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Youre steady base,
Keeps my off beat rhythm
In tune.
Purcy Flaherty Apr 2021
There's nothing special about my greedy utopian dream:
I'm not off grid, or more ecco' friendly;
I still order luxury goods from overseas, hoard, engage in cliques, use the internet, dream about my own bit of land, claim any benefits I can.

I use the same drugs, minerals, roads, hospitals, banks, and I pollute the same air; with the same stink of self righteous elitism; because just like everyone else; I am unique!

(Off-grid irony)
There is nowhere off grid, our homes and our freedoms are all part of this flimsy construct ffs
( .)(.)
Money talks

Truth walks

Green paints a new world

Blood red stains the profit

of pain unfurled

From those who seek its power

Above life

A sick patient

On the operating table

Gets the treatment

Suffocation in quicksands of poverty

You bleed to death

Inspiration appears to only belong to the wealthy and their benefits
Strying Nov 2020
I smile
I laugh
I joke
The door closes
I scream
I cry
I want
Nothing more
Than to die.
:/ true for a lot of people. Many don't even realize they are sad, they don't see their own fake smiles.
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