Sanny 39s

Which mask should I wear today?
No one can handle seeing the bare, naked me,
so I created a closet filled with masks.
One for every mood expected of me.
So which one is it?
The happy, loving one?
The sad one?
The supporting one?
The angry one?

Please don't catch me off guard. I want to keep you.

Make no mistake about it.
This is Donald Trump's America.
The Liberals,
For the most part,
Are just responding to what HE says.....
HIS agenda.....
HIS tweets.
Many people will tell me,
"I didn't vote for Donald Trump!"
Are delineated by the hierarchies
By Right Wing ideologues.
The rising numbers of Americans,
Killing themselves with opiates
Of the Predominance of the Ideology
Of the Far Right,
Which even many, so-called "Liberals"
Have bought into.
In a Nation with so much wealth.
Our Extreme Individualism
Is gradually
Wiping people out covertly
Just as the Alt-Right Movement
Would like to eradicate vulnerable  people

I'm ready to leave here.
Her eyes, her mouth, her breath,
they despise me.
They loathe me.
Ready for exile,
I will be pushed from June
and into the arms of July.
I will lay there
until I suffocate,
spores taking over my body,
the ocean of the sighing
forest floor choking me,
waiting in wretched harmony.
I'll be dreaming of yesterday
as the claws of tomorrow
tear my body to pieces.

~~ Summer is possessing me. ~~
Riot 12h

It’s interesting;
everytime i see you,
in dreams or even in person
how you jump back,

my eyes wander to the boy holding
my mind wonders to memories
Of me doing that.

You jump
scared shitless
as if I’ve beaten
as if
my faith in you
& our shared nights
jumped you in the shade you casted to hide yourself.

As if months of love in the dark
has made you go back
to a loveless man taking you into his arms.

Sparks turn to fire,
and we’ve turned the heat up,
like the gas stove at my mother’s house,
Several times.

inflammation all over you.
your skin.
The soul you once had.
and yet you have a fear of  

I suppose you pretending it didn’t happen works too.

Riot 12h

Keys are carried around by you
on a chain
you made from the arteries of my heart.

Too bad the keys
don't fit the
lock anymore.

I changed it.

Strings attached
huda 12h

a mind so quaint
imaginative yet so dull
full of air yet so breathless

natural havoc doubled
with wails of misery
strikes of fear then moments
of prayer
thoughts of death begets thoughts
of peace
unspoken truths with
missing meanings
a reign of everlasting fear
covered in the blanket of

a mind so shrouded
imaginative yet so dull
full of air yet so breathless

the mind is mine
Riot 12h

The blue was taken
out of the birds in the park
and put into my heart
with a cold as deep as
my room in the winter
when we didn't pay the bill.

The blue forces memories  
of the behavioral hospital

The Spiderman bedding
over my father's house

My mother's face covered
in poorly wiped tears
from hours of me lying
unconscious in the hospital

as she prayed silently,
and I said in the darkness
of my own head
"God doesn't do anything for atheists."

Riot 13h

I wish I was her world
Her everything.

I wish I was that coffee cup
That get the pleasure of touching her lips
every morning

I wish
She was mine.
Like the movies in my cabinet,
Except I would watch her
even when I’m not sad.

movie plays.
The boy
kisses the girl,
I imagine myself as the boy,
I imagine her as the girl.
I imagine her
As mine.

Is it possible for her to love me?

Another one I guess
Riot 13h

I’m afraid to die alone.

I’m so scared to die alone.

I’m not afraid to die,
I’m a little afraid to exist,

I know I don’t live.

I’m still

Unknown 17h

You are my dreams,
You are my nightmares.
You are my sunny days at the beach,
you are my lightning storms that make me screech.
I fear you, then I love you.

Oh God, what do I do?

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