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stay tiger at heart.

but, aim for panda lifestyle
look cute, eat, sleep, repeat.
jangan lupa nonton we bare bears ya, dicariin ice bear dan kakak kakaknya.
Arisa Aug 2
free spirit bound tightly.

the equivalent
of keeping a wild tiger
as a house kitty.

you may gag my mouth
you may bind my wrists
you may stimulate
you may penetrate

you may humiliate

but though i am your slave
I am still my own master.
Aa Harvey Jul 18

From the darkness comes a sound.
A heavy footstep on the ground.
The Earth it shakes and twigs are heard to break
And all the animals quickly run away.

From the shadows there comes a growl,
From a beast so deadly foul.
It moves so slowly as it prowls,
In search of something to ****; its face a picture of scowl.

Within the trees it is camouflaged.
It blends into the background
And from the jungle there comes an “arggh!”
A man to death is eternally bound.

The claws that rip and tear at skin,
Before the teeth sink deeply in,
To such soft flesh; the touch of death
And at the end there is little left,
To ever say man stood at this point.
The bones skinned bare of muscle on joints.
All that remains is the sleeping tiger, next to a pool of blood.
He is the lone survivor, for this is his neighbourhood.

Later as the tiger leaves,
The remains remain hidden behind the trees
And all that was, is no more.
All that is left are the prints of the paws,
That lead away through leaves of green.
A broken path is all that is left to be seen.

(C)2019 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Snow Wolf Jul 10
I crawl all over the ground,
In the middle of the night,
Darkness and prey are both abound,
And I'm hungry tonight.

I've got stripes all over my body,
Everyone runs away at the sight of me,
But you're the only one who stands in front of me,
As if I'm an actual somebody.

I hear you cry,
In the middle of the night,
But I don't care 'cuz I'm hungry tonight,
Don't I care? - Please don't let me try.

We're both hurting,
And we're both crying,
But the fear's still lurking,
And I'm still trying.

Don't let me see you run,
Don't let me hear you scream,
'Cuz the urge inside is strong,
And I promise
The chase will not last long.

I've got stripes all over my body,
I choke myself at the sight of me,
I can't stand myself 'cuz I'm a nobody,
Oh I should just end this misery.

But then you stand in front of me,
Even though I'm hungry tonight.
You don't run away at the sight of me,
Even though I want to eat you alive.

I crawl all over the ground,
In the middle of the night,
Darkness and prey are both abound
And I'm hungry tonight.
mjad Mar 25
Tigers are dope
I want two tattooed on my back
Oh snap...
I want one on my thigh
**** that's wack
Copying me
No no it's not for you it's for me
Right just like my so called stupid heart emojis
Why are you mad I just like the idea
You like that idea and a million more
Such a ******* ******* *****
Don't snap on me for something so small
So I send heart emojis, you're lucky I text you at all
It's an argument
George Krokos Mar 19
Embrace tiger, return to mountain
and get refreshment at a fountain.
In solitude and meditation
doubts are cleared by realisation.

The cares of the world are so many
one can't afford to bring back any;
although they help when called to do so
with what for others they have to know.

As yin and yang play their parts so well
those stories of the old one's do tell.
They're never alone in this struggle
and must also know how to juggle.

Advance and retreat each time they go
to share that knowledge of the Tao.
Written early in 2017. Based on my study and thoughts about Taoism.
IncholPoem Jan 15

Tiger  was  the
old  name  of
forest  king.

Figer  is  the  new
digital   name
more   dangerous   and
powerful  than  
  tiger  and
milkweedangel Jan 15
Indah the princess
blows kisses at the moon
in the city of cats she reigns
and protects the harimau
A poem about my friend
Tigers were chasing
Then I saw a strawberry
It was delicious
Inspired by a zen story
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