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Laura 4h
How tempting would it be
To be able to put it all in a jar.
All your words and your laughter.
Your smell and your touch.
So that I could open it once in a while
When we’re too far apart.
Just to feel a little closer.
Bella R 4h
"Today--definitely today,
I will tell you."
I whisper-chant
To myself.
As we stroll down the pebbled street--
The one I hated but you loved,
Where ravens perched and cawed,
As if mocking my foolishness.

You take lazy steps, flashing a lopsided smile--
The one you always have when relaxed.
I'm rigid as a tree,
wrinkles from frowning.
I open my mouth, willing the words
To Spill out.

But you interrupted:
"Why're you always so upset?"
Alas, a chance presented to me,
But I don't know if it was that
Invisible frown
Or that inaudible edge of annoyance
In your voice
That made the dam shut.

You're too,
Too important
So I plaster a smile on
And let the ravens mourn
My loss.

-Bella R.
On this day,
of 35 years.
Humbled by,
the cycle of death.
I place my foot,
on sodden wood.
the November wind.
It's cruel and nips,
at my blue fingertips.
There is something,
new and also blue.
That pushed me out,
into the deep cold sleep.

Your eyes.
I admit my heart had grown so fond
Of that soft, hesitant voice,
Those bulky hands,
Your gentle smiles;
I had melted into
every loving kiss upon my forehead,
And I hoped so longingly to keep you
But alas, I must learn to cope
With letting go.
I am constantly in conflicting turmoil about this.
He says he is the shallow waters,
but I can see that he is the sea.

He says he only sees the dark
but I can see the light that fills his heart.

He says he is nothing more than a reflection
but all I see is him in me.

He says he is but a momenttopassmytime
but I wish he could see
how I long
to reach with him

He says all he is is b  r   o k    e       n
but I wish he could see how he makes me

I wish he could see
that he is the sea.
I wonder what you’re thinking
When you look at me
Are you a perfect gentleman
Or are you ******* me
With your eyes
They say a penny for a thought
But are these things that can’t be bought
Am I like the dust you sweep
Under the rug
Expecting company
Keeping me a secret
Or am I not in your thoughts
Do you look right through me
As your eyes burn into me
With someone else in mind
What are we doing
I don’t even know
Why can’t I
Just let these feelings go
We’ve stayed innocent
But for how long
Next time we’re alone
What if things move along
That’s not what we want
But I don’t know if that’s true
There’s ideas in my head
That want to be pursued
But I can’t give in
There’s too much to lose
So I'm hopelessly in ****
With nothing I can do
The look in your eyes
Became my demise
I get carried away
I can't hear what they say
The feelings still there
The butterflies everywhere
I'm melting inside
From you, I can't hide
I don't know if it's real
I don't know how you feel
This isn't me
I'm lost at sea
This lifeguard can't save me
I think I'm going crazy
He has my devotion
But I'm drowning in your ocean
hello, i shouldn’t say this but i believe that
we can both be hopelessly in love with each other
if my feelings were flowers making up a bouquet
you would be the person who made me grow to be pretty

i can imagine waking up next to you and smiling
greeting you a sweet good morning then preparing
you pancakes and a cup of coffee you will drink while
staring at me and thinking of how great the day will be

hello, i shouldn’t say this either, but i think that
between the two of us, you would be the traitor
if my feelings were flowers making up a bouquet
then i would be the one passed on in the end

you would leave me behind and tell me things
why we did not work out and why it is my fault
but it would be you who would give up on us
as you watch me being given away to someone else

hello, i believe i should say this just for you to
keep holding unto me because, honey, if my feelings
were flowers making up a bouquet, you would be
the person who did not care about my death
in someone else’s home or arms

as much as i held so many feelings for the world
i would slowly die missing everything about you
for what are flowers gathered to be a bouquet
when the person giving them away does not give a ****
about the flowers that will die without his or her care
Alishba 20h
This longing for you,
Is like forever and ever.
I miss you everyday,
A little more.
Every breath to me,
Is like a thorn,
Bleeding me from my very core.
So, once again,
I'm reading that chapter loud.
From the very beginning,
And from each and every noun,
I read only one thing,
And it is your name,
Which is always on my head,
Like a crown.
You said to me,
"Don't miss me,
Stop waiting,
'cause I'm gone.
Don't chase me,
You'll find nothing.
In dust is your crown."
But you never taught me,
How to let go,
When your past is embellished on your head,
And to forget everything you've said.
And I've lost you,
My beloved.
But lamenting on you,
Is like a song to my soul.
This longing for you,
Is like forever and ever.
And I miss you everyday,
A little more.
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