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A gush of wind
Across the saunders
A few leaves fall down
They are insignificant
Thousands still there
To breathe
To photo-synthesise
And prepare food
I am a tree unlike others
Once with an umbrella leaf
The leaf fell down
I am insignificant
Alicia Moore Jun 27
Do not attempt to understand the meaning of this life
And why our eyes are awake
And our hearts are pumping;
Instead understand that there is no meaning.
Understand that everything you do,
Means nothing amongst the vast stars.
Meaning can only exist within ourselves,
Not on a wider scale.
We are insignificant masses that somehow reign superior.
God's most beautiful works of art
Are those he allowed man to touch with his bare hands
Man, with his steady hand and brilliant mind, builds towers
Their awesome beauty spanning from the ground to the heavens
A bridge between Heaven and Earth; a connection between God and Man

The picturesque beauty of Manhattan:
crystal white clouds on a sky blue canvas
a background completed by staggering towers, defying all laws of gravity
making the world feel a little smaller in comparison
and the people, almost insignificant
Tony Tweedy Dec 2019
You may not like it but...
You know more about the universe than it does about you.
Even if you know nothing.
So hard to believe that we are shark and lion food that lives above its station.
Tony Tweedy Dec 2019
I feel the turning once again of this world on which I stand.
I feel the steady cosmic motions and ponder if it is planned.

Do you stop to think, as I am on occasion inclined to do.
To speculate if plans and turning are meant for me and you?

So short the time we witness the revolving of the world.
Seemingly too short a time to see purpose in any plans unfurled.

Do you know a faith that assures you of what tomorrow brings?
Or have you come to question any meaning in religious things?

No one has ever truly known if it was made to turn for me or you.
I know the world keeps turning endlessly no matter what I do.

The flow of time and its expanse argue against a mortal plan.
At least in terms of one centred upon the species we know as man.

Why so big and why so long and why be here at all?
Why believe ourselves important when we so obviously are small?

So short the time we play our piece in what a plan might be.
And so far the plans horizons... too far for our small minds to see.

And yet my mind is caught in the fact that we are small...
Why something seemingly insignificant witnesses or thinks at all?
One of those thought bubbles that can become a trap. No answers... just belief depending on the view through the bubble.
Muiruri gathairu Oct 2019
All I know about love is the pain
All I know about the blue sky is that sometimes clouds gather and it rains
I'd hoped that you'd cover me from the rain like an umbrella
The grief blows like a strong wind and am just an umbrella
In loneliness, I drink much wine and think of how it's made from grapes off the vine
Same slow song on repeat, music is beautiful and I think of how it's surely proof of the divine
I was only artificial, a porchlight compared to the sun
If forgetting is a line , can i go before my turn
Carl D'Souza Jul 2019
When I feel
too small and unimportant
to be worth other’s consideration,
I remind myself
it is my responsibility
to strive to achieve
my joy and happiness
and others’ joy and happiness,
and by taking on this challenge
I make myself significant
to my joy and happiness
and others’ joy and happiness.
Iz Jul 2019
She cared more about annoying you than hurting me
She took away the day that made me feel worth something
The Secret Poet Apr 2019
maybe we're the lucky ones
who were exactly right for life
maybe we're the special ones
with our sight not seeing strife.

maybe we're the insignificant ones
with hopeless wonders in our eyes
maybe we're the lonely ones
with the light slowly passing by.

ever so rare and ever so golden
ever so evil and ever so corrupt
every day, humanity will stay
and responsibly, we shall pay.
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