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The paper cuts
Breed like the plague
The piano keys are curt
The tune is turning vague  
Life has jammed salt
Right down my throat
So I scrub my tar soul
From the lyrics I wrote
Every night.

But yeah, I've been alright.
um, hey.
"so? what's been going on these past 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 months? why haven't you been speaking to us?"
it's just our paths, you know? they never cross. i barely see you.
"i see you all the time, but you're always talking to other people."
i could say the same for you
"so what's been happening?"
i stopped talking to 2 of my friends.
"nothing much really. nothings been going on. well, there was something, but i cant remember so it probably doesnt matter."
let's make up for it. meet up?
maybe we needed this.
"what are you suggesting?"
too much of a good thing is too much, right?
"yeah. like *******."

and then we laughed.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I never once said I was sorry, which is a new one.
But i am.
I miss you guys so much.
You look at me as I come by
A strange allure as you say hi
I look you up and down for now
I want to get close to you somehow
If I was me,
I would be,


If I was you,
I’d split in two,


If you can’t understand what I’m saying,
Than you, are not yourself.

Goodbye strangers.
Is this a riddle or a poor attempt at a metaphor. It might simply be madness, who knows ?
Izabella Dec 10
You’re the robber
Holding the trains in my
Heart up
You demand all my insides
I hand them over
You demand hostages I provide
Every person I have ever been
But somehow it’s not enough
This life made you greedy
It robbed you of your love
Then there were three pairs of eyes -
The head's, the mind's, the heart's,
All seek to sort, learn, to find out
The roles surrounding, play part -
Each stone, each breath, each soul
Each entwining and leaving whole,
Doors open, doors close, windows
exciting, terrifying, intriguing you;
Will you find, or raise your barriers?
Will you go out, or stay still within?
All this in a day in the life of being,
All this seeing, sighting, being human.
Latifah Nov 27
My father warned me of the monsters,
that live out in the world,
He called them strange looking strangers.

but he didn’t warn me of the monsters,
that live under my bed,
He just brushed it off with:
“Sweetheart, that’s all in your head”

so I learned to fight them on my own,
until I realized,
there is no battle to be won.
You can't win a battle against yourself.
mama told me never to talk to strangers
but what if those strangers were my age?
and they asked me for my number from a balcony?
i didn't see the harm
and ultimately there wasn't any

all i remember from that night
30 strangers and my two best friends
flashlights illuminating the rough path;
an off road with branches blocking the way
i remember the laughter that echoed in the darkness
and the screams upon reaching the abandoned house
goofin' in the moonlight
stepping into another world
the only thing that brought me back
was a scratch
and once we all reached back to reality
the lasers flashed from across the street into my hotel room.
took a sci-fi turn? anyway, more poetry coming from a field trip that i truly wont forget. i miss the company of those guys γιατι τα δικα μας ειναι φλορακια
empty seas Nov 24
some people hate me
that fact pushes down on my chest
chokes me
it’s an excuse for my anxiety to creep in
it’s a simple fact that threatens to destroy
my fragile self-love
i cannot change that fact
some people i will never meet will think of my name and disgust will paint their face
some people will only know the worst of me, the person i have sought to change
some people i have met will dislike me
for no other reason than that i was annoying to them
and there’s nothing i can do about that
so when the hate tries to consume me
i just have to let go
in some places my name has been slandered even though i don’t know anyone and it’s a terrifying thought, but that does not make me or the people who believe that bad people
it does not make me worthless or awful
Darkness decends
and the people howled
as they each came out of their caves
Resting underneath the moon
The glow, our only flicker of light
Silence fills up empty spaces
Boredom sets
Strangers no longer
Every breath a welcoming company
Secrets begin to unfold
And when the power comes on, we're all back to our own devices, becoming strangers again lol
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