T R S 18m
My fears are my strongest feelings
That I feel in my life right now
Booze had seemed to help some how
Until it made me feel much more
Mourning makes my eyes sore
Don't think I don't feel normal
Face faces normally
Don't feel bad, I'm sorry
And my sorry's enough for me.
I'd rather fall

in Love,

     with your


Than fall

    in love

           with your Smile.
Smile doesn't always mean happy, mostly, it conceals the fear of scars.
luxe 13h
Like a dark night sky,
Filled with glimmers of light,
Burdened with empty spaces between.

Or an ocean coast,
Tempted to meet the land,
Crashing cautiously.

A bee that floats in the summer air,
Dying from a danger,
That was never really there.

A shaking hand,
That reaches for another,
Expecting a cold touch.

Just like a newborn child,
Who cries and cries
Each different scream having a different meaning,
Each gasp of breath relaying a significant message onto any ear that can hear,
But still crying,
Because they do not know who knows what they know.

A toddler,
Who clamps down onto the sides of the couch,
As she scales the unchartered territory of using her legs to wander this earth,
The thrill of being able to move in ways they have seen others move,
But still not being able to release their hands,
And truly experience all there is to experience.

My friend in third grade,
Who decided to save 1 cracker from each sleeve of ritz she would have,
And hide it in her desk everyday,
Incase one day she did not have food to bring with her.

The days in middle school,
When someone tells you for the first time they think you are beautiful,
So you decide to wear your hair the same way everyday,
Dress in a similar fashion,
As to not tarnish their belief.

Highschool days,
Where you sit with the same people,
At the same seat,
Everyday at lunch,
And talk about the same 4 things,
To not wander outside the realms of what is known to be safe

In college,
When you rack your brain for hours and hours
As to why those friends left,
If that haircut is the reason why every boy stopped seeing that beauty,
If the couch really ever helped you from getting hurt
Or did it keep you from seeing all you could see.
keep you still.

Did the fear of losing,
The fear of not knowing what could happen next,
Keep you from showing the teacher the ants by your desk
That were not from YOUR snacks,
And instead of telling the teacher the truth,
You decided to silently watch your friend hide them day after day.
And as your silence grew into a habit,
You did not protest when all those people left
Or demand the boys to stop making tents in your heart,
Only to follow the line out the door and close it as the leave.
Surrounding you in a cage of closed locks

Because just like the newborn,
I do not believe, anyone knows what I know.
I will never truly experience all there is to experience.
One day I will not have any food for the day, and I want to be able to rely on the things I left waiting.
the clown in the picture turns his head
and glares
crows gather in the corner
and wait patiently
ghost of all demons
snaps his neck
one final breath
clown blinks
crows fly
shadow fades
siren screams from a distance
and ever so slowly
finds it's way

having pronounced
he exits shaking
at what he had seen
in those dead eyes
oldie - slightly reworked
A feeling I'll never see.
An emotion I'll never own .
inspiration seduces me into creativity
while despair gently chokes me into submission.
I'll find safety tomorrow in these corners.
I'll chase hope within these walls.
I'll just stay where your insecurities
and lack of self love won't slay my heart in two.
Where my imagination can't hurt me
where you and i live in unison bringing light to the world.
Shh, don't say a single word of the truth, darling.
I'm not ready to give you up
Yonwato 1d
To not cry is a blessing and a curse
A blessing 'cause it hides your pain
A blessing' cause it shields your grief
But most of all, it is a curse
One that boxes up your emotions
One that leaves you defenseless
One that denies you allayment to grieve
One that let's you seem so strong when you're weak
One that leaves devastatingly flustered.
The kind of mixed feelings you get from the frozen tears that never falls is one that leaves you overshadowed by darkness.
April 1d
When there seems not much to fight for,
Nor many left to fight,
When the dark is closing round us,
That is the time for light!

That is the time for courage,
From those both great and small,
That is the time for love, and truth,
For those must save us all!

That is the time for honor,
For friendship's outstretched hand,
For kin to stand together,
One strong, united band!

So now that shadows threaten,
And hate destroys our peace,
Now fear and greed prevail,
Now, now is the time for these!

Now is the time, my comrades!
Now you must heed the call!
Now you must stand together,
Or we must surely fall!

So listen to me, comrades,
Remember my words this day:
Love and peace can triumph,
And drive this hate away!
Never lose hope; It's sometimes all that's left.
April 1d
When the lights go out
We should not fear;
Death is our nightmare.

School should be safe,
Not a whirlwind of panic
About bullets and pain.

When the lights go out
We should not think
"We're gonna die."
This is not OK
The long hands of mem’ry are strangling my mind,
reachin’ out past the face to which my love was assigned.
When I go out in the evening to see what it is I can find
I’m haunted by the things we said.

When morning light lies beside me in my bed
I’ve got to turn myself over and shake out my head
because the whole scene reminds me of the day we wed
and of the life from which we resigned.

Like a sharp shaft of glass, we tore through the years,
only to end drowning in each other’s tears.
But the past’s so much closer than it appears,
and if you look too long you’ll go mad.

To say I never loved you’s to fall in line with a fad.
But to ignore what I feel now is just more weight I can’t add.
So I look down at the ashes, dust off what we had,
and stifle my rising fears.
Troy 1d
Thy solemn vow so sincere
Burning bright with truth divine
Casting shadows of faith entwine
Thy harpies gaze be herald on high

Thy sorrowed being
Cast astray
With little repents
Under twilights eye

Fear thy demons of borrowed time
Thou darkest fears do come alive
Gazing out into the dark
Feeding terrors hungry bite

Thou hearth be solemn
Thou love be strong
But alas a lifeless corpse lay upon thy arm
To which no more will be adorn
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