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Fear steps in,
into that gap between hearing and believing, seeking to fill that space, undermining belief until believing is turned away and faces fearing the worse and settling for less as the truth fades into the distance.

Jesus steps in
into that gap between fear and hope, and smothers the fear with an over abundance of reasons to believe in this offer to receive a power-over-death level of life that drowns out the crowd of unbelieving commotion until he sees resurrected hope get up on her own two feet and step into your grateful arms.
There's an account in Mark 5 of how death and doubt has to give way to life and hope and a daughter is restored to her father.
Nicx 2d
I just want to play my music loud
Enough to blow my ******* brains out
There's so much happening all at once
The overstimulation makes me want to run
My system is overwhelmed by love and joy
But that's only one side of the coin
On the flip side, anxiety is everything
So much it feels like I am drowning
To heal
To lose
In circles
We float

What are we fearing?

You with solemn eyes look to the sun
Lost in its embrace
Wishing to be the clouds
That touch its light and dissipate

"I am afraid that everything I have lost
Will come back and find me
After I have learned to live without it"

And with that, I begin to disappear
If someone were to make you, where would they begin?
Would they need a bowl, a cookie sheet, or some kind of molded tin?
Would you be sweet, a little sour, or even have a kick?
Would it be the knife that cut you, or the spoon from which they lick?
Would they start with cream to soften, or flour to make you thick?
Would the eggs just make you runny, or would they make you stick?
Would you need lemon zest, or pepper flakes, or chocolate chips?
Would you melt inside their mouths, or would you burn their lips?
Would you rise inside an oven, or would you boil above a flame?
Would they have memorized the recipe, or would they only know the name?
A prompt from a friend, thank you.
Zack Ripley Sep 18
I know. It can be scary to feel.
You either feel too much or nothing at all.
Or even worse, you feel you've hit the bottom
so many times you stop being afraid of the fall. Maybe you're already there,
and you decide to take a look around.
You start to feel safe.
Because you fear you'll be judged
if you are ever found.
Judged for falling when people thought
they were picking you up.
Judged for staying at the bottom just because you were "stuck in a rut."
And these fears are valid.
These fears may come true.
But these judgements will come
from people who love you.
I know it might not be clear
what I'm trying to say, so here it is:
it's okay to be afraid.
But if no one knows there's a problem,
they'll never be able to help show you the way.
vanessa marie Sep 12
tonight i wont fall for it
though i cry on your shoulder,
i left this behind last year.
i have moved on
though i havent gone far
life without you is my greatest fear.
Around the wall of a moving trust
In a stagnant love, comes a frost
All of a sudden,a stop sounds a must
Counts of a three decades love -lost.

Diverse queries filled up my heart.
Solutions to them, I hope I could find fast.
I reflected on my past, my mispainted memories.
Frustrating thee having a lose confidence

Suddenly, a sound echoed in my mind
I searched, I dulged just for me to find
Luckly,knocks the jewel, the savior of my heart
At this time, I'd started seeing the reality of life.

I mouned, I sighted, I questioned repeatedly.
Could he be the one, will i be right with him?
One phrase keeps rolling in my mind
Thee have to keep moving, I just have to move.

Im mindst of having these thoughts.
I concluded, I think I will be right with him!
Not only to be right, I found my missing rib
Thou: at the best time, came in an uninvited guest.
Here comes an uninvited guest! Shall we welcome it or we let go?
himangshu Sep 6
why would the moon love me?
i don't burn for her,
i don't let my guard down for her,
i don't pray for her;

i envy her,
i despise her;

i might be a lot of things said, but
i am conflicting above all the things unsaid,
let's start there;
Daniel Ruiz Sep 4
I am sitting on a tilting chair near my desk,
A grey cloud pouring rain drops over my head,
My patience running thin as bodies of water
Run through me, Desperate,
as if the laundry in the back is getting wet.

A piece of paper lays on the desk,
Empty, as if my thoughts are on me
Instead than on it.

I’m holding onto my pen,
Maybe a little too tight,
The water hasn’t gotten here yet,
I really feel like I have to write.

I look up and the cloud is getting bigger,
Waves style my hair,
Rivers run down my arms,
My socks are getting wet,
And so is my pen.

There’s water up to my ankle now,
Items in my room are starting to float,
My desk turns Into a sailing boat
And without me it roams.

Water grabs my waist
Too intimate,
But not as intimate as how
My tilting chair embraces the ground.

Im on my own now,
Waiting for my oxygen to run out,
The water filled my room
It is still a mess.

My arms feel heavy,
I let go of my pen,
I watch as it falls on my tilting chair
It hasn’t moved an inch.

I’m Scared.
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