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mace May 11
she grew up with a beach of sand next to lake
i grew up near a beach with jellyfish & sweet salt air; home.

so one day i will take her to where their eyes remind me of

a honeyed landscape of granual sediment,
millions and millions of years of erosion,

just to look soft & warm to the onlooker

the tide pulling in and out. the seagulls flying above, cawing, while a cool, sunny day shines upon the sparkling waters frothing with movement.

her voice is my ocean breeze.
love poem for my partner <3 late april 2024 i believe.
Oskar Erikson Nov 2023
left our things
cratering the desert;
palms upturned
pulling the pressure away -
talking down the crumpled spine of loss.
the sand,
the sand.
if it wasn’t so fine,
would you be able to trust
the mistaking of
abrasion for absolution?
will you be able to forgive
the belief
that a collapse can come
with good intentions?
Zywa Nov 2023
Sand lays a ribbon

of rolling shapes covering --

the edge of the land.
Dunes - Poems "In de Grote Storm van" en "Zand is een vorm" ("In the Great Storm of" and "Sand is a shape", 2017, Wendela de Vos)

Collection "Truder"
lua Sep 2023
can i be a seashell?
part of a whole
forgotten, buried in sediment
slowly chipping away
and turning into sand

can i be a seashell?
found amongst the grain
an incomplete half
yet kept solely
because they found me pretty

can i be a seashell?
a collector's item
displayed on a shelf
collecting dust

it's better than wasting away
only to get kicked up
or thrown in someone's eyes

i wish i was
a seashell.
ky Jul 2023
Breathe in the fresh air.
Soak up the sunlight.
Travel everywhere.
Stay up till midnight.

Wear your hair down.
Play your favorite songs.
Put on a flower crown.
Bring your friends along.

Then turn off the music,
and listen to the roar of the waves.
Bury your feet in the sand.

Let all your worries float away.
ky Jul 2023
We wrote our names in the sand.

The gentle rain began to grace the
shores with its mysterious beauty
as its delicate droplets fell
from the heavens high above.

The sun's rays refracted
against the glistening waters,
and the rain dissipated
when it came in contact
with the smooth surface of the ocean blue.

Crystal clear streaming drops continued
making their way to the waves,
but soon their gentle graces grew
into pounding pours.

The lightning came without warning.
The sun hid behind the dark clouds.
The tides began to toss and turn,
and the waves crashed against the sand,
washing away our names
until all that was left was

the sand, the waves, the lightning
and the rain.
Man Jun 2023
Our love,
Are our hearts
Just written in the sand?
To be washed away with the tide.
Or will it withstand?
The test of time.
Maria Mitea Mar 2023
in your absence,
i am a shore that  has eyes only for waves and annoying rocks,
  how for thousands of years are grinding one another,
the sand
  an infant with many stony relatives babysitting when it plays with the water,
runs from shore into the sea, comes out  like gold,
in your absence touches my feet, i built  castles in the sand,
the sand never builds castles for itself, it only sticks to my feet,  hands,
wants to go home with me,
last night i was turning from side to side,
the bed was full of sand,
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