Ammar 6d
He don’t wanna love you like I did
He wanna fuck you
Get you a baby
And give you the American dream
There are some people out there,
Spreading lies to those unaware...
Listen, friends, to my words;
And hear the horrors they said, the curse!

"Price doesn't matter, and it never has,
We'll make a fortune on our own path!
Who even cares about the headphone jack?
It's a waste, nobody wants it back."

"Besides, we can market to those who are dumb.
Stupid enough to type with just a thumb;
They won't care about a closed system.
Nerds? Who could think that we missed 'em?"

This is why I decided to not
Buy from the company as messy as a knot.
I'd rather spill a whole glass of Snapple
Than own a device made by Apple.
This wasn't a very good poem, but I decided to finish it when I found out that it was lying around in my "DRAFT" section for over a month.
Willy A Mar 3
‪This overwhelming sadness‬
‪Has set itself‬
‪On my thick chest‬
‪And upon my hidden ribs‬

‪This sadness is no longer a past tense
‪But a lingering ribbons‬
‪That wrap itself around my neck‬
‪Making it a multiple instead of just a double‬

‪The worst is yet to come‬
‪But i always leave the door unlocked and the alarms unchecked ‬
‪I guess ill see you when I see you‬
Where will I be in two years?
Will I be dumbed down and delinquitized?
Will I be living on the edge with Dionysus and his friends?
Or will I be a scholarly, orderly student?
Will I be me, or will I fall into the clutches of some other identity?
Spooky Babe Mar 1
I don’t know when this all happened
I didn’t know I wasn’t truly being me
Apparently it’s been going on for awhile
Or maybe I always knew subconsciously

I don’t know why after all this time
I still get butterflies when I look at you
At first glance that sounds cute and charming
But it’s preventing me from doing what I want to do

I often compare myself to other girls
who would never possess a piteous trait
Constantly beating myself up inside
Knowing I’m the reason we can’t date

What I long for isn’t a relationship
It’s knowing that our souls are entwined
You know me like the back of your hand
And I know you like the back of mine
Things aren’t the same am I to blame?
Danial John Feb 26
Please, just please
Put me out of my misery
I can't stand existence
I didn't ask for this shit

Why, oh why, must I be
Put me out of my misery
Slit wrist or a noose around my neck
I'm almost ready, but not yet

A straw, a brick
A hug, a kiss
Poisoned thoughts
I've had enough of this

Broken backs, broken dreams
You have no idea what I've done, and what I've seen
I cannot end it, because I deserve this pain
I'm a loser and hate the game

Purge my soul
Break my bones
Leave me broken
Or send me home
Danial John Feb 25
I've been waiting...
For the right moment.
Want sure for what.
But now I know it.

Been close many times before.
Ready to scatter my brains and soar.
Better than a deep sleep... Never more.
Unfettered, emptiness galore.


That's what I've been waiting for.
Sean Murray Feb 21
This conservative, Poindexter
Called Charlie Kirk
Grips the nation
With fear!

Dear Florida citizens,
We know you are scared
But safety is almost here

(i guess antifa's membership quota is low, so)

The O.W.L. is here!

The Orlando Worker's League.
They understand the issues.
They are SO FAR from some misguided tools,

Here, read this quote for proof:
"His presence on our campus endangers the lives of UCF students"
Okay, before I'm accused of being insensitive in light of the recent tragity in Florida, please let me explain.
This silly little poem is by no means an attempt to be dismissive of the horror that occurred in Florida this past week. My prayers are with the victims and the victims families. There is a lot of POLITICAL debate going on right now in the U.S. People are in mourning, all wracking our hearts & minds trying to understand how and why such callus events can transpire. My gut tells me that it is not in politics that we will find the answer. It is in a deeper understanding of the nature good & evil that we will find some peace in times like these.  

Anyway, about the poem. (I'll get most of the details right)

So this guy, Charlie Kirk, was recently invited to speak at the University of Central Florida by one of the student organizations there. So what's big deal, basic affair for College, right? WRONG!
It's been awhile since I was in school. But apparently the new hip thing on campus is basically to mess with the republican student groups as hard as you can. I think it's like when frat houses go after each other to show dominance or something..  like a one-ups-man-ship kinda deal.

So anyhoo. This guy, Kirk --i swear-- is the most boring, average, everyday conservative you could ever imagine. HOWEVER, this group, Orlando Worker's League is just going nuts over the fact that Charlie Kirk is going to be at UCF.
It's confusing.
OWL really doesn't want the students who are interested in hearing the speech to listen to the guy speak.... even though they invited him to speak to them...
According to the Orlando Worker's League, Charlie Kirk's very presence "endangers the lives" of all who cross his path.
chloe fleming Feb 18
i want life to grow from these very bones,
instead of death taking its final toll.
i dream of life, enveloping me, showing me the rivers that flow, seas that crash, and creeks that trickle downward.
death itself is the thought that life is too weak to handle, but i have seen death
and i have seen life.
i’ve wished and prayed that life could bury death,
give up its ceaseless game and go to sleep,
maybe then children could play outside without fear of another drive by,
i could take a rest, without fear of ending it.
but death is the inevitable part of life
but could we stop focusing on it?
our time is short, our time is now.
look life in its eyes before they close on you.
dance in sunlight, drape yourself warmth.
scream hallelujah every morning you wake up,
healthy and alive.
grow saplings in your collarbones, love in your heart, music in your feet, and knowledge in your head.
life is the essence of existence and death is just a familiar friend
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