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Afraid to get hopes up too high
In case you are not feeling the same
Know we are practically strangers
I can't help but smile when I think of your name
And that name is Seth :)
Roanne Manio Jun 12
The street is illuminated in that shade of orange
that makes everything liminal
and we move in an opposite direction as the runners.
It seemed funny back then—
like fish veering away from its school
and maybe that’s what we are.

As we sink our feet in the slightly muddy field
and we sit without care of our light-colored jeans,
the fireflies light the dimmest corners.
We ooh and ahh like children
and maybe that’s what we are.

Boy and girl with no faces, no names.
I know you by a monosyllable
still I come, still,
like strangers made bolder by the circumstance
and maybe that’s all we are.
It was nice to be in your atmosphere. Even for a little while.
Lost one welcomed home
Strangers at one point
Recognizing minds
And words spoken prior
Beats unheard for years
Distance silenced
A vibe not skipping
Familiar eyes gaze
She smiles
I melt

Zywa Dec 2021
I walk through the village
The sun shines, the wind blows
a little through my hair

The shutters are closed
with chinks thin as needles
with long narrow eyes
My shadow doesn't fall inside
anywhere, there are none
in the dim rooms
where the light drearily
obscures what is going on
and what the consequences are

of everyone's comings and goings
The peeping people press me
as compelling devils

out of their eyes
out of the chinks in their lives
The sun upon me is insufferable
"L'enfer, c'est les Autres" ("Hell is Other people"), from the one-act play "Huis clos" ("Closed doors", 1943, Jean-Paul Sartre)

Collection "PumicePieces"
[Offical Full Poetry]

Wistful,  cheerless,
used  to  be  brave,  
and  fearless. 

Liars,  haters 
have  been  walking,  
around  me  these  days.

Charming,  well  educated, 
that's  who  you  showed  to  me 
before  you  shot  me

I  thought  you 
were  charming.

I  thought  you 
were  well  educated. 

I  thought  you
 needed  me.

It's  all  gone 
when  you  left  me.

I  was  just  looking 
for  some  friends, 
Now;  I'm  only  looking
for the  real  ones.

Couldn't  realize  which 
ones  were  fake  before, 
When  did  hellos  start 
to  be  called  as  goodbyes, 
After  some  while,  I 
know  which  ones  are. 

Couldn't  stand  to  this 
anymore,  faded, 
Feeling  so  alone  in 
this  crowded  room, 
Can't  love  like  this,
it  has  exceeded, 
Feeling  like  I've 
overdosed.  Wasted.

Every  colour  was  taking 
me  back  to  you, 
Every  mark  was  pushing 
me  away  from  you. 

Spring  hasn't  begun  yet.
It  was  not  warm  at  all.

Just  cold  with  sadness, 
darkness  with  secrets,   
strangers  with  lies. 

Charming  strangers 
are  everywhere. 

They've  been  around
for  centuries.

They  look  like 
Venus  or  Mars, 

inside  they're 
like  black  holes.

Pluto  who  I've 
always  been. 

An  outsider?   

no,  no,  no 

A  fighter. 

© Muhammed E. K.  ☾  🅴  ✩
Thank u for reading.
Broken Pieces Sep 2021
You were once a person I thought I could trust,
You always had my back and made sure I was okay.
That is until my friendship wasn’t a must,
So you turned your back and just walked away.

I thought you and I would be an unstoppable pair,
We would forever be the best of friends.
Soon you grew cold and made a tear,
I tried to fix it but we couldn’t make amends.

You and I are now perfect strangers with a past,
We smile all big and bright while we break inside.
Finding out even the best friendships don’t last,
Because you looked me in the eye and lied.
Valya Sep 2021
We're strangers
Yet why does it feel like I can tell you anything
I feel so calm in the midst of this call despite only meeting you seconds ago
I have so much fun and even though I know this is temporary something in me doesn't care
Even if this will only last a day I am so grateful for your presence
Thank you stranger
Tbh i love the random duos I get online to death, they help take my mind off of so much and i'll forever be thankful for each and every one of them
Sal AK Sep 2021
I want the stranger in my bed
to know the stranger in my head
the stranger in my heart is strange
i'm a stranger to my soul
Persephone Aug 2021
She came across him on a Sunday afternoon
Lying in a lawn chair with a margarita smile
He said hello in the form of a question
And from there the stories kept soaring
Three hours snapped by
Filled with 3am drunken breakfast burritos, society's marriage scam, two crashed SUV's, and his Denver style
Slipping to an end when the sun decided to sleep
Exchanging numbers was the end
For she did not hear from him again
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