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Reimers May 31
I once feared looking at the sky,
Afraid it would swallow me whole
I always covered my ears,
Believing if I couldn’t hear, words wouldn’t hurt

I numbed my heart, closed every door,
Isolating myself from life’s embrace.
A hollow shell with a fire long extinguished,
But then, your presence sparked a change.

I thought I was beyond feeling or hearing
Yet your touch opened my eyes to the sky.
I hesitated, nervous, but you held on tight,
With a smile you ran straight towards the light

My heart races, unfamiliar and wild,
Your eyes invite me to follow your lead.
I readied myself, slowly walking, running, leaping
What is this sense of freedom I feel, its warm

I don't know where we are going,
But there's no longer room for doubts
With you, I’ll soar to unknown heights,
I'm not afraid to take a step forward
divi May 12
i wish i knew what the birds sang of
then maybe I could listen to music about more than heartache and the grief that accompanies.
are there any bards left in the world
who could tell me of the tragedies
the otters went through
before they learned to hold hands when sleeping?
so that I may avoid drifting apart from my loved ones, too.
where can I find the proud redwoods
who will tell me what the world was like when they were saplings,
and the lily pads in the ponds, who didn’t have time to worry about trivial things
such as taxes and eternal damnation.
i am so hungry for love, life, knowledge.
does the world today only serve watered down versions of that? or is it only me who feels so starved.
what trade school exists that can teach me the skills I need to know how  
to walk into a room and make it more inviting
to radiate the warmth of several suns
to properly clean and disinfect the baggage of those i love?
because every year the rain comes down harder
and everyone knows how the melancholy grows faster than the mold
will i ever be satiated?
Jeremy Betts Apr 17
According to this here thermometer,
My heart hit ten minus absolute zero earlier
Impossibly cold and still getting colder
Think...nuclear winter,
Or Neptune in December
Sleeping in a subzero freezer
To be a smig warmer
Now imagine it getting run over
Over and over and over and over
What I'm left with doesn't ultimately matter
There's no chance that what I'm working with here,
The miniscule crumbs collected off the floor,
Will be anywhere near capable of getting the job done anymore
I hope there's no more of this repeat offender behavior in store
I don't want this as my muse or my lore

Ander Stone Apr 12
there's green all throughout
the silver droplets,
coiling about the warmth
of powder-blues and roaring magentas.

there's green all throughout
the golden threads,
winding around the jubilee
of cream-whites and vibrant citrines.

there's green all throughout
the copper clays,
swirling between the renewal
of xantic petals and extatic lilacs.

there's green all throughout
the joyous weeping
of spring.
Soft kisses, reminiscent of gentle touches on the skin,
Enveloped the senses with warmth.
Every steaming breath embraced the moment,
Saturating the air with indulgence.

Each sip from the largest mug etched a soft memory,
Like a painting on the canvas of the mind,
Capturing the essence of Sundays filled with
The comforting ritual of hot chocolate.
Steve Page Mar 8
Your warm armour enfolds me, equips me for loving battle.

Your warm sword stabs the cold, severs frostbite's grip.

Your warm shield shelters me,
shoulders the weight of attack.

Your warm tears flow artery deep, steel me for winter battle.

You're my warm core,
warm to my touch.

You're my warmth.
It started with warm armour.
Louise Mar 4
If I cannot be with you
If I cannot see you again
I would still have you
and see you still.
I would see your eyes
in the oceans I would dive and swim in.
I would feel the heat of your skin
within the kiss of the golden summer sun.
And I would finally feel your kiss
everytime I feel kindness time and again.
I would feel your body's warmth,
in every care that will be bestowed on me.
You will be in every island I would go to.
You will be in every sunset I will witness,
that everyday I would look forward to.
You will be in every phase of the moon,
that every night I would look for
and look up to.
You will be in every star
that I would wish upon,
until the very last one
that I wished for you.
If I cannot be with you
If I cannot see you again
I would still feel you everywhere,
just as kindness and warmth
is everywhere, too.
Whenever I would see kindness, I would remember your face.
AE Feb 16
A trace of light
That's all you and I look for
when those mountains fade
behind descended clouds
and that ache in our shoulders
crumbles under the fire of this rain

the moon and all its pieces
lost to all these thoughts
you and me, the same and most different awake and restless
the silver lining of this charcoal moon
is getting harder to find

until comes this eruption of warmth
and a storm of pattering fear
that if I start counting seconds
you might disappear
so, I guess it goes without saying
everything you've always known

these nights go by in wonder
of how to build you a home
Malia Jan 30
“Come on!”

The stepping stones
Warm your feet
When you land.
Clear, tinted blue
Flows past beneath them
Like a crystal sky.
Mischievous wind
Tickles my neck,
Blowing the hairs away.
Sweet rays settle
Like a blanket
Over my skin.

“Do you hear it now?”
I was trying to find ways to describe music, but I ended up with something that seems totally unrelated to music lol. But words like “crescendo”, “note”, and even “symphony” seem too impersonal.
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