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In through one ear
Out the other
I'm not talking about sounds
I'm talking about flies
And they're so loud
Andrew Layman Sep 24
Broken, bludgeoned
bitter curmudgeon
false teeth, fake smile
as I walk the extra mile
just to please you
and I'm quickly finding
that it's not my style
Cais Sep 9
As the trumpet screams
In my face
I transport myself
To a better place

I keep the rain
Behind the glass
No one will see
If no one asks

The volume of the trumpet
Makes me want to crouch down
But I know if I don’t stand tall
I’ll never wear the crown

So though internally I fall
I keep a strong face
Drying up the rainfall
In a record pace

Although I love the trumpet
It’s making lots of noise
And this time I will not fight
I’ll just listen to its voice

To stand tall in the loudness
Will be hard at first
I know that in the end
I’ll see what its worth

I need not be frightened
For I’ve faced the trumpet before
And I know that though it hurts,
Soon I’ll open the door

So, as the trumpet screams in my face
I wait for it to be over
And unlike all the others, this time
I keep my composure
This won me a kindle in a competition. I wrote this while my Mum was cross with me.
a riff
with a
spill on
a painted
horse gallivant
with claim's
stake that
Republican dynamite
narrowed a
night of
campaigns here
with Labor
Day fueled
virtues of
the chief
and cheers
of Thor
Trump  Campaimgn In  Central PA
Erian Rose Sep 4
I'm still me
And we're distant now
I've gotten stronger
And growing loud
Sometimes I wonder
If you hadn't gone
Extending hands
Vast beyond the sea
Collecting deep-colored shells
For a heart severed-to-be
eli Aug 31
you all scream profanities like there's nothing to lose
she looks so frightened in front of you all

you're so loud and shes so quiet
you're so rude to her

she doesn't deserve that
Riya Aug 23
the words
i put out
can't be said
out loud
would they even
make sense
to you..
would they?
if i were
to write
about you..
would you
even know
that the words
mean more than
just meaningless
sentences on a page..
would you even try
to figure it all out..
or would you say
nice things
just to say them
cause you wouldn't
actually understand
these words
that i put out
for you..

would you?
《ignore tags》
Alex Aug 6
Nothing is  sadder than a party,
Than the party itself,
Party is the corner side of the room,
Drinking a half empty *****, cause you know you don't want to stay long,
But you like drinking it,
It just not around empty faces, fake persona, and a ghost from your past.
Its an awkward smilling attached to a sofa,
Cause everytime you wondering how you are wasting your time,
To stare at walls, strangers falling inlove, you just watch there,
It feels like people invited you in pity just because they know you,
Just because you are engaged to them in a small talk,
You thought they were your friends,
So you just sit there just a proof you showed up,
To have some dencency to a person who invites you,
But imagine being in a room full of crowds,
With no one to talk about...
Cause  you are a stranger to them...
And a party isn't just about loud music, make out sessions, or dares,
It is pretending  to look busy at your phone,
Or act like my mom called me,
'I have to go home, its an emergency'
And it always ends up at goodbyes,
'And i hate to end this way but i have to go'
They always accept it,
Maybe they thought it was a valid reason,
Even if i lied...
Or maybe they just hated me at all,
All along besides of hip hop songs played by the dj,
I heard mumbles, inaudible words, and laughs,
Maybe i am delusional,
Or maybe they talk behind me,
How awful i am,
Or how they hate me being there,
After all it always what i expected,
Alone, Sad, Awful,
And makes me wanna go to my bed,
Just to cry...
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