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Jovanni 5h
Unexplained rivals and verbal confrontations
first contact as opponents and second as curious strangers
exchanging smiles and bewitchingly smitten by the lock of our eyes.

Equally being matched as conversations proceed
Are you friend or foe?

Tell me, how shall I judge you? Or shall I not judge at all?

Many mistakes were made by judgements and lessons learned,
Life would be so simple if we forgive and forget,
Yet many don't do as we do
all we are is strangers again
we loved & we loved
but couldn't make it work
you were my drug
you were my universe
you were my everything
but i was always just nothing to you
that's okay
that's fine
but i don't understand your mind
you broke up with me
not the other way around
but you seem to get jealous
when i'm walking with some guy friends
you get all defensive
like i hurt you
stop playing the victim
stop acting sad
you never ever loved me for who i am
you don't deserve me anyways
i think i may be too good for you
so i guess we're strangers again
corresponding with the casual "hi"
Classy 1d
first time i see him,
feels like those ocean breeze,
calm and cooling
like calling me out to reach his face,
to feel those happiness
that he carry around.

but how ironic is it,
the universe never let us,
to never let me
be his sadness.
How could you forget
The way my lips kissed you truths
You felt as heavy as your own
Because they were
We were likes and strangers
How could you forget
The way my arms kept you safe
On nights where the world
Knew how to hurt you most
And I held you as you refused to talk
Because I understood, I had been there before
How could you forget
The laughter in my eyes
As we serenated each other songs
Written decades before we were born
Because I still hear your voice
Deep and unbothered
Full of passion as you looked at me
And me feeling infinite
How could you forget
What it feels like to wake up
Tangled in me, limbs intertwined
Because I wake up empty
Wishing to go back
Longing for those days
How could you forget
Just like that
Because I still dream of you
Every single night
Wake up wondering
If you are happy
Doing the things you love
I miss you
So tell me
How could you forget
In the blink of an eye
Am a stranger to my thoughts
Drifting apart like a sailor's sheet
Pushed by the wind that howels
On my Vacant stare
Without care
I navigate aimlessly into
Unknown plots that hold firm
My ability to comprehend
My own reasons.
I am a stranger to myself
Growing away from the principals
That hold root my morality
Astray from the steps that filled
My feet
Abandoning my own
Seeking in poisonous thoughts
Meaning to my derailed ways
That feed vigorously at my
Untainted soul.
I am the enemy of my own
A grenade held
Together by a thread of slik
Weaved to the core of my heart
By a stranger that I once.
Imogen 2d
It pulses and twitches like a nervous heartbeat,

The throb
Of your fingers

Tapping an absentminded concerto
Against the mahogany,


With the throb of my own

Fluttering disquiet ⸺

Palms outstretched
Taut, tense, and waiting
At the bass-line below the table

To catch the tempo of your consciousness
On the harp strings of my fingertips.
A combination of some random jottings I made awhile ago and reworked into one text.
Im leaving the city for good
And I hope that you'll call
But you won't
And it will break my heart a little
Until i'm finally gone
And I can move on
Without you by my side
So we can be strangers
Emilee Ayers Oct 7
You believed in me before you knew my name
but you asked it anyway.
Thanks, Lloyd
I met you today for the first time.


Noticed you when I locked eyes with a stranger.

I told myseld to refrain.

But if you promise not to hurt me this time,

I might give this one a try.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards

Just to remind myself that love is not so cruel after all.
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