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Meet 26m
To walking out of the house alone
To killing enemies with every dying emotion
To those who stand still in soulfading light
To those who don’t hesitate taking a bullet with pride
We salute you because you're willing to fight!

To face every plight without getting afraid
To bathe sometimes in the rain of grenades
To those with their eternal will
To those with the restless spirits
We salute you because you refuse to quit!

To the sacrifices that seemed very normal
To the courage amidst the literal horror
To those who dare to fight against their own fear
To those who die fighting for us at the border
We salute you because YOU all are the real avengers!

All those mothers who shed tears at night
All the wives keep waiting in the fading sight
All the families who lost their beloved ones
To those all who only lived once but shall stay forever
In our hearts, in our memories
In the history, for their dauntless bravery
To the real superheroes of our nation who don’t fight for any fame
I salute you because it's not a shame!
I salute them because its not a shame!
My spine tingles and my bones grow weak
I get the chills from every creak
Even the faintest noise makes my heart jump
Faster and faster my heart does pump.

The feeling I speak about is the feeling of fear
It makes reality become quite unclear
They say the only thing to fear is fear itself
But I swear that doll jumped off the shelf.

I have the feeling I’m no longer alone
From the basement I hear a dreadful moan,
Quite unsettling this feeling can be
When I feel there’s someone watching over me
Mysterious like a shot in the dark
Stabs a knife right through the heart
Once you find it run quick turn on the light
While you and your conscious put up a fight.

Trying to figure out what’s real and what’s imagination
My heart’s constant pounding won’t help my frustration
As noises comes closer I don’t linger
But my body freezes from my toes to my fingers,
Frozen still yet ready to run
Tears fall slowly like the setting sun
I fall to the floor and pray that it’s all a dream
No sooner I finish than I echo a scream.
The room races round and round
So dizzy I can’t find the ground
Its’ gotten into my mind and now I’m out of control
It haunts my thoughts and my soul.
Could this be it, could it be the end
Is my demise just around the bend?
Then the garage opens and the car drives in
A relived breath utters, “Fear had me again”.
Dez 15h
Fear is a terrible friend
It stays by your side
There's never an end
You want to scream ,but your mouth is dry
Fear is a terrible friend
You want to believe you can live without it
But you lost the ability to defend
Fear is a terrible friend
You lost yourself to it
You don't have the strength to live without it
Fear is a terrible friend
It's a battle some of us face alone
When you say it out loud, most people cant comprehend
Fear is like a dog with a bone
It wants you buried and alone
Fear is a terrible friend
I won't fear or run away,
       If my death comes to me now,
But I will always regret for my unfulfilled wishes,
My wish of going to a sea beach & spending a whole night talking silently to the moon & the brightest star,
My wish of breaking this jail & run away somewhere far,
My wish of having at least a boyfriend,
My wish of leaving at least one person behind to cry on my end,
My wish of planting plants on my 18th b'day,
My wish of spending a day without tears & full of gay,
No I won't fear or run away,
     If the death comes to me now,
    & no I won't be filled up with the sorrow,
Cause I know Almighty will send me again to fulfill them maybe today or tomorrow!!!
A thought carving my mind since last sleepless night!!!
To be heard.
To challenge the norm,
you must be willing to fight,
don't hide with fright.

The way they think
The way they feel
it pushes, it pulls,
it kicks and it hits.

the oppression and hate
it lands on a plate
served in portions of
martial law,

now look at me closely,
look me dead in the eyes.

tell me you know why all those people died?
because I tell you
you have no idea

how it feels to be hated.
how it feels to be.
I dislike, lol but I wanna know what you think?

I write things when I feel them and regardless of If I like it or not I keep writing.
silas 1d
just the thought of you feeling alone in this world
keeps me up at night
you say
you fear you will never find someone like you
and although you and i
are not the same
i will be here to listen to you
and grip your hands tightly through this storm
that never seems to end

i want to hear your thoughts
and all of your joys and desires
what you hate and fear in this world
what evokes envy or anger
i want to have a piece of your heart in my hands

and you
are a beautifully perfect individual
einstein would envy your knowledge
and aphrodite would envy your beauty

but i can never find the right words

loving you is exhilarating
and everytime you speak you leave me breathless
and wanting to hear more

there are few people who make the sun shine
so gloriously in the sky
as if it were just for me

i hope you stay in my life forever.
for he who shall not be named
written 30 april, 2018
published 18 sept, 2018
How do I dream?
When all I have is fear
Like water running down the stream,
I am bleeding into tears.

What do I say?
When there is nothing left
My soul has been taken away,
And I can't even apprehend anyone for this theft.

Why should I run?
When there is nowhere left to go
In the beginning it was just fun,
Now I don't know who is my friend and who is my foe.

Where does it go and where does it end?
If you know then send me an echo, my friend.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
When life takes a turn,
Melancholy rises and memories burn.

Happy Reading!
Confession theory 1 : I'm afraid I've fallen in love with a boy who doesn't reciprocate. 
Confession theory 2: I'm afraid I've fallen in love with a boy who doesn't even realize he's fallen too.
Confession theory 3 : I’m terrified that I’ve fallen in love with a boy who never got over his first
Confession theory 4 : I can't differentiate left from right or up from down, I'm afraid I've gone completely mad.
Confession theory 5: This has been just all a mess in my head, I guess. 
Confession 6: I've fallen in love with you so deeply, so deeply I'm afraid
You see, I'm afraid it's only me
So are you,
Falling for me too?
Or is it true,
I'm just not the one for you?
I wrote a poem about you , at 8am .
About friendship and how we could last till at least 10am .
But by the time 4:45pm rolls around ,
You’ll be beyond reach .
Something I never thought possible for us .

At 8am , I vowed that I loved you .
At midnight I still will ,
And at 3am when the pain comes and I fear my past mistakes ,
You’ll be writing poetry about her , to be read when she wakes up at 7am .
I’ll always love you ( I think ) but the pain comes from the sad remnants of our friendship .
my lungs weaken as my arms shroud my neck
it sees me as I dig myself into comfort
as I find myself in solace
it grabs my wrists from behind me
pulls the wind from my cells
I crawl inside my eyes
black captures my surroundings

a tunnel of fog and glazed pupils
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