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manas 2d
Castles of sand,
on a magnificent beach.
With stroll of Time,
great heights they reach.
A palace of dreams,
with towers of smiles,
Here lurk emotions a Bit too coy
like love Madness and infinite joy.

Castles of sand,
That live no more.
Destroyed by waves,
pounding sea shore.
From oceans of reality,
with waters of jealousy,
Bring winds of grief-
from Gulf of hypocrisy.

Castles of sand,
standing once again.
Resurrected from fall,
and its endless pain.
Rebuilt by hope,
Strengthened by belief,
decorated with faith
and secured with relief.

Castles of sand,
On a sea swept shore,
Waiting to fall,
And relive once more.
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IMCQ May 20
Footprints in the sand
A tapestry of our waltz
Witnessed by starlight
Take my hand.
Shadow May 16
Become one with the wind
The ones that can move mountains and dunes
Become one one with the stars
The ones that shine so bright on the darkest days
Become one with the oceans and seas
The ones that can swallow cities whole
Become become the shining sun
Become the spirit
That gives life to it all
Become yourself
Warm daze, when you wore flowers in your hair,
sleepless nights with your shawl wrapped 'round us both,
under glowing moon, paradise was there,
the blue of the night from the undergrowth,
down a dark garden, so far from daylight,
sharing the night with the sounds from the wild,
if the howls frighten you, I'll grip you tight.
With black flowing hair, in perfect mess styled,
take me to the beach, bury me in sand,
don't you know you are my approaching tide?,
the broken finger on the other hand,
for you, all of my doors lay open wide,
to places unknown and all things unplanned,
we'll hide there in golden castles of sand.
The man from the sea
Salty, wind-blown hair
Wood-worn hands from the ships
Eyes to see land along the horizon
Mouth to sing with the voices of the waves
Rocking, iron legs, made for the sea

The man from the trees
Tangled, leaf-filled hair
Calloused hands from climbing
Eyes to see disguises in the branches
Mouth to sing with the melodies of the birds
Jumping, strong legs, made for the trees

The man from the sands
Sandy, dried-out hair
Nimble hands from the ropes and silky sand
Eyes to see amidst the light from the sun
Mouth to sing with the cat-calls of the burning winds
Moving, steady legs, made for the sands

The man from the grasses
Sweaty, sun-scorched hair
Paper-cut hands from weaving through the blades
Eyes to see danger amidst the weeds
Mouth to sing with the whispers of the rustling stalks
Skipping, quick legs, made for the grasses

The man from the river
Dripping, slicked-back hair
Smooth hands from the flowing water
Eyes to see fish amongst the rocks
Mouth to sing with the sound of flowing water
Slow-moving, quiet legs, made for the river

The man from the mountain
Thick, shadow-covered hair
Hard hands from the heavy stones
Eyes to see distantly from the mountaintop
Mouth to sing with the tumbling rocks
Trodding, stout legs, made for the mountain

The man from the ice
Frozen, ice-cold hair
Blue hands from the frostbite
Eyes to see places where the surface is thin
Mouth to sing with the crackling of the frozen ground
Tip-toeing, careful legs, made for the ice
Which one is you??
Hope A Apr 15
my memories stay
in my footprints on the shore
always remembered

Only Flesh
by Michael R. Burch

Moonlight in a pale silver rain caresses her cheek.
What she sees are the nights of despair stars endure.
Nothing is questioned, yet the answer seems sure.
Night, inevitably, only seems to end . . .
Flesh is the stuff that does not endure.

The sand begins its passage through narrowing glass
as she sums all things past, and to come.
Only flesh does not last.

Eternally, night and day rise and fall with the sun;
each bright grain, slipping past, will return.
Only flesh fades to ash though unable to burn.
Only flesh does not last.

Only flesh, in the end, makes its bed in brown grass.
Only flesh shivers, frailer than the pale wintry light.
Only flesh seeps in oils that will not ignite.
Only flesh rues its past.
Only flesh.

Keywords/Tags: life, death, flesh, mortality, time, sand, hourglass, ash, loss, night, moonlight, stars, rain, grass, despair
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