Jabin 7h
Mouth dry, tongue tied,
So much to say.
Last night, I tried-
Knelt down to pray.

Morning came too soon,
Truth through my window.
I know I'm the moon-

Happiness is naive.
All just-for-fun designs.
The pain we keep to grieve-
Vanity of the mind.

We swing from metal framework,
Deep in our beliefs, we fight.
In our dreams, we twitch and jerk-
Repeating the phrase, "I'm right".

I'm right, I'm right, I'm right, I write,
And God has told me just as much.
I write, I write, I write, "I'm right?"
Gems overflowing from my clutch.

Now I stop to think- shame has made me.
Is it worth bowing to retrieve gold?
I recall when all I sought was glee.
When did life impose this stranglehold?

Everything I know's been built by unknown.
Thought I could make the best of this in time.
I sit here, a clown, laughing at my throne-
It was all I could do to craft a rhyme.

Gun shy, outside,
Nothing to say.
Headlight, eyes wide-
No reason to stay.
Depression you hear is deep in my gut
I feel it
I know it ain’t clear
The message is rough
Dismiss it my life is turmoil
Crashing and burning all around me
Think I’m about to fly
I hug the ground
A different kind of landing

Tell my mama that I’m sorry
Tell my brother I was too week
Tell my little sister she’s a queen and never ever do this
Walk in the footsteps of our forefathers
I’m a bad imitation  
About to finish of my sermon
Place it under my phone, passwords deactivated
Because I want someone to know
I want someone to care
I went everyone to learn
4 tick to midnight, I hear it ring last chance
maybe god still loves me
Maybe someone remembered my name
Maybe someone is reaching out to me
Stop, hold on.
I pick up...

Hello there I was looking to speak with Mr kingsley In regards to the newest and
peep peep peep
I hung the phone
I hung my soul
I hung.

                            Rex Verum Regem
Depression is not easy
Depression is not a choose
Depression is real
Suicide is real

Sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to those we claim to care about; we see them everyday with smiles of gold and never going benith the surface why:
We are scare of what we will find
We don’t want to be the one to burden a discovery
We don’t want to be accountable

1 minuet if all it takes to call, send a text get involved.
Be accountable for those you love...
Noah 9h
a  joke that was fine two hours ago
a joke that's been fine 100 times before
a joke that's usually hysterical

silence and doubt
unable to reciprocate a simple
"goodnight i love you"

you feel guilty
i feel guilty for making you feel guilty and you feel
and it doesn't end

kai warned me that it would be hard
if only i had known
that he knew why
ash please don't confront me about this one - i'm not okay but there's nothing you can do.
some's ambition gives way
like a young sapling
faced with a blade
submit to complacency
and you'll see no danger
but we the few
run against the blade-
embracing pain-
keeping one eye on our dream
and one eye on our name

our young lives
are all uphill climbs
some slip down
and decide
that dreams aren't worth it
if they must
work to get it
we see all of the doors
and none of the keys
before long
we've snapped out of
our american dream
do what inspires you and never stop to explain yourself.
Looking for the words
the exact words of prayers
in several agnostic pages
with untidy, scattered phrases
- blindfold yourself like
how you're used to all this time.

In the backyard
of your six feet layers
of loneliness
interrogate the dogs,
like when you breathe in
the happiness.

all the words.


Express yourself
like how you make love
to the dark, feverish heartache.
is when
you lump
all your fear
and desire
indefinite words,
waiting for
all the fractions
in the metasphere
to take over.
Maybe you fear to be whole again,
to feel complete.
You've  felt broken for so long,
that you found comfort in it.
Your scared to take the chance of feeling complete in fear it will fall apart.
So you accept being broken
and smile on.
Dolores 17h
A wonderful concert has just begun -
The crickets play in the long grass
On sonorous maracas.

Hundreds of musicians, and one,
Deeply moved spectator, sat there
And cried as he heard the despair.

It came with a rude gust of wind
Which broke branches and tore up leaves,
But with no roots harmed - naught achieves.

So the spectator, quite chagrined,
Listens to them with little hope
That he will not suffer or grope.

The crickets could not help but cry
And whispered under the grey sky:
"The fate is cruel, you soon will die..."
sugar in tea
rain in dirt
snow on salt
ice over flame

i melt into nothingness
a barely-felt breeze kissing your lips
as i sit and try not to blow away
to absorb into my surroundings

icy fingers conjure heat
running legs create energy
tangled sheets inspire love

it's the constant motion of earth around
my sun
and i can't keep up
i can't understand why it works this way
how can you not see that you revolve around me
always in my view

maybe that's why it doesn't work
i am stuck here
watching you move effortlessly through your path
and i am stuck here
seeing everyone look at your light

a thousand fireflies dance in my heart
each light a flicker of my fancy
trying to imitate your sun
but my heart is stone

and no one can see it.
Take it out on me
all the emotions you
don’t want to feel
all the hurt you bestowed
upon yourself
all the nights you can’t sleep
and so you hate day and what it brings
Take it out on me
leave me in pain without scratches
so nobody will ever know
that you took it out on me
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