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You drink
You drive
You ruthlessly try
To have a good time

And down slick oil streets
Pavement like a pistol
To my temple, meets

The cure to my cancer
And the answer
To my every problem
We believed in our own sorrows, and drunk the last sip of relief until the reigns were lost in the forest.
Now, we are deserted to the realm of the oceanโ€™s abyss, left to kiss the lotion smoothing the desert on my skin.
I abandoned all hope, including the ship in the saving grace of preventing my loss of a superficial fantasy.
Shackled, left to roam freely in our thoughts, breathing for freedom is impossible in the last stages of cancer.

When my body gives in to cells eating away my life, I too, will say goodbye to my long-standing dreams that were aboard.
When I found out you had cancer,
I was angry. Livid. Scared.
Although they gave you eighteen months,
It's nothing when compared.

No time would ever be enough,
To say our last goodbyes,
But Covid-19 took away,
The chance before you died.

You lived beyond those eighteen months,
You were stronger than us all!
You fought so hard with all you had,
But we reached your final call.

I miss you more than words can say,
Forever now apart,
Just knowing we won't speak again,
Weighs heavy on my heart.

Fly happy, with the angels, love
I'll miss you more, dear friend,
Until we meet at heavens doors,
On my memories, I'll depend

RIP โ™ก
Charlie 5d
That crippling loneliness with which I am well acquainted

Waiting as a silent observer

While I sit here and write

Sat here decaying waiting for that call

That vicious lump within my mother's womb

Is it what we fear the most?

That cruel diseases that took my grandmother from us too soon?

Every second drenched in fear and terror

Bleurose Oct 5
This path will be full of mistakes
and the end is a black hole.
One where I stand, then sit at the edge.
With a bottle - the type I haven't touched in months or

and you're gone.

All I'm left with is unreliable memories,
chat logs...the fiction in my head.

We have to go this way,
you have no choice and I will walk with you
as long as you let me.

As long as you have patience.

If I want to make these mistakes with anyone, in front of anyone...

It's you....

ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย Thank you.
It's a road where the further along it you go, the more the flowers wilt.
Dayda Oct 4
Loss causes grief
One can suffer loss from death
Broken relationships

Grieving is the process after the loss
Done in so many ways
Some are more extreme than others
More verbal whilst some are more silent

It's difficult and different
For each and every soul
Some take longer than others
Whereas some are better at hiding

Don't judge
Don't criticize
Don't say otherwise
Don't compare

Let them heal at their own pace
Let them feel every emotion
Let yourself cry all out
Let yourself go

It's ok
Take your time
Build up that facade
It's ok
Live every moment
Cry when you have to
Sing if you feel it's best
Visit that grave if you need to
Pray as much as you can
It's ok
It will be ok
It's really ok

I lost my mom a year plus ago. Still coping and grieving. It will never go away. But I get to see how others do it too. And I find it really beautiful. Because we have our own way to celebrate and remember her. Not just about losing her. But how she made us who we are now. I miss you mom. Always and always.
mark soltero Sep 30
degrade me because you love me
infect me with your cancer
befoul my integrity
because iโ€™ll do anything for attention
disillusioned with my charming grip
you lie awake
thinking of ways to let me down easy
you wonโ€™t be getting rid of me
because itโ€™s me
im the malignancy
Nikita Sep 28
When I grew up. I thought that to be respected, I needed to be strong. As hard as nails.

I believed that aggression was my friend, a friend that protected me from men.

Aggression was never a friend, just a women desperate for control. Over time she became a cancer, eating away at my sanity.

She brought chaos and raged storms when she was unsure of what to do.

When she is calm, she draws me detailed pictures of suicide and sings me sweet songs of deceit.

If only setting her free was something I was strong enough to do.

Our eyes heavy falling asleep
Crying when we should be asleep
Can anyone tell me why
We're laying on the bed barely breathing
They walk on in closing the door
Scream to the gods above us
Scream to the gods below us
It eats away at our soul
It rots away at our bones
Holding onto what's left
Giving up screaming with all of our might
It eats away at our soul
It rots away at our bones
Can anyone tell me why
We're laying on the bed barely breathing
The darkness found its way in
We finally found our way out...
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