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Bryan Dec 2021
JJ Inda Oct 2021
The afternoon is warm,
bright and long.
The sidewalks are busy,
packed and loud.

Drinking another beer alone;
the view from my apartment
feeds a thought.
-We're all crazy, you know?
mark soltero Jun 2021

when you're gone
i can't land alright
nothing holding me back
gravity pushes me in agreeance
good riddance  
i was never apart of the blueprint
there wasn't a plan
space out and decide to implode
your immaturity exceeds normalcy

riri Feb 2021
not a day goes by where i don't think of you
and i hate myself for it
what a fool i am
Man Jan 2021
i met you young
dumb and full of angst
you reached out to hold my hand,
i recoiled back

but it wasn't you

you told me you loved me
i was shocked into disbelief
no, that couldn't be true
i bore the flak

for telling you what i thought i knew

twenty now, a fresh man
i could see how you did
i can see how you can

too bad I didn't know it then
Man Jan 2021
welcome to the hollow cake
buttered by cream frosting
its no fun being the rat in wax
is it?

was the garnish good, at least?

we're here only moments
and they're being wasted every minute
just like all the opportunities
that have gone on by

there's still plenty game to be had
a plentiful lot in play
pennies for each of their fads
hair changes, and ripped stockings

but when the dye fades
your mascara runs
was it fun?
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