Some men of long ago were geniuses
of an extraordinary kind
Yet, those men chose to use their mind
not for good of mankind
Devicing a brilliant, yet devious plan;
A fantastic plan for every common man,
woman, boy,  and girl
A stunning plan by some genius men
Leaving everyone beguiled and bewildered
A plan simple yet complex,
starring cigarettes, cancer, and copd,
and superfast machinery
for mind blowing production
An ingenious plan, unstoppable and fail proof
A plan for population reduction
Genius men playing everyone for a fool,
Cigarettes, an ultimate uncool

Seema Aug 12

The smoky serpent rises
Above the heads of some
The sight hurts my eyes
It knows, it's not welcome

I cough and I choke
As it enters the atmosphere
My breathing gets heavy
For the deadly cancer, I fear

It stinks as I cover my nose
Second-hand smoking is at worse
Awareness by the educated people
They are the ones who ride this horse

So much to eradicate this demon
But fail to exile the makers
Putting awareness on the packets
Only lures and leads more smokers

It controls the people like a God
No matter what approach you take
The roll glows in between the lips
And the serpent is released in the lake...


"serpent is released in the lake..." this line means that the smoke is released in the air.

Smoking/second-hand smoking is injurious to health.
Chris Neilson Aug 11

Too melancholic
Longing to be one with peace
Sanctuary found

Maggie's cancer support centres around the UK are spaces of healing and sanctuary

Here's an addictive cigarette
Smoke it and you'll look cool
It will help you lose weight
You'll turn into a skeleton, it's true,

Your beauty will fade like smoke
Your brain cells will burst into nothingness
Your heart, bladder, and kidney
Uterus, cervix, and pancreas
Colon, oral, and lips
Tongue, throat and all organs
Will all die under poison's merciless blades,

Give your lungs a reason to fail you
And cause your breath to smell like decay
Granting people a good reason
To avoid you and disappear midway,

Smoke the whale's vomit as odor
The animal's urine as flavoring
And cover the roads of your veins
With heavy black tar and nicotine,

Inhale 4,800 chemicals in one cigarette
With over 60 causing cancer
And once diagnosed with lung cancer
You only have a few months to live,
And each and every form of tobacco
Is derangedly contaminated with lethal chemicals
They grow inside you, breaking your healthy flow,

We are clearly treated like insects
Inhaling various forms of insecticides,
Companies consider us pests
Smoking pesticides, hydrogen, and cyanide,

You're slowly killing yourself
It is considered suicide
And while you were reading my words
A person has died on tobacco's rough ride.

stay for a moment
for I am not quite ready to
let go
I could not manage
to see your dust settle and
fade away into the mists
from whence you came

Liam Jul 31

Cancer is a myth,
For a lie,
Your mother lost her tits.
Now all the girls at school secretly call your mother Ironing Board Woman.
How rude.

Listen kid,
You're gonna have to see it one day.
So just give your dad a quick stab in his nigger  face for making you half cast which is still in the nigger category.
I know I would.

Really irrational reasoning used by the perpetrator in this piece. You can feel the angst.

Early it was on that humid summer morning
I awoke to complete silence and a dreadful forewarning
I knew it right then after a moment of thought
It was the eerie atmosphere which death always brought
My time was running out and I was no longer at ease
Now cancer had chosen me despite my prayers and pleas
No man will survive, I was no exception
And yet I was prompted by the doctor’s deception
There was no love left for me, I am done
My line is now damned, for I fathered no son
And now I will become dust and forgotten to history
My true purpose on Earth is forevermore a mystery.

I neglected my condition but nobody ever knew
My personal pain numbed while my disease grew
I needed to die and feel nothing for my body was weak
There was nobody to love, and I chose not to seek
I had lost my inspiration, and my mind became dull
I wanted to go and let my ugly face dry to a mere skull
My skin was on fire and I just hoped it would melt faster
Then maybe I could erase my life which had turned to a disaster
I sought no vengence and needed no instant savior
I am not an idiot who believes your pity isn’t a forced behavior
Where is their understanding, compassion, genuine concern
Everybody knows for their true loved ones they surely would burn
But not me, this I know sure
My true deadliest disease knows no cure.

I sat by the lake, thought of the past, and cried alone
I wrote on a rock my name, then into the water I threw that stone
I threw it so far and I yearned for my undeserved kiss
And like my Earthly legacy, my name sunk into the lake’s abyss
My existence obsolete and unknown with my name
My pain and misery will go down in history the same

And then she appeared

She sat by my side
She instantly cried
She knew of my fear
Yet she could not hear
She reached for my hand and held it tight
With her beautiful voice she told me to fight
And then my eyes dripped singular tears
And she wiped them away alongs with my fears
I knew she was deaf and could not understand
But I knew in that second that her I couldn’t withstand

I did not know her name, and I didn’t have one to give
But that didn’t matter because my old self no longer would live
It was love at first sight and my heart felt security
Though I was lost, I suddenly regained my purity
I accidently smiled and she knew it was true
I obviously blushed because she did too
She pressed me to her chest and hummed so sweetly
For the first time in forever I organized my thoughts neatly
I only thought of my newly found purpose in this universe
It was now evident that my cancer had become a curse

She followed me close and I began to worry
Her perpetually beautiful face began to go blurry
I wanted so much to tell her my affliction before late
I realized my demise would have no precise date
She brought me from sadness and I waited too long
Why has the Lord forbidden me to sing a deaf girl my song
And then the morning came where she kissed me awake
I was going to die that day, and I had to tell her for love’s sake
My cancer was strong, but my love was stronger
I needed to go then but she deserved one day longer
She expected a newer, repaired version of me
The look in her warm brown eyes was always my pleasure to see
And then while we stared in each others eye
At the very same lake that she saw me cry
The place our love burgeoned would terminate there
As my heartbeat faded away whilst we mutually stare
And then my last tear trickled down my cold cheek
I left the world as I came, crying and weak
And then she was there and deaf as she was
She was terribly distressed and watched in pause
And then she realized at that moment I was forever away
And so she knelt and knew it was my last day

She left me dead and never returned, all alone, dead, alone.

See you in the twilight,
every night that my eyes are closed.
Your skin glows,
hands as soft as I recall.
Hair is still the same garnet shade-
you look beautiful.

Please, don't go.

I know, it's selfish-
you give life to greenery,
and flowers grow from the ashes.

Sickness no longer ravages your body,
I want you to come back to me-
the stars don't shine the same way,
every cloud remains looking gray-
they took my sunshine away.

Breaths shouldn't run out so young,
my soul wants to speak with your’s.
Where we divide the vicinities of  Heaven and Hell,
love of mother and child lasts an infinity.

Met with blue skies above our heads,
greenest grass under our feet.
there's no race in the sands of time,
your heart still beats
& you smile.

This moment ends
and the time spent together transcends
into the unknown,
when the sun glows through my blinds--
I'm left with just the ghost of you.

Mother, I want this sorrow to leave
if you can't come back, please stay in my dreams,
your spirit gleams among the horizon.

a loss
he tells me

"I have until August"

my dear friend suffers
he is tired of fighting

ready to swim the river
to the next life
he has lived and loved
done so much
to make the lives of others

The Cards tell me to
get ready-
he will soon
gain freedom
from his strife

I attribute so much of
my self awareness
to him

the veil
has been lifted -
the path, clear
now we see
the reflection
of the complete circle
where the beginning
and the end

here we have
such a solemn moment

here we say goodbye in
all the words
have been said
we understand
the connection

soul deep

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