When loved ones
completely fade from view
it is then
we see them most clearly.

Mazen Edlibi Dec 2017

Holding The Pen and closing my eyes, making my Heart opens his book in pain!

Listening to that Melody calling me loudly to hear the unsaid words, makes all lines shake in fear!

Space and every Element surrounding that space lead to hold my trembled Heart to Fade in Illusion!

Questioning my Reasons....

Questioning my Versions i went through and became....

Questioning the Purpose I have every Now and Then....

Questioning "Should I go Further than this Point that I reached?"...

The Sun is hiding behind those shy Clouds, trying to keep the Light of A Road from being Seen!

And I'm Questioning....

What is behind that Road?

Phoebe Woods Dec 2017

My hands are shaking
pulse rushing
heart beat-beating
vision blurring
speech slurring
dropping slowly to the ground.

In and out of consciousness
devil's words
faces crowding
halos glowing
fading into nothing now.

Poetic T Nov 2017

My life is stained
       with red wine spills

Even though I've wiped
       up most...

There will always be a silhouette
                   there to remind me

That no stain ever truly fades completely..

purpu Nov 2017

lend me other rooms
leave my mind extending
willingly i take
but consciously i'm fading

Mohamed Adel Nov 2017

Even when things are right
I still don’t feel at ease
It feels like desperation has taken over
It feel like i’m drownig in its seas

Dull, black and grey
Is still all i can see
It’s crushing me over
It has taken control of me

Tried to crawl away from it
But it has rendered me weak
Is this not what i’m looking for?
Is this not what i seek?

Taking on the fight all alone
I can’t win it, I deem
It isn’t as easy as i thought
I’m not as strong as I seem

Would someone hear this
And listen to my cries
It wouldn't be too long before this voice stops
Not too long before this voice dies

Alison Latres Nov 2017

Fantastic, the phantom is fading
Yet evading, with his tricks and lies
Manipulation, deceit up his sleeves
Just like knives
He takes a jab at what he pleases
And he's always right

Justice is falsified,
emotions are falsified,
His name is falsified,
Gone forever, phantom of the night

Anam Asif Oct 2017

Problems? They'll end ,
Trust me , they will.
You don't need to give up ,
Or run around for help .
Remember you're not hapless ,
Kenned to be called as misfortune.
You're kind of an eerie,
'You' , nowhere in the history .
Call yourself a bravado ,
So will their spunk fade .
Dash off 'am sham problems ,
Chasing your immortal dreams.

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