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Man 6d
Be the recluse,
Be the hermit,
And make your assessments of others
Based on short and fleeting interaction,
Drenched in the sweat of "purpose" & "agenda,"
And be met with statements
Which really convey nothing and rarely
Encapsulate honest thought in brevity
But are said only to end the conversation.
Close knit,
The threads choke,
Living your turtleneck life.
No collar to be turned up,
The cotton already hugs your throat;
Nothing to end abrupt,
That which never saw its start.
Those who talk
Simply to hear themselves,
Do they have anything to say?
Those with the blinders on,
They never see the entrance ramp
Neither the turn-offs
Till it's too late.
As with friends too many, but never enough;
Strangers are plenty, yet scarce is friendship
Àŧùl Apr 8
Tell me your likes,
But emphasize on your dislikes.
I want to impress you,
But more than that,
I want to conform with your desires.
Also, tell me what you like about me,
And while pointing at my greys, just feel free.

We're strangers with a great potential,
Don't procrastinate much,
And just let yourself come closer to me,
I'll protect you, and I'll kindle you,
Dear, you I'll encourage,
I'll also facilitate your success,
Not because I seek credit, but because I love you.

There's an age gap between us,
But it's still less than a decade,
I know you are young and ambitious,
Don't fear me, you I will nurture,
And don’t worry, please remember,
I'll never obstruct your career,
You have told me your aspirations.

You still have half-a-decade,
And I can advise you, dear,
You I can suggest strategies,
You're going to be a teacher,
And I know that you aim higher,
I refer to that dream of yours,
Through you, I can live my dreams.

We're made for each other,
In you, I see a young but mature lady,
I can read faces, like I did that day,
Yes, I'll always read how much it'll bother,
If you're sensitive, so am I,
I know that you like me,
You should accept my care.

You are close to your grandpa,
I don't say that I can love you like him,
Or even your parents, dear,
But my mother will be gratified,
And so will be my father,
You'll receive a similar care like your home,
And my romance, it will be your bonus.

This is a love letter filled with deep promises,
I'll let you follow your heart,
And try to keep you close,
Or rather I'll be there like an umbrella,
Shielding you from the torrential shower,
Let me bear the responsibility,
Just trust me once and be my wife,
I'll shield both you and our child,
From the necessary evils of modern life,
And also the unwanted stares of the society.

Your acceptance of my love will be my gratification,
Eventually, even you will love me,
I know that I hurt you,
But I did so to let you know what hurt me,
You're jealous about my other friends,
So am I, buddy, so am I about yours,
Relax, just relax and embrace me.
My HP Poem #1963
©Atul Kaushal
Zywa Mar 28
He is also there,

listlessly looking away --

we mumble hello.
Novel "De opdracht" ("The Mission", 1995, Wessel te Gussinklo), chapter (1-) 3

Collection "Truder"
raven arcane Dec 2023
we were but strangers
that happened to cross paths
I saw you staring
and I couldn’t help but look back
a mere encounter
that didn’t form any wonders
only a red thread
that signifies this is not the end.
fate has a playful way of doing things
for I saw you once more,
and another time,
and another time.
the same face,
the same stare.
anticipation filled
the next encounter.
life seems so exciting,
without knowing the after,
staying in the safe zone
of the unknown.
or so I tried to convince myself,
for my heart could not take the baritone
of your first “hello.”

2019. merry christmas :)
Francis Oct 2023
How are ya?
I was just checking in,
Wanted to see how you,
Were holding up.
Ya know,
Without me.

Glad to hear you’re doing well,
How’s work been?
Oh, I told you that you’d get promoted!
That’s so awesome.
Yeah, I’m doing fine,
Ya know,

What’s wrong?
You’ve been seeing someone?
Truly great.
You deserve to be happy,
Ya know,
That’s all I ever wanted for you.

Of course I understand,
You need to know that,
I always cared,
I just…
Cared too much and,
Well you were there,
You know how it all,
Turned out.

Well anyway,
I’m glad to hear that,
you’re doing amazing.
I know I said this before,
But I just wanted to say,
That if you ever need,
Just please feel free,
To reach out.

Sounds good.
Take care.
We’ve all been there. We’ve all felt this. Carry on.
Ryan Joseph Oct 2023
touched the light,
crossed the line,
fell in love,
but not at the exact time,
fell in love again,
broken and torn into pieces,
oh, to love,
beautiful and appeasing,
yet full of bittersweet moments and memories,
should have known better,
we were just kids who were once in love,
but fated just to be strangers [again].
Zywa Aug 2023
Strangers are safer,

to them I can openly --

tell all my worries.
Novel "The PowerBook" (2000, Jeanette Winterson), chapter "NEW DOCUMENT"

Collection "Unseen"
Zywa Aug 2023
A stranger falls, and

as he falls he is breaking --

in into my life.
Poem "Weet nog wel" ("I remember", 2022, Ester Naomi Perquin)

Collection "Truder"
June Jun 2023
I guess it does make me sad sometimes
The gaps on my wall
Places that you used to be
Now just empty
It’s like you’re drifting away
A ghost
And I do wonder if it all was real
If it hadn’t been how does it feel so real
I can still remember that day in the gardens
It is strange
That’s all you are now
But I know every tiny detail about you
But I’m not supposed to anymore
I’m supposed to forget that you like the colour purple, like my grandpa
Forget how you chew your nails
The disapproving looks you’d give me
Those nights
The way that you sleep
And I’m supposed to be sad about it
I don’t think about it
But when I go into great detail
Like the first night we kissed
Eating neapolitan ice cream
You putting aloe Vera on my sunburnt feet
Me making you kiss my dog three times
It doesn’t feel real
And then it always circles back to how bad you’d make me feel
And I remember why I shouldn’t feel terrible
I remember why it can’t work
And now I’ll never know you like that again
Probably never even speak again.
Keah Jones Jun 2023
Hey babe.. Or maybe hey stranger is more applicable..
Because there is a lot of room for change in 619 days..
And enough time for a life where “you and I” existed to become past tense leaving two
individuals tied together by nothing but fragile strings of memories that will inevitably fade
enough to be painted over by a brighter color
I woke up last night gasping for air
Reaching for the ghost of you
Choking on the memory of how you made me feel whole
Sometimes I find myself wishing I had stayed home that night
Begging my brain to forget the first time I saw your smile
Or how your lips moved when you called me by the wrong name
My name you have since said thousands of ways and perfected in every tone
But I can't forget
I can't let go of the little things like how the freckles that pepper your shoulders get darker in the
Or the story behind every scar
One night you traced a map to our future across my skin with black ink claiming there would be
no end
But the marker wasnt permanent
Eventually washing away
leaving me lost
screaming pleas of take me backs
Trying to retrace my steps
Waiting on something that has already disappeared
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