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You fool! thought I, ashamed; embroidered tunes have caught you
By the tail so quickly. The flitting seraph wings
Wrought and plucked by harpists, and soaring snowy strings
Enjoined and swiftly snatched you; cease, you truly ought to.
The hearty ******* hammers, they hardly must have fought you
Yet now you lie as wounded, ensnared by petty things
Which melt the ice inside you, once the cello sings.
You faint ere damsels swoon; old scars, they scarcely taught you.
Wars and wives await you; vast views beyond all measures -
Don your trusty sword-strap! Embrace the woodland quests;
Unearth the knight inside you; inter the pallid flesh.
You fool, thought I again, those pearly unreal treasures
Entangle all right reason. In truth, those tuneful guests,
All sweetmeats to my ear, will rule my home afresh.
At school, I was the
classroom clown
the joker and fool
only became this
to hide my own
But It worked for
me everybody love
my fooling around
but cost me a lot
time In detention
but sometimes you
have do thing to
survive In this life
and that was my way
to survive school
Because of my Insecurity at school I became
the clsssroom Clown but it got through my
School dsys
She becomes more beautiful every time I see her.

Is she a fairy
am I a fool?
my optimism is a curse,
a demon that tricks me
into dreaming the impossible-

i fall for it every time
aih 3d
A boy showed me a love of his own
Of empty promises and beautiful lies.
Back and forth he went with her and me.
But he loved me like that.
He wandered five times
But he returned to me,
Slept next to me, held me tight.
So you see, he shows me love like that.
There’s no trust and honesty
But the way he ***** me
Makes up for it with comfort and familiarity.
Maybe this is our type of love.
Hey, that doesn’t rhyme,
what an awful waste of time.

Do I really have to read this?
I don’t care about your mental fizz.

And btw, no one writes those anymore
only lonely people who hide indoor.

Honestly, what does this actually mean?
I prefer to watch a social media stream.

So, you better stop being a fool
and we might end to ridicule.
Your cute actions and sweetness;
It became my weakness.
I fell with that so easily,
Now I am suffering endlessly.

I can't help myself but to blame
Why did I fell?
Now, I feel so ashamed.
You played me so well.

All I do is wonder.
As days pass by without you,
I became sadder.
All the pinks you gave me became blue.

"us" would be such a great idea to think
But your love's like a blink.
We could be a great team,
Sorry, it'll only happen on my dream.


was written september 27, 2017 and I dont know why I wrote this. just another meaningless poem I made but whatever its about being promiscuous and fool
Pyrrha Nov 5
I was reading tarot for myself today
I thought I'd do a soulmate spread
In the center there you were
I could feel you all around me

Will you really come to sweep me off my feet?
The Fool in a relationship spread usually means someone exciting amd adventurous who'll sweep you off your feet.
Cryptic Nov 1
Your smile? I'll blush again
Your touch? I'll be happy again
Your hug? I'll be ****** again and again
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