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B 4d
Second guessing my goodbyes
cursed us back in February
but now it is July.
Found myself hot and running
full sprint, shirt unbuttoned
back to you,
you are something.
Something to chase
and something to hold
a flame worth protecting
a memory, not yet too old.

It's been 5 years
but I still wish you'd touch me again
bring back life to my skin.
My eyes will grow wide like a deer's
blood rush to my ears!
For you I am prey,
and I hope you know, my dear
no one has ever seen me that way
never been permitted to stay
and to smell my humbling fear.
Zywa Jun 1
Boys look past
my shyness
I don't understand

So beautiful I see my feelings
in my face, my forms
in the mirror

Why doesn't anyone
want to enjoy me?
The beauty of a boy

discovered inside and out
by my skin
my curious body

In other people's houses
I capture the beds
in my dreams

None of them invite me
Can they see in me
how critical I am?
Collection "Life line"
Cassandra May 31
I cannot breathe myself to sleep,
for you are on my mind -
and should your image disappear
in the presence of a calm spirit,
then I would set lose my heart
to the roaring sea.
D Awanis Oct 2022
We were tiptoeing
all the way to the kitchen
sneaking out like we used to
thousand of days before

The lights went off
he pulled me into his arms
all I can hear was his breathe
and his beating heart

Through his gaze;
I felt his warmth
Through his embrace;
I felt his longing

It’s almost as if
I can hear he said;
“welcome home”
without a word

It’s almost as if
all the goodbyes
were coming back
all at once
Juno Balder May 23
It happens so deliciously,
Like a fruit engorging as it ripens,
Your soft fur rippling my pores,
The hairs quiver
With the earthy smell of mushrooms
That clings to glands and synchronises
With the homely warmth of your breath Drugging my throat
Infiltrating my defences
Choking my responses
Prone and prostrate
You lost my mind a million times!
In your sweetly secreting
Mossy garden
I’m primed,
Under the fig tree which blossoms
To the sound of circulation,
To the vibrations of rope and buckles,
To the poetry you inspire in me.
Some fantasies live on after the connection is lost.
Kieran Messer May 19
L'amour :
C'est quoi ? C'est où ?
Tout le monde ne sait pas,
Mais j'espère que je le trouve.
Louise Apr 26
Your grumpy face in the mornings,
Your exhausted sigh in the evenings
Every late night until late breakfasts,
Every sunset that makes us whisper "at last"
All that makes us ourselves, all that's true
are all the reasons that makes me love you.
Catching the sunrise, breathing in the ocean breeze during the heat of summer.
Watching the snowfall and embracing the freeze during the hell of winter.
Our hands are locked through it all
These are the daily, mundane moments
I don't mind living with you and leaving with you for every rise and fall.

Please intertwine your routines with mine
Won't you spend sunsets with me
in the summertime?
I am not one to believe in forever after,
but I am one with you
for all seasons and weather.
The brand of routine rewriting I would like

"Luxuries" trilogy - part 3 of 3
Can you feel
The way I feel
When I think of you?
Or is it a feeling
That leaves us both
When I'm apart from
I wonder if my friends and lovers feel the same way that I do when we're apart...
You said we'd spend tomorrow
but you never told me your

I waited a lifetime

never came
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