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My child
Do you trust me?
Then take my hand
In a storm, your cold I gave you my coat
Put my arms around you
shield you from the hail
you didn't want to get wet
I Give you my umbrella
you want to be warm
take my body heat
You want my soul, i say take it
even if your the devil
my truth,
Intimidated by fondly critics
To engage
I spill a persuasive lies

My sight
Troubled by unpleasant gesture
To just
I chose a dark side

My aroma
Intended to mislead
To adjust
I spark a dazed stench

My sound
Filled with gossip
To unleash
I lease a voiceless conscience

My sleep
Lost to passion
To write
I flipped a dozen pages

my life
Wavering on self esteem
To unbound
I pretend an acclaimed fame
It is a picture of how you treat life, you give hate you take hate.
nadine Oct 2017
you were always so dedicated in fixing my hair
everytime you stop, you smile and stare
i was so sure the galaxy was in your eyes, not outside of earth
fast heartbeats and halted breaths right after you've found tranquility in my shoulder
when tears have filled my eyes you were there
your chin rested at the top of my head trying to make me feel better
i've never felt so beautiful and fair
until you told me i was, you even swore
those ways got me and my soul ensnared
by you, a debonair, and your words
but do you really care?
i have thousands of questions hanging in the air
i don't ask for i already know the answer
maybe you do, until you've found her.
maybe you do, but i can never be her.
maybe you do, and i wish i was her.
maybe you still do but now i just want to take me back from you
oh please, tell me i still could.
stop me from falling deeper
Madison Feb 9
Give what you owe and take what you deserve.
No more no less.
I wonder If Helen sprite Is able remember me as I do her and how we used to

If and she could reach out her arms to me would I be able to embrace her as did so In

If I was to call her name would she hear me would I hear her sweet
voice once

I think of my darling and wonder, will her spirit come calling one day just to see how I'm
Does Helen spirit remember me as I do her and If she could reach out her arms would I be able to embrace her
Lucid Feb 8
when you're driving
do you ever wonder about the layers
between you and that tree?
Shane Feb 7
It’s you again.
Are you not tired of seeing me?
How many times must I leave you be?
To go your way
In my world of giants?

In yours you are King,
Others compliant.
You feast and take
Choosing when to
Make or break.

Should I be scared?
Am I your prey?
Why else would you stay?

You look upon me with eyes
Of wonder and fear.
Hiding but curious,
Yet you’re the one
That I call vicious.

I have nothing to give you.
No hope or light,
No freedom or fright.
I am just as empty
As those you hunt in the night

Stay with me…
Or take me with you.
In your coil, under your stone
In both our worlds
We’ll never be alone.
Wrote this at work. Title suggestion?
Ally Feb 7
You give and give.
    But you can only give so much.
Because eventually you run out of pieces of yourself.

And after you stop giving.
  They start to take.
They take and take.
Until they have you ,
And you are no longer complete.
Give but only to people who deserve you.
Johnny walker Jan 30
Each night before
going to sleep I hold
out my hand to Helen who's Is sadly no
longer with
closing  my eyes and saying prayer darling reach out through the darkness find me
and take me to where
you are that of the place we know called
its so lonely and  cold down here don't want
to be here any more on
my own
reach out through the darkness darling take my hand and lead to the place
we know called
A prayer I say each night before going to sleep to my
darling who sadly Is no longer
with me I ask her take me to place we know as Heaven It cold and lonely down here
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