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cleann98 May 22
colored handprints alight
splattered in dots and lines
a glassy pillow stretches
its wrinkled and hairlined skin
               stretched wearing thin..

a hold on the waves
grasping currents
   rushing farther and farther

painting the vastness
of this open ended question
muddled muddied marred
      blurring in sight
not sure if this is an incomplete work or just an incomplete person's rambling...
Maria Mitea Sep 2020
One day,
a man was walking on the street his pride.
He stepped on the ground without noticing
the surroundings, and suddenly stamped on a piece of faeces.
The proud man was very disturbed about it.
“ You ***** faeces! Now my feet are *****.”

He was very angry.
Then the faeces started speaking to him

“ Whom do you call *****, you or me?
Do you know what I was yesterday?
Only after passing trough a human body
have I become like this.
Who is ***** me, or you?”
Everything in life has to be seen from different angles  ... If something smells bad it doesn’t mean it is bad. If someone reacts or judges it doesn’t mean is a bad human. If someone cries or suffers it doesn’t mean is a weak person.

There is in all of us a perspective from where we can look differently at things ...
Nat Lipstadt Jul 2020
~for the wild child, daughter, wife, mother~

I am drifting into the tender part of the night, when deceit is pointless, and I argue with conviction within myself that in our lives that it will never be too late, but I know I contradict my prior musing...somewhere between the fact that time is a wasting commodity, precocious and precious, lives this idea within, that there is nothing that cannot be navigated, recompensed,  even forgiven...

the argument goes on, the tide of battle switching back and forth, and for now I must be satisfied with the meagerness of I can’t give up, be at ease by acknowledging defeat, not just yet, and the fast arrival of a clean slate is a chance, a draw, a ticket to ride, and,


is a wonderful idea, full of compromise, out and in, extra effort, and tomorrow I may yet teach one of us, even myself, by reaching inside of what churns within, and then have the perfect words you require, for a desperate need, and a comforting that comes forth easily
sarah crouse Jul 2020
Standing tall on the highest mountain
surrounded by clouds and the most beautiful fountains.
Against all odds, the tree grew on the toughest rock
up in the sky with the highest-flying hawk.

The cherry blossom reached for the sky.
The cherry blossom wanted to fly
to see the world from up high
to see that last as it dies.

The cherry blossom reached its goal
but all too soon it lost control.
it wanted to see it all
even if it meant it'll fall

The cherry blossom reached and reached
while its trunk screeched and people preached
"trees aren't flexible," they cried
yet still, the cherry blossom tried

the cherry blossom soon adapted
for it never ever got distracted
its trunk had bent and curled
and soon it could see the world.
Alaia May 2020
Lazy and lethargic
Loopy and lost
Little dizzy dots dancing through glass
Distorted and reorganized daily
Finding wiser ways warily
Cutting rosemary from the dirt
Megahertz blurt thoughts into blankness
Blankets on the back porch
Roaches in the feed corn
Violating duties sworn
Better to be never born
Steel shorn clean, violently
Violets growing amongst ivy
Mahogany inseparably blending into ivory
Talking more quietly
For you
YusufKudsi Feb 2020
Oceans full of tears,
Skies full of pain,
Nothing feels real anymore.
Am I really alive or am I just bones and meat.
We are walking on the same path,
And we are almost reaching the end,
Maybe I am just a dreamer,
But why do they teach us how to dream?
If they all turn to dust.
aha Dec 2019
a time
are too
and you
have to
'  '  '  '

'  '  '  '
on the
they can reach you
( ˶˘ ³˘(˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵)♡
love yall
yall love yourself too

on another note i tried to make fingers but that was hard
so that's why it looks all wonky
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