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Bhill 2d
Fade Away - Haiku

it's nearly over
suspicions will fade away
we can dream can't we

Brian Hill - 2020 # 293
The piano player
has already been shot.
He is no longer a musician,
less one that sold-out halls.

Once he turned the river’s chant
into a jazz so fine that fish weeped.

Now, he plays only
right-handed counterpoint.
His left is still paralyzed,
even after a year of PT.

He only knows Bach,
the old bebop has faded.

His laugh,
a faint rhythmic sigh
is the only time
he knows how to keep.

He grows frustrated
when a two-handed Schubert
plays on the classic radio station.

He was acclaimed
for the way his music
triumphed over time and adversity:
the weakness of an inferior piano,
his own chronic fatigue, his very pain.

He would admonish those
who broke his concentration
with chronic picture taking
and excessive coughing.

He grunted whenever
he heard his imitators
in the elegies of Muzak
floating from the big mall speakers.

Now, his drummer and bassist
have died. He is alone.
His past brilliance is a cosmic taunt.

He realizes that he never
could have done any of this
without them
by his side,
keeping his time

The small, sleeping audience
of the nursing home
of which he is a resident
is not convinced of his genius.
He is no longer convinced of it.

He plays jazz in his dreams.
It’s as messed up as his left hand,
messed up as his waking life.
In the beginning I was chasing The Dragon,
Now The Dragon chases me.
My heart is heavy,
I can barely see.

I feel so weak,
It's become impossible to stand on my own two feet.

I'm feeling empty,
But I just ate.
There's only one thing left on my plate.

My mind is flooded with all the things we once said.
None of it's in my heart,
But it's in my head.

I somehow feel I am lost,
Inside the house I lived my whole life.
The house where my mother was once a wife.
Luiz Oct 8
I'm fading away
mayday! mayday!
like light to day
and spring to May

but it's not like today
or a day then in May
there for me
when I fade

I'll be gone by the bay
if I don't stay
I won't return
any day!

what else can I say?
I tried all but in vein
whatever I do
I keep fading away!

mayday! mayday!
all of a sudden
its her vivid memories
that started to fade

like a photograph
captured in a camera
in grayscale effect

{ l.m.l.b }
at some point, i think it's pretty cool to also do what clementine did to joel barish. // may 2019
You’re like the last part of fall
When the leaves all fall off
When the good part’s gone
Who you used to be was so fun

The thrills of new seasons come and go
And all you’re left with is the cold
Without the magic of the snow
Who you used to be was so good

When everything has turned to grey
Without the peace that comes from rain
When all the colors fade away
Who you used to be was so great
Kashish Sep 9
When you and I were together
My soul was feisty and I was full of fire
When I looked you in the eye, my eyes gleamed an enraptured caressing look
My heart was full of passion and desire
But when you left
The fire in me though not finished;
was almost extinguished
I realised my soul was burnt to embers
The smouldering pieces of my body
that once ignited a fire
Were now ready to fade
Like our love eventually did.
Terra Levez Aug 19
I said Goodbye for the first time and felt the air slip out of my lungs
I said Goodbye for the second time and thought maybe I'd get a third chance
Only my rationality slipped away
I said Goodbye for the third time and my belief in good slipped away
I said Goodbye a thousand more times, never realizing what left me

Then just as I was saying another Goodbye
Unnoticed in my litany
I felt myself scatter to the wind in all the different paths
Like a candle snuffed out by by the silencing wind

That was my Last Goodbye
And that was the last of me
This is for every goodbye I had to say; temporary and permanent...who knows when the temporary becomes permanent in these times?
E Aug 18
Fade to black
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