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Cox May 19
My favourite thing about the sun and you is that you both hold warmth that I crave for.
nom de plume May 12
man seeking woman. man seeking what never was. man seeking a face he recognized in the crowd.

i was him. you were reaching out and i flinched. you offered, you vivisected yourself to prove devotion and bled—you didn't understand why i was bandaging and not climbing into your open heart. the crowd dispersed from the pews and i learned to love in bloodletting. we were bleeding for three years, taking our turns to patch and open wounds.

anemic on idolatry, we bled on the altar we built. sacrificial lambs unto ourselves—at some point the ritual is more important than the outcome. you always tell me you're dying for my sins but i always seem to end up on the cross.

man seeking the belief. man seeking the almost. man seeking the stability of a wound that never heals. man seeking what could've been, man seeking to reach out and grab hold and find warmth in skin instead of sacrifice.
LC May 1
even as the chill of past souls
reverberates through my bones,
warning me to watch my back,
I want to join hands with a soul
and stare into its windows,
hear its ring of solid truth,
and feel its warmth on my skin.
#escapril day 30!
They spread a rumour,

that I can't tie my shoes,

that I can't jump rope,

that I have fat fingers,

and then I wasn't around to hear it anymore.
LC Apr 7
a person with a mind and soul
made of colorful, vivid ribbons
quietly walks through the world.
she expects to feel the warmth
of their smiles on her face.
their eyes softly crinkle
when they're with each other.
when they walk toward her,
they grimace - every single time.
their voices fade until
she can only hear the sound
of her loud breathing,
feel the chill in the air,
and blink the tears away.
#escapril day 6!
Pum Sid Apr 6
You are my cup of coffee.

   I love your hypnotizing smell
   I love your alluring countenance
   I love your warmth
   I love your taste lying on my tongue
   and left something on my lips
   causing me to lose my senses.

You are my cup of coffee
and I want you all to myself.
Anna Lour' Apr 27
She was full of interest but silent
her view to life was lucid but dim
She knew her finish line
so she dug the world to find her answer

She locked all her doors,
counted the stars,
dreamt until dawn,
nothing interest her outside her room

Then Sophia met Philos,
a man full of kindness, affection, and compassion
The world was his adventure, his arena
And they fell for each other

Sophia didn’t get him at first
He looked like a fool
But he loved her dearly
despite her cold heart and her uptightness
Philos gave anything to her

Sophia felt different since Philos
He thought her a view she once misunderstood
An overwhelming warmth hugged her body
filled with ideas and hopes
She felt moved to bring her outside

Love is the cause of action
and now she know that
Because without Philos, Sophia is nothing
From the album 'Afloat'
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