You are not you

I am not me

We are not us

We are two seperate people

In two seperate places

Doing two seperate things

Pretending we don't miss each other

Pretending we're coping

Pretending we're fine

Like little kids, we're pretending

But the one thing about pretending they don't tell you, is that sooner or later, it's not pretending anymore

It becomes the real thing

Two seperate people

Two seperate places

Two seperate things

Two seperate strangers.
Its funny how two strangers get attached to each other and later left each other like there was nothing between them.
you were always a big part of my life
some would go as far as to say
you were my life

i was a “school friend” but you
you were my everything
my forever and always

you never ever wanted to hangout
so what did i do
i dreamt we did

it was a good couple of months
i was content
but then you left

i saw you in my dreams
the only place
you would talk to me
there was you
there was me

we have crossed paths many times
maybe we have
even crossed each others minds

i know i have stayed up thinking about you
and when i’m asleep
i think about you

i see you in school
in my thoughts
in my closed eyes ; dreams

i was never a big part of your life
just someone to talk to
in a room full of strangers
JAC Jul 31
If I saw you on the same train
stranger as you'd have been
I might wonder your name

if I glanced your way
and you caught me
I'd die in my tracks

and if you sat next to me
without a word or a smile
I'm sure I'd never forget you.
A cute little love poem, sort of.
Diary of Jane Jul 29
He was home to her
in a world
that has always felt
like a mighty stranger.
clever Jul 27
you'll be the love of my life until my tan fades away,
then we'll walk through the halls and be strangers again
Strangers in real,
But a perfect couple, in my dream.
Lily Jul 18
Do I remember too much about
The strangers I meet?
There was the skinny seven year old at the
Park in Detroit, who I learned liked autumn
And colorful leaves, pumpkins and Halloween,
Scarecrows and working in the garden.
There was the Japanese lady at the
Hotel breakfast in DC, calmly eating a donut,
Staring off into space, gracefully lost in her own
Thoughts and feelings.
There was the happy man at the
Veteran’s home, who talked gratefully to me
About his experiences, desperate to
Share his story.
There was the single mother on
The park bench, allowing me, a total stranger,
To watch her children while she took
A much needed nap.
There was the black man at the
Movie theater, who offered me his
Extra bag of popcorn and made sure I knew
When the jump scares were.
Do I remember too much about
The strangers I meet?
I don’t think so.
Appreciate humanity,
Because you never know when it might be gone.
Each one of these people were beautiful,
In their own way, and they weren’t even
Trying to be.
They were just living their lives,
And I was fortunate enough to be a part of them
For a short time.
You know why they were beautiful?
Because they just were.
Philip V Jul 15
I'm in Japan
With a
Cherry blossomed
And a sake

I see her every day
We talk
Most times


I find myself
In high-corporate
Smoking rooms
And on
Tangerine rooftops
Looking at signs that
I can't read


I can't read her signs
And waving too
I'm caught up in a shitty
Lost in translation-cliche
But I'm not really
Bill Murray

I'm just whatever
The day paints me as
In love
With a girl
That takes too much
Color from
My palette
And paints herself
As foreign as this sun

As beautiful as she
Going away for a while.
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