Vexren4000 Jul 14

The haze hangs over the memory,
As if it were a dream forged by reality,
As if it were,
As if it was,
There once was a moment,
Now passed as the ticking of the clock,
Faded away as the graffiti upon the city wall,
As if it were a falsehood,
Something created by some silver-tongued salesmen,
As if it were,
As if it was,
Now the elder of the village has passed as well,
As if it were,
As if it was,
Always the fate intended for him.

A H S Jul 9

the flowers have withered
And so has my heart

for heart break brings
no joy or happiness

only sadness and pain
as the flowers fade

awe Jun 27

is it possible
to be so madly in love with someone
and then
the love you once shared
could soon fade away..
this is one of the saddest truths
acceptance of this
also has to come into play
knowing this helps prevent
extreme attatchment
the real question is though
are they worth suffering for...
if you find that they arent
go on your way
but if they are
prepare your heart and mind
for an emotional
possibly making it worth your while
in the end

simply old thoughts..
Wyatt Jun 23

Caught in the trap
of insecurity and hurt.
Promised pretty things,
just to have them fade
from your point of view.
It's on day by day
It can break you.

We always want more.
Vexren4000 Jun 22

The tombs and pyramids,
Of ancient Egypt,
The Sphinx,
As well As the river Nile,
The beauty of these things,
Is now in this age,
A fraction of what it once was,
A testament to how beauty can fade away,
And leave nothing but a picked clean skeleton,
Lying in a sandy coffin,
The dunes building up around the base,
Of once grand structures,
The sand mummifying all it comes to touch,
The sun drying out the parched ground below,
One would not even think,
That a paradise could exist,
In this dry desolate place.

Hailey Paige Jun 12

I feel dirty because of what you did to me
and no matter how many times I clean myself.
The image of your hands on my body
Never seems to fade away...

Desolation Jun 3

Blood drips down the blade.
Time flies by; memories fade.
Pain has been erased.

Time can heal almost all wounds.
alan Jun 3

I'll cover you in
the love that protects your soul;
our love doesn't fade.

Addison René May 18

someone tell me
whats so wrong with
wanting a memory
that we both remember

and someone tell me
what does it mean to
let go of something you've never had?

someone just
tell me
why am i feeling so sad?

im not asking for much
just a little reassurance
so that i feel like
i am enough

i just don't wanna fade away

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