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today it rained
I thought of you and how you might feel alone
and how I feel alone even though you’d never think it
I’m surrounded by so much love and I can’t get my thoughts away from the person I lost
and I hope you’re not still pretending to love the emptiness beside you and the spaces I once filled
you don’t have to like your solace as much as you pretend to
today it rained and I wondered how I’ll feel when you fall for someone new
I hope you give her the chance you never gave me
to show you intimacy and warmth and the kind of passion you keep searching for
I hope you stop looking
the way you should've when you had me
japheth 6h
if ever

you don’t


like you have a home,

pull me close,

wrap your arms around me,

rest your head on my chest,

close your eyes,

and feel the warmth of the fireplace

resonating from within my heart.
lucie 1d
he smells like summer tastes—
a bowl of fresh raspberries
left warm on the windowsill
orange peels on the floor
The girl is a girl
Only like the moon to earth
The oasis to dunes
Breeze to the tropics
Love to the desolate
Warmth to the shadows
music to the lost
path to the journeyman
Fingers to the hair
Lips to the want
All of this and some more
The girl is my girl...
last night i stayed up
until the stars lost their warmth
until the constellations rearanged
until the moon departed back into the galaxy
just thinking about you
the night sky is clearing but im still awake
I remember the first time
Our skin touched

It was a 6th-grade English class
I leaned back on you
My arm brushed against your leg
And my body felt on fire
I crave the warmth from which you gave me
At first, I didn't realise it was love
I needed more
You are my addiction
As the years flew past
I took every opportunity I could
To see your skin
I've seen your ups and your downs
and I've never seen an **** side
I've seen you beat yourself for being not perfect
But if you could see yourself the way I do
You would never worry again
I have felt the fire of your skin since then
So many times and I loved every moment
When I fell asleep on your shoulder
When I grabbed your arm
When I put my hand on yours

I remember the last time we touched
You ruffled my hair
and I longed for more
Stark 6d
huddled beneath the *****, dark alleys of the past
there's a girl
rubbing her hands together
for a semblance of warmth

the cold bites deep
through bare clothing
chilling her to the bone

as the frost flurries through
and bright Christmas trees
set her eyes alight

she shakily pulls a small
from her pocket

with a breath,
she mutters a prayer
and strikes the match
to watch it burn
one last time

the flame wavers
but continues to burn
'till there is no fuel left

just as the light dies
she, too, dies

and the ghosts come
to take her hand
to a safer place
where it's Christmas yearlong
and warm embraces await

for the little match girl has left
for somewhere, something beyond our reach
little match girl
It binds us
Intertwines us
Flows through my veins
And down my legs
Builds me up
Only to break me down

It fills the void in my heart
With a warmth I've never known
Pours from the wounds left by a broken world
And reassures what I've always known
I'm nothing
Nothing without the pain
Bundled in a blanket
with a fire next to me.
Working on a poem.
Everything is cozy.

Crackling of wood
awakens my mind.
Orange flames
slowly shined.

A fire burning
is so nice.
For a poet,
this is paradise.
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