Were those blondes really trying
To pimp you off on me?
That's really bad!
I didn't know things like that
Still went on
In 2018?
Women are told to
"Know their own worth,"
But That assumes
That a woman is a thing.
NO WOMAN is completely aware
Of her own POTENTIAL.
Women with this psychosexual consciousness
Cut men out of their lives
Who really want to EMPOWER them
'Cause they aren't
"Good Enough",
Weaken themselves.
When you told me
To stop wasting my money
By giving you things,
I heard That as a way of telling me
To back off.
"I don't want to be your girlfriend."
However, instead of lecturing me
About wasting my money,
In reality,
Everything I gave you
Was cheap or not in use,
You could have shared something with ME!
It didn't have to be a material thing.
It certainly didn't have to be
Just something about YOURSELF.
Now that I'm aware
That you think in this way,
I realize that you're not such an innocent victim.
If you feel trapped,
You've done it
To yourself.
Danial John Aug 7
Please just hate me.
At least then I could move on.
Being stuck in between worlds...
Feels so wrong.

What am I saying?
You don't even read this shit anymore.
Yet you got me into it, mi amor.
Hey, Baby, ante up and slay me.

I know, I put a lot of pressure on you.
But you should know the truth.
It's only because YOU made me insane for you.
And THAT'S the truth.

But... Whatever. Nobody gives a fuck.
Least of all you.
That much
I'm sure of.

I'm just waiting for the day.
Slip away.
Set my soul free.

No more problems
No more worries
No more love
No more pain

Sometimes I wish I hadn't known you in the first place.
I'm so selfish I guess...
I might not ever
Deeply connect
With the woman I love,
But I might not ever
Deeply connect
With anyone in this town
Ever again.
Forging a deep connection
Is not always the same thing
As a deep thrust during intercourse,
Of course.
People just think that way
'Cause they've forgotten
How to relate.
Isla Aug 6
I can't write
I actually physically can't
OK how about, something with flowers
Not like that's been done 1000000000 times
I swear to god anymore similes and I will





This is terrible
OK ummm
Fish tanks?
Fish tanks aren't all that poetic
I can't think of anything
I think I'm dried up
Like an empty...
Fish tank
Wait a minute
What if I just write something about
Not knowing what to write
That would be easy
It also explains why this sucks
The creativity well has run dry friends

*punches self in esophagus for putting this on my page*
I thought she was available.
I tried to snatch her up,
I realized
That she didn't like being viewed
As snatch.
I wonder why?
yellow soul Jul 25
She feared so much
Still she wanted to
see, feel and be
it all
She was her own
No one was like her
And she was
Like no one
She was so talented
Everyone was jealous
But she couldn’t see it
She had no idea
She wanted to feel alive
She went too close
To the fire
Too many times
And ended up
getting burned
Sara Kellie Jul 25
Am I really that uncouth?
Have you lot yet worked out the truth.
The shit I write, it's so contrite.
I know you're dim
but I thought you might.
I've been feeding bananas to you all.
Big bananas, none are small.
All are bent, of course they are.
Enough's enough, it's gone too far.

Dear Voyeurs, to all my fans.
Some ride cycles, some drive vans.
for M&Y, yeah you're the guy.
So I bait my line and continue the lie.
But let's have it right, as well I might.
You wanted to play,
so pretended you're gay.
Now most I know aren't,
but one or two do.

Boiler repair guy with the twinkly eye.
Bent over in two, I spank with a shoe.
And all that he asks is, I call him Sue.
So I have him pegged,
for that's what he begged.
But now he knocks on my door
wanting much more.

Fuckin' Big Bent Bananas
by Kaydee.

(slurp, slurp)
Threw some big bananas out today.
Hope you all enjoyed the show.
How many of you busted a nut?
Fuckoff, none of you can even walk straight.
M&Y, Regenda, Big time Charlie, and you lot at 4am the taxi rank?
Not understanding what or why I'm doing what you can see, you just drank it all in.
Well here's some more. Only difference is here, just like I do mine, you all know your own truths and what is absolute shite, eh boiler repair guy!
Go on then drink it all up!
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