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the fool
created his own woes
sorrows laid into his red nose
dirt fills his mind
nothing pure and full of sin
sadistic miseries fill him within
the fool only knows negatives
his life called for nothing but ridicule
if only the fool knew
that he could command an audience
he rather cry in silence
die and rot away to the dirt that used to fill him
jia May 21
i do believe you
when you told me about that lie
acted as if that was true
never will I ask why

i will believe you
even if i know its false
even if it'll make me blue
I'll believe it all

i still believed you
though you lied so many times
but in my eyes and view
these are not your crimes

i believe you
in every single way
like a fool, i do
Patrick May 20
I lost you again last week,
And after crying, begging, and everything weak;
Or strong;
Or in between;
None of that has any meaning.

I don't understand this thing called love.
To watch from ever so far,
It looks so joyous,
So peaceful;
So warm.

Then I found what I thought was love,
And yet still I watch from ever so far,
And it was painful,
So Haunting:
So hard.

Love unrequit is so very realistic,
True Love a story sold to gullible ears:
A story told everlong, yet so insincere.
Laokos Apr 24
~every distance is a long shot
within reach of a fool
                          Prv. 𝑓:𝑦

bleed your heart out in dripping
poetic pretense―slip
that inky salamander some silk:

         "the wilting waiting flora
bequeathed their busting bouquets and
     bountiful bosoms unto the world
              in all of its prescient

then read it back to yourself
later and be
absolutely disgusted.

throw it away with all the other
things you've done in your

now reach back in your closet
and rattle the skeletons
lingering there.

finger your dreams in the
dark under pressure
from the mind
to find yourself.

the lightning severance
will sing and
anxiety will
harmonize with the knife.

you've done it again...
****** it all up
and everyone
knows it.

you could eat all the erasers
in the world
and your **** still
wouldn't come out correct.

a lifetime of valleys and
seawalls has made you
an avatar of
effortless blunder.

and you can't stop bleeding
all over the page; white
is red again
you blue it.

bleed in―breathe out
breathe in―bleed out
bleed in―breathe out
breathe in―
bleed out...

welcome to the creative
Fed-up of ordinary life
Free opportunity on line
Facing onslaught of lust
Finally out of luck
Four FOOLs make a fool!
I am all I got,
but God, I can't stare at him,
without feeling the **** butterflies in my stomach.
I know one day he'll be older, maybe richer or not,
but he'll find someone else to **** with,
and I'll be ****** with butterflies inside every bit of me but my hands,
because they'll be holding alcohol bottles all the way to my personal grave.
Sal AK Apr 12
Today is April 2nd
The love is there no more
Truth all that is left,
Was I the fool to love
Or you to believe it,
Was it a moment's bliss
Or an eternity of pain...
Akta Agarwal Apr 3
Life itself makes jokes of us
And we became prat in the hands of life
We make someone fool on the day of April fool day
But life always makes us prat as for life everyday is a April fool day
For April fool day
I never
took you
for a fool.

Except for
when we were
fooling around
the backseat
of your car.

You had me fooled
with your wide-eyed,
youthful glow.

I thought
I tasted love
on your lips.

But you were
just looking
for somewhere
to park
your car
for the night.

I guess,
I was the fool.
© 04/02/21 Rebecca Brenes All Rights Reserved
selina Mar 28
who in their right mind
would choose to hide skeletons
in their closets, of all places

my neighbor's backyard looks lovely
i helped him design it
you should know, i am no fool

not quite six feet under
the casket is more white than wood
but grey really brings out her eyes

                               well, won't you look at that?
                               my love's been immortalized
                               in a sepulcher of stone
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