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Ariana Solo Oct 16
Strawberry scented highlighters
Notes neatly stored in binders
Pages of multicoloured ink
A hot caffeinated drink
Notes written out on pages
The hard work takes ages
Lack of sleep but not from the phone
But from doing test revision alone
But the good results are worth it all
Even all the flash cards tacked on the wall

📝 📝 📝
SS Oct 7
So finely woven
Entwined with threads of truth,
Of harsh realities
And with every cut,
The weight grows unbearable
And the unbearable becomes restless
Until your holding onto
Latching onto
Fingers burning onto
The last string
The last standing string
- that is Faith.
Angela Rose Oct 1
Of course you found out you love me now
Of course you want me when someone else has me

Of course you realize you want to be with me now
Of course you promise you will prove you're true and real

Of course the timing is off
Of course fate threw us another out of reach curve ball

Because, what do we have together anyway besides bad timing?
max Sep 25
I like showing off
1% of what I am
But then
I feel like I gave them too much of me
I was moving towards you
And you were standing on a Cliff
And beside you was someone I didn't knew
After knowing I found myself fall off
From the same surface where you two stood strong
A simple solution
To all the world’s problems-
Have you tried turning it
Off and on again?
seldom Jul 17
what a
fickle thing
i wish i
could turn them
all off
time passes
as seconds
when we meet

but it slows
as the mount carrying burdens
and in its holes filling with loads
when we are wide

when i saw you
i forget the world
except your shiney smile

when you go
my heart is off
and escaped after you

it is your prisoner
and wish it lasts for ever
the meeting times between lovers seemed to be good and passed as blinks, but when theu became wide it passes so slow
Adam Jun 10
I awaken to a sound
I sit up slowly and look around
The room is full of shadows
The gloom makes them dance but none of that matters
I tell myself it's all in my head
And the fact the previous owner was found last year dead
In this very same bed
Is making me jumpy and grabbing a bat
I walk to the hallway instead
Lead by my own fears but trying to face them
And looking down at the long stairs
It's dark at the bottom but I try not to care
I think I see movement below
Do I stay here, put on a brave show
The answer I already know
As I run to my room and now lock the door
It's ok to call the police
They could drive by and look in at least
I quickly get under the sheets
And sit there a moment shaking in fear
I turn on the light on my phone
And that's when I realise that I'm not alone
Not really
TS May 19
When the world gets too loud
for you to hear your own thoughts,
  turn it off.

When the violence grows
and the fear bubbles over,
  turn it off.

When the pain of a nation
weighs too heavy on your heart,
  turn it off.

When you have no other option
but to board up your windows,
  turn it off.

When your heart starts to race
at the thought of tomorrow,
  turn it off.

When the words in the air
grow to heavy to bear,
  turn it off.

When your dreams are overtaken
by death and despair,
  turn it off.

When it's too hard to find beauty
in this world anymore,
  turn it off.

When you have no more strength
to hold up your head,
  turn it off.

Closing out the heaviness of the world is not cowardice or ignorance, sometimes it just necessary. Don't judge others or feel fear about giving yourself time.

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