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Diego Morales Mar 10
No day goes by without a mistake,
If only I'd told her, and given her my coat,
I'd be some one she can't forsake.
But the words I could not utter, were stuck in my throat

---If all people need love, then why bother with fruitless chasing?
Limited time, but wasteful hearts, for what?
For I know love is not rational, instead felt, it cannot be stopped
So waste no time and lend me a moment---

If only I'd told you then, that cold afternoon,
But love is scarcely spoken by a short lived buffoon.
cat Mar 8
succession in the act
one cannot be afraid
of making theirself a fool
cannot remain of ownself
***** and despoil of worry
my strongest desire to be a fool
shameless in integrity and condemnation
grasp the pure abyss
and be everything other
Pagan Paul Mar 8
And so he sits
once more
folding his life
into an origami box.
Paper walls,
cellophane ceilings.
Counting out syllables.
to twist-**** the mind.
And quietly
he sits
ghosting the room.

© Pagan Paul (04/03/19)
An extra piece to my poem Fool's Diary posted 2 days ago.
zxn Mar 8
It’s true, Real love is for the fools
So hurt me, I know you want to
We’re better misunderstood
Pagan Paul Mar 6
At the table of eternal sorrow
sits a fool with a crooked smile,
faking interest in a world obscene
and feigning the mood of yesterwhile.
Couched over bent with quill extended,
he writes his heart with a bitter beat,
floating in the mire of a memory stained,
poised with nib to command the sheet.
Capering words form across the weave
with capricious intent and shadow play,
smoke and mirrors intersect and disperse
whilst his mind carries the story away.

© Pagan Paul (04/03/19)
Jacque Sold Mar 6
I’m your marionette
Strangled in my own heart strings
Manipulate me
My emotions are not my own
Every line of dialogue
Every gesture
All just for you

My puppeteer
Dear regisseur
Craft me to your liking
Carve out each curve
Each scar

Beckon the finale
The end of my exertion
Add me to the collection
Awaiting on the shelf
Make me watch the new toys
As each takes my place
Eventually becoming my neighbor

Even as you let the dust weigh on my back
And my rosy pigment fade
Though I could be useful elsewhere
I am stagnant
For my strings are tangled
Not knowing where each end leads
Each knot another flush of false hope

Hope as an adversary to fate
Have the termites erode me
An erratic blaze incinerate me
May you have the decency to sell me
Just let me go

Anything is better than pirouetting in this eternal inferno
Better than the echos of departed memories
Or the expectation of future ones
Karo Mar 4
we were
dancing our way through
the night
empty streets,
these were days
of broken hearts
maybe i was a fool
to believe that i will
ever make you mine
Brando Feb 28
I have washed my sheets hundreds of times
All in an effort to purge the memory of you
Your scent permeating my clothing
As thou you were the one inhabiting them
There is no sense in trying to get rid of you
My body has molded itself into your submissive
I have become so accustomed to your touch
Addicted to the sensation
Needing a fix, we both seek a night of sin
You have infiltrated my mind
Reading my thoughts
Manipulating me
Saying all the things you know I want to hear
Body stained with the blood of my lips
You stare down at me
I have once again been fooled by those eyes
Glowing with ****
I am swallowed whole by your insatiable desire for me
In my compliant nature, I kneel at your feet
Following ever command you utter
My body broken from the chains you’ve placed on me
I belong to you, property for you to tend to
But that night meant nothing to you
Those words you spoke, were all in an effort to exploit my vulnerability
I neglectfully admit that it worked
You have me, once again, at your service
It would be wise of me to end this already
For the sake of my own sanity and dignity
Consumed by your charm, but deterred by our past
I am drawn in
The alcohol rushing through my veins and the music radiating through my body
Nothing mattered in the moment, but now,
I am the fool who slept with you
a boy I had feelings for used me for *** and told me he missed me without even seeing me *****. now he has me all ****** up in the head but Im trying to move past it and care for the new person in my life. but those eyes got me stuck.
Arianna Feb 28
Tumbling through the Ages,
The Fool is King who turns kings to fools,
Turns hand to foot, head to ***,
And back
In perpetual motion.
Peter Becker & Robert Eisenstein - "Chansons des Troubadours et Trouvères":

Life will always have the last laugh. But will we laugh along? ;-)
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