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Oh how mighty
Our sandcastles once were
But now in their place
Only lay lost tomorrows
And never-to-be-hads
Lunar Oct 6
I think,
it's time to go
back home on land.
I leave the waters,
step out of the blues,
before I could drown.

I sink,
each foot entirely
in the sand.
Rooted in place,
the fine grains
anchor me down.

I ink,
your name on
the back of my hand.
I know it well,
and tell my pages:
I love you now.
to lsy; sometimes on the beach, when the sand is warm and makes me yawn, i sleep. i know i can rest on land.

Growly Wolfus Sep 26
To cry without hurting would be a blessing
To be heard without making a sound
Struggling to find the strength to stand
only to fall onto my knees
Lying prostrate on the ground
weeping silently

People look at me like how they gaze through a window
to see past the glass, forgetting it's there
I want them to acknowledge my existence
to see who I am, to know I am here
Shadows, faceless forms peer in with empty stares
looking in like the others before they disappear

I watch solemnly as life flies by
here for only a moment
The color of life dull in my eyes
Black and grey and white
The color drained from the environment
emotionless in my sight

A single light shines in from above
a white, flickering flame, so menial
A symbol of hope in this cage
I reach out to grab it
The fire looms above, somber, ethereal
a pure and holy spirit

Grains of sand fall through my fingers
time slipping away
I'm trapped in an hourglass constantly flipping
suffocating in secret
Hidden beneath the things others say
suffering from the torment

Tears turning to blood and blood to pitch bile
a frame holding broken glass
Drowning in the dust of ages
forsaken and alone
The cracks grow larger as shadows pass,
a black hole where a star once shone

I sit, frozen in time, forgotten but still here
darkness enshrouding me
Sinking into the ground, the glass finally shattered
Time slows to a halt
I scream, sobbing helplessly
everything is my fault

I draw the attention of glowing eyes
sand pouring out from the cavity
The hourglass runs empty, time continues onward
sand falling into nothingness
The shadows move along, ignoring me,
lost in the abyss

The crimson blood, the only color I see
staining the fire above me
Forever out of reach, the light dissipates
gone from this world of darkness
Absent from the world of grey, never to be seen
hope swallowed by sadness

Trying to stand a second time
inevitably falling
sobbing loudly in the dark
no sound coming out
Death has come to my calling
the only one to hear my shout

Time has run out for me
this living hell closing to an end
No longer trapped in the hourglass
Death has set me free
With no sand left to spend,
I'm finally released
Aayasha khan Sep 21
when caught in storms,uproar and rise.
let your legs wooble , loose balance ,fall and then finally fly .
let the sand take you away ,let it decide.
the world will say "hold on", to them decline.

the comforting hands will lure your eyes.
promises of love and balance will cling mountain high.
everything they say would seem inevitably right.
the relief you see is the misery disguised.

distasteful will be comfort without your sweat.
the love too won't suffice.
the dreams of good days, the luxury you stayed for,
shall dovour your essence away.

cause you smell of wild flowers, oh sweet torment,
no care you ever need.
the wilderness is your home, you bloom through all pathways.
the sun opens his arms for you,
with the light is where you stay.

so free your hand, walk into the storm ,..
don't fear the little trips.
be lost and travel to distant lands ,no one has ever reached.
roam the mountains and dive to ocean deeps.
let your aroma mix with the earth ,every bit.

and when your gone and long forgotten,
the sands of time will still carry thee.
ur tale will reach every hearts bottom,
ur valour will give many courage to break free.
never loose hope for the best to happen
Matter in conjunction with sound
A pattern it shall form
A world under sound surveillance
What vibrations are being conveyed
What melody are we dancing to
Like a Chladni plate
A pulse of sound
The plate the world
The sand the people
Programmed to dance to a distant drum
Hypnotised but unaware
By a cosmic sound thumping through the air
Controlled by the powers that be
Until one day a cosmic intervention
Shall put an end to the sequencing beat
And we shall awaken from our sleep
Written by Sean Achilleos 19 September 2019©
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B D Caissie Sep 5
I'm cross-legged on a sandy floor encircled by a seamless wall of glass.
The future lies beneath me and clouds above cast shadows of my past.

The sand beneath is spiraling down and with each grain a speck of time.
Lost in my complacency until I slip through the hourglass that's mine.

Your despondent eyes are watching me while my world is turned upside down.
Then the sands of time come pouring down and bury me in the ground.

Persephone Sep 1
They thought the magic was washed from their eyes
When they were told the true truth of time
They crumbled and screamed
Begging for it back
What they did not realize
All those delights and dreams
Were themselves
In disguise
دema Aug 22
happy news penetrate
through my fading
soul like a wave
washing the
traces off
Osiria Melody Aug 20
With inquisitive glances and scant hesitations,
We gradually pull closer into each other,
Akin to ocean waves slithering to unite with eager grains of sand

Our eyes light up a flame of lust and our mischievous hearts tiptoe akin to scheming thieves
Our faces bloom a rose red and our lips shimmer in the morning's chuckle of light

With invigorated glances and insatiable desires,
We embrace passionately and interlock lips,
Akin to ocean waves sensually dancing with excited grains of sand

inspiration drawn from an HP poem about romance, which had three lines.
B D Caissie Aug 20
Continually mesmerized by the mirror of his past, the sands of time slowly slipped through his fingers. Lost, left only to reflect on all his life’s what-ifs.
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