C 2d

Who do you call when you are having the having the most miserable day?
Who do you call when you just have something to say?
Who do you call when you're doing just okay?
Who do you call just to complain?
Who do you call when you think you're going insane?

Who always answers?

"I'm trying to find the perfect one," he says.

Well, I hate to break it to you, buddy, but you're blind.
You lost your sense of sight a long time ago.
You lost the ability to see the beautiful things of the world.
The true things.
The honest things.

The things that love your stupid jokes and the way you laugh at yourself for telling them.

The things that offer for you to lick the brownie batter even though it's her favorite.

The things that will watch those horribly childish shows you recommend because she knows it will make you happy.

Those things that listen to your complaints about being tired, even though she is exhausted herself, and helps you find a restaurant to get some dinner when you could easily ask Siri.

The thing that, unlike most genies, would let you wish for more wishes.

The thing that you're too blind to appreciate.

Who will you call now?

True story, folks.
Kee 6d

I was supposed to write this out like a journal entry but it ended up being more like a poem

I feel stupid for loving someone who doesn’t give a damn about me
And I’ve spent four, almost five years loving him even when I couldn’t love myself
And for that, I feel dumb
I feel dumb for waiting on something that will never come
And I feel especially dumb for those times I believed all those sweet nothings you murmured in my ear
Dumb for my heart soaring at the text messages you would send m
Dumb for thinking the impossible
The inevitable
Dumb for believing you were the one
Sad because I still love you
And that will never change
But one day I will move on
And somehow I’ll forget your name
And it might hurt too much to even go back through time in my brain
And think about how close we once used to be
And all the things we said
Because those things no longer matter
When you can’t say to me anymore
It’s as if those words fade
And they no longer mean anything to you or me
But I’m stuck here loving you
Stuck here in alternating universe where you love me too

chloe fleming Oct 11

I can't remember the last time I looked into the mirror,
And didn't see the vague shell that I am today.
Because today, my body bleeds passion for the uninspired
My skin, shrink wrapped over hollow tree branches
That extend to the beachy shallows of my body
That not even I can see anymore
I am a withering tree who's leaves cannot grow
And roots are dry
I am the stiff wind in January that will burn your cheeks,
I am the only thing that keeps two people apart.
Yet, I will shout from corridors and mountain peaks alike,
I am fine

chloe fleming Oct 11

"What is childhood?" they asked,
I replied with the notion,
Childhood is staying up late
Waiting for you to sober up.
And it's trips to the pharmacy,
Just to be able to get out and away from you.
Smoking cigarettes at 13 to taste something other than the blood from my cut up cheeks,
Its finding a way to feel the pain before it consumes you whole,
It's becoming a mother to 2 hungry eyed kids
While yours is out dancing.
Childhood is growing up before your time
And realizing its too late.

how to cut all of your hair off and regrow it naturally
how to grow your nails longer and stronger
how to shape your new nails into vicious talons
how to exfoliate away outer layer of skin
what moisturiser promotes thicker skin?
how to take off all of your skin
how to make it into scar tissue
can you flay all of your skin from your body?
can you burn yourself down?
can you rise from your own ashes?
how to become a phoenix

how do you move on?

my best friend and i go grocery shopping together almost everyday. he has his hair up most of the time but i love it when he leaves it down and it's all curly and wild and the wind blows it across his face when we're sitting on a tailgate finishing the pack of cigarettes that we got the day before. we haven't left each other's side since the last full moon.

my best friend loves the beatles more than anything in the world and i love it when we get high late in the afternoon and we can see the sunset from my living room window while looking at memes and listening to track six off of abbey road. i never thought someone who loved dead musicians as much as i did existed until i met him.

my best friend and i sit next to each other in music theory on mondays and wednesdays. our weekdays feel like weekends because we have so much fun doing nothing even if we have class the next morning. i love it when he smiles because it's the most genuine thing i think i've ever seen.

my best friend holds doors open for me and he lights my cigarettes for me. normally i would take a feminist stand by saying thank you, but i could open my own doors and light my own cigarettes but with him i forget all of that and i actually think there's a 15.6% chance that he might be the love of my life. it's really hard to be myself with all these post-teenage emotions that have made me batshit crazy.

IJustBS Sep 26

Mruh maf ish fuul
Ant ai cannt shey watt ai wantt
Mruh mouf ish furr
hai crnt fccig shpek wirdfs
omhnahh biff jes shet ouut ma mouf
Dish fuud is tuu delichichhss

IJustBS Sep 26

Meep Meep
A rush of dusty air zooms past me
I am scairt'
That burd be scairin meee.....
the mean old burdie,
I must protecc
Ima bamboozle him real good
The dum burd won't know what hit em
Oh no where did dat burd go?

wile e coyote's thoughts and emotions projected onto a poem

Some people just waste time.
Some people
Love to
Mess around online.
But  if one is setting goals for one's nation
Without using one's mind
One's Nation will,
Go into DECLINE!

Saint Titus Sep 23

I'd die in my sleep just to dream again, breath again
I would lie to myself just to pretend that I could move on

Its only as hard as you think it is
The Sentiment's
Only around till the season ends, and I know

I wish I understood where I go
In the moments between, when I'm defined
A map of me, written down on a stereo

I've only got enough change, to make it somewhere close
Where do you want to go?

Days that bleed together come up so unclaimed  
Rising out of nowhere
And falling just the same
Stretching out before me, I see sleepless nights
And  a lifetime filled with pain

The storeroom full of daydreams is looking rather forced
I've used up every fantasy, and still I'm still staying the same course

But here comes the refrain
The mantra I try to entertain
Famine is a constant flame
That burns down to the core of man
And lets you understand
Just how this life will end
And there's no real way to win this game

I think i understand when people talk
Even when there's nothing good enough to say
Everybody's lonely on this road, and as we walk
They just want to stave off the silence

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