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I don’t take philosophy courses,
Not because I’m smarter and always right,
But because I’m jaded,
I know each person in our
Lewis & Clark exploration through what we think is ours,
Comes to moments of great clearing clarity,
Of unlocking more parts of our mind,
New abilities like a videogame,
For which I cannot hate,
Or love,
More or less,
For to find myself,
The greatest of mysteries solved, what joy!
I cannot know myself,
The worst of betrayals, what sorrow!
But seeing as I’m the most central force,
In only this galaxy and the next,
I cannot afford the time for you,
To go through this too.
Mr Quiet Oct 12
I'm questioning everything and I got something to say,
Being heartbroken, secluded has made me completely insane,
But overall I felt dumb and then it all suddenly hit my brain,
Why did I let me break me when I know in the beginning you won't stay?

Hurting myself with doubt, always making me down, you didn't tear me down, I did it all by myself.
"But maybe I could've done something"
Maybe I should shut up and just be on my way,
You're done with me,
And I'm moving on,
End of the debate,
Yet I'm not done with this song.

I'm questioning everything that exists in my brain so it can exit and I can be me again.
Can I be me again from the time I was ten and so careless without me breaking hearts and losing friends?
Can you forgive me after all those bad events and hopefully we can talk about it using past tense?
But nevermind, I guess we are those past tenses.

Thinking about all the times we had fun and had a good laugh and had a good run,
Reminiscing times that ended our hearts,
From beating for one other,
'Cause now we're apart.

And now I am done,
Breaking myself 'cause now you're having fun with all your friends,
It's time for me to stop,
It's time for me to stop.

On and on again.
why do i keep thinking she'll come back, it gotta stop tbh
It goes like this you see.

10pm, on a late thursday evening. I was sweating like a ****** in church. I grabbed my armbands and turned on the shower. It was cold as ice to the touch, but begun to warm up eventually. Thank *** my wife remembered to turn the geezer on or else I was going to slap a *****, create waves of flesh on that **** *** face of hers.

After stripping down to my birthday suit, I popped on some shampoo and spreaded that **** in my hair. Creating a burning sensation, tingly, like ants crawling in my head.
Suddenly I was smacked like an unwanted child by the smell of burnt toast in the air,
with the shampoo still sitting in my hair.
I turned around and right before me, something was coming out of the plug hole, like something out of a b-rated horror movie.
Looking like my wife's homemade cooking, **** was alive, and then it lunged at me.
I tell you, if it was not for those Tom Cruise movies lecturing me in the art of total *** kicking, I would be a dead ***** man with armbands in a tub, being eaten by the unholy guacamole.

You gotta believe me,
when I tell this story,
This was not all in my head,
You can't just write off what I have said.
I know it must sound insane,
But a mexican's lunch crawled out of the drain,
I beat it's *** like a drum,
like Lars Ulrich at a metallica concert ,
and sent the **** back down the hole it crawled out of.
The devil wanted to bring me down to the deep end,
It is a good thing I bought my arm bands.
What the absolute ****.
kayla Sep 23
Because who would believe me
15 years old,
and dressed like a ****
I have to tell him at some point, but I do I break it to him that he wasn’t my first that someone took that from me long time ago, that I almost killed my because I thought I was pregnant. I don’t know what to say or how to bring it up. I don’t want to make him sad or worry.
chloe fleming Sep 20
the weight of ink is heavier than blood
for it carries the passion and intensity
of a heart set free through the mountains,
the seas,
the valleys
scribbling its way on to pages of our minds
leaving us wanting more,
begging our pens to flow endlessly,
for the pleasure of some and the decay of others.
"My heart lays in sadness,
it silently cries in pain"
My heart is broke and I'm out of glue.
Danial John Aug 22
You made me belive in things unseen, like *** and fate.
You also filled me with nothing but disgusting, rotten hate.

I now know there IS a higher power.
And I hope some day it is destroyed, dismembered, and devoured
Carlyyyy Aug 21
I know what I’m about...
I just don’t know who I am.
silentwoods Aug 17
When I was young and still quite dumb,
I tried out something just for fun.
I didn’t know if it would work,
My sister said I was berserk.

Feeling a little bit too clever,
I tied a few bed sheets together.
Then tied the sheet rope to the bed
“Please hold my weight”, I silently begged.

I opened the window, dropped the rope
And for the best I only hoped.
With both my arms around the twine,
I started inching down the line

Then, suspended in mid air,
I heard the rope begin to tear
And with a rather dreadful sound,
From two floors up i plummeted down.

Around mid fall I heard a *****,
I landed, grunting, on my back.
My head felt dizzy, my finger ached;
The whole length of my back was scraped.

I walked home limping in a shame.
For there was no one else to blame.
Oh, and one thing worse than my broken finger?
My entire family watching from the window.
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