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under construction
this new thing
that we’ve built
covered by
a hovering
of guilt

the last time
i felt anything
even close to this

i want to squish
those bratty lips
into a pucker
like a fish
and give you
an awkward,
but hilarious
and even though
we’ve not yet
it’s your face
and smile
and voice
that i always miss

this heart
in my chest
says that it
likes you best
and who am i to argue?
why should i
try to protest?
i must confess
that my life
and my mind
are a constant mess
i don’t know if
i’m a damsel
but i’m
most certainly
in distress

****, i really like you
i really want you
i crave
to feel your embrace
to look into your eyes
and rub my face
against your face
to bite your lip
and give you
a taste
i promise not to let
a single
of your
to waste

i actually want to live
there’s so much
i want to give
there’s so much
i want to share
with you
and the world
when it feels
like just yesterday
i didn’t ******* care
i didn’t think
i could go anywhere
but down
and kept hoping
to soon
end up
in the ground

but here i am singing
and smiling
and doing what i love
with you in my mind
and my heart
giving me
something to dream of

*******, you *******

i love you
Hannah 2d
my patience is so cold,
icebergs could break.
my dreams are so big,
sun could shine
in trembles of November rain.

I see black roses
and I drink of
same old poison.

I see those waves of
all the blood I bled
and I see a full blood moon
at dawn.

some days are
as black as night,
some are as colorful
as daytime rainbows.
spring has taken
the shape of a wounded coyote...

forcing a layered film
of something very dangerous
to hide in the bulb of each joss flower…

a brutal coercion made pure
by the ghost of the ending winter...

each day has forced warmth
upon me as if it were a ritual,

the annual harvest of my sanity.
blood poetry
Power stood, but strength fell
A capacity to fear, but no more burdens to build,
The forlorn of a daughter.
While fault became honey, sweetly puréed upon the flesh I wore,
The drought of one’s character left dry this flesh.
Sticky and shriveled, was my existence.


No conquest could restore, dignity or integrity,
The forlorn of a daughter, lost to the hunger of confectioners.
Jeremy Betts Mar 30
Life can seem like a nightmare
I'm afraid of all of the time
I release my flair in the night air
Noticing all the fear is of the same kind
I more than recognize the familiar glare
The eyes looking back at me are mine
Aware that I'm unaware
Fair or not,
Witness my paradigm

How can you truly wish true love the best,
Lost years slipping away from our hands?
Betrayal, lies, deception a test,
Love turning blind darkness all commands…
For what is truth if not halve our hearts torn,
Leaving us scapegoats of wilderness?
Did not we share our desires all worn,
Only to never come and confess…
I can feel the pain brewing inside you,
An old soul will always have to know…
No, what comes in your life isn’t all new.
Your burdens are mine aching to show…
Whatever you go through I will be here,
Pushing my love away from you I fear…
A new year begins, with hectic schedules every day,
Anxieties overwhelm us- in school; work; in every possible way
Often we tend to focus solely on the challenging and stressful circumstances,
Forgetting the power and the capabilities of God, who can help us

Our doubts and tough circumstances are the results of the the powers and principalities of the evil world,
The spiritual war we face each and every day- between spirit and flesh; it is real
The evil one tries to make us doubt God’s love and provision during the trying times;
To counter it, we must have our eyes fixed on Christ, to be comforted in times of strife

When we come before God to acknowledge our weaknesses and inability to stand by our own strength,
Through His mercy, we are beholden to His love and grace which loosens our soul when we get tense
When countless worries come, we must render these known to God in prayer;
His comforting presence, peace and renewed strength in us shall take away all our doubts and fears

Challenges and anxieties from the world can afflict a believer and cause him to go astray,
But if we exercise our faith through prayer, God will help make these anxieties go away
“My child, for all those times when you were full of anxiety and fear,
It was I, who pulled you through; I have always been near.”

Inspiration: Psalm 94:18-19
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