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Jammit Janet Jun 19
Melting into the warmth that is you,
Melting into the dream that came true.
Shane Lee Apr 24
You sway and flicker
But are still bright
And I love to bask
In the warmth you bring me.
© Shane Lee
Enjoy (:
We were in a painting, the two of us
She was holding my hand
In the soft glow of our own bodies
And the warmth of her palm
I felt it in my throat, and on my face

We were in a painting, you and me
And the way you lay in my arms
I felt, a stranger in my own home
Who are you, who are you?
In one strange city of love, I found you
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N Jan 18
What an exhausting year

My hungry heart torturing  
me with its violent desires

My trembling hands
aching for her warmth

My mind battling itself
trying to return from war

My depression,
a bloodthirsty dog,
and the nights keep coming

My soul, a wildfire
consuming everything,
leaving me with a lifetime of grief  

Yet I am still here
Shattered, but alive
New year, eh?
Chris Saitta Jan 10
Winter is the cold sleeping space
Between the blanket and the sky,
Between the legs falling asleep in warmth,
And the leaves turned to frost in twilight.
As the season changes…

And the weather changes from warm to cold…

I want you to know that the warmth in my heart never changes for you...

And thought the seasons change…

And though the years will come and go…

The warmth in my heart will always burn warm for you…

And as I walk a little more slow…

And as my hair slowly turns to gray…

The smile on my face and the warmth in my heart will always burn warm for you…

s y kalindara Dec 2021
Our once matchless flame is flickering with dancing fragility,

but my inextinguishable warmth is still yours to hold and keep

in the last, crackling embers of this desolate December.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Y. Kalindara. All rights reserved.
Tried writing a sijo for the first time. Hope I did it right. Thinking of J on his birthday.

(P.S. you can follow me on instagram, if you'd like to @sykmusings ♡)
N Dec 2021
I have never wished
for anything from life

But if there is one thing
I truly wish for before
I am in the arms of death

It is
to be held
by her

To soak in her
warmth, scent,
and harmful touch

To melt deep
between her thighs
till I dissolve completely

To release an inhuman cry
from under my skin into
the dark abyss of her pupils

To be kissed by
her cruel mouth
before death comes to kiss
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