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Niki Gray Jul 31
Reaching, rising,
touching, striving,
grasping success,
don't accept less.
Trying something a little different.  Thank you as always to all those who support me and read my poems.  Shout out to Christian, Favour, Sheela, Court, James, Sydney and Jim.  Thank you also to my big brother Todd for encouraging me to be awesome everyday...Haha
Toya Jul 9
There is a place
I would like to be
An uninhibited me
Sophia May 20
is it safe
to hold my hand out?
to reach with each muscle of my
is it safe to touch
am i going down?

black hole of trauma
extending towards me
and you
never ending never letting up
no grip not firm
not me

i have nothing
if i don't have you
if i can’t reach you
because you step back
every time i walk towards

every time that i walk
i’m alone, lost in idolatry
me and the waves
forever flushing out the toxins
only they are mixed and tossed about and
spread throughout my blood stream
my river
For Fiume
Willow SR Apr 10
Reaching for worlds I've never known
Reaching for people I hardly know
Reaching for heights unknown
But mostly reaching for a hand to hold
she spoke to me
I awoke to you
Simplest words
Small phrases
I remember
I think of
You, me
What we were,
What we could be
I now sit near
My family‘s
Reach yet,
I only think of you
And that smile that I see
When I look at you
I feel like falling to my knees
I’m only temporarily out of reach
For someone I talked to today who won’t get this because her phones going to be taken away (sigh...)
rofan Dec 2018
to write
to write words that were forever spoken
words that might leave
but never disappear
like a rose it lives, it dies
so it becomes part of a new life
today i might no longer speak
i might no longer hear
today i am only
and i am only me
alone in a part of something,
that is forever awaken
so the more i feel
the less i believe
like the sun
it gave light
to the moon to be bright
i want my words
the fingers that once wrote
it gave certainty
Infinity to my world
so sun,
i hope you never get enable
to make your light reach to every spot of the earth
not like my own words
that never reached
the only rose
that i wanted to reach.
Chris Dec 2018
I'm going down

These illustrated roads
Limbed pain no gain
March breeze
on goose skin

Coming out for old time sake
Feelers reaching into
the skeleton
Organs feed the
bleeding hand

Caught up in auras of isolation
Religious Sunday's
This is the working man

Addiction for addictive change
Replacing the untraced
Falling back on blackland hills
Iron creased

Aerosol starched in
Real time sneaking in
Frenzied reality
The fantasy
The fight.....................
PoonWhisper Dec 2018
The whole world is on fire and I can only think about you. My mind re-wired to forget what my worst desires have brought me into.

The attraction of strangers eye"s should make me feel un-comfortable but instead it soothed. Somehow they all disappear and I am only looking at you.

I never dreamed I would dream of you. Black and white ambience encloses like a fogg around the room.

One moment I am miles away and the very next moment I am right next to you. I have so much to say but I then remember I will never see you again, so what good would that do?

If I knew what love was darling, I wouldn't have hurt you. If I knew what forever was, I would still be with you. Only foolish people hate the truth. But this isn't about me, this is about you.

Dreamers dream what reality couldn't do. Weavers weave a stranded connection between the two. Believers believe that somehow they can carry on living like they do.

I know that I cannot and I am lost without you. My hearts desire is to reach you across the chaos and somehow convince you.

I was listening to; Wicked Game by: Chris Issak.
While writing this poem.
Mary Frances Dec 2018
I was about to hold your hand
when you said goodbye but
you already started walking away
and all I had to look at was your
back as you go.
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