A troll is a troll is a troll
pain is their guidance their goal
no heart and really no soul

A troll is a troll, is a troll

Trolling for trolls is a sport
they've no balls or need for a court
sparring with slow sad retorts

A troll is trolling, for sport

A troll is a troll, is a troll
that's just how they slither and roll
mind and heart with large holes

A troll, is a troll, is a troll

No pity that I can surrender
on this simple poetry bender
never I'll be, a defender

A troll, is a troll
is a troll
There are peeps here that have had constant harassment for years, it's deplorable and sick IMO D:
savvy May 12
no matter what we do,
we will always have our blonde moments.
we try to hard.
we don't try hard enough.
whatever the reason,
we will always have the time to
laugh aloud at how dumb we are and say:
"that was so blonde!"
I just felt like writing this because I have so many blonde moments I can't even pick my favorite!

Please comment if you're a blonde and you agree with me. I want to see how many of us are proud blonde's on HP!
i stopped writing about you not because i forgot about you,
but because the mere thought of you makes my hands explode, shake, gnaw,
pick at all the skin you whispered to me was
the mere thought of you sends my heart into a slow melt,
you make it feel like july on the inside
where you’re hot and sweaty and far too close to one another
i can’t write about you anymore because the fragile thoughts in my head
would be destroyed by the heavy weight of your influence
dumbness on my head
a feeling so hypnotic!
numbness in my soul
a feeling so orgasmic !
light on my feet
a feeling of release!
dizziness in my eyes
a feeling so free !
sensations i felt, when i first saw you !

milky lips on chubby chicks,
chinky eyes and complexion so fair,
complimented by few stranded hair.
seductive skirt with a sensual smile,
elegant curves on a frame so right.

was it love or was it lust ?
too innocent for love,
too dumb for love,
it must have been !!!!!!
puppy love, the tingling sensations for the first time i saw a girl...
The rejection
The exclusion
The ostracism
The dismissal
It all just
Emboldens me
In a way,
And feeling "emboldened"
Is a close synonym
To being "courageous.
How much is courage worth?
A lot  more money
Than all these snobbish motherfuckers
Can afford to pay
They say that they're
"Against Donald Trump",
But they don't do shit!
I joked about purchasing a Nazi Uniform on Etsy,
And throwing it off
In the middle of 13th Avenue,
But all these wimpy,  complacent Liberals
Picked up my Nazi Uniform
And wore it
In order to fit in
Among the White Trash Motherfuckers
Who are running the United States!
Inspired by Eminem, "Not Afraid".
Benji James Apr 16
Get into my Hyundai
I call it my Ferrari
It goes hard when I'm at the wheel
Take me for a test drive
I'll show you how it feels
A body so hot it will make you melt
I'll take you to heights
you've never even felt.

©2018 Written By Benji James
chloe fleming Apr 12
I am a stalemate,
I will never be won,
But I will also never be lost
I could never be your checkmate.
Crystal Apr 12
My flame used to shine bright
Thats until it happened
High school
I get judged everyday
I think everyone hates me
I get called nasty names
My family calls me fat
My flame was slowly going out
Like everyone one I liked was spraying water into it
I don't think i had any true friends
Apart from 2 or 3
Only 1 knows how I feel
But yes
My flame has gone out
I dont even remember writing this but my friend told me to post it so I did. Its really bad sorry. I think I wrote it when I was half asleep. SORRY
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