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Nylee 7d
all that is beloved
all that I see
it is explicitly made without me
it is no agony
just a tearful reminder
in the scapes of life
how much it matters
what really
on to the sights
gripping future
when I close my eyes
I hear the whispers
I ignore it
the best way possible
so when it is
it is like this
and a peek
through the balcony
I have taken the glimpse
in the dreams that I flee
don't bury me
ShadowSpy Sep 5
Lure me in
With a melody of trust
But bury me deep
Under the dust
Hold out your heart
But tear mine apart
Leave me alone
After the love you have shown
LRF May 21
This thing takes hold
a secret down deep.

It pushes up through
layers of rock,
sand, clay,
turning the earth
when it bursts
through its surface -
not the gasping
sudden push
of a sprinter,
but an over-days
quiet and unassuming -
surveying the world
before it unfurls
and shoots,
basking in the sun.
May 2020
Cherry plums for the small goat
Pits for the large chicken
Milk and water
Bury; slaughter

Remember to call me when it's done.
Enigmatic Apr 14
Her trust in you is as good as an empty tank headed south
She won't use the rearview mirror headed far from you
What she leaves behind remains no concern to her burnt out heart
Eyes on the first exit out of here
The highway is her only vision, burying your bones
This is her farewell
you are not someone i can bury myself beneath.
you are someone i am meant to forget.
disappearing like dew in the morning,
you are not art, as much as i say you are.
Maja Mar 30
I heard you die twice,
once when they bury you in the grave
and the second time is the last time
that somebody mentions your name

- Glorious, Macklemore Ft. Skylar Grey
From: Glorious by Macklemore Ft. Skylar Grey
Growly Wolfus Mar 15
I plant the last cross in the frosted ground
of winter marching through the leaves of fall.
The last of my coterie I hadst found
I buried, each covered with a singed pall.
Now in the world of cold, I lie in snow,
mourning the loss of everything I was.
Insanity exuding from my woe
and dreadful curses spouting from my jaws.
Thou art a monster corrupting the world
and spreading dreadful lies of the deeds done.
But soon, behold, the truth to be unfurled!
The news spreadest thee from thy serpent's tongue.
I choosest to complete my final hunt
and punish thee for such a great affront.

Thou hearken not to the grave steps upon the earth now beating.
Dost thou not see, contemptuous fiend, the eyes of death upon thee?
Thou takest from the living world the reason for my being.
And by thy hand, destroy my land, stealest everything from me.
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