Time ticks on my bedroom wall clock,
and my weary head needs sleep.

              It's much too cold inside my room,
               why won’t my discontentedness ever stop?

I toss and I turn every which way,
and I can't seem to feel right at all.

               It's much too cold inside my room,
                so beside me won't you lay?

Each hour that passes takes a toll,
and there's a simple solution to my problem.

               It's much too cold inside my room,
                so won't you warm my body and soul?

originally written 12/30/16
IrieSide 5d

Attentive eyes
    and nervous jitter,
trembling hearts
await their fate

barbaric practice
of modern acceptation
fear is faced
  in university fashion

Navy blue professor,
    of conductor hands

Giving presentations in college.
IrieSide 5d

Let me go my way-y
let me

      Pull the trigger
  of horny target
victimized by displays
  of fading fantasy
again, into other realms
of countering thought
what could be, what isn't
   the voice echoes,
here we go, another loss
    a new finding
           of life's
     endless surprises

Druzzayne Rika Apr 17

The fire gives the warmth,
         as the storm rages on.

Through pouring rain
And winds that howl
She begs of him to, sit a while
The two lay back, relaxing in tune
Feeling the chill in the air
of the crisp early June
That's the life, she whispers
He can see goosebumps,
rising on her chest
His own heart quickens
As her hand slips into his
It's wet -- but what isn't?
It's warm, an unexpected blessing
She feels nothing, save for him
He feels cold, but it's worth it

ju Oct 2011

cross-legged on prickly cord,
picking frayed edges
that don’t quite meet the wall-
stealing pimply-glassed heat and
pretending to live
in a house, where warmth exists
beyond window-spills and
a broken gas oven.

Poetic T Apr 6

Dew drops from shuffled clouds
                   in summers glow.

Washing away the memories
of winters
                 static presence.

Revitalizing the emotions,
        children dance innocently
                                 within droplets.

Maria Etre Apr 5

It all began
with a gaze, then..
a thud knocked on my valve
disrupted the blood flow
constricted it
jolting my own chamber of life
with a new life
foreign to my heart
to my being
I opened all 4 rooms
and welcomed it with open arms
warming the cold chills
that have overtaken
it over the years

A constriction that
turned my face red
and made my lungs ache for air
as I took a deep breath
to fill the void
I inhaled your aura
and it nestled in
the center of my being
turning it into
a warm

It was Monday, I woke up looking at my ceiling.
All who had come yesterday, had already left mourning.
I wasn’t the saddest, she was the happiest
As this was planned, for we lived life to the fullest.
No reason to get out of bed, no reason to dress up
She isn’t here to hug, to walk to park with our coffee cup.
So i was just lying there, fighting loneliness
I was trying to relive with her memories, real no less.
Could remember our long talks, and longer walks at sunrise
But not her beautiful smile, nor her expressive eyes
I still feel her moist kiss, and warmth of her touch
but I forgot her face, the one I loved so much
May it be alzheimers or senility, but why your face
My memory is killing me, am afraid i will lose you without a trace.
Whats wrong with my right brain?
Will i see you again?

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