This is a place where prayers are made
Where the children of need are born
We grow but even a forest can burn
Before their time to shed their skin

Though the sun hides behind dark clouds
We learn to hide our fears behind a smile
We enter our closets to put away our day
Knowing we stand in the chamber of prayers

We pay for a body guard with our tithes
We leave the fallen harvest on the ground
Alms and first fruits are blankets we weave
And faith is sand facing the next hurricane

A bullet speaks of peace after it comes to rest
The damage bears no guilt as it forgive its victim
The life we endure when we bury our children
Is the resurrection of a prayer we learned long ago

We need a biopsy
To diagnose hypocrisy
In American Democracy.

The evil Dr. Trump's creature, The Statue of Liberty, has melanoma, and it's spreading.
Rinne 5d

There was once a normal girl
With normal friends in a normal school
This little girl was happy as can be
Knowing not that her fate was cruel

She found a lump on her collar bone
Smiled, oblivious, as a stone,
Doctor said: "Emergency!"
"Oh well," thought she, "How bad can it be?"

For all her life she'd known no harm
Sweet as chocolate, in a happy farm
Young and laying in mother's arm

But this little girl was smart.
And laying in a hospital bed with her eyes all red
and a lump in her throat and a lump in her neck
She prayed to God - no thanked him! -
For this wasn't Aids! or Cancer!
...Thought she... it couldn't, was it?

After lots of needles and many a test,
This little girl was allowed to rest
Until doctor came in with her mum and her dad
And an expression as emotionless as it can get

He led her to a new ward with walls painted bright
And told her everything was going to be allright
- still with the emotionless expression on his face
But with as much gentleness as he could fake.

Cancer. Crying. Bald, and Ache.
Eye of toad and tongue of snake
Doctors, nurses. Sleep and wake.
Salt on wound. Poison (Chemo)

But that story's old now
No one likes it anymore
5 years later I lay here
a shadow on the floor

And now's when I should thank him,
Now that "It's all gone"
But I guess one thank you is enough
for god's ironic plans.

Here lays another normal girl
With normal friends in a normal school
Not even close to happy is she
For no one understands.

I wrote this poem a while ago. I'm feeling much better now with the help of therapy, and time. I thought I'd share because people sometimes forget that it's tough for young cancer survivors even after the cancer is gone. The trauma stays with you, but there is help out there.
Terry Collett Jun 16

Wendy would show
the colour
of her underwear
for boys to stare
for a few pence
to satisfy
their boyhood
sexual sense.

Or cup her hand
over her little girl
bring down
her arm
to make
a farting sound
all around class.

Or that's the legend
the boys told.

But I knew her
as a friend
who walked home
with me from school.

We would laughed
at what
the teachers taught
and told
our childhood's hold.

She once said
her old man
beat her
bare behind
if he was
in a mood
or drunk
and the alcohol

But she'd not cry
not give him
that satisfaction
for that cruel action.

Later I heard
she got cancer
out of the blue
and cried.

her old man
in his drunken rage
couldn't do.


There’s something on his hand
He thinks he’s burning it well,
However, he don’t know it is the one, smoldering him well.
Inside out, like a ship plummeting in a deep hell,
Every single penny blazing into ashes making a lifeless shell.

JDH Jun 13

Some introductory 'food' for thought...

"When people say they prefer organic food, what they often seem to mean is they don't want their food tainted with pesticides and their meat shot full of hormones or antibiotics. Many object to the way a few companies - Monsanto is the most famous of them - control so many of the seeds we grow."
  - Michael Specter

"My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but every day, three times a day, you need a farmer"
  - Brenda Schoepp

"Economically, many folks don't feel they can afford organic. While this may be true in some cases, I think more often than not it's a question of priority. I feel it's one of the most important areas of concern ecologically, because the petrochemical giants - DuPont, Monsanto - make huge money by poisoning us."
  - Woody Harrelson

Who is Monsanto?
Monsanto is a Chemicals/Pharmaceutical/Agriculture company that was established in 1901 in the United States, and over the last century has occupied a particularly interesting and questionable history that has within recent times took to the global scale, growing into a multinational corporation, well nigh on the complete monopolisation of the Agriculture industry whilst having established connections to the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. They are less well known for their creation of Agent Orange, of which they claimed had no harmful effects on the human body, which was utilised very predominantly during the Vietnam War by the U.S. military as a defoliant, however, caused hundreds of thousands of deaths by poisoning, and has now led to an epidemic of birth deformities in the regions of use. Monsanto experienced more involvement in war through their involvement in the Manhattan Project, which resulted in the creation of the first nuclear bombs to be tested on Japanese civilian populations. They also have a background in their production of PCB's (Polychlorinated biphenyls) which once again, had the negative human and environmental effects ignored and misrepresented hitherto 1977 when they were banned, however, was not before many fresh water supplies and the air had been contaminated and was a known carcinogen in humans, along with other health damages. There was then of course their production of DDT's in the post war period that was advertised as a 'wonder-chemical' to be used in agricultural pesticides. However, it was later uncovered that its spraying caused a high percentage of food breakdown in crop and in humans caused breast cancer, male infertility, miscarriage, developmental delay and nervous system/liver damage. They even tested the effects of radioactive Iron on 829 pregnant women in a bizarre experiment. Having no shortage of scandalous and often at times frequenting blatantly corrupt behaviour on their dubious track record, with an abundance of data and study arising in protest of the company's use of dangerous chemicals and genetic modifications in food, it is surely best to question the activity and history of this company.

What chemical poisons are being used?
Some of you are probably aware as to the fact that within many food products today there are various chemicals being used in modification, cultivation and in processing, many of which are harmful, often deadly to the human body and to the ecosystem. So harmful in fact that in cultivation workers are required to wear bio-hazard suits and due to the toxicity of the area in farming these GM crops, are required to erect signs in the surrounding area warning of the danger.

So one chemical that has been pushed into foods and drink by Monsanto since the early 20th Century is Saccharin, an artificial sweetener made from coal tar which is used predominantly in Soda, Coke and processed foods, and is 700 times sweeter than sugar. In 1907 when Saccharin was first investigated by the USDA it was quoted as,"a coal tar product totally devoid of food value and extremely injurious to health" , and by the 1970's, when the chemical began to garner greater use, the FDA attempted to ban its use in products after discovering it causes cancers (particularly bladder cancer) in animals and humans, however, today is still used as an artificial sweetener, and between 1973-1994 the National Cancer Institute saw a 10% increase in bladder cancers.

Monsanto are also responsible for the pushing of another artificial sweetener onto the market to be consumed by humans, that being Aspartame, even more harmful than Saccharin, and since being used in Coke, particularly Diet Coke, since 1983, the rest of industry followed suit. When melted down at 30°C into its liquid form in use for soft drinks, it become far deadlier than in its powdered state. It was found that it caused tumours and holes in the brains of rats and is more addictive than crack cocaine. After a multitude of independent scientific studies arose in protest of the use of Aspartame, Monsanto bribed the National Cancer Institute to produce fabricated data. Here are some of the know side effects of Aspartame consumption in humans according to the US Food and Drug Administration:

• mania  
• blindness
• joint-pain
• fatigue
• weight-gain
• chest-pain
• coma
• insomnia
• numbness
• depression
• tinnitus
• weakness
• spasms
• irritability
• nausea
• deafness
• memory-loss
• rashes
• dizziness
• headaches
• seizures
• anxiety
• palpitations
• fainting
• cramps
• diarrhoea
• panic
• burning in the mouth
• diabetes
• MS
• lupus
• epilepsy
• Parkinson’s
• tumours
• miscarriage
• infertility
• fibromyalgia
• infant death
• Alzheimer’s

As is quite evident, Aspartame not only lacks any nutritional value, it also can have grave effects on humans when consumed. In fact, over 80% of complaints made to the FDA concern Aspartame and is now used in over 5000 products, yet facts are still being misrepresented and as primary producers of Aspartame such as Monsanto produce false data to cover their tracks.

How is their monopoly being secured?
Monsanto within recent decades has somewhat become the archetype of corruption and corporatism, devoting many millions to Government lobbying in order to maintain its hegemony over agriculture, its use of harmful chemicals and to maintain restrictions of food labelling of GM products. In fact, the company seems to have a revolving door between itself and Government now, one example being the FDAs Arthur Hull resigning due to controversy and going straight to an employee at Monsanto as a Public Relations representative. This means that the FDA, the central official force against the use and proliferation of harmful products is in bed with Monsanto, the main proliferator.

Another creation Monsanto have pushed into pastoral agriculture is their Synthetic Bovine Growth Hormone which is a genetic modification of the E-coli virus to be used in dairy products and cows. And in order to make sure this product is pushed onto farmers, Monsanto sues any that do not use it with teams of lawyers. They also, in a far more cunning and destructive method, are able to and have destroyed other, natural crop cultivation by the use of their Genetically Modified crops themselves. What they have done is modified their crops in order that they self pollinate, and that bees that come into contact with their crops are killed, causing mass hive collapses, which then means any natural crop in surrounding farms die off due to a lack of bees to pollinate them, forcing them to join the monopoly of Monsanto's GM supply.

Also, before the aerial spraying aluminium and barium into the skies began in 1998, that has seen a rise in the content of aluminium particles per/cm from near 0 to 30,000 in many areas, Monsanto patented crops that are resistant to soil with such high concentrations, meaning they now have legal ownership over crops, whereas the natural produce may be ungrowable in a number of places where the spraying concentration is high. On a side not, the spraying of aluminium into the sky since 1998 has also caused a massive spike in Alzheimer disease and lung cancers, rising from the tens of thousands to the millions of cases per year.

To Conclude, Monsanto has recently made a very big merger deal with the Pharmaceutical company Bayer, the ones who produced Zyklon-B for the Nazi extermination chambers. Sure sounds like some safe operations.

- an essay by JDH

Agricultural monopoly with a history of extensive corruption...

Addictive, lethal
Lighting, puffing, tapping
Hurting myself is satisfying

Poetry with five lines. Line 1 has one word (the title). Line 2 has two words that describe the title. Line 3 has three words that tell the action. Line 4 has four words that express the feeling, and line 5 has one word which recalls the title.

my mom tells me she has cancer again at our kitchen table through cigarette breaths, and I am not shocked see 1-3% of survivors develop what they call a second cancer, not relating to or originating from the first cancer, and that's just what she got. She says its in her throat and colon this time. I question god and her humanity when she tells me she is done, she says to me if this is it she wants to go out guns blazing, no chemo, no hair loss, no countless mornings throwing up, and I say to her "mom, if this is it go out with the loudest fucking bang this god damned world has ever heard, you have graced this world with your relentless caring and bad temper and I don't think there is a soul I've ever seen you turn down if they were hungry even after they had stolen from you, or lied to you, or beat you, and this is what you get in return? you are a survivor of rape and starvation and abusive lovers, and you wake up every morning with aching bones and put as much love as you possibly can into the world and when I was staring down the barrel of the gun ready for my own end, you lifted my head and showed me all that the world had left to offer me, you showed me the light when all I ever wanted to see was darkness, and I will never know how to repay you."
"Mom," I say, "I don't believe in god most days but I do believe in you."

Erin Jun 1

My brother softly told me that he doesn't want to die,
I whispered that I wanted him to live,
Together we cried tears, which were not capable of cleansing our hearts of the pain
In this moment we addressed the elephant filling the room...

Joel Hayward May 31

I carried something deep inside
my pocket like Frodo's ring

with the cruel gravity of Jupiter making every step beside you a slog through Russian snow

I never told you

I couldn't bear the thought
you wouldn't fight

and oh how valiant you were!

Even that French emperor that I have in pewter in a box in storage

would have thumped you on the shoulder

Oh tu as un cœur de lion!

yet a lion had already clamped its teeth into your shoulder

such pain

and you fought impossibly

until you finally fell into that shadowy shaft without knowing that I had carried a secret for eighteen months

that you, mon brave soldat, had only six months to live

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