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Jay M Mar 2019
Strangers lurking at the edge,
Hidden away in a corner, we wait.
Hoping the party may end,
This pointless gathering,
Drinks poured, hearts broken,
The perfect mascaraed.

Are you happy now?
All of the stupid lies,
Empty thoughts,
Lowered eyes,
Some get drunk,
Some sit in the back,
Some don't even try to arrive...
Stay home, where fate picks them up,
Cradling them in its gentle arms.

- Jay M
March ??, 2019
and i know one day you'll forget about me
i bet you're all already doing it

i'll be a distant memory
a nostalgic song

you'll remember my rights
and whatever went wrong

but be wary o, you familiar stangers
be wary of my ghost

because i may be gone
but i'll haunt you til the day you cease breathing
John Gabriel Oct 1
When I was a kid, my parents told me never to associate myself with strangers because they are bad people and would just do me harm instead of good. It was years later that I learned it was the opposite. How ironic it is that strangers would be more like my family and my family would be more like strangers to me. For it was strangers that gave me comfort when I was abused by my parents and my ex girlfriend. It was strangers that got me through my darkest episodes when I thought all was lost. It was strangers that showed me that life can be beautiful and be filled with good things. They helped me become a better man for myself and for the people around me. They supported me, helped me stand when all I wanted to do was lie down and give up. This group of people have done more for me than anyone could ever fathom. A stranger saved my life when my own parents could not. Thanks to them, I am better now and I am prepared to go further than they have gone for me because these "strangers" aren’t strangers, they are my friends and I love them.
To that stranger that saved me (you know who you are) thank you for giving me hope and strength. For showing me that life can be better. You will always have a special place in my heart.
Dark eyes messed up hair
Swinging, back and forth chair
Heads turn, eyes meet
Doubtless insecurities
I didn't notice you
I lie, but it's true
The air between, turned blue
And that was the moment
I knew.

Cold air, on my face
Eyes closed, head dazed
You walk, past me
I turn, only to see
You turn, your head around
Catch me, without a sound
Your sins were due
And that was the moment
You knew.

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life on our globe has turned
truly ‘complificated’
and many struggle to maintain
a semblance of the ordinary
in our daily goings about town

face masks, regulations and prescriptions
have changed how we can interact
if we may at all
with each other, friends, family, or strangers

physical distancing may rise desire
for at least digital social closeness
yet in its wake
emotional remoteness seems to grow

hanging like a shadow over
occasional live meetings with old friends
children, aunts, uncles, grandparents etc.

we watch them with veiled suspicion
they somehow look a little less familiar
since we met them last time
who knows what they might carry

strangers watching strangers we have become
growing more alienated from each other
You were there, in my forever.

Desired Dreamer(Bhupen)
rk Aug 31
isn't it strange
how we can go
from star crossed lovers
fighting fate,
in stolen moments
to strangers
before the sun
ever met the morning.
- you promised we wouldn't.
Gunnika Mehra Aug 13
In an aesthetic coffee shop,
Scribbling away with glee.
Drinking to my imagination,
Is it only me?

In this aesthetic coffee shop,
Where lovers often meet.
I hear fragments
of what their life has been.

Talking over coffee,
They think they are strangers to me.
I observe,I know,
I share their happiness, a witness to their vows.

Sadness and pain,
Sometimes the outcome may be.
But they still come to this coffee shop,
Unknowingly drinking with me.

I am not the only one,
Voila,it's not just me!
There are other artists in this coffee shop,
Observing and scribbling like me.
it's past 12 midnight
-and that should just be okay
  given with my quarantine body clock,
but i haven't slept for the past 36 hours:
  -i walked around the city,
  -i exhausted my brain with responsibilities,
  -i distracted myself with hobbies,
but i just can't seem to sleep.

it's amazing how overthinking really rallies with your mind,
and how it affects your whole biological being.
it's amazing how, one brief moment with a stranger,
bugs me like this.

his lips,
his warm embrace,
his sweet voice.

i just can't seem to sleep,
kAyLa Jul 24
lovers to strangers
traveled so far but reversed the time
couldn't remember when you were mine

why hold on
when I've come so far
to heal with the fact we'll stay apart
though I've loved you for so long
it might be time to sing a different song

do not let me fall in love with you again
it's time for you to let me go too
and then like that we'll just be
strangers with a history.
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