deery 19h

darling im lighting myself on fire to keep you warm

im breaking up with you
DalPal 3d

the summer that made the sound of crickets mean more than it did two, three, even ten summers ago.

the summer that gave a warm glow within the halls of that familiar seasonal cottage.
the creak from each step on the stairs, each a song to be sung.
out the door to find her waiting for me,
with another step closer to her was another million butterflies in my belly.
her sundresses "for the days between Sunday and Sunday" she always said,
as they flow with each skip my mind slows it down, her down, watching every detail of her grace.

the summer I learned that sunsets were made for girls with brown eyes.
the earth revolved only for her, so the sun would descend across the sky just so right to only fall into her vision,
and to remind me "this is what home feels like".

the summer I learned that the gift life had given me was the gift of her presence for seven weeks.
the beauty in her was too delicate to give away to anyone and she let me, out of all the people on this planet, see what god made special about her;
the way she blinked three times when perplexed, before asking to know more,
listen more,
learn more.
how she always peeled my tangerines, because she knew i didn't like the peel to get under my nails.
when she laughed tears would always stream down her face, no matter a roar or a soft chuckle,
and then she would swear the optometrist sprung a leak when she got Lasik.
when she was sad that that leak was easy to repair with a Jerry Seinfeld  impression.
all the little lightning bugs of her personality came together and made a glowing goddess, she was the embodiment of the sun.

but summer is called summer for a reason, and that is for fall to have it's appearance.
as the trees started to lose its green she started to pack to leave,
and as did I.
she was going back home and my home was leaving me.
this girl was the climax of my story, and only at the tender age of 22.
and I know my tale will never have its perfect resolution without her.
that summer, I found out she was the definition of my love,
but to her, I was just another girl in a sundress.

sparked by a tweet i saw that read "sunsets were made for girls with brown eyes".

Some people are windows.
Only train rides and
reveal this.

Some people are windows
and I can see their
light shining cozy
and warm through
the glass.

© 2012 Verlie Burroughs
J 4d

You cannot say you truly love her.

Not until you've seen the demons
she fought or still fighting to keep
her sanity, nor the monsters that
fuelled her nightmares.

Not until you've had an idea about
the storms she had to face bravely,
yet still managed to share her light
and warmth with you.

It's not always warm coffee and
blanket shared on cold mornings.

It's not always sunshine and butterflies.

It's not only her light that needs to be

When you say you truly love her,
you gotta love her dark, too.

Self-talk. Love her dark, too.
inga 4d

bodies to bodies
heartbeats to heartbeats
reach for human warmth
a simple momentary distraction

I stood on a snowy hilltop
My hands pale as the ice beneath my feet

As the sun peaked its face out
From behind the redwoods

I was reminded of your summers touch
How I would never feel cold again.

Troy 6d

I fell
head first
Into the quiver
Of Cupid

For the first time
I feel as though I'm free
Free to laugh, smile and joke
Free to be the true me

So long have I been hiding
So long has it been
Since the sky has graced my sight
So long since life filled me

Things that should be there

All rush forward
Seeing the light for the first time
Feeling the warmth of it's glow
The comfort it brings

Eyes grow wide
As the mind comes to realization
Maybe this is real
Maybe you are finally whole again

Reaching out with a simple gesture
Grazing against such a familiar touch
Feeling the warmth grow hotter
Seeing a smile for the first time

Things long forgotten
Finally risen to the surface
The familiarity of this presence
Gentle brush of ones true self

Shell has now crumbled
Lost forever in the void
No longer needed
By this one true self

I've been asleep for quite a while
An endless millennia of indifference, it seemed
No escape nor any respite
Nothing makes this heart beat and breathe life

This world is an abysmal plane
An existence that brings pain and sorrow
Only a few finding the happiness they sought
The rest fighting viciously for what's left

"The sun will rise..", they said
".. and will bring the warmth we need"
Forgive me for the blasphemy
But I don't think it will come for me

I've been here for quite some time
Seeing the greed that all men possess
Hearing the sadness that all women repress
Failing in the good life that all obsess

And yet here I am
Still not loosing faith in a little corner of me
That the sunrise will come
And alter my dreaded fate

As I was loosing all hope
Succumbing to all the despair
Accepting the spiral fall to death
Sunlight touches my stone-cold heart

The sunrise came to my frozen wasteland
It made my heart beat like it lives again
This long hibernation comes to a hopeful end
My life turns upside down, my faith rewarded

You, whose love nurtures my dying emotions
You, whose warm kisses riddled me sweet sensations
You, whose same cold existence brought warmth to my dead
You, whose smiles and love replaced all sorrow and dread

It's not too late to be the warmth
To be the sunrise to those who still sleep
To those who lost all hope in this limited existence
To be the truth that replaces indifference and makes all men see

Be the beauty that brings this world at its knees
Restore the faith the soul-less have in humanity
Be the pockets of warmth in this cold reality
Be the life for one person in this endless dark sea

Good Morning (In my side of the world, its still morning)
Have a great day ahead! :)
inga 7d

It is what gives you your colors.
You can dress the way you like,
but the palette of what is inside you
is put together by
It is what gives you your colors.

what i wrote in my motivationletter
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