Ella Sep 10

We lay on a blanket,
in a quite, grassy feild.

Watching shooting stars
through our atmospheric sheild.

Outside our peacful bubble,
the world may fight, and fight.

But here were safe together.

In darkness, we're so bright

again a work in progress
Mims Aug 25

I need it so loud,
I have to blink with the drums,

I need it so loud,
all I can feel is the music,
I need it so loud,
my headphones vibrate,
I need it so loud I can't think,
so loud that this can't get to me.
so loud you can't make me angry.

this song is perfect for us

aawake at night by half alive
Maria Etre Aug 11

You know that thing
that lingers
in your mind
after you sleep
that burdens you
with heavy eye lids
and dark loud heart beats
that bulk of
"I don't know what"
in your throat..

Say it
for with words,
you have nothing to lose

Lyn-Purcell Aug 7

Don't underestimate the strength
of being quiet.

I can be loud, I'm not gonna lie. But I value the quiet more
Lynn Al-Abiad Jul 13

All I hear them talking is blablabla, gibberish, sounds I don't recognise, letters I have never pronounced, words that have no similarity to mine
All I hear them talking is another language that sets me in a box of my own no matter how close they are to me, even if their skin is on mine, even if they're talking about me and I have no clue that they are
And sometimes I just love it, being alone in this crowd, being my own island
Now I know what Bukowski means
They remain nothing but a noise in my background that I'd wish, so sincerely, to turn off

- LynnAA

What does consideration and respect mean to people like you ?

han Jun 28

The nights are made for thinkers, who need a quiet space for a loud mind.

June 27th ~han

closing claws
ripping off the flesh
of a shadow
saved in a corner
of a single

no room for an S.O.S.
in this glass jar
filled with despair
in hermetically

closed, closure, close,
such hilarious
list of words
suitable for both
love and

no reason available
in words or gestures
or thoughts or mimics,
but a single feeling,
a painful thirst
of freedom,

but this closing
every breath
is closing
every exit,

like alcohol vapours
surrounded by flames,

in a single

Trying to get into the core of despair itself, in order to better understand severe depression. As difficult as it sounds, being in someone else's shoes has never been so eye-opening, so started throwing words together, maybe it will be of relief for someone at some point.

I haven't been near you
In half of eternity
But this morning
I woke up smelling of your love
And it struck me head on
Because I still remember
Every good moment
I ever spent
Wearing that smell
Like a diamond band
And I'm just so angry
And so hurt
By how much you
Never cared
So here I am melting
With all of these things
That I shouldn't ever say
Even if I could
And they begin with

I love you
And end with
Fuck you
And everything in the middle is
Just a
The only thing I don't remember
Is why I tried

Silence is unsettling to me
It scares me how loud it gets
when there is nothing

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