Crimsyy 6d

We clicked, a
sublime combination
like cloud and rain.
We have punctured minds
and somehow mine is
coming undone,
spilling into your hands
thoughts I'd kept in my head.
You're warm.
Not edgy, not twofaced,
not laced with superficiality.
You're warm.
Honest conversations
decorate us and I
have never looked
so wonderful before.
You make me grin,
and I know
'making your own sunshine'
is all a mental thing,
but now it's so physical,
I can feel it spreading
through my bones.

Jaslin Goh Jul 17

Known to some
Unknown to none

Where heart is
Soul search tis

Present to some
Absent to come

Tune that organ
Lest forgotten

Warmth to some
Froth to thrum

Rise a rhythm
Find its freedom

For those who have not
Shane Leigh Jul 15

A candlelight:
     My fire,
          My flame.
   As it
     The wax:
          Melting silently
        Away in the dark and I
       Find myself at the bottom,
        On the floor,
                At your door
                  But too afraid to knock,
                     So I count,
                   For the subtle flame
                  In your window to burn
               Like me, it will melt away;
            Until finally,
           One day,
          There is nothing.
        No light, no glow, no warmth
      And my candlewick's black -
    Used up and gone -
  But will you remember?
            Will you remember?

Do we really remember the warmth of a candle in our eagerness to use it??
Chris Neilson Jul 13

Without love
our lives would pass us by
in the blink of an eye

With love
our heart's desire keeps burning
and can stop the world turning

Without love
our existence is a lost cause
latent feelings set to pause

With love
we can prove our very being
living a life that's warm and freeing

That ol' devil called love

It was a bitterly cold night...
I carefully placed my words
close to one another
in hopes, they might huddle for warmth
Then I added a few more on
either end
Wishing the best
for each of them
Exposed in the open,
they stood to shiver
With little protection
from the elements
Snuggling words bumped
letters together
Causing friction,
then ignition
in alliance with the wind
Fire swept over
Entire sentences
Dancing flames licked
and leaped from line to line
Thoughts were rapidly consumed

It was bright and warm for
A moment or two…

© gmw '17

Our thoughts cannot be extinguished once tossed upon the fire.
Gabriel burnS Jul 13

Irreversible impulse
You are sealed in amber
Embedded in my chest
As a jewel
With momentum surging in your eyes
Bringing back the sparks
To the fireplace
Where shadows dance with flames
Vividly reliving the experience
Lighting up the forge of the wordsmith
Awakening within me
Feeding air to the embers

tamia Jul 13

your heart is a room
with wide windows where the sunlight pours in
so perfectly it kisses your face,
the wind blows through the curtains
gently whispering of its constant love
through all the seasons,
it is warm and it is bright,
it is where one can run to in the night
when the stars make their way to shine
right on top of it
as you whisper your secrets;
its walls will listen, it understands, it will never judge.
your heart is a room
where one can snuggle in so perfectly
and wonder: "where has this place been all my life?"
it is a room that has welcomed
so many people—relentlessly and willingly,
it is in the way you love so limitlessly.

your heart is a room, a safe place
with walls built on love and grace,
and i am glad to have found it.

Josephine R Jul 12

Stay, please, let us stay.
Allow us to remain
Upon this heavenly summoned rock,
Reigning above the valley below,
Where the horizon meets the setting sun,
And now the beastly songs have just begun.

Let us lay here
Within the silence of the whisp'ring wind,
And the cold, biting air breathing on us.
Farewell, daylight.
Uncloak the suns that were hidden from sight.
Allow the warmth of mine guide me tonight.

IF we are sheltering under our own shadow
Who should fly higher in this confined space?

Morning come, evening come, shift the direction of the shadows
Space: a giant cage, not embraced with a wing of a span

Let me incubate your eggs, I'll take care and feed your kids
World: a big nest, we are held together, won't be exhausted warmth.

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