Toiling over worthlessness,
Of the minuscule and microscopic,
Issues that modern man now has,
Concerned with missing shows,
And half-hearted vanity,
This modern time,
This darkened place,
Breeds issues new and foreign,
That the bird, or squirrel,
Knows not of man's tribulations.

It’s April, and I
have everyone fooled,

that my passion is gone,
the fire has cooled

that my eyes don’t expand,
when see you around

that my thoughts stay intact
when you’re there.

that my mouth says its words
not for you anymore,

and my heart as gone back
to its beat from before.

that I’m angry at you,
but i don’t know for what

that I’m more independent,
and happier,

the new “him” in my poems
doesn’t shatter my ground

I’ve forgotten the meaning
of how to astound-

of how to surprise,
or be fearful of loss

of the things that are mine
and the things that you toss

but everything's fine
and you’re nothing divine

and it’s april,
and I am a fool

even though now it's may
Dovey May 8

I’ll match all your bullet holes!
Cut for cut and blow for blow
Bruise myself just so you know
In an empty war you aren’t alone

I don't want her to ever feel pain alone, no matter how foolish my logic in it sounds.
Jorge Palileo Apr 28

Not a hint on how to start
A tad drunk, thoughts fell apart
Not a word from worthless tongue
Even if this brain was wrung

Half-asleep and frozen rain
Caffeine running on my vein
It dawned like the rising sun
I love thee; life has begun

Goddess of great compassion
Such pleasant disposition
Just a question, I prithee;
Can you love a fool like me?

Can you love me, despite my flaws?
Dead sure, I am not a lost cause!
So, when I am healed and made whole,
Will you embrace my longing soul?

Not a hint on how to end,
Or what message I will send
You stole my eyes, and heart, too
I devote myself to you

"WUI" or "Writing Under the Influence"
Seth Milliman Apr 24

Don't live like a king,
For it can be taken away.
Lazy work,
Never fully pays.
Why then do we act like we'll exist forever?
When crowns can be taken,
Rules bent to our pleasure.
Kingdoms can be burned down,
A fools mind ignorant.
For their folly will be exposed,
As their noise is incoherent.
So don't live like a king,
With riches a plenty.
When you don't have any there,
Lest become a tragic setting.
We learn much is to be found,
From an experience to comprehend.
Living like a king,
Will hurt you in the end.

In ancient times the joker
buffoon, boob, or dolt
Town fool, and choker
dimwit, dunderhead, and dope
In every time and place
named, reviled and/or revered
Humor to the masses
Smiles, laughs, grins, and jeers
Where would I be
and how would I know
the fool that's fooling here
with wits not fast, but slow

Sometimes, I just don't get the joke, but laugh anyways :D
Dovey Apr 14

These one-shot wounds are piling up
Hit me again, one bullet’s not enough
Don’t stop firing till we’re corpses walking
Measly hateful human bodies rotting

My lashing tongue goads you into the fight
Broken bodies fighting for bruised pride
Burning tears are your only defense
And beautiful make-up to hide battered flesh

Meanwhile, I’ll wear a costume made of words
To hide the melted plastic burns
We can both easily lie to a world of fools
At least, until the next uncivilized duel

I know that every single fight is my fault. Every wound is my fault.

Lucky the fool,
for he knows the truth,
even when said in jest.
For "there's truth in jest,"
we see in the gestures
of the jovial jester
in his bequest
to tantalizing truth,
his continual conquest.
-the fool-
the best,
for he has taught
us, the world,
it's often quite wise
to trust the foolish guys

4-9-17 (C)

I'm trying to get caught up on the daily prompts in as Forrest Gump would say: "In no particular order."
Thanks for reading! K:)
D A N E Apr 7

I tried to stay away.
You were?
Yes, but I couldn’t do it.
Can’t you see you’re all that I want?

I’m trying to stay away.
And, I think I can finally do it.
I had been a fool,
Now that I got your clue.

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