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so you say that we are from the people
who buried their dead
with flowers.

and you say that when
the world ends, we will simply learn to fall

i wonder,
if there will still be love when we convince
that everything is still alright.

but how can we love the children that
we lie to…
and how can we trust those who
we forsake…

when you look me in the eyes next time,
or when you look at that spot, right beside

i will remember our dead,
and i will remember
how you never truly meant to leave flowers.
stop gun violence. rest in peace.
Vanessa Dec 2
I don’t want to just
Scratch the surface.
I want to bury myself
with the soil of you.
A M Ryder Oct 27
They say three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead

Secrets could be simple, if they weren't the type worth being spread

You can bury secrets, I'm sure you're shocked to hear it's true.

But dont dream you'll finish digging, until they first have buried you.
Artem Oct 24
Choking on my doubts
Drown in indisicion
I couldn't wrong again
But if i could, i'll rather die.
Will you love me forever?
Because I know, i will.
Would you give a hand,
Or left me sink?
Sink in your eyes,
They like emerald sea
Thoughts of past tear me inside
They won't leave
I destined to live in sorrow
And die in disgrace
I must forget
Every word you said
And burn down
Every bridge i made
I will pray for you
And bury us alive.
This way we'll be together
Forever and ever.
Are we need each other?
Not anymore.
Will i die without you?
No. I already died Before.
Amanda Oct 13
I tried to bury past regrets
Hide them in the dirt
No matter how deeply submerged
I still feel the hurt
Start watering flowers and stop watering weeds
She would tell me
about this
young black horse
how he used to run
through the forests
finding spots to bury
the perception of infinite love.

My adventures towards it saddened

She would then also tell me
about how he died of a
lung cancer &
that the perception of
infinite love was still alive,
unburied, undecorated
as it is, as it was.

My adventures towards it sweetened.

- Samar Charulingah Godfrey
TJ Shadows Sep 20
No I won’t be okay
Don’t cry for me anyway
Just take me down to the river where they’ll bury my soul
Take my wings I was going to grow
Find all the treasures there are to behold
Forget my name, forget my face
Let me lay here in grace
When it’s your time to go
Come down to the river and wash away with me
Bury me like any other
Bury me like I have no mother.
Bury me an urchin that has no father
Bury me a drowned soul, a fish out of water.

Bury me indifferent to the pain
Bury me amidst the pouring rain,
Bury me pure & innocent
Bury me worthless, I’m not worth a cent.

Bury me taking all I could
Bury me hopeless and misunderstood,
Bury me with blood that smells sweet
Bury me and put my soul to sleep.

But bury me in my own ****** pain and misery
And bury me a stranger because you never knew me!
Read more at http://www.******-in-oncology.com
Foot meets the metal of a cold shovel
with a sun beaming down
booted foot pushes the *****
into the soft and rooty ground

one mound of dirt
sweat forms above the brow
two mounds of dirt
salty bead slithers down
three mounds of dirt
tuned into the sounds
four mounds of dirt
birds chirp all around

stopped by a thick root
extra force must be used
give that shovel a pogo of boots
and we are at the fifth mound

six and seven are easy
as the hole starts to round
eight nine ten eleven twelve
a tomb has been found

carried your sheet covered corpse
laid you in the hole
cover you with what was uncovered
creating a man made knoll

Six years of memories
laid underneath this red dirt
many years missing
that time gone subvert
You get the shovel
I’ll dig the hole
we’ll bury her together
off to heaven I suppose
or wherever dogs go
you go and grieve
I’ll let the little one know
in a little bit
just expect company
RIP June 9/19/2018
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