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❝ a bright light you once were
   filled with the radiance of your raging red;

   you illuminated through a flowering future
   but then the dark clouds sought you out
   and rendered your light invisible

   the land roared for your pastel orange of peace
   but the darkness has swallowed everything

   your sons and daughters walked blindly,
   trapped and lost within the dark woods of chaos
   they sought out for you and your warmth
   only to be greeted by the harsh cold
   and blood curdling gargles

   eventually the clouds rolled away and left you tainted
   but as you struggle to reclaim your lost kindle
   we bask in your greyish faint light
   and hope that your waltz to the symphony of change
   will soon take you to the path of a glorious self recreation ❞
Cox 1d
You want love? Then go and find it- be it.
You want warmth? Fly to the sky, be the Sun.
You want happiness? Then drink a tin of yellow paint.
Don’t just wait. Be who you want. Do what you must to live a life that is entirely choreographed, painted and sung by you.
Cox 1d
Let’s let our hearts crash into the sun.
Distance doesn't distance us
Cryptic silence does
Silence does communicate
When warmth is there
As in love affair, parental care
Silence shrouded in mystery
Leads to distrust
Smallest developments
On the periphery
Seen as a conspiracy
Each one is ready to explode a bomb
On other's head
Distance doesn't distance us
Cryptic silence does
Every relation to survive
Communication a must
Silence is seldom gold in personal relations.
kippy Oct 8
your hands
feel like petals
caressing my cheek
the softness
covers for the pain
the warmth
fills the tears
iamgone Oct 6
You were craving warmth
and I hated how
I made you shiver
Kyle Oct 4
Every winter;
Frost flowers appears,
Because of the ice that are here.
When winter ends,
And the warmth of the piercing ice melts;
The beauty of frost flowers disappears.
I’ve got my laugh and cheeky wink
But that’s who I am on the fifth drink
And at this point I’ll tell the truth
With so much time, we are the youth
So pick my mind, aim for the brain
Learn too much, I’ll be whom to blame
The feeling’s short, it’s feeling long
It comes and goes, an endless song
All rise for the National Anthem
Guilt free lies and mild tantrums
Give the opera, I have the phantom
It’s organized, but all feels random
Sometimes I’ll write to the melody of a song and spill out whatever words and feelings come out. I don’t know if this meant to be anything direct, but it’s how I feel
i dislike September
because i remember
the scent of coffee and the warmth you gave

i dislike Wednesday
because you asked me to stay
and i was willing

now the leaves are falling
and its getting cold
i'll get what you stole back

i may hate september because i remember
and hate wednesday because i chose to stay
but this time around you wont have it your way
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