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Dreamer Jun 2020
If you can't give money, when u visit us,
Pls don't come~

My mom thinks Ur coming on a clean inspection
At least we deserve dollars for the "little" work we did=(
Ola Gia Apr 2019
Welcome! Welcome! You're at the Circus of Plat,
Come take my hand and never look back.
Let's raise our voices, our smiles and hands,
listen to the trumpets that play in the band.

Boys and girls, it's time for the tour.
Stay on the path to avoid the big cat's claws.
Ignore them sobs from far away,
they're just from the others who didn't play.

You see, here at Plat, we have some rules
Clear cut, dear cut, as rigid as jewels.
Working Progress
neth jones Jun 2019
We meet at the Museum
hours after it has closed
Dressed - Impress
- Costume ;
All of our Art exposed

We'll feast upon The Security
the mousetrap
and The Ghost
We'll chew upon the wiring
We're the party
and host

                                             - a child in love
#1 Silly-silly / Set Siren to our Prances / Petty Chime to our Dancing Vice / It would make a Tabloid Musical #3 Silly-silly / I wish to take you grotesque places / We’ll wear our masks over nasty faces / For now my immersion lies in cruelty / Of the results I shall form the most lavish jewellery / Together we’ll master a theatre of tomfoolery / I am most grateful for jest / Your breath / And / Above all / Your company.              
- a child in love
Kathleen M Mar 2018
The man behind the curtain returns to the unseen after an extended factory tour.
No guests linger.
gabriela Dec 2017
i want to come home for the holidays.
forget the presents, forget the socks
and how many ornaments
have kissed the hardwood--
i need somebody to tell me
that staying in one piece is
overrated anyways.

i don't want to come home to
boisterous guests
pushing shoulders
and swallowing knives
as party tricks, no.
i don't want that.

instead, i'd like to come home
to a home for once.
brick and mortar,
selfishly cemented.
no gift wrapped apologies,
no socks, no guests,
just us.
merry christmas you guys. find somewhere warm.
Terry Collett Jun 2017
I sat at the dining table.

I didn’t want
to go down
from my room
but my parents

Don't talk
about being
in hospital
or about
your drug addiction
Mother said to me
before she went down
from my room.

I sat in between
the thin lady
who looked
like Virginia Woolf
and the fat man
who had a moustache
like Oliver Hardy.

I sat mute
looking at them
as I ate
Mother eyeing me
in case I sang
like a canary
about my time
in hospital
for drug addiction.

The talk
was above my head
mostly medical stuff
or politics.

My father eyed me
now and then
in case I broke out
and gave
the game away.

Another guest
was an MP
who gazed at me
and smiled.

I didn't catch his name
but he eyed me over
but never spoke to me.

The Virginia Woolf lookalike
asked me what I was doing?

I said
eating dinner.

Mother chided me
for being rude
the lady said
not to worry
she understood
teenage girls.

I thought of Benny
how he'd be treated
amongst this snobbish lot
with their airs and graces.

I felt like spitting
in their food
and slapping
all their faces.
AB May 2015
"******, I am certain I have a reservation here"
"Sir, I think maybe you have a stay some where near?"
After this latest crazy guest, I'm gonna need a beer.
Check everybody in.
Throw more towels in the bin.
Out through the door, let out a cheer.
Limerick challenge
Joseph Schneider Oct 2014
It was half past noon as Professor Lynch came barreling into the drive way in his hunt for the unknown. His actions so urgent he forgets to even close his car door. He sprints up his steps and swings the door open to his house and there it was.

Why was he is such a hurry? Well this goes back a little over a week prior when he had some guests over for the first time since he bought his new home. It was the day after he had finally unpacked the last box. This was a gathering to celebrate his new job as a History Professor at the University of California and his beautiful new home. The gathering was going as planned till he heard a strange noise coming from the basement.

The guests didn't hear this noise and continued having a great time as Lynch went downstairs to check it out. As he opened the back door he heard some things fall over as if an animal had skirmished to the noise of the door. As he continued down the stairs after this so called animal his heart about hit his stomach. He has a small door in his basement he figured was used for child’s play made by the family before him. So in his unpacking process he had left it alone. Well he could of sworn he seen the door **** to it turn. Too afraid to check it out on his own he ran upstairs. Trying not to embarrass himself he quickly ran up the stairs into the main room and continued the gathering as if nothing had happened.

Once the guests left he found himself sitting in his living room saying to himself “it was nothing, you’re just seeing things.” He talked himself into believing this because he hadn't slept much in a few days with all the unpacking trying to get ready for the new week. So he finally decided to go to bed and get some rest. It wasn't for another week till he had started to notice some strange occurrences. He came home from work that day and noticed his refrigerator was left open. Lynch however was uncertain on if it was him who left it open so he shrugged it off.

Another day had passed and again he came home from work and his refrigerator was open again. This now struck an uneasy feeling; he had made sure he closed it before work today. As he continued through his house with caution he had seen nothing unusual nor seen anything more out of place until he walked by the basement. He once again heard this skirmishing sound of what seemed like an animal trying to escape the basement. As he entered the basement the sound stopped. He was frightened but hadn't been threatened in any way, so he continued throughout his day although not in ease. He was uneasy about this happening a second time so he decided to come home early from work and see if he could catch whatever it was in action.

So at work the next day as he planned he left work early, about half past noon. “Professor Lynch came barreling into the drive way in his hunt for the unknown. His actions so urgent he forgets to even close his car door. He sprints up his steps and swings the door open to his house and there it was.” This was unlike anything he had ever seen before. Something so frightening, so terrifying his jaw hit the floor. Before Lynch could speak a word, he was snatched and drug into the basement through the little door he thought was used for “child’s play.”

-Joseph B Schneider
© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved
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