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You were
that was clear.
You were
you had no fear.
You were
you had brains, you were no fool.
Yet I was,
and fell for you.
Tough guys...
He said he knew me...
Not me per se, but people like me.
"****, I use to be you"
he continued...
"hopeless and lonely with a front row seat to tragedies,
wasting time, killing hope,with *** bottles from ABC,
fearing the living and mourning the dead,
paralyzed in a loose chain,
in a globe that seems to contradict it's every turn,
that's what you're doomed to be!"
his worn out eyes turned to me
"but isn't that everybody?
I know it's still me...
afraid that my dreams will be swallowed up by reality"
Pyrrha 8h
You aren't trapped in darkness
You are simply hiding from the light
Taking a break from being seen
Nyctophobia is the fear of the dark
solfang 9h
I wish it's my father's road,
For my father,
He'll take the right actions;
When strangers make a monkey out,
Of themselves, and induce fear
onto his daughter of flesh and blood.

I wish it is my father's road,
For my father,
Would not allow atrocity
To happen when he's on guard.

I wish it is my father's road,
For my father,
He does not have a vile temper,
But shows real anger when
I'm hurt.

And I'm hurt,
By names my father did not gave me,
On the road that does not belong
to my father.
Grandfather/father's road: A retort to druvera/pedestrian who act like they own the roads. Commonly heard, and said as part of Malaysia/Singapore's street language.

Feels like cat-callers owned the road these days. I live in fear.
We could have jumped
directly off the cliff
but instead,
we're paragliding.

These winds of change
are terrifying, tough, and turbulent.
Still, our stomachs are in knots.
Still, we wonder where we'll land.
Still, we will coast,
to the bottom.

And maybe I won't be scared
of heights,
or the ground
by the time it's over.
I reach out to nothing,
Expecting something,
Something deep and beautiful,
Complex, hard to follow.

I reach out to nothing,
With a broken hand, weakened heart, and shattered soul,
Picking up the pieces as I go.

I reach out to nothing,
While it never reaches back.
Yet I keep on reaching.
I am hopeless like that.
Atlas 20h
Why do I hold on?
It's certainly not anything poetic
No one means that much to me
I hold nothing dear
I guess it's because I'm afraid
Of what comes next
But when is fear
Not going to be enough

When will my grasp

On this world

Finally slip?
Don’t you worry about
Never seeing the light of day
Give peace a chance
Let the fear you feel
Fall away
Say yes to heaven, my love,
There’s no other way
If you go,
I’ll stay
And channel your memory
Through the candlelight
For you to follow
Back to me
Emotions make you weak,
That’s all everyone has ever taught me.
I’m like a broken clock,
Standing in one place for what seems like forever,
Deep inside I still crave love and affection,
Although cruelty is all I’ve ever known.
Some days are bright,
And some are colored in darkest shades of night.
Emptiness is echoing through me,
The mirror is my worst enemy,
Reality in it I can clearly see.
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