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The fool, plays tricks on himself,
Knotting his head over branches of a riveting kumbuk,
Dancing over the hopping line between truth and superstition,
Bartering with the bard for his wit and contradiction of concentrated diction, to display his friction,
Over Colosseum hipping corpus collosum

For a fool forgets to mind his breath,
Watching the counting seconds go by in the succession of time, one coming after another.
The next illusion of discontinuity through fluidity,
Trapping a held moment in breath of no flow.
Failing to follow the proverbial advice in don't hold thy breath, let it go in the exhale.

The fool wants nothing, needs something,
but cannot decide to come down on one thing,
starting point of beginning a thin kings event.

Drifting like clouds taken by the wind,
Along the axis of rotating rocks piled on stones.

Dancing about his madness found in prancing around his non compliance with no alliance of self consolidated foundations for aesthetic apprehension,
With apparitions of mind forming matter burning embers for the toxic putrid smoke of dragons breath,
Locked in melancholic disdain of not needing, but ease of occupation ******* on the elder wands death by cigarette stick.
the demise of tom riddle's incline.
When I was younger I was easily stressed
Now that I'm older I've come to realize that I've wasted a lot of time worrying about things I had no control over
I didn't have control over it then
And I don't have control over it now
Every time I go through a bad time in my life
It makes the previous times seem less bad
It's then that I ask myself, why the hell didn't you just enjoy yourself
What you were stressed about seems so insignificant now
It's like looking at a picture of a past love
You almost always ask yourself ... What was the fuss about ...
And somehow they never appear as pretty as you had remembered them to be
The veil has come off and the ******* truth has been exposed
Like the man who is hungover in the blistering sun
It never goes down well
And no one wants to be twice a fool ...
Sean Achilleos
October 21st, 2020
Jay M Apr 2019
This day
Torturing me so
Never letting me go.

Not long ago
Out worlds collided
Someway, somehow,
Trying so hard to catch the drift.

Barely speaking
Playing your emotions
A beauty, enticing me,
Framed with something unseen.

I do not wish to be afraid
Yet I do fear
For I hope to hear
Those sweet words
From your lips.

Day after day
You see me
But talk so little..

Am I the reason,
Or am I simply
Getting it all wrong?

So gentle
That soul of yours
Trying to hold yourself together
But just know
Even if your eyes don't see this truth
That I would rush to your aid
And hold you.

What is it
In your head
That just makes you so fascinating?
The way you mumble
The way you fumble
Strumming the minutes away
Like they are all you have.

I did not mean to feel this
But here I am
Falling for you
More and more each minute.

Worlds apart
Yet only a foot away
Daring me to come closer...

Daring me to ask the question...

- Jay M
April 10th, 2019
They say fools fall in love, and I am the biggest one of all.

To have gone through love once,
It's painful and heart-wrenching.
How am I such a fool?
To have dreamed of a life that would never exist,
To have sought out something that would never be.

Now I am leaving.

My dear, you have to let me go,
To let her in.

I am no longer a fool
For what love has been such a cruel.
A poem I wrote a long time ago for someone that will always have a piece of my heart.
Heyaless Sep 4
I am a fool .
People fool me with hope
People fool me with love.
But most of all I am fooled by myself .
**** everything
Nylee Aug 29
I'm yet to feel my age
turning more and more
these passing days
struggling to keep
the tears at bay
feels like I've been
mentally de-aged

I no longer speak
I don't know anything,
the game life plays,
all I've become is a
consistent loser,
what I do,
results to
a little bit of nothing.

I am done, with this too
and that too,
silence is the
way I communicate,
no one can tell
between wise and fool
when nothing is being said
It is the best way ahead,
the only way forward.
Lupus- Aug 21
It's really hard to believe
The words coming out of your mouth
I do my best to justify you
But it doesn't seem to work this time
Not this time
All these constant lies
How many more chances do you need
Until you finally decide to change
Do you think I will fall for them again
I have before and I was a fool for doing so
But not anymore, I'm letting you go
Not this time
Sha Aug 18
You say we could laugh and be merry tomorrow.
How funny and stupid at the same time.
The world laughed yesterday and cried today,
We cried today so maybe we can laugh next.
written on April's fools
I feel deep in my brain
I feel I'm insane  
I feel the pain digging my brain
I feel inside my brain
I feel I'm insane
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