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unexpected love was came
my heart's breaks a little
unexpected love was came
i drowned

he said he loves me,
i said it too
he said i'm not beauty,
i started to believe him
he said trusting each other is the key,
i quiet
        how to trust when he doesn't give
        me a trust?
he said his heart is mine,
i sigh
         how could he said that when i
         saw he enjoyed with other girls?
he said he never feels ilfeel with me,
i cry,
a lot

how fool i am never trusts him
i estranged with my self
correct my words, please.
i am a newbie english writer.
thank you, <3
Laokos Sep 24
these words
powerful as an enemy
as loving as
no woman
no woman
no woman
no woman
no explanation
no arms
no legs
no lips
no hands
no one
now just
one beer and a hit
is all i need
to forget about my
to forget about my
blundering , blubbering past self
weak and desperate for
embarrassment shadow
On behalf of my heart
Representing my failing body
I don’t see you like I should and believe it aches my heart
This is what I was born to be looking so misunderstood
If this is it then I feel displaced for it is aching more when I hate myself
I’m in war with peace I need the peace but it fights me to my grave using shovel to burrow the grave
I pray to God my knees on the ground arms crossed to the chest  
Say Amen with eyes closed and spirit ascending
To let your eyes look into mine
See the struggle that I put into this dream
Never sleeping so that I won’t wake up dead
Flower C Sep 11
Weep my tears,
Wash my face,
Don't let them see;

Shut in your feelings,
Don't let it escape your lungs,
Mute your heart,
So they can't hear;

How foolish,
Tormenting myself repeatedly,
Knowing that it's wrong,
To make them believe that I am my disguise.
Xant Apr 8
You think the sun is only yours to have?

You think it rises up  and set down just for you?

You think the flare is all for you?

You think you own it?

Selfish Fool
How I feel when someone doesn't wanna share their food
Silverflame Sep 4
Why do you love me?
My face isn't pretty.
I'm not even smart.
I'm just a fool with a funny
laugh and a fragile heart.
em Sep 4
out of nowhere
a magician pulled out
a beautiful bunch of flowers
and with a snap of a finger
it was gone
same tense
MeanAileen May 2018
This is not a love poem, my dear,
no....this is a poem of defeat.
To let you know you have won this war...
I give have me beat.
I can no longer fight for your heart
while scraping my own from the floor.
I can't ask you to feel something you won't,
and I can't handle hurting much more.
Your will of disdain is so very strong,
it's one I just can not break.
I thought I was worthy, but I was wrong...
was dreaming, but now I'm awake.
I've been running a race I just can't win,
chasing what will never be mine.
And at some point I fell, head over heels...
now I'm just running on borrowed time.
I think I thought there was something more,
a real connection between you and I.
And I guess I thought you felt it too...
I swore I saw that same spark in your eye.
But I'm just a fool and you a joker,
roles we both play well.
So where does our charade go from here?
I guess only time will tell...
Just a poem...
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