meet where the lyrics do,
And Bliss will tag along for the ride.
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