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Iska Oct 2018
it spreads through my veins like ice,
turning my blood thick and sluggish
slowly crawling through me until
it settles at last,
curled around my heart
with its claws scraping at me from within.

its like this chasm opened from beneath my feet
and I have fallen through the crack
with no way back
and no bottom from below
all I know is the fall
and the brace for the crash

fears flit past my lips like a wish
dreams fall with me
glittering hopes collect on my lashes like ice
shards of sanity slip through my fingers like sand

and I am just...
I claw at the air
as if searching for grip
only to find nothing in the endless darkness

sobs ring in my ears
shrill cries for help
surround me
disorient me
only to discover
that the frantic voice

belongs to me
My soul is a deep dark bottomless well
A place where all my thoughts dwell
Walk across the bridge of gloom
Find the place where bad things bloom.

Thoughts of revenge & torture, thoughts of pain
Thoughts that would make the normal insane
Tiptoe the tight rope across the well
But if you fall in the bottom you’ll find hell.

Take the plunge, now it’s your turn,
feel the terror fell it burn
Like boiling water pouring down your back
A heart of gold is something I lack.

My soul is like fire, violent and warm
Like Nathalie Imbruglia I feel torn,
ripped apart at the seams
Head filled with bad dreams
And thoughts and wonders all forsaken
No one to love for my heart has been taken.

But since you’re here stay a while,
you won’t have fun, but I can make you smile,
and laugh at all you are afraid to face
This is my soul, an unnerving place.
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MicMag Jul 2018

I fall
Into a bottomless pit

Of despair

Other times

It's a bottomless chasm
The intense realization of utter insignificance is profoundly distressing and in occasional brief moments infinitely insurmountable.
Daniel Ruiz May 2018
My head is spinning,
My life stands still
From a far,
Different forms
Of discomfort can be felt
By her gaze,

Life ain’t trying to help
I can’t stand up by myself
Then why do I have another
At it.

Why can’t I escape
This living hell,

Why can’t you see
I ain’t feeling well,

Since this is the second time,
That you’ve seen me,

And yes I fell,
I fell kilometers
Of profound,
And utter

I can’t see the sky,
The only thing that helped me
Find my way,
From the bottom
of this bottomless pit,

My head hits,
Against every wall,
They are the ones that cry,
They are the ones that moan,
I don’t see myself falling any deeper,
Or so I have been told.

Life doesn’t seem to care,
But let’s be honest,
Neither do I,

If I cared,
if I cared enough
I wouldn’t be falling,

I wouldn’t be what I am,

I wouldn’t be.
Krystal Lèleck Nov 2016
Earlier today, I saw a blurb about how this girl wishes
she could write the way that she thinks.
In hurricanes.
About everything.
But especially her “you”.
But I can.
I can write what, and how, I think.
I can write about it until I’m blue.
I can even write every single feeling
I feel about my “you”.
But I choose not to.
Because nobody wants to know
how girls like me think.
And nobody wants my “you”,
embodied over and over again in ink.
Gets old, don’t you think?
So I stay silent and still,
and let every single word sink.
Jack Thompson Dec 2015
I am silver wrapped in velvet.
I am iron smothered in tar.

I am the perplexity of humankind.
I am strong, short and brutal.
I am careful, considerate and frugal.

If you think you've scratched the bottom of my barrel.
I'll line up six more.
Scratch to your hearts content.
Until your nails are broken and spent.

Don't form that concrete opinion of me yet.
I am water - Forever changing and growing.
Somewhere between the painful heart beats.
Something beautiful started flowing.

I am the bottomless chasm.
© All Rights Reserved Jack Thompson 2015
Mel L Jun 2015
As hard as I try,
I can't confide
in myself,
to think of better...
...less depressing things...
My mind is the opposite of a moth,
it flies away from the light,
...craving darkness, at the bottomless pit of the abyss that is my soul...
Kathleen M Apr 2015
It trembles on a pedestal of glass and sand
A single beam of light pierces through the emptiness to illuminate its shaking
Its face of silver mirror reflecting light that disappears into the void
Frost coats the edges in the most delicate web, it shimmers with every angle
What odd eyes scan the depths of this isolation
Endlessly black bottomless pupils searching tirelessly
Eyelashes echoing arachnid origins flutter, meet and part
Sharp angled cheeks cut through the stillness with ease
A stillness of the mouth makes a parting of lips rare and foreign

The eyes flutter closed
Arachnid lashes meeting and locking
The lips part
Soft sighing escapes
The lips craddling its birth
Echo Bay May 2014
I am strong. I am not resilient.  Whatever i do, whatever i endure and suffer, chips away at me little by little,
       I never come out of an experience the same way i went in.
       In the love, hate, lust, hurt, worry, helplessness, hopelessness and pain,
      I feel weak,
I am never the same, it all takes a piece of me.
       People think i am weak, because i let them take me away,
      I let the experience eat me away.
But they are wrong.
      In all of it, I am still alive, I keep fighting, I go under and up, in and out,
      No matter what happens and where it takes me, I never give up.
      I guess that's where my strength lies: in my stubbornness.
      I may not be the same person I was
       And today I am in pain,
       I won't let up on the dreams of tomorrow.

— The End —