I feel like a fool laying in my bed opened eyes,  my thoughts are sad
I am blaming insomnia but that's not what's keeping me awake
            It's the thought of you
Your gorgeous smile, your deep green eyes
        running through my head
          You are calling me baby
        but do you really mean it?
        Overthinking, imaginating
         I am wishing I was dead
Can we make it or should we break it    before one of us gets hurt?
I am a fool a fool for your presence
    Is this a broken heart in making?
On sun-filled days with few clouds,
We pray for just one to pass and
Provide that sweet shade, offer
A reprieve from the sweltering heat.

But deep in those lonely nights,
With bone chattering chill and the darkness blinding,
We claw the skies, searching for the cutting
Beams of moonlight.
Isaac Ward Feb 15
You don't know the pain,
I hold in my chest,
I'm not a person,
They would attest,
I could have acted,
I can't confess,
Regret subtracted,
From what I had left,

Ive talked out my crime,
At three in the AM,
I've been paying my time,
I could have saved them,
All I've got is this rhyme,
At three in the AM,
On my last dime,
I could have saved them,

Take it back, rewind,
Back to the sixth grade,
All the mistakes,
The friends that I made,
Too young to know better,
I followed his lead,
Too young to the letter,
The flower, the weed,

I've prayed to the stars,
At three in the AM,
Been counting these cards,
I should have saved them,
Been writing these lines,
At three in the AM,
Been cutting these binds,
I should have saved them,

Charisma leads strays further astray,
What can I say, a pawn in the play,
Everyday, counting down may,
Never would guess you'd be taken away,
The principal pulled me aside,
Eyes wide, nowhere to hide,
And my faith died,
You proved that my trust lied,

Because that day I remembered,
An offhand comment I thought was humor,
You were joking, I thought,
But now the sickness is a tumor,
You hurt her, not just a rumor,
I knew it then that I had doomed her,
And then people soon heard,
So on my wrist I've written a word,

He found you,
At three in the AM,
And its all my fault,
I should have saved them,
You're still alive,
At three in the AM,
But tattered and torn,
I couldn't save them.
Caleb Luke Feb 13
You allowed the sea to answer,
In the eve of sunrise;
When there truly was no love.
Just 8 ball responses passed over to the blind side of a two-way mirror.
Where we both saw a fool.
Yet yours has one heart,
And mine had two.
loving something that cannot express such feelings
Juni Notte Feb 9
I'm drunk and confused

don't know what to do

I'm sitting here

texting you

making myself a fool

wishing for you
E A Spain Feb 6
I don't love you anymore.
Maybe I do.
I don't want anything to do with you anymore.
But that's a lie too.
A heart broken and fixed, broken and fixed.
What kind of twisted fate of love was this?
I was fortune's fool.
I let something come over my heart and mind to rule.
I feel sick when my mind drifts upon your name.
I'm lovesick and I don't want to be, and you're to blame.
For all of my pain.
Yet none of it matters.
How I feel will never again matter.
Life goes on for you.
I don't want to hold you back.
I wish you the best...
A wave goodbye with these heavy pangs in my chest.
Fake smile painted across my face.
Feeling off and out of place.
As you walk off into the distance without a trace.
Feeling a void, what a tragic tale.
Filling the void with no avail.
Hoping our paths may cross again..
Or maybe this twisted love has finally come to an end.
Written on June 1, 2011
Mike D Jan 28
I'm your friend
I'll take you home
I’ll never leave you alone

I'll keep you warm
I'll hold you tight
I'll take the sadness; I'll take the fright

I'm here for you
in your time of need
No matter what you need to feed

There is no pain
There is no struggle
No more plates for you to juggle

You and I can be together
In a warm embrace that lasts forever
Just abandon all you know
Tell your friends it's time to go
The train's about to leave the station
Wave goodbye, I'm your salvation

Don't you worry
I'm your friend
You’ll never be alone again

With a devil's grin I flash a smile
This game I've played all the while

Your trust I took
Your life I'll take
I rub my hands; I can hardly wait

For the feeling that you tried to get
I'm going to take with your last breath
If you could have seen the light
You would have stayed away this night

But that is the deed I do
I've fooled many, it's nothing new
So with me down this path you'll go
And never will you truly know

That the love you searched for at my gate
Was always there for you to take
Written: December 28, 2015

All rights reserved.
IPM Jan 25
Laughingly the fool is pouncing, dancing to his sound
making fun of everyone and everything around.

He must be so happy
look at his dumb smile
finding funny things that
seem so off and vile.

But he's not fooling me
I have seen his grin
thinning down into a frown
I've seen him, I've seen him...

Some nights I have even heard
strangely familiar cries
seems to me like something normal
and not a big surprise.

Silently the fool still laughs
in his final call
maybe that's just all he had
to show us after all.
On my path of Christianity,
shall I be a fool exposed…
with these words of poetry?
Or have I been transposed

into the servant that God
witnessed, before my birth?
Even though I remain flawed,
in Christ, I find my worth.

By His Spirit, my confidence
is shown in eloquent verse;
with this divine cognizance,
my contentment is immersed

in my identity with Christ.
Inspired by:
Jer 1:5; John 1:12; Eph 1:5;
1 Cor 6:17

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2017, All rights reserved.
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