Where footprints in the sand once stayed,
                      one is now washed away..
And we look around hoping one day ours
                       will be joined by another's.

Different from before,
                       But for now we walk on the beach
  looking at each sunrise,
                     because there is always another day..

My melodious fire
Waves and weaves
Making a murder of wood
Delivering a birth of smoke
Those swirling cinders choking
Everything in sight

Breathing in one of death’s contagions
One by one they fall
Until there’s no call to order
Until there’s none left to perform for

The mob grew angry
My wrists, my ankles
Chained with briars
This an execution by my own desire
For I required an exit light here
Unclear liar lost in his lies here
Fear-shaken, no stakes in truth,
Fear-faking, I have no stake in you
So I pull up stakes
See you

I have no clue what I’m going to do
I get lost in myself
But myself I have yet to choose
These paradoxes and riddles
That plague and peeve my mind
Deceive me as I deceive them
Till we’re all left deceiving in kind
Till the other becomes the self
And the self melts away from being the better
Cluttered with curses from the past
This incompatible software overheats
Crashes fast
And now we’re back—

I was once blind to such simple facts
Broken, silly tracks of thought off-track
Lines left carved up in the sand
The next day wiped away
By nature’s erasure or another’s hand

It is sand after all

But I gave up a pair
Received my true third eye
It's blind to these facts
The grains look all turned up and twisted
Spilling from my clenched fist
Like they’re seconds in my hourglass
So, my fellow pair-holders, I ask
Why take a second to grasp
So that a second in turn is given?
I see no bargain driven
Just a reality
In which
If you livin’ happily, serenely
You must be trippin’

Today's mood
RLG 4d

Holes are dug:
a rite of passage
for the young
and beaming
as parents delight
in viewing themselves
from long ago.
The fickleness of thought:
the world has changed --
the world is not so different...
a trench without purpose:
made meaningful
with ethereal sentiment.

There will always be
this life on the sand
where little can be
enhanced or altered.
Grit will always
find its way into
the unseen grooves of
bags and toes;
the sand of timelessness,
of now and yesterday.
Castles are built and
fall and are built again.
And the sand will remain,
and little, so little,
will change.


you come to me and leave
as the waves that depart
and return to the sea,
crashing and caressing
against rocks and sand,
foamy lips sift through
my moonlit beach;
each effervescent droplet of
the steady come and go
of your
coarse-grained hands;

bodies afloat
in the weightlessness
of dreams,
through shadows
and light
you find a way
to hold me;
even though
you cannot see me
each crevasse Time has given
to your skin
heals the blindness of
my fingers;
as you behold the tiredness
of me
you see only
that which I will never see

I am aglow
in the sparkle of your eyes
lights from outside
through the veil
of rain upon the window;
I am pressed against
an imaginary wall
you hold me against it,
the cold is gone;
I cry,
but where the tears were born
I do not know;
I fall into your
ever-present embrace
a grain of sand
adrift in the ocean
of you

You covered your lies
I covered my scars
We washed​ up on the shore
Of the land where fools
And cowards go
I know it's not home
But we're royalty here
I dig my feet in the sand
Everything hurts less now

Copyright under Bianca Reyes
All rights reserved
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Ayaz Sep 6

You are like a grain of sand,
that sparkles in morning sun
in the middle of my palm.
You grow through the day
in a geometrical progression
1 to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 16........
and when the sun sets beyond the horizon
you unleash the desert upon me
fold upon fold dune upon dune
stifling, suffocating me till dawn.

alan Sep 5

There's a dried flower on the table
in a glass jar full of sand.
Everything looks so stable
but it wasn't made with a steady hand.

Postman Aug 29

The Sun shivers
under the dense canopy
of the icy cold forest
in the freezing desert
of frost wrapped sand.

a mired clan was shagreen
at such a mistrial as Ira
as jewelry admire him
that hawk a wave nearby Atlantis
but Solomon wake butterfly in Smithfield gland
that women own them with beer in-between pisses

A place in Borneo

Sand or sea, beach or water,
do you really think we oughta
bend or kneel, stand or lie,
shock the gulls as they fly by.
now you've squashed the tanning lotion,
maybe best to try the ocean.
rolling in the rippling tide,
all the options we've now tried!

Oh no we haven't, trust me here
washing off sand, with my last beer
the stickiness, of tide and shore
makes it hard to go for more
fingers, hands, a sandy mess
tongue to lips, is probably, best

But why oh why waste the beer
when the ocean is so near
and when we're both clean once more
we'll start again upon the shore.
and should sharp grains make you howl
we'll have to get a bigger towel. ;)

Suntan lotion, we'll apply
and have some fun
oh me, oh my
slipping, sliding, towel on sand
as in the sea, so now, on land

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