Essence of life, defined by our date of death. Remembered by beings that wish your return to this place of gloom and pretense.

Mourn one's departure as if death is not an order of life. Born, live, die we follow life's order like slaughter to a lamb. Shedded guts and fears, we one in the same.

The rhetoric question of what happens when death becomes before living. Rebel to the system, if only the system cared.

Neeraj 9h

This is the story of the love of mine
Could feel the butterfly front of my eyes
My mom was ai strong bond in our relation
That magic creates feeling of affection
The one who played pick-aa-boo with me
That's lovely Mom like a GOD at front of me
Once my mma got ill
My heartbeat got stopped, made me sick
All rainbow colors came into my life
But those days liked an end journey of mine
I don't know how's our connection
Even after death we still have a affection
Now when I cry, who will hug me
My mma plz don't say bye to me
Mma please dont leave us
Without you how we learn meaning of love
The story comes to the next page
Without my mma my life turned to next stage
I neeraj wants to say something to GOD
plz bring me back my mma my Lord
Mma you please don't cry ever
We always be stay in touch forever
I am not a poet to say these lines
Your lovely smile make it more closer to mine

you know that feeling that you get often but not often. you feel parts of it constantly but only sometimes do you get the whole effect. that feeling that starts in your stomach- feels similar to a punch. it takes the breath out of you for what seems like an eternity of time, and before you can remember to breathe again, you become focused on this punch. it's expanding now. up your esophagus and all the way down to your abdomen. you can almost picture it as a big deep thick dark fog just spreading throughout your body. you fall to the ground gasping for air while blinded by all of the warm salty tears that snuck up on the back of your eyeballs ever so subtlety
it's the worst feeling i've ever felt.
its embarrassment.

make sure you have a good support system please

I hold the key
To my heart healing

I hold my breath and
When the door slams
We all go running
We're good at hiding
Shh! Stop crying!

You hold the key
To your heart healing
With every tear
Grace is Unlocking

When the door slams...

Domestic abuse is no joke, give yourself grace. I wish you joy ♡
Seema 13h

My thoughts clog as knots
As I walk through the dark wet alley
Soon my eyes get caught
Within a dreamful valley

I pinch myself to keep awake
It's unreal to my conscious mind
I know it's all fake as I am awake
To route myself on a real find

Each step, changes the atmosphere
It's funny how it captures my feelings
From being unconscious and prone to fear
The guardian willow is unseen as I am kneeling

Now I am sure, it's a dreamland inside my head
I must have hurt myself bad to come to this extent
What was the last thing I did or read?
A gust of smoke blew off and everything just went

In my full conscious mind, I pick myself up
The alley was quite slippery coz of wet mud droll
I fell with a great bump facing above
What a dreamland? Oh, what a fool!

Soaked in muddy splashes I recall my thoughts
Creeping behind me was a cloud of dark smoke
With a walking stick and a coat with spots
It walked beside me, as we spoke...


Reels playing in my head.
Eyal Lavi 13h

Amidst the solace of a night
When all appears as if it's right
I look towards the Eastern shore
And realize that it's black no more.

The sky in hues of purple-blue
Gives hint that soon the sun will rise
I listen for the silence which brings peace to all my sleepless nights
But in its place the birds awake
They're chirping should bring peace to most
But not to me, not when I see, through reddened deadened weary eyes
Which haven't had the peace of sleep
Not on this very night at least

At least if sleep brought constant peace
The chirping birds would be so sweet
Instead when sleep comes randomly
The solace of the dead of night is dreaded with the end in sight

The sky now hues of softer blues
The sounds of morning traffic grows
The sun breaks over Eastern shores
If only I could see in it the beauty that most others see

But it's been years of sleepless nights
And years of dreading morning light
But soon enough the sky so bright
Will call me forth into the sun
And then, sometimes, I feel it's worth
I see the birds
I see the world
And everything seems to be right
If only for a moment I find peace and that's a cherished thought.

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