Guden 5d

I've been several months without a woman,
Now I'm not sure if that is a lot,
But I sure would miss it
Even if it were one day
I don't believe we're made to withstand
Being lonely
Not even for a day,
At least we have internet
And old mister purple can rest.
I remember the last time I hated all humans.
I think I've grown wiser now,
Though nothing really changes anyway,
I'm still a fool.
And women,
So delicious,
I would be gay if men were difficult like that.

I lose all that I hold most dear
So I dare not even touch you

Mono Sep 12

He writes loves stories of wonder beyond inspiration

and no one could ever match his wit, his art, his creation

No one could defeat him from the poet’s throne
                                 . . .
Though the king of composed literary

is a fool behind his work of virtuosity

a clown to his own emotions

describing love letters for a lover he has let go

Foolishness should be a crime
And a heavy crime,
It takes more of oneself than anything ever could with sharp grey razors
Penetrating flesh slowly in one's immense pleasure,
Oddly satisfying until the end comes,
                      And the end is always near
                                     As foolishness gets in touch with reality.

And what strikes me is that anyone can be a fool,
It seems to be embedded in the human DNA
                        Holding hands with corruption,
For foolishness is nothing but the corruption of oneself
At the hands of fantasy.

september 12, 2017
0:49 a.m.
The Dybbuk Sep 11

I am tired of love poems.
Every damned one blends into the same river of broken hearts,
of incomplete souls and endless meaningless metaphors.
Love isn't a glimpse of divinity,
it's not the sun or the moon,
it's not the rain or a kiss.
Love is a glimpse of yourself,
it's the end of reason,
and it is every fool's poetry.
So for all the artists of the world,
I want you to know something.
So long as you try,
love isn't something you will ever understand.
So please, just write about something else...

Mike Virgl Aug 28

Even the sun
Dripping with fire
Slowly dips
Until there is no more
The moon is but a reflection
and with retraction of waves
The skies pulls inward
Dotted with past
But one did outshine them all
And it does everyday
But as he missed the moon
He touched the stars
And it hurt
To be reminded
of their state of being
Trapped in a shell
In a single sky
Only watched by one
Blind fool

The addict came back for more, and he got it again, and again, and again.
R M Grahn Aug 25

In a laden sky, clouds are passing me by.
Wrapped up in passion, daylight decides.
There in the blue, a resilient hue.
Here on the ground, thoughts spin me around.

Green rises up to the heavens above.
Buds pucker out with nary a sound.
Laughter dissolves in the winds over time.
Memories are tossed in the space of my mind.

The leaves on the trees are waving at me.
The cost of this story is plain to see.
In the space of a moment, the earth turns me round.
Leaves me to wonder what else can be found.

Drifting through space with a smile on my face.
Dreaming of things I can still believe.
Walking the walk through the tales that we weave.
I'm treading the water in this silent pool.

I’m nobody’s fool but a fool I am.
The raging tempest blows me away.
The expanse of space is a welcome place.
The rhythm of days is that which remains.

This is pretty much a stream of contentiousness.
Brent Kincaid Aug 24

You are a 2017 conservative?
And proud.
A dedicated believer in Jesus?
I say it loud!
You believe in the Constitution?
As far as it goes.
Is there something wrong with it?
Every Conservative knows.

What would you change if you could?
We’d throw out foreigners.
But weren't all Caucasians foreigners once.
Don’t be a dunce.
But, we were. We came from Europe.
That’s just an excuse.
You doubt what I just said to you?
No, but it’s a ruse.

In what way is what I asked a ruse?
It doesn’t fit the issue.
So, equality for everyone is no good?
It’s as thin as tissue.
There are people who are less deserving?
You damn right.
Like who? (I find this all most unnerving.)
Anyone who isn’t white!

So, just the white people in our land?
You got it now.
Doesn’t the Constitution say they are equal?
That’s for those who bow.
Bow to who? Of who do you approve?
Christian Whites, of course!
And the rest can just go die or move?
I’ll say it until I'm hoarse.

It seems that you don’t approve of this country?
Just the government.
But, isn’t it built to serve and protect all of us?
That’s not what they meant!
The founding fathers didn’t mean all of us?
No, they meant Christian Whites!
And what about the rest of us citizens?
You were never supposed to have rights.

So, non-Caucasians are God's only people?
That's what I said.
But Jesus was a Jew, and not a Causasian.
Put that out of your head.
But you wouldn't let him have any rights today?
Jesus would see into my heart.
I wonder if he heard all this, what he would say?
You think you're so smart!

Please notice the root word of conservative is 'con'. It's a con job.
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