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Ander Stone Feb 20
I've such a secret
to share
with you,
yet all I can do
is whisper.

In such a cacophonous world,
my whispers are
no longer melodies,
but the tapping of
ant feet in a field of green,
under the twisted steel
of man-made birds.

I've such a secret,
but no one
to listen
to me
whisper it.
The words, they tell the story
But the music makes the song
The story disappears
When the volume is all wrong

If you want folks dancing
Sing it nice and loud
Take the hint and listen
Sing it for the crowd

But, if you want to tell...a story
That's when you make a choice
To turn the volume down a bit
Let the people hear your voice

The volume kills the story
But it also sells the song
You'll never have a hit my friend
If you get the mix all wrong

Anthems, scream them loudly
Make the walls fall to the ground
Make it like an earthquake
Just do it with some sound

Get the heartbeats racing
Get the people on the floor
You just won't have it happen
If the volume is at 4

If you want to say I love you
And make folks feel it in their heart
Remember words will express feeling
And lower volume plays a part

So, when you play your music
May you play it loud and strong
Remember turn it down sometimes
Because, the volume sells the song
Brian Aug 2023
It begins as a soft cry
one voice alone
stepping forward
challenging the dark
something so pure
the wounds of being used
keep our trust in it subdued

and then it begins
the voice is changing
wait no
things around it are changing
they are turning
to the source of this cry
which is growing now
into an echo
and now in my chest
this voice I know
not from my mind
but my heart, my soul
it's calling me home
but not the one I own
but was promised

the echo that was just a child
has now grown into a thunder
one that numbers the thousands
one that is so booming
paint is shaking from the walls
it rises from the horizon
waking the entire Earth
something greater than emotion
overcomes my very being
and now the planet
has become a choir
the sky can no longer contain
our voices fly to the heavens
an entire love story
wrapped in a single word
one I can trust with my life
may it fall from my lips at my end
Odd Odyssey Poet Apr 2022
Crackling; it cracks, and cracks,
shaking the centre of glass,
Shaking the voice of words to comprehend.
As like in the ocean's centre,— undermined of where
it begins or ends.

Falling to the ground; a strike through darkest
weary clouds. It falls to the ground; loud as Lucifer
had fallen out of Heaven,— as with all those angels
kicked out.

Rumbling, and rumbling, falling lightening like
mountains. Rocks that are tumbling, tumbling,
and tumbling to crush.
A crushing feeling is on my skin; peering through
clear glass shadows.

The first echo of thunder; has left a crack on my

solEmn oaSis Jan 2022
sa paglikha ng tuwina kong katha
madama mo din sana ang kakatwa
ngunit nakasanayan ko nang pagtatwa
hinggil sa himpilan ng tagong lubha

naririnig kahit di man pakinggan
nahihilig saglit kundi man tanggihan
inaaliw pilit ang sarili sa kundiman
bumibitiw singkit kong ngiti panandalian

dahil sa dingding lang ang pagitan
hilahil ng singsing dagliang pasakitan
walang pasakalye kang papanigan
humarang pa sa kalye silang marasigan

sapagkat ang magtengang-kawali
sa pangkat ay sadyang balewala rin
kapit sa patalim talagang tatanggapin
kahit pa maitim pawang palipad-hangin

wala kasing malaking nakapupuwing
ika nga nitong napipintong
niyong yaong paimbulog na daluyong
tila halinghing, pakiwaring
may naduduling

dagundong ng kulog kung maihahambing
ang gulat na sumilay sa mga mata mo
sa halip ang kalakip yaring halukipkip
namulaga't humimlay di nais matamo

yun bang sa kabila ng pagka tulog-mantika
nakuha pang magbuhat ng silya-elektrika
tagos sa buto ang hiwa ng pahiwatig
halos tanto ang tugatog na matigatig

may tainga ang lupa, may pakpak ang balita
ganyan ko maikukumpara Ang Mala - Palara
na sistema ng isang walang muwang na puwang
pag sa sandaling mag-pasaring ang ingay ng kulay

mala-abokado ang sapak' na mau-uLinigan
mansanas sa pagkapula sa kabalintunaan!
mga paksa na may pasak natutunghayan,
tuwing ang kapas ay sawing masasaksihan

" Ang dapat ay isang Wika sa Magandang ibubunga "
pambihira naman ang mga dalahira ,
wari bagang mapupunong inuugatan !
Martes pakatapos ng Lunes ! Linggo lang ba ang pahinga ?
I was suppose to say that
precious or not
misuse or important
I always neglect the fact
of those direct track
coming from the back
of my splitting spit of my pen
symbolically every now and then
LC Dec 2021
when the world within me is loud -
constant cacophony, clanging, clashing -
I hastily throw pieces of my soul
into large, nondescript bags,
and I take a trip outside of myself
as my heart races and my legs shake.

but when the world is soft -
silent, somnolent, soothing -
I arrive home from the trip
and slowly unpack my bags.
I take deep, cleansing breaths 
as I put my soul back together.
ATILA Oct 2021
Was every word from you actually heartfelt
Or were you played with it
Was the longing that you said genuine
Or was it all act

The longing for you
Has been a part of me
Though the sun sets
Though the sky changes
Though the spring fades
My heart still never lost track of you

The beauty of rainbow
Put a smile on every face
After ugly rain
But only full moon
Would keep with my gloomy night
Longing for you

Don’t lie to your heart
That once embraced by hope
Before it invites uncertainty
To accept my love

Enliven a thousand sweetness
From the past grasp
To end my longing
Link our bond of love
To make us one
Cause it is all mutual
Let go the anguish along the horizon
To brighten the full moon
Which would witness our talking hearts.
Memories bring back everything.
man with a bandsaw
incredibly obnoxious
7am, ****
© 2021 J.J.W. Coyle
Jace Oct 2021
It's too loud
Too bright
Too fast

Too many people
Too much choice
Too much noise

Too many things to go wrong
Too many problems that can't be solved
Too many things to do

Not enough time
Not enough space
Not fast enough to compensate

Can't write it as quick as I think
Can't slow my thought down
Can't explain the inside of my brain

Can't explain
Can't explain
Can't explain
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